[20:47] <@DraHosting> ~ recording begins now ~

[20:47] <+AttentionWhore> OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOSH

[20:47] <@DraHosting> WEEK ONE

[20:47] * Tina_Belcher looks at the camera.

[20:47] * MicheleBachmann_ enters the house

[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> Uh...

[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> hi mom,


[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> dad,

[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> Gene.


[20:47] <+Gideoncrawle> In fact, I have come here for the sole purpose of advertising my infamous story, The Legend of Total Drama Island. I have heard from many of those with an eye for true masterpieces that it is rather well done, and I believed that many would be rather interested in the fan-fiction. I do hope for some sort of large cult following in the future, though.

[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> Louise.

[20:47] <+Tina_Belcher> Look at me!

[20:47] <+Bolin|> ice cream???

[20:47] * Korra_ thrusts arms forward

[20:47] <+Mako|> ..


[20:47] <+MicheleBachmann_> I came here to make supporters.

[20:47] <+Korra_> AIRBEND

[20:47] <+Korra_> AIRBEND

[20:47] <+Bolin|> i would go for ice cream right now

[20:47] <+MicheleBachmann_> Not FRIENDS.

[20:47] <+Korra_> AIRBEND

[20:47] * Pokemon_Trainer6 enters door but trips

[20:47] <+Gideoncrawle> It may be asking for a bit much, but I myself believe that it is attainable. 

[20:47] <+Bolin|> did you know korra can waterbend????

[20:48] <+Catbug-> what are the teams?

[20:48] == DraFan73 has changed nick to Gwopher_

[20:48] <+Asami|> You'll get it someday! @Korra

[20:48] * Tina_Belcher watches Mako's buns as he walks around.

[20:48] * Tina_Belcher drools.

[20:48] <+Catbug-> they told me there were teams

[20:48] <+Gwopher_> hi guys!!!!1!11!!11


[20:48] <+Cassandra|> (back)

[20:48] <+Gwopher_> newbie here !

[20:48] <+Cassandra|> Oh joy @Gwopher

[20:48] <@DraHosting> I like drafan better

[20:48] <+Tina_Belcher> Hi, Gwopher.

[20:48] <+Gwopher_> does anyone here like BUDDY HOLLY?!?!1?!1/!1/1

[20:48] <+Gwopher_> (o @Dra)

[20:48] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> My personal favorite legandry pokemon is Bidoof. I've never seen one but I hear they're amazing!

[20:48] <+MicheleBachmann_> HEY!

[20:48] <@DraHosting> NOW THEN !!!

[20:48] <+MicheleBachmann_> GWOPHER!

[20:48] <+MicheleBachmann_> DO YOU LIKE

[20:48] <+MicheleBachmann_> OBAMA

[20:48] <+MicheleBachmann_> ????????????/

[20:49] <@DraHosting> Let's all take a second and have our first house meeting

[20:49] * Tina_Belcher tries to lick her nose.

[20:49] <@DraHosting> before you all settle in.

[20:49] <+Tina_Belcher> This is hard.

[20:49] <@DraHosting> and before I set the topic

[20:49] <+Tina_Belcher> hmm..

[20:49] * PornvatiSwallow walks in

[20:49] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, our first season in hollywood was a major test run.

[20:49] <+Catbug-> bidoof!

[20:49] <@DraHosting> Our basic format established itself

[20:49] <@DraHosting> and now it's time to improve upon it.

[20:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, Pornvati. You have a nice butt.

[20:49] <+Cassandra|> and it failed massively, I presume?

[20:49] <@DraHosting> Your VIP challenges are very simple.

[20:49] <+PornvatiSwallow> Thanks you! <3 @Tina

[20:49] <@DraHosting> They will be explained when the time comes to do one

[20:49] <+Catbug-> we have an impossibear and a jelly kid

[20:49] <+Gideoncrawle> Silence yourselves and let Hosting proceed on before any sort of administrative action is forced to be taken. ~ the "evil man" who calls himself GideonCrawle

[20:49] <@DraHosting> But for this season, the outgoing VIP winner will not be able to win VIP again for the second week in a row

[20:50] <@DraHosting> Nobody is allowed to hog immunity this time around, kiddies.

[20:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Can I grab them? @Pornvati.

[20:50] * Korra_ smirks

[20:50] <@DraHosting> You all should keep up your appearance, too. The MVP vote still exists.

[20:50] <+AttentionWhore> PFFT

[20:50] <+Cassandra|> I wasn't planning on it anyways.

[20:50] <@DraHosting> America, aka wiki chat, will be voting for someone to be their favorite.

[20:50] <+AttentionWhore> THAT'S SO UNFAIR! :(

[20:50] <+Asami|> *flips hair*

[20:50] <+Bolin|> omg

[20:50] <+AttentionWhore> I SHOULD WIN ALL THE IMMUNITIES.

[20:50] <@DraHosting> You cannot be MVP twice in a row, either.

[20:50] <+Bolin|> PUBLIC???????

[20:50] <+AttentionWhore> FOR BEING MY BEAUTIFUL SELF

[20:50] <+Bolin|> im a celebrity this is PERFECT

[20:50] <@DraHosting> NOW THEN

[20:50] * AttentionWhore flips hair

[20:50] <@DraHosting> Before I let you unpack

[20:50] == Gwopher_ has changed nick to Ashlee_Williams

[20:50] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> For someone reason Pornvati's butt isn't as alluring as Mako's to me.

[20:50] <@DraHosting> I must reveal one more secret element to you...

[20:50] <+Bolin|> just kidding i'm not a real celebrity :(

[20:50] * Ashlee_Williams poses for the camera

[20:50] <+Bolin|> i was once though i think

[20:50] <+Cassandra|> Do I look like I care what America thinks of me?

[20:50] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm confused.

[20:50] <+Ashlee_Williams> Make sure you get my good side! 

[20:51] <+Cassandra|> But alright, I'll keep it in mind, I suppose.

[20:51] <@DraHosting> You may believe that there are 13 celebrities in the house with you.

[20:51] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw. You make me sad. :( @PokemonTrainer

[20:51] <+Bolin|> KORRA is a celebrity though!!!!!!!!

[20:51] <@DraHosting> But in actuality, there are not.

[20:51] <+Bolin|> everyone knows the AVATAR!!!

[20:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey Bolin, want to be in my erotic friendfiction?

[20:51] <+Asami|> :o

[20:51] <@DraHosting> ONE OF YOU

[20:51] <@DraHosting> Is actually a member of the Paparazzi.

[20:51] <@DraHosting> :OO!!!!!

[20:51] <+Asami|> :-O

[20:51] * Korra_ raises eyebrow

[20:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Isn't that what follows around celebrities?

[20:51] <+Catbug-> Paparazzi!

[20:51] <@DraHosting> This twist on the game is a special role for one of you to take on.

[20:51] <+Catbug-> I love that band!

[20:51] <+Cassandra|> Wow shocker. Another uninspired twist. What's next, a news anchor?

[20:51] <+Korra_> (CONF): It's probably Mako... he's good with detective stuff.

[20:51] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Your boobs on the other hand are nice, like doudos! @ Pornvati

[20:51] <@DraHosting> You will be in charge of your own secret goal.

[20:51] <+Mako|> Is it voting out ex-girlfriends that broke your heart?

[20:51] <@DraHosting> But, for the house to know

[20:51] <+Mako|> If so, I don't like it.

[20:51] <@DraHosting> At week seven, when MVP ends

[20:51] == Fanatic [40cbbddf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[20:51] <@DraHosting> The Paparazzi must fulfill their goal

[20:52] <+Asami|> (CONF): Paparazzi? I have no idea who it could be -- everyone seems so nice here!

[20:52] <+Catbug-> everyone talks about this stuff. what is it?

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Mako, are you currently dating anyone? I'm avaliable, you know.

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm almost 16

[20:52] <Fanatic> Yo sup guys

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> I even kind of have boobs.

[20:52] <@DraHosting> are you like

[20:52] <@DraHosting> back

[20:52] * Tina_Belcher sticks out her flat chest.

[20:52] <+Mako|> Sorry Tina, but it's complicated.

[20:52] <@DraHosting> or are you gonna quit

[20:52] <@DraHosting> @Fanatic

[20:52] <+Cassandra|> Sounds like too much buildup for too little benefit. @Dra

[20:52] <+MicheleBachmann_> Is that the legal age now in america?

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh... I understand.

[20:52] <Fanatic> Gave god my mix tape and he let me get another chance

[20:52] <+MicheleBachmann_> IS THIS WHAT OBAMA  DID?

[20:52] <+Cassandra|> Very TV Stars.

[20:52] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Pornvati also has boobs. 

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Pornvati is pretty.

[20:52] <+Catbug-> boobs?

[20:52] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> They seem to know fly and use it everytime she walks. 

[20:52] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm just average Tina.

[20:53] <+Gideoncrawle> Paparazzi, you say? Hmph, that's a rather interesting "twist", if I do say so myself. I have a heap of those planned for my most gargantuan project to date, The Legend of Total Drama Island. Feedback would be highly appreciated, and the more feedback I am able to receive the swifter the nineteenth night shall be posted. Not too long before the identity behind Brett's Mother is finally revealed ~ the "evil man" who calls himself 

[20:53] <+Cassandra|> Yes, women have boobs. This is news to everybody.

[20:53] <@DraHosting> ANYWAYS

[20:53] <+Tina_Belcher> Gideon, you seem really smart.

[20:53] <+Tina_Belcher> You would like my sister Louise.

[20:53] <@DraHosting> Get settled in

[20:53] <+Mako|> Well it's not like you're not pretty, but I'm just dealing with a break-up... *looks at KOrra*

[20:53] <@DraHosting> talk amongst yourselves

[20:53] <+Catbug-> but why you talking about boobs all the time?

[20:53] <@DraHosting> The role of Paparazzi is about to be assigned. 

[20:53] <+AttentionWhore> BOOBS?

[20:53] <+Catbug-> we're good kids

[20:53] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I wasn't awatre of these boobs but now I seem them everywhere.

[20:53] <@DraHosting> Be on the look out for any strange behavior

[20:53] <+Cassandra|> I have boobs, Pornvati (whom I can only assume is some horny 12 year old boy's fantasy) has boobs, Ashlee has boobs, and so on, and so forth.

[20:53] <+AttentionWhore> I HAVE SUCH GOOD BOOBS

[20:53] <+Tina_Belcher> It seems complicated. Maybe I could help you, Mako?

[20:53] <+AttentionWhore> LOK AT THEM

[20:53] * AttentionWhore jiggles boobs

[20:53] <+Tina_Belcher> I've never had a boyfriend before, but, it seems fun.

[20:53] <+Mako|> Uh...

[20:53] <+Bolin|> "LOK" at them??

[20:53] * Tina_Belcher smiles.

[20:53] <+Bolin|> like

[20:53] == Fanatic [40cbbddf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[20:53] <+Bolin|> LEGEND OF KORRA at them???????????

[20:53] <+Mako|> I think I should do this on my own, but thank you. @Tina

[20:53] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Those are boobs? @ Cassandra

[20:54] * Pokemon_Trainer6 points to Cassandra

[20:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay. Try showing her your buns. It always helps, I think.

[20:54] <+Tina_Belcher> @Mako

[20:54] * Tina_Belcher walks away.

[20:54] <+Mako|> Uh..

[20:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> Yes, I do have boobs. @Cassanda

[20:54] <+Mako|> Thank you?

[20:54] <+Cassandra|> Giggling your boobs for attention? I'm not surprised in the slightest. @AttentionWhore

[20:54] * Ashlee_Williams flaunts in front of camera

[20:54] <+Mako|> @Tina

[20:54] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: Socialization with these pupils who are undoubtedly miles ahead of me and most likely have nil knowledge about my musical preferences and the things I prefer to do in my mean time? Hmph, this should certainly be an interesting "adventure" of sorts.

[20:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> Can you see them?

[20:54] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I wonder if any pokemon have boobs....

[20:54] <+Mako|> (CONF): Why would I want somebody whose last name is "Belcher"

[20:54] * Korra_ sits down and sits in ancient meditation position

[20:54] <+Cassandra|> Yes. It's hard not to. @Ashlee

[20:54] * Korra_ breathes deeply

[20:54] <+Mako|> Like, we don't even have last names from where I'm from.

[20:54] <+Bolin|> ooh korra is meditating

[20:54] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): I'm trying to work my social game. I have bad stage fright. I always freeze up and go "ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh"

[20:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> (conf) So you're proabbly asking... how did I get on this show?

[20:54] <+Mako|> Well, that or we don't know them.

[20:54] * Bolin| walks over to Korra

[20:54] <+Bolin|> *loudly* HEY KORRA WHATCHA DOIN

[20:54] <+Bolin|> ARE YOU MEDITATING???

[20:55] <+Catbug-> Pokemon trainer has a hunger!

[20:55] <+Bolin|> WOW THat sure is COOL

[20:55] * Korra_ enters the Spirit Wor-

[20:55] * Bolin| sits down

[20:55] * Korra_ snaps out of it

[20:55] <+Korra_> Bolin!

[20:55] <+Bolin|> CAN I JOIN YOU??

[20:55] * Korra_ sighs

[20:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> (conf) Well, some producer approached me and was like... Hey, wanna be on TV Stars?

