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[19:29] == Junpei [617c3879@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:29] == GOPTeens [ad3f78e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:29] <GOPTeens> #Teens: What do YOU think #Jesus's favorite #gun would be?
[19:29] == AuntKathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
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[19:29] == MitchieTorres [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:29] <@DraHosting> PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[19:29] == TessTyler [] has joined #TVStars
[19:29] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: PM ME WHO YOU ARE
[19:30] <MitchieTorres> (Please PM me. I am playing on mobile)
[19:30] == LindsayLohan [47ba8bc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:30] <LindsayLohan> HOW DARE YOU
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[19:30] == Britney [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:30] <@DraHosting> that is a troll
[19:30] <Britney> hi
[19:30] == qwebirc429805 [43af08f6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:30] <qwebirc429805> hey cunts what the fuck is up
[19:30] == EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:30] <Britney> im not a troll
[19:30] <TessTyler> This is a joke!
[19:31] == qwebirc429805 has changed nick to FarrahAbraham
[19:31] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: How are #YOU fighting #PoliticalCorrectness today??? 🇺🇸🚫🕊
[19:31] == kelly_nishimoto [59d6afa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:31] <FarrahAbraham> i consider my sex tape rape :(
[19:31] == KillYourself [47ba8bc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:31] <Britney> true GOPTeens
[19:31] <KillYourself> BULLYING
[19:31] <KillYourself> omg who is Tiffany Pollard tho
[19:31] <KillYourself> hot
[19:31] <AuntKathy> Hey, since your parents are out of town I can take you kids and your friends to see a movie :)
[19:31] <KillYourself> anyways
[19:31] <TessTyler> Some of you will NEVER get to see Final Jam.
[19:31] <FarrahAbraham> pm for alliances motherfuckers
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[19:31] == mode/#TVStars [+v kelly_nishimoto] by DraHosting
[19:31] == mode/#TVStars [+v Junpei] by DraHosting
[19:32] <+Junpei> Are... alliances necessary?
[19:32] == KillYourself was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [KillYourself]
[19:32] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: When will they do a version of #Hamilton with REAL #music ??? 🎭🚫
[19:32] <AuntKathy> It can even be...PG-13 ;3
[19:32] == mode/#TVStars [+v TessTyler] by DraHosting
[19:32] <Britney> +V me
[19:32] == mode/#TVStars [+v AuntKathy] by DraHosting
[19:32] <FarrahAbraham> BITCH
[19:32] == mode/#TVStars [+v FarrahAbraham] by DraHosting
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> JUNPEI
[19:32] <EqualityEmerald> Hello☆
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> ARE YOU COMING FOR ME
[19:32] <+Junpei> Hm?
[19:32] <@DraHosting> I need Britney to pm me
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> ARE YOU REALLY
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCKING
[19:32] <@DraHosting> and EqualityEmerald to pm me
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> COMING FOR ME
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> RN
[19:32] <+MitchieTorres> yeah yeah yeah YEAH! 🎤🎤🎤
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCKING GO BITCH
[19:32] <+kelly_nishimoto> how @colored text
[19:32] <+Junpei> I... what the hell did I do?
[19:32] <Britney> ok
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU ARE A FUCKING DIPSHIT
[19:32] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCK YOU
[19:32] <+MitchieTorres> how to choose
[19:32] <+MitchieTorres> who to be...
[19:32] <+Junpei> Well I know that much, but what did I do this time?
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up dipshit
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> Well let's see! There's so many choices now 🎧
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> Play guitar? 🎸
[19:33] <+kelly_nishimoto> help @this argument
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCKING MITCHIE
[19:33] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: What #color do YOU think #Trump's wall should be? 🌈🚧🚧🚧
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> Be a movie star?🎬
[19:33] == mode/#TVStars [+v Britney] by DraHosting
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> UR TAKING SO FUCKING LONG
[19:33] == mode/#TVStars [+v EqualityEmerald] by DraHosting
[19:33] <+AuntKathy> Ooh dear, you kids have such a strong vocabulary
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> JESUS
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> In my head, a voice says
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck off kathy
[19:33] <@DraHosting> 10 people nice
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> Why! Not!
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> i dont respect you
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> your a piece of shit
[19:33] <+MitchieTorres> Try everything? ❓❔
[19:33] <+kelly_nishimoto> Be classy!
[19:33] <+Britney> hi
[19:33] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: REMEMBER -- If you see a #Wiccan IRL -- Call the POLICE! 🚫🕸🎃🌒 🚔🚨🚨🚨
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> BITCH
[19:33] <+AuntKathy> I'm so sorry Farrah :(
[19:33] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU WANNA SEE FUCKING CLASSY?
[19:34] <+FarrahAbraham> I WILL FUCKING SHOW YOU CLASSY
[19:34] <+kelly_nishimoto> yes shove it up my ass
[19:34] <+MitchieTorres> Why! Stop! 🚫
[19:34] <+Junpei> Conf: And I thought the participants of the Nonary game were a bit weird...
[19:34] <+AuntKathy> Would anyone like some candy? I have some in my fannypack right here?
[19:34] == AshIsADisgraceTo [47ba8bc5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:34] <+MitchieTorres> Chase for any dream! 💤💤
[19:34] == mode/#TVStars [-o AshIsADisgraceTo] by DraHosting
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[19:34] <+MitchieTorres> I can ROCK! 🎸🎸🎸
[19:34] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, nobody wants to hear you sing. You're just a big fat liar.
[19:34] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking homosexual
[19:34] <+Britney> hi
[19:34] <+FarrahAbraham> yeah i agree with tess
[19:34] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up BRITNEY
[19:34] <+AuntKathy> Hey, it's okay to be gay :3
[19:34] <+FarrahAbraham> go fucking grow more pounds of fat
[19:35] <+kelly_nishimoto> im leaving because of farrah
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> cause you cant eat that much and get that big
[19:35] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Is #TedCruz going to #CRUZ to victory or is @realDonaldTrump just in a little #Trump SLUMP?
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> YES LEAVE
[19:35] == Adele [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:35] <Adele> Hello.
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> GET THE FUCK OUT KELLY
[19:35] <@DraHosting> pm me who you are
[19:35] <@DraHosting> @Adele
[19:35] <Adele> It's me.
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> adele your fucking ugly hat
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> take it off
[19:35] <+AuntKathy> I'm voting for who the kids like these days. Bernie Clinton is it?
[19:35] <+FarrahAbraham> its so fucking ugly
[19:35] <+Britney> im not an ugly hat
[19:35] <+MitchieTorres> Well Tess, at least I'm a good person. And I would take that over your position any day 😾😾
[19:35] <Adele> I was wondering if after all these years you'd like for me to be on your show.
[19:35] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Its not that #complicated -- #Hillary is the #BAD kind of rich and #DonaldTrump is the #GOOD kind of rich.
[19:35] <+Britney> im pop star Britney Britney
[19:35] <Adele> @DraHosting
[19:35] <+TessTyler> *laughs with Farrah*
[19:35] <+EqualityEmerald> My, my, some of the things that are being said here... smh.
[19:35] <+TessTyler> Adele, you are so not going to see Final Jam.
[19:36] <@DraHosting> yes I would
[19:36] <@DraHosting> pm me who you are!!!
[19:36] <@DraHosting> @Adele
[19:36] <+EqualityEmerald> We should all just get along ✿
[19:36] <+Junpei> I swear to God I'm gonna go crazy with these assholes around. Gotta focus...
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> equality is shit
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> theres a reason
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> gays arent respected
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> and a reason
[19:36] <Adele> What is fnal jam?
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> whites are the best race
[19:36] <+kelly_nishimoto> ✿
[19:36] <+kelly_nishimoto> uwu flower queen
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> so you can FUCK OFF WITH THAT
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> FAKE SHIT
[19:36] <+EqualityEmerald> Excuse me? I'm not even gonna deal with this. ✌
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> TRYING TO MAKE
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> EVERYONE FEEL BETTER
[19:36] <Adele> All of my relationships....they seem to end in a jam.
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> WHEN THEY ARE SHIT
[19:36] <+FarrahAbraham> GOODBYE!
[19:36] <+Junpei> This entire game's gonna end in a jam...
[19:37] == Greendude [32b2c318@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:37] <+AuntKathy> I make a nice blackberry jam.
[19:37] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up jun
[19:37] == mode/#TVStars [+v Adele] by DraHosting
[19:37] <+GOPTeens> GOP Teens ‏@GOPTeens Jan 26 #Teens: Is #DEMiLovato a real #DUMMY Lovato?
[19:37] <@DraHosting> pm me who you are
[19:37] <@DraHosting> @greendude
[19:37] <+GOPTeens> (me)
[19:37] <Greendude> Green green green green greenity green
[19:37] <Greendude> green gre-gre-gre-green green greenity-gre
[19:37] <@DraHosting> me
[19:37] <+Britney> hi
[19:37] <+Junpei> What did I do...
[19:37] <+EqualityEmerald> Green is such a pretty colour!~ ✫
[19:37] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional.
[19:38] <+AuntKathy> I put green streak my hair recently. Isn't that whacky?
[19:38] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: How big an #honor would it be to get #shot by @realDonaldTrump !!! ⚰🔫
[19:38] <+FarrahAbraham> i hate virgins
[19:38] == mode/#TVStars [+v Greendude] by DraHosting
[19:38] <+FarrahAbraham> go fuck someone already
[19:38] <+EqualityEmerald> No man is ever gonna take my virginity ✫
[19:38] <+Britney> is this bb style
[19:38] <+FarrahAbraham> wow GAY FAG HOMO
[19:38] <+Junpei> Coming from the virgin queen herself... @Farrah
[19:38] <+TessTyler> My, myself and I agree - you'll never catch up with me.
[19:38] == Britney has changed nick to BritneyBritney
[19:38] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch i fucking bet
[19:38] <+Adele> My relationships always seem to end...shot. Destroyed. Obliterated.
[19:38] <+FarrahAbraham> want me to link my fucking sex tape
[19:38] <+Adele> @GOPTeens
[19:39] <+Junpei> I would greatly prefer never to have that image in my head... like ever
[19:39] <+FarrahAbraham> i fucking got it GOOD YOU LITTLE BITCH
[19:39] == MitchieTorres_ [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:39] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh my gosh... smh ✰✰
[19:39] <+AuntKathy> Your virginity is something special, like your personality. Treasure it :)
[19:39] <+TessTyler> Look what the cat dragged in. @Mitchie
[19:39] <+Greendude> GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreen
[19:39] <+FarrahAbraham> SO
[19:39] <+Junpei> Too much fuckin' information
[19:39] <+EqualityEmerald> Heyy Mitchie! ❀✿
[19:39] <+GOPTeens> #WhatWomenWantIn5Words "SOMEONE besides #Hillary!"
[19:39] <+FarrahAbraham> HAVE FUCKING PROOF
[19:39] <+FarrahAbraham> true GOP
[19:39] <MitchieTorres_> Wow, are you Tess Tyler???
[19:39] <+FarrahAbraham> Donald Trump needs to win
[19:40] == murdoc [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:40] == mode/#TVStars [-o murdoc] by DraHosting
[19:40] <MitchieTorres_> The daughter of THE TJ Tyler?
[19:40] == mode/#TVStars [+b murdoc!*@*] by DraHosting
[19:40] == murdoc was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [murdoc]
[19:40] <+Junpei> I doubt you could even get laid with that kinda personality
[19:40] <@DraHosting> I should probably mention
[19:40] <@DraHosting> that
[19:40] == MitchieTorres [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[19:40] <+TessTyler> Tess Tyler's the name, don't wear it out.
[19:40] <@DraHosting> I haven't started recording the RP
[19:40] == mode/#TVStars [+v MitchieTorres_] by DraHosting
[19:40] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Beware this #Drug Slang! #1D: "One Drug" #5SOS: "Five Servings of Substances" #CharliXCX: "Charli Ecstasy-Cocaine-Ecstasy"
[19:40] <@DraHosting> but
[19:40] <@DraHosting> I want to record the pre-game because it's astounding
[19:40] <@DraHosting> anyway
[19:40] <@DraHosting> ---
[19:40] <+EqualityEmerald> I hope we start soon ❀✿
[19:40] <+BritneyBritney> is this starting
[19:41] <+MitchieTorres_> 🛥🛥🛥🛥
[19:41] <+Junpei> Not another fucking ship
[19:41] <+MitchieTorres_> 🛳⛴🚤🛥⛵️🛥🚤🛳⚓️
[19:41] == murdocniccols [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:41] <+TessTyler> *hair blows in wind*
[19:41] <+FarrahAbraham> ew
[19:41] <murdocniccols> its me
[19:41] <+FarrahAbraham> i hate the fucking ocean
[19:41] <murdocniccols> murdoc niccols
[19:41] <+Adele> This ship is like my last relationshp...afloat. Drifting. Going nowhere.
[19:41] <+MitchieTorres_> *smiles excitedly*
[19:41] <+Junpei> I've had enough of goddamn boats to last a lifetime...
[19:41] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up murdoncniccols
[19:41] <+FarrahAbraham> go make people fat
[19:41] == murdocniccols was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [murdocniccols]
[19:41] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: How are #YOU keeping the memory of Ben Ghazi #alive?
[19:41] <@DraHosting> Murdoc is a troll
[19:41] <+kelly_nishimoto> shut up farrah you dont tell murdoc to shut up
 [19:41] <+TessTyler> CONF: Some are born with beauty, brains and talent, and they got it all while others have to try all their lives... still they never get the call.
[19:41] <@DraHosting> WE ARE HERE....
[19:41] <@DraHosting> ON THE S.S STAR
[19:42] <+kelly_nishimoto> shoots helicopter
[19:42] <+AuntKathy> This is better than my nine month sabbatical to Las Vegas.
[19:42] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[19:42] <+MitchieTorres_> 🛳🛳🛳🛳
[19:42] <+kelly_nishimoto> *11 bc farrah is dead
[19:42] <@DraHosting> TV STARS: AROUND THE WORLD
[19:42] <+MitchieTorres_> Star? Like camp star?
[19:42] <+Junpei> Awaited by WHO?!
[19:42] <+MitchieTorres_> Uh oh, that's no good.
[19:42] <+AuntKathy> That was after my second divorce. Whoops.
[19:42] <+TessTyler> Big deal, I own at least ten ships like this.
[19:42] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Tell @tedcruz why YOU want to Spank #Hillary with the hashtag #SpankHillary! 👋🏻👸🏼
[19:42] <+AuntKathy> Its so great to be here on uh...Redvivor was it?
[19:42] <+TessTyler> No good? Like your singing? @Mitchie
[19:42] <+MitchieTorres_> You mean your MOM does, Tess.
[19:42] == adore [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:42] <+EqualityEmerald> (CONF) So like, I believe in equality for women across America. No man will be in my way for this journey ❀✿ I know I can do it~ ✌✦
[19:42] <adore> party
[19:42] <+TessTyler> You are SO never gonna see Final Jam. @Mitchie
[19:42] <+MitchieTorres_> I didn't see you winning final jam last year
[19:42] <+kelly_nishimoto> hello adore
[19:42] <+Junpei> Conf: Boats... why did it have to be boats?
[19:42] <+GOPTeens> #LoseAFriendIn3Words "I'm #voting for #Hillary." 🚫👸🏼
[19:42] <+EqualityEmerald> Heyyy everyone! ✌✦
[19:43] <adore> its adore delano here
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> omg shut up
[19:43] <+Junpei> Oh that's a camera
[19:43] * Junpei waves
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> this shit
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking hurry
[19:43] <+EqualityEmerald> I hope we can all get along ✦
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up junpei
[19:43] <+AuntKathy> That's four words though dear @ GOP
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up emerald
[19:43] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶WHO WILL I BE
[19:43] <+Junpei> ...And we're back with this shit again
[19:43] <@DraHosting> PM me who you are
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> you piece of shit
[19:43] <@DraHosting> @Adore
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> you arent even fucking greek
[19:43] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎶it's up to me!🎶
[19:43] <+TessTyler> I'm a natural, I'm the real deal.
[19:43] <+AuntKathy> I brought a kodak camera if anyone wants to take some selfies.
[19:43] <+MitchieTorres_> All the never-ending 🎵🎵possibilities🎵🎵 that I scan
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> tess is the only one worth a damn
[19:43] <+MitchieTorres_> can see!!!
[19:43] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up
[19:43] <+Junpei> Been there had that...
[19:43] <+EqualityEmerald> Wow that is so racist to Greeks - I can't deal rn smh smh smh ✌✦
[19:44] <+TessTyler> I hope we go to Japan. I'm SUPER huge there.
[19:44] <+MitchieTorres_> There's nothing that🎵🎶I🎤Can't🎧Do
[19:44] <+FarrahAbraham> greeks arent a fucking RACE
[19:44] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU STUPID FUCKING IDIOT
[19:44] <+MitchieTorres_> Japan? That's close to China I think
[19:44] <+FarrahAbraham> ITS A ETHNICITY
[19:44] <+Junpei> I'm from Japan actually.
[19:44] <+FarrahAbraham> PIECE OF SHIT
[19:44] <+MitchieTorres_> My mom is the president of Hot Tunes Tv.
[19:44] <+MitchieTorres_> China
[19:44] <+EqualityEmerald> Excuse me? SMH.
[19:44] <+GOPTeens> I guess #Nobama didn't #GetTheMemo that #Guns have never been #COOLER.
[19:44] == Spec_ [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:44] == adore was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [adore]
[19:44] <+kelly_nishimoto> hi spec
[19:44] <@DraHosting> Adore did not PM me who they were
[19:44] <@DraHosting> so
[19:44] <+kelly_nishimoto> stop
[19:44] <+kelly_nishimoto> adore come back
[19:45] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎬🎬🎬
[19:45] <+EqualityEmerald> Kelly hey you look beautiful! ✿
[19:45] <+kelly_nishimoto> thanks
[19:45] <+AuntKathy> I'll just have to adore each of one you cool cucumbers.
[19:45] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Let's not #forget that @SarahPalinUSA was the ORIGINAL #Supergirl !!! 💃💄🇺🇸
[19:45] <+kelly_nishimoto> is it because of this dress
[19:45] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[19:45] <+kelly_nishimoto> i designed it myself
[19:45] == EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[19:45] <@DraHosting> me
[19:45] <+BritneyBritney> omg did this start
[19:45] <+MitchieTorres_> Yes I believe... I get to make the future what I want it to!🎤🎤
[19:45] <@DraHosting> she is coming back I'm sure
[19:45] <+MitchieTorres_> If I can becom anything and know the choice is up to me...
[19:45] <+TessTyler> Everything you say is so irrelevant.
[19:45] == EqualityEmerald_ [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:46] <+MitchieTorres_> Who will I be?🎧🎧
[19:46] <+AuntKathy> You always have a choice @ Mitchie
[19:46] == mode/#TVStars [+v EqualityEmerald_] by DraHosting
[19:46] <@DraHosting> LET'S GET TO IT
[19:46] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Is @CarlyFiorina the REAL #YasQueen?
[19:46] <+EqualityEmerald_> ✿ Let's get to it!
[19:46] <+TessTyler> I don't know WHO you'll be, but I know WHERE you'll be. And that's NOT at Final Jam. @Mitchie
[19:46] <+Junpei> I reckon I can handle a challenge or two. Let's do this.
[19:46] <+EqualityEmerald_> This is sooo exciting~ ♫♬
[19:46] <+Greendude> #Green
[19:46] <+MitchieTorres_> Okay but Tess have you ever won Final Jam?
[19:46] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎶🎶
[19:46] <+AuntKathy> Let's do it while I'm still fourty six years young :)
[19:46] <@DraHosting> THAT IS - IMMUNITY IN THIS GAME
[19:46] <@DraHosting> YOU MUST....
[19:46] <+GOPTeens> #LiesToldToUs Barack #Obama is a #Christian born in the #USA who has our best interests at #heart. 🚫👳🏾🔥🇺🇸
[19:46] <+Greendude> #GreenysGreenScreen
[19:47] <@DraHosting> Be voted into the position.
[19:47] <+TessTyler> That's not the point.
[19:47] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my. ♫
[19:47] <@DraHosting> This season on TV Stars Around the World, we are focusing on our social bonds.
[19:47] <+TessTyler> This year is my year.
[19:47] <+kelly_nishimoto> accidently stings farrah in the eye with a needle while making dress
[19:47] <+Junpei> Oh hey a popularity contest.
[19:47] <+AuntKathy> It's almost like a presendtial election or something.
[19:47] <@DraHosting> Or will you fall to the bottom and crash and burn?
[19:47] <+Junpei> I think I'm more likeable than certain people here... *glances at Farrah*
[19:47] <+GOPTeens> #Vote for #GOPTeens in this #TVStars #Caucus!
[19:47] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, please submit a vote IN PM to me right now for who YOU want the VIP to be for the first week of this game.
[19:47] <+TessTyler> You follow in my lead, you want to be like me.
[19:47] <@DraHosting> For those that do not know, VIP status is immunity in this game, but you CANNOT vote at elimination.
[19:47] <+EqualityEmerald_> Okay ♫
[19:47] <@DraHosting> Submit those votes NOW.
[19:47] <+GOPTeens> #vote for @GOPTeens!
[19:47] <+AuntKathy> I feel like GOP knows whats up about politics so they get my vote :)
[19:47] <+MitchieTorres_> Who will I be? VIP! 🎶🎵👍🎶🎧🎵🎵🔥🎧🎶🎶👍🎧🎵🎸🎸👏
[19:48] <+EqualityEmerald_> This is such a cool twist~ ✩✪
[19:48] <+GOPTeens> #vote for @GOPTeens!
[19:48] <+EqualityEmerald_> Vote for me guys! I'll be fair and democratic! ^_^ ✩✪
[19:48] <+MitchieTorres_> ⚓️
[19:49] <+AuntKathy> I remember when I voted for Al Gore. You kids would know him from the South Park.
[19:49] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: The original #GOPTeens didn't "stream" #TheBeatles and neither should you. 🚫🐞🐞🐞🐞 !!!
[19:49] <+kelly_nishimoto> vote for me i make pretty dresses
[19:49] == Spec_ has changed nick to TiffanyPollard
[19:49] == mode/#TVStars [+v TiffanyPollard] by DraHosting
[19:49] <+EqualityEmerald_> ✩ ✪✩ ✪
[19:49] <@DraHosting> Tiffany is in this game
[19:49] <@DraHosting> She is eligible for votes
[19:49] <+EqualityEmerald_> Hey Tiff~ ✩
[19:49] <+Greendude> GreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGreenGree
[19:49] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Are you #SuperCerial about voting for #StupidAlGore???
[19:49] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I'm Tiffany "New York" Pollard and I'm best known for being on the Flavor of Love.
[19:49] <+kelly_nishimoto> greendude you are hot
[19:49] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I was known for being very feisty and outspoken on the show.
[19:49] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF:
[19:49] <+EqualityEmerald_> I love Green! ❤
[19:49] <+BritneyBritney> yes
[19:50] == adore [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:50] <+AuntKathy> Haha, you got me you crazy Teens ;3
[19:50] <+TessTyler> You guys are just a wannabe, love it or hate it.
[19:50] <+Junpei> Green's repetitive vocabularity's still less rude than Farrah...
[19:50] <+Adele> BritneyBritney....
[19:50] <+MitchieTorres_> *falls in tortilla chips*
[19:50] <adore> um who the fuck kicked me you basic bitches
[19:50] <+Adele> you are such an inspiration to me as an artist.
[19:50] <+TiffanyPollard> The original HBIC is in the building!
[19:50] <+MitchieTorres_> Whoa! 🌽
[19:50] <@DraHosting> Adore if you do not tell me who you are
[19:50] <@DraHosting> you're not playing
[19:50] <@DraHosting> and you need to do it in PM
[19:50] <adore> fuk sake
[19:50] <@DraHosting> FARRAHABRAHAM
[19:50] <@DraHosting> KELLYNISHIMOTO
[19:50] <+FarrahAbraham> k
[19:51] <@DraHosting> BRITNEY
[19:51] <+BritneyBritney> r we voting
[19:51] <@DraHosting> AND EMERALD
[19:51] <+EqualityEmerald_> ❤
[19:51] <+AuntKathy> This Dra is pulling such a big boner he's gotten wet, am I right?
[19:51] <+BritneyBritney> what r we voting
[19:51] <@DraHosting> For immunity
[19:51] <+Junpei> I... he... what? @Kathy
[19:51] <+MitchieTorres_> *plays piano🎹🎹🎼*
[19:51] <+FarrahAbraham> if ur gonna pm me
[19:51] <+FarrahAbraham> tell me who to fucking vote
[19:51] <@DraHosting> Apparently this is NOT self explanatory
[19:51] <+FarrahAbraham> lets not walk around things lmao
[19:51] <@DraHosting> You have to vote for SOMEONE
[19:51] <@DraHosting> other than yoursefl
[19:51] <+TessTyler> I can't help the way I am, hope you don't misunderstand.
[19:51] <+AuntKathy> You know a crazy thing. Is that not what you kids call it?
[19:51] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I'm here to make friends ya'know.
[19:51] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I can be really nasty and cruel but... it's not time for that yet, right? :)
[19:52] <+AuntKathy> I hear you kids use it a lot.
[19:52] <+EqualityEmerald_> Let's end this vote soon! I'm excited ❤❤
[19:52] <+AuntKathy> I listened to a really hardcore song the other day on my Mini Van's radio.
[19:52] == adore was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [adore]
[19:52] <+AuntKathy> It was by that really cool musician.
[19:53] <+MitchieTorres_> Me obviously haha
[19:53] <+AuntKathy> I think it was that Hannah Montana person.
[19:53] <@DraHosting> Kathy
[19:53] <@DraHosting> Farrah
[19:53] <+MitchieTorres_> Oh...
[19:53] <@DraHosting> Kelly
[19:53] <@DraHosting> vote.
[19:53] <+Greendude> GreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGreenityGr
[19:53] <+Greendude> (is it okay if i quit)
[19:53] <+kelly_nishimoto> sorry
[19:53] <+AuntKathy> (I cast my vote already :p)
[19:53] <+kelly_nishimoto> im choosing who to vote for
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> im pretty
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> what r u?
[19:54] <@DraHosting> I need it right now
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> ur fucking ugly
[19:54] <@DraHosting> We need to speed this up
[19:54] <+Greendude> (Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I quit)(Is it okay if I
[19:54] <+Adele> You may be pretty on the outside...but your soul is ugly.
[19:54] <+kelly_nishimoto> this is a very important decision as a wise woman very interested in politics i am taking my time to choose the best candidate. please be patient
[19:54] <+Adele> @Farrah
[19:54] <@DraHosting> I would rather you not
[19:54] <@DraHosting> @Green
[19:54] <+Adele> Ooh, that was good!
[19:54] <+TessTyler> Vote for me.
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> adele bitch
[19:54] <+EqualityEmerald_> Don't call people ugly! ✹ smh
[19:54] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: So far I'm feeling very good... I'm feeling very celebratory!!!
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking coming for my weave?
[19:54] <+Adele> I should put that on my next album.
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> WELL GUESS FUCKING WHAT
[19:54] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional.
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> IM NOT A CUNT
[19:54] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎟🎬
[19:54] <+FarrahAbraham> AND IM NOT FUCKING BLACK
[19:55] <+Greendude> It's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still have things to do why did I join this gameIt's a Sunday and I still
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> SO SAY IT AGAIN BITCH
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> I FUCKING DARE YOU
[19:55] <+EqualityEmerald_> Whoo! Let's do this Tiff! ✩
[19:55] == james [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:55] <+MitchieTorres_> I voted for who I think deserves to win this jam session!
[19:55] <+Junpei> Could'a fooled me... @Farrah
[19:55] <james> safe lads im james
[19:55] == mode/#TVStars [-o james] by DraHosting
[19:55] == mode/#TVStars [+b james!*@*] by DraHosting
[19:55] == james was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [james]
[19:55] <+MitchieTorres_> Some people had really good songs
[19:55] == Greendude was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [Greendude]
[19:55] <@DraHosting> Anyone who voted Greendude
[19:55] <@DraHosting> needs to revote
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> junpei what the fuck get out
[19:55] <+BritneyBritney> did i win
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> no shut the fuck up britney
[19:55] == Guest37080 [516a9031@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> go dye your hair blonde again
[19:55] <Guest37080> nickname to james
[19:55] <Guest37080> james
[19:55] <+FarrahAbraham> you fucking red head
[19:55] <Guest37080> is james
[19:55] <+Junpei> I'm definitely not walking off the ship...
[19:55] <Guest37080> i am james
[19:55] <+MitchieTorres_> i thought Tess had a weak contribution.
[19:55] <Guest37080> james is me
[19:56] <+TessTyler> This vote is a joke!
[19:56] == mode/#TVStars [-o Guest37080] by DraHosting
[19:56] == mode/#TVStars [+b Guest37080!*@*] by DraHosting
[19:56] == Guest37080 was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [Guest37080]
[19:56] <+GOPTeens> are you #James?
