Greed and Dimmadomes
Season TV Stars Hawaii
Founder Doug Dimmadome & Greeling
Members Doug Dimmadome

Bob and Linda
Lady Rainicorn
Ron Stoppable
Conspiracy Walnut

Week Formed 1
Enemies Reed Kelly
Lowest Placing Member Greeling
Highest Placing Member Conspiracy Walnut

Early Game

Doug and Greeling both went through several alliance changes together. An initial alliance, formed with several "Cartoon Stars" collapsed almost immediately.

Doug and Greeling were responsible for many of the early boots in the game, however. At the first elimination, while many people got votes, Doug and his few connections were able to eliminate Connor.

Bob and Linda

Bob and Linda, after Linda felt guilty, revealed the entire alliance to everyone in the house, which quickly angered everyone involved. Together, they got everyone to vote out Bob and Linda second.

This led to the collapse of the alliance as most members fled before being caught in the alliance's room.

TV Stars History

TV Stars History was made when Greeling was involved in the first ever tied vote. This was the beginning of the gradual demise of both Greeling and Doug, as Doug was eliminated shortly after Greeling, though Greeling was placed on the jury as Doug fled the game and became a bad sport.

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