It Girls
Season TV Stars Around the World
Founder Tess Tyler
Members Tess Tyler

Mitchie Torres
Tiffany Pollard
Kelly Nishimoto
Farrah Abraham

Week Formed 1
Enemies Junpei


Lowest Placing Member Farrah Abraham
Highest Placing Member Tiffany Pollard


During the first week, Tess pulled in Mitchie, Farrah, Tiffany, and Kelly to work together against the men of the game. After GOPTeens was eliminated, their alliance became solidified.

The Crumble

One of the more successful alliances in the series, the It Girls worked together to eliminate Britney and Junpei, but things began to crumble as Farrah became an immediate target. After being seen as too bossy and offensive, the It Girls continued to work together, but against one of their own members, eliminating Farrah.

After Farrah was eliminated and the jury began, the It Girls began to drift apart, moving onto other unnamed alliances and making side deals away from each other. At the next elimination, the It Girls, all of whom that could vote, worked together yet again...against Kelly, eliminating her and leaving only Tess, Mitchie, and Tiffany.

Drifting Apart

Suddenly, Tiffany split far apart from Tess and Mitchie, only working with them against common enemies. The It Girls were defeated and split apart, but the three survivors went on to be the final three of the competition, where Tiffany ultimately put Mitchie out of her misery and took Tess to the final two.

There, the It Girls remained divided in jury votes, but Kelly voted for Tiffany to win, and Mitchie voted for Tess. Due to Tiffany's great social game, she won over Tess, outlasting all of the other It Girls when all was said and done.