[19:56] <@DraHosting> ADELE
[19:56] <@DraHosting> TIFFANY
[19:56] <@DraHosting> VOTE
[19:56] <@DraHosting> for fuck's sake
[19:56] <+EqualityEmerald_> UwU
[19:56] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I think everyone is just upbeat and trying to figure their role out and I LIKE this process.
[19:56] <+AuntKathy> This Revivior sure is a hard game, huh?
[19:56] <+kelly_nishimoto> dont shout at adele she is precious
[19:56] <+MitchieTorres_> *throws water on Tiffany*
[19:56] <+TessTyler> *snaps at It Girls*
[19:56] <@DraHosting> FINALLY
[19:56] <@DraHosting> AT LAST
[19:56] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Do I think it's gonna stay this way? Absolutely not.
[19:56] <@DraHosting> THE VOTES ARE IN
[19:56] <+TessTyler> Kelly. Farrah. Tiffany.
[19:57] <+TessTyler> We need to practice for the Final Jam.
[19:57] <+EqualityEmerald_> Nobody shout at anyone ✌
[19:57] <+Junpei> Oh bitches are getting wet now...
[19:57] <+FarrahAbraham> yas queen
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> ok
[19:57] <+TessTyler> Let's do this!
[19:57] <+TessTyler> ~~
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> hi
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> its mem
[19:57] <+kelly_nishimoto> CONF i make dresses
[19:57] <+TiffanyPollard> I don't need SHIT from you @Mitchie
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> i won
[19:57] <+TiffanyPollard> you're crazy BITCH
[19:57] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up britney
[19:57] <+MitchieTorres_> Wake up, princess
[19:57] <+TessTyler> I'm too cool for my dress, these shades don't leave my head.
[19:57] <+TiffanyPollard> You done started some shit!
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> No
[19:57] <+TessTyler> *glares at It Girls*
[19:57] <+BritneyBritney> I will never shut up
[19:57] <+TessTyler> You girls need to get it together
[19:57] <+TiffanyPollard>
[19:57] <+TessTyler> How else are we going to win the Final Jam?
[19:57] <+TessTyler> From the top!
[19:57] <@DraHosting> BY A VOTE OF 3-2-2-1-1-1-1
[19:57] <+MitchieTorres_> Sorry for getting your weave wet but that's the only one you'll get
[19:57] <+EqualityEmerald_> This will be an exciting vote - I hope people voted fairly. ✌
[19:57] <+Junpei> Talk about a split...
[19:57] <+MitchieTorres_> You need a reality check
[19:57] <+EqualityEmerald_> Wow... ✌
[19:58] <+Junpei> Congrats Tess.
[19:58] <+EqualityEmerald_> Yay! Congratulations! ✱✳
[19:58] <+TiffanyPollard> Don't apologize to me. I don't care. I don't care.
[19:58] <+BritneyBritney> Yay
[19:58] <+TiffanyPollard> I really don't give a FUCK.
[19:58] <+AuntKathy> *claps* good job.
[19:58] <+BritneyBritney> good job Tess
[19:58] <+MitchieTorres_> *watches It Girls practice*
[19:58] <+AuntKathy> Guess you're a cool cucumber.
[19:58] <+TessTyler> I'm too cool to know you!
[19:58] <@DraHosting> Now, as a part of this special season twist...
[19:58] <+Adele> Left in the dust again......
[19:58] <@DraHosting> I need everyone
[19:58] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I'm at a ten. I'm at a ten. Don't call on me right now.
[19:58] <@DraHosting> to be quiet for a second
[19:58] <+Adele> this VIP competition reminds me of my last relationship...
[19:58] <+Junpei> Good luck making Farrah shut up...
[19:58] <@DraHosting> THIS SEASON ON TV STARS
[19:58] <+EqualityEmerald_> Ugh I'm always taking orders oWo
[19:58] <@DraHosting> WE ARE OF COURSE
[19:58] <@DraHosting> TRAVELLING THE GLOBE
[19:59] <+FarrahAbraham> hi what the fuck was going on
[19:59] <+MitchieTorres_> I hope we go to China!
[19:59] <+FarrahAbraham> i was blowing a producer
[19:59] <+MitchieTorres_> I've been there tons of times with my mom
[19:59] <+FarrahAbraham> what do we need to do"?
[19:59] <+MitchieTorres_> The president of hot tunes tv there
[19:59] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh no! Why'd you do that? ;-; @Farrah
[19:59] <@DraHosting> HOWEVER
[19:59] <+MitchieTorres_> 🔥🎶
[19:59] <@DraHosting> The Captain is not immune in this game, it is simply a title.
[19:59] <+Junpei> Jesus Christ have you no shame? @Farrah
[19:59] <+EqualityEmerald_> That's promoting the use of blowjobs as a fabour. This isn;t fair ♪ ♫
[19:59] <+TessTyler> You see, some are born with beauty brains AND talent.
[19:59] <+TessTyler> I got it all.
[20:00] <@DraHosting> Before we set sail, one of you is going to be left behind. Right now, AMERICA - ALSO KNOWN AS THE TDIFF CHAT - WILL VOTE FOR THE MVP THIS WEEK
[20:00] <+TessTyler> I'm a natural, I'm the real deal.
[20:00] <@DraHosting> ARE /YOU/ THE FAN FAVORITE?
[20:00] <@DraHosting> LET'S FIND OUT.
[20:00] <+EqualityEmerald_> Ooh! ♫
[20:00] <+Junpei> ...Probably not.
[20:00] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Lord help me! I need the Holy Spirit in my midst 'cause shit is about to get wild.
[20:00] <@DraHosting> Please head to TDIFF to vote for someone to be the MVP.
[20:00] <+BritneyBritney> okay
[20:00] <+kelly_nishimoto> ok
[20:00] <+MitchieTorres_> *plays piano emotionally*
[20:00] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎹🎹
[20:00] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎤🎤
[20:00] <+kelly_nishimoto> good luck everyone whoever wins gets a free dress from me
[20:00] <+FarrahAbraham> hi
[20:01] <+EqualityEmerald_> uWu good luck! ♪ ♫
[20:01] <+MitchieTorres_> You know what Tess?
[20:01] <+FarrahAbraham> wait what
[20:01] <+Junpei> Conf: I'm surrounded by women... and they
[20:01] <+TessTyler> I'd like to thank the It Girls and my mom, TJ Tyler, for allowing me to win the first VIP.
[20:01] <+TessTyler> If only she could see me now.
[20:01] <+Junpei> Conf: (continued) They're all bitches. Fuck my life.
[20:01] <+MitchieTorres_> Just because this is my first year at Camp Rock doesn't mean you can just bully me and try to prevent me from competing in final jam.
[20:01] <+EqualityEmerald_> Women rule, yo. ✮✯
[20:01] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: None of these people wanna live with me! So I'm fine, I'm cool. I know I'm going home this week.
[20:01] <+MitchieTorres_> Just because you're scared of
[20:02] <+MitchieTorres_> me doesn't mean you need to be mean.
[20:02] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Tell #BernieSLANDERS to lay off our boy #DTrump for trying Make America #Strizzle Fo #Shizzle
[20:02] <+BritneyBritney> Im a pop star
[20:02] <+BritneyBritney> lets dance
[20:02] <+AuntKathy> Does anyone wanna pick up grocieres with me?
[20:02] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE MVP FOR THIS WEEK!!!!
[20:02] <@DraHosting> -everyone cheers-
[20:02] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my...
[20:02] * GOPTeens boos
[20:02] <+AuntKathy> I'll let you get a movie from red box ;)
[20:02] <@DraHosting> Now:
[20:02] <@DraHosting> Everyone listen up.
[20:03] <+kelly_nishimoto> yes farrah my darling
[20:03] <+Junpei> How the hell did that bitch win a popularity contest?
[20:03] <@DraHosting> It is TIME For the first elimination of the game.
[20:03] <+Adele> Rumor has it the voting for MVP was rigged
[20:03] <+EqualityEmerald_> I can't believe she won. ✌✌
[20:03] <+Adele> : /
[20:03] <+BritneyBritney> :O
[20:03] <@DraHosting> You will submit a vote to ELIMINATE someone in PM to me when I say to.
[20:03] <+EqualityEmerald_> Yeah Adele. owpw
[20:03] <+Junpei> The only thing I'd vote her for is Most Likely to be a Teen Mom
[20:03] <+Junpei> Jeez
[20:03] <+EqualityEmerald_> owo*
[20:03] <@DraHosting> You CANNOT vote for Tess, who is the VIP
[20:03] <+BritneyBritney> ok
[20:03] <@DraHosting> Tess cannot vote tonight.
[20:03] <+kelly_nishimoto> i will design a dress for you that perfectly highlights your figure
[20:03] <@DraHosting> You CANNOT vote for Farrah, she is the MVP.
[20:03] <@DraHosting> The rest of you are vulnerable.
[20:03] <@DraHosting> Cast your votes NOW. Votes are due by 8:10.
[20:03] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I never was a child. Soon as I popped out of my mom, I was just in the know x
[20:04] <+EqualityEmerald_> Omg... I hope I'm saved! ✌✌
[20:04] <+BritneyBritney> ^
[20:04] <+MitchieTorres_> I don't think this show is aired in China
[20:04] <+TessTyler> It Girls, we're going to practice again.
[20:04] <+AuntKathy> Voting is so hard. Any of you cool cucumbers can PM some suggestions if you want.
[20:04] * Adele dramatically turns.
[20:04] <+Adele> I guess I have a decision to make.
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> If it did, my mom, president of hot tunes tv 🔥🎤 China 🇨🇳 Would have convinced the public to vote for me
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> But it's fine! I'll just keep singing and doing what I want to 🎶🎶
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> No one can hold me down 🎤🎤
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> 🎸🎸🎸🎸🎸
[20:05] <+TessTyler> ... your mom is the president of Hot Tunes TV?
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> Well, in China
[20:05] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: vote for the #Socialist in the #Room!
[20:05] <+TessTyler> CONF: Wow. This girl may be worth adding to my crew.
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> But yeah, I've even been in like, a few music videos.
[20:05] <+MitchieTorres_> It's no big deal but I did tour with Jessica.
[20:05] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: GOD IS MY WITNESS, THAT I HAVE TRIED AS HARD AS I POSSIBLY COULD. *clasps hands*
[20:05] <+BritneyBritney> Thats cool miiche
[20:06] <+FarrahAbraham> hi
[20:06] <+AuntKathy> Any wanna play a board game? It can even be Candyland :)
[20:06] <+EqualityEmerald_> Hoping the right person is taken out ✪✫
[20:06] <+BritneyBritney> hi farrah
[20:06] <+GOPTeens> 18+ #Teens: Isn't it #comforting to know that if you #forget to #vote, @realDonaldTrump will still #probably win?
[20:06] <+TessTyler> By the way, Mitchie?
[20:07] <+MitchieTorres_> Yeah?
[20:07] <+TessTyler> I picked our next destination as China, just because of your mom.
[20:07] <+TessTyler> I can't wait to meet her!
[20:07] <+EqualityEmerald_> TRUMP? Eugh! Why would ANYONE vote him ✪✫
[20:07] <+MitchieTorres_> Oh haha wow!
[20:07] * MitchieTorres_ sees mom carrying food for the kitchen in the distance
[20:07] <+MitchieTorres_> I can't wait for everyone to meet her!
[20:07] <+BritneyBritney> hi
[20:07] <+AuntKathy> Wait isn't Trump that cool cumumber your all voting for?
[20:07] * MitchieTorres_ takes out phone
[20:07] <+TessTyler> She'll be so excited to know that you're an It girl.
[20:07] <+EqualityEmerald_> He's a HOMOPHOBE and he OPPRESSES women smh... ✌ ✌
[20:07] <+MitchieTorres_> I'll see if I can call her haha
[20:07] <+FarrahAbraham> wait
[20:07] <+MitchieTorres_> 🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳🇨🇳
[20:07] <+FarrahAbraham> how am i mvp
[20:08] <+FarrahAbraham> i didnt even go on tdiff
[20:08] <+BritneyBritney> idk
[20:08] <+AuntKathy> Oh dear. But gay people are so cool :(
[20:08] <+FarrahAbraham> tbh i am POPULAR
[20:08] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Why did #YOU decide not to try #Rap? 🚫🎤
[20:08] <+TiffanyPollard> America voted for you, sweetie.
[20:08] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck you britney
[20:08] <@DraHosting> FarrahAbraham
[20:08] <+Junpei> My thoughts exactly. @Farrah
[20:08] <+FarrahAbraham> i didnt fucking ask you
[20:08] <@DraHosting> Please vote in PM
[20:08] <@DraHosting> Mitchie please vote
[20:08] <+FarrahAbraham> ok
[20:08] <+AuntKathy> my only friend in high school was gay actually.
[20:08] <+EqualityEmerald_> ✌
[20:08] <+TiffanyPollard> what's up it's my BIRTHDAY y'all! #SaveTiffany
[20:08] <+AuntKathy> But who cares about that. Who wants to make cookies?
[20:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Hell no it isn't my birthday, but maybe saying that it is will kinda keep the target off my back. 'Cause you know, you don't wanna be the turd in the punchbowl and fuck over somebody's b-day like that.
[20:08] <+EqualityEmerald_> Gay people are coool! ✌ Heteros suck all the time xD oqo
[20:08] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: How can you "plan" a #parenthood? 👫👶🏼❓ #Logic
[20:08] <+AuntKathy> I'll even let you lick the spoon :)
[20:09] <+EqualityEmerald_> Teenage pregnancies are so degrading ✿
[20:09] <+FarrahAbraham> done
[20:09] <+FarrahAbraham> i voted
[20:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> britney you should hire me to design a dress for you to wear on your next album cover!
[20:09] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck you idiots @all
[20:09] <+MitchieTorres_> We learned in health class always to practice safe sex.
[20:09] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Do you #agree with #JusticeScalia that some #schools are just too #advanced for #Blacks?
[20:09] <+FarrahAbraham> except baes <3
[20:09] <+EqualityEmerald_> Wow that was uncalled for ✿ ✿ ✿
[20:09] <+Junpei> You too @Farrah
[20:09] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[20:09] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Farrah is getting on my LAST nerve. Someone lied to her several times and told her she was fly, hot and sexy and beautiful. And she's nothing like that... she's nothing of the sort.
[20:09] <+MitchieTorres_> I hope to do that when I finally meet my celebrity crush...
[20:09] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): It's tough being the oldest woman out here, but I think I'm really making a connection with these kids.
[20:09] <+MitchieTorres_> SHANE GRAY FROM CONNECT 3!!!
[20:09] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional~! 🎶🎶
[20:09] <+EqualityEmerald_> This will be a NERVE WRACKING vote! ✦✧
[20:09] <@DraHosting> ALSO
[20:09] <@DraHosting> IF YOU ARE IN AN ALLIANCE CHAT
[20:10] <@DraHosting> YOU NEED TO LINK ME TO IT
[20:10] <+Junpei> Alliances...?
[20:10] <+Junpei> Oh shit
[20:10] <+EqualityEmerald_> If a man voted me - I will be disappointed. ✦✧
[20:10] <+BritneyBritney> ok
[20:10] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch YOU SNOOPY!
[20:10] <+AuntKathy> What's an alliance?
[20:10] <+MitchieTorres_> ...I-I mean I've met him before, since my mom has connections...there...but it wasn't, you know, casual enough
[20:10] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.
[20:10] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up kathy
[20:10] <+FarrahAbraham> go fuck your daddy
[20:10] <+TiffanyPollard> well shit. I don't like all my private business being aired out like that :///
[20:10] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my! ✦
[20:10] <+FarrahAbraham> thats the only dick you can get
[20:10] <+TessTyler> There's a difference between me and you, obviously.
[20:10] <+Junpei> Goddamn savage.
[20:10] <+Adele> not everyone can keep men...
[20:11] <+Adele> don't be rude....
[20:11] <+Adele> @Farrah
[20:11] <@DraHosting> This was a very close vote.
[20:11] * DraHosting walks in with renewal slips
[20:11] <@DraHosting> If you receive a slip
[20:11] <+Adele> CONF: I feel like people here are subtly attacking me for my 400 boyfriends
[20:11] <@DraHosting> You are renewed for another week in this competition.
[20:11] <+AuntKathy> Oh you kids and your crazy sayings @ Farrah
[20:11] <+TessTyler> I'm too cool for a slip.
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Adele
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Tiffany
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Kathy
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Junpei
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Mitchie
[20:11] <+Junpei> If I take someone else's slip can I be safe by default?
[20:11] <+TiffanyPollard> :*
[20:11] <+FarrahAbraham> wheres my fucking renewal slip bitch
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Farrah
[20:11] <+MitchieTorres_> *uncomfortably looks at Tess*
[20:11] <+Junpei> Not that it matters, nice.
[20:11] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Britney
[20:11] <+MitchieTorres_> *takes slip and shrieks*
[20:11] <+FarrahAbraham> ok fucking finally
[20:11] <+MitchieTorres_> I GOT A SLIP!!!!!!
[20:11] <@DraHosting> Kelly. GOP. Emerald.
[20:11] <@DraHosting> The three of you received votes tonight.
[20:12] <+kelly_nishimoto> oh no
[20:12] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 5-4-1.....
[20:12] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: Why are you #doing this to #me ???
[20:12] <+MitchieTorres_> MO-- I mean, my mom would be so happy if she were here to find out.
[20:12] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): It sounds like the kids really like that Farrah girl. She must be pretty 'wicked'.
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Emerald
[20:12] <@DraHosting> With one vote
[20:12] <@DraHosting> Emerald is safe.
[20:12] <@DraHosting> Kelly, GOP, one of you is going home.
[20:12] <+TessTyler> *me holds Kelly's hand*
[20:12] * DraHosting passes final renewal slip to....
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <@DraHosting> x
[20:12] <+TessTyler> Who would vote off an it girl?
[20:12] <+Junpei> Conf: Please let that hashtag spewing prick be out
[20:12] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kelly.
[20:12] <@DraHosting> GOPTeens, your show has been cancelled.
[20:12] <+kelly_nishimoto> omg
[20:12] <+TessTyler> Phew.
[20:12] <+FarrahAbraham> finally
[20:12] <+GOPTeens> #Teens: WHY?
[20:12] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main chat.
[20:12] <@DraHosting> Your time in this game is over.
[20:12] <+FarrahAbraham> i hate that fucking show
[20:12] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my! why did I get a vote - it was a man ♫ ♬
[20:12] == GOPTeens [ad3f78e4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:12] <+EqualityEmerald_> Bye GOP! ♫ ♬ ♫ ♬
[20:12] <+TiffanyPollard> x
[20:13] <+MitchieTorres_> I don't have Twitter anyway. Not my style.
[20:13] <+TiffanyPollard> Bye pumpkin! :*
[20:13] <+Junpei> The odds are against that. @Emerald
[20:13] <+AuntKathy> Oh dear, goodby GOP :,(
[20:13] <+TessTyler> CONF: It was close, but all of the It Girls are still in. Tiffany, Mitchie, Kelly, and Farrah. We are SO winning Final Jam.
[20:13] <+FarrahAbraham> SHUT UP KATHY
[20:13] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU ARE SO FUCKING FAKE
[20:13] <+Adele> Goodbye GOP.
[20:13] <+FarrahAbraham> I CAN FUCKING SMELL
[20:13] <+Junpei> Conf: I'm the only guy here... not that I'm complaining.
[20:13] <+Adele> We'll find someone like you.
[20:13] <+MitchieTorres_> ...this is real...🎵
[20:13] <+MitchieTorres_> This is me...🎵
[20:14] * kelly_nishimoto test
[20:14] <+kelly_nishimoto> oh hot
[20:14] <+Junpei> I didn't realize fake had a smell.
[20:14] <+AuntKathy> Well looks like it was a blindside on Firevivor tonight.
[20:14] <+FarrahAbraham> it does jun
[20:14] <+TiffanyPollard> I'd like a fucking drink please.
[20:14] <+Junpei> Does it smell like perfume and old semen?
[20:14] <+BritneyBritney> yes
[20:14] <+FarrahAbraham> it smells like you
[20:14] <+Junpei> Oh wait, that's you.
[20:14] <+FarrahAbraham> aka shit
[20:14] * kelly_nishimoto is nervous so she takes out her pocket doodle book and sketches rough dress concepts
[20:14] <+TessTyler> Kelly!
[20:14] <+EqualityEmerald_> Wow Kelly! ✩✪
[20:14] <+TessTyler> Get your head in the game!
[20:15] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is only in three weeks!
[20:15] <+EqualityEmerald_> Those are beautiful~ OWO
[20:15] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): These girls really have a weird way of being friendly. I should try it to.
[20:15] <+TessTyler> We need to practice NOW!
[20:15] <+TessTyler> Get over here!
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch the only thing fake are my ass implants and unless you want me to fucking choke you with them i suggest FUCKING OFF
[20:15] <+AuntKathy> Hey bitches. What's the haps?
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> BITCH
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> WHAT
[20:15] <@DraHosting> ---END OF EPISODE--
[20:15] <@DraHosting> ---EPISODE TWO---
[20:15] <+TessTyler> *snaps fingers*
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> DID
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU
[20:15] * TiffanyPollard steps in front of the cam
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> CALL
[20:15] <+TiffanyPollard> HELLO and welcome to another episode of TV Stars: Around the World! With your host, Tiffany Pollard!
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> ME
[20:15] <+TessTyler> From the top, girls!
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> I FUCKING
[20:15] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, please gather in the living hall of the ship.
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> DARE YOU
[20:15] <+EqualityEmerald_> Hi ✩
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> i hate ships
[20:15] <+TessTyler> *struts into living hall with the It Girls*
[20:15] <+Junpei> You got it boss.
[20:15] <@DraHosting> Tess, as the first VIP of the game, you are also the first CAPTAIN of the game.
[20:15] <+EqualityEmerald_> Hiii~ ☆
[20:15] <+AuntKathy> Hey there Jeff Probst.
[20:15] <+FarrahAbraham> it smells like fucking juns asshole
[20:15] <@DraHosting> As the captain, Tess has chosen to take us to China for our first challenge, which I am currently setting up.
[20:16] <+TessTyler> VIP stands for Very Important Person. I'm not surprised.
[20:16] <+Junpei> You would know what it smells like.
[20:16] <@DraHosting> As a result of this, for this round ONLY - Tess will be able to win VIP status twice in a row.
[20:16] <+TessTyler> Yay, Mitchie!! We get to see your mom!!
[20:16] <+MitchieTorres_> *nervously sweats*
[20:16] <+BritneyBritney> yay china
[20:16] <@DraHosting> From here on out, however, you CANNOT win VIP status twice in a row.
[20:16] <+TessTyler> I can't wait to see what the studio of Hot Tunes TV looks like.
[20:16] <+AuntKathy> How about I get you kids some chinese takeout?
[20:16] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my. ☆
[20:16] <+MitchieTorres_> Well, my mom might be busy today since she didn't answer my text.
[20:16] <+Junpei> Mmm, I could go for some food right now.
[20:16] <+TessTyler> Oh...
[20:16] <+MitchieTorres_> So we'll see when we get there!
[20:16] <+TessTyler> Yeah, I get that, being the president of Hot Tunes TV must be a lot of work.
[20:16] <+EqualityEmerald_> Well, let's get this show on the road OwO ♥❤
[20:17] <+Adele> China?
[20:17] <+BritneyBritney> I can text
[20:17] <+BritneyBritney> *grabs a rock and write on it*
[20:17] <@DraHosting> After this round, we will have a new Captain's Competition with a new Captain.
[20:17] <+BritneyBritney> texting
[20:17] * kelly_nishimoto is wearing a purple top skirt combo with a glossy glittery hot pink fur coat paired with black boots. blonde hair with pink streaks
[20:17] <+FarrahAbraham> hi
[20:17] * Adele dramatically stares off boat
[20:17] <+AuntKathy> That's one for Junpei :)
[20:17] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: In the end sweetie, the best bitch is gonna win and that's ME!!! x
[20:17] <+FarrahAbraham> KElly what the fuck
[20:17] <+kelly_nishimoto> CONF i want to be considered a style icon
[20:17] <+FarrahAbraham> you look like fucking rainbow frog what the fuck @kely
[20:17] <+Junpei> Yeah, we know how much of a shitshow it is.
[20:18] <+TiffanyPollard> k, I think I'm about ready to fucking DO THIS
[20:18] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up jun
[20:18] <@DraHosting> THE FAME TASK IS SPEED
[20:18] <+FarrahAbraham> the only "shitshow" is yours
[20:18] <@DraHosting> GOSSIP TASK IS TRIVIA
[20:18] <@DraHosting> STAR TASK IS A PUZZLE
[20:18] <+EqualityEmerald_> Ooh. ♥
[20:18] <@DraHosting> AND VIP IS FOR THE WIN
[20:18] <+FarrahAbraham> and this week its getting CANCELLED
[20:18] <@DraHosting> It's easier done than said I promise
[20:18] <+MitchieTorres_> Tess, we should practice during the challenge.
[20:18] <+BritneyBritney> im very smart
[20:18] <+Junpei> Fuck off Farrah
[20:18] <+TiffanyPollard> get 'em gurl! @Farrah
[20:18] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: She actually thinks I like her. HAHAHA. That dumb bitch.
[20:18] <+FarrahAbraham> Tiffany get off me bitch
[20:18] <+TiffanyPollard>
[20:19] <+FarrahAbraham> I know u dont fucking like me so FUCK OFF WITH THAT SHIT
[20:19] <+Junpei> Farrah makes me support abortion just by looking at her.
[20:19] <+TiffanyPollard> excuse me who the fuck are you
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> My gosh. This FOUL language. ♥ ❤
[20:19] <+TiffanyPollard> I am NEW YORK get off my case bitch
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> EXCUSE ME.
[20:19] <+FarrahAbraham> I already had fucking 15 abortions?
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> ABORTION.
[20:19] <+AuntKathy> Here's some chinese takeout I bought with my money from catsitting.
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> IS A VIOLATION.
[20:19] <+TiffanyPollard> before I end you cause I ain't AFRAID
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> OF RIGHTS.
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> GOODBYE ✌✌✌✌✌
[20:19] <@DraHosting> Please REFER TO THIS AS I SET UP THE CHALLENGE
[20:19] <@DraHosting>
[20:19] <@DraHosting> They're cute little brochures I made just for the RP
[20:19] <@DraHosting> xx
[20:19] <+FarrahAbraham> who are you tho @new york
[20:19] <+TiffanyPollard> get the FUCK out of the way Emerald
[20:19] <+TiffanyPollard> Let the Big Bad Wolf handle it from here, and I'll handle it properly! *cracks knuckles*
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> (xx @dra)
[20:19] <+BritneyBritney> thanks for that
[20:19] <+EqualityEmerald_> Okay Tiff... ✌
[20:19] <+Junpei> One star... is China that shitty?
[20:20] <+kelly_nishimoto> yes china
[20:20] <+AuntKathy> How cute :)
[20:20] <+TiffanyPollard> let's brawl FARRAH
[20:20] <+BritneyBritney> I toured in China before
[20:20] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, why haven't we seen any videos of your mom now that we're in China?
[20:20] <+kelly_nishimoto> i feel i will be greatly inspired by this specific trip
[20:20] <+EqualityEmerald_> Junpei... That's sickeningly racist... ✌
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> new york is a fucking state
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> not a fucking person
[20:20] <+Junpei> Hey Dra called it one star, not me.
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> you fucking dipshit
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> educate your fucking self
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> bye
[20:20] <+EqualityEmerald_> True. But I can't disrespect the lovely host~ ✌
[20:20] <+AuntKathy> I've been to NY once. Saw my favorite musical; Phantom of the Oprea.
[20:20] <+MitchieTorres_> I...
[20:20] <+TiffanyPollard> @Farrah
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up emerald
[20:20] <+MitchieTorres_> Um
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> we all know
[20:20] <+FarrahAbraham> your blowing him
[20:20] <+AuntKathy> Bought a copy of my fav book too.
[20:20] <+BritneyBritney>
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> behind the scenes
[20:21] <+AuntKathy> Twilight ;)
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> so shut the fuck up
[20:21] <+BritneyBritney> yes
[20:21] <+Junpei> You're one to talk @Farrah
[20:21] <+EqualityEmerald_> Ummm Farrah-- do you need to be like this? ✿ oWo
[20:21] <+BritneyBritney> He does
[20:21] <+EqualityEmerald_> I don't blow men. They don't deserve it--
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> be like what
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> IM NOT A FUCKING
[20:21] <+TessTyler> Mitchie? Did you hear me?
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> TRANSVESTITE
[20:21] <+EqualityEmerald_> Like a... total... bitch.
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> WHAT THE FUCK
[20:21] <+TessTyler> Answer me when I'm speaking to you.
[20:21] <+FarrahAbraham> @britney
[20:21] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I might be a fucking bitch to the heart, but at least I'm not a wolf in sheep's clothing. I'M A STRAIGHT UP WOLF AND I'LL LET THAT BE KNOWN Y'ALL.
[20:21] <+BritneyBritney> Sorry
[20:22] <+BritneyBritney> :(
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> I mean, she's the president...not, like, the star of music or anything.
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> Haha
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> hahahah
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> *points to building*
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> Wow!