[20:55] <+Bolin|> i want to learn some AVATAR stuff

[20:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> (conf) My reaction was... what's that?

[20:55] <+Korra_> Sure... keep an eye out for my physical body. In case anything happens to it.

[20:55] <+Bolin|> ok cool!!!!!!

[20:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> (conf) But he said it could make me famous. So here I am! *flaunts8

[20:55] <+Bolin|> whatever that means

[20:55] <+Korra_> I figure that if I can't learn Airbending, maybe I can talk to my past lives for wisdom.

[20:55] * Bolin| assumes meditation position

[20:55] * Korra_ closes eyes

[20:55] * Korra_ breathes heavily

[20:55] <+Tina_Belcher> What is airbending?

[20:55] * Korra_ enters Spirit World

[20:55] * Catbug- tps out

[20:56] <+MicheleBachmann_> Korra....

[20:56] * PornvatiSwallow points to Korra

[20:56] <+PornvatiSwallow> what is she doing?

[20:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Catbug, you're really cute.

[20:56] == Korra_ has changed nick to Aang|Korra

[20:56] * Tina_Belcher bends down to pet Catbug, and falls.

[20:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Ow...

[20:56] <+MicheleBachmann_> I do believe that OBAMA

[20:56] <+Aang|Korra> KORRA: Hello? 

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> OH MY GOOOOSH

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> KORRA

[20:56] <+PornvatiSwallow> I can do it on bed ;)

[20:56] * Catbug- tps back in

[20:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Is Korra okay?

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> I LOVE YOGA

[20:56] <+Bolin|> korra who are you talking to????????????

[20:56] <+Bolin|> korra who are you talking to????????????

[20:56] <+Bolin|> korra who are you talking to????????????

[20:56] <+Bolin|> korra who are you talking to????????????

[20:56] <+Bolin|> korra who are you talking to????????????

[20:56] <+Catbug-> I need to warn you

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> LET'S MEDITATE TOGETHER!!!!!1

[20:56] * AttentionWhore sits down and knocks Korra out of her spot



[20:56] <+Catbug-> the tps are random


[20:56] <+Aang|Korra> AANG: Korra, listen to me... you're in great danger.

[20:56] <+Mako|> She's entering the spirit world.


[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> THIS IS SO FUN!

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> AMERICA ISN'T THIS SO FUN!

[20:56] <+Aang|Korra> KORRA: Aang? Aang! What great danger? What are you talking about?

[20:56] <+AttentionWhore> LOOK AT ME!

[20:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Are there butts in the spirit world? 

[20:56] <+Asami|> AttentionWhore!

[20:57] <+Tina_Belcher> I want to go.

[20:57] <+Cassandra|> Wow more uninspiring TV show characters! Excellent.

[20:57] <+Asami|> This is important!

[20:57] <+Tina_Belcher> Korra should take me to the Spirit World sometime. We can have womanly bonding.

[20:57] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[20:57] <+Gideoncrawle> Would any of you be particularly interested in reviewing this age old blog I made quite some time ago? Or perhaps read The Legend of Total Drama Island? Both of those are wonderful options. 

[20:57] <+Aang|Korra> AANG: Don't worry about your airbending practice. It will come to you, there is a bigger danger that you need to look out for.

[20:57] == Aang|Korra has changed nick to KYOSHI|KORRA

[20:57] <+KYOSHI|KORRA> KORRA: Kyoshi?

[20:57] <+Bolin|> korra!!!!!!!!

[20:57] <+Gideoncrawle> Give me a moment, I shall dig up the link from the grave. ~ the "evil man" who calls himself GideonCrawle

[20:58] <+Bolin|> who are you talking to??????

[20:58] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I think Korra just evolved!

[20:58] * Bolin| looks at Korra confused

[20:58] <+KYOSHI|KORRA> KYOSHI: Korra, listen carefully. You will need to bathe in the blood of your enemies.

[20:58] * Bolin| blinks

[20:58] <+Bolin|> KORRA???

[20:58] * Tina_Belcher stares.

[20:58] <@DraHosting> ---

[20:58] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT EVERYONE

[20:58] <@DraHosting> LISTEN UP

[20:58] <+Tina_Belcher> Is Korra okay?

[20:58] <+KYOSHI|KORRA> KORRA: Uh?


[20:58] <+Mako|> She has to be calm, she's okay. @Tina

[20:58] <+Asami|> (Dra hold up)

[20:58] <+Gideoncrawle>,000th_Edit_Special:_Tropes_Listing_2 Here we are.

[20:58] <+Cassandra|> Why do you keep saying "squiggle the evil man who calls himself Gideon Crawle"? @Gideon

[20:58] <@DraHosting> btw the paparazzi has been assigned you can stop checking your PMs now

[20:58] <+PornvatiSwallow> CONF: I'm ready! <3

[20:58] <+Asami|> (Dra hold up)

[20:58] <@DraHosting> what@Asami

[20:58] <+Tina_Belcher> Look who's caring about his ex-girlfriend. I want to find someone who cares that much about me sometime.

[20:58] <+Asami|> wait

[20:58] * Tina_Belcher puts her hand on her heart.

[20:58] <+KYOSHI|KORRA> KYOSHI: Feast yourself on their bones. Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer. Drench your clothes in their bodily functions.

[20:58] <+Tina_Belcher> @Mako

[20:58] <+Asami|> Korra are y--

[20:58] <+Asami|> yeah wait for Korra yknow

[20:58] <+Asami|> @Dra

[20:59] <+KYOSHI|KORRA> KORRA: I don't understand. What great danger?


[20:59] == KYOSHI|KORRA has changed nick to ROKU|KORRA

[20:59] <+Bolin|> KORRA IS -MEDITATING-

[20:59] <+Bolin|> STOP DISTURBING HER ASAMI!!!!!

[20:59] <+ROKU|KORRA> ROKU: Goodbye now, Korra.

[20:59] * Bolin| turns back to korra

[20:59] <+Ashlee_Williams> Um

[20:59] <+Asami|> Once she gets out of the spirit world, she can do the challenge! @Dra


[20:59] <+ROKU|KORRA> KORRA: Wait!

[20:59] <+Ashlee_Williams> Probst/


[20:59] <@DraHosting> korra please stop changing character names

[20:59] == ROKU|KORRA has changed nick to Korra__

[20:59] <+Bolin|> BUT I'M STILL REALLY HUNGRY!!

[20:59] <@DraHosting> are you officially just Korra

[20:59] <+AttentionWhore> OH MY GOSH!

[20:59] <+Catbug-> Yay Paparazzi!

[20:59] <+Ashlee_Williams> Is it time for immunity or something?

[20:59] * Korra__ snaps out of Spirit World

[20:59] * Tina_Belcher scratches her head.

[20:59] <+Gideoncrawle> That was one of my first major achievements. I myself treasure that belated blog, and would undoubtedly be interested in hearing the youth's take on it. 

[20:59] <+Asami|> Dra not konwing what's happening

[20:59] <+Asami|> knowing *

[20:59] * Korra__ sighs

[20:59] <+AttentionWhore> KORRA HAS LIKE

[20:59] <+AttentionWhore> MPD

[20:59] <+Bolin|> KORRA!!!!!!

[20:59] <+Bolin|> you're back!!!!

[20:59] <+AttentionWhore> I SAW THIS ON TV ONCE

[20:59] <+Bolin|> meditation is SO cool i love it

[20:59] <+Korra__> Bolin... I think we're in trouble.

[20:59] <@DraHosting> you're right I have absolutely no idea

[20:59] <+Bolin|> we should do this again sometime

[20:59] <+Tina_Belcher> Korra, can you take me sometime?

[20:59] <+Bolin|> really???????

[20:59] * Mako| walks up to Korra.

[20:59] <+Mako|> What did you see?

[20:59] <+Bolin|> are you sure?????

[21:00] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Korra might be ghost type...

[21:00] <+Korra__> I spoke with my past lives. 

[21:00] <+Asami|> Are you okay?? @Korra

[21:00] <+Bolin|> mako go away korra and i are bonding,

[21:00] <+Ashlee_Williams> Is it time for the HOH? @Dra

[21:00] == Gideoncrawle [32a4435d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:00] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Or perhaps she can change her type

[21:00] <+Korra__> Airbending isn't a problem... but they told me to be on the lookout for something bigger.

[21:00] <+Korra__> What could it be?

[21:00] <@DraHosting> me irl@gideon

[21:00] <+Asami|> Do you think it's the Paparazzi?

[21:00] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Mako's buns are pretty big

[21:00] <+Cassandra|> Yes, obviously. @Ashlee

[21:00] <+Korra__> (seriously can we start it's 9:00 tho)

[21:00] * Tina_Belcher tries to look over Mako and Bolin's shoulders

[21:00] <+Bolin|> SHUT UP ASAMI

[21:00] <+Tina_Belcher> What are they talking about

[21:00] <+Bolin|> korra it's probably the paparazzi

[21:00] <@DraHosting> you keep telling me to WAIT!!!

[21:00] <+Tina_Belcher> I want to be in on the action.

[21:00] <+Asami|> :( @Bolin

[21:00] <@DraHosting> @korra and asami

[21:00] <+Asami|> nah you can go lol @Dra

[21:00] * Mako| hugs Korra.

[21:00] * Korra__ smiles

[21:00] <+Korra__> Thanks, Mako.

[21:00] <+Mako|> You'll figure it out. We'll figure it out, I promise.

[21:00] <+Cassandra|> It's also time for you to get more breast implants to compensate for you clearly diminished mental abilities! @Ashlee

[21:00] == Gideoncrawle [32a4435d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:01] == mode/#TVStars [+v Gideoncrawle] by DraHosting

[21:01] <@DraHosting> k

[21:01] <@DraHosting> FOR THOSE OF YOU WHO PLAYED IN S1

[21:01] <@DraHosting> YOU KNOW HOW IT WORKS

[21:01] <@DraHosting> BUT 90% OF YOU DID NOT

[21:01] <@DraHosting> SO

[21:01] <@DraHosting> --


[21:01] <@DraHosting> Your initial task is called a FAME TASK

[21:01] <@DraHosting> you have to complete this.

[21:01] * Tina_Belcher motions for everyone to be quiet.

[21:01] <+Cassandra|> I'm on the edge of my seat.

[21:01] <@DraHosting> The answer is often given to me in PM

[21:01] <@DraHosting> or the response.

[21:01] <@DraHosting> Once done, you will get a GOSSIP TASK

[21:01] <+AttentionWhore> oh my goooooooooooooosh!

[21:01] <+PornvatiSwallow> Oh, I'm famous! ^-^

[21:01] <@DraHosting> This Gossip Task is just

[21:01] <+AttentionWhore> A FAME TASK?

[21:01] <@DraHosting> normal trivia

[21:01] <@DraHosting> but the ANSWER

[21:01] <+AttentionWhore> DO WE BECOMFE FAMOUS IF WE DO IT

[21:01] <@DraHosting> is the next room you have to go to

[21:01] <@DraHosting> so if the question is 

[21:01] <+PornvatiSwallow> :o

[21:01] <+Bolin|> this sounds so COOL!!!

[21:01] <+Gideoncrawle> Excuse my absence, I had a bit of an issue, one that I could not simply ignore and had to immediately attend to. But now I have officially returned to this establishment, and that is about all that matters. Also, the eighteenth night has just recently been posted for public viewing.

[21:01] <@DraHosting> 1. the host of the game

[21:01] <@DraHosting> you join

[21:01] <+AttentionWhore> I'm already famous, so. ;)

[21:02] <+Bolin|> do i get to EARTHBEND

[21:02] <@DraHosting> #DraHosting

[21:02] <@DraHosting> got it

[21:02] <@DraHosting> inside of that room is another Fame Task

[21:02] <+Cassandra|> This sounds overly complicated and annoying.

[21:02] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> and then another Gossip

[21:02] <+Asami|> Got it

[21:02] <+Tina_Belcher> This sounds easy, I think.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> and finally, your VIP task, which is a final task you complete to win.

[21:02] <+AttentionWhore> (this is so convoluted wtf)

[21:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I hope we have a butt challenge. 

[21:02] * Pokemon_Trainer6 releases Jigglypuff to help with challenge

[21:02] <@DraHosting> The person who completes VIP wins the immunity

[21:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Jimmy Pesto Jr. here I come.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> it's very simple trust me

[21:02] <+MicheleBachmann_>  (this is gonna be long)

[21:02] <+Asami|> (it makes sense when you do it lol @confused ppl)

[21:02] * Tina_Belcher daydreams

[21:02] <@DraHosting> it really does

[21:02] * PornvatiSwallow yawns

[21:02] <+Tina_Belcher> (^)

[21:02] <+Asami|> (and it doesn't take long)

[21:02] <@DraHosting> @confused people

[21:02] <+PornvatiSwallow> Why am I suddenly so tired?

[21:02] <+PornvatiSwallow> .

[21:02] * Tina_Belcher grabs Pornvati's buns.

[21:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, firm.

[21:03] <+Cassandra|> ?

[21:03] <+Korra__> (so it's like a TOR leg)

[21:03] <+PornvatiSwallow> Oh... ;)

[21:03] <+Gideoncrawle> Understood.

