Big Hero 4
Season TV Stars Superstar Showdown
Founder Honey Lemon
Members Honey Lemon

Dan Foley

Week Formed 4
Enemies Tyna Wesson
Joan Callamezzo
Lowest Placing Member Honey Lemon
Highest Placing Member Catbug


Honey created the alliance to combat Tyna and Joan, the power duo early on in the game. The four went against Tyna first because she was too powerful. After succeeding in voting her out, the alliance was solidified.


After Tyna was eliminatd, they decided to target Rachel. Honey was afraid of the RSVP being used as a sort of Hidden Immunity Idol from Survivor. This misconception led to them splitting votes between Reed and Rachel and caused Dan and Catbug to use their double votes.

They accidentally blindsided Reed after Rachel did not use her RSVP in the way they had expected.

Because of this play, Rachel realized that Honey was not with her like she had expected.


After Honey was eliminated by a straw-draw, Catbug, Dan, and BrICE moved on to work with Rachel, carrying on Honey's legacy. In the end, the alliance continued to stick together, but ultimately, Rachel caused the downfall of BrICE, betraying them once again.

Catbug and Dan went on to the end of the game but went out back to back in fourth and third place.


[23:44] == RecordBot [43bb775a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #BigHero4
[23:44] == Catbug_ [40cb78d8@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #BigHero4
[23:45] <Catbug_> yes?
[23:45] <@HoneyLemon> Hi! :D
[23:45] == brICE| [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #BigHero4
[23:45] <brICE|> hICE!
[23:45] <@HoneyLemon> (vote 4 me) :)
[23:45] <@HoneyLemon> <--- MVP
[23:45] <@HoneyLemon> #
[23:48] <@HoneyLemon> Anywho, I brought you for here because there is a clear divide and we're in the middle
[23:48] <DanFoley01> Tyna is telling me to vote for Honey :o
[23:48] <@HoneyLemon> She is?
[23:48] <@HoneyLemon> Well, us 4 need to vote Tyna
[23:48] <@HoneyLemon> She is too powerful
[23:48] <DanFoley01> Yes, she is
[23:48] <DanFoley01> a BIG
[23:48] <DanFoley01> THREAT
[23:49] <@HoneyLemon> What do you say, brICE/Catbug?
[23:49] <brICE|> tICEna?
[23:50] <Catbug_> vote out tyna
[23:50] <Catbug_> *?
[23:50] <Catbug_> okay then :3
[23:50] <@HoneyLemon> Us 4 + Reed
[23:51] <@HoneyLemon> Did Tyna or any of them get advantages?
[23:51] <DanFoley01> Reed has a double vote
[23:51] <DanFoley01> hmm
[23:51] <DanFoley01> I dunno any other advantages
[23:51] <Catbug_> he's voting out tyna
[23:51] <Catbug_> he told me :3
[23:51] <brICE|> I have two penICEty votes :(
[23:51] <@HoneyLemon> Nice, nice
[23:52] <Catbug_> dance
[23:52] <Catbug_> dance
[23:52] <@HoneyLemon> I'm like... super scared
[23:52] <@HoneyLemon> Let's see
[23:52] <@HoneyLemon> The vote is gonna be 5-3-2
[23:52] <DanFoley01> hmmm
[23:52] <DanFoley01> Probablyyyyyyy
[23:56] <@HoneyLemon> Vote Tyna
[23:57] <DanFoley01> Keep the Tyna vote
[00:00] <Catbug_> tyna said this
[00:00] <Catbug_> [20:57] <TynaWesson> catbug!!! [20:57] <TynaWesson> PLEASE try to save me!!! [20:57] <TynaWesson> I'm just an elderly mother! [20:57] <TynaWesson> I'd REALLY appreciate it if you voted off brICE instead! [20:57] <TynaWesson> He is trying to get you out! After me! [20:57] <TynaWesson> Please save me!!!
[00:00] <@HoneyLemon> Hm?
[00:01] <Catbug_> what do I do what do I do?
[00:01] <@HoneyLemon> Vote with us, vote with us!
[00:01] <DanFoley01> Vote with us
[00:01] <@HoneyLemon> AKA vote tyna out
[00:01] <Catbug_> I know
[00:01] <DanFoley01> they are all a bunch of unbreakable pairs
[00:02] <@HoneyLemon> Yeah
[00:05] <@HoneyLemon> WE DID IT
[00:05] <@HoneyLemon> Now it is 2 v 2 v us
[00:05] <Catbug_> yay!
[00:05] <DanFoley01> YES
[00:06] <DanFoley01> I'm really happy with this alliance honestly
[00:06] <brICE|> nICE
[00:06] <DanFoley01> You guys make this fat guy proud
[00:06] <DanFoley01> :')
[00:06] <@HoneyLemon> We're gonna totally make F4, guys
[00:06] <@HoneyLemon> We did that move <3
[00:06] <Catbug_> <3
[00:08] <DanFoley01> < 3
[00:08] <DanFoley01> wait
[00:08] <DanFoley01> >3
[00:08] <DanFoley01> <2
[00:08] <DanFoley01> I suck at life
[00:09] <DanFoley01> <3
[00:09] <@HoneyLemon> :)
[00:16] <@HoneyLemon> Guys, Joan cannot be MV
[00:16] <@HoneyLemon> * MVP
[00:16] <@HoneyLemon> :)
[00:17] <DanFoley01> (#CPNLemon)
[00:17] <DanFoley01> Should we just
