Season TV Stars Hawaii
Founder Princess Pin (Bonnie)
Members Princess Pin (Bonnie)

Lady Rainicorn
Ron Stoppable
Zayn McEnroe
Reed Kelly

Week Formed 1
Enemies Greeling

Mystic Snake

Lowest Placing Member Ron Stoppable
Highest Placing Member Reed Kelly

The Formation

Sweeties formed when Princess Pin and her friend Lady came together and invited various players to join them in dominating the game.


Initially, Sweeties worked together with just Zayn to get rid of Joan, but after she did not go home in the first round, their tactics changed.

With the luck of voting with other alliances together, the opposition was eventually narrowed down to a small few, and they were able to induct Reed and Ron into their alliance as affiliates in the fourth week.

They eventually became responsible for several major eliminations in the game, such as blindsiding Audrey and Ron (their own member dropped as dead weight).

The Fall

Sweeties fell apart as Princess Pin, now Bonnie, was revealed to be a vicious ghetto white girl Seal murdererer. Lady did not vote out Princess Pin while the rest of the alliance did.

In the end, Lady and Reed were the last standing members of Sweeties, but did not work together. They both voted out Zayn, and Reed inevitably betrayed Lady and cut her loose at the final four.

Out of spite, none of them voted for Reed to win, and instead voted for Walnut.