Season TV Stars Las Vegas
Founder Carol Peletier
Members Carol Peletier, Baylor Wilson, Tyna Wesson, Honey Lemon
Week Formed 1
Enemies -
Lowest Placing Member Carol Peletier
Highest Placing Member Tyna Wesson

The Formation

Carol wanted to have an alliance with all of the "survivors" in the game; this including herself as a zombie apocalypse survivor and actual Survivors from the television show, Survivor. She then invited Honey Lemon in for no reason.

Instant Death

The alliance almost immediately died. After the first elimination of Vizzini, which they pulled off successfully, Honey Lemon left the alliance for no reason. After Baylor suggested eliminating Chareth, nobody responded to her.

The true death was when Carol was evacuated from the game. Baylor and Tyna both fled the alliance afterwards.


[21:11] <BaylorWilson> May I invite Honey Lemon for this alliance?
[21:11] <CarolPeletier> Um.....
[21:12] <CarolPeletier> In what context are they a survivor?
[21:12] <CarolPeletier> Well, I suppose we can teach them,
[21:12] <CarolPeletier> Yes.
[21:12] <CarolPeletier> But if you or they double cross us...
[21:12] <BaylorWilson> She's a superhero
[21:12] <BaylorWilson> I'm 100% with us
[21:12] <BaylorWilson> I'll stick with you
[21:12] <BaylorWilson> Stick
[21:12] <BaylorWilson> Sticky
[21:13] <BaylorWilson> you are my sweet temptation
[21:13] <BaylorWilson> this is a sticky situation

[21:13] *** Honey_Lemon_ has joined #Survivors
[21:15] <TynaWesson> Why hey there!
[21:15] <TynaWesson> Who should we be voting tonight?
[21:15] <BaylorWilson> We should vote for Casper
[21:16] <BaylorWilson> He's popoular, he got a lot of MVP votes
[21:16] <TynaWesson> I agree!
[21:16] <TynaWesson> ^_^
[21:16] <BaylorWilson> popular*
[21:16] <Honey_Lemon_> I guess so.
[21:20] <CarolPeletier> Baylor, cast your vote.
[21:20] <BaylorWilson> I did
[21:25] <BaylorWilson> Casper got only three votes...
[21:25] <BaylorWilson> Who flipped?
[21:25] <BaylorWilson> We might be in a sticky situation
[21:26] <CarolPeletier> I couldn't vote last time, Baylor.
[21:26] <CarolPeletier> The votes were right, we just didn't have enough.
[21:28] <BaylorWilson> Oh, true
[21:28] <BaylorWilson> Sorry
[21:28] *** Honey_Lemon_ has quit (Ping timeout: 246 seconds)
[21:58] <BaylorWilson> Chareth now?