[21:03] <+Gideoncrawle> Indeed. I shall respond to this provocation and put forth my best efforts, similair to the way Gwendoline proceeded to do so during the seventh night as she was the sole Screaming Gopher to be nominated for the excruciating challenge. [17]

[21:03] <+Korra__> (you just need to solve stuff to get to the next level/clue)

[21:03] <+AttentionWhore> OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOSH

[21:03] <+Cassandra|> Why are you grabbing her butt? @Tina

[21:03] <+Korra__> (untily you get to VIP and win ok)


[21:03] <+Bolin|> i'm gonna be the VIP

[21:03] <+Asami|> (mhm)

[21:03] <+AttentionWhore> I'M OBVI GONNA WIN IT THOUGH

[21:03] <+PornvatiSwallow> I like it. @Cassandra

[21:03] <+AttentionWhore> ;3

[21:03] <+Bolin|> i have a VIP card at the ramen stand anyway!!!!

[21:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Butts are nice, that's all. @Cassandra.

[21:03] <+Bolin|> oh yeah

[21:03] <+Bolin|> watch out because here comes bolin!!!

[21:03] <+Catbug-> I want to be a VIP!

[21:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Does Cassandra have a butt?

[21:03] <+Tina_Belcher> You can see more in my erotic friendfiction

[21:03] <+Cassandra|> Oh you do do you? @Pornvati

[21:03] <+Asami|> start the challenge?

[21:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> If so...maybe you should grab it Tina. 

[21:04] <+Cassandra|> If you try to find out I'll saw your hand off. @Pokemon_Trainer

[21:04] <@DraHosting> it's all set up

[21:04] <+Catbug-> okay

[21:04] <+Catbug-> so what do we do?

[21:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> Dra

[21:04] <+AttentionWhore> ;31KET'S GO

[21:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> Are we almost going to do the immunity challenge?

[21:04] <+AttentionWhore> I NEED TO WIN IT

[21:04] <+AttentionWhore> TO ENSURE MY RELEVANCE

[21:04] <+AttentionWhore> AND A GOOD EDIT THIS EPISODE!!!!1111

[21:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Sure, Pokemon Trainer, I'll give it a shot.

[21:04] * Tina_Belcher grabs Cassandra's buns slowly.

[21:05] <+Tina_Belcher> She does. They're impressive too.

[21:05] <@DraHosting> REMEMBER


[21:05] <@DraHosting> YOU PM ME YOUR ANSWER

[21:05] <+Bolin|> ok!!!


[21:05] <@DraHosting> THE ANSWER OF THE TRIVIA

[21:05] <Asami2> Dra

[21:05] <+Catbug-> okay!


[21:05] <Asami2> I'm doing challenges on Asami2

[21:05] <Asami2> just so you know

[21:05] <+Korra__> wait

[21:05] <+Cassandra|> Must I go through this convoluted series of mind-numbing challenges?

[21:05] <+Korra__> Can I go on webchat?

[21:05] <@DraHosting> me irl

[21:05] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *it's super effective! Pokemon Trainer now has an erection!*

[21:05] <+Korra__> (PJIRC is flopping and I won't be able to pm on this)

[21:05] <@DraHosting> hrury

[21:05] <@DraHosting> hurry*

[21:05] <+Korra__> ok

[21:05] == Korra__ [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[21:05] <@DraHosting> this will go much faster

[21:06] <+Tina_Belcher> You remind me of a kid named Zeke who goes to my school. He's loud but his heart is in the right place, I guess.


[21:06] == Korra__ [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:06] <+Tina_Belcher> @P. Trainer

[21:06] * Korra__ lets hair down

[21:06] <Korra__> Okay. I'm ready.

[21:06] <+Bolin|> omg KORRA you're BACK!!

[21:06] <+Bolin|> i missed you

[21:06] <Asami2> Race you to the finish @Korra

[21:06] * Bolin| hugs korra tightly

[21:06] <@DraHosting> OKAY

[21:06] <Korra__> Bolin, I'm going to need your help later.

[21:06] <Korra__> And Mako. And Asami.

[21:06] <+Catbug-> okay

[21:06] <Asami2> *nods*

[21:06] <Korra__> We have to go to the Southern spirit portal.

[21:06] <+Cassandra|> Can we get this over with already.

[21:06] <+Mako|> You know I'm there for you, Korra. Always.

[21:06] <Asami2> can you start @Dra

[21:06] <@DraHosting> THE CHALLENGE BEGINS...

[21:06] <+Tina_Belcher> Don't rush it, everyone.

[21:06] <@DraHosting> NOW!

[21:06] <@DraHosting>



[21:07] <@DraHosting> PM THEM TO ME 

[21:07] <@DraHosting> IF IT'S RIGHT, YOU GET GOSSIP

[21:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> .

[21:08] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: I have seem to have missed an instruction or two, for I am rather lost. Hmph. I guess I shall just sit here and await the return of the other contestants whilst I collect myself and prepare to share my well-crafted Tropes page to the public.

[21:08] * Tina_Belcher licks her lips.

[21:08] <+MicheleBachmann_> if you ca answer me that would be great

[21:08] <+Tina_Belcher> I've never been to see a Broadway show. I heard it's great.

[21:08] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I once saw a pokemon contest.

[21:08] <+Tina_Belcher> One day, Jimmy Jr. and I are going to see The Lion King.

[21:08] <+Tina_Belcher> And one of the cast members on stgae will go insane.

[21:08] <+Tina_Belcher> And attack me.,

[21:08] <+Tina_Belcher> And Jimmy Jr. will save me.

[21:09] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Jimmy Jr. sounds strong. Maybe he's a fairy type.

[21:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Jimmy Jr. is my type.

[21:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Heh.

[21:10] <+Gideoncrawle>

[21:11] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVBER

[21:11] <@DraHosting> OVER*


[21:11] <+Asami|> ;)

[21:11] <+Ashlee_Williams> (brb)

[21:11] <Korra__> (CONF): I'm happy for Asami, really. But I wanted to win that challenge myself.

[21:11] * Korra__ angrily firebends

[21:11] * Bolin| walks into conf

[21:11] <+Bolin|> I wanted to win it too Korra!!!!!!!!

[21:11] * Bolin| cries on Korra's shoulder

[21:11] <Korra__> Oh..

[21:11] <+Bolin|> korra let's cry together :(((((((

[21:11] <+Tina_Belcher> Congratulations, Asami.

[21:12] <+Asami|> Thanks guys

[21:12] <+Gideoncrawle> One of the many tropes that has been seen throughout the duration of The Legend of Total Drama Island thus far, I just thought I'd share it for those who are interested. (see Hosting or Attention)

[21:12] <+Asami|> !

[21:12] <@DraHosting> congratulations, Asami, you will not be going home tonight.

[21:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe, the VIP Status will compliment your red lipstick.

[21:12] <@DraHosting> But, remember, you cannot win VIP next week.

[21:12] <+Asami|> Yup

[21:12] <+Bolin|> (brb for a minute)

[21:12] <+Cassandra|> Lovely.

[21:12] <@DraHosting> Now is some good interaction time

[21:12] <@DraHosting> Wiki Chat will now vote for the MVP.

[21:12] <@DraHosting> If you wish to vote, you can, but you can't vote for yourself.

[21:13] <@DraHosting> And you can't use a sock

[21:13] <+Gideoncrawle> VIP you say, Hosting?

[21:13] <+Cassandra|> Whatever. @Dra

[21:13] <+Cassandra|> I don't care about being MVP.

[21:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Hmm...oh my god.

[21:14] == Blakespec [47bd0b28@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *A wld pokemon appears!*

[21:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> WHOSE THAT POKEMON!

[21:14] * Cassandra| stomps on the pokemon.

[21:14] <+Cassandra|> Who cares.


[21:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *It's...dead as shit*

[21:14] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, you just killed a living creature.

[21:14] == mode/#TVStars [+v Korra__] by DraHosting

[21:14] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm scared but kind of attracted.

[21:14] * Tina_Belcher freezes.

[21:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> But...but if I caught it with my balls...I could've accomplished my dream.

[21:14] <+Cassandra|> Right.

[21:14] <+Cassandra|> That's lovely, Tina.

[21:15] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> And then daddy would love me.

[21:15] * Tina_Belcher daydreams about balls.

[21:15] <+Gideoncrawle> Who is it that has won the title of "VIP", Hosting? I would be rather surprised if it were me, to say the least. That would be a rather interesting outcome to this...

[21:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw, does your daddy not love you?

[21:15] <+Tina_Belcher> We can sure mine.

[21:15] <+Tina_Belcher> *share

[21:15] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[21:15] <+Tina_Belcher> My dad puts up with Gene.

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Gideon, congratulations, you are this week's MVP!

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Meaning you cannot go home tonight either.

[21:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Congratulations, Gideon.

[21:15] <+Cassandra|> wow shocker.

[21:15] <@DraHosting> We will go to elimination soon, but I must remind you all

[21:15] <@DraHosting> the VIP cannot vote someone out tonight.

[21:15] <+Cassandra|> Good job doing nothing, Gideon!

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Everyone else, however, can.

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Asami, you will enjoy time in the VIP lounge.

[21:15] <+Asami|> (h)

[21:15] <@DraHosting> and no none of you have to worry because there are no idols in TV Stars

[21:16] <+Tina_Belcher> Asami, save some sparkling apple juice for me, girl.

[21:16] <+AttentionWhore> (so this is survivor with complicated challenges)


[21:16] <+AttentionWhore> (and twoimmune people)

[21:16] <+AttentionWhore> (gg)

[21:16] <+Tina_Belcher> (stop)

[21:16] <+Cassandra|> This is ridiculous.

[21:16] <+Asami|> (irl the differences are what makes it not survivor I'm so over those types of comments)

[21:16] <@DraHosting> and finale is survivor with rewards and punishments

[21:16] <+Tina_Belcher> (^@Asami)

[21:16] <@DraHosting> plus we do have

[21:16] <@DraHosting> the MVP bait

[21:17] <@DraHosting> which will come into play very soon

[21:17] <@DraHosting> that does involve RP character cameos

[21:17] <+Tina_Belcher> (you're making Dra feel like shit about his RP yay good for you)

[21:17] <@DraHosting> and rewards/punishments

[21:17] <@DraHosting> all of you shut up in (here)

[21:17] <@DraHosting> we do not need

[21:17] <@DraHosting> drama

[21:17] <+Asami|> (sorry)

[21:17] <@DraHosting> ~~ everyone walks down the red carpet ~~

[21:17] * Korra__ whistles for Naga 

[21:17] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone cheers for the celebrities ~

[21:17] <+Tina_Belcher> A red carpet?

[21:17] <+Korra__> Good girl!

[21:17] <@DraHosting> ~ people wave and stuff ~

[21:17] <+Tina_Belcher> People like me.

[21:17] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone enters the backstage room ~

[21:17] * Tina_Belcher waves awkwardly.

[21:17] <@DraHosting> Celebrities.

[21:17] <+Tina_Belcher> Hello, my fans.

[21:17] <@DraHosting> This is the elimination zone.

[21:17] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, that was cut short.

[21:17] <+Cassandra|> Lovely.

[21:17] * MicheleBachmann_ holds up sign saying "IMPEACH OBAMA"

[21:17] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[21:17] <@DraHosting> In a few moments, you will cast your votes.

[21:17] <+MicheleBachmann_> IMPEACH OBAMA

[21:17] <+Cassandra|> It looks terrible.

[21:17] <+Cassandra|> Just like you.

[21:17] <+MicheleBachmann_> HE IS ANTI AMERICA

[21:18] <@DraHosting> The person with the most votes is eliminated.

[21:18] <@DraHosting> Simple as that.

[21:18] <+MicheleBachmann_> LIKE MOST PEOPLE IN CONGRESS.

[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> My parents won't let me have political views. 

[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> @Michele

[21:18] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: Ah, the title of MVP. This is a title I never even believed I would acquire. I guess my work in Fan-fiction and such has finally garnered me something more than feedback from my fellow wiki-residents. 

[21:18] <@DraHosting> If you get 0 votes, you will be renewed instantly.

[21:18] <+AttentionWhore> I NEED TO BRE RENEWED

[21:18] <@DraHosting> The rest of you will go on the bubble watch, and will be renewed one by one until two remain

[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> What should my show be?

[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> Tina Talk?


[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> How about that.

[21:18] <@DraHosting> Let me make one thing clear.

[21:18] <+Bolin|> voting?????

[21:18] <+Bolin|> oooooooooooooh

[21:18] <+Bolin|> that sounds so cool and fun!!!!!!

[21:18] <@DraHosting> IF you are eliminated

[21:18] <@DraHosting> You cannot rage on chat

[21:18] <@DraHosting> and you are highly encouraged

[21:18] <+Tina_Belcher> On Tina Talk, I'll discuss important worldly issues.

[21:18] <+Bolin|> do we get dinner like on FINALE?????? i'm SO hungry 

[21:18] <@DraHosting> to give some sort of final performance

[21:18] <@DraHosting> you don't have to

[21:18] <@DraHosting> BUT

[21:18] <@DraHosting> if you do end up causing a scene

[21:19] <@DraHosting> you are labeled as a bad sport

[21:19] <@DraHosting> and you get banned from the RP

[21:19] <@DraHosting> oops !

[21:19] <@DraHosting> You have until 9:22 to send in your votes.

