Fame Task

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In the standard Fame Task, the competing Celebrities will need to complete a challenge for a celebrity fitting the genre of the current competition. The Celebrity will have a specific task to be completed before the Celebrity can move on to the next Gossip task.

In the new format of Fame Tasks, starting in TV Stars Hawaii, the Fame Task tests the speed of the celebrity in the first task of the competition.

Gossip Task

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In the standard Gossip Task, a random piece of trivia that fits the theme of the current competition will be asked to the player. Several other hints to the answer will be dropped until the Celebrity player can find the answer in question and join the room it corresponds to. The questions will be about the genre of the challenge in question.

In the new format of Gossip Tasks, starting in TV Stars Hawaii, the Gossip Task tests the knowledge of the celebrity in the second task of the competition. There are various forms of this trivia test, ranging from true or false questions to simple fill-in-the-blank questions.

Star Task

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This new task, introduced in TV Stars Hawaii, comes after the Gossip Task as the third task of the competition. Celebrities must solve a puzzle and state the answer to move on to the VIP Task.

VIP Task

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VIP Task

In the standard VIP Task, a final challenge will be given to the Celebrity or Celebrities in the room currently. The first person to complete the task will win VIP Status and will be immune at Elimination.

Midpoint Task

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At the Midpoint of a double length challenge, the first few Celebrities to arrive and complete the task will move on in the final half of the challenge.

Captain's Task

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In the Captain's Task, competitors must have a clue to find a secret advantage to move on. During the main VIP competition, the Captain must do something in public to deviate from the main path and branch onto the Captain's Tasks, which, once completed, would yield a clue to an Immunity Pass in the game.


Warning Description Appearance(s)
Disclaimer: Challenge Obstructions are rare twists on the usual challenges. They are very rarely ever used.
Challenge Elimination In this event, players who did not make it to a certain task by a certain placement were eliminated from the challenge completely. Hollywood
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