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up mitchie
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> no one even likes you
[20:22] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: FARRAH got on my bad side and we've just started so this fat cunt better be ready for HELL tsk tsk tsk
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> you are the goat
[20:22] <+EqualityEmerald_> Britney it's okay don't listen to her, my flower queen~ ✿
[20:22] <+Junpei> Quit looking in the mirror Farrah
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> you are getting 0 votes at the finale
[20:22] <+AuntKathy> Does anyone want to meet my cats?
[20:22] <+TessTyler> Alright, It Girls. One of us NEEDS to win this VIP challenge.
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> if i looked in the mirror id be fingering myself
[20:22] <+MitchieTorres_> I think we filmed a music video for Porytana there 🉐🈚️🈸🈲
[20:22] <+FarrahAbraham> @jun
[20:22] <+EqualityEmerald_> YES! I love kitties! :3 ✿
[20:22] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I'll falcon punch those superboobs and END her. buh-bye. x
[20:22] <+AuntKathy> Oh goody!
[20:22] <+Junpei> I really don't like that mental image.
[20:23] <+BritneyBritney> Confessional:I need to eat a pineapple
[20:23] <@DraHosting> ----OKAY----
[20:23] <+EqualityEmerald_> Omg! ✿
[20:23] * TiffanyPollard flips hair
[20:23] <+Junpei> Finally.
[20:23] <+AuntKathy> This ones' name is Cat Damon.
[20:23] <+FarrahAbraham> VIP?
[20:23] <@DraHosting> RIGHT NOW.
[20:23] * kelly_nishimoto books meeting with several brides to design dresses for them whilst the others argue
[20:23] <+EqualityEmerald_> This will be fun ✪✪
[20:23] <+AuntKathy> Get it? Like Matt Damon?
[20:23] <+FarrahAbraham> i hate china
[20:23] <+Junpei> You got it boss.
[20:23] <+BritneyBritney> im very good at comps
[20:23] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[20:23] <+TiffanyPollard> @Dra
[20:23] <+FarrahAbraham> china is so fucking nasty
[20:24] <+FarrahAbraham> they fucking kill children
[20:24] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm excited!
[20:24] <+FarrahAbraham> those nasty disgusting hoes
[20:24] <+Junpei> Gotta go fast.
[20:24] <+EqualityEmerald_> Farrah is racist and sexit S M H ✌✌
[20:24] <+FarrahAbraham> im famous already
[20:24] <+MitchieTorres_> I know my way around China after all, since I lived here with my mom for a few years.
[20:24] <+TessTyler> Let's HURRY this VIP challenge up! Final Jam is in three weeks!
[20:24] <+TiffanyPollard> I don't got speed I'm in HEELS
[20:24] <@DraHosting> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN*
[20:24] <@DraHosting> *ARRIVES AT CHINA'S SHORE*
[20:24] <@DraHosting> *SECURES BREATHING MASK*
[20:24] <@DraHosting> *RACES UP THE BEACH*
[20:24] <@DraHosting> *ENTERS CHINA*
[20:24] <+TessTyler> Swimming is going to mess up my hair.
[20:24] <@DraHosting> ON YOUR MARKS.........\
[20:24] <@DraHosting> GET SET.........
[20:24] <@DraHosting> ----GO-----
[20:24] <+Junpei> *jumps from the ship*
[20:24] <+EqualityEmerald_> *jumps from ship*
[20:24] <+TessTyler> *jumps from the ship*
[20:24] <+AuntKathy> *JUMPS FROM THE SHIP
[20:24] <+TessTyler> *swims through the ocean*
[20:24] <+kelly_nishimoto> *jumps from the ship*
[20:24] <+MitchieTorres_> *junps from the ship*
[20:24] <+Junpei> *swims through the ocean*
[20:24] <+BritneyBritney> [17:24] <@DraHosting> WELCOME TO CHINA! TO GET TO THE SHORE FROM THIS SHIP, YOU MUST POST: *JUMPS FROM THE SHIP* [17:24] <@DraHosting> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN* [17:24] <@DraHosting> *ARRIVES AT CHINA'S SHORE* [17:24] <@DraHosting> *SECURES BREATHING MASK* [17:24] <@DraHosting> *RACES UP THE BEACH* [17:24] <@DraHosting> *ENTERS CHINA* [17:24] <+TessTyler> Swimming is going to mess up my hair. @DraHosting @RecordBot +Adele +Aun
[20:24] <+EqualityEmerald_> *swims through ocean*
[20:24] <+TessTyler> *arrives at china's shore*
[20:24] <+AuntKathy> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN
[20:24] <+MitchieTorres_> *swims through ocean*
[20:24] <+TiffanyPollard> *jumps from ship*
[20:24] <+Junpei> *arrives at china's shore*
[20:24] <+kelly_nishimoto> *swims through the shore*
[20:24] <+TessTyler> *secures breathing mask*
[20:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *swims through the ocean*
[20:25] <@DraHosting> In separate posts
[20:25] <+TessTyler> *races up the beach*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> *humps from ship*
[20:25] <+Junpei> *secures breathing mask*
[20:25] <+TessTyler> *enters china*
[20:25] <+AuntKathy> *ARRIVES AT CHINA'S SHORE*
[20:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *arrives at China's shores*
[20:25] <+Junpei> (races up the beach*
[20:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *secures breathing mask*
[20:25] <+Junpei> (enters china*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> *jumps from shop(
[20:25] <+kelly_nishimoto> *races to the beach*
[20:25] * EqualityEmerald_ secures breatjong mask
[20:25] <+AuntKathy> *SECURES BREATHING MASK*
[20:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *races up beach*
[20:25] <+BritneyBritney> *jumps from ship*
[20:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *enters china*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> (swims through ocean)
[20:25] <+kelly_nishimoto> *enters china*
[20:25] <+kelly_nishimoto> IM IN CHINA
[20:25] * EqualityEmerald_ races up the beach
[20:25] <+AuntKathy> *RACES UP THE BEACH*
[20:25] <+MitchieTorres_> *arrives at China's shore*
[20:25] * EqualityEmerald_ enters china
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> *arrives at shore*
[20:25] <+BritneyBritney> im very good at this
[20:25] <+MitchieTorres_> *secures breathing mask*
[20:25] <+AuntKathy> *ENTERS CHINA*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> *races up the beach*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> *enters china*
[20:25] <+FarrahAbraham> im done hoes
[20:25] <+MitchieTorres_> *races up the beach*
[20:25] <+MitchieTorres_> *enters China*
[20:25] * Adele arrives at hina
[20:25] <+BritneyBritney> does everyone needs to do it?
[20:25] <+Adele> Hello.
[20:25] <+Adele> It's me.
[20:25] <+Adele> @China
[20:26] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up adele
[20:26] <+FarrahAbraham> no one listens to ur fucking music
[20:26] <+FarrahAbraham> they listen to MINE
[20:26] <+AuntKathy> Adele, didn't you win an Oscar?
[20:26] <+AuntKathy> Or something like that.
[20:26] <+BritneyBritney> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN*
[20:26] <+Adele> Yes, I did.
[20:26] <+BritneyBritney> ARRIVES AT CHINA'S SHORE*
[20:26] <+Adele> It' always nice to meet fans.
[20:26] <+BritneyBritney> *SECURES BREATHING MASK*
[20:26] <+Adele> They stay with me....
[20:26] <+AuntKathy> That's so cool! Did you guys know we had a famous person on the show?
[20:26] <+Adele> unlike my boyfriends.
[20:26] <+Adele> :(
[20:26] <+BritneyBritney> *RACES UP THE BEACH*
[20:26] <+Adele> (switching computers brb)
[20:27] <+BritneyBritney> *ENTERS CHINA*
[20:27] <+AuntKathy> Oh poor Adele D:
[20:27] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up kathy
[20:27] <+AuntKathy> Just remember sisters before misters ;)
[20:27] <+FarrahAbraham> i fucking hate your fucking FLAT ASS OMFG
[20:27] <+FarrahAbraham> theres only one fucking mister on this show fucking dipshit @
[20:27] <+AuntKathy> Oh Farrah, your so funny.
[20:28] == Adele_ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[20:28] <+AuntKathy> Are you a commedian of some kind?
[20:28] <+AuntKathy> Or a clown at the circus?
[20:28] <+BritneyBritney> hey
[20:29] <+AuntKathy> Howdy.
[20:29] <+FarrahAbraham> this isnt the fucking circus
[20:29] <+FarrahAbraham> and this isnt the fucking comedy club
[20:29] <+MitchieTorres_> 🍚🍢🍡🍧🍨
[20:29] <+FarrahAbraham> LOOK AROUND YOU
[20:29] <+MitchieTorres_> I love China!
[20:29] <+FarrahAbraham> DONT ASK DUMB QUESTIONS
[20:29] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU STUPID BITCH
[20:29] <+AuntKathy> Well of course not, its China silly billy.
[20:29] <+TessTyler> *Grabs large purple vase and smashes it to the ground*
[20:29] <+AuntKathy> But are you from the circus?
[20:29] <+TessTyler> Whoops...
[20:29] <+TessTyler> *grabs mysterious pouch*
[20:30] <+MitchieTorres_> Tess!
[20:30] <+AuntKathy> Its alright Tessa, accidents always happen :)
[20:30] <+MitchieTorres_> Wow, are you okay?
[20:30] <+TessTyler> Thanks guys.
[20:30] <+TessTyler> I'm fine.
[20:30] <+MitchieTorres_> *picks up pieces of vase*
[20:30] <+FarrahAbraham> from the circus???
[20:30] <+MitchieTorres_> What's in that pouch?
[20:30] <+FarrahAbraham> LMAO
[20:30] <+AuntKathy> I once wrecked my minivan trying to get home for an episode of Glee. Isn't that whacky?
[20:30] <+FarrahAbraham> ARE YOU ONE OF THOSE RETARDS
[20:31] <+AuntKathy> Oh, so your a sex ed teacher?
[20:31] <+Junpei> Tch, after the Nonary Game this was easy.
[20:31] <+TessTyler> I have a bone to pick with you, Mitchie.
[20:31] <+BritneyBritney> Yay Junpei!
[20:31] <+FarrahAbraham> im not even gonna talk to this stupid bitch tbf
[20:31] <@DraHosting> This challenge is officially over.
[20:31] <+AuntKathy> *claps for Junpei*
[20:31] == Adele [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[20:31] <+Junpei> Conf: Gotta rep the male gender in this one.
[20:31] == mode/#TVStars [+v Adele_] by DraHosting
[20:31] <+TiffanyPollard> well FUCK
[20:31] <+MitchieTorres_> Tess?
[20:31] <+TessTyler> Yes?
[20:31] <+MitchieTorres_> What's in the pouch you got?
[20:31] <+MitchieTorres_> It must be something, right!
[20:32] <+TessTyler> Let's have your mom open it.
[20:32] <+EqualityEmerald_> Damn it
[20:32] <+TessTyler> I KNOW she's the cook on this ship.
[20:32] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): Junpei is such a sweet girl, but all these girls are sweeties in my book.
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> I mean it WAS an accident for you to--
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> My mom?
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> What?
[20:32] <+TessTyler> You LIED to me and said that she was the president of Hot Tunes TV.
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> I mean, she might be...because she's
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> She's covering the ship for
[20:32] <+Adele_> Hot Tunese TV.
[20:32] <+MitchieTorres_> ...for hot tunes tv China...
[20:32] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: That mustache that Farrah is rocking is almost thicker then Flav’s and I’m a little disgusted by that.
[20:32] <+Adele_> They tried to produce my album, but I said no.
[20:32] <+TessTyler> You can't get out of this now, Mitchie. You're stuck in your web of lies.
[20:32] <+FarrahAbraham> stfu adele
[20:32] <+Adele_> I think it's run by 5 year olds.
[20:32] * MitchieTorres_ looks down
[20:32] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[20:32] <+TessTyler> I SAW her in the kitchen.
[20:32] <+FarrahAbraham> go fuck ur husbands flabs
[20:32] <@DraHosting> TO VOTE FOR THE MVP FOR THE WEEK.
[20:32] <+TessTyler> I may be a lot of things, but at least I'm not a big fat liar.
[20:33] <+TiffanyPollard> wish me luck! :*
[20:33] <+Junpei> I hate America.
[20:33] <+TessTyler> You are OUT of the It Girls.
[20:33] <+EqualityEmerald_> I'm glad junpei won ♦
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> what the fuck is MVP again
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck you junpei
[20:33] <+MitchieTorres_> ...
[20:33] <+MitchieTorres_> I...
[20:33] <+TessTyler> Hm. Mitchie, you are so never gonna see Final Jam.
[20:33] <+EqualityEmerald_> They're a good person~ OwO
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> your just mad im so popular
[20:33] <@DraHosting> Farrah, as the outgoing MVP
[20:33] <+Junpei> What else us new.
[20:33] <+BritneyBritney> vote for me america
[20:33] <@DraHosting> You cannot win this round.
[20:33] <+Junpei> *is
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> whatever riggery!
[20:33] <+MitchieTorres_> That may be true, but at least at heart I'm a good person!
[20:33] <+MitchieTorres_> 🔥🔥
[20:33] <+TiffanyPollard>
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> that'll change after i buy some more condoms :)
[20:33] <+MitchieTorres_> *runs away*
[20:33] <+TessTyler> You're nothing but a loser.
[20:33] <+FarrahAbraham> *goes into condom store* brb bitches
[20:33] <+AuntKathy> Poor Mitchie.
[20:34] <+TessTyler> *me giggles with other It Girls*
[20:34] <+EqualityEmerald_> Tiff you're an amazing dancer~ Just cover up a bit sweetie ♩ ♪
[20:34] <+TessTyler> We're too cool for Mitchie.
[20:34] <+MitchieTorres_> *cries in cabin*
[20:34] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: But if she says another WORD to me I'm gonna kick the bitch's ass, and put her in her place.
[20:34] <+FarrahAbraham> *grabs condoms*
[20:34] <+FarrahAbraham> *throws them at tiffany* shut up whore
[20:34] <+Junpei> Conf: The women are fighting... which is probably a good thing. The longer they hate each other the safer I am.
[20:34] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: ya'know what, even better? I confront her ass
[20:34] <+MitchieTorres_> 😢😢😢😢
[20:34] <+TiffanyPollard> thanks boo
[20:34] <+TiffanyPollard> I'm definitely in the mood. I need a good sticking.
[20:34] <+FarrahAbraham> go fuck some ghetto trashes dick
[20:34] <+EqualityEmerald_> Stop fighting people! ♩ ♪
[20:34] <+MitchieTorres_> CONF: I just wanted to fit in...I just wanted people to like me
[20:34] <+TiffanyPollard> any takers!?
[20:35] <+FarrahAbraham> SHUT UP MITCHIE
[20:35] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU FUCKING CRACKER
[20:35] <+EqualityEmerald_> Farrah don't be so rude! DMH
[20:35] <+TiffanyPollard> I'm just saying the shit that is on my MIND
[20:35] <+EqualityEmerald_> SMH*
[20:35] <+TiffanyPollard> If I need to be penetrated...why should I keep that to myself?!
[20:35] <+AuntKathy> Ooh, what flavor cracker?
[20:35] <+EqualityEmerald_> You aren't treating everyone EQUALLY smh. ♩ ♪♩ ♪
[20:35] <+AuntKathy> Is it saltine?
[20:35] <+TiffanyPollard> Just because somebody might wanna slip up and give me the dick... I'mma be there to receive it!
[20:35] <+AuntKathy> Or cheese?
[20:35] <+FarrahAbraham> its a fucking white person dipshit
[20:35] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!
[20:35] <+Junpei> The only person here who can give you the dick is me... and I don't plan on it. @Tiff
[20:35] <+Junpei> Congrats Emerald.
[20:35] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my gosh... ✌ thanks! ♥ ♥ ♥
[20:36] <+AuntKathy> *claps for Emerald*
[20:36] <+EqualityEmerald_> Thanks Kathy! ♥
[20:37] <+AuntKathy> Your welcome <3
[20:37] <+BritneyBritney> yay
[20:37] <+FarrahAbraham> omg im gurgling///////////
[20:37] <+FarrahAbraham> @that
[20:37] <+kelly_nishimoto> can i brb
[20:37] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: Adele, Kathy, Britney, Emerald, Farrah, Junpei, Kelly, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany
[20:37] <+TessTyler> *me glares at Mitchie*
[20:37] <+TessTyler> You are NOT making it to Final Jam.
[20:37] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, it is time to vote someone out. One of you ten will not be leaving for our next destination tonight.
[20:37] <+TessTyler> You can count on that.
[20:37] <@DraHosting> -Everyone walks backstage-
[20:37] <@DraHosting> Please cast your votes to eliminate. They are due by 8:45.
[20:38] <+BritneyBritney> ok
[20:38] <+TessTyler> I voted.
[20:39] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional. @the person I voted
[20:39] <+TiffanyPollard> me fucking too
[20:39] <@DraHosting> You CANNOT vote for Junpei, the VIP, or Emerald, the MVP.
[20:39] <+Junpei> Thank goodness for that.
[20:39] <+EqualityEmerald_> ^_^ owo
[20:39] <+TiffanyPollard> I KNEW from the second I stepped on this ship who I wanted gone x
[20:39] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up you attention whore
[20:39] <+EqualityEmerald_> I'm glad we are safe, junpei! ✿ But I don't want my friends to go home.
[20:39] <+FarrahAbraham> pay attention to ME
[20:40] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): All thesee girls are so fresh. Its hard who to pick. But there was one clear choice.
[20:40] <+MitchieTorres_> Last week's old news...🎤
[20:40] <+Junpei> Likewise.
[20:40] <+EqualityEmerald_> Trueee ✿
[20:40] <+TiffanyPollard> *glares at FARRAH*
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up auntkathy
[20:40] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm picking up my six string and playing from the heaaaart...🎸
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> *punches tiffany*
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> STOP STARING AT ME
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU LESBIAN
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> DYKE
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> WHORW
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> E
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> HOE
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> CUNT
[20:40] <+TiffanyPollard> *smacks Tiff with Gemma's maiden ass dolce and gabbana's*
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> BITCH
[20:40] <+TiffanyPollard> GET OUT OF MY FUCKING LANE HOE
[20:40] <+EqualityEmerald_> Stop hurting others - this is discrimination ✿
[20:40] <+FarrahAbraham> yes bitch smack yoself
[20:40] <+EqualityEmerald_> MY EARS!~ T____T
[20:41] <+AuntKathy> Ooh Farrah, I don't even known what crazy stuff you saying.
[20:41] <+AuntKathy> What do you cool cucumbers say?
[20:41] <+EqualityEmerald_> Exacrly Kathy.... SMH ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌ ✌
[20:41] <+Junpei> Ooohhh, we got a fight goin' on.
[20:41] <+FarrahAbraham> they say shut the fuck up kathy
[20:41] <+FarrahAbraham> take their fucking advice
[20:41] <+FarrahAbraham> and do it
[20:41] <+AuntKathy> Huntie, why you acting so cray cray?
[20:41] <+EqualityEmerald_> We say SMH when someone like FARRAH is running thw show~ owO
[20:41] <+EqualityEmerald_> the*
[20:41] * TiffanyPollard kicks Farrah
[20:41] <+TiffanyPollard>
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch stop showing off your leg flabs
[20:42] <+TiffanyPollard> now get off this damn ship before I THROW you overboard
[20:42] <+EqualityEmerald_> Honestly- I agree with tiff /// ✌
[20:42] <+AuntKathy> Does anyone know what Hunties mean by the way? I texted in a message to my ex-husband.
[20:42] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: ohhhh fuck... Jesus GUIDE me!
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up cunt
[20:42] <+EqualityEmerald_> Hunty is a terrible word! D:
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> Jesus doesnt fucking exist
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> only the fucking bible
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> Im biblist
[20:42] <+EqualityEmerald_> Also Kathy - are you a part of the LGBTQADTYU+ community? ~~
[20:42] <+FarrahAbraham> Homosexuality is sin
[20:43] <+AuntKathy> Oops. I hope Greg won't flip is lid :3
[20:43] <+EqualityEmerald_> Please don't shout at me! ;-;
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> IDIOT
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> ILL SHOUT AT YOU
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> IF I FUCKING
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> WANT
[20:43] <+EqualityEmerald_> Oh my gosh... My ears! ✌ ✌
[20:43] <+TiffanyPollard> don't fucking use the lord's name in VAIN
[20:43] <+Junpei> A vote for Farrah is a vote to keep your eardrums.
[20:43] <+TiffanyPollard> ^^^ true THAT
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> stop campaigning for me to go
[20:43] <+EqualityEmerald_> The truth has been spoken// owo
[20:43] <+TiffanyPollard> this bitch don't know how to shut her damn mouth
[20:43] <+FarrahAbraham> if u want my fucking vote
[20:43] <+Junpei> Whoops.
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> junpei
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> so shut the fuck up
[20:44] <@DraHosting> This is a very intense vote to watch
[20:44] <+Junpei> Who would want your vote?
[20:44] <+Junpei> I think it's worth -1...
[20:44] <+BritneyBritney> im tense
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> you cause u fucking asking for it in fucking pm
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> i didnt even vote off tess
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> so lol!
[20:44] <+EqualityEmerald_> I'm excited ✌
[20:44] <+TessTyler> Some people are so fake.
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> you can stop pming me fucking slurs
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> and leave me the FUCK alone
[20:44] <+Junpei> You're one to talk Tess.
[20:44] <+FarrahAbraham> junpei
[20:44] <+EqualityEmerald_> Yeah Tess. It sucks // ❀✿
[20:44] <+kelly_nishimoto> conf: farrah is fierce im loving it. i can imagine her wearing white waist shorts combined with a short white top and black suit jacket with high heels. such a fierce look!
[20:44] <+Junpei> Oh what now.
[20:45] == EqualityEmerald_ [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[20:45] <+TiffanyPollard> why are y'all get involved in *our* business cunt @Junpei
[20:45] <+TiffanyPollard> this is between ME and FARRAH
[20:45] <+TiffanyPollard> me.
[20:45] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch
[20:45] <+TiffanyPollard> and that HOE over to the left of you.
[20:45] <+FarrahAbraham> i have no business with you
[20:45] <@DraHosting> waiting on emerald to return
[20:45] <+Junpei> Yeah, a fight between bitch 1 and bitch 2. What else is new.
[20:45] <+MitchieTorres_> CONF: I'm doing whatever I can now to vote out the It Girls. I don't like bullies👏👎 and I HAVE to win Final Jam 🎤🎸🎧🎶 to prove myself to them. They made a mistake kicking me out for sure
[20:45] == Equality_Emerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[20:45] <Equality_Emerald> (sorry)
[20:45] == mode/#TVStars [+v Equality_Emerald] by DraHosting
[20:45] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF:
[20:45] <@DraHosting> I need your votes please don't make me self vote
[20:45] <@DraHosting> I am spamming your pm if you haven't voted
[20:45] <+FarrahAbraham> stop leaking fucking facebook shit
[20:46] <+FarrahAbraham> all i find on ur facebook is a empty follower list and nude photos
[20:46] <+Equality_Emerald> Who has not voted? Spill the tea, hostie /// owo ❀ ✿
[20:46] <+FarrahAbraham> so stop showin that shit
[20:46] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[20:46] <+AuntKathy> Don't worry, I have some sweet tea in case you spill.
[20:46] <+Equality_Emerald> OMG! ❀ ✿
[20:46] <+FarrahAbraham> stfu kathy
[20:47] <+Equality_Emerald> Thanks Kathy~ ^_^
[20:47] <+FarrahAbraham> i hope you spill it on your tongue
[20:47] <+FarrahAbraham> and finally SHUT THE HELL UP
[20:47] <+AuntKathy> Well tea goes in my mouth so I hope I do haha
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Tiffany
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Kathy
[20:47] <+Equality_Emerald> Kathy is nicer than you // ♫ Farrah, just be quiet.../
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Farrah
[20:47] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up emerald
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Kelly
[20:47] <+Equality_Emerald> You treat nobody equally/♫
[20:47] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Farrah what a maiden ass BITCH her whole look so tacky this bitch needs to go back to making cheap porno if she wants to earn a living. fuck the Teen Mom shit
[20:47] <+FarrahAbraham> ok finally
[20:47] <+Junpei> Gimme that slip boss.
[20:47] <+AuntKathy> Where do I renew this?
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Emerald
[20:47] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Adele
[20:47] <+Equality_Emerald> thanks♫
[20:47] <@DraHosting> Tess, Britney, Mitchie.
[20:47] <@DraHosting> The three of you received votes tonight.
[20:47] <+TessTyler> Me?
[20:47] <+FarrahAbraham> BOY I BET MOTHERFUCKER @emerald
[20:48] <@DraHosting> With one vote...
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <+BritneyBritney> r.i.p
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <+TessTyler> But I'm an it girl.
[20:48] <+Junpei> A couple bitches getting a couple votes. Nice.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] <@DraHosting> x
[20:48] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Tess
[20:48] <+TessTyler> Good.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Tess, you are safe.
[20:48] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I will say it now. I think FARRAH is just a disgrace. She's a disgrace to humanity, she's a disgrace to women who are actually beautiful and classy and um... she just doesn't have the vernacular she THINKS she posseses.
[20:48] <+Equality_Emerald> Oh my gosh Farrah ♫
[20:48] <+BritneyBritney> well guys its been fun
[20:48] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, your game is OVER.
[20:48] <+BritneyBritney> :O
[20:48] <+MitchieTorres_> Just try it, Tess.
[20:48] <+TessTyler> Believe me, I already have.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> However, Celebrities, we are not done tonight. This vote has tied 4-4-1 between Britney and Mitchie.
[20:48] <+TessTyler> You're a big fat liar and you are NOT going to see Final Jam.
[20:48] <+TessTyler> What?
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Tiffany.
[20:48] <+Equality_Emerald> Oh my♫ ♫
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Kathy.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Tess.
[20:48] <+BritneyBritney> Oh
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Farrah.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Kelly.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Emerald.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> Adele.
[20:48] <@DraHosting> You will now re-vote in PM.
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> im voting mitchie
[20:49] <+TessTyler> Stick to the plan!
[20:49] <+MitchieTorres_> It's time to crash Backstage Jam.
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> no
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> vote mitchie
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck that fag
[20:49] <+MitchieTorres_> *breathes, comes on stage*
[20:49] <+BritneyBritney> you guys should keep me in
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> mitchie told me to vote u
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> jsyk
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> @tess
[20:49] <+MitchieTorres_> I've always been the kind of girl🎶L👧🏻
[20:49] <@DraHosting> You need to submit re-votes immediately.
[20:49] == Equality_Emerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[20:49] <+MitchieTorres_> Who hid my face 💂🏻
[20:49] <+FarrahAbraham> MITCHIE
[20:50] <+FarrahAbraham> SHUT THE FUCK UP
[20:50] <+MitchieTorres_> So afraid to tell the world🇨🇽🇩🇰🇧🇶🇨🇼🇨🇲🇭🇷🇨🇫
[20:50] <+FarrahAbraham> GO GET BETTER TIT IMPLANTS
[20:50] <+TessTyler> Get her, Farrah!
[20:50] <+BritneyBritney> I should stay in the game
[20:50] <+TessTyler> Go girl!
[20:50] == Equality__Emeral [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[20:50] <+MitchieTorres_> What I've got to say🗣🗣🗣
[20:50] <+FarrahAbraham> thats not even a fucking her
[20:50] <+MitchieTorres_> But I have this dream...
[20:50] <+FarrahAbraham> thats a fucking man who cut of his junk
[20:50] <+BritneyBritney> im a pop star
[20:50] <+MitchieTorres_> Bright inside of me💤😴
[20:50] <@DraHosting> If you do not vote by 8:51
[20:50] <@DraHosting> Your vote will be kept the same.
[20:50] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm gonna let it show, it's time 🕤🕘🕦🕖
[20:50] <+Junpei> Good luck, both of you.
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> To let you know, to let you know...🎧🎤🎶
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> This is real!
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> vote mitch
[20:51] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> everyone
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> This is me!
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> everyone
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> EVERYONE
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> E V E R Y O N E
[20:51] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 5-2......
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm exactly where I'm supposed to be now🎤🎶🎸🎧
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <@DraHosting> x
[20:51] <+BritneyBritney> X
[20:51] <@DraHosting> Mitchie.
[20:51] <@DraHosting> Your show has been renewed.
[20:51] <@DraHosting> Britney.
[20:51] <Equality__Emeral> Oh my!
[20:51] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.
[20:51] <+BritneyBritney> y
[20:51] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main chat.
[20:51] <+BritneyBritney> fuck u
[20:51] <+Junpei> Poor Brit.
[20:51] <+BritneyBritney> u all snakes
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> im fucking disgusted
[20:51] <+TessTyler> What?!
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> Gonna let the light...SHINE on me!💡💡
[20:51] <+TessTyler> *glares at Mitchie*
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> Now I've found!
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> Who I am!
[20:51] == mode/#TVStars [-v BritneyBritney] by DraHosting
[20:51] <+TiffanyPollard> xoxoxoxoxo
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> There's no way to hold it in...
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> mitchie why are you fucking here still
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> just quit
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> quit
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> No more hiding who I wanna be.
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> quit pls
[20:51] <+MitchieTorres_> This is me🎤
[20:51] <+FarrahAbraham> tbh im glad BRITNEY is gone
[20:51] <BritneyBritney> adele is a lair
[20:52] <BritneyBritney> get her out
[20:52] == BritneyBritney [490fbf36@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TVStars []
[20:52] <+TiffanyPollard> Buh-bye angel! :*
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> she had a F2 with equality
[20:52] <Equality__Emeral> OMG!
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> sooo
[20:52] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm here to stay, Farrah.
[20:52] <+TiffanyPollard> I still don't know you, but hey.
[20:52] <+MitchieTorres_> It's on!
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> no u arent fuck off
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> dont look at me
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> dont talk to me
[20:52] <Equality__Emeral> Are you kidding Farrah♫ ♫ LMAO
[20:52] <+FarrahAbraham> nothing is on
[20:52] <@DraHosting> ----END OF EPISODE----
[20:53] <@DraHosting> ---NEXT EPISODE---
[20:53] <+Junpei> Oi jesus
[20:53] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, please come in!
[20:53] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Junpei is running this shit. We all know that.
[20:53] <+Junpei> Shut the fuck Farrah.
[20:53] <@DraHosting> It's time for the first real Captain's Competition of the game!
[20:53] <+Junpei> *fuck up
[20:53] <@DraHosting> And things are about to get interesting.
[20:53] <+TessTyler> I hope my mom's not watching this.
[20:53] <+TessTyler> She doesn't need to see me fail.
[20:53] <+Junpei> Cap'n's Comp, eh?
[20:53] <+FarrahAbraham> what
[20:53] <Equality__Emeral> Oh my❀ ✿
[20:53] <Equality__Emeral> I hope I win! ❀
[20:54] <@DraHosting> Let's get to it!
[20:54] <+Junpei> As if they weren't already interesting.
[20:54] <@DraHosting> As you know, these are based on social bonds.
[20:54] <+TiffanyPollard> YOu've been running around like you did 80 lines of coke. @Farrah
[20:54] <@DraHosting> For this Captain's Competition, you will participate in a SLAP FIGHT.
[20:54] <@DraHosting> You are going to PM me someone to slap.
[20:54] <@DraHosting> If you are slapped, you're out of the challenge.
[20:54] <@DraHosting> Each of you has only ONE DODGE that you can use at any time.
[20:54] <@DraHosting> Once it's used, it's gone.
[20:54] <Equality__Emeral> May the best woman win.... ✦✧
[20:54] <+FarrahAbraham> mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmk
[20:54] <@DraHosting> If you slap a person who is dodging, you're out instead.
[20:54] <+Junpei> I'm here too... @Emerald
[20:54] <@DraHosting> Please submit these in my PM immediately.
[20:54] <Equality__Emeral> Yeah but you're a man! ✦
[20:55] <Equality__Emeral> Men always win
[20:55] <Equality__Emeral> #FlowerPower ✿
[20:55] <+Junpei> Heh. Can't argue with that one.
[20:55] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Kathy, Emerald, Farrah, Junpei, Kelly, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany
[20:55] <+FarrahAbraham> KATHY
[20:55] <+Adele_> I am sitting out of this challenge.
[20:55] <+Adele_> Violence is wrong.
[20:55] <+FarrahAbraham> MY FUCKING GOD
[20:55] <+Adele_> And reminds me of....dark times.
[20:55] <+AuntKathy> Okay, I'll tell you in main.
[20:55] <+TessTyler> It Girls, do NOT target each other.
[20:55] <+Adele_> When Nicki slapped Mileyinfrontof me at the VMAs, I mean.
[20:55] == mode/#TVStars [+v Equality__Emeral] by DraHosting
[20:55] <+Adele_> It was traumatizing.
[20:55] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: The way I'm going to continue to cope with other so called "divas" is to remind them how small they are in my life! :)
[20:56] <+AuntKathy> Heard you were sad your BFF left so I made you some snickerdoodles <3
[20:56] <+Junpei> It'd certainly be interesting if the IT girls fell apart this challenge.... heh.
[20:56] <+MitchieTorres_> I hope you're ready for the time of your life. @Tess 🎶🎵
[20:56] <+AuntKathy> Hope they make you snicker.
[20:56] == Equality__Emeral has changed nick to Equality-Emerald
[20:56] <+TessTyler> I slapped Mitchie, obviously.
[20:56] <+TessTyler> You're going DOWN.
[20:56] <+TessTyler> You are SO not making Final Jam.
[20:57] <+AuntKathy> I made smiley faces on all the cookies so they make you smile.
[20:57] <+kelly_nishimoto> shes just gonna dodge now tho
[20:57] * MitchieTorres_ smirks
[20:57] <+TessTyler> Me, myself and I agree that you'll NEVER catch up to me.
[20:57] <@DraHosting> TIFFANY
[20:57] <@DraHosting> SLAP OR DODGE
[20:57] <@DraHosting> NOW
[20:57] <+AuntKathy> Do the rest of you cool daddios want some too?
[20:57] <+MitchieTorres_> Tess you think you're SO powerful...
[20:57] <+FarrahAbraham> she is
[20:57] <+MitchieTorres_> You're so fake, you even went around to people saying we made up just to get them to vote with you, and it's disgusting.
[20:57] <@DraHosting> Tiffany eliminates herself from the challenge.
[20:57] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up mitchie
[20:58] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up mitchie
[20:58] <+MitchieTorres_> 👎👎
[20:58] <+Junpei> Shut up Farrah
[20:58] <+Junpei> Shut up Farrah
[20:58] <@DraHosting> nevermind she slapped
[20:58] <@DraHosting> OKAY
[20:58] <@DraHosting> THE RESULTS ARE IN
[20:58] <+Equality-Emerald> me
[20:58] <+Junpei> Nice job, host.
[20:58] <@DraHosting> Wait Adele didn't slap
[20:58] <+TessTyler> *me giggles with Farrah*
[20:58] <+Equality-Emerald> Woo~ ✿✿
[20:58] <@DraHosting> Adele takes herself out nice
[20:58] <+FarrahAbraham> I DONT FUCKING LIKE COOKIES
[20:58] <+Equality-Emerald> SCREM
[20:58] <@DraHosting> FARRAH AND MITCHIE DODGED.
[20:58] <+TessTyler> You're so pathetic, Mitchie.
[20:58] <+Equality-Emerald> ✿~✿
[20:58] <+TessTyler> When will you get a life?
[20:58] <+TessTyler> Oh right.
[20:58] <+TessTyler> You can't afford one.
[20:58] <+TessTyler> Not since your mom is working in the kitchen.
[20:58] <+Equality-Emerald> Nooo, Tiff! ✿
[20:58] <+TessTyler> *me drops lunch tray on ground*
[20:58] <+TessTyler> ... oops!
[20:58] <@DraHosting> KELLY SLAPS JUNPEI
[20:58] <+TessTyler> Better get your mommy to clean that up.
[20:58] <+TiffanyPollard> how the fuck am I supposed to do this?! I... I don't know. I'm not psychic!
[20:59] <+Junpei> Really?
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> yes u r
[20:59] <+Equality-Emerald> Ikr! oWWo
[20:59] <+Junpei> Interesting.
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> ur psycho
[20:59] <@DraHosting> NOW
[20:59] <+Junpei> Suppose I know who to trust.
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> what the fuck do u wantttt lmao
[20:59] <@DraHosting> oops wait
[20:59] <+TessTyler> What?!
[20:59] <@DraHosting> KATHY SLAPPED EMERALD
[20:59] <+TessTyler> I'm out?
[20:59] <+kelly_nishimoto> me too
[20:59] <@DraHosting> Emerald is out
[20:59] <+TessTyler> *me glares at Mitchie*
[20:59] <+Equality-Emerald> Kathy-- how could you///
[20:59] <+TessTyler> At least ... I'm... cool.
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> kathy
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> i dont
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> want
[20:59] <+MitchieTorres_> *throws spaghetti at Tess*
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> cookies
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> stop
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> pming me
[20:59] <+FarrahAbraham> about
[21:00] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCKING
[21:00] <+FarrahAbraham> COOKIES
[21:00] <+Equality-Emerald> I'm so Disappointed! OwO This is DISCRIMINATION ✿✿
[21:00] <+Junpei> I dunno Farrah, you're not very sweet. Might need some sugar.
[21:00] <+Equality-Emerald> This is true~
[21:00] <+TiffanyPollard> .
[21:00] <@DraHosting> Kathy did not make a decision. She is out of the challenge.
[21:00] <+MitchieTorres_> It's okay Junpei. Bad people don't need sugar, the black holes in their hearts consume it.
[21:01] <+TessTyler> After this challenge, we NEED to practice. Final Jam is in TWO WEEKS.
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> shit
[21:01] <@DraHosting> Farrah and Kelly slapped her, she's out anyway.
[21:01] <+Equality-Emerald> I'm gone ✿
[21:01] <@DraHosting> But Mitchie slaps Farrah. Farrah is out.
[21:01] <+Junpei> Deep.
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> i slapped that cunt
[21:01] <+Adele_> What is final jam?
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> BOY
[21:01] <+Adele_> May I perform at it?
[21:01] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): I wonder why no one likes snicker doodles? Maybe these kids are more about lemon squares?
[21:01] <+Adele_> @Tess
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> I FUCKING BET
[21:01] <@DraHosting> KELLY
[21:01] <@DraHosting> MITCHIE
[21:01] <@DraHosting> EMERALD
[21:01] <@DraHosting> DODGE OR SLAP NOW
[21:01] <+Equality-Emerald> im out
[21:01] <+Junpei> ^
[21:01] <@DraHosting> oops
[21:01] <@DraHosting> o then that leaves two
[21:01] <@DraHosting> hot mess @me
[21:01] <@DraHosting> KELLY / MITCHIE
[21:01] <+Equality-Emerald> ✿
[21:01] <+kelly_nishimoto> no
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> let me debut
[21:01] <+kelly_nishimoto> farrah
[21:01] <@DraHosting> You will compete in a tiebreaker question.
[21:01] <+kelly_nishimoto> isnt out
[21:01] <+FarrahAbraham> again
[21:01] <+kelly_nishimoto> o nvm
[21:02] <+FarrahAbraham> let me come in again
[21:02] <+MitchieTorres_> I'm ready ready ready
[21:02] <+Equality-Emerald> Oh my! ♪♪
[21:02] <@DraHosting> You must answer this question FIRST and CORRECTLY to win.
[21:02] <+MitchieTorres_> Show me show me show me show me show what you got 🎤@Kelly
[21:02] <+kelly_nishimoto> ok
[21:02] <@DraHosting> QUESTION: HOW MANY PLAYERS WERE IN THIS GAME WHEN WE BEGAN? (AKA How many people are in this cast total)
[21:02] <+MitchieTorres_> 13
[21:02] <+MitchieTorres_> 11
[21:02] <+kelly_nishimoto> 12
[21:02] <+MitchieTorres_> 12
[21:02] <@DraHosting> Mitchie is correct with 11.
[21:02] <+kelly_nishimoto> gross
[21:02] <@DraHosting> Mitchie is the captain this week.
[21:02] <@DraHosting> Congratulations, but you are not immune.
[21:02] <+Junpei> Congrats Mitchie.
[21:02] <+TessTyler> Ugh!
[21:02] <+Equality-Emerald> Congrats! ♪
[21:03] <@DraHosting> The rest of you chat it up while I set up the VIP challenge.
[21:03] <+MitchieTorres_> That's fine.
[21:03] <+MitchieTorres_> Any win over Tess and Farrah is a win I'll take.🎵
[21:03] <+MitchieTorres_> Next stop, Final Jam!
[21:03] * kelly_nishimoto takes off jewelry to she can puke
[21:03] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up mitchie
[21:03] <+Equality-Emerald> I hope I win VIP~
[21:03] * TessTyler laughs
[21:03] <+Junpei> I can't participate, right Dra?
[21:03] <+FarrahAbraham> what the fuck up is final jam???
[21:03] <+TessTyler> You think you're even going to be ALLOWED in Final Jam?
[21:03] <+Equality-Emerald> Sorry Mitchie but ♪ is patented as mine so stop discriminating me thank you bye.
[21:03] == Equality-Emerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:04] <+AuntKathy> (CONF): Its times like these I miss my kids. But I'm sure there better off...
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> i
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> can
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> not
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> stand
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> this
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking
[21:04] == Equality [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> puta
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> named
[21:04] == mode/#TVStars [+v Equality] by DraHosting
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> kathy
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> i bet shes not even a AUNT
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> shes a FRAUD
[21:04] <+Junpei> Wow, not complaining about me? How refreshing.
[21:04] <+Equality> Ikr~
[21:04] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up jun
[21:04] == Equality has changed nick to _EqualityEmerald
[21:04] <+Junpei> There's the old Farrah we know and occasionally tolerate.
[21:05] == TiffanyPollard_ [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:05] == Aunt_Kathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:05] <Aunt_Kathy> Ooh dear, I got lost looking for the bathroom? What happened?
[21:05] <+FarrahAbraham> you decided to kill yourself
[21:05] <+FarrahAbraham> dont pause fate
[21:05] <+FarrahAbraham> do it now
[21:06] == mode/#TVStars [+v TiffanyPollard_] by DraHosting
[21:06] == AuntKathy was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [AuntKathy]
[21:06] == TiffanyPollard was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [TiffanyPollard]
[21:06] == mode/#TVStars [+v Aunt_Kathy] by DraHosting
[21:06] <@DraHosting>
[21:06] <@DraHosting> Welcome to Angola!
[21:06] <+Aunt_Kathy> So whats the haps cool cucumbers? Who won the challenge?
[21:06] <+FarrahAbraham> what the fuck
[21:06] <@DraHosting> As the Captain, Mitchie has taken us to Angola.
[21:06] <+Junpei> Dra can I play in the challenge or no
[21:06] <+FarrahAbraham> that sounds like a fucking STD
[21:07] <+TessTyler> Let me guess, your mom is the president of Hot Tunes TV here, too?
[21:07] * TessTyler laughs
[21:07] <+_EqualityEmerald> Gooo Mitchie ♫ ♬ ♫ ♬
[21:07] <+TiffanyPollard_> hot DAMN how much did I miss!?
[21:07] <+MitchieTorres_> Maybe the people are nice here.
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up dyke
[21:07] <@DraHosting> Please get accustomed to the surroundings
[21:07] <@DraHosting> xx
[21:07] <+MitchieTorres_> Unlike you🎤
[21:07] <+_EqualityEmerald> Were you sleeping? oWo
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up mitchie
[21:07] <+TiffanyPollard_> y'all I should have been the CAPTAIN and taken this party straight back to New York!!!
[21:07] <+Junpei> They must be nicer than the rest of these people... @Mitchie
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> dont come for someone
[21:07] <+kelly_nishimoto> why was kathy kicked
[21:07] <+TessTyler> At least I'm not a big fat liar.
[21:07] <+kelly_nishimoto> she was nice
[21:07] <+TiffanyPollard_> I'm the Head Bitch in Charge here.
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> who has a weave
[21:07] <+TessTyler> What a joke!
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> just bc
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> i scalped urs
[21:07] <+FarrahAbraham> BYE
[21:08] <+_EqualityEmerald> Farrah is soo obnoxious// Am I right? ♫♬
[21:08] <+Aunt_Kathy> Oh, since poor Farrah didn't like the snickerdoodles, I made these lemon squares.
[21:08] <+Aunt_Kathy> Who do you gals care for some?
[21:08] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Kathy, Kathy, Kathy... I don't like the fact that she's fake and acting like she was playing innocent because she IS a fake bitch.
[21:08] <+Junpei> I'm not a gal but I'd like one.
[21:08] <@DraHosting> If you read the Brochure
[21:08] <+MitchieTorres_> I can't back down.
[21:08] <@DraHosting> You will discover that this is a harder challenge.
[21:08] <+FarrahAbraham> kathy
[21:08] <+_EqualityEmerald> Yeah~
[21:08] <+FarrahAbraham> the only square
[21:08] <@DraHosting> There is an obstruction at the Star Task. Once two people are inside, they will battle for the win.
[21:08] <+FarrahAbraham> is you
[21:08] <+FarrahAbraham> so SHUT UP
[21:09] == _EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:09] <+Aunt_Kathy> CONF: One second I go to take a whazz and no I have no idea what's happening. Not much has changed I guess, haha.
[21:09] <+MitchieTorres_> There's too much at stake 🎶
[21:09] <+FarrahAbraham> what???? @host
[21:09] <+MitchieTorres_> This is serious 🎤
[21:09] <+MitchieTorres_> Don't walk away 🎧
[21:09] <@DraHosting> LET'S GET TO IT!
[21:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> no
[21:09] == EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:09] <+Junpei> Dra can I play or no.
[21:09] == mode/#TVStars [+v EqualityEmerald] by DraHosting
[21:09] <+FarrahAbraham> what the fuck is the challenge
[21:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> i must fix up my outfit first
[21:09] <+FarrahAbraham> i dont fucking understand
[21:09] <+Aunt_Kathy> Wait, you're a guy Junpei?
[21:09] <@DraHosting> Junpei, as the outgoing VIP, you cannot compete.
[21:09] <+TiffanyPollard_> I’m not gonna spit because I got way more mothafuckin class than you. @Farrah
[21:09] <+Aunt_Kathy> Since whn?
[21:09] <@DraHosting> IT'S TIME FOR THE FAME TASK:
[21:09] <+TiffanyPollard_> I am however, gonna BITCH slap you.
[21:09] <+Junpei> Uh... since always?
[21:09] <+EqualityEmerald> (shift+spacebar is my least favourite shortcut.)
[21:10] <+FarrahAbraham> *spits on tiffany*
[21:10] <+EqualityEmerald> (literally done it like 5 times)
[21:10] <+EqualityEmerald> UwO ♫♬♫♬
[21:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> FUCK YOU FARRAH
[21:10] <@DraHosting> *ARRIVES AT ANGOLA*
[21:10] <+EqualityEmerald> Yay!
[21:10] <@DraHosting> *DIVES INTO THE OCEAN*
[21:10] <+Aunt_Kathy> Or are you one of those transgender people? Cause that's okay in my book.
[21:10] <@DraHosting> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN*
[21:10] <@DraHosting> *LANDS ON THE BEACH*
[21:10] <@DraHosting> ONCE DONE, PM ME.
[21:10] <@DraHosting> 3
[21:10] <@DraHosting> 2
[21:10] <@DraHosting> 1
[21:10] <@DraHosting> GO!!!
[21:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *arrives at angola*
[21:10] * EqualityEmerald arrives at angola
[21:10] <+FarrahAbraham> *arrives at angola*
[21:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> *arrives at angola*
[21:10] <+Junpei> ...Definitely a guy.
[21:10] <+FarrahAbraham> *dives in ocean*
[21:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> *dives into ocean*
[21:10] * EqualityEmerald dives into ocean
[21:10] <+Aunt_Kathy> *Arrives at angola*
[21:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *dives into the ocean*
[21:10] <+FarrahAbraham> *swims through ocean*
[21:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> *swims through ocean*
[21:10] <+Aunt_Kathy> *DIVES INTO THE OCEAN*
[21:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> *lands on beach*
[21:10] <+FarrahAbraham> *lands on beach*
[21:10] * EqualityEmerald awims thorugh cean
[21:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *swims through the ocean*/
[21:10] <+EqualityEmerald> swims through ocean*
[21:10] * Adele_ arrives at angola.
[21:10] <+Adele_> Hello Angola.
[21:10] <+Aunt_Kathy> *SWIMS THROUGH THE OCEAN*
[21:10] * EqualityEmerald land son beach
[21:10] <+Adele_> It's me.
[21:10] <+TessTyler> *arrives at angola*
[21:10] <+TessTyler> *dives into the ocean*
[21:10] <+Aunt_Kathy> *LANDS ON THE BEACH*
[21:10] <+TessTyler> *swims through the ocean*
[21:10] <+EqualityEmerald> lands on beach**
[21:10] <+TessTyler> *lands on the beach*(
[21:10] <+MitchieTorres_> *takes the other path*
[21:11] <+Junpei> I've got this whole area to myself while everyone's doing the challenge. Nice
[21:12] * Junpei sprawls out on a nearby couch
[21:12] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up jun
[21:12] <+Junpei> Sigh. So much for peace and quiet.
[21:12] <+EqualityEmerald> uwu
[21:12] <+Aunt_Kathy> This foreign locations are so nice. Who wants to take a photo with me?
[21:14] <+Aunt_Kathy> Does anyone know how to make a 'cunt'? Farrah says she's hungry for one.
[21:14] <+FarrahAbraham> BITCH
[21:14] <+FarrahAbraham> I DID NOT SAY THAT
[21:15] <+Junpei> Oh really Farrah... interesting.
[21:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> You said you wanted a cunt.
[21:15] <+FarrahAbraham> SO TELL ME
[21:15] <+FarrahAbraham> FUCKING AGAIN
[21:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> Is that a pastry of some kind?
[21:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> So is that a no on the cunt or do you still want a tasty treat?
[21:15] <+EqualityEmerald> hi
[21:15] <+FarrahAbraham> i still want something
[21:15] <+FarrahAbraham> i still want you
[21:15] <+FarrahAbraham> TO SHUT
[21:15] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> YOUR FUCKING
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> DIRTY
[21:16] <+EqualityEmerald> Yay!~
[21:16] <@DraHosting> OF THIS VIP COMPETITION!!!!
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> NASTY
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> MOUTH
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> GOOD BYE!
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham>
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> receipts
[21:16] <+EqualityEmerald> I did it :D
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up emerald
[21:16] <+FarrahAbraham> ur gone next ep
[21:16] <+Aunt_Kathy> How are you leaving homegirl? Going to a cool hangout like the malt shop?
[21:16] <+Junpei> Grats Emmy.
[21:16] <+EqualityEmerald> Thanks~
[21:16] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF): Its times like these I miss my kids. But I'm sure they're better off...
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up kathy
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> stop trying to get a winner edit
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU ARENT WINNING
[21:17] <@DraHosting> It's now time for the next brand new event of TV Stars Around the World!
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU STUPID BITCH
[21:17] <@DraHosting> ~~~CAPTAIN'S EVENT!~~~
[21:17] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, please step up!
[21:17] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Kathy is a faker bitch than FARRAH and that's a sad fact.
[21:17] <+Aunt_Kathy> Dra, do you know the recipe for a cunt?
[21:17] <+Aunt_Kathy> Farrah would like one.
[21:17] <+MitchieTorres_> My time is here 🎸
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> i would like for you to eat it
[21:17] <@DraHosting> It's time for the OVERBOARD event.
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> before me
[21:17] <+EqualityEmerald> OMG!~
[21:17] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Farrah looks like a fairytale princess residing over the pits of HELL
[21:17] <+FarrahAbraham> so i know how it tastes
[21:17] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, you will select one person to throw overboard.
[21:17] <@DraHosting> You have just a few moments to decide but you will decide out loud.
[21:17] <+TessTyler> What?!
[21:17] <+EqualityEmerald> That sucks ✌✌
[21:18] <+EqualityEmerald> SMH.
[21:18] <+TiffanyPollard_> WHAT?!
[21:18] <@DraHosting> AMERICA will decide the outcome of the Captain's choice.
[21:18] <+TessTyler> This is too much power for someone who can't even afford to go to Camp Rock.
[21:18] <+EqualityEmerald> This is true discrimination!~
[21:18] <+Junpei> Preferably... not me.
[21:18] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm not hungry, I ate those snickerdoodles :3
[21:18] <+MitchieTorres_> Farrah.
[21:18] <+FarrahAbraham> *has red dress on with devil horns and cackles* @tiffany
[21:18] <+MitchieTorres_>'s on.
[21:18] <@DraHosting> Farrah, you are going overboard.
[21:18] <@DraHosting> TDIFF - AMERICA
[21:18] <+TiffanyPollard_> if you think throwing me overboard is the correct PATH then you better step back for a second
[21:18] <+Junpei> See ya bitch. Hope you don't drown too quick.
[21:18] <+TiffanyPollard_> That the high road all the way to hell BITCH.
[21:18] <@DraHosting> Will now vote for the outcome of this decision.
[21:18] <+EqualityEmerald> Please don't throw me OWO ✌ ~
[21:19] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck off tiffany lmao!
[21:19] <+EqualityEmerald> Shush, Farrah // I'm tired of your discriminatory language! ✌✌
[21:20] <+FarrahAbraham> stfu
[21:20] <+FarrahAbraham> equality doesnt fucking exist
[21:20] <+Aunt_Kathy> Well, I still don't know how to make a cunt, so does anyone else have some cooking requests?
[21:20] <@DraHosting> FARRAH
[21:20] <@DraHosting> America has spoken.
[21:21] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh my!
[21:21] <+EqualityEmerald> ~
[21:21] <@DraHosting> For being thrown overboard, you will be IMMUNE.
[21:21] <@DraHosting> You cannot be voted out tonight.
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> haha
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> cunts
[21:21] <+Junpei> ...What.
[21:21] <@DraHosting> But you CANNOT vote at elimination.
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU TRIED BITCH
[21:21] <+Junpei> How the hell did that work in her favor?
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU FUCKING TRIED
[21:21] == MitchieTorres [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:21] <+Aunt_Kathy> You found some?
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> HAHA JUN
[21:21] <+TessTyler> Look at what you did, Mitchie. Your plan backfired.
[21:21] <+FarrahAbraham> *cackles*
[21:21] <+Aunt_Kathy> What are they Farrah?
[21:21] <+TessTyler> Just like everything else in your life.
[21:21] <@DraHosting> America will now vote for the MVP of the week.
[21:21] <+TiffanyPollard_> ...Okay then fuck that.
[21:21] <+TessTyler> You are SO not winning Final Jam.
[21:21] <MitchieTorres> What happened?
[21:21] <+TessTyler> It Girls, we need to practice!
[21:21] <+TessTyler> Farrah is immune.
[21:21] <+TessTyler> She can't vote, either.
[21:21] <+EqualityEmerald> :O
[21:21] <+TessTyler> *snaps fingers at Tiffany and Kelly*
[21:21] <+TessTyler> Farrah is overboard, but we still need to practice.
[21:21] <+TessTyler> From the top!
[21:22] <+FarrahAbraham> im drowning!!!!!!!! screams
[21:22] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in TWO WEEKS. WE NEED to get back on track.
[21:22] <+TiffanyPollard_> I don't have time for this prace bullshit
[21:22] <+TiffanyPollard_> I have a motherfucking game to play
[21:22] <MitchieTorres> Whatever.
[21:22] <+FarrahAbraham> when these bitches try to get u like k! but where????
[21:22] <+TessTyler> I'm too cool for my dress, these shades don't leave my head. Everything you say is so irrelevant!
[21:22] <+TessTyler> You follow in my lead, you wanna be like me, but you're just a wannabe, love it or hate it!~
[21:22] <+EqualityEmerald> I hope someone //worthy// wins MVP! AKA a strong woman ✌~
[21:22] <+TessTyler> I hope my mom is watching this right now.
[21:22] <+TessTyler> I'll make her proud.
[21:22] == MitchieTorres_ [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham> im screaming... @pms
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham>
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham> MMM WATCHA SAY-AY
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham> MMM THAT U ONLY MEANT WELL
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham> WELL OF COURSE U DID
[21:23] <+FarrahAbraham> MMM WATCHU SAY WATCHU SAY
[21:24] <+EqualityEmerald> My ears ✌✌ they're bleeding/
[21:24] <+FarrahAbraham> WHA WHA WHAT DID U SAY???
[21:24] <+Junpei> Is that supposed to mean something?
[21:24] <+Junpei> A person without options is screwed in this game. Although you're so insufferable I might make an exception,
[21:24] <+FarrahAbraham> k
[21:24] <+FarrahAbraham> ur cute! :)
[21:24] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!
[21:24] <+FarrahAbraham> but not cute enough for MW
[21:24] <+EqualityEmerald> Yay!~
[21:24] <+Junpei> Congrats Tiff.
[21:24] <+FarrahAbraham> ME
[21:25] <MitchieTorres> Wow!
[21:25] <+FarrahAbraham> ew that whore
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> HAHAHA Y'ALL
[21:25] <+TessTyler> CONGRATS girl!!
[21:25] <+TessTyler> I knew you could do it!
[21:25] <MitchieTorres> Congrats, Tiffany!
[21:25] <+TessTyler> You ARE an it girl, after all.
[21:25] <@DraHosting> That took longer than it should have.
[21:25] <MitchieTorres> Your song was really good.
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> Farrah get out of here with your JEALOUS ass
[21:25] <+kelly_nishimoto> tiffany < 333
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> thanks Mitchie <3 such a sweetheart
[21:25] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, don't congratulate her.
[21:25] <+Junpei> What else is new. @Dra
[21:25] <+TessTyler> She doesn't like you.
[21:25] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Tiff, even though we've never talked before.
[21:25] <+TessTyler> No one does.
