Blindside Ashlee Antagonist
Season TV Stars Broadway
Founder Tina Belcher
Members Tina Belcher, Pokemon Trainer, Catbug
Week Formed 7
Enemies Ashlee Williams

Attention Whore

Lowest Placing Member Catbug
Highest Placing Member Pokemon Trainer

Jumping Ship

This alliance was formed because Tina and PokemonTrainer needed to get rid of Ashlee, and with two of their older members gone, the BlackD alliance became BlindsideAshleeAntagonistAlliance.

Catbug joined them in their quest to get rid of Ashlee, but the one flaw in the alliance was that none of them were very good at challenges except for Tina.

However, because Tina had won the previous VIP, she would be unable to win the NEXT VIP challenge, which Ashlee managed to win.


The alliance, unable to vote out Ashlee, targetted AttentionWhore instead. She went home with the sole two votes by the members of the alliance, and they turned their focus BACK on Ashlee.

However, in the next round with the MVP gone, Ashlee won VIP for the second time in a row, causing the entire point of the alliance to explode. Tina and PokemonTrainer had to jump ship again and vote out Catbug, which left them in the final three.

In the end, Ashlee won the final challenge and got a pass to the final two, causing the entire existence of this alliance to be incredibly pointless.


[00:22] *** Channel mode is +ns
[00:26] <Tina_Belcher> Don't let her win VIP, guys.
[00:26] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.
[00:26] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.
[00:28] <Tina_Belcher> I guess our next option is AttentionWhore.
[00:28] <Catbug-> got it
[00:28] <Catbug-> he has to go
[00:28] <Tina_Belcher> But... he can't win MVP.
[00:29] <Tina_Belcher> I hate this game.
[00:29] <Tina_Belcher> I hate strategising.
[00:29] <Tina_Belcher> I want to go home but now I have to win the money to pay for canser treatment.
[00:29] * Tina_Belcher cries.
[00:29] <Tina_Belcher> I just want to cuddle with some buttcheeks.
[00:39] <Not_Pokemon_Trai> It'll be okay Tina.
[00:39] <Not_Pokemon_Trai> I don't have much butt cheeks, but there yours if you want them.
[00:40] * Tina_Belcher smashes her face against Pokemon's buttcheeks.
[00:40] <Tina_Belcher> It's nice, but doesn't satisfy.
[00:40] <Not_Pokemon_Trai> I figured. Our last hope is to vote off Whore. The two of us, plus maybe Ashlee might do it.
[00:42] <Tina_Belcher> Ashlee can't vote tonight.
[00:42] <Tina_Belcher> So AttentionWhore is going for sure.
[00:42] <Tina_Belcher> (:
[00:42] <Not_Pokemon_Trai> Yup :3
[01:01] <Tina_Belcher> Now what do we do.
[01:02] <Catbug-> close this window
[01:02] <Catbug-> and don't look back
[01:02] *** Tina_Belcher has left #BlindsideAntagonistAshleeAlliance
[01:02] *** Catbug- has left #BlindsideAntagonistAshleeAlliance

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