Ashlee Hyuckari
Contestant Profile
Played By Reddude
Gender Female
VIP Wins 0
MVP Wins 0
CoG Wins 1

TV Stars Bollywood

Alliances Get Out The Returnees
Friendships Ori
Enemies Korra, April
Vote(s) Against 9



Ashlee Hyuckari is a contestant on TV Stars Bollywood. She is best remembered for her dislike for the returning players and brigade against Korra that ultimately got her blindsided before the jury.

TV Stars Around the World

In episode one, Loose Lips Sink Ships, Ashlee was very content on playing the game. However, after the introduction of returning players, she immediately became disheartened and joined a brigade with Ori to take them all out.

Korra chose Ashlee to join her Clique, which became an ironic choice, as Ashlee was Korra's heaviest target. She became an adamant supporter of Korra's elimination, attempting to turn everyone in the game against her.

Korra, however, won Control of the Game for her Clique, resulting in her safety as well as Ashlee's. Unable to vote, Ori alone had to go for a returning player, but because of Alex's unwillingness to play, the returnees were spared for another round.

In episode two, This Is Our Game, Our Time, Ashlee found herself at odds with Korra, blowing up in her face to scream at her and inform her that she was not going to win the game. It was because of this that Jessie gave her a penalty after the Control of the Game competition, which caused Ashlee to stop talking to preserve her game.

She campaigned for Korra to be eliminated, but in a twisted turn of events, Ori was eliminated instead, leaving Ashlee as the only person that wanted the returnees out of the game.

Episode three, Take Our Season Back, Ashlee began a campaign to "take [their] season back", resulting in protest from herself in the game. After Korra was granted immunity by the Control of the Game players, Ashlee had to turn to eliminate Korra's closest ally, April.

Once again, nobody listened to Ashlee's plan to defeat Korra, resulting in another elimination that Ashlee did not want to happen. In a confessional, she became frantic, stating that she had to vote out Korra to preserve the goodness in TV Stars.

In episode four, Don't Get Bitter, Just Get Better, Ashlee became more hysterical over the idea of returnees dominating in the game. Just when it seemed that Korra and Villager were butting heads, Ashlee flew under the radar to talk to Villager's alliance about voting for Korra.

It seemed to work until it was discovered that they were not listening to her and instead wanted Leonard to go home. At this time, Ashlee blew up again, screaming that Korra was a bad person and that she needed to stop 'making believe' that she was in charge.

At elimination, Ashlee found herself blindsided, as April had secretly went to Villager and proposed a truce for the round to eliminate her. Ashlee exited the game angrily, exclaiming that the others were handing Korra the game. 

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 COG Win
MVP Ineligible
Week 2 COG Loss
MVP Loss
Week 3 COG Loss
MVP Loss
Week 4 COG Loss
MVP Loss

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1 Control of the Game
2 Korra Penalty
3 April Alyssa, Dravivor
4 Korra Korra, April, Jessie, Tom
Villager, Leonard, Clemont
Cancelled, Week 4

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