Contestant Profile
Played By Ghost Noises
Gender Female
VIP Wins 0
MVP Wins 0
Pit Stop Wins 1

TV Stars Road Trip

Alliances None
Friendships Amanda, Emerald, Poppy
Enemies Marina
Vote(s) Against 6


CupcakkeFace On the outside I'm like, "nice", but on the inside I'm like, "Deepthroat"!

Cupcakke is a contestant on TV Stars Road Trip. She is most remembered for the MVP-vote scandal that led up to her elimination and for dominating the TV Stars Revival Competition, almost returning until Michelle Meyer beat her at the last minute.

TV Stars Road Trip

In episode one, I'm a Master Manipulator, Cupcakke flirted with Justin and promoted her newest album, S.T.D. She won the Pit Stop Competition, making herself one of the first Power Players of the season.

In a meeting, she and the others decided to give the Immunity Pass half to Michelle, and it was adjourned. At the first elimination, Cupcakke talked with her allies, Poppy, Amanda, and Emerald, about the vote. She suggested they vote for Marina, but ultimately, her ally, Poppy, was voted out instead.

Hoe of the Year, episode two, had Cupcakke scramble for new allies after Poppy's elimination. She got into an argument with Emerald about promoting sexism, to which Cupcakke called herself the "Hoe of the Year".

After losing this Pit Stop Competition, Cupcakke had to find a way to integrate herself with the other alliances. Unfortunately for her, the Favorites were overwhelming at the vote, and thus Cupcakke found herself voted out.

However, her game was not over. She joined Poppy in the TV Stars Revival Competition and defeated her in the first duel, securing herself safety until Week Five when the final duel would take place.

In episode three, Play My Own Game, Cupcakke remained in the Revival Room, awaiting a challenger. Michelle joined her, and she prepared to duel, but she was informed that she would only duel the winner of the next duel.

Episode four, Breaking the Favorites Apart, had Attention Whore get blindsided by the Favorites and thus join Cupcakke and Michelle in the Revival Room. Attention Whore and Michelle dueled, and Michelle came out on top, becoming the final player in the final duel of the game.

In episode five, Fans, We Need to Rise Up!, Michelle and Cupcakke competed in the final duel for VIP status and a spot back in the game. Cupcakke was defeated by Michelle and was eliminated from the game once more, only this time, it was for good.

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 Pit Stop Win
VIP Ineligible
MVP Ineligible
Week 2 Pit Stop Loss
VIP Loss
MVP Loss
Revival Encore Win
Redemption Loss

*The only players eligible for VIP status in Week 5 were Michelle and Cupcakke because of the TV Stars Revival Competition.

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1 Power Player
2 Marina Michelle, Justin, Marina,
Ashlee, Kid, Attention
Cancelled, Week 2
2 Duel Against: Poppy
3 Champion Waiting...
4 Champion Waiting...
5 Duel Against: Michelle
Eliminated, Week 5

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