Amanda Bynes
Contestant Profile
Played By Spirit Animal
Gender Female
VIP Wins 1
MVP Wins 0
Pit Stop Wins 2

TV Stars Road Trip

Alliances TV Stars Fans
Friendships Renee, Michelle, Marina, Emerald, Cupcakke, Poppy
Enemies Ashlee, Justin, Baylor
Vote(s) Against 6


Amanda Bynes is a contestant on TV Stars Road Trip. She is most notable for being the first Social Media Mogul of the season, and also for being cruelly blindsided by her allies out of fear of her RSVP.

TV Stars Road Trip

In episode one, I'm a Master Manipulator, Amanda was introduced to everyone as a Fan, to which she irrationally lashed out because she wanted to be more important than everyone else.

After losing all competitions, Amanda found herself aligned with Poppy, Emerald, and Cupcakke. They decided to vote out Marina, but this failed, as Poppy was voted out instead.

Hoe of the Year, episode two, had Amanda win the Pit Stop Competition alongside her main ally, Emerald, and Renee. They decided to give her the Immunity Pass half.

Also this week, Amanda became the first Social Media Mogul, receiving an RSVP as a reward.

In episode three, Play My Own Game, Amanda once again became a Power Player alongside Marina and Renee and received another Immunity Pass half, forming a whole. The three Fans were able to relax once more as the others had to vote someone out.

Episode four, Breaking the Favorites Apart, had Amanda, Renee, and Marina team up together against the Favorites. She used her Immunity Pass to win VIP status. This resulted in the elimination of Attention Whore.

In episode five, Fans, We Need to Rise Up!, Michelle returned to the game, much to Amanda's happiness, and the Fans continued to dominate over the Favorites by voting out Kid Detective.

In the surprise double-boot episode, I Need to Take Risks, Amanda found herself in control with the Fans. They voted out Baylor after the TV Stars Pause Button was pressed, and after the VIP and MVP competitions ensued, Amanda found herself once again in control as she voted out Ashlee.

However, her allies did not see things the same way. They knew about her RSVP and wanted her to pass it to them to prove her loyalty, but because she didn't do it, Amanda was blindsided cruelly by Renee and Michelle.

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 Pit Stop Loss
VIP Loss
MVP Loss
Week 2 Pit Stop Win
VIP Ineligible
MVP Ineligible
Week 3 Pit Stop Win
VIP Ineligible
MVP Ineligible
Week 4 Pit Stop Loss
VIP Win*
MVP Ineligible
Week 5 VIP Ineligible**
MVP Loss
Week 6 VIP Loss
MVP Loss

*Amanda used an Immunity Pass to win VIP status for the week.

**The only players eligible for VIP status in Week 5 were Michelle and Cupcakke because of the TV Stars Revival Competition.

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1 Marina -
2 Power Player
3 No Cancellation
Power Player
5 Kid;
6 Baylor Baylor
Ashlee Michelle, Renee,
Justin, Ashlee
Cancelled, Week 6
Jury Vote Michelle

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