[21:25] <@DraHosting> REMINDER: Emerald is the VIP. Farrah is immune. Tiffany is the MVP.
[21:25] <@DraHosting> You cannot vote for any of these three.
[21:25] <+TessTyler> *snaps fingers at Kathy and Tiffany*
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> you're the ONLY person I like in this game
[21:25] <@DraHosting> Emerald and Farrah cannot vote.
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> an you too, Kelly :*
[21:25] <@DraHosting> Please cast your votes....NOW.
[21:25] <+TessTyler> Time to practice!
[21:25] <+EqualityEmerald> ;-;
[21:25] <+Junpei> That leaves only 6 of us...
[21:25] <@DraHosting> They are due by 9:32
[21:25] <+TessTyler> The third time today
[21:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> thanks boo!
[21:25] <+Junpei> Should be an interesting vote.
[21:25] <+FarrahAbraham> dont vote for anyone in my alliance
[21:26] <+FarrahAbraham> or you are DEAD to me
[21:26] <+EqualityEmerald> Sigh// Farrah, you will never learn!~
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> *walks up to JUNPEI*
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> Who runs this house?
[21:27] <+TessTyler> Farrah, I hope you're doing okay down there.
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> ...
[21:27] <+TessTyler> I don't care how tired you are - we are DEFINITELY still practicing tomorrow!
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> ...
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> ...
[21:27] <+Junpei> Probably someone who's immune today.
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> You see why you can't answer. Because you know you feel like you're in control of ALL of us.
[21:27] <+TessTyler> You better be there!
[21:27] <+Junpei> Am I?
[21:27] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in in 1 week, 6 days.
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> Stop the bullshit. You put this house in turmoil when you want it, you put this house on a happy note when you want it.
[21:27] <+FarrahAbraham> vote for junpei
[21:27] <+Junpei> Then can I make it happy now?
[21:27] <+EqualityEmerald> This exposure~✌
[21:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> YOU WANT ME TO JUST JUMP SHIP
[21:28] <+FarrahAbraham> no
[21:28] <@DraHosting> I need votes from Kathy, Junpei, Mitchie, and Adele.
[21:28] <+FarrahAbraham> i dont wanna see ur ugly ass
[21:28] <+Junpei> I suppose this is the end for me then?
[21:28] <+Junpei> If everyone's being manipulated to think I'm leading this all, that doesn't bode well.
[21:28] <+TiffanyPollard_> I'm voting for JUNPEI, let me make that clear
[21:28] <+TiffanyPollard_> half of the fools here are running around like his lil sheep
[21:28] <MitchieTorres> (Dra PM me. I can't pm)
[21:29] <+Junpei> ...I have nobody voting with me, pal.
[21:29] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh my oWWo ~
[21:29] <+TiffanyPollard_> BUT MUTHAH IS HERE TO SAVE THE DAY
[21:29] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[21:29] <@DraHosting> If you do not vote you WILL self vote,
[21:29] <+TessTyler> I already voted.
[21:30] <+EqualityEmerald> Just gonna drink my man tears// and watch ✌✌
[21:30] <+TessTyler> Tiffany, Kelly - I've made lyrics to the song we're singing during Final Jam
[21:30] <+TessTyler> You need these memorized by tomorrow.
[21:30] <+TessTyler> Get to work.
[21:30] <+TessTyler> Chop chop.
[21:30] <+EqualityEmerald> #FlowePower /// ✿
[21:30] <+TiffanyPollard_> I'm not singing ANY shit for you.
[21:30] <+TiffanyPollard_> Unless you ask nicely of course ;)
[21:30] <+TiffanyPollard_> New York was ALWAYS meant to be a star!
[21:30] <+TiffanyPollard_> I'm the original queen of reality television boo. :*
[21:30] <+kelly_nishimoto> do you mind if i design the outfits for the final jam tess?
[21:31] <+TiffanyPollard_> go ahead Kelly, but mine better be fly.
[21:31] <+EqualityEmerald> OMG Kelly I bet they will be great~~
[21:31] <+TiffanyPollard_> or we're kicking you to the curb xo
[21:31] <+Aunt_Kathy> Hey, I'm curious what is the Final Jam everyone's been talking about?
[21:31] <@DraHosting> Adele_
[21:31] <@DraHosting> Please vote
[21:31] <+EqualityEmerald> ;_;
[21:31] <+FarrahAbraham> vote for jun
[21:32] <MitchieTorres> It's when everybody at Camp Rock gets together to perform their best songs (if they want to)
[21:32] <+Junpei> Preferably don't.
[21:32] <MitchieTorres> And the winner gets to record a song with a celebrity judge🎧🎶🎶
[21:32] <@DraHosting> Adele self-votes
[21:32] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[21:32] <+EqualityEmerald> Can I perform a song?~✿
[21:32] <+Adele_> I guess it's time for me to makea decision
[21:32] <+Junpei> Farrah's got you all in the palm of her hand, so I guess you'd better do something about that.
[21:32] <+Adele_> Or has it already been made?
[21:32] <+Junpei> She'll do to any one of you what she's doing to me.
[21:32] * DraHosting pulls out renewal slips
[21:32] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tiffany
[21:32] <+FarrahAbraham> i bet
[21:32] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kathy
[21:32] <+FarrahAbraham> @jun
[21:32] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tess
[21:32] <+EqualityEmerald> ^_^
[21:33] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mitchie
[21:33] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is the ultimate Battle of the Bands.
[21:33] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kelly
[21:33] <MitchieTorres> ...Really?
[21:33] <@DraHosting> Adele, Junpei.
[21:33] <MitchieTorres> Wow!
[21:33] <MitchieTorres> I didn't...
[21:33] <+Junpei> Shocking.
[21:33] <@DraHosting> The two of you receives votes tonight.
[21:33] <MitchieTorres> I didn't think I'd get renewed!
[21:33] <+Junpei> It was fun... I guess.
[21:33] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh my ✿✿
[21:33] <MitchieTorres> *clutches renewal slip*
[21:33] <@DraHosting> Alright.
[21:33] <+Junpei> I wonder if this's only because I'm the last guy?
[21:33] <+TessTyler> Mitchie shouldn't even have a music career, let alone be renewed.
[21:33] <+Junpei> Are all of you lesbian?
[21:33] <+Junpei> Plot revealed.
[21:33] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 4-3....
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <+EqualityEmerald> #FlowerPower
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <+TiffanyPollard_> *looks fabulous with renewal slip*
[21:33] <@DraHosting> x
[21:33] <@DraHosting> Junpei, your show has been cancelled.
[21:33] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[21:33] <+TessTyler> The It Girls reign supreme.
[21:33] <+Junpei> As expected.
[21:33] <+EqualityEmerald> Just because we're girls--- ok bye you MAN o/ ✿
[21:34] <+Junpei> Gender bias strikes again.
[21:34] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Kathy, Emerald, Farrah, Kelly, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany
[21:34] == mode/#TVStars [-v Junpei] by DraHosting
[21:34] * EqualityEmerald drinks man tears
[21:34] <Junpei> See y'all.
[21:34] <+Aunt_Kathy> Sorry Junpei D: Cause that means its all ladies now though.
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> omg
[21:34] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿✿✿✿
[21:34] == Junpei [617c3879@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> fucking finally
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> get out bitch
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> i cannot stand
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> that puta
[21:34] <+FarrahAbraham> for REAL
[21:34] <+EqualityEmerald> No need to swear~~
[21:34] <+Aunt_Kathy> Ah, I miss him too Farrah :(
[21:35] <@DraHosting> ---END OF EPISODE---
[21:35] <@DraHosting> ---NEXT EPISODE---
[21:35] <+Aunt_Kathy> But the good thing is we still are all here and all of us our good friends <3
[21:35] <+Aunt_Kathy> *hugs Farrah*
[21:35] <+TiffanyPollard_> Good morning!
[21:35] <+EqualityEmerald> Hii friends! ✩✪✩
[21:35] <+TiffanyPollard_> Good morning, Kathy!
[21:35] <+TiffanyPollard_> Good morning, Kelly!
[21:35] <+EqualityEmerald> How are you?~ ✩
[21:35] <+TiffanyPollard_> Good morning, Adele!
[21:35] <@DraHosting> Give me one moment. The Captain's Competition will be at 9:40.
[21:35] <+kelly_nishimoto> good morning all!
[21:36] <+TiffanyPollard_> *stops dead in her tracks and shoots daggers at Farrah*
[21:36] <+TiffanyPollard_> Not you. You can CHOKE.
[21:36] <+EqualityEmerald> Truth~ //
[21:36] <+EqualityEmerald> ✩
[21:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> Good morning Tiff :)
[21:36] <+TessTyler> *me wakes up*
[21:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> Good morning kelly :)
[21:36] <+EqualityEmerald> How are you all? <3
[21:36] <+TessTyler> What a great day to get rid of Mitchie!
[21:36] <+EqualityEmerald> yOy
[21:36] <+FarrahAbraham> stop fucking waking up
[21:36] <+EqualityEmerald> t*_*t
[21:36] <MitchieTorres> Last year's old news🎤
[21:36] <+FarrahAbraham> its so fucking annoying
[21:37] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm feeling pretty good for being forty seven years young today <3
[21:37] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up mitch
[21:37] <MitchieTorres> I'm breaking out my six string and playing from my heart🎶🎵
[21:37] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up kathy
[21:37] <+EqualityEmerald> Farrah// everything you say is annoying- ✩
[21:37] <+FarrahAbraham> shut up mitch
[21:37] <MitchieTorres> It's not deja vu🎵🎵
[21:37] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I feel like I need to set some time aside to get to know Kathy. Maybe I can give her a lil lesson in twerkology! ;)
[21:37] <MitchieTorres> Or is it? Because Farrah's bullying me.
[21:37] <MitchieTorres> Not cool.
[21:37] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF): I'm so excited! It's my birthday today! I hope that means I have a good day.
[21:37] <+EqualityEmerald> IKR!
[21:37] <+FarrahAbraham> Emerald// you really need to drink bleach ✩
[21:37] <+EqualityEmerald> Can you not mock me~ oWO
[21:38] <+TiffanyPollard_> ohhh Kathy it's your b-day?
[21:38] <+EqualityEmerald> ✩_✩
[21:38] <MitchieTorres> Emerald, we HAVE to work together to take her down🎸🎧🎵🎤🎶
[21:38] <+TiffanyPollard_> How old are you gurl? (:
[21:38] <+Aunt_Kathy> :o How did you know Tiff?
[21:38] <+EqualityEmerald> Happy BDay Kathy✩
[21:38] <+EqualityEmerald> Sure think Mitchie~
[21:38] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm forty seven years young today :]
[21:38] <+EqualityEmerald> Man! You look great//~
[21:38] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up
[21:38] <+TiffanyPollard_> just a wild guess! *flashback of Tiffany listening in on Kathy's CONF*
[21:38] <+EqualityEmerald> You're such an EMPOWERING// woman! ✩✩✩✩
[21:38] <+TiffanyPollard_> When I was five years old. My mother threw me such an amazing Birthday party.
[21:38] <+TiffanyPollard_> She put me in this pink dress and the ruffles were just RIDICULOUS
[21:38] <+Aunt_Kathy> Oh thank you Emerald. I try to eat a bran heavy diet.
[21:39] <+TiffanyPollard_> The birthday... I kid you not, it covered the whole living room table.
[21:39] <+TiffanyPollard_> That's when I knew that I was born to be great...!
[21:39] <+EqualityEmerald> You promote an AMAZING curvy image-- ✩
[21:39] <MitchieTorres> It's a brand new day🎤🎶🎤🎧
[21:39] <+TessTyler> Your days are limited, Mitchie.
[21:39] <MitchieTorres> Don't ya see me👀👀👁
[21:39] <+TessTyler> You're nothing but a big fat liar.
[21:39] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in ONE WEEK.
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> Changing up my ways, so completely 👓
[21:40] <+EqualityEmerald> I do, Mitchie! You look FABULOUS//// ✿✿
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> Tess, honestly?
[21:40] <+Aunt_Kathy> What do you think of my new fanny pack gal pals?
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> My lie is SO last year.
[21:40] <+Aunt_Kathy> *sports checkered fanny pack*
[21:40] <+EqualityEmerald> Tess --- She looks better than you AND she doesn't flaunt her boobs/// ✿✿
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> You need to get with the times 👣💋💄
[21:40] <+TessTyler> *snaps fingers at Farrah, Tiffany and Kelly*
[21:40] <+EqualityEmerald> (CONF) I hate people who show their titties like Tess///// UGH SMH.
[21:40] <+TessTyler> From the top, girls!
[21:40] <+TessTyler> We need to practice everyday if we want to win Final Jam!
[21:40] <@DraHosting> alrighty!
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> *chuckles*
[21:40] <MitchieTorres> It's so good to see her sweat.
[21:41] <+Aunt_Kathy> Kelly made it for me <3 I think it looks quite good.
[21:41] <+TessTyler> 'Cause I'm too cool, too cool
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Yeah, I'm too cool to know you
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional
[21:41] <+TessTyler> You know it's the truth I'm too cool for you 🎤🎶🎤🎧
[21:41] <+TiffanyPollard_> FUCK OFF I'M TRYING TO ENJOY MY STEAK @Tess
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Tiffany.
[21:41] <+TessTyler> What did you just say?
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Do you WANT to lose Final Jam?
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Because that's how you lose Final Jam.
[21:41] <+kelly_nishimoto> oh no
[21:41] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[21:41] * TessTyler throws Tiffany's steak on the ground
[21:41] <@DraHosting> IS CALLED "SECURITY"
[21:41] <+TessTyler> Get up NOW.
[21:41] <+TessTyler> We are practicing.
[21:41] <+FarrahAbraham> wtf is security
[21:41] <+FarrahAbraham> k
[21:41] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'll make some pom poms out of these tumbleweeds to cheer you gals on!
[21:41] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I have a knife in my hand, flailing it around, eating my steak, and loving it.
[21:41] <MitchieTorres> Something you don't have. @Farrah
[21:41] <MitchieTorres> Because you're insecure.
[21:42] <+TiffanyPollard_> *looks at Tess like *
[21:42] <@DraHosting> GO
[21:42] <+EqualityEmerald> Okay!
[21:43] <+TessTyler> CONF: Does Tiffany really think that STEAK is more important than the final jam?
[21:43] <+Aunt_Kathy> How about when this challenge is over I take all you kids to see a movie?
[21:43] <MitchieTorres> It's a brand new day and I'm feeling good🎧🎧🎧
[21:43] <+Aunt_Kathy> It can be PG-13 if you want :3
[21:43] <@DraHosting> The results are in.
[21:43] <+Adele_> I'm always guarded because of my failed relationships.
[21:43] <+Adele_> :(
[21:43] <+EqualityEmerald> :(
[21:43] <@DraHosting> I'm only going to say who succesfully guarded each other so I don't confuse you.
[21:43] <@DraHosting> Kathy and Kelly guarded each other.
[21:43] <@DraHosting> They move on.
[21:43] <+EqualityEmerald> That's OK Adele --- MEN SUCK! #FlowerPower ✿
[21:44] <@DraHosting> Tess and Mitchie guarded each other.
[21:44] <@DraHosting> They move on.
[21:44] <+EqualityEmerald> ;(
[21:44] <MitchieTorres> *takes piece of paper*
[21:44] <@DraHosting> Tiffany, Farrah, Emerald
[21:44] <@DraHosting> you are out.
[21:44] <@DraHosting> Adele is also out
[21:44] <+EqualityEmerald> Damn
[21:44] <+TiffanyPollard_> I was TRYING to do Kathy a favor cause it's her birthday and all...
[21:44] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿✿
[21:44] <MitchieTorres> These are Tess's final jam plans.
[21:44] <@DraHosting> KATHY
[21:44] <@DraHosting> KELLY
[21:44] <@DraHosting> TESS
[21:44] <@DraHosting> MITCHIE
[21:44] <@DraHosting> Guard someone.
[21:44] <@DraHosting> You cannot guard the same person twice in a row.
[21:44] <MitchieTorres> I only guarded her to get these from her.
[21:44] <@DraHosting> If there are no eliminations this round we will go to a tiebreaker.
[21:44] <+TiffanyPollard_> but I guess that bitch just don't wanna take him. mmmmmm no
[21:45] <MitchieTorres> Don't think for a second that I condone what you do to other people, Tess.
[21:45] <@DraHosting> Submit now??
[21:45] <+EqualityEmerald> Go Mitchie///
[21:45] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿✿✿✿
[21:45] <MitchieTorres> Thanks Emerald!
[21:45] <MitchieTorres> I just want to win this show so I can share my music with the world.
[21:45] <MitchieTorres> I just wanna play my music🎧
[21:46] <@DraHosting> There were no eliminations.
[21:46] <@DraHosting> So we will move on to the tiebreaker question.
[21:46] <+Aunt_Kathy> Ooh, did you guard me Tiffany :o
[21:46] <@DraHosting> This is a TV Stars history question, so get ready.
[21:46] <MitchieTorres> All🎤🎸Night🌑Long
[21:46] <@DraHosting> QUESTION: Who was the winner of TV Stars Hollywood?
[21:46] <+EqualityEmerald> Your music is excellent and// it promotes women✿empowerment✿~
[21:46] <+kelly_nishimoto> idk
[21:46] <+kelly_nishimoto> i wasnt here
[21:46] <MitchieTorres> Angel Valentine!!
[21:46] <@DraHosting>
[21:46] <@DraHosting> Mitchie is correct!
[21:46] <@DraHosting> Congratulations Mitchie you are the captain this week!
[21:46] <MitchieTorres> I love this show SO much. I'm a super fan.
[21:46] <+EqualityEmerald> Grats// ✿
[21:46] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Mitchie :3
[21:47] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:48] <+kelly_nishimoto> test
[21:48] == AuntKathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:48] <+TessTyler> Again?
[21:48] <+TessTyler> Ugh.
[21:48] <+TessTyler> That's overkill.
[21:48] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:48] == kelly_nishimoto [59d6afa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[21:48] <@DraHosting> tes
[21:48] <@DraHosting> t
[21:48] <AuntKathy> (Test)
[21:48] <+Aunt_Kathy> (Test)
[21:48] == kelly_nishimoto [59d6afa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[21:48] == mode/#TVStars [+v kelly_nishimoto] by DraHosting
[21:49] == AuntKathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[21:49] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[21:49] <+EqualityEmerald> true
[21:49] <@DraHosting> moving right along
[21:49] <+Aunt_Kathy> (test)
[21:49] <@DraHosting> Our next destination
[21:49] <@DraHosting> is AGRA
[21:49] <@DraHosting> why did you all stop talking that's very rude
[21:49] <@DraHosting> :\
[21:49] <+TiffanyPollard_> The fuck is that!?
[21:50] <+EqualityEmerald> Tiffany I hope you aren't being racist/// ✿
[21:50] <+TiffanyPollard_> can someone please get me a map up in here!
[21:50] <MitchieTorres> Bollywood music is some of the most musically important stuff of our time!
[21:50] <+Aunt_Kathy> Agra sounds like viagra, am I right?
[21:50] <+EqualityEmerald> UGH VIAGRA. Get it away. ✧ ✩
[21:50] <MitchieTorres> Plus, I don't think the SPLIT END GIRLS will be able to keep it up with the heat.
[21:51] <+EqualityEmerald> That stuf/// it's just eugh!✦✧
[21:51] <+EqualityEmerald> stuff*
[21:51] <@DraHosting>
[21:51] <@DraHosting> WELCOME TO AGRA!
[21:51] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF): My second husband Carl used viaraga. Guess I wasn't enough woman for him, haha.
[21:51] <MitchieTorres> Maybe you shouldn't be so mean to people you're scared of. See you at Final Jam, Tess.
[21:51] <+TiffanyPollard_> OHHH so we're in India!
[21:51] <@DraHosting> I'm almost done setting up the challenge
[21:51] <+EqualityEmerald> Whoo!~ India✦✧✦✧
[21:51] <+EqualityEmerald> Love this place//✦✧
[21:51] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I'm on cloud nine, and I'm feelin' pretty fly. *points to necklace* I'M STILL HERE <3 #PARTY
[21:51] <+Adele_> My new album 25 was not released here.
[21:51] <+Adele_> Therefore- it does not matter to me.
[21:51] <+EqualityEmerald> LOVE your album ADELE//- it is #empowering !! <3
[21:52] <+EqualityEmerald> ✦✧✦✧✦✧✦✧
[21:52] <+Aunt_Kathy> I think I heard it on my mini van's radio. Was it that Rolling in the deep song?
[21:52] <+EqualityEmerald> Yes~!
[21:52] <+EqualityEmerald> Love that~!
[21:52] <+TessTyler> I WILL see you at the Final Jam, Mitchie. But you'll be in the sidelines.
[21:52] <MitchieTorres> *pouts*
[21:52] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh Tess- leave her alone!✦✧
[21:52] <MitchieTorres> You'll get yours someday, Tess.
[21:53] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT
[21:53] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'd like to buy a ticket to this Final Jam if I can. Always good to support the performing arts.
[21:53] <+FarrahAbraham> hi waht
[21:53] <+EqualityEmerald> Tess is just// full of discrimination ugh~
[21:53] <+EqualityEmerald> ♪♫
[21:53] <+Aunt_Kathy> Hi Farrah :D
[21:53] <+EqualityEmerald> Ohh...♪♫
[21:53] <@DraHosting> I AM INSIDE TWO CORRIDORS.
[21:54] <@DraHosting> 3
[21:54] <@DraHosting> 2
[21:54] <@DraHosting> 1
[21:54] <@DraHosting> GO
[21:54] <+TiffanyPollard_> OH FUCK NO I DON'T DO NO CATACOMBS
[21:55] <+Aunt_Kathy> I almost named one of my cats catacomb
[21:55] <+Aunt_Kathy> But then it became Catnip Everdeen :3
[21:55] <+TessTyler> *me gets a phone call*
[21:55] <+TessTyler> Hello?
[21:56] <+TessTyler> Mom?
[21:56] <+TessTyler> Mom!
[21:56] <+TessTyler> ... oh.
[21:56] <+TessTyler> You can't be at the Final Jam?
[21:56] <+TessTyler> Why not?
[21:56] <+TessTyler> You're ... working?
[21:56] <+TessTyler> ... okay.
[21:56] <+TessTyler> I love you too. Bye.
[21:56] * TessTyler cries
[21:56] <@DraHosting> Emerald you are the outgoing VIP
[21:56] <@DraHosting> you cannot compete.
[21:56] <+Aunt_Kathy> Oh Tess. That's horrible. Let me make you some snickerdoodles.
[21:56] <+EqualityEmerald> ~
[21:57] <+TessTyler> No!
[21:57] <+TessTyler> What are you, my mother?
[21:57] <+TessTyler> Get away from me.
[21:57] <+TessTyler> No practice for today, ladies.
[21:57] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[21:57] <+Adele_> Why walk into a corridor?
[21:58] <+Adele_> All they are is a new room to hurt me.
[21:58] <+Aunt_Kathy> [CONF]: I feel awful for Tess. I remember when my parents didn't come to my ballet recital. Or my piano rectial. Or my graduation...
[21:59] <+TessTyler> 1 week until Final Jam...
[22:02] <+EqualityEmerald> hi
[22:02] == Aunt_Kathy_ [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[22:02] <@DraHosting> This challenge is just about over
[22:02] <+TessTyler> .
[22:03] <+FarrahAbraham> ..
[22:03] <+FarrahAbraham> hi
[22:03] == Aunt_Kathy_ [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[22:03] <+EqualityEmerald> oh ma hag
[22:03] <+Aunt_Kathy> Hey Farrah :D
[22:03] <+EqualityEmerald> Whoo~
[22:03] <+TessTyler> Good thing an It Girl won.
[22:03] <+TiffanyPollard_> WOOO!!!
[22:03] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Tiff!
[22:04] <+TiffanyPollard_> This is HUGE
[22:04] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:04] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:04] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:04] <@DraHosting> Alright that also took too long!
[22:04] <@DraHosting> It's time for the next Captain's Competition!
[22:04] <+EqualityEmerald> Dead~
[22:04] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, please step up.
[22:05] <+EqualityEmerald> Go Mitch/✿
[22:05] <@DraHosting> This event is called SINKING SHIP!
[22:05] <@DraHosting> Thie ship is sinking, and in order to keep it from doing so, you have to repair the hull!
[22:05] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I truly am the HBIC. *smirks*
[22:05] <+EqualityEmerald> Oh... ✿
[22:05] <@DraHosting> You will send three Celebrities down to the Hull to repair it in a mini game.
[22:05] <+EqualityEmerald> Did a man break it///
[22:05] <@DraHosting> Pick any three Celebrities you want, but you cannot pick Tiffany.
[22:06] <+EqualityEmerald> I don't mind y'all ✿
[22:06] <+TessTyler> Don't even bother saying my name, Mitchie.
[22:06] <+TessTyler> you don't deserve it.
[22:06] <+TiffanyPollard_> I wish you all... an ounce of luck.
[22:06] <+EqualityEmerald> Thanks Tiff~
[22:06] <+TiffanyPollard_> :*
[22:06] <@DraHosting> Mitchie
[22:06] <@DraHosting> MitchieTorres
[22:06] <+Aunt_Kathy> I do hope we don't sink.
[22:06] <+Adele_> Why all the hatred?
[22:06] <+Adele_> @Tess
[22:06] <+Adele_> There are other people to be hateful towards....
[22:06] <+Adele_> like men who break your heart.
[22:06] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Either you love New York or you hate New York. I don't put up with no inbetween. You know what? Fuck ya if you hate me. YOu know, if you love me I'm with you.
[22:07] * Adele_ dramtically stares
[22:07] <MitchieTorres> Hm...
[22:07] <+EqualityEmerald> Okay//✿ Ill do it.
[22:07] <@DraHosting> Three Celebrities.
[22:07] <+Aunt_Kathy> I think I packed an inflatiable raft in my fanny pack.
[22:07] <+EqualityEmerald> THAT IS SO TRUE ADELE//~✿ You are my BFF oYo
[22:07] <MitchieTorres> Adele, Tess, Kelly.
[22:07] <+TessTyler> How dare you?
[22:07] <@DraHosting> America will now vote on the outcome of this decision of the mini game about to take place.
[22:07] <@DraHosting> Please head to TDIFF.
[22:07] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:08] <MitchieTorres> Moments of poetic justice like this...this is what I came here for🎸🎸
[22:08] <MitchieTorres> Forcing Tess to try her hand at work her butler is used to doing is so sweet.
[22:08] <MitchieTorres> I don't know if she even has a butler
[22:08] <@DraHosting> America has chosen.
[22:09] <@DraHosting> The winning Celebrity will get to vote twice at tonight's elimination!
[22:09] <+FarrahAbraham> am i stil in
[22:09] <+EqualityEmerald> Omg~✿
[22:09] <@DraHosting> yes
[22:09] <+FarrahAbraham> k fuck u emerald
[22:09] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch
[22:09] <+EqualityEmerald> Unfortunately// yes farrah :/
[22:09] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: where even is that Farrah chick? I forgot why I even hated her in the first place. :///
[22:09] <+FarrahAbraham> piece of shit
[22:09] <@DraHosting> Kelly, Adele, Tess
[22:09] <@DraHosting> Let's get to it!
[22:09] <+EqualityEmerald> Um// What was that for ✿
[22:09] <+TessTyler> Let's do this.
[22:09] <@DraHosting> You have to repair the hull of the ship.
[22:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> what do i have to do
[22:09] <+EqualityEmerald> You need to stop~
[22:09] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck off tiffany
[22:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> how
[22:09] <@DraHosting> You will post *Repairs Hull Part #1* through to #10.
[22:09] <@DraHosting> The first to do so wins!
[22:09] <+TessTyler> wait
[22:09] <+TessTyler> with the * and all?
[22:09] <+Aunt_Kathy> Farrah, its been so long since I've seen you :3 How are you?
[22:09] <+TessTyler> or can we say
[22:09] <@DraHosting> yes
[22:09] <@DraHosting> @Tess
[22:09] <+TessTyler> Repairs Hull Part #1
[22:09] <@DraHosting> You need to use *
[22:10] <+TessTyler> (gay)
[22:10] <+TessTyler> I'm ready.
[22:10] <@DraHosting> 3
[22:10] <@DraHosting> 2
[22:10] <@DraHosting> 1
[22:10] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: OH. That's right. She's a HATIN' ASS BITCH.
[22:10] <@DraHosting> GO
[22:10] * TessTyler glares at mitchie
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #1*
[22:10] <+Adele_> Repairs Hull Part #1*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #1*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #2*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #2*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #3*
[22:10] <+Adele_> Repairs Hull Part #2*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #4*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #3*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #5*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #4*
[22:10] <+Adele_> Repairs Hull Part #3*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #6*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #5*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #7*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #6*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #7*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #8*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #~8*
[22:10] * Adele_ begins staring
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #9*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #9*
[22:10] <+TessTyler> *Repairs Hull Part #10*
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> *repais hull part #10*
[22:10] <+Adele_> But why repair the hull?