[21:19] <@DraHosting> Begin doing so now.

[21:19] <+Cassandra|> Getting banned from the EXCLUSIVE TV Stars fanclub?

[21:19] <+Cassandra|> Oh no!

[21:19] <+Tina_Belcher> Can I interview someone for Tina Talk?

[21:20] * Tina_Belcher walks around putting a microphone in people's faces.

[21:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Gideon?

[21:20] <+Tina_Belcher> How is it winning MVP? Must be nice.

[21:20] <+Gideoncrawle> Hmph.

[21:20] <+Gideoncrawle> Let me take a moment to collect my thoughts.

[21:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Take your time.

[21:20] * Tina_Belcher waits awkwardly.

[21:21] * Pokemon_Trainer6 Pokemon Trainer recalls Jigglypuff, who shat in the corner.

[21:21] <@DraHosting> Celebrities, how do you all feel about the impending elimination?

[21:21] <@DraHosting> Could it be you?

[21:21] <@DraHosting> Votes are due in 1 minute.

[21:21] * PornvatiSwallow looks sexy.

[21:22] <+AttentionWhore> I'M NOT WORRIED

[21:22] <+Cassandra|> It probably is me, and I don't really care.


[21:22] <+Cassandra|> Do I vote in your PM

[21:22] * AttentionWhore poses

[21:22] <+Cassandra|> or the Confessional.

[21:22] <+Gideoncrawle> Well, it certainly feels peculiar - this is a title I never thought I would acquire throughout my living, but I have managed to do so and am not exactly sure how to feel about this title. I suppose it is nice knowing you are safe from "elimination", as it is called. 

[21:22] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm worried my pokemon might not be able to help me.

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, Bolin, Catbug, Gideon, Korra, and Michele need to vote.

[21:22] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[21:22] <+Gideoncrawle> How do I elect the person I wish to send home, Hosting?

[21:22] <+Tina_Belcher> Thank you for being on Tina Talk.

[21:22] * Tina_Belcher walks away.

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Yes

[21:22] <@DraHosting> @gideon

[21:22] <@DraHosting> in PM

[21:22] <@DraHosting> here

[21:22] * Catbug- tps back in

[21:23] <+Cassandra|> Can we get on with this? I'd rather not sit here doing nothing all night.

[21:23] <+Gideoncrawle> PM? And was does that stand for??

[21:23] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, maybe, you can fill the void of waiting through an interview?

[21:23] * Cassandra| rolls eyes

[21:23] <+Cassandra|> I suppose.

[21:23] == SelenaGomez [5ad4f47b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Ashlee_Williams

[21:23] <SelenaGomez> Oh, I finally made it!

[21:23] == mode/#TVStars [-o SelenaGomez] by DraHosting

[21:23] == mode/#TVStars [+b SelenaGomez!*@*] by DraHosting

[21:23] == SelenaGomez was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [SelenaGomez]

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Korra

[21:23] <@DraHosting> I need you to vote.

[21:23] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay, Cassandra. I need a question to ask you.

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Now.

[21:24] <+Cassandra|> Oh, christ @Selena

[21:24] <+Tina_Belcher> What is your... view on global warming?

[21:24] <+Cassandra|> It's killing the planet, what else is there to say?

[21:24] <@DraHosting> Ashlee you will self vote

[21:24] <@DraHosting> if you do not vote now

[21:24] <+Bolin|> i voted!!

[21:24] <+Korra__> I voted.

[21:24] <+Gideoncrawle> Shall I take a guess... hmm.. Personal Messaging? Might that be correct, or am I heavily confusing it with something of another sort.

[21:24] * Korra__ rolls eyes

[21:24] <+Tina_Belcher> Alright. Tina Talk appreciates your participation. My people will get back to you.

[21:24] <@DraHosting> Ashley self votes.

[21:24] * Tina_Belcher walks away.

[21:24] <@DraHosting> *leaves *

[21:24] <@DraHosting> *returns with results*

[21:24] <+Cassandra|> Good job Ashlee.

[21:24] <@DraHosting> You all have voted.

[21:25] <+MicheleBachmann_> Let's hope OBAMA didn't rig the votes.

[21:25] <+Cassandra|> Lovely. I'll be waiting intently @Tina

[21:25] <+Gideoncrawle> In the mean time, all of thou can peruse over this page I managed to construct in merely a week:

[21:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> (back)

[21:25] <+Cassandra|> Your ignorance baffles me @MicheleBachmann_

[21:25] <+Tina_Belcher> I hope Tina Talk gets renewed. We are working hard to bring people quality news.

[21:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> (o)

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to Gideon

[21:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Screw you dinner)

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to Bolin

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to Cassandra

[21:25] <+Gideoncrawle> Renewal, you say? How interesting.

[21:25] <+Cassandra|> Lovely.

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to PokemonTrainer

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to Pornvati

[21:25] * DraHosting throws renewal to Tina

[21:25] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> :D Did I make you proud yet Daddy?

[21:25] <+Bolin|> YES I AM RENEWAL!!

[21:26] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay.

[21:26] <+Tina_Belcher> Tina Talk lasts another season.

[21:26] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, Michele, Catbug, Korra, Mako, AttentionWhore

[21:26] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: Oh, how I wish wifey were by my side at this present moment.  ~ the "evil man" who calls himself Gideoncrawle

[21:26] <+Cassandra|> Unlike your actual series @Bolin

[21:26] <@DraHosting> You're on the bubble watch.

[21:26] <+Tina_Belcher> Next season we're covering Child Abuse. Stay tuned.

[21:26] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Pokemon Trainer's confidence got a boost*

[21:26] * Korra__ raises eyebrow

[21:26] * DraHosting throws renewal to Mako

[21:26] <+Korra__> I got a vote? Why?

[21:26] <@DraHosting> Mako, you got one vote.

[21:26] <+Catbug-> bubble watch?

[21:26] <+Mako|> ...

[21:26] <+Mako|> What?

[21:26] <+Korra__> I guess the world doesn't need an Avatar anymore.

[21:26] <+Catbug-> Not again!

[21:26] <+Mako|> Who voted for me?

[21:26] * DraHosting throws renewal to Catbug

[21:26] <@DraHosting> Catbug, you got one vote.

[21:26] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no. Mako and his beautiful butt are on bubble watch.

[21:26] * Tina_Belcher frowns.

[21:26] <+Ashlee_Williams> Bubble watch?

[21:26] <+AttentionWhore> WHAT?!?!?!??!

[21:26] <+Catbug-> Yay!

[21:26] <+Bolin|> the world DOES need an avatar!!

[21:26] <+Ashlee_Williams> What's that?

[21:26] <+Bolin|> and it's avatar Korra!


[21:26] <+Bolin|> korra is the coolest AVATAR

[21:26] * DraHosting throws renewal to Michele

[21:26] <+AttentionWhore> THAT'S LIKE...

[21:26] <@DraHosting> Michele, 1 vote.

[21:26] <+AttentionWhore> ILLEGAL.

[21:26] * Korra__ smiles

[21:26] <+AttentionWhore> :|

[21:26] <+Korra__> Thanks, Bo.

[21:27] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, Korra, and AttentionWhore remain

[21:27] <+MicheleBachmann_> That one vote from OBAMA.

[21:27] * Korra__ looks around

[21:27] * DraHosting throws renewal to AttentionWhore

[21:27] <@DraHosting> 2 votes.

[21:27] <@DraHosting> Ashlee vs Korra

[21:27] <@DraHosting> There is only one slip left.

[21:27] <+AttentionWhore> YAS BAE

[21:27] <+Korra__> But, the spirit portals need to be opened!

[21:27] * Tina_Belcher begins to sweat.

[21:27] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[21:27] <+Cassandra|> Oh get ON with it.

[21:27] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 4 - 2 - 2 - 1 - 1 - 1 - 1 - others

[21:27] <@DraHosting> Korra, your show has been cancelled.

[21:27] <+MicheleBachmann_> Sorry OBAMA Supporter.

[21:27] * Ashlee_Williams faces the camera and pants

[21:27] * Korra__ gets up

[21:27] <+Cassandra|> Just like in real life.

[21:27] <@DraHosting> You are the first person eliminated from TV Stars Broadway.

[21:27] * Korra__ doesn't hug anyone

[21:28] <+Mako|> Korra?!

[21:28] <+Bolin|> but...

[21:28] * Korra__ storms out

[21:28] <+Bolin|> but...

[21:28] <+Asami|> :o

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] * Mako| hugs Korra.

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Bolin|> korra :((((((

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] * Mako| hugs Korra

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Korra__> BOO

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] <+Bolin|> KORRA :(

[21:28] * Korra__ sits down with Julie

[21:28] <+Mako|> KOrra, wait.

[21:28] * Tina_Belcher is scared.

[21:28] <+Mako|> I want to give you something.

[21:28] * PornvatiSwallow smirks

[21:28] <+Korra__> Bolin.

[21:28] <+Korra__> Asami, Mako.

[21:28] <+Cassandra|> Pathetic @Korra

[21:28] <+Mako|> I need to give you something.

[21:28] <+Korra__> Listen...

[21:28] <+Tina_Belcher> This is really sad. Korra was such a nice person.

[21:28] <+Catbug-> Bye Korra! I'll miss you!

[21:28] <+Mako|> I NEED to give you this.

[21:28] <@DraHosting> Well then

[21:28] * Mako| kisses KOrra.

[21:28] <+PornvatiSwallow> Bye Korra! </3

[21:28] * PornvatiSwallow blows a kiss to Korra.

[21:28] <+Mako|> I love you.

[21:28] <@DraHosting> @Korra

[21:28] <+Korra__> There is danger on the horizon. 

[21:28] <+Korra__> You guys are next. 

[21:28] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> But Korra was so many types...


[21:28] * Korra__ ties hair up

[21:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Mako kissed her.

[21:28] <+MicheleBachmann_> You like OBAMA

[21:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw.

[21:28] <+MicheleBachmann_> @Korra

[21:28] * Tina_Belcher waves to Korra.

[21:28] * Ashlee_Williams grasps renewal and cries into camera

[21:28] <+Ashlee_Williams> The underdog.

[21:28] * Bolin| stands next to Mako

[21:28] <+Bolin|> oooooooooooooooooooh


[21:28] <+Bolin|> you liiiiiiiike herrrrrrrrrrr

[21:28] * Korra__ grabs bag, walks out and earthbends the door

[21:28] * Pokemon_Trainer6 gets erection

[21:28] <@DraHosting> ~~ next episode ~~

[21:28] <+Ashlee_Williams> Barely survives elimination.

[21:28] * Tina_Belcher puts her face in the camera.

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey dad.

[21:29] <+Mako|> ...

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> I lasted longer than a day.

[21:29] <+Gideoncrawle> I have posted some notes for the new chapter of The Legend of Total Drama Island.

[21:29] <+Cassandra|> You horny bastard. @PokemonTrainer

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> You were wrong.

[21:29] * Mako| cosses arms sadly

[21:29] * Ashlee_Williams pushes Tina out of the way

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Ow!

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> Move, Tina, this is my show.

[21:29] == Korra__ has changed nick to Korra|OHF

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry, Ashlee.

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe we can share the spotlight?

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> (kOrra)

[21:29] <+Tina_Belcher> (Korra </3)

[21:29] <+Catbug-> Gideon, this a TV show

[21:29] <+Catbug-> about games

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> ...Share?

[21:29] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Pokemon Trainer's erection fled. The erection got away!*

[21:29] <+Catbug-> and gaming

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> Ah, yes!

[21:29] <+AttentionWhore> HAHAHAHAHHA

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> The generous Ashlee Williams

[21:29] <+Catbug-> you could lose if you're out of focus

[21:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> Will ALWAYS help the less fortunate.

[21:29] <+AttentionWhore> SHE WAS WEIRD

[21:30] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, that's really nice of you, Ashlee.

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Your next challenge will be soon

[21:30] <+Ashlee_Williams> Of course we can "share," Tina.


[21:30] * Tina_Belcher puffs her flat hair.

[21:30] <+Gideoncrawle> Asking about my musical taste, are you? @Catbug

[21:30] <+AttentionWhore> WHO DOESN'T LIKE ME?!?!?!?!?!?!

[21:30] <@DraHosting> you have interaction time until 9:33

[21:30] <+Mako|> Ugh.

[21:30] <+MicheleBachmann_> Hi. I'm Michele.

[21:30] <+Gideoncrawle> And what my itunes is composed of, you ask? Well, I do not own an "itunes", at least to my knowledge. Though wifey might, she is must more knowledgeable and involved in the technology of today.

[21:30] <+Mako|> This so stupid.

[21:30] <+MicheleBachmann_> And I'm a CONSERVATIVE.

[21:30] <+Bolin|> ugh you GUYS :(((

[21:30] <+Mako|> Why am I even HERE anymore?

[21:30] <+Bolin|> the avatar is gone :(((

[21:30] <+Gideoncrawle>  Now back to my musical taste. Well, you can find a sample of my preferences on The Legend of Total Drama Island page. I included several songs that I myself consider to be "masterpieces" of sorts. Most of what I listen to is from ages ago, far before this era and incredibly obscure. Ludwig van Beethoven has always been a personal favorite of mine, and most definitely would I listen to him over any sort of "modern" music. 