[00:17] <DanFoley01> vote Joan off
[00:17] <@HoneyLemon> Well...
[00:18] <DanFoley01> or should we target one of Rachel and Reed?
[00:18] <@HoneyLemon> Louisa is immune
[00:18] <@HoneyLemon> So we should take out her number/friend and then use her the next vote! ^-^
[00:18] <DanFoley01> Makes sense
[00:18] <DanFoley01> You are so smart for a woman! HAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHA
[00:18] <DanFoley01> I mean...
[00:18] <DanFoley01> hmm
[00:19] <DanFoley01> You are too smart
[00:19] <brICE|> can ICE just stick with y'all for the rest of the game
[00:19] <brICE|> i'm scared of swICEtching
[00:19] <Catbug_> just tell who to vote when it's time :3
[00:19] <@HoneyLemon> Please so, brICE <3
[00:20] <DanFoley01> Sure!
[00:20] <DanFoley01> I was INFORMED
[00:20] <DanFoley01> that THE CRAZY BITCH
[00:20] <DanFoley01> has a RSVP
[00:21] <@HoneyLemon> Well, yay
[00:22] <@HoneyLemon> So, Joan is safe and will vote with us.... but who do we vote? Reed or Rachel?
[00:22] <brICE|> reed?
[00:22] <brICE|> idwts rICEly home
[00:22] <@HoneyLemon> Rachel brings the a-game in challenges, like... she's the molecule of some superhuman element of sorts
[00:23] <DanFoley01> Rachel it is
[00:24] <@HoneyLemon> Wait, wait
[00:24] <@HoneyLemon> Rachel has the RSVP, so wanna split it?
[00:24] <DanFoley01> Hmm let's do it
[00:24] <DanFoley01> Two for Rachel, two for Reed?
[00:24] <brICE|> what's an RICEVP? is that like an ICEdol
[00:24] <DanFoley01> I can do masic bath, you know?
[00:25] <DanFoley01> Basically
[00:25] <Catbug_> who do we vote?
[00:25] <@HoneyLemon> Rachel is voting Dan...
[00:25] <Catbug_> okay
[00:26] <DanFoley01> Woah
[00:26] <DanFoley01> This is DISGUSTING!
[00:26] <Catbug_> who o we vote?
[00:26] <@HoneyLemon> Rachel/Reed are both voting you @Dan
[00:26] <@HoneyLemon> If they get Joan, it's 3-2-2
[00:26] <@HoneyLemon> We might need to use a double vote, oh no
[00:26] <DanFoley01> Well let's keep the vote split
[00:26] <DanFoley01> I have a double vote
[00:26] <Catbug_> same here
[00:26] <@HoneyLemon> Do we wanna use them?
[00:26] <DanFoley01> Joan told me she's voting for Rachel
[00:27] <@HoneyLemon> Joan could possibly flip, though
[00:27] <DanFoley01> hmm
[00:27] <@HoneyLemon> It's better to be safe than sorry, mates!
[00:27] <DanFoley01> yeah
[00:27] <DanFoley01> let's use it
[00:27] <Catbug_> I'm going to vote reed, is that okay?
[00:27] <DanFoley01> Yes
[00:27] <@HoneyLemon> I'll vote Reed too
[00:27] <DanFoley01> brICE and I are voting for Rachel
[00:27] <@HoneyLemon> Catbug/me - Reed
[00:28] <Catbug_> I use double votes?
[00:28] <DanFoley01> yes I guess
[00:28] <@HoneyLemon> Catbug (x2)/ me - Reed
[00:28] <DanFoley01> I already voted for Rachel
[00:28] <@HoneyLemon> Dan (x2)/brICE - Rachel
[00:28] <DanFoley01> 2x
[00:28] <@HoneyLemon> And then Joan in the middle
[00:33] <DanFoley01> Yes!
[00:33] <@HoneyLemon> Woo!
[00:33] <DanFoley01> TOP 4!
[00:33] <@HoneyLemon> <3
[00:34] <brICE|> we got it boICEs
[00:35] <@HoneyLemon> Top 4 in the pretty, pink, sciency bag!
[00:35] <@HoneyLemon> Speaking of my bag, do you like it? *shows it off*
[00:35] <DanFoley01> Oh yeah I'm listening
[00:35] <brICE|> it's actually pretty nICE
[00:35] * DanFoley01 shakes head
[00:35] * DanFoley01 nods
[00:35] <brICE|> you okay dan?
[00:35] <@HoneyLemon> Thanks, brICE
[00:35] <DanFoley01> Yes
[00:36] <@HoneyLemon> I made it with Hiro and my other friends!
[00:36] <@HoneyLemon> They kinda remind me of you guys <3
[00:40] <@HoneyLemon> You guys totally should get super cute outfits!
[00:40] <@HoneyLemon> It'll enhance our challenge performance for sure!
[00:41] * DanFoley01 walks in wearing a tiny speedo
[00:42] <DanFoley01> Like this! ;)
[00:43] == HoneyLemon [32a8fc6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:44] == HoneyLemon [32a8fc6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #BigHero4
[00:45] <HoneyLemon> Nice, Catbug! <3
[00:46] <HoneyLemon> GUYS YAYA
[00:46] <DanFoley01> YES!
[00:46] <HoneyLemon> We got this in the chem bag!
[00:46] == brICE| [60ead263@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[00:47] <HoneyLemon> .
[00:56] == DraHosting2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[00:57] <DanFoley01> What's the plan now???
[00:57] <HoneyLemon> Rachel might RSVP one of the girls

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