Season TV Stars Broadway
Founder Korra
Members Korra, Mako, Asami, Bolin
Week Formed 1
Enemies Ashlee Williams

BlackD Alliance

Lowest Placing Member Korra
Highest Placing Member Bolin

The Formation

Korra joined the game with her various other members of the Legend of Korra cast. Mako, Bolin, and Asami came with her and formed the Krew alliance, which bcame known as one of the worst standing alliances in TV Stars history.

The Target

After the first VIP challenge, Mako informed them all to vote out Ashlee. Everything was going to go perfectly until Ashlee told them all to vote out AttentionWhore, but Bolin did not want to vote either out. Because of this massive confusion, their votes were all completely different, and Korra was blindsided by the opposing BlackD alliance.

The Fall

The alliance was down to three people. Because Mako did not want to play without Korra, he simply quit, and left Asami and Bolin as the only two remaining Krew members.

Asami was seen as a VIP challenge threat, and so, she was voted out because of it. Bolin made the jury and seemed to have a chance, but the others accused him of being the Paparazzi.

After winning the one VIP when Asami got out, he seemed secure, but in the end, he was eliminated as the first member of the jury, causing the Krew alliance to end after back to back to back to back eliminations.