[21:30] <+Tina_Belcher> Mako, you can't leave. Your butt is too nice.

[21:30] <+Mako|> The only reason I even came on here was to be with Korra again and try to mend things, butyou all ruined it.

[21:31] <+Bolin|> mako i'm sad today :9

[21:31] <+Bolin|> mako i'm sad today :(

[21:31] <+Tina_Belcher> You can be with me?>

[21:31] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Is Mako butt bending yet?

[21:31] <+Catbug-> So what do we do until the challenge?

[21:31] <+Catbug-> you want to play pattycake?

[21:31] <+Mako|> Me too bro, me too.

[21:31] <+Cassandra|> Your primal sexual urges only show your lack of intelligence. @Trainer

[21:31] <+Mako|> @Bolin

[21:32] * Tina_Belcher rubs Mako's butt.

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm sorry, hun.

[21:32] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Wait if Mako and Bolin are they have bro butts?

[21:32] * Tina_Belcher looks up at him.

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): I hope I'm not scaring Mako. 

[21:32] <+Mako|> Can you please stop touching me?

[21:32] <+Mako|> @Tina

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, sorry.

[21:32] <+Mako|> It's really irritating me.

[21:32] <@DraHosting> extended to :35

[21:32] <+Bolin|> yeah!!

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): One day, Mako...

[21:32] <+Bolin|> stay away from mako :(

[21:32] * Bolin| walks into Tina's confessional

[21:32] * Catbug- tps out

[21:32] <+Bolin|> why do you want to touch mako???

[21:32] <+Bolin|> it's so weird......

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey...

[21:32] <+Tina_Belcher> this is private.

[21:32] <+Bolin|> like i don't get it!!

[21:33] * Catbug- tps into Tina's confessional

[21:33] <+Bolin|> private??

[21:33] <+Catbug-> whoops

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey why are people coming in here.

[21:33] <+Bolin|> oh sorry!

[21:33] * Catbug- flies out

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't like this.

[21:33] <+Bolin|> well i might as well stay here haha

[21:33] * AttentionWhore runs into Tina's confessional

[21:33] <+Bolin|> you know what i like??

[21:33] <+Bolin|> food

[21:33] <+AttentionWhore> HEY AMERICA

[21:33] <+Bolin|> i'm SO hungry

[21:33] <+AttentionWhore> LOOKA T ME

[21:33] <+AttentionWhore> I'M SOUCH A CHARACTER!

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> Next time on Tina Talk...

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> Privacy: Is it Dead?


[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> Yes.

[21:33] * Pokemon_Trainer6 walks into confessional/

[21:33] <+Gideoncrawle> Tina, I would ask that you refrain from any sort of sexual activity whilst I am in your presence. It is greatly disturbing to watch adolescents engage in such repugnant activities while a man of my age is in the area.

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> Gideon, you should read my erotic friendfiction.

[21:33] <+Catbug-> and a catbug of my age

[21:33] <+Tina_Belcher> You would hate it.

[21:34] <+Tina_Belcher> Bolin, stop by my dad's burger place if you're hungry.

[21:34] <+Tina_Belcher> My mom does dinner theatre sometimes too.

[21:34] <+Tina_Belcher> I even had my own line once.

[21:34] <+Catbug-> oh I forgot

[21:34] * Catbug- pulls out plate

[21:34] == Korra|OHF [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:34] <+Catbug-> I brought brownies!

[21:34] <+Bolin|> where is it??????

[21:34] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Brownies :D

[21:34] <+Bolin|> i'm still really hungry i haven't eaten since we GOT here

[21:34] <+Catbug-> everybody, get some!

[21:34] <+Bolin|> i know exactly what my show will be about if i win this though!!

[21:35] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I've never fed my Jigglypuff...

[21:35] <+Gideoncrawle> I realize that you are primarily "excited" teenagers but please attempt to refrain from doing anything that is much too vile. Back at my home wikia, the Total Drama Island Fanfiction Wikia, any reports of sexual posts will immediately see authoritative action taken.

[21:35] <+Bolin|> it's called bolin and the diamonds

[21:35] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT

[21:35] <@DraHosting> It's time for your second VIP challenge.

[21:35] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm sorry, Gideon. I'll try to refrain from vulgarity.

[21:35] <+Bolin|> where i'm the face of the biggest republic city celebrity band EVER

[21:35] <+Gideoncrawle> Or administrative, you could say.

[21:35] <+Bolin|> i think it's really cool

[21:35] <+Ashlee_Williams> Dra?

[21:35] <+Ashlee_Williams> When is Tribal Council?

[21:35] <+Bolin|> i would definitely get avatar KORRA cast because she's really amazing!

[21:35] <+Gideoncrawle> Thank you Tina, that is something I most definitely appreciate. 

[21:35] <+Cassandra|> Gideon is a buzzkill, but he's pretty much the only one with any sense here.

[21:35] <+Catbug-> Dra, want a brownie?

[21:35] <+Tina_Belcher> Can I have a brownie?

[21:35] <+Tina_Belcher> I like chocolate.

[21:36] <+PornvatiSwallow> Oh, I'm ready!

[21:36] <+Catbug-> go ahead

[21:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Thanks.

[21:36] * Tina_Belcher takes a brownie.

[21:36] <+AttentionWhore> ALRIGHT

[21:36] <+AttentionWhore> TIEM FOR EM

[21:36] <@DraHosting> Listen up, Celebrities

[21:36] * Tina_Belcher nibbles on it.

[21:36] <+AttentionWhore> TO SALY

[21:36] <+AttentionWhore> YOUR FAVORITES!

[21:36] <+Bolin|> hi dra!!!!!

[21:36] <@DraHosting> For your fame task:

[21:36] <+MicheleBachmann_> I'm a POLITICIAN.

[21:36] <+Bolin|> where did korra go? :(

[21:36] <+MicheleBachmann_> NOT A CELEBRITY.

[21:36] <+Bolin|> mako where did korra go :(

[21:36] <@DraHosting> There have been many famous shows on Broadway and many other famous shows

[21:36] <+MicheleBachmann_> Like DAVID MILLIBAND

[21:36] <@DraHosting> Players will need to finish this quote from a musical.

[21:36] <@DraHosting> It's Fiddler on the Roof.

[21:36] <+Catbug-> oh I was taking about that

[21:37] <@DraHosting> You must say who says it

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> I haven't seen thatr.

[21:37] <@DraHosting> and to whom

[21:37] <@DraHosting> I'll make it easy on you

[21:37] <+Mako|> Dra

[21:37] <@DraHosting> you must finish the quote.

[21:37] <+Mako|> I'm afraid I have to go.

[21:37] <@DraHosting> ...

[21:37] <@DraHosting> very well then

[21:37] <+Mako|> The whole reason I came here was to be with Korra, and now she's gone.

[21:37] <+Mako|> I'm sorry bro, Asami.

[21:37] <+Mako|> You guys got this.

[21:37] <@DraHosting> that's rlly dumb

[21:37] <+Mako|> As for Tina, well....

[21:37] <+Mako|> Uh..

[21:37] <+Mako|> Yeah.

[21:37] <+Mako|> See ya.

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Bye, Mako.

[21:37] == Mako| [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> I'll miss y--

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, he's gone.

[21:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Ok.

[21:37] <+Bolin|> bye bro

[21:37] <+AttentionWhore> WOW?

[21:37] <+Cassandra|> Well this round is a colossal waste of time already.

[21:37] <@DraHosting> fortunately we had over 12 so this challenge is still a go

[21:37] <+AttentionWhore> QUITTERS?

[21:37] <+Bolin|> this is so sad :(

[21:37] <+AttentionWhore> WHAT LOSERS

[21:38] <@DraHosting> LISTEN UP

[21:38] <@DraHosting> this is part of your answer

[21:38] <+Catbug-> bye Mako!

[21:38] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[21:38] <@DraHosting> Hodel says _ to her papa

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> wait, Dra.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> this is in that blank

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> I need a moment.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> you have to complete it and PM it to me

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> DRA.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> no@ashlee

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> I NEED

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> MY MOMENT.

[21:38] <+Gideoncrawle> Celebrity? I wasn't aware that I was at that high of a rank, I believed myself to rather be an average middle aged Accountant who resides in the Denver, Colorado metro area.

[21:38] * Ashlee_Williams cries

[21:38] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw

[21:38] <@DraHosting> ASAMI

[21:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> I LOVE MAKO SO MUCH...

[21:38] <+PornvatiSwallow> Mako was a stud :(

[21:38] <@DraHosting> You won the last VIP.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> You cannot win this one.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> Gideon, you won the last MVP

[21:38] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't understand, Dra.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> You cannot win this one.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> 3

[21:38] <@DraHosting> 2

[21:38] <+Cassandra|> She'll probably win the one after this anyways.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> 1

[21:38] <@DraHosting> "Papa, ___ alone knows ____ we shall ___ each other _____"

[21:38] <@DraHosting> GO

[21:38] <@DraHosting> finish that quote

[21:39] <+Cassandra|> No.

[21:39] <@DraHosting> PM it to me saying Hodel says "Papa, ___ alone knows ____ we shall ___ each other _____" to her papa

[21:39] <+Gideoncrawle> Let me see. Is this a Shakespearean line of poetry? 

[21:39] <+Cassandra|> I dunno, you tell me gramps.

[21:39] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't know what these blanks are.

[21:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Can we change this challenge to Boyz 4 Now quotes?

[21:40] <+Gideoncrawle> I have a vast majority of those in my memory, hopefully I am able to dig them up swiftly before Hosting proceeds forward.

[21:41] <+Gideoncrawle> I cannot seem to remember one of that sort...

[21:41] <+Cassandra|> If you have them known by memory, why are you wasting time here droning on about stuff nobody cares about?

[21:41] <+Gideoncrawle> Is it one of Shakespeare's lost Sonnets?

[21:41] <+PornvatiSwallow> Is it King Lear?

[21:42] <@DraHosting> Lot of people stuck on the first gossip

[21:42] <+PornvatiSwallow> or Hoelet?

[21:42] <+PornvatiSwallow> *Hamlet oops :)

[21:42] <+Gideoncrawle> Hamlet? I am fond of Hamlet myself.

[21:43] <+PornvatiSwallow> That's great to know! ;)

[21:43] <+PornvatiSwallow> You are a very handsome dude. :)

[21:43] <@DraHosting> Someone has almost got it!

[21:43] <@DraHosting> BOLIN

[21:43] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[21:43] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[21:43] <+Bolin|> YES!

[21:44] <+Cassandra|> You'd probably think a telephone pole was attractive. @Pornvati

[21:44] <+Bolin|> YES YES! 

[21:44] <+Bolin|> guys i did it!!!!!!

[21:44] <+Bolin|> korra mako asami i did it!!

[21:44] <+Cassandra|> Good for you?

[21:44] <+MicheleBachmann_> (eh fuck this shit)

[21:44] <+Cassandra|> I don't think anyone really cares.

[21:44] == MicheleBachmann_ [47bbd1f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:44] <+Catbug-> man that was hard

[21:44] <+Cassandra|> @Bolin

[21:44] <+Gideoncrawle> What was it, Hosting? I am beyond curious to see.

[21:44] <+AttentionWhore> WOW

[21:44] <+AttentionWhore> QUITTERS 

[21:44] <+AttentionWhore> SMH

[21:44] <+AttentionWhore> I WOULD NEVER QUIT

[21:44] <+AttentionWhore> I'M SUCH A FAN OF THE GAME

[21:44] <@TVStarsConf> .


[21:44] <+Cassandra|> I'm sure you are. @AttentionWhore

[21:45] <@DraHosting> oops@nate

[21:45] <+Bolin|> thanks for the congrats guys!


[21:45] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[21:45] * Ashlee_Williams starts to cry

[21:45] <+Catbug-> look I was...

[21:45] <+Ashlee_Williams> MICHELE WAS SUCH A GOOD FRIEND...

[21:45] <+Tina_Belcher> Another quitter?

[21:45] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh..

[21:45] <+Tina_Belcher> Congrats, Bolin.

[21:45] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Michele must have been assinated by Obama.

[21:45] <+Tina_Belcher> You deserved it, I bet.

[21:45] <+Catbug-> look on the bright side

[21:45] <+Catbug-> I'm still here?

[21:45] * Catbug- tps out

[21:45] <+Cassandra|> Good for her.

[21:46] <@DraHosting> now then

[21:46] <@DraHosting> hopefully that will be it

[21:46] <@DraHosting> nonetheless

[21:46] * Catbug- tps back in

[21:46] <@DraHosting> chat will now vote for its favorite

[21:46] <+Cassandra|> lovely.

[21:46] * Ashlee_Williams faces camera

[21:46] <+Cassandra|> Watch them pick Gideon again

[21:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> VOTE FOR ME, AMERICA.

[21:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> Or Wikia.

[21:46] <+Cassandra|> because they have no idea how it works.

[21:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> Whichever.

[21:46] <+Catbug-> everybody!

[21:46] <+Catbug-> Catbug for President!

[21:46] <+Cassandra|> Is it time for the boardroom? @Ashlee

[21:46] == SelenaGomez| [5ad4f47b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:47] <SelenaGomez|> I heard a spot opened!

