This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Around the World.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#11 BritneyFace Britney Spears Britney said like three words and was eliminated. She was incredibly boring and sucky.
#10 AdeleFace Adele Adele was ironically hilarious because, even though she rarely spoke, the times she did were amazing and random. "Hello, Moskva River. It's me."
#9 GOPFace GOPTeens GOPTeens is the quirkiest character ever played by Nate, so he's higher because of this. Despite being the first person voted out, I enjoyed his presence because it was so different and unique to the others in the game, even if the competitors found it slightly annoying.
#8 JunpeiFace Junpei Junpei was originally lower than this, but after reading over his time in the game, I realized just how much of a threat he was. He found himself at the top of the game, controlling the alliances and votes as well as maintaining levels of drama that took the spotlight away from him. He purposefully got all attention off of his back and onto Farrah, Tiffany, Tess, and Mitchie, which they discovered was his strategy, leading to his elimination.
#7 EmeraldFace Equality Emerald Emerald's premise is great on paper but was executed mediocrely. She lasted a very long time and was pivotal to several votes, and is much higher than she originally was because of her friendships to Kelly and Tiffany that created a more positive atmosphere in an otherwise negative game.
#6 KathyFace Aunt Kathy Kathy was really quirky and was originally MUCH higher, but after going through her stuff, she said a ton of cringeworthy things that bumped her down. I get that her gimmick was to be the 'cool aunt', but it came across as cringe rather than hilarity. Otherwise, Kathy was a great player and was playing a great game, which I respect, and her being eliminated by straws further solidifies that she most likely would have won had she made it to the end.
#5 MitchieFace Mitchie Torres Mitchie was originally much lower, but after reading the transcript, she had tons of power in the game. Not only was her character basically the role of the victim as Tess bullied her fervently, but Mitchie was also a great social and strategic player who orchestrated several blindsides in the game!
#4 KellyFace Kelly Nishimoto Kelly was ADORABLE. She didn't talk much, but the times she did it was extremely cute. Her quirk of wearing different dresses and making dresses for everyone made her unique compared to several people in the cast, but what keeps her so high is the amount of random detail she put into everything. She didn't just make dresses - she made purple dresses with sparkling buttons along with dyeing her hair different colors at different stages of the game. Also an honorable mention - Kelly wearing a waterproof cat suit during a water challenge.
#3 TessFace Tess Tyler Tess is by far the biggest bully this game has ever witnessed. She bullied her way into an alliance and bullied her way out of it. She attacked Mitchie and made her cry, and she even attacked Tiffany and the Host at the end of the game. She made the competition far more intense, and her random negative outbursts made her entertaining to watch.
#2 FarrahFace Farrah Abraham Farrah's EXTREME over-the-top negativity was amazing to me, and it probably would have gotten old over time, but for the amount of time she spent in the game, it earns her number two on the rankings. Farrah was extremely mean to everyone and somehow survived so many votes, only to be blindsided when she WASN'T being rude to people all the time. Farrah was amazing.
#1 TiffanyFace Tiffany Pollard Tiffany is one of the greatest winners this show has every seen. Her personality was accurate and she was very well played - not to mention, she was the hero of the season who defeated all kinds of villains that stood in her path. Her competition prowess, her iconic quotes and metaphors, and even her general personality make her the greatest player in the cast.