This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Broadway.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#12 MakoFace Mako Mako honestly didn't do anything noteworthy, but his cast pic keeps him from being absolutely hated by me. Him quitting bumps him down to the bottom and places him in the only spot in a considerable 'dislike' section.
#11 AsamiFace Asami Jax didn't really want to play in the RP, but because of OHF, he played anyway to help form the #Krew alliance. Even if she wasn't the best character, she won the first VIP and had some interactions before being blindsided.
#10 AttentionFace Attention Whore Epic didn't really pay too much attention to the RP, causing AttentionWhore to fall really flat after the first elimination or so. She still managed to be funny and make various appearances in the game without becoming annoying or anything. As a side character, I think she went too far for my liking.
#9 KorraFace Korra Korra was actually hilarious. There was something about her that made me love her -- probably because she kept spamming ~+~ AIRBENDS ~+~. She was a funny character and would be ranked higher if she didn't keep changing names and talking for other Avatars that weren't in the game at all.
#8 CatbugFace Catbug Catbug was supposed to be cute and cuddly, but JE failed to pull this off, causing Catbug's appearance in the RP to be kinda confusing and strange. But because he was so confusing and strange, he was actually kind of hilarious and great to have around. He originally was second to last on the rankings, but after some thinking, he is liked far more than the others beneath him.
#7 BolinFace Bolin As the last member of the #Krew alliance remaining, Bolin was incredibly lulzy and funny to work with in the RP. It sucks that he got out as the first jury member and didn't go further, but his lasting character was amazing.
#6 ParvatiFace Pornvati Swallow She was a hilarious take on the fake RP character for Sliemy1 called PornvatiSwallow. Bruno played her well and I enjoyed her role as the Paparazzi. It was incredibly fun to watch go down, and I think the Paparazzi twist saved her from being lower in some aspects.
#5 CassandraFace Cassandra Her snarkiness and character-related dislike to the game really was interesting to watch. In the beginning I thought she was a troll character, but it turned out she wasn't and it was just the character to not care about anything. Considering the person who played her never plays women, this was really honorable and fun.
#4 AshleeFace Ashlee Williams She was incredibly fun to watch play out in the game, despite her voting for herself at first. The person who played her actually had to be asked repeatedly to play -- and yet she somehow made it to the end with the odds against her with the alliance made to blindside her. She was an interesting character to watch play out.
#3 TinaFace Tina Belcher Tina was a really prominent character who I enjoyed watching exist in the game. She never had a dull moment and she did a ton for the records. Of course, with the name being Tina and with her being a strategic force, she gets bumped to the top automatically.
#2 PokemonTrainerFace Pokemon Trainer PokemonTrainer actually did a lot more than I gave credit for. He worked with Tina, and became a dominating force with her near Cassandra's elimination. After flipping on her and flipping back, I still question why he did it, but in the end, he still won, and that's incredibly amazing.
#1 GideonFace Gideoncrawle This was one of the best user parodies I've ever had the pleasure of hosting with. It sucks that he got out so early in the jury because he was so funny to watch. Nobody -- not even me -- really ever read what he posted because it was huge blocks of text at once that mocked the way Gideon himself talks on the wiki. I hope this comes back for a future season because he was truly amazing.