LJ McKanas
Contestant Profile
Played By EnTrey
Gender Male
VIP Wins 0
MVP Wins 0
Director Wins 0

TV Stars Director's Cut

Alliances None
Friendships Neda, Rick, Morty
Enemies Gregory
Vote(s) Against 6
LJFace I have just one question. Where…is the vagina?

LJ McKanas is a contestant on TV Stars Director's Cut. He is remembered for constantly talking about his horse, Chestnut, and for asking women about their privates.

TV Stars Director's Cut

In episode one, Playing This Game Like a Criminal, LJ entered the game and quickly made friends with Rick and Morty. He introduced the house to his imaginary horse, Chestnut, which he proceeded to talk about in extensive detail. He later found an enemy in Gregory, who annoyed him with his comments about Chestnut.

LJ later found himself in a conversation about sex with Katya and Teddy, where he misgendered Teddy, prompting an intense argument between the two. LJ apologized, and things went back to normal.

Later in the week, LJ had to decide on someone to send home at elimination. He decided to align with Neda and the other women to send Gregory home, despite his relationship with him, but ultimately failed.

In episode two, I'm the Woman Who Protects Herself, LJ found an ally in Neda, as she began to flirt with him. He decided to team up with Neda, Karen, and Teddy, and bonded with them to establish himself in the alliance. He worked with them to vote out Katya, but ultimately failed once again.

Episode three, Laying It All Out On The Floor, had LJ get a change of heart. After talking about Chestnut to the women, he realized that they were becoming sick of his constant babble about his horse. When elimination loomed, LJ whispered to Rick that Dennis's name was being thrown around, which prompted an intense flip to send Sarah home. LJ decided to work with them, turning to Dennis, Rick, Morty, and Jacob for allies.

LJ worked with them again to send Brian home, further completing the goals of the women but also continuing to flip against them by sending the wrong person home.

Seeing the Other Side of Things, episode four, had LJ meet his maker. LJ continued to work with the men to send Teddy home at elimination, but because of his wishy-washy gameplay, both the women and the majority of men agreed to send LJ home. His only friend in the game at this point, Dennis, was the only person to vote with him to send Teddy home. After being blindsided as the first Juror, LJ was slightly bitter.

In the finale, he voted for Dennis to win the game.

Competition History

Competition History
Week 1 VIP Loss
MVP Loss
Week 2 Director Loss
VIP Ineligible
MVP Loss
Week 3 Director Loss
VIP Ineligible
MVP Loss
Week 4 Director Loss
VIP Loss
MVP Loss

Voting History

Voting History
Week Voted For Voted Against
1 Gregory -
2 Katya -
3 Sarah -
Brian -
4 Teddy Karen, Rick, Jacob,
Teddy, Neda, Morty
Cancelled, Week 4
Jury Vote Dennis

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