[21:47] == SelenaGomez| was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [SelenaGomez|]

[21:47] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *A wild Selena Gomez appeared*

[21:47] <+Catbug-> bye Selena

[21:47] <+Gideoncrawle> Michelle rambled in my PM about her conservative views, she was surely an interesting one and I shall not forget the words she spoke to me.

[21:47] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Selena Gomez fled*

[21:47] == SelenaGomez| [5ad4f47b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:47] <+Gideoncrawle> "PM" rather

[21:47] <SelenaGomez|> I'm back!

[21:48] == SelenaGomez| was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [SelenaGomez|]

[21:48] == SelenaGomez| [5ad4f47b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars


[21:48] <+Gideoncrawle> Personal messaging is an interesting system I must say, our wikia has something of that sort, but it is simply referred to as the talk page rather than "personal messaging". Hmph.

[21:48] <SelenaGomez|> rude!

[21:48] * Ashlee_Williams flaunts 

[21:48] <+Ashlee_Williams> You can resist THIS, Wikia.

[21:48] <+Bolin|> you guys should vote for me!!!!!!!!!

[21:48] <+Bolin|> even though i'm already VIP which is cool

[21:48] <+AttentionWhore> VOTE FOR ME

[21:49] <+Cassandra|> I'm sure they can, Ashlee.

[21:49] <+Bolin|> i feel like a celebrity

[21:49] <+AttentionWhore> I'M THE AUDIENCE FAVORITE

[21:49] <+AttentionWhore> ;)

[21:49] <+Cassandra|> I highly doubt that.

[21:49] <+Cassandra|> Considering you didn't win it last time.

[21:49] <+Cassandra|> You're irrelevant.

[21:49] <@DraHosting> America has chosen.

[21:49] <+PornvatiSwallow> (pm @Dra)

[21:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Everyone is relevant.

[21:50] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, congratulations, you are this week's MVP!

[21:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Life is a magical thing.

[21:50] <+Tina_Belcher> You know?

[21:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Congratulations, Ashlee.

[21:50] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Congrats Ashlee

[21:50] <+Catbug-> now that's sad

[21:50] <@DraHosting> before we go to elimination

[21:50] <+Catbug-> nobody loves catbug

[21:50] <+Ashlee_Williams> Ha!

[21:50] <+Cassandra|> It seems America likes large tits rather than anything of actual worth.

[21:50] * Ashlee_Williams poses for the camera

[21:50] <+Cassandra|> Congratulations, Ashlee.

[21:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Heh, large tits.

[21:50] <SelenaGomez|> Congrats Ashlee!

[21:50] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:51] <MysteriousVoice> oooo

[21:51] <+Catbug-> who was that?

[21:51] <SelenaGomez|> Ah!A ghost!

[21:51] <+Tina_Belcher> whoa, creepy.

[21:51] <MysteriousVoice> A mysterious voice calls out to you: TINA WRITES EROTIC FANFICTION!

[21:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw, man.

[21:51] * Tina_Belcher turns red.

[21:51] <+Cassandra|> Good for her?

[21:51] <MysteriousVoice> A mysterious voice calls out to you: POKEMON TRAINER WETS THE BED!

[21:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Well, I have been announcing it the entire game, but still.

[21:51] <+Cassandra|> I don't really care.

[21:51] <MysteriousVoice> ~ THE PAPARAZZI HAS STRUCK ~

[21:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Someone is telling our secrets!

[21:51] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[21:51] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: This week I am unsure of who to elect... last week I was given a few pointers and followed those, but this week I doubt I shall have any sort of instruction... something feels a bit off, if I do say so myself.

[21:52] <+AttentionWhore> WOW TINA

[21:52] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm not sure that was much a secert about the erotic fanfiction. Tina mentioned it. 

[21:52] <+AttentionWhore> THAT'S REALLY GROSS

[21:52] <+Catbug-> bye paparazzi!

[21:52] <+AttentionWhore> :/

[21:52] <@DraHosting> :OO!!!

[21:52] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Before.

[21:52] <@DraHosting> @the mysterious voice

[21:52] <+AttentionWhore> I WOULD NEVER DO SUCH A THING

[21:52] <@DraHosting> That means the Paparazzi has found something out

[21:52] <+AttentionWhore> AREN'T I SUCH A SWEETHEART

[21:52] <+Tina_Belcher> AttentionWhore, it's really fun.


[21:52] <+Tina_Belcher> It lets you get your fantasies out.

[21:52] <+Gideoncrawle> Also, for those who haven't seen, a new night has just been released. Night eighteen, to be rather specific. 

[21:52] <+Tina_Belcher> My erotic friendfictions get pretty intense, too.

[21:52] <+Gideoncrawle> My apologies, let me go and fetch the link.

[21:52] <+Tina_Belcher> in one, I smash my face against Jimmy Pesto Jr's buns.

[21:52] * Tina_Belcher smiles.

[21:52] * Tina_Belcher closes her eyes.,

[21:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Yess..

[21:52] <+Gideoncrawle> Ah, here we are. Again, my apologies for the prolonged wait:

[21:53] <+Catbug-> oh I remember Tina now

[21:53] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> And I was pretty open about using 'water gun' while wetting the bed.

[21:53] <+Gideoncrawle> And again, I beg your pardon for the abrupt exit. I do not like to keep my "fans" awaiting.

[21:53] <@DraHosting> ~~ red carpet walk ~~

[21:53] <@DraHosting> say some things about your fallen comrades

[21:53] <@DraHosting> Korra and Michele

[21:53] <@DraHosting> who might not exist this season

[21:53] <@DraHosting> #GingaFromFinale

[21:53] <+Tina_Belcher> What about Mako>

[21:53] <+Tina_Belcher> ?*

[21:53] <@DraHosting> oh yeah her

[21:53] <@DraHosting> and mako

[21:53] <@DraHosting> or him

[21:53] <@DraHosting> idk

[21:54] * Ashlee_Williams prepares acting

[21:54] * Ashlee_Williams clears throat

[21:54] <@DraHosting> ~~ everyone walks into the elimination zone ~~

[21:54] * Ashlee_Williams inserts saline into eyes

[21:54] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[21:54] <+PornvatiSwallow> Mako was pretty hot.

[21:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Mako's buns are too nice to be forgotten.

[21:54] <SelenaGomez|> #SelenaGomez&TheScene

[21:54] <+PornvatiSwallow> I miss him. hihihih

[21:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> I LOVE KORRA MAKO AND MICHELE SO MUCH...

[21:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> WHY DID THEY HAVE TO LEAVE ME?!

[21:54] <@DraHosting> Send in your votes

[21:54] <@DraHosting> you have until 10:0

[21:54] <@DraHosting> 10:00 *

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> That's plenty of time.

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> OH!

[21:55] <+Gideoncrawle> How do I "elect" someone if I have zero of who to elect, Dra? It just doesn't make much sense to I. Has common sense of any sort shriveled up to nil?

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> I forgot Tina Talk!

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Guys, Tina Talk is in its second season

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> who can I interview?

[21:55] * Tina_Belcher walks around.

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra?

[21:55] <+Gideoncrawle> Always as a young man I traveled alone, And I would lose my way; I felt I was rich If I made a friend-- No man by himself is happy.

[21:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> Ahem.

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee?

[21:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> You can interview ME.

[21:55] <+Ashlee_Williams> @Tina

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Um, okay.

[21:55] * Tina_Belcher holds up microphone to Ashlee

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> so,

[21:55] * Tina_Belcher stops.

[21:55] <+Tina_Belcher> I need to think of questions.

[21:55] * Cassandra| rolls eyes

[21:55] * Tina_Belcher thinks.

[21:56] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at camera

[21:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Um...

[21:56] <+Gideoncrawle> Hmph.

[21:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee, what's your view on child abuse?

[21:56] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[21:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> Hm.

[21:56] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[21:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> I think child abuse

[21:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> Is one of the WORST.

[21:56] <+Tina_Belcher> :o

[21:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> PROBLEMS.

[21:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> FACING AMERICA.

[21:57] <+Ashlee_Williams> IF I WIN THIS SHOW


[21:57] <+Ashlee_Williams> I WILL MAKE IT MY GOAL TO END CHILD ABUSE

[21:57] <+Ashlee_Williams> AND ALDO

[21:57] <+Ashlee_Williams> WORLD PEACE AND HUNGER

[21:57] <+Ashlee_Williams> WILL END OR SOMETHING

[21:57] <+Cassandra|> Very "pageant queen" of you, Ashlee. I give you too much credit, don't I.

[21:57] <+AttentionWhore> SHUUT /UP/ ASHLEE

[21:57] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[21:57] <+AttentionWhore> YOU'RE TERRIBLE

[21:57] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, those are strong feelings.

[21:57] * Pokemon_Trainer6 claps for Ashlee Williams

[21:57] <+AttentionWhore> YOU'LL NEVER BE A TV STAR

[21:57] <+AttentionWhore> LIKE

[21:57] <+AttentionWhore> ME

[21:57] <@DraHosting> Asami

[21:57] * Tina_Belcher looks at Cassandra

[21:57] <@DraHosting> Ashlee

[21:57] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[21:57] <@DraHosting> and Pornvati

[21:57] <@DraHosting> you need to vote.

[21:57] <+Tina_Belcher> Conflict is brewing in the TV Stars house!

[21:57] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> YOU ARE A NATIONAL TREASURE! @ Ashlee

[21:57] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, how do you feel about Ashlee?

[21:57] * Tina_Belcher smacks the microphone into Cassandra's nose.

[21:58] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, whoops.

[21:58] <@DraHosting> Ashlee and Asami|

[21:58] == SelenaGomez| [5ad4f47b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[21:58] <+Asami|> what?

[21:58] <+Gideoncrawle> This is quite a peculiar and rather uncalled for declaration, but I must say, AttenionWhore has been causing an excessive amount of drama in this establishment, and I would hope they cease stirring the pot before any sort of administrative action is taken against them. 

[21:58] <+Gideoncrawle>  This particular event reminds me heavily of Shakespeare's lost piece of work, Sonnet 155, in which is the conclusion to the saga of poems that are merely fourteen lines a piece and each of which feature formal rhyme schemes.

[21:59] <+Ashlee_Williams> (voted)

[21:59] <+Cassandra|> Yeah, whatever. @Gideon

[21:59] <@DraHosting> Your votes are in.

[21:59] * DraHosting tallies

[21:59] <+Catbug-> I know someone named Gideon

[21:59] * DraHosting throws renewal to Ashlee

[21:59] * DraHosting throws renewal to Cassandra

[21:59] * Ashlee_Williams poses with renewal

[21:59] * DraHosting throws renewal to Gideon

[21:59] <+Gideoncrawle> You do, Catbug?

[21:59] <+Catbug-> he was small and pink with white hair

[21:59] <+Catbug-> and was secretly

[21:59] <+Gideoncrawle> Interesting.

[21:59] <+Catbug-> evil

[21:59] * DraHosting throws renewal to PokemonTrainer

[21:59] <+Bolin|> i have autoMATIC renewal!!

[21:59] <+Bolin|> aw yeah!!

[21:59] * DraHosting throws renewal to Pornvati

[22:00] <+Bolin|> vip status!!!!

[22:00] <+Cassandra|> So excited.

[22:00] <+Catbug-> and wanted this shack out in Oregon for who knows what

[22:00] <@DraHosting> Catbug

[22:00] <@DraHosting> Asami

[22:00] <@DraHosting> Tina

[22:00] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore

[22:00] <@DraHosting> you each got vots.

[22:00] * Cassandra| twirls finger in the air

[22:00] <+Cassandra|> woo

[22:00] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Does Daddy love me yet :D

[22:00] <@DraHosting> votes*

[22:00] <+AttentionWhore> where is MY RENEWAL?!!?!?!?!?!

[22:00] <+Tina_Belcher> :o

[22:00] <+AttentionWhore> I AM TOO RELEVANT TO BE ELIMINATED

[22:00] * DraHosting throws renewal to Tina

[22:00] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[22:00] <+Tina_Belcher> Tina Talk is in dange--

[22:00] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, cool.

[22:00] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[22:00] * DraHosting throws renewal to catbug

[22:00] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[22:00] <+Catbug-> someone keeps wanting me out

[22:00] <@DraHosting> Asami vs AttentionWhore

[22:00] <+Catbug-> yay still here!

[22:00] * DraHosting pulls out final renewal slip

[22:00] <@DraHosting> By a vote of

[22:00] <+AttentionWhore> UM???!?!?!!?!?

[22:00] <+Bolin|> i hope asami stays!!

[22:01] <@DraHosting> 6-1-1-1

[22:01] <+Bolin|> she's h...

[22:01] <+AttentionWhore> WHAT THE FICK?!?!?!?1

[22:01] <@DraHosting> Asami.

[22:01] <+Bolin|> um

[22:01] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[22:01] <+Bolin|> No :(((

[22:01] <+AttentionWhore> HA.

[22:01] <+AttentionWhore> BITCH.

[22:01] <+Asami|> o

[22:01] <+Asami|> bye

[22:01] <+Bolin|> why is team avatar leaving :((

[22:01] * DraHosting throws renewal to AttentionWhore

[22:01] == Asami| [] has quit [Quit: ChatZilla [Firefox 32.0/20140825202822]]

[22:01] <+Tina_Belcher> Bye, Asami.

