This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Bollywood.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#16 AlexFace Alex Jones Alex did very little to anything before deciding that he didn't want to play the game anymore. Him essentially quitting is also pretty much the reason that the returnee competition was cancelled, so him leaving like that heavily negatively impacted the season.
#15 MrPBFace Mr. Peanutbutter It's not that he was bad, because he was good for the ten seconds he was there, but that's just it - he was there for ten seconds.
#14 LeonardFace Leonard Leonard was very good in the first episode...and then he kind of stopped talking out loud in the main chat area, therefore, he did not get a lot of content except for what was known about his actions behind the scenes. It doesn't help that he essentially gave up, either.
#13 TomFace Tom Nook Tom was originally extremely high, but upon reviewing the transcript and writing episode summaries, he actually didn't do much of anything. He was a good ally to Villager and enabled him, but his only content was talking about "booty calls", which is out of character for him, and making out of character references to users, disgusing it as references to animal crossing characters.
#12 ClemontFace Clemont Clemont was very interesting and he tied into the Pokemon characters very well. It was actually very beneficial for Jessie and James in the game because they focused on interactions with each other, occasionally including Clemont. Clemont himself was actually pretty good when reviewing the transcript, he was just too quiet to be any higher.
#11 Farrah2Face Farrah Abraham Farrah was actually hilarious when she talked, and was extremely over the top and rude like usual. The only problem? She ended up vanishing into thin air, which is a shame.
#10 OriFace Ori Ori had a great two-episode arc. He began a brigade against the returning players which was working until April foiled his plans by spilling the beans to Korra. It was then that Ori became a major threat to the returnees and voted him out viciously, which made for a great story.
#9 JamesFace Team Rocket James James had funny interactions with Jessie, and he's only this low because he essentially gave up near the end of the game. For the time he was in, he parodied some great events from the Pokemon Anime and was enjoyable.
#8 DravivorFace Dravivor654 Dravivor is high naturally because he's Dravivor654, but aside from this, he had hilarious OTTN moments that made for great content when writing the episodes. The only thing keeping him from the top is his under-the-radar break in the middle of the game.
#7 Villager2Face Villager Villager was the villain that the season needed, and I loved him for that. He managed to take over the first bit of the game and maintained his murderous nature, almost never going out of character for anything. It was entertaining to have him around and I don't get the hate that he gets!
#6 JessieFace Team Rocket Jessie Jessie was the breakout star of the game. After splitting from James during the Leonard vote, she became a core ally to Korra's alliance of women, and followed through with it after James was eliminated. This expanded her character greatly and made her the fan favorite of the season.
#5 AlyssaFace Alyssa Edwards Alyssa gets too much hate! She may have been quiet but she had excellent moments and was surprisingly adept at strategy. She was extremely quotable and I loved her quirkiness and over-the-top attitude. Her making the final two was surprising and amazing, and I'm glad it happened. Not to mention, this is Eve's second roleplay character ever, and she did spectacularly.
#4 ReginaFace Regina Regina's extreme negativity was hilarious to watch, and her surviving the straw draw was extremely intense. It's a shame she didn't get deeper, because she was definitely a star of the season and deserved to get deeper. She has the potential to be a great winner!
#3 AprilFace April April was originally very low due to the fact she was pretty unnoticeable with her plain text and lowercase name, but upon reviewing the transcript, she ran pretty much the entire game and spearheaded eliminations left and right! Not to mention she is extremely quotable and fun to watch. April was actually a star of the season.
#2 AshleeHFace Ashlee Ashlee stole the show with her accurate parody of a certain user. Though she had a short stay, she was extremely funny and played a trainwrecky game that allowed her to get voted out fairly early on. However, her arguments with Korra and Regina were great, and she evolved from a well-rounded character to a hot mess that I absolutely adored.
#1 Korra2Face Korra Korra naturally was a star of the season. Her being a returning player gave her an edge content-wise, but she was actually an underdog for the first half of the game because of the sentiment against the returnees. It was surprising to me how she overcame many obstacles and made her way to the finals, where she won the game, going from first out to first place. Korra is a worthy competitor and outstanding character.

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