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> i won
[22:10] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS TESS
[22:10] <+Adele_> Will it help me in life?
[22:10] <@DraHosting> By a split second too
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> ????????
[22:10] <+TessTyler> You think you're hot, but really you're not.
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> ???????????????????????????????????????????????
[22:10] <@DraHosting> It's what's on my screen
[22:10] <@DraHosting> @Kelly
[22:10] <@DraHosting> If you want a screenshot I can provide it
[22:10] <MitchieTorres> least she isn't immune.
[22:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> me too
[22:11] <MitchieTorres> I bet that was fun for you! @Tess
[22:11] <@DraHosting> Congraulations Tess, you will be voting twice at tonight's elimination.
[22:11] * TessTyler waves to Mitchie
[22:11] <+TessTyler> Say hi to your mom for me.
[22:11] <+FarrahAbraham> whoever votes for me is HOMOSEXUAL!
[22:11] <+Aunt_Kathy> *claps for Tess*
[22:11] <+EqualityEmerald> Whoo!
[22:11] <@DraHosting> Please send in your votes to eliminate someone....right now.
[22:11] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿
[22:11] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Farrah sees herself WINNING TV Stars: Around the World 2016... O_O
[22:11] <@DraHosting> They are due by 10:16.
[22:11] <+Aunt_Kathy> But being gay is okay.
[22:11] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: and what do I think?
[22:11] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: WHAT DO I THINK!?
[22:11] <+Aunt_Kathy> (Doesn't America vote for an MVP?)
[22:11] <+EqualityEmerald> (isnt there mvp vote)
[22:12] <@DraHosting> oops
[22:12] <@DraHosting> sorry
[22:12] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: HELL NO I DON'T SEE HER WINNING. The anticipation here is so fit that you can cut it with a ginsu knife.
[22:12] <@DraHosting> messy@me
[22:12] <@DraHosting> do NOT vote yet
[22:12] <@DraHosting> America has to vote for the MVP
[22:12] <+kelly_nishimoto> good thing i didnt get myself all dirty in that messy ship
[22:12] <+kelly_nishimoto> i was wearing my waterproof CATSUIT
[22:13] <+TessTyler> (the IRC sometimes puts your comments above people b/c of lag)
[22:13] <MitchieTorres> All that you need is the music🎶 to take you to some other place🚇 where you know
[22:14] <MitchieTorres> you beeelooooonnnng👍👍👍👍👍👍
[22:14] <+EqualityEmerald> I belong with my WOMEN//✿
[22:14] <MitchieTorres> *plays guitar🎸🎸*
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> shut the fuck up omg
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> fuck u mitchie
[22:14] <@DraHosting> CONGRAULATIONS KATHY
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> get out mitchie
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> vote mitchie
[22:14] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!
[22:14] <+Aunt_Kathy> :O
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> die mitchy
[22:14] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Right now I'm very concerned with my life... and everybody else's life.
[22:14] <+Aunt_Kathy> And on my birthday :D
[22:14] <MitchieTorres> I don't let my haters get to me.
[22:14] <@DraHosting> Tonight, Tess will vote twice.
[22:14] <+EqualityEmerald> WHOO :D Go Kath ✿ ✿
[22:14] <@DraHosting> You cannot vote for Kathy or Tiffany.
[22:14] <@DraHosting> Cast your votes now.
[22:14] <@DraHosting> Due at 10:20
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> take me far i will be the goat
[22:14] <+Aunt_Kathy> This might be one of the greatest birthday presents ever, next to this fanny pack Kelly got me <3
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> first to pm me
[22:14] <+FarrahAbraham> decides
[22:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> Thank you all America!
[22:15] <+FarrahAbraham> who i vote
[22:15] <+FarrahAbraham> so tell me
[22:15] <+FarrahAbraham> and ill vote them
[22:15] <MitchieTorres> Come on, everyone.
[22:15] <+FarrahAbraham> NOT YOU KATHY
[22:15] <MitchieTorres> It's time to rally and it's time for the melody to rise.
[22:15] <@DraHosting> If you already voted
[22:15] <+FarrahAbraham> STOP PMING ME
[22:15] <@DraHosting> You need to resubmit it
[22:15] <MitchieTorres> Vote FARRAH -
[22:15] <MitchieTorres> We can't back down🎶
[22:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> I haven't PMed you yet :3
[22:15] <MitchieTorres> Not right now🎤
[22:15] <+Aunt_Kathy> I can start now though.
[22:16] <MitchieTorres> We can't back down🎧
[22:16] <MitchieTorres> There's too much at stake🎤
[22:16] <+FarrahAbraham> STOP PMING ME WHO TO VOTE KATHY
[22:16] <+TiffanyPollard_> *sits down with a smirk on her face*
[22:16] <+EqualityEmerald> *dances*
[22:16] <+FarrahAbraham> IM NOT VOTING TESS
[22:16] <MitchieTorres> This is serious. Don't walk away💃🏻
[22:16] * kelly_nishimoto doodles nervously
[22:16] <+EqualityEmerald> OMG Farrah. I know Kathy wouldn't do that~
[22:16] <@DraHosting> I need votes from Kathy, Mitchie, and Adele.
[22:16] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm just asking how are you?
[22:16] <+FarrahAbraham> STOP IT
[22:16] <+FarrahAbraham> STOP IT
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> LEAVE ME ALONE
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> IM NOT VOTING WHO YOU WANT
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> YOUR A HELL CUNT
[22:17] <+Aunt_Kathy> How are you Farrah?
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> GO BACK TO HEL
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> PLEASE
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> SCREAMS
[22:17] <+Aunt_Kathy> You look ill?
[22:17] <+EqualityEmerald> (help me)
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> IM BREAKING OUT IN HIVES
[22:17] <MitchieTorres> We can't pretend🎶
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> IM GONNA POOF
[22:17] <+Aunt_Kathy> Have you eaten too many cunts lately?
[22:17] <MitchieTorres> It's not happening🎤
[22:17] <MitchieTorres> In our own backyard🎧
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> YOUR GONNA MAKE ME VOMIT
[22:17] <+EqualityEmerald> OMG Kathy youre/// correct ✿ ✿
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> *vomits on kathy*
[22:17] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU STANK HOE
[22:17] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[22:17] <+TessTyler> It Girls, we NEED to focus.
[22:17] <MitchieTorres> I'll run the play🎸
[22:17] <+TessTyler> The Final Jam is in 6 days.
[22:17] <+TessTyler> That's less than a week.
[22:18] <+FarrahAbraham> OMG Emerald you/// need to shut the fuck up ✿ ✿
[22:18] <+TessTyler> After this, we are going to practice NON STOP for at least three hours.
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tiffany
[22:18] <+TiffanyPollard_> First and foremost motherfucker, treat me like the queen that I am. @Tess
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kathy
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tess
[22:18] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF:) This my have been the best birthday since...the day i was born! Thanks to all my gal pals supporting me, this cutey fanny pack and winning.
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Emerald
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Adele
[22:18] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I think Tess sees that I'm very sweet and nurturing. ^_^
[22:18] <+EqualityEmerald> Farrah WTF~✿
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Farrah, Mitchie, Kelly.
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <+TessTyler> Not shocked to see that I'm being renewed.
[22:18] <+EqualityEmerald> Yay I'm safe✿
[22:18] <@DraHosting> With one vote, Kelly, you are safe.
[22:18] <MitchieTorres> I'm not confused--lets win this thing🎤🎤🎵🎵🎵
[22:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kelly
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Farrah, Mitchie.
[22:18] <+EqualityEmerald> GO KELLY!✿
[22:18] <+kelly_nishimoto> oh
[22:18] <+FarrahAbraham> bitch ok
[22:18] <MitchieTorres> We can't.
[22:18] <MitchieTorres> We can't
[22:18] <MitchieTorres> Back
[22:18] <MitchieTorres> Down🎤
[22:18] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 6-1-1.....
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <+FarrahAbraham> Shut up Mitchie
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <+Aunt_Kathy> CONF: I'd never have thought anyone would love me. But America did <3
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <+FarrahAbraham> You fucking cunt
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> x
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Mitchie.
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Your show has been
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Renewed!
[22:18] <+TessTyler> What?!
[22:18] <@DraHosting> Farrah, your show has been cancelled.
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> im DISGUSTED
[22:19] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main chat.
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU GUYS ARE NASTY
[22:19] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Mitchie :3
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> YOU
[22:19] * TessTyler gasps at Farrah
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> LIARS
[22:19] <@DraHosting> (</3)
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> JOIN
[22:19] <+Aunt_Kathy> But that means...
[22:19] <+FarrahAbraham> THE IT GIRLS
[22:19] <+TiffanyPollard_> I am sorry to see that you turned into such a little punk bitch.
[22:19] <+TessTyler> But... you're an it-girl.
[22:19] == mode/#TVStars [-v FarrahAbraham] by DraHosting
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> AND
[22:19] <+TessTyler> You CAN'T GO.
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> THE
[22:19] <MitchieTorres> Buckle up, I'm gonna take you for a ride 🎤🎤🎤🎤🎤
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> #AHEEHEEALLIANCE
[22:19] <+Aunt_Kathy> My good friend Farrah is leaving D:
[22:19] <+TessTyler> THE FINAL JAM IS IN 6 DAYS!!!!
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> JOIN THEM
[22:19] <+Aunt_Kathy> FARRAH :O
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> AND YOU WILL SEE
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> THE ALLIANCES
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> [19:19] == EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #Aheeheealliance []
[22:19] <+Adele_> I guess you could say thatTess is in a jam for the final jam.
[22:19] <FarrahAbraham> lol same
[22:19] <+Adele_> I use humor to cover my crippling sadness.
[22:20] <FarrahAbraham> join
[22:20] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿ ✿
[22:20] <FarrahAbraham> #TheItGirls
[22:20] <@DraHosting> --END OF EPISODE--
[22:21] <@DraHosting> --NEXT EPISODE--
[22:21] <@DraHosting> Repost those confessionals or they'll be lost
[22:21] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS, FINAL SEVEN - You have made it to the jury stage of this competition!
[22:21] <FarrahAbraham> no
[22:21] <+TessTyler> CONF: Farrah's blindside was disgusting. Mitchie is a big fat liar. EVERYONE in this game is a big fat liar. I ... am disgusted. The Final Jam is in 6 days and me, Tiffany and Kelly need to work extra hard.
[22:21] <FarrahAbraham> im in the jury
[22:21] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF): It's sad that my birthday ended with one of my dear friends leaving. But I'm sure Farrah will get the help she needs. And we'll always been homegirls <3
[22:21] <+TessTyler> Jury? Mitchie made the jury? Disgusting.
[22:21] <MitchieTorres> Liar?
[22:21] <MitchieTorres> Tess, that attitude is SO outdated.
[22:21] <+EqualityEmerald> Woo~ Jury Stage✿
[22:22] <MitchieTorres> I didn't even lie to you.
[22:22] <MitchieTorres> I didn't because I'm not a bad person 👎
[22:22] <+kelly_nishimoto> yes!! ive been saving my best looks for this stage
[22:22] <+TessTyler> You may not be a bad person, but you sure are PATHETIC.
[22:22] <+EqualityEmerald> You already look amazing, Kelly~~
[22:22] <+Aunt_Kathy> Do I have jury duty?
[22:23] <+Aunt_Kathy> I better pack some granola incase.
[22:23] <+Aunt_Kathy> And photos of my cats incase I get lonely.
[22:23] <@DraHosting> Time for the Captain's Competition!
[22:23] <+EqualityEmerald> Mmm~! I bet you make// amazing GRANOLA with that womanly touch~✿
[22:23] <+TessTyler> Tiffany, you're still an it girl aren't you?
[22:23] <@DraHosting> Just a note, the Captain's Competitions end at the final five.
[22:23] <+Aunt_Kathy> Aw, thank you Emerald
[22:23] <@DraHosting> When the finale begins.
[22:23] <+TessTyler> CONF: The It Girls are falling apart and the Final Jam is JUST around the corner.
[22:23] <+TiffanyPollard_> Hm... let me think about it...
[22:23] == TessTyler changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Kathy, Emerald, Kelly, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany
[22:23] <@DraHosting> The final seven here will rank their fellow cast members in PM.
[22:24] <+TiffanyPollard_> Nope!
[22:24] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: The girl did it to her damn self. *chuckles*
[22:24] <@DraHosting> You will label them as
[22:24] <@DraHosting> 1. name
[22:24] <@DraHosting> 2. name
[22:24] <@DraHosting> 3. name
[22:24] <@DraHosting> so on
[22:24] <@DraHosting> Until you reach 7
[22:24] <@DraHosting> The person with the least amount of points will be your next Captain.
[22:24] <+Aunt_Kathy> (CONF): I'm ready for the challenge today; I have a sports bra on.
[22:24] <+EqualityEmerald> (everyone is amazing omg)
[22:24] <@DraHosting> Please hurry and do this IMMEDIATELY in my pm.
[22:24] == DynaChameleon [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[22:25] <+Aunt_Kathy> (do we rank ourselves?)
[22:25] <+TessTyler> Tiffany, Kelly - we need to practice NOW.
[22:25] <+TessTyler> Forget this captain's challenge. The Final Jam is more important.
[22:25] <+TiffanyPollard_> "Practice" alright girl. I got your back ;)
[22:26] <+TessTyler> "Practice"? Why did you say practice in air quotes/
[22:26] <+TessTyler> Is Final Jam not important to you?
[22:26] <+TessTyler> Because if that's the case, THEN YOU CAN JUST LEAVE RIGHT NOW.
[22:26] <+TessTyler> Go join Mitchie.
[22:26] <MitchieTorres> *watches It Girls practice*
[22:26] <@DraHosting> Or you will be eliminated from the challenge
[22:26] <+TiffanyPollard_> *whispers* I thought this was a sly way to discuss the GAME, ya'know?
[22:26] <+EqualityEmerald> Mitchie✿ Should perform at //final jam//
[22:26] <+TessTyler> I don't care about the game.
[22:26] <+TessTyler> The Final Jam is in 6 days.
[22:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> I don't think that shit is cute. It ain't cute at all so get outta here with that.
[22:27] <MitchieTorres> Thanks Emerald🎶I plan to🎧🎸🎤🎵
[22:27] <+TessTyler> I cannot deal with this right now.
[22:27] <+EqualityEmerald> She's~ SO empowering!!✿
[22:27] * TessTyler storms out
[22:27] <@DraHosting> at 10:28
[22:27] <@DraHosting> I call it
[22:27] <+EqualityEmerald> Yay! ^)^
[22:27] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: #TheItGirls... they're like a loud pack of idiot bitches and I'm sick of it.
[22:27] <+EqualityEmerald> ^_^*
[22:27] <+EqualityEmerald> Sing bout how men suck.
[22:27] <+TessTyler> CONF: Now that Farrah is gone.... the It Girls are falling apart. She was the glue that kept us together. And now Tiffany is thinking about quitting. All I have is Kelly, who doesn't even want to practice.
[22:28] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:28] <+TessTyler> CONF: Maybe I need to perform the Final Jam solo.
[22:28] <+TessTyler> CONF: They're bringing me down.
[22:28] <@DraHosting> Adele is out of this challenge.
[22:28] <@DraHosting> She cannot win.
[22:28] <+EqualityEmerald> Ah.... ✿
[22:28] <@DraHosting> I am now tallying the votes.
[22:28] <+Aunt_Kathy> Does anyone want some ice cream? My treat <3
[22:28] <+Aunt_Kathy> We'll get it from a store instead of the freezer section. Isn't that crazy?
[22:29] <+EqualityEmerald> OMG yes but only if it's ~vegan~
[22:29] <+EqualityEmerald> #SaveTheAnimals
[22:29] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿
[22:29] * Adele_ drmaatically stares
[22:29] <MitchieTorres> Hey everyone!
[22:29] <+Aunt_Kathy> What's a vegan? Is that one of your kids 'dank memes' as you call it?
[22:29] <+Adele_> Surviving my sadness is already a challenge enough
[22:29] <MitchieTorres> Join me for the Pajama Jam later tonight!
[22:29] <MitchieTorres> #PajamaJam
[22:29] * TessTyler watches everyone go to PajamaJAm
[22:29] <+TessTyler> Fine.
[22:30] <+TessTyler> I'll just practice by myself.
[22:30] * TessTyler practices
[22:30] * TessTyler stumbles
[22:30] <+TessTyler> YOU GUYS CAN'T DO ANYTHING RI-
[22:30] * TessTyler notices that Kelly and Tiffany aren't there
[22:30] <+TessTyler> ... oh.
[22:30] <+TessTyler> Alright.
[22:30] <+TessTyler> From the top.
[22:30] <@DraHosting> in last place
[22:30] <@DraHosting> Tied together with 20 points
[22:30] <@DraHosting> Kelly and Mitchie.
[22:30] <@DraHosting> Next up, Emerald with 17.
[22:30] <+Aunt_Kathy> *is doing crossword puzzles in the corner*
[22:30] <@DraHosting> Tiffany eliminated next with 16.
[22:30] <+TessTyler> Fitting that Mitchie is last.
[22:30] <+EqualityEmerald> ~✿ ~
[22:30] <@DraHosting> Kathy in second with 13.
[22:30] <@DraHosting> TESS
[22:31] <+TessTyler> I knew I didn't need Kelly or Tiffany.
[22:31] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I feel kinda bad for just abandoning Tess like that. But I don't apologize because I never, you know, make mistakes. :\\\
[22:31] <+TessTyler> The It Girls are dead to me.
[22:31] <+EqualityEmerald> Grats Tess~✿
[22:31] <+kelly_nishimoto> wait
[22:31] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Tess
[22:31] <MitchieTorres> I just...have to focus on winning Final Jam.
[22:31] <+kelly_nishimoto> did i mess it uo
[22:31] <+Aunt_Kathy> *claps*
[22:31] <+kelly_nishimoto> up
[22:31] <MitchieTorres> *opens up song book and begins to write*
[22:31] <+kelly_nishimoto> i ranked them from best to worst
[22:31] <MitchieTorres> Ugh, I have writer's block.
[22:31] <+EqualityEmerald> You were supposed to ^_^
[22:31] <+EqualityEmerald> ✿ ✿
[22:31] <+TiffanyPollard_> That's what you want? You want disharmony on this ship, Tess?
[22:31] <+kelly_nishimoto> o didnt mess it up then
[22:32] <+kelly_nishimoto> still robbed
[22:32] <+TessTyler> I don't want disharmony.
[22:32] <+TessTyler> I want to win Final Jam.
[22:32] <+TessTyler> And I don't need you.
[22:32] <+TessTyler> Or Farrah.
[22:32] <+TessTyler> Or Kelly.
[22:32] <+EqualityEmerald> How are your dresses, Kelly? ✿
[22:32] <+TessTyler> And especially not Mitchie.
[22:32] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I heard this chick talking shit and right away I'm going IN
[22:32] <+TiffanyPollard_> Don't hate on me... because I'm attractive.
[22:33] <@DraHosting>
[22:33] <@DraHosting> WELCOME TO MOSCOW!
[22:33] <+TessTyler> Only two stars.
[22:33] <+TessTyler> I got this.
[22:33] <@DraHosting> This challenge will be fairly laid back, but a rough one if you don't know what you're doing.
[22:34] <+kelly_nishimoto> they are going good emerald! in fact i have this one that was inspired by your naturally beautiful look! i look forward to making it just for you! its something borrowed something new!
[22:34] <+Aunt_Kathy> (Conf): I'm worried about how Tess is handling this Final Jam.
[22:34] <+EqualityEmerald> WuW you're such ✿ a flower queen thanks// <3
[22:34] <+Aunt_Kathy> Conf): I hope everything turns out okay.
[22:34] * TessTyler practices for Final Jam
[22:35] <+TessTyler> 6 days....
[22:35] <@DraHosting> LET'S GET TO IT!
[22:35] <@DraHosting> YOUR FAME TASK FOR MOSCOW:
[22:35] <@DraHosting> *CLIMBS ONTO DOCK*
[22:35] <@DraHosting> *RACES THROUGH COFFEE SHOP*
[22:35] <@DraHosting> *ARRIVES*
[22:35] <@DraHosting> 3...
[22:35] <@DraHosting> 2.....
[22:35] <@DraHosting> 1.........
[22:35] <@DraHosting> GO!
[22:35] <+kelly_nishimoto> *takes gondolier through moskva river*
[22:35] * EqualityEmerald takes gondolier through moskva river
[22:35] <+TessTyler> *climbs onto dock*
[22:35] <+kelly_nishimoto> *climbs onto dock*
[22:35] * EqualityEmerald climbs ondo dock
[22:35] <+TessTyler> *races through coffee shop*
[22:35] <+TessTyler> *races through the grand duchy of moscow*
[22:35] <+Aunt_Kathy> *takes gondolier through moskva river*
[22:35] <+TessTyler> *arrives*
[22:36] * EqualityEmerald races though coffee shop
[22:36] <+kelly_nishimoto> *races thro coffe shop
[22:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> *climbs onto dock*
[22:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> *races through coffee shop*
[22:36] * EqualityEmerald races through the grand ducky of moscow
[22:36] * EqualityEmerald arrves
[22:36] <+kelly_nishimoto> *races through the grand duchy of moscow*
[22:36] <+kelly_nishimoto> *arrives*
[22:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> *races through the grand duchy of moscow*
[22:36] <+Aunt_Kathy> *Arrives*
[22:36] <MitchieTorres> *watches as everyone runs*
[22:37] <MitchieTorres> I...can't do this right now.
[22:37] <+TiffanyPollard_> *climbs onto dock*
[22:37] <MitchieTorres> If I want to beat Tess at Final Jam, I have to put the work in NOW.
[22:37] <+TiffanyPollard_> *races through coffee shop and grabs a latte*
[22:37] <MitchieTorres> *takes out guitar🎸🎸*
[22:37] <+TiffanyPollard_> *races through the grand duchy of moscow*
[22:37] <MitchieTorres> I think I need to focus on finishing songs I have now instead of writing new ones.
[22:37] <MitchieTorres> 🎹
[22:37] == EqualityEmerald [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Excess Flood]
[22:38] <+Aunt_Kathy> (BRB)
[22:39] <+TiffanyPollard_> OOOH SHIT I'M RUNNING LATE
[22:39] <+Aunt_Kathy> (Back)
[22:39] == EqualityEmera [021b32b9@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[22:40] <EqualityEmera> *acts like nothing happened* uWu
[22:40] == mode/#TVStars [+v EqualityEmera] by DraHosting
[22:40] <+Adele_> Hello Moskva River.
[22:40] <+Adele_> It's me.
[22:41] <+TessTyler> *breaks large purple vase*
[22:41] <+TessTyler> Not again!
[22:41] <+TessTyler> I'm such a mess!!!
[22:41] * TessTyler breaks down
[22:41] <+TessTyler> I'll never win Final Jam.
[22:41] <+TessTyler> *grabs mysterious pouch*
[22:43] <MitchieTorres> Rock it, rock it, rock it, rock it, dance till we drop🎸🎤
[22:43] <MitchieTorres> It's on🎶
[22:43] <MitchieTorres> It's on🎧
[22:43] <MitchieTorres> It's on💃🏻
[22:44] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, stop rubbing salt in the wound.
[22:44] * TessTyler practices
[22:44] <+EqualityEmera> UwU~
[22:44] <+TessTyler> But I'm too cool, too cool🎶
[22:44] <+TessTyler> Yeah, I'm too cool to know you🎶
[22:44] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional🎶
[22:44] <+TessTyler> You know it's the truth I'm too cool for you🎶
[22:44] <+Aunt_Kathy> Congrats Emerald :3
[22:44] <+Adele_> Oh, are we singing?
[22:44] <+Adele_> How fun! ^_^
[22:44] <+Adele_> I mean.
[22:44] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[22:45] <+Adele_> Songs are just like words and words lead to heartbreak....
[22:45] <+EqualityEmera> Thanks Kath@
[22:45] <+EqualityEmera> ~*
[22:45] <@DraHosting> It's time for the next CAPTAIN'S EVENT!
[22:45] <@DraHosting> Tess, please coem up.
[22:45] <+TiffanyPollard_> Listening to all your bs.
[22:45] <@DraHosting> We are heading into some inclement weather!
[22:46] <+EqualityEmera> Oh my✿
[22:46] <+EqualityEmera> I hope the weather doesn't destroy things~✿
[22:46] <@DraHosting> For this event, we will be shipwrecked.
[22:46] <+EqualityEmera> I hate destruction uOU
[22:46] <@DraHosting> You must send one person out into the jungle to seek shelter!
[22:46] <+TessTyler> Mitchie's performance at Final Jam will be a shipwreck.
[22:46] <+Aunt_Kathy> I left my umbrella in my old fanny pack :(
[22:46] <+EqualityEmera> Oh my!~
[22:46] <@DraHosting> They will be given a quick challenge to complete.
[22:46] <@DraHosting> Pick this celebrity, and America will decide their fate.
[22:46] <+Aunt_Kathy> I hope my cats will be okay
[22:46] <+TessTyler> *glares at Mitchie*
[22:46] <+Aunt_Kathy> Pur Catnip Everdeen
[22:46] <+TessTyler> I send MITCHIE.
[22:46] <+TessTyler> Good luck on your own.
[22:46] <+TessTyler> You'll need it.
[22:46] <@DraHosting> Mitchie will complete the task.
[22:46] <+EqualityEmera> WuW
[22:46] <@DraHosting> America will now vote.
[22:47] <+EqualityEmera> Go Mitch~✿
[22:47] <+Aunt_Kathy> David Meowie.
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: Tonight I'm gonna have to make another BIG ass move.
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> *pulls Tess aside*
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> You and me vote together, alright?
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> I won't betray you.
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> I PROM.
[22:47] <+Aunt_Kathy> Ferris Mewler
[22:47] <+Aunt_Kathy> Hairy Potter
[22:47] <+TiffanyPollard_> CONF: I said I PROM, but that bitch should have known better. That's only half a promise! Fuck this ship! That's all I can say. I'm damn tired of packing my shit every week.
[22:48] <@DraHosting> (B) If the Celebrity SUCCEEDS, they will receive an extra vote at elimination. If the Celebrity FAILS, they lose their ability to vote at elimination.
[22:48] <+Aunt_Kathy> J.R.R. Tolkitten
[22:48] <+TessTyler> Deal.
[22:48] <@DraHosting> If Mitchie succeeds, she will vote twice.
[22:48] <@DraHosting> If she fails, she cannot vote at elimination.
[22:48] <+Aunt_Kathy> Levar Purrton
[22:48] <@DraHosting>
[22:48] <@DraHosting> @Mitchie
[22:48] <@DraHosting> Solve this in three minutes to succeed.
[22:48] <@DraHosting> The time begins NOW.
[22:49] <+Aunt_Kathy> M. Night Syhymeowlion
[22:49] <+EqualityEmera> Are you okay, Kathy?✿
[22:49] <+Aunt_Kathy> Leonardo DiCatPurr
[22:49] <+EqualityEmera> uWu are you going crazy///
[22:49] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm just listing all of my cats <3
[22:49] <+Aunt_Kathy> Lionel Itchy
[22:49] <+EqualityEmera> Ooh~! On Tumblr. we love cats~!
[22:49] == FarrahAbraham [43af08f6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:50] <+Aunt_Kathy> Margaret Scratcher
[22:50] <+kelly_nishimoto> (conf) i am still thinking abt that popularity challenge. this must mean im close to being eliminated....or maybe they just didnt like my outfit that day??
[22:50] <+Aunt_Kathy> Neil Catrick Harris
[22:50] <+Aunt_Kathy> Pawdrey Hepburn
[22:50] <@DraHosting> one minute and 30 seconds remaining
[22:50] <+EqualityEmera> uWu
[22:50] <+Aunt_Kathy> Ricky Purrvais
[22:51] <+EqualityEmera> (CONF) I need to know where my head is at in this ✿game✿ //
[22:51] <+Aunt_Kathy> TayRoar Swift
[22:51] <+EqualityEmera> (CONF) do I really trust ~everyone~ I've allied with? T_T
[22:51] <+Aunt_Kathy> and Winston Furchill
[22:51] <+Aunt_Kathy> And that is half of the cats I brought from home :3
[22:51] <+EqualityEmera> Do you have more, Kathy~?
[22:52] <+EqualityEmera> Oh,,,
[22:52] <@DraHosting> The time is up.
[22:52] <@DraHosting> Mitchie has failed the challenge.
[22:52] <+EqualityEmera> (CONF) Damn~ She has a lot of cats 0_0
[22:52] <@DraHosting> Therefore, Mitchie cannot vote at elimination tonight.
[22:52] <+kelly_nishimoto> o
[22:52] <+Aunt_Kathy> You did your best Mitchie.
[22:52] <+EqualityEmera> Oh damn, Mitchie~✿
[22:52] <@DraHosting> America will now vote for an MVP.
[22:52] <MitchieTorres> *cries in cabin*
[22:53] <MitchieTorres> This is so unfair. I hate Tess.
[22:53] <+TiffanyPollard_> *scrambles*
[22:53] * TessTyler giggles
[22:53] <+TessTyler> Sucks to suck, Mitchie.
[22:54] <+Aunt_Kathy> (Conf): I've had to make so many snickerdoodles I've almost run out of dough!
[22:54] <+TiffanyPollard_> UH UH WHERE MY CIGARETTES AT
[22:55] <+TessTyler> I flushed them down the toilet.
[22:55] <+TessTyler> That'll teach you not to mess with me.
[22:55] <+Aunt_Kathy> But Tiff, smoking could hurt your lungs. And then we couldn't hear your pretty voice.
[22:55] * TessTyler giggles
[22:55] <+TessTyler> I guess I'm too cool to know you.
[22:55] == EqualityEmera has changed nick to Emerald
[22:56] == Emerald has changed nick to EqEmerald
[22:56] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER OF THIS MVP VOTE!!!
[22:56] <@DraHosting> Please cast your votes for elimination immediately.
[22:56] <+Aunt_Kathy> *claps for Tiff*
[22:56] <+EqEmerald> Woo!~✿
[22:56] <+EqEmerald> WOMEN are slaying// this game✿
[22:56] <@DraHosting> Reminder: You cannot vote for Tiffany OR Emerald.
[22:56] <@DraHosting> Mitchie cannot vote.
[22:57] <+Aunt_Kathy> But women are all that's left Emerald?
[22:57] <MitchieTorres> I get it, Dra.
[22:57] <+TiffanyPollard_>
[22:57] <MitchieTorres> *pouts*
[22:57] <+TessTyler> (who's VIP)
[22:57] <+EqEmerald> Exactly~ We eliminated those PESKY men✿~
[22:58] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[22:58] <@DraHosting> The person voted out tonight will be the first member of the jury.
[22:58] <TiffanyPollard> (fuck it froze back)
[22:58] == mode/#TVStars [+v TiffanyPollard] by DraHosting
[22:58] == mode/#TVStars [-v TiffanyPollard_] by DraHosting
[22:59] * TessTyler practices
[22:59] <+TiffanyPollard>
[23:00] <+EqEmerald> (CONF) IDK what to expect tonight~✿
[23:00] <@DraHosting> AUNT_KATHY
[23:00] <@DraHosting> ADELE_
[23:00] <MitchieTorres> *strums guitar and hums*
[23:00] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: If you need a BAD BITCH just call New York!
[23:00] <@DraHosting> VOTE!!!
[23:00] <+TessTyler> That's the difference between you and me obviously🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> I'm a natural, I'm the real deal🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> I can't help the way I am🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> Hope you don't misunderstand🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> But I'm too cool, too cool🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> Yeah, I'm too cool to know you🎶
[23:00] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional🎶
[23:00] <MitchieTorres> ...That's the perfect melody for the bridge.
[23:00] <+TessTyler> You know it's the truth I'm too cool for you🎶
[23:00] <+EqEmerald> YASS Mitch// Interrupt her wailing@✿
[23:00] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: It feels ~great~ to have been immune for three weeks straight. I'm fucking fabulous!
[23:00] <MitchieTorres> *writes in notebook*
[23:01] <MitchieTorres> I have to be ready for the Final Jam...there's only five or so days left.
[23:01] <MitchieTorres> 🎸🎸
[23:01] <+EqEmerald> ✿✿
[23:01] == DraHosting [~DraHostin@] has left #TVStars []
[23:01] <+EqEmerald> Mitch~ Let's duet!
[23:01] <+EqEmerald> ✿✿
[23:01] <+Aunt_Kathy> CONF: I'm nervous it could be me, but I have to do what the kids say and Netflix and Chill.
[23:01] <@RecordBot> oops
[23:01] == DraHosting [~DraHostin@] has joined #TVStars
[23:01] == mode/#TVStars [+o DraHosting] by RecordBot
[23:02] == TiffanyPollard_ [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[23:02] <+Adele_> Did you get my vote?
[23:02] <MitchieTorres> ...gonna let the light shine🎶
[23:02] <+Adele_> @Dra
[23:02] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[23:02] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tiffany
[23:02] * DraHosting passes renewal to Kathy
[23:02] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mitchie
[23:02] <+EqEmerald> ~✿
[23:02] <MitchieTorres> This is it, this is the melody that'll win me Final Jam.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> Kelly.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> Adele.
[23:03] <MitchieTorres> Watch out, Tess. Mitchie's coming through.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> The two of you received votes tonight.
[23:03] <+EqEmerald> Oh...✿ I love you both~ T_T
[23:03] <+TessTyler> (did I get votes)
[23:03] <+kelly_nishimoto> ouch
[23:03] <@DraHosting> And Tess
[23:03] <@DraHosting> But with one vote, Tess is immune.
[23:03] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tess
[23:03] <+Adele_> I recieved votes?
[23:03] <+TessTyler> Phew.
[23:03] * TessTyler glares at Mitchie
[23:03] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-1-1...
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <+Adele_> Did my exes join the competition?
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <@DraHosting> x
[23:03] <+TessTyler> Can't get me out so soon, Mitchie.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> Adele.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> You are still in the game.
[23:03] <@DraHosting> Kelly, your show has been cancelled.
[23:03] <+EqEmerald> (robbed omg)
[23:03] <@DraHosting> You are the FIRST member of the jury.
[23:03] <+kelly_nishimoto> robbage
[23:04] <@DraHosting> Please exit the game and PM me on main chat.
[23:04] <+Adele_> Rumor has it that you're the one leaving the boat.
[23:04] <+EqEmerald> T_T bye Kell~✿
[23:04] <+Adele_> @Kelly
[23:04] <+Aunt_Kathy> D:
[23:04] <+EqEmerald> True ✿✿
[23:04] <+kelly_nishimoto> YALL BIMBO HOES
[23:04] == TessTyler changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Kathy, Emerald, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany || JURY: Kelly
[23:04] <MitchieTorres> The It Girls are dropping like flies. It's what happens, I guess, when you're held together by malice and malevolence.
[23:04] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in 5 days... oh no.
[23:04] <+Aunt_Kathy> Kelly no!
[23:04] <+TiffanyPollard> I'll look you dead in the eye and say it... I didn't do anything. @Kelly
[23:04] <+Aunt_Kathy> I'm sorry your eliminated. And thank you for my fanny pack...
[23:05] <@DraHosting> ---END OF EPISODE---
[23:05] <@DraHosting> ---NEXT EPISODE---
[23:05] <+EqEmerald> Well~✿ Let's await this new day! ^)^
[23:05] <+EqEmerald> ^_^*
[23:05] <+kelly_nishimoto> returns to the competition
[23:05] <+kelly_nishimoto> Im back
[23:05] <+TiffanyPollard> When are we gonna get a well deserved PARTY up in this joint!?
[23:05] == AuntKathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[23:05] <MitchieTorres> Let's go, let's go 🎧
[23:05] <+TiffanyPollard>
[23:05] <MitchieTorres> We just do what we do 🎤
[23:05] == Aunt_Kathy [61599cd2@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:05] == mode/#TVStars [+v AuntKathy] by DraHosting
[23:05] <+AuntKathy> (dumb lag)
[23:05] == mode/#TVStars [+v MitchieTorres] by DraHosting
[23:06] <+EqEmerald> I feel so happy~ Even though my BFF Kell left :( But I'll carry on// I'M STRONG!~ (◠‿◠✿)
[23:06] <+AuntKathy> Conf: I feel horrible Kelly left, especially after she made me my fanny pack.
[23:06] <+EqEmerald> oops *conf*
[23:07] <@DraHosting> It's time for the next Captain's Competition!
[23:07] <+AuntKathy> Conf: I'll always treasure it and wear it on my bottom for my homegirl
[23:07] <+EqEmerald> Yay (◠‿◠✿)
[23:07] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Now... I regret getting rid of the only MAN in this game/
[23:07] <+EqEmerald> Let's do this~ GO LADIES~ ●‿●
[23:07] <@DraHosting> This is called FRIEND or FOE.
[23:07] <+EqEmerald> Ohhh...
[23:07] <@DraHosting> The final six here will now rank each person in PM as FRIEND or FOE.
[23:07] <+TessTyler> I know EXACTLY who my foes are in this game.
[23:07] * TessTyler glares at Mitchie
[23:08] <+EqEmerald> Okay ╰(◡‿◡✿╰)
[23:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I didn't want him to go home over the other person and the reason for that is... he was a great kisser, and I wanted to flirt with him more. But um... unfortunately, he left. BOO.
[23:08] <@DraHosting> The person with the most FRIEND votes will face off against the most FOE votes person
[23:08] <@DraHosting> And will break a tie to win Captain.
[23:08] <@DraHosting> Please send these in PM now.
[23:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Adele? I don't know her.
[23:08] <+kelly_nishimoto> i vote emerald
[23:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Mitchie? I don't know her.
[23:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Emerald? I don't know her.
[23:08] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Tess
[23:08] <+kelly_nishimoto> shady @tiffany
[23:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> im a ghost so i can hear your confs
[23:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> i drowned
[23:09] <+kelly_nishimoto> im secretly still in the competition
[23:10] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I feel like Kathy and I have POTENTIAL to be friends, but I'm not apologizing to that old bitch. Absolutely fucking not.
[23:10] == DynaChameleon [60ea9345@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:10] <+MitchieTorres> I wish everyone could be my friend.
[23:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> me too mitchie
[23:10] <+MitchieTorres> Music shouldn't divide us, it's meant to unite us🎤🎶
[23:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> sadly that couldnt happen
[23:10] <+EqEmerald> Mitchie - I'm your friend!// (づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
[23:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> so they blindsided me
[23:10] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF:
[23:10] <+MitchieTorres> Sadly, not everyone understands.
[23:10] <+kelly_nishimoto> truly gross
[23:10] <+AuntKathy> CONF: I like Tiff, even though I hardly ever talk to her.
[23:11] == mode/#TVStars [-v kelly_nishimoto] by DraHosting
[23:11] <+AuntKathy> CONF: I'm not entirely sure what she looks like actually, but she seems nice.
[23:11] <@DraHosting> I'm not even going to ask adele to submit
[23:11] <@DraHosting> so she's out of this challenge as well
[23:11] <kelly_nishimoto> why
[23:11] <kelly_nishimoto> im still in the competition
[23:11] <kelly_nishimoto> are you stupid
[23:12] <@DraHosting> MOST FRIEND VOTES:
[23:12] <kelly_nishimoto> i mean at least that means your personality matches your clothes
[23:12] <kelly_nishimoto> shut up no one is friends here theyre all hoes
[23:12] <@DraHosting> MITCHIE WITH 3
[23:12] <@DraHosting> MOST FOE VOTES:
[23:12] <kelly_nishimoto> me
[23:12] <@DraHosting> TIFFANY WITH 3.
[23:12] <+EqEmerald> I'm gone~(づ。◕‿‿◕。)づ
[23:12] <+TiffanyPollard> :*
[23:12] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, Tiffany, please step up.
[23:12] <+TiffanyPollard> Now everybody is ganging up against me. For WHAT!?
[23:12] <@DraHosting> You will answer a tiebreaker trivia question.
[23:12] <+EqEmerald> ( ಠ◡ಠ )
[23:13] <@DraHosting> QUESTION:
[23:13] <+MitchieTorres> Yesterday everyone hated me but today I'm on top...
[23:13] <+EqEmerald> Go Tiff~( ಠ◡ಠ )
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> me
[23:13] <+EqEmerald> Do it for the women//
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> i was
[23:13] <@DraHosting> Kelly stop talking
[23:13] <+MitchieTorres> *sighs*
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> shut up
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> im allowed to talk
[23:13] <@DraHosting> No you're not you're out
[23:13] <@DraHosting> please stop talking
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> as a competitor
[23:13] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: They're making it so uncomfortable here.
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> im not
[23:13] <kelly_nishimoto> youre wrong
[23:13] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: FUCK ALL THAT. They never even wanted that here. I'm glad that the truth comes out.
[23:14] <kelly_nishimoto> ok can i just give a few fashion tips
[23:14] <+EqEmerald> (CONF) OWO
[23:14] <@DraHosting> me.
[23:14] <@DraHosting> TIFFANY.
[23:14] <@DraHosting> MITCHIE
[23:14] <@DraHosting> it's not that hard
[23:14] <+TiffanyPollard> Ty
[23:14] <+TiffanyPollard> x
[23:14] <@DraHosting> Congratulations, Tiffany, you're the captain this week!
[23:14] <+TiffanyPollard> WOOHOO Y'ALL
[23:14] <+TiffanyPollard> I'M THE CAPTAIN
[23:15] <+TiffanyPollard> LET'S TAKE THIS SHIP BACK TO NEW YORK!
[23:15] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: I just LOVE being the Head Bitch in Charge around here. haha.
[23:15] <+EqEmerald> Grats~ you truly empower us! (。◕‿◕。)
[23:15] <+AuntKathy> *claps for Tiff*
[23:15] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in 5 days, and I've decided that I'm going solo.
[23:15] <+TessTyler> That means I need more practice than ever.
[23:15] <+TessTyler> *guitar string breaks*
[23:16] <+TessTyler> Ugh!
[23:16] <+EqEmerald> (CONF) Ugh// I wish Tess would stop. She's ~discriminatory~ to Mich. T_T
[23:16] <+MitchieTorres> I have to make sure I'm there to beat Tess at Final Jam.
[23:16] <+MitchieTorres> She says I'm never gonna see Final Jam...
[23:16] <+MitchieTorres> Better open your eyes🎶🎧because I'll be there, ready or not
[23:16] <+AuntKathy> I feel like we all need a ladies night to do so bonding...
[23:16] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: We're going straight to ITALY cause y'all known the men there have big dicks. I'm in the MOOD.
[23:17] <+AuntKathy> how about I take you kids to an applebees and let you get an appetizer?
[23:17] <+Adele_> CONF: Tess keeps speaking of this Final Jam. I wonder if I should perform? I've been writinga new song called "I'm Sick Of This Boat"
[23:17] <@DraHosting>
[23:17] <@DraHosting> WELCOME TO ITALY!!!
[23:18] <@DraHosting> I am stting up the VIP challenge now.
[23:18] <@DraHosting> setting*
[23:18] <+EqEmerald> Whoo~
[23:18] <+AuntKathy> Italy. My first husband Greg was iltalian. He actually made me spaghetti dinners when we first started dating...
[23:18] <+EqEmerald> Full of fashionable ladies working HARD!~
[23:19] <+TiffanyPollard> .
[23:19] <+EqEmerald> .
[23:19] <+AuntKathy> .
[23:19] <+MitchieTorres> Ay mambo italiano🎵🎵
[23:19] <+AuntKathy> So, what kind of movies out do you kids like?
[23:19] <+TessTyler> Italy? Who cares? The only thing that matters is the Final Jam.
[23:19] <+AuntKathy> Zootopia? Or maybe that Batman v Superman?
[23:19] <+EqEmerald> Anything with a ~heroine~ oWo
[23:20] <+MitchieTorres> Any kind of movie musical!🎧🎶🎤
[23:20] <+MitchieTorres> My mom is REALLY into dramas, though. We've seen a lot together.
[23:20] <@DraHosting> LET'S GET TO IT!!
[23:20] <@DraHosting> Emerald, as the outgoing VIP
[23:20] <+AuntKathy> Then it sounds like after Applebees we should take our girls night to see Zootopia :3
[23:20] <@DraHosting> You cannot win.
[23:20] <+EqEmerald> Okay~
[23:21] <@DraHosting> Celebrities must make their way to Italy. If they do not reach the Gossip Room in time, they are eliminated from the challenge. The first three into the challenge move on, the others are eliminated from the challenge.
[23:21] <@DraHosting> Good luck.
[23:21] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:
[23:21] <@DraHosting> *DIVES FROM THE SHIP*
[23:21] <@DraHosting> *SWIMS UNDERWATER*
[23:21] <@DraHosting> *SWIMS PAST A GROUP OF CORALS*
[23:21] <@DraHosting> *ARRIVES AT THE BEACH*
[23:21] <@DraHosting> *RACES OFF*
[23:21] <+MitchieTorres> *sighs*
[23:21] <+MitchieTorres> I volunteer to take the hit and be eliminated from the challenge.
[23:21] <+TiffanyPollard> *dashes away from the challenge*
[23:21] <@DraHosting> 3
[23:21] <@DraHosting> 2
[23:21] <@DraHosting> 1
[23:21] <+TessTyler> Same here, I need to practice for the Final Jam.
[23:21] <@DraHosting> GO
[23:21] <+AuntKathy> *dives from the ship*
[23:21] <+TessTyler> These challenges don't matter to me.
[23:21] <+AuntKathy> *swims underwater*
[23:21] * TessTyler practices guitar
[23:21] <+MitchieTorres> It's nothing against you and your work, but...I really need this time to focus on my Final Jam song.
[23:21] * TessTyler practices dance moves
[23:22] <+TessTyler> From the top, Tess.
[23:22] <+TessTyler> You got this.
[23:22] <+AuntKathy> *swims past a group of corals*
[23:22] <+TessTyler> Mitchie has nothing on you.
[23:22] <+AuntKathy> *Arrives at the beach*
[23:22] <+MitchieTorres> 🎸
[23:22] <+AuntKathy> *races off*
[23:23] <@DraHosting> Well...
[23:23] <@DraHosting> it seems Adele is not playing
[23:23] <@DraHosting> Tess is not competing.
[23:23] <@DraHosting> Emerald can't compete.
[23:23] <@DraHosting> It's between Tiffany and Kathy?
[23:23] <+EqEmerald> UqU
[23:24] <kelly_nishimoto> <ghostkelly> yes
[23:24] <+MitchieTorres> we're finally letting go🎶
[23:24] <+MitchieTorres> Losing all control🎤
[23:24] <+MitchieTorres> Won't stop ourselves cause we love it🎧
[23:24] <@DraHosting> If everyone agrees that they are not going to compete in the challenge, I can end it right now and give Kathy the win.
[23:25] <+Adele_> I will nto compete.
[23:25] <+Adele_> I have some more dramatic staring to do
[23:25] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[23:25] <+MitchieTorres> *strums guitar*
[23:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *Grabs large mysterious purple vase*
[23:25] <+TiffanyPollard> *Smashes it onto the ground and takes secret pouch*
[23:25] <kelly_nishimoto> did you seriously keep her over me
[23:25] <kelly_nishimoto> smh
[23:25] == mode/#TVStars [+b kelly_nishimoto!*@*] by DraHosting
[23:26] <+MitchieTorres> ...Yeah, that's good✔️
[23:26] <@DraHosting> I will unban you when it's the end kelly
[23:26] <+TiffanyPollard>
[23:26] <+EqEmerald> ^L^
[23:26] <+AuntKathy> *Grabs VIP*
[23:27] <+EqEmerald> Wooo!~
[23:27] <+TessTyler> Congratulations Kathy!!!
[23:27] <+AuntKathy> :D wow! I've never actually finished one of those. And still haven't!
[23:27] <+EqEmerald> You did amazing ^L^
[23:27] <+AuntKathy> Thank you Emerald, thank you Tess.
[23:28] <+EqEmerald> Such an amazing woman! You're truly a role model/// ^L^
[23:28] <@DraHosting> It's time for the final captain's event of the game!
[23:28] <+AuntKathy> I'll bake snickerdoodles to celebrate.
[23:28] <@DraHosting> Tiffany, please step up.
[23:28] <+TiffanyPollard> *steps up*
[23:28] <+EqEmerald> (CONF) I'll post all this on Tumblr! They'll LOVE Kathy ^0^
[23:28] <+AuntKathy> CONF: My first challenge win! Remember kids your never too old to accomplish things.
[23:28] <@DraHosting> This event is called "Lost at Sea"
[23:28] <+TiffanyPollard> OH SHIT
[23:28] <@DraHosting> You will nominate one Celebrity to assist the ship in navigating the sea.
[23:29] <@DraHosting> They will solve a puzzle in under 3 minutes to succeed.
[23:29] <+TiffanyPollard> You ain't gonna throw me overboard or anything crazy... right?
[23:29] <@DraHosting> If they fail, something else will happen.
[23:29] <+MitchieTorres> Tiff, I know what it's like to be in this position.
[23:29] <@DraHosting> Please choose a Celebrity to compete.
[23:29] <@DraHosting> It cannot be Kathy.
[23:29] <+EqEmerald> Oh my ^L^
[23:29] <+MitchieTorres> I know you'll choose the right person.
[23:29] <+TiffanyPollard> my HOMEGIRL Emerald! :)
[23:29] <+EqEmerald> (◜௰◝)
[23:29] <+EqEmerald> Thanks~
[23:29] <@DraHosting> Emerald it is
[23:29] <@DraHosting> TO MAIN CHAT for voting.
[23:30] <@DraHosting> (A) If the Celebrity SUCCEEDS, they receive the ability to steal someone's vote at elimination. If they FAIL, the Captain will steal the Celebrity's vote and vote twice at elimination.
[23:30] <+AuntKathy> Conf: True I won by default, but default is the best fault to have.
[23:30] <@DraHosting> Emerald, you must solve this puzzle in under three minutes and post a link to it as completed.
[23:31] <@DraHosting> in main here
[23:31] <+EqEmerald> Okay~
[23:31] <@DraHosting> Are you ready?
[23:31] <@DraHosting>
[23:31] <@DraHosting> GO
[23:31] <@DraHosting> at 11:34:08 the challenge ends
[23:32] <+AuntKathy> The snickerdoodles are done!
[23:32] <+AuntKathy> Who would care for some?
[23:33] <@DraHosting> me!
[23:33] <+AuntKathy> :O of course Mr. Dra. I'd be honored.
[23:33] <+AuntKathy> I made smiley faces on them, so that way we're sharing a smile :)
[23:33] <+MitchieTorres> Me! I'm starving.
[23:33] <+AuntKathy> Of course, here you go Mitchie.
[23:34] <+EqEmerald> i give up
[23:34] <+EqEmerald> omg
[23:34] <@DraHosting> time is up
[23:34] <+MitchieTorres> *eats snickerdoodle*
[23:34] <+EqEmerald> i mean uwu
[23:34] <@DraHosting> Tiffany will be taking Emerald's vote tonight.
[23:34] <+AuntKathy> I'll have to share some with fat cats too. Isn't that right Puma Thurman?
[23:34] <+EqEmerald> Okay, Tiff~✿
[23:34] == kelly_nishimoto [59d6afa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:34] <+EqEmerald> Use it wisely!✿
[23:35] <@DraHosting> It's time for the MVP vote.
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> *STANDS*
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> *whips immunity pass out of bra*
[23:35] <@DraHosting> America will now vote for an MVP.
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> I'D LIKE TO
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> PLAY WHATEVER THE FUCK THIS IS.
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> Ya'know, just to keep me SAFE for an extra week
[23:35] <+TiffanyPollard> *hands immunity pass to DRA*
[23:35] <@DraHosting> Tiffany is electing to use her immunity pass, gained from a secret challenge that only the Captain is able to compete in during the VIP challenge.
[23:35] <@DraHosting> This grants her the ability to overtake a role in the game and declare herself the winner.
[23:35] <@DraHosting> Tonight, Tiffany is the MVP without America's decision.
[23:35] * DraHosting tucks immunity pass away
[23:36] <@DraHosting> Since America will not be voting
[23:36] <@DraHosting> Tiffany is the MVP, and Kathy is the VIP
[23:36] <+EqEmerald> Oh my///
[23:36] <@DraHosting> Emerald cannot vote.
[23:36] <+EqEmerald> Tffany that was a really empowering move!~✿
[23:36] <@DraHosting> Tonight you must vote out EITHER Tess, Mitchie, Emerald, or Adele.
[23:36] <@DraHosting> Send in your votes now.
[23:37] <+MitchieTorres> Wow. Congratulations, Tiffany!
[23:37] <@DraHosting> Just a reminder, Tiffany also has two votes tonight.
[23:37] <+MitchieTorres> I'm so glad everyone's success is coming together.
[23:38] <+TessTyler> YOU won't be successful though at Final Jam.
[23:39] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[23:39] <+Adele_> The journey is coming ot an end
[23:39] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.
[23:39] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tiffany
[23:39] <+Adele_> And Istill haven't finished my deep emotional healing
[23:39] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mitchie
[23:39] <@DraHosting> Emerald, Adele, Tess.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> The three of you got votes tonight.
[23:40] <+EqEmerald> uwu ✿
[23:40] <@DraHosting> But with one vote.....
[23:40] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tess.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> Tess is safe.
[23:40] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, you need to stop voting for me. It's not gonna happen.
[23:40] <+AuntKathy> *Dra hosting pases renewal to Kathy*
[23:40] <@DraHosting> This vote has also tied 2-2 between Adele and Emerald.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> Tiffany.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> Tess.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> Mitchie.
[23:40] <@DraHosting> Please cast your re-votes in PM.
[23:40] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[23:40] <+TiffanyPollard> Mhm. and I WILL be using those two votes wisely. ;)
[23:41] <+MitchieTorres> Ugh, I hate having to choose between two good friends.
[23:41] <+MitchieTorres> *sigh*
[23:41] <+EqEmerald> ✿~
[23:42] <@DraHosting> Tiffany has not revoted, her vote stays the same.
[23:42] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 2-1....
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> x
[23:42] <@DraHosting> Emerald, your show has been cancelled. You are the SECOND member of the jury.
[23:42] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main chat.
[23:42] <+EqEmerald> ✿~
[23:43] == TessTyler changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Kathy, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany || JURY: Kelly, Emerald
[23:43] <+TiffanyPollard>
[23:43] <+AuntKathy> D: Emerald!
[23:43] <+TessTyler> Four more days til Final Jam....
[23:44] == mode/#TVStars [-v EqEmerald] by DraHosting
[23:44] <@DraHosting> ---END OF EPISODE---
[23:44] <+MitchieTorres> *strums*
[23:44] <+AuntKathy> Goodbye Emerald. You're a strong woman. Don't forget that!
[23:44] <+MitchieTorres> I've always been the kind of girl...🎹
[23:44] <+MitchieTorres> Who--
[23:45] <@DraHosting> ---FINALE---
[23:45] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: Welp. There goes my only friend in the game!!! Rest in piece angel, but mama Tiff is gonna win this for ya! <3
[23:45] <+MitchieTorres> Of course she heard me.
[23:45] <+AuntKathy> (Conf): I thought a girls night would cheer everyone up. But it's not helped. And now at the finale, I'm worried what will happen to me and my gal pals
[23:45] <@DraHosting> AUNT KATHY, THE SWEET AUNT
[23:45] <@DraHosting> MITCHIE TORRES, THE VICTIM
[23:45] <@DraHosting> TESS, THE BULLY
[23:46] <+TessTyler> I am NOT a bully.
[23:46] <@DraHosting> WHO IS GOING TO WIN THIS GAME?
[23:46] <@DraHosting> WE WILL FIND OUT................
[23:46] <+TessTyler> (also you missed out on saying tiffany - the head bitch in charge)
[23:46] <+TessTyler> (smh)
[23:46] <@DraHosting> this is a family program
[23:46] <@DraHosting> thank u
[23:46] <+TessTyler> Dra, let me just save you some time.
[23:46] <+TiffanyPollard> "The Sassy Princess"
[23:46] <@DraHosting> In the finale, we will no longer be doing Captain's Competitions or events.
[23:46] <+TiffanyPollard> How about.
[23:46] <+TiffanyPollard> THE FUCKING QUEEN.
[23:46] * TessTyler pulls out immunity pass
[23:46] <@DraHosting> Instead, the locations will be chosen for you.
[23:46] <+TiffanyPollard> or the ORIGINAL HBIC cause that's what I am sweetheart.
[23:46] <@DraHosting> Any advantages that may or may not exist in this game end when the next person is sent home.
[23:46] <+TiffanyPollard> Damn you got me so wrong here!
[23:47] <+TessTyler> I'm using this on myself in place of the VIP competition.
[23:47] <+TessTyler> Let's just fly to the location for the MVP.
[23:47] <+MitchieTorres> *sighs*
[23:47] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF:
[23:47] * TessTyler winks at Mitchie
[23:47] <+MitchieTorres> Right. Of course. Tess owns everything imaginable.
[23:47] <+MitchieTorres> Just when I thought I could take her down and make sure she
[23:48] <+AuntKathy> I didn't even know these coupons existed :O
[23:48] <@DraHosting> Tessa uses her immunity pass secured from being a Captain in a previous round.
[23:48] <+MitchieTorres> *mocking Tess* never sees Final Jam!!
[23:48] <+TiffanyPollard> CONF: that Tess girl is cute and all that... but in the end sis gorgeous is gonna, you know, devour cute.
[23:48] <@DraHosting> We are in Rio de Janeiro, not that it matters anymore.
[23:48] <@DraHosting> Tonight we will not have a VIP competition, but instead, Tess will be immune.
[23:48] <+Adele_> Rio.
[23:48] <+Adele_> My album is number 1 in Brazil.
[23:48] <@DraHosting> We will move along to the MVP vote for the week - the FINAL MVP vote of the game.
[23:48] <@DraHosting> America will now vote for an MVP.
[23:48] <+TiffanyPollard> Can I get some WINE? x_x
[23:48] <+TessTyler> Oh, one more thing.
[23:48] * TessTyler pulls out another immunity pass
[23:48] <+TessTyler> I'm using this one on Mitchie.
[23:48] <+Adele_> (CONF) I'm feeling hopeful about this finale. Making it to the end gives such closure to my relationship with Brad....and Tim.....and Adam.....and Josh.....and--
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> Excuse me?
[23:49] <+TessTyler> I can't afford for her to go home tonight because I need to CRUSH her in the Final Jam.
[23:49] <+TessTyler> I WILL END YOU.
[23:49] <@DraHosting> Interestingly enough, Tessa has used a second immunity pass gained once more from being a Captain in a previous round.
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> I...I just don't know what to say.
[23:49] <+TessTyler> Let's just get this over with.
[23:49] <+TessTyler> Final Jam is in 4 days and I'm ready.
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> Tess, I...
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> Maybe I was wrong about you.
[23:49] <@DraHosting> Mitchie will now be the MVP for the week, leaving Tiffany, Kathy, and Adele open to elimination without a chance at safety.
[23:49] <+TessTyler> Don't say anything.
[23:49] <+TessTyler> It's not a good thing.
[23:49] <@DraHosting> This definitely changes things up.
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> I...
[23:49] <+MitchieTorres> *smirks*
[23:50] <+MitchieTorres> I'm not going to dignify that with a response.
[23:50] <@DraHosting> Please send in your votes immediately.
[23:50] <+TiffanyPollard> I'll take a WHOLE bottle matter o' fact!
[23:50] <+TessTyler> And the judges of Final Jam aren't going to dignify your performance with a response either
[23:53] <@DraHosting> I need Mitchie to vote
[23:53] <+AuntKathy> Conf: Tess sure did a big twist-a-roo on us! I kind of wish I had won Captain at one point, but I fine being part of the crew too <3
[23:55] <@DraHosting> Votes are due at 11:56
[23:55] <@DraHosting> Celebrites, I have the votes.
[23:56] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Kathy
[23:56] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Adele
[23:56] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, Tiffany.
[23:56] <+TiffanyPollard>
[23:56] <@DraHosting> This vote has tied 2-2.
[23:56] <@DraHosting> Kathy and Adele will now re-vote.
[23:56] <EqEmerald> :O
[23:56] <@DraHosting> If they do not cast a re-vote by 11:58, they will keep their old vote,
[23:56] <+MitchieTorres> (I'm safe though)
[23:56] <@DraHosting> wait me
[23:56] <@DraHosting> you are
[23:56] <@DraHosting> me flopping horribly
[23:56] <EqEmerald> (gone)
[23:56] <@DraHosting> my hip
[23:57] <+TessTyler> (me)
[23:57] <@DraHosting> I'm a HOT mess tonight
[23:57] <@DraHosting> anyone who voted mitchie needs to revote
[23:57] <+TessTyler> At least some people have shown their true colors.
[23:57] <@DraHosting> Anyone who voted for Mitchie needs to revote
[23:58] <+MitchieTorres> Now I know who my real friends are...
[23:58] <+MitchieTorres> *sighs*
[23:58] <+MitchieTorres> I guess I have to go back to practicing for Final Jam. This was a disappointment for sure.
[23:58] <@DraHosting> NOW THEN!(:
[23:58] <@DraHosting> The vote is tied 2-2 between Kathy and Tiffany.
[23:59] <@DraHosting> If this vote deadlocks, Kathy and Tiffany will draw straws to decide who is eliminated.
[23:59] <@DraHosting> This is not Survivor - there are no rocks.
[23:59] <+TiffanyPollard> I'm scared right now and I LOVE it.
[23:59] <+MitchieTorres> *strums guitar*
[23:59] <@DraHosting> Mitchie and Adele need to vote
[23:59] <+MitchieTorres> I've always been the kind of girl...
[23:59] <+TiffanyPollard> *turns to Kathy*
[23:59] <+TiffanyPollard> I wish you... an ounce of luck.
[23:59] <@DraHosting> if you do not vote by 12:01 you keep your vote.
[00:00] <+TiffanyPollard> I WANNA DRAW STRAWS
[00:00] <+AuntKathy> The same to you Tiff. Care for what maybe the last snickerdoodle?
[00:00] * TessTyler practices for Final Jam
[00:00] <+TessTyler> Mitchie is going DOWN.
[00:00] <@DraHosting> This vote...
[00:00] <@DraHosting> has deadlocked.
[00:00] <@DraHosting> Tiffany and Kathy
[00:00] <@DraHosting> please approach me.
[00:00] <@DraHosting> The two of you are now going to draw straws.
[00:00] <+TiffanyPollard> AHAHAHAHAHA STRAWS IT IS THEN. :*
[00:01] <+TiffanyPollard> *approaches confidently*
[00:01] <+AuntKathy> I'm not a good artist but I'll try
[00:01] <+AuntKathy> *approaches*
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Tiffany, Kathy.
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Please pick a straw number 1-5.
[00:01] <+TiffanyPollard> I choose 1 because I am CLEARLY #1.
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Whoever draws the SHORT STRAW will be eliminated.
[00:01] <+AuntKathy> I guess I'll pick 4 :3
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Alright.
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Kathy chooses 4
[00:01] <+TiffanyPollard> THis... this is my last hope! In the name of Jesus almight PLEASE be right.
[00:01] <@DraHosting> Tiffany picks 1.
[00:02] <@DraHosting> 3......
[00:02] <@DraHosting> ....2.....
[00:02] <@DraHosting> .........1.................
[00:02] <@DraHosting>
[00:02] <@DraHosting> Kathy.
[00:02] <@DraHosting> You have drawn the short straw.
[00:02] <@DraHosting> Your time in this game is over and you are the third member of our jury.
[00:02] <+TiffanyPollard>
[00:02] <@DraHosting> Please exit to the left and PM me on main chat.
[00:02] <+AuntKathy> :O
[00:02] * Adele_ dramatically stares
[00:02] == TessTyler changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Adele, Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany || JURY: Kelly, Emerald, Kathy
[00:02] == mode/#TVStars [-v AuntKathy] by DraHosting
[00:02] <+MitchieTorres> *cries in cabin*
[00:03] <AuntKathy> I found some extra snickerdoodle dough and left you girls some cookies. Good luck and see you all at the Final Jam!
[00:03] <+MitchieTorres> All of my friends are leaving and I KNOW Tess is behind it.
[00:03] <+MitchieTorres> *picks up guitar🎸*
[00:04] <@DraHosting> Our next destination will be Rio de Janeiro
[00:04] <@DraHosting> Since we didn't get to go there before
[00:04] <+TessTyler> Three more days until the Final Jam!
[00:05] <@DraHosting> There will be no more MVP in this game.
[00:05] <@DraHosting> The VIP still cannot vote at this elimination.
[00:05] <@DraHosting> Let's get to it, I'm setting up the challenge now
[00:05] == MitchieTorres_ [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:06] <+TiffanyPollard>
[00:06] <@DraHosting> Let's get to it!
[00:06] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:
[00:07] <@DraHosting> *SEARCHES THE CITY*
[00:07] <@DraHosting> *RACES INTO THE BUS STOP*
[00:07] <@DraHosting> *CATCHES BUS*
[00:07] <MitchieTorres_> Get on board🎤🎤
[00:07] <@DraHosting> *DRIVES OFF TO GOSSIP STATION*
[00:07] <@DraHosting> it's that simple
[00:07] <@DraHosting> :)
[00:07] <@DraHosting> 3....
[00:07] <@DraHosting> 2.......
[00:07] <@DraHosting> 1.........
[00:07] <@DraHosting> GO
[00:07] <+TiffanyPollard> *SEARCHES THE CITY*
[00:07] <+TiffanyPollard> *RACES INTO THE BUS STOP*
[00:07] <@DraHosting> #GossipPlace
[00:07] <+TiffanyPollard> *catches bus*
[00:07] <@DraHosting> oops
[00:07] <@DraHosting> me
[00:07] <@DraHosting> don't join that till ur done
[00:07] <+TiffanyPollard> *drivs off to gossip station*
[00:07] <MitchieTorres_> Cmon lets ride the wa-ave🎸🎤🌊🌊
[00:08] == MitchieTorres [46c0cbfa@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[00:08] * TessTyler practices for the Final Jam
[00:09] <MitchieTorres_> *rehearses Final Jam performance*
[00:09] <+TessTyler> Me, myself and I agree🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> you'll never catch up with me🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> 'Cause I'm too cool, too cool🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> Yeah, I'm too cool to know you🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> Don't take it personal, don't get emotional🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> You know it's the truth I'm too cool for you🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> You think your hot but I'm sorry you're not🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> Exactly who do you think you are?
[00:09] <+TessTyler> Can't tell you what that you haven't got🎤
[00:09] <+TessTyler> When we walk into the room I'm too cool for you🎤
[00:10] <MitchieTorres_> You wanna rock like us cause we're never second pla-ce🏆🏆
[00:10] <EqEmerald> whoo
[00:11] <@DraHosting> Please send in votes immediately.
[00:11] <+TiffanyPollard> I told y'all New York was in it to win it! ;)
[00:11] <+TessTyler> CONF: I'm worried that Tiffany will win the Final Jam. Mitchie is pathetic and has no chance. But Tiffany is becoming an increasingly larger threat.
[00:11] <+TiffanyPollard> Now I can enjoy some fine wine and watch this shit go down cause y'all motherfuckers are CRAZY.
[00:12] <MitchieTorres_> I'm only focused on beating Tess at Final Jam now. And that means I have to do things I never thought I'd have to do.
[00:12] <MitchieTorres_> (Dra, PM)
[00:13] <+TiffanyPollard> .
[00:13] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 2-1..
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> x
[00:13] <@DraHosting> Adele, your show has been cancelled. You are the fourth member of the jury, please exit to the left and PM me on main.
[00:14] <MitchieTorres_> Tess, what you said makes sense.
[00:14] <MitchieTorres_> I need to be there to beat you at Final Jam.
[00:14] <MitchieTorres_> Because I'm going to beat you.
[00:14] == TessTyler changed the topic of #TVStars to: CELEBRITIES: Mitchie, Tess, Tiffany || JURY: Kelly, Emerald, Kathy, Adele
[00:14] <MitchieTorres_> 🎸
[00:14] <+TessTyler> Strong words from a loser.
[00:14] <+TessTyler> How's your mom by the way?
[00:14] <+TessTyler> Tell her the food this morning wasn't so good...
[00:15] <MitchieTorres_> She's fantastic, thank you very much.
[00:15] <MitchieTorres_> How's your mom?
[00:15] <MitchieTorres_> Let me know when you talk to her.
[00:15] <@DraHosting> WELL then
[00:15] <@DraHosting> Let's get to our FINAL
[00:15] <@DraHosting> VIP CHALLENGE OF THE GAME
[00:15] <MitchieTorres_> ...Sorry, that was kind of mean.
[00:15] <+TessTyler> ...
[00:15] <+TessTyler> I can't believe you just said that.
[00:15] <@DraHosting> As always, in true TV Stars fashion, the final VIP is a trivia competition.
[00:16] <MitchieTorres_> CONF: I never thought I'd stoop to Tess' level.
[00:16] <+TessTyler> You are SO not making it to the Final Jam.
[00:16] <@DraHosting> The first person to FIVE POINTS
[00:16] <@DraHosting> Will win the final VIP of the season.
[00:16] <+TessTyler> Trivia of what?
[00:16] <+TiffanyPollard> I... I... I don't keep up with this bullshit.
[00:16] <+TiffanyPollard> *clasps hands*
[00:16] <@DraHosting> This entire season
[00:16] <@DraHosting> @Tessa
[00:16] <@DraHosting> LET THE CHALLENGE BEGIN!
[00:16] <+TessTyler> Tessa?
[00:17] <+TessTyler> My name is Tess.
[00:17] <+TessTyler> Only my mom calls me Tessa.
[00:17] <@DraHosting> FIRST QUESTION.....
[00:17] <+TiffanyPollard> GOP
[00:17] <@DraHosting> Tiffany scores!
[00:17] <@DraHosting> Tiffay: 1 | Tess: 1 | Mitchie: 1
[00:17] <@DraHosting> wait me
[00:17] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 1 | Tess: 0 | Mitchie: 0
[00:17] <EqEmerald> (gone)
[00:17] <@DraHosting> hot mess
[00:17] <@DraHosting> QUESTION TWO
[00:18] <+TessTyler> Tess.
[00:18] <+TessTyler> Me.
[00:18] <@DraHosting> Tess scores!
[00:18] <+TiffanyPollard> Shit...
[00:18] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 1 | Tess: 1 | Mitchie: 0
[00:18] <+TessTyler> I remember all of my successes.
[00:18] <@DraHosting> QUESTION THREE....
[00:18] <+TiffanyPollard> Adele
[00:18] <@DraHosting> Tiffany scores!
[00:18] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 2 | Tess: 1 | Mitchie: 0
[00:18] <+TiffanyPollard> MHM MHM HMM
[00:18] <@DraHosting> First to five.
[00:19] <+TessTyler> That one was too easy, I should have gotten it.
[00:19] <+TessTyler> Focus, Tess, focus
[00:19] <MitchieTorres_> This is hopeless.
[00:19] <MitchieTorres_> I'll never make Final Jam at this rate.
[00:19] <@DraHosting> I had to plug in my computer
[00:19] <@DraHosting> NEXT QUESTION
[00:19] <MitchieTorres_> *pouts*
[00:20] <+TiffanyPollard> Farrah
[00:20] <+TessTyler> Mitchie?
[00:20] <@DraHosting> TIFFANY SCORES
[00:20] <+TiffanyPollard> xoxoxoxo
[00:20] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 3 | Tess: 1 | Mitchie: 0
[00:20] <MitchieTorres_> Shoot.
[00:20] <MitchieTorres_> I should know.
[00:20] <MitchieTorres_> I did that!
[00:20] <MitchieTorres_> Ugh.
[00:21] <+TessTyler> You don't know anything.
[00:21] <+TiffanyPollard> HARSH gurl harsh!
[00:21] <@DraHosting> NEXT QUESTION
[00:21] <+TessTyler> Mitchie?
[00:21] <@DraHosting> Tess is correct!
[00:21] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 3 | Tess: 2 | Mitchie: 0
[00:21] <+TessTyler> I'm guessing Mitchie for all of them.
[00:21] <@DraHosting> Mitchie is out of it.
[00:22] <+TessTyler> Womp womp.
[00:22] <@DraHosting> NEXT QUESTION
[00:22] <+TessTyler> 0
[00:22] <+TiffanyPollard> 0
[00:22] <+TiffanyPollard> 1
[00:22] <@DraHosting> Tess is correct!
[00:22] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 3 | Tess: 3 | Mitchie: 0
[00:22] <@DraHosting> NEXT QUESTION
[00:22] <+TiffanyPollard> JUN
[00:22] <+TiffanyPollard> PEI
[00:23] <@DraHosting> Correct!
[00:23] <+TessTyler> Junpei?
[00:23] <@DraHosting> Tiffany scores!
[00:23] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 4 | Tess: 3 | Mitchie: 0
[00:23] <@DraHosting> WHO WAS THE MVP IN WEEK FOUR?
[00:23] <+TessTyler> kathy
[00:23] <+TiffanyPollard> ME
[00:24] <+TessTyler> emerald
[00:24] <+TiffanyPollard> (oops idrk)
[00:24] <+TessTyler> kelly
[00:24] <+TessTyler> tiffany
[00:24] <@DraHosting> Kathy is correct!
[00:24] <@DraHosting> Tess scores
[00:24] <+TessTyler> mitchie
[00:24] <@DraHosting> Tiffany: 4 | Tess: 4 | Mitchie: 0
[00:24] <@DraHosting> This is most likely going to be the final roudn
[00:24] <@DraHosting> round*
[00:24] <+TessTyler> Don't count Mitchie out just yet.
[00:24] * TessTyler laughs
[00:24] <+TessTyler> Just kidding, count her out.
[00:24] <@DraHosting> FINAL QUESTION? MAYBE
[00:25] <+TiffanyPollard> FARRAH
[00:25] <+TiffanyPollard> KELLY
[00:25] <+TiffanyPollard> EMERALD
[00:25] <+TessTyler> kelly
[00:25] <+TessTyler> Did I get it?
[00:25] <@DraHosting> IT WAS KELLY!
[00:25] <EqEmerald> (yassss tiff <3)
[00:25] <+TessTyler> wtf?
[00:25] <+TessTyler> it shows farrah on my screen
[00:25] == Adele_ [4a58dc64@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:25] <+TessTyler> it shows that tiffany said farrah first
[00:25] <+TessTyler> then kelly
[00:26] <@DraHosting> I have the vote.
[00:26] <AuntKathy> (I feel like we should have Final Jam before this vote is read)
[00:26] <+TiffanyPollard> (DRA PM)
[00:27] <+TessTyler> Well, Mitchie.
[00:27] <+TessTyler> I guess one of us isn't going to the Final Jam.
[00:27] <MitchieTorres_> *clutches guitar case*
[00:27] <MitchieTorres_> I... I don't know if
[00:27] <MitchieTorres_> I'm ready to leave just yet...
[00:28] <+TessTyler> Me nether.
[00:28] <+TessTyler> Neither*
[00:28] <+TessTyler> My mom just texted me and said she wanted to see me at the Final Jam.
[00:28] <+TessTyler> I haven't seen her in weeks.
[00:29] <MitchieTorres_> I was really excited to finally get a chance to perform in front of a crowd on a scale like the Final Jam.
[00:29] <MitchieTorres_> *flips through song book tearing up*
[00:30] <@DraHosting> this is such a mess
[00:30] <@DraHosting> @my PM
[00:31] <MitchieTorres_> The Final Jam is what I came here for, but it's not gonna be the same if I win against someone other than Tess.
[00:32] <+TessTyler> What if Tiffany gave up her VIP to me?
[00:33] <@DraHosting> well you have all extended this
[00:33] <@DraHosting> to be 5 hours
[00:33] <@DraHosting> iconic.
[00:33] <+TessTyler> Dra, let Tiffany give up her VIP.
[00:33] <+TessTyler> The Final Jam is at stake.
[00:33] <@DraHosting> If Tiffany does not do anything until 12:34:30
[00:34] <@DraHosting> I am reading the vote
[00:34] == TiffanypOllard_ [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:34] <TiffanypOllard_> saand
[00:34] <+TessTyler> Tiffany is back
[00:34] <+TessTyler> Tiffany, can you give me your VIP?
[00:34] <+TessTyler> The Final Jam is at stake.
[00:34] <@DraHosting> it's 12:34:30 and nothing has happened
[00:34] <@DraHosting> I am reading the vote
[00:34] <+TessTyler> No.
[00:34] <+TessTyler> I'm quitting otherwise.
[00:35] <MitchieTorres_> The point of reality shows like this is to showcase a world where ordinary people create their world.
[00:35] <@DraHosting> this is ridiculous
[00:35] <+TessTyler> Mitchie is right
[00:35] <+TessTyler> This is a show where we make the rules
[00:35] <+TessTyler> And the final jam is in ONE DAY.
[00:35] <+TessTyler> Tiffany has already agreed to give up her VIP!
[00:35] <MitchieTorres_> By not allowing the Final Jam to happen despite a demand by these ordinary people...
[00:35] <@DraHosting> Tiffany is not speaking
[00:35] == TiffanypOllard_ [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:35] <MitchieTorres_> You're defeating the purpose of the show.
[00:35] <@DraHosting> me on the daily
[00:35] <+TessTyler> (her internet isnt working)
[00:35] <+TessTyler> (but)
[00:35] <+TessTyler> (i have pm's)
[00:35] <@DraHosting> I'm reading the vote
[00:35] <+TessTyler> (and tiffany has literally asked you in PM several times)
[00:35] <+TessTyler> no im actually gonna quit
[00:35] <MitchieTorres_> me as well
[00:36] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]
[00:36] <+TessTyler> give tiffany some time
[00:36] <+TessTyler> to make a FORMAL decision
[00:37] <+TessTyler> The fate of Final Jam rests on it
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> Actually, I'd never quit...but we should get an official statement from Tiffany.
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> I respect whatever decision she makes...
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> From one artist to another.
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> Don't close your eyes🎤
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> We're all in this together🎸
[00:37] <MitchieTorres_> Forever🎵
[00:38] <+TessTyler> I'm willing to wait for Tiffany to come back an make a formal decision
[00:38] <+TessTyler> What about you, Mitchie?
[00:39] <MitchieTorres_> Even if she says she isn't doing it, it's worth waiting for an official statement. As much as I hate you, you're right...sometimes
[00:39] <+TessTyler> (evacuate tiffany
[00:39] <+TessTyler> )
[00:40] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:40] <+TessTyler> Alright, Tiffany, let me just formally ask you
[00:40] <+TessTyler> Can you give me your VIP?
[00:41] <+TessTyler> The fate of Final Jam rests on it
[00:41] == kellynishimoto [59d6afa6@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:42] <+TessTyler> FINAL JAM IS IN LESS THAN 24 HOURS!!!
[00:42] <+TessTyler> My mother is flying all the way from Japan.
[00:42] <+TessTyler> To be there.
[00:42] <@DraHosting> can I read the vote yes
[00:42] <@DraHosting> yet*
[00:42] <+TessTyler> I NEED TO CRUSH MITCHIE LIVE.
[00:42] <+TessTyler> No.
[00:42] <@DraHosting> <_>
[00:42] <+TessTyler> Tiffany has to give me her VIP first
[00:42] == mode/#TVStars [+v MitchieTorres_] by DraHosting
[00:42] <+TessTyler> Or at least say no
[00:42] == mode/#TVStars [+v TiffanyPollard] by DraHosting
[00:43] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:43] <+TessTyler> im screaming
[00:43] <@DraHosting> She snapchatted me
[00:43] <@DraHosting> I can read the vote.
[00:43] <+TessTyler> (WAIT)
[00:43] <+TessTyler> (WATI!11!1!!I)
[00:43] <@DraHosting> The final person voted out and the fifth and final member of the jury......
[00:43] <+TessTyler> PM ME
[00:43] <+TessTyler> NO
[00:43] <+TessTyler> I quit
[00:43] <+TessTyler> I'm quitting.
[00:43] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, you have shown me what real friendship looks like.
[00:43] == TIffanyPolaro [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:44] <+TessTyler> tiffany welcome back
[00:44] <@DraHosting> Mitchie.
[00:44] <+TessTyler> TIFFANY
[00:44] <@DraHosting> Mitchie, your time in this game is over.
[00:44] <@DraHosting> You are the fifth and final member of the jury.
[00:44] <TIffanyPolaro> stands
[00:44] <+TessTyler> I quit before you could read it
[00:44] <+TessTyler> Tiffany, give me your VIP
[00:44] <@DraHosting> Fine then
[00:44] <@DraHosting> Tess quits
[00:44] <@DraHosting> The final two is Mitchie and Tiffany
[00:44] <TIffanyPolaro> do you quit or do i give you vip this
[00:44] <+TessTyler> Tiffany stood.
[00:44] <+TessTyler> Tiffany give me your VIP
[00:44] <TIffanyPolaro> the votewas readwhat
[00:44] <+TessTyler> please
[00:44] <+TessTyler> no
[00:44] <+TessTyler> dra is being impatient.
[00:44] <+TessTyler> But the Final Jam is 24 hours away
[00:45] <@DraHosting> Mitchie is out of this game.
[00:45] <+TessTyler> We have time
[00:45] <@DraHosting> I read the vote.
[00:45] <+TessTyler> I don't think so!
[00:45] <@DraHosting> Stop stalling for time
[00:45] == mode/#TVStars [-v MitchieTorres_] by DraHosting
[00:45] <+TessTyler> Tiffany stood
[00:45] <+TessTyler> Let's hear her out
[00:45] <+TessTyler> This is racism
[00:45] <@DraHosting> I'm screaming
[00:45] <@DraHosting> I have already read the vote
[00:45] <MitchieTorres_> (Honestly)
[00:45] <@DraHosting> SHe told me to read the vote over snapchat
[00:45] <+TessTyler> but I quit before that
[00:45] <kellynishimoto> (omg)
[00:45] <+TessTyler> So ........
[00:45] <@DraHosting> Well then you're the final person voted out
[00:45] <+TessTyler> but let's hear tiffany out first
[00:45] <@DraHosting> Mitchie and Tiffany are the final two
[00:45] <MitchieTorres_> (No ill legitimately take third)
[00:45] <@DraHosting> my knees
[00:45] <+TessTyler> (but final jam)
[00:45] <MitchieTorres_> (Give me third a f3 wit looks really bad)
[00:46] <MitchieTorres_> (In the movie Demi doesn't even get to officially
[00:46] == TIffanyPolaro [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]
[00:46] <MitchieTorres_> compete in final jam)
[00:46] <@DraHosting> Mitchie gets third place, Tiffany votes him out
[00:46] <@DraHosting> THE FINAL TWO!!!
[00:46] <+TessTyler> (lmao ok)
[00:46] <@DraHosting> TESS AND TIFFANY!!
[00:46] <+TessTyler> Finally.
[00:46] <@DraHosting> thank you for being a good sport
[00:46] <+TessTyler> Mitchie, like I said.
[00:46] <@DraHosting> @mitchie
[00:46] <+TessTyler> You will NEVER see the Final Jam.
[00:46] <+TessTyler> Never.
[00:47] == TiffanyPollard [49af1c3e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars
[00:47] <@DraHosting> The jury will now vote for a winner.
[00:47] <TiffanyPollard> WHAT is this mess
[00:47] <TiffanyPollard> who is going
[00:47] <+TessTyler> tiffany
[00:47] <TiffanyPollard> what am I doing
[00:47] <@DraHosting> You will vote for either Tiffany or Tess to win the game.
[00:47] <+TessTyler> can you make a decision
[00:47] <+TessTyler> are you
[00:47] <+TessTyler> giving me vip
[00:47] <kellynishimoto> (can i write essays)
[00:47] <@DraHosting> yes
[00:47] <@DraHosting> @Kelly
[00:47] <@DraHosting> I have already read the vote
[00:47] <@DraHosting> the final two
[00:47] <@DraHosting> is literally Tiffany and TEss
[00:47] <TiffanyPollard> o
[00:47] <@DraHosting> I just got two jury votes
[00:47] <@DraHosting> this is the finale
[00:47] <kellynishimoto> (hot when do i gotta submit my vote)
[00:47] <+TessTyler> dylan damn make a decision!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[00:47] <@DraHosting> now
[00:47] <@DraHosting> @Kelly
[00:47] <AuntKathy> *walks back for finale)
[00:47] <kellynishimoto> but thats not enough time)
[00:47] <+TessTyler> *notices mother in the audience*
[00:47] <+TessTyler> This is it.
[00:48] <+TessTyler> Final Jam.
[00:48] <+TessTyler> Wake up when will things be good enough for you to see
[00:48] <+TessTyler> All that we can be
[00:48] <+TessTyler> I'm sick of playin' games and actin' like we never care
[00:48] <+TessTyler> That we're never there
[00:48] <+TessTyler> We pay attention for only seconds
[00:48] <AuntKathy> I baked lemon squares for everyone. Even you dra <3
[00:48] <@DraHosting> I need Adele's vote
[00:48] <EqEmerald> Yay~
[00:48] <@DraHosting> If she doesn't come back by 12:50 I'm using Farrah
[00:48] <+TessTyler> Look at you, look at me
[00:48] <+TessTyler> There's never any us, can't you see?
[00:48] <+TessTyler> All we can become we can shine like the sun
[00:48] <+TessTyler> If we believe that 2 stars are brighter than one
[00:48] <+TessTyler> C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, look at you
[00:48] <+TessTyler> C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, look at me
[00:48] <+TessTyler> Listen the way we feel is not just about you or me
[00:48] <+TessTyler> It's the harmony, just give in
[00:48] <+TessTyler> 'Cuz together we'll be brighter than any star, a work of art
[00:48] <+TessTyler> We'll make the sky bright, we'll light it, you and I
[00:48] <+TessTyler> Look at you, look at me
[00:48] <+TessTyler> There's never any us, can't you see?
[00:48] <+TessTyler> All we can become we can shine like the sun
[00:48] <+TessTyler> If we believe that 2 stars are brighter than one
[00:48] <+TessTyler> C'mon, c'mon, c'mon, look at you
[00:49] <+TessTyler> C'mon, c'mon, c'mon
[00:49] * TessTyler stumbles
[00:49] * TessTyler notices mother walking away talking on the phone
[00:49] <+TessTyler> Wha...
[00:49] <+TessTyler> I....
[00:49] * TessTyler runs away from final jam stage
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[00:49] <AuntKathy> Oh no, poor Tess...
[00:50] <@DraHosting> this is my favorite final tribal council
[00:50] <@DraHosting> wait
[00:50] <@DraHosting> I'm a hot mess
[00:50] <@DraHosting> this is my favorite ending?(: of tv stars
[00:50] <@DraHosting> I HAVE THE VOTES
[00:50] <@DraHosting> RETURN TO MAIN CHAT
[00:50] <@DraHosting> FOR THE READING