[22:01] <+Bolin|> i am now the only republic city representative :((


[22:02] <+Tina_Belcher> No, not on me. Sorry... @Bolin.

[22:02] <@DraHosting> Per the rules of TV Stars

[22:02] * Tina_Belcher hands Bolin a slip of paper.

[22:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Here's a coupon.

[22:02] <@DraHosting> With Korra, Mako, and Asami out

[22:02] <@DraHosting> The TV Stars Jury has officially begun.

[22:02] <+Cassandra|> Oh, joy!

[22:02] <@DraHosting> Remember

[22:02] <@DraHosting> to leave a blacklist

[22:02] <@DraHosting> please god

[22:02] <@DraHosting> do not forget that

[22:02] <@DraHosting> ever

[22:02] <@DraHosting> ty

[22:02] <@DraHosting> anyways

[22:02] <+PornvatiSwallow> :o

[22:03] <@DraHosting> you've stayed on this stage long enough to be able to name the house you currently live in

[22:03] <@DraHosting> So come up with a house name

[22:03] <@DraHosting> the majority wins

[22:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Let's call it Boyz 4 Now!

[22:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> We should have a sexy name.

[22:03] <@DraHosting> see guys this is BETTER than finale cuz you get to name the house!

[22:03] <+Catbug-> let's call it Brownies!

[22:03] <+Bolin|> let's call it republic city!!!!

[22:03] <+Cassandra|> Leagues better, clearly. @Dra

[22:03] <+Cassandra|> Let's name is Paul.

[22:03] <+Tina_Belcher> I want to call it Boyz 4 Now

[22:03] <+Tina_Belcher> :(

[22:03] <+AttentionWhore> we need to call it

[22:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Paulepublic Brownies 4 Now

[22:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Or Big Buns.

[22:03] <+AttentionWhore> lEIOMAH.

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> fOR MY SISTER.

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> sHE HAS CANCER.

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> aND IT WOULD MEAN SO MUCH IF YOU NAMED

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> THE HOUSE AFTER HER

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> HER

[22:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw, cancer?

[22:04] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Paul's Repulbic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah?

[22:04] <@DraHosting> vote on a house name

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> WHO IS RELATED TO ME

[22:04] <@DraHosting> until 10:06

[22:04] <+PornvatiSwallow> Sex Machine!

[22:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Guys, let's name it IEIOMAH

[22:04] <@DraHosting> if you don't have one

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> SO IT'S LIKE NAMING THE HOUSE AFTER ME

[22:04] <@DraHosting> I pick one

[22:04] <+PornvatiSwallow> ^-^

[22:04] <@DraHosting> so get to it

[22:04] <@DraHosting> I need orange juice

[22:04] <@DraHosting> and to set up the challenge

[22:04] <+AttentionWhore> AND I KNOW YOU ALL LOVE ME

[22:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> I think we should name it.

[22:04] <@DraHosting> so today's interaction time is prolongued

[22:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> Ashlee's Palace.

[22:04] <+Gideoncrawle> Housename you say, Hosting? I shall do my best... hmph.

[22:04] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> We should comprimise. 

[22:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> After America's favorite contestant.

[22:04] <+Tina_Belcher> AttentionWhore, can I interview your sister on Tina Talk?

[22:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> If you vote my name to win

[22:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> I'll give you something special!

[22:05] * Ashlee_Williams begins to bake cookies

[22:05] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> How about Paul's Republic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah at Ashlee's Palace?

[22:05] <+Tina_Belcher> Will you give me Jimmy Pesto Jr's heart? @Ashlee

[22:05] <+Tina_Belcher> YES! @Pokemon Trainor

[22:06] <+Gideoncrawle> This is a rather difficult decision I'm being forced to make, not to mention abrupt. What do I name this dominion? Should I name it something that honors myself, The Legend of Total Drama Island or something of greater importance such as Shakespeare, or another playwright?

[22:06] <+Tina_Belcher> It's compromise!

[22:06] <+Gideoncrawle> This is a case in which I would use the phrase: "So many choices, so little time."

[22:06] <+Ashlee_Williams> Hm.

[22:06] <@DraHosting> alright time is up

[22:06] <@DraHosting> have we chosen a house name?

[22:06] <+Ashlee_Williams> ashlee will be generous and cooperate.

[22:06] <+Ashlee_Williams> I like what the Pokemon nerd said. @Dra

[22:06] == Blakespec [47bd0b28@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:06] <+Tina_Belcher> We're naming it Paul's Republic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah at Ashlee's Palace!

[22:06] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[22:06] <@DraHosting> very well

[22:07] <+Tina_Belcher> Everyone is happy. :)

[22:07] * Bolin| earthbends in the corner

[22:07] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: Paul's Republic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah at Ashlee's Place: Ashlee, AttentionWhore, Bolin, Cassandra, Catbug, Gideoncrawle, PokemonTrainer, Pornvati, Tina

[22:07] <+Cassandra|> Paul.

[22:07] <+Cassandra|> It's named Paul.

[22:07] * Bolin| accidentally drops a boulder on his foot

[22:07] <+Cassandra|> Exactly.

[22:07] <+Bolin|> OOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooooow that hurt a lot :(

[22:07] <+Cassandra|> Wow you're clumsier than I thought.

[22:07] <+Tina_Belcher> Bolin, are you okay!?

[22:08] * Tina_Belcher runs over to Bolin and kisses his foot.

[22:08] * Tina_Belcher licks her lips.

[22:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> *stove catches on fire*

[22:08] <+Tina_Belcher> I have a bit of a foot fetish.

[22:08] * Ashlee_Williams screams

[22:08] * Ashlee_Williams bakes cookies

[22:08] <+Gideoncrawle> Paul's Republic Brownies? Interesting, what may that be a reference to? Is it some sort of obscure television series or electronic device? (Well, obscure to me, I'm relatively out of touch with modern technology.)

[22:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> SOMEONE HELP ME

[22:08] * Ashlee_Williams 's hair catches fire

[22:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no, Ashlee.

[22:08] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[22:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Um.

[22:08] <+Catbug-> no ashlee!

[22:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Call the fire department?

[22:08] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.

[22:08] * Catbug- tps away

[22:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> DRA I NEED ASSISTANCE

[22:08] * Ashlee_Williams faces camera

[22:08] <+Gideoncrawle> I'm sure wifey would easily be able to identify the said object or device, for she is surprisingly in touch with the technology of today. 

[22:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> I'M SUCH A VICTIM

[22:08] * Catbug- tps back and pours bucket of warer on Ashlee's head

[22:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Dra, I think Ashlee had an accident.

[22:08] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'll show a water type move!

[22:09] <+Catbug-> thanks Steve!

[22:09] <+Tina_Belcher> With... the stove.

[22:09] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Maybe the papparazi was trying to sabotage her?

[22:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe we can roast our buns in this fire?

[22:09] <+Cassandra|> Wow.

[22:09] <+Cassandra|> Just... wow.

[22:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe. @Pokemon Trainer

[22:09] <+Bolin|> the paparazzi can't get me!!!

[22:09] <+Bolin|> i'll just EARTHBEND them away!!

[22:09] * Bolin| *stomach growls*

[22:09] <+Bolin|> i'm so hungry :(

[22:09] <@DraHosting> k it's done

[22:09] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Maybe they caused you to drop the boulder. 

[22:09] <+Tina_Belcher> I still don't know what earthbending is, but, it sounds fun.

[22:10] <+Tina_Belcher> Dra, the paparazzi keeps pulling stunts on us.

[22:10] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> They could be sabotaging everything we do.

[22:10] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee's stove malfunctioned.

[22:10] <@DraHosting> CELEBRITIES

[22:10] <+Tina_Belcher> and Bolin dropped a boulder on his foot.


[22:10] * Tina_Belcher looks worried.

[22:10] <@DraHosting> Bolin, as the outgoing VIP, you cannot win this one.

[22:10] <+PornvatiSwallow> Yay! ^-^

[22:10] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> And the papparazi gave me an erection!

[22:10] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, as the outgoing MVP, you cannot be MVP again.

[22:10] <@DraHosting> Celebrities

[22:10] <+Catbug-> yes dra

[22:10] <@DraHosting> You will need to do this puzzle and state in PM the name of the actor that the puzzle depicts.

[22:11] <+Cassandra|> I'm on the edge of my seat.

[22:11] <@DraHosting>

[22:11] <@DraHosting> GO

[22:11] <+Bolin|> awwwwwwwwwwwwwww

[22:11] <+Gideoncrawle> Why was I disincluded from the name reaping, Hosting? I'm sorry for this incredibly late and rather "awkward" question but I am in need of an answer of some sort, for I am in an odd situation that I cannot seem to find an explanation to myself.

[22:11] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't know who this person is, but, he's sexy.

[22:12] <+PornvatiSwallow> He sure is. ;)

[22:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry Jimmy Pesto.

[22:12] * Tina_Belcher turns to the camera.

[22:12] <+Gideoncrawle> I doubt wifey shall be very pleased with this talk, Tina...

[22:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Jimmy Jr, I need you to forgive me.

[22:12] <+Tina_Belcher> I have a lot of emotions running through me in this game.

[22:12] <+Tina_Belcher> I'll be back for you, though.

[22:12] * Tina_Belcher kisses her palm and wipes the camera with it

[22:12] <@DraHosting> Another challenging challenge.

[22:12] <@DraHosting> Remember, anything can happen.

[22:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe I'll be Jimmy Jr's wife one day, Gideon.

[22:13] <+Tina_Belcher> (idk who the guy in the puzzle is so oops)

[22:13] <+Gideoncrawle> It saddens me in a way to unravel this to you but I am a very loyal man, and never would I leave my dear wife, Jay. For she stole my heart back in the days of ol' highschool, oh how I could go on about that day for hours upon hours..

[22:13] <@DraHosting> it starts with an H

[22:13] <@DraHosting> @all

[22:13] <@DraHosting> do a reverse google image search

[22:13] * Tina_Belcher sheds a tear @Gideon

[22:14] <@DraHosting> begins with an HU

[22:14] <+Cassandra|> Gee that helps.

[22:14] <+Gideoncrawle> Hugh Jackman?

[22:14] <+Gideoncrawle> Just a wild guess. 

[22:14] <@DraHosting> you have to PM it

[22:14] <@DraHosting> if you're gonna guess

[22:15] <+Gideoncrawle> Alright then, my mistake.

[22:15] <+Cassandra|> Did I win.

[22:15] <+Cassandra|> Because if not.

[22:15] <+Cassandra|> I don't care.

[22:16] <@DraHosting> everyone literally forgetting

[22:16] <@DraHosting> to join the gossip 

[22:17] <+Catbug-> 1:13

[22:17] <+Catbug-> I guess

[22:19] <+Cassandra|> Is this over yet.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> nope

[22:19] <+Gideoncrawle>  5 W5N 5004N5TY

[22:19] <+Cassandra|> I agree.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> does this look like VIP to you gideon

[22:20] <+Gideoncrawle> Is that correct?

[22:20] <@DraHosting> no

[22:20] <+PornvatiSwallow> C ,GB KGL

[22:20] <@DraHosting> TINA

[22:20] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[22:20] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[22:20] * Tina_Belcher runs around

[22:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Yayyyyyyyy

[22:20] <+Catbug-> so close

[22:20] <+Tina_Belcher> This is a dream come true.

[22:21] <+Catbug-> hug me tina

[22:21] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> I want to thank, um, my brain?

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> And...

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> My buns.

[22:21] <+Catbug-> I feel sad...

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> I guess.

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> but yay.

[22:21] <@DraHosting> Now then

[22:21] * Tina_Belcher hugs Catbug

[22:21] <@DraHosting> chat is gonna vote for the MVP

[22:21] * Catbug- hugs back

[22:21] <@DraHosting> dylan if you're in here post the cast list on main for me plox

[22:21] <+Cassandra|> fun!

[22:21] <+Catbug-> thank you. (sniffs)

[22:21] * Cassandra| sits down

[22:21] <+Gideoncrawle> Well, I must applaud myself for actually putting forth effort in this here "challenge". I proceeded to do so and oddly ended up, as I stated earlier, bearing a strong resemblance to Gwendoline's actions during the eighth night.

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw, but I can win MVP.

[22:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Too bad.

[22:21] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Congrats Tina <3

[22:22] * Ashlee_Williams passes out burnt cookies to the other contestants

[22:22] <+Tina_Belcher> Thank you, Pokemon Trainer.

[22:22] <+Tina_Belcher> Uh...

[22:22] <+Tina_Belcher> these look pretty good.

[22:22] <+Ashlee_Williams> I made some cookies for my friends!

[22:22] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at the camera

[22:22] * Tina_Belcher bites cookie and chips a tooth.

[22:22] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[22:22] <+Catbug-> if this is a way to repay for the brownies

[22:22] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> These look delicious Ashlee. 

[22:22] <+Catbug-> you're very welcome and thanks

[22:22] * Catbug- picks a cookie up

[22:22] * Pokemon_Trainer6 picks up cookie

[22:23] <+Gideoncrawle> If any of you have some free time on your hands, I would highly suggest devoting a hour or so to reading The Legend of Total Drama Island, it has garnered many "awards" and "positive titles" throughout it's run, and it has yet to be finished. Here we have the link, for those who are interested:

[22:24] <+Cassandra|> You seem to be forgetting that nobody here is interested.

