Get Out The Returnees
Season TV Stars Bollywood
Founder Ori
Members Tom Nook

Regina George
Alyssa Edwards
Alex Jones
Team Rocket Jessie
Team Rocket James
Ashlee Hyuckari
April Smith

Week Formed 1
Enemies Korra

Farrah Abraham

Lowest Placing Member Alex Jones
Highest Placing Member Alyssa Edwards


Ori decided that he wanted rid of all of the returning players in the game, and so he teamed up with almost everyone to blindside them.

This meant that he pulled in all of Tom, Regina, Leonard, Alyssa, Clemont, Alex, Jessie, James, Ashlee, and April.


Immediately after forming it, and leaving the Host unaware of its existence, April revealed the alliance to Korra, after which Korra revealed it to everyone, frightening Ori and his fellow ally, Ashlee.

This caused the alliance to immediately disperse, and ultimately, no returnees went home due to this alliance.

Lasting Effects

Because of this alliance, the returnees had to team up together to eliminate Ori and Ashlee. This allowed for the first four episodes of the season to be filled with action packed drama resulting in the eliminations of Ori and Ashlee both.

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