Foxes Alliance
Season TV Stars Superstar Showdown
Founder Louisa Rose Allen
Members Louisa Rose Allen

Honey Lemon
Reed Kelly

Week Formed 2
Enemies None
Lowest Placing Member Reed Kelly
Highest Placing Member Louisa Rose Allen

The Great Lie

Louisa formed this alliance with her two friends that she had in the game, Reed and Honey. After they joined, Louisa pitched the idea of being friends forever to them, and they gladly accepted.

At first, things worked out pleasantly. They voted together up until it was time for Joan to be eliminated. After it failed, and Fanatic was taken out, Honey and Reed left the alliance.

Despite it failing early on, this alliance was pivotal to the development of Louisa's character. After Honey and Reed, her best friends in the game, betrayed her, she flocked to Tyna and Joan and became their friend and ally.

Louisa worked against Honey and Reed after accusing them of lying to her about their friendship, and proceeded to go to the end of the game and win.


[21:18] == RecordBot [43bb775a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FoxesAlliance
[21:18] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Where's Honey at? :(
[21:19] == HoneyLemon [32a8fc6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #FoxesAlliance
[21:19] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Honey!! :D
[21:19] <HoneyLemon> Reed, hi! ^-^
[21:19] <ReedKelly> Hi Honey! <3
[21:19] <HoneyLemon> This is so fun!
[21:20] <HoneyLemon> Like oh my god, oh my god... we have an alliance
[21:20] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> I don't think I had a real alliance last time...
[21:20] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Are we going to be like
[21:20] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Friends forever?
[21:20] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> :o
[21:21] <HoneyLemon> CAN WE?
[21:21] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> *hugs Honey*
[21:21] <HoneyLemon> I still keep in touch with Mabel <3
[21:21] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> *hugs Reed*
[21:21] <HoneyLemon> And Casper.... but that's via my ghost tracker app
[21:22] <ReedKelly> Yes <3
[21:22] <ReedKelly> So who should we vote off, ladies?
[21:23] <HoneyLemon> Honestly, everyone here is so cool!
[21:23] <HoneyLemon> But uh... Tila/Rachel already hate each other
[21:23] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Yeah! We could get into that crack and just push it apart! >:)
[21:23] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Like...
[21:23] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> an EARTHQUAKE.
[21:25] <ReedKelly> Tila or Rachel are two obvious candidates for elimination.
[21:25] <ReedKelly> However, I feel like despite Rachel's highly obnoxious demeanor, she is a widely recognized threat.
[21:26] <ReedKelly> Therefore, we should keep her around to shield ourselves.
[21:26] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> So we vote for Tila?
[21:26] <ReedKelly> Yes.
[21:26] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> You're so smart! You're right!
[21:26] <ReedKelly> Plus, Rachel's safe
[21:26] <HoneyLemon> <3
[21:31] <ReedKelly> Ladies.
[21:31] <ReedKelly> Tila?
[21:31] <ReedKelly> or Dan?
[21:31] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Tila!
[21:31] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> I already voted.
[21:32] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Plus, I like Dan!
[21:32] <HoneyLemon> Uh, let's go with Tila since most people are doing that!
[21:35] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Honey you need to vote!
[21:35] <HoneyLemon> Sorry!
[21:54] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> What are we doing today?
[21:55] <HoneyLemon> It all depends on the public's vote
[21:55] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Ohhh, got it!
[21:57] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Who wants to get a box?
[21:58] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> I'll only give it to one of you
[21:58] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> so it's not such a clear alliance
[21:58] <HoneyLemon> Uh, you could pass it to me? I don't know
[21:58] <ReedKelly> Oh.
[21:58] <ReedKelly> Okay.
[21:58] <ReedKelly> Congrats, Honey and Louisa :3
[21:58] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Sorry Reed!!! :(
[21:58] <ReedKelly> No it's okay sweetie!
[21:59] <ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES always honey <3
[21:59] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Okay good <3
[21:59] <HoneyLemon> If it's good, we can use it for the alliance <3
[22:03] <HoneyLemon> Wanna go for Nan?
[22:03] <HoneyLemon> She might already get votes tonight...
[22:03] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Sure! I'm good with anyone
[22:04] <ReedKelly> Vote Nan.
[22:04] <HoneyLemon> Kk!
[22:27] == ReedKelly [] has left #FoxesAlliance []
[22:28] == ReedKelly [] has joined #FoxesAlliance
[22:28] <HoneyLemon> Hey!
[22:28] <ReedKelly> Hey!
[22:28] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Hey!
[22:33] <ReedKelly> Okay, ladies.
[22:33] <HoneyLemon> Hm?
[22:34] <ReedKelly> The way I see it, Joan seems to be a dominant force in challenges.
[22:34] <ReedKelly> I don't know about you ladies, but I would like to win SOMETHING for once.
[22:34] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> I was a challenge dominator in my last season...
[22:34] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> I miss that feeling...
[22:34] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> :(
[22:34] <HoneyLemon> I've never won a challenge...
[22:34] <ReedKelly> So Joan then, right?
[22:34] <HoneyLemon> But y'know, that won't stop me!
[22:34] <ReedKelly> Don't you two girls want a cHANCE IN A CHALLENGE?
[22:34] <ReedKelly> It's a chance.
[22:34] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Yeah! Let's vote Joan!
[22:35] <ReedKelly> Isntead of just being in the game. Instead of just making it.
[22:35] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> What?
[22:36] <ReedKelly> Honey.
[22:36] <ReedKelly> Tyna
[22:36] <HoneyLemon> Hm?
[22:36] <ReedKelly> Tyna is saying that you, Rachel, Joan, and her are all voting for Fanatic.
[22:36] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> :o
[22:36] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Honey...
[22:36] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> You wouldn't!
[22:36] <HoneyLemon> She said that?
[22:37] == DraHosting2 [] has joined #FoxesAlliance
[22:37] <HoneyLemon> I would never do that
[22:37] <ReedKelly> She did,
[22:39] == DraHosting [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]
[22:40] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> You want us to vote for Tyna then?
[22:41] <ReedKelly> No,
[22:41] <ReedKelly> Joan.
[22:42] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Okay
[22:48] <ReedKelly> REVOTE FOR JOAN, LADIES.
[22:49] <HoneyLemon> KK
[23:44] <ReedKelly> Okay, ladies.
[23:44] <ReedKelly> Who are we voting?
[23:44] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> Hmm...
[23:44] <@LouisaRoseAllen|> What do you think?
[00:04] == ReedKelly [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]
[00:43] == HoneyLemon [32a8fc6b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:50] == LouisaRoseAllen| has changed nick to FatLouisaRoseAll
[00:50] == FatLouisaRoseAll has changed nick to FatLouisa
[00:55] == FatLouisa has changed nick to LouisaRoseAllen|
[00:56] == DraHosting2 [] has quit [Ping timeout: 260 seconds]
[00:57] == No such nick/channel: FatLouisa
[00:57] == End of WHOIS

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