[22:24] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[22:24] <@DraHosting> Congratulations, Gideon, you are this week's MVP!

[22:24] <@DraHosting> And, for the first time this season, you have a very special power.

[22:24] <+PornvatiSwallow> Good job, Gid! ^-^

[22:24] <+Gideoncrawle> Cassandra, that statement is not entirely true, for many people seem to take a liking to it. @Cassandra

[22:24] <@DraHosting> You will be seeing this several times throughout the season.

[22:24] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, Gideon's second MVP. He's popular.

[22:24] <@DraHosting> Gideon.

[22:24] * Ashlee_Williams frowns

[22:25] <@DraHosting> You will be handing out two DVDs to two people in the game

[22:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> I find it UNFAIR that one can't be MVP twice in a row.

[22:25] <@DraHosting> you can keep one for yourself if you choose, but you will forfeit MVP status in doing so.

[22:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> You're ROBBING AMERICA

[22:25] <+Ashlee_Williams> OF THEIR STAR

[22:25] * Ashlee_Williams poses

[22:25] <@DraHosting> One DVD is good

[22:25] <@DraHosting> one DVD is bad

[22:25] <@DraHosting> but you don't know which one is which

[22:25] <@DraHosting> pick two people to give DVDs to

[22:25] <+Tina_Belcher> :O

[22:25] <@DraHosting> this is the MVP bait task

[22:25] <+Tina_Belcher> I love plot twists.

[22:25] * Tina_Belcher watches closely.

[22:25] <@DraHosting> The good DVD will reward a player, the bad DVD will punish them.

[22:25] <+Gideoncrawle> Even adolescents who I would have expected to have no interest in the currently over 100,000 word long tale, and eventual novella.

[22:25] <+PornvatiSwallow> Hey, Gid!

[22:25] <+PornvatiSwallow> ;)

[22:26] * Ashlee_Williams winks at Gideon

[22:26] <+Ashlee_Williams> Come on, Gideon.

[22:26] <+Gideoncrawle> Another MVP I see, that must certainly mean something. The advertising has garnered me these titles, I suppose, for The Legend of Total Drama Island is a well-received re-imagining that most have said to enjoy.

[22:26] <+Ashlee_Williams> Don't deny America their STAR.

[22:26] <+Gideoncrawle> This gives me hope for this generation.

[22:26] <+Cassandra|> I'd rather not have a DVD, thanks. :/

[22:26] <+Catbug-> we don't use DVDs. Everything is already uploaded

[22:26] <+Gideoncrawle> And hm, what were you asking me, Hosting/

[22:26] <+Gideoncrawle> I seem to have become lost in all of this.

[22:26] <+Tina_Belcher> I'll take a DVD, I guess.

[22:26] <@DraHosting> Gideon

[22:26] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.

[22:26] <@DraHosting> give a DVD to two players

[22:26] <+Gideoncrawle> I see.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> or take one for yourself and forfeit MVP status

[22:27] <@DraHosting> your call

[22:27] <+Bolin|> OOOOOOH

[22:27] <@DraHosting> and hurry

[22:27] <+Bolin|> give one to me

[22:27] * DraHosting taps watch

[22:27] <+Bolin|> memememeem

[22:27] <+Bolin|> emememe

[22:27] <+Bolin|> mememe


[22:27] * Tina_Belcher stares at Bolin.

[22:27] <+Gideoncrawle> A DVD to Ashlee.

[22:27] <+Tina_Belcher> Your excitement turns me on.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> Ashlee gets one DVD

[22:27] <+Gideoncrawle> and a DVD to Tina as well, for they have seemed to be the two to enjoy my fan-fiction.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> Tina gets the other.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, let's start with you.

[22:27] <+Tina_Belcher> I haven't read your fanfiction.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> Open up your DVD

[22:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Is it erotic?

[22:28] <@DraHosting> wait tina is the VIP

[22:28] <@DraHosting> pick someone else

[22:28] <@DraHosting> @Gideon

[22:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[22:28] <+PornvatiSwallow> What about me?

[22:28] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[22:28] <+Gideoncrawle> Pokemon, I suppose.. 

[22:28] * Ashlee_Williams opens DVD

[22:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Kind of disappointed.

[22:28] <+PornvatiSwallow> Oh

[22:28] <+PornvatiSwallow> :(

[22:28] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Me? Hooray :D

[22:28] <+PornvatiSwallow> You make me sad :( @Gid

[22:28] <@DraHosting> Ashlee

[22:28] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> You hear that Dad!

[22:28] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> And you said reading fanfics made me uncool!

[22:28] <+Ashlee_Williams> Yes?

[22:28] <+Gideoncrawle> Vati I apologize, but your name is highly offensive to me and all of those around us.

[22:28] == Sarah [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:28] <Sarah> Hello!

[22:28] <Sarah> It's me, Sarah!

[22:28] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm happy for your, Pokemon Trainor!

[22:29] <Sarah> You're watching my taping of Redvivor: China.

[22:29] <Sarah> I was responsible for Cole getting 25 votes, mostly.

[22:29] <+Tina_Belcher> :O

[22:29] <Sarah> I doubled his vote count entirely.

[22:29] <+PornvatiSwallow> Oh. I understand! ^-^

[22:29] <+PornvatiSwallow> @Gid

[22:29] <Sarah> So, for you, player

[22:29] <Sarah> I will double your vote tonight.

[22:29] <Sarah> Congratulations!

[22:29] <+PornvatiSwallow> I still think you are a hunky! ^-^

[22:29] == Sarah [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no, Ashlee!

[22:29] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Yeah but you couldn't have done it without Isadora bye)

[22:29] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, congratulations, you got the good DVD.

[22:29] <@DraHosting> You will get to vote twice.

[22:29] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[22:29] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Thank you. And don't knock you're self out so quickly Tina.

[22:29] <+Tina_Belcher> That's cool.

[22:29] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh.

[22:29] <@DraHosting> Pokemon Trainer, this means you have the bad DVD

[22:29] <+Catbug-> so Tina was saved?

[22:29] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Than that means...

[22:29] <@DraHosting> please open it up.

[22:29] * Pokemon_Trainer6 opens dvd

[22:30] <+Gideoncrawle> My apologies to the unfortunate player who received the horrendous digital video disc.

[22:30] == DyingVirgin [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:30] <+Tina_Belcher> Guys my crotch is itchier than it was when we started.

[22:30] * DyingVirgin slices vagina

[22:30] * Ashlee_Williams cheers

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> hahahahahahahahaha

[22:30] <+Tina_Belcher> o_o

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> this is my taping of dravivor seycheles

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> bleeds

[22:30] * Ashlee_Williams poses for the camera

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> leeds

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> bleeds

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> bleeds

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> bleeds

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> rubs vagina

[22:30] <+Tina_Belcher> This is really vulgar.

[22:30] <+Ashlee_Williams> I am SO thankful for this.

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> because of me 

[22:30] <+Ashlee_Williams> Thank you, Gideon!

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> you will experience emotional trauma

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> and cannot vote tonight

[22:30] <DyingVirgin> mwahahaha bleeds

[22:30] * Ashlee_Williams gives Gideon the rest of the cookies

[22:30] == DyingVirgin [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:30] <@DraHosting> so that happened

[22:30] <+Cassandra|> Wow that wasn't funny in the slightest.

[22:30] <@DraHosting> Pokemon Trainer, you cannot vote tonight.

[22:30] == Asami2 [6ce40c2c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:30] <+Cassandra|> Good job, Dra!

[22:30] <+Ashlee_Williams> Cassandra.

[22:30] <+Gideoncrawle> Cookies? Why thank you, but I myself prefer to avoid sweets such as this one.

[22:31] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh my. 

[22:31] <+Ashlee_Williams> Can you help me bake Gideon a cake-- oh

[22:31] <+Ashlee_Williams> what about about a protein shake?

[22:31] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm disturbed yet attracted.

[22:31] <+Tina_Belcher> Hmm...

[22:31] <@DraHosting> now then

[22:31] <@DraHosting> Tina, remember, you can't vote tonight.

[22:31] <@DraHosting> The rest of you, however, will.

[22:31] <+AttentionWhore> THAT BITCH

[22:31] <@DraHosting> ~ red carpet walk ~

[22:31] <+Gideoncrawle> Cookies are a rare delicacy for me, but a delicacy I simply cannot indulge in, for I am at an old age and this could potentially affect my health. Hmph.

[22:31] <@DraHosting> say stuff about asami

[22:31] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay, I'm fine with that.

[22:31] <+AttentionWhore> HER ANRANDOM CREEPYS TUFF

[22:31] <+Bolin|> Asami :(((((

[22:31] <+AttentionWhore> REDUCES MY SCREENTIME

[22:31] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone enters the elimination zone ~

[22:31] <@DraHosting> cast votes

[22:31] <+AttentionWhore> FUCKING WHORE

[22:31] <+Tina_Belcher> I'll just eat another burnt cookie because they were kind of good.

[22:31] <@DraHosting> they're due at 10:35

[22:31] * Tina_Belcher eats a burnt cookie

[22:31] <+Tina_Belcher> yum.

[22:31] <+Cassandra|> This format is quite uninspired Dra, I'll have to give it low marks.

[22:31] <+Gideoncrawle> Protein Shake? I am not a "health nut" per say either. Something more casual would do.

[22:31] <+Ashlee_Williams> [21:31] <@DraHosting> now then [21:31] <@DraHosting> Tina, remember, you can't vote tonight. [21:31] <@DraHosting> The rest of you, however, will.

[22:32] <+Ashlee_Williams> Unless you're Pokemon Trainer

[22:32] <+Ashlee_Williams> gg

[22:32] * Cassandra| writes down "bad format"

[22:32] <@DraHosting> oh yes

[22:32] <@DraHosting> and pokemon

[22:33] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Hmm?

[22:33] <+Cassandra|> Is Pokemon Trainer going to be subjected to the horrors of a very bad character again?

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> Guys, it's time for Tina Talk.

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> I think I'm gonna interview myself.

[22:34] * Tina_Belcher holds microphone up to her face.

[22:34] <+Cassandra|> Wow you're desperate.

[22:34] <@DraHosting> Gideon and Pornvati need to vote.

[22:34] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> What could be worse than a bloody vagina? @ Cassandra

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> So, Tina, how does it feel to win MVP?

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> It feels good, Tina.

[22:34] <+Gideoncrawle> A very bad character, you say? That is something The Legend of Total Drama Island is lacking.

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> Thanks, Tina.

[22:34] <+Cassandra|> I dunno, two? @Pokemon Trainer

[22:34] <+Tina_Belcher> No problem, Tina.

[22:34] * Tina_Belcher smiles.

[22:35] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> True @ Cassandra

[22:35] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to AttentionWhore

[22:35] <+Cassandra|> Quality, not quantity my friend. @Gideon

[22:35] <+AttentionWhore> YAS BOO!

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Gideon

[22:36] <+Tina_Belcher> That's really great.

[22:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Catbug

[22:36] * Tina_Belcher is content.

[22:36] <+Catbug-> yay catbug!

[22:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Ashlee

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Bolin, Cassandra, Pornvati, and PokemonTrainer

[22:36] <+PornvatiSwallow> .

[22:36] <@DraHosting> you each got votes.

[22:36] * Cassandra| sits there, completely unemotional.

[22:36] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw. :(

[22:36] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> :O

[22:36] <+Cassandra|> Okay.

[22:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Cassandra

[22:36] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[22:36] * PornvatiSwallow looks shocked.

[22:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Pornvati

[22:36] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[22:36] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh my. 

[22:36] <@DraHosting> It's down to PokemonTrainer and Bolin.

[22:36] <+PornvatiSwallow> ^-^

[22:36] <+Cassandra|> Wow I'm so happy.

[22:36] <+PornvatiSwallow> Thank you! :* @Dra

[22:37] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 5-1-1-1

[22:37] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Hold me Jigglypuff.

[22:37] <+Catbug-> please no

[22:37] <+Cassandra|> I can hardly contain my excitement.

[22:37] * Tina_Belcher looks shocked.

[22:37] <@DraHosting> Bolin, your show has been cancelled.

[22:37] <+Catbug-> I like Pokemon Trainer

[22:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer, my frien--

[22:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, cool.

[22:37] * PornvatiSwallow blows a kiss to Bolin.

[22:37] <+Catbug-> yay!

[22:37] <@DraHosting> You are the first member of the TV Stars Broadway jury.

[22:37] <+Tina_Belcher> Bye Bolin sorry.

[22:37] <+PornvatiSwallow> Bye, beautie!

[22:37] * Catbug- hugs pokemon trainer

[22:37] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> :O

[22:37] <@DraHosting> If you have to go, you need to give me a blacklist.

[22:37] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm sorry Bolin. 

[22:37] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> But thankfully I stayed! We did Jigglypuff! 

[22:37] <+Gideoncrawle> Bolin? I must say, I forgot of your existence so I shall not particularly miss you... unless of course you were to have read The Legend of Total Drama Island.

[22:37] <+Catbug-> hi Jigglypuff!

[22:37] <+Gideoncrawle> ~ the "evil man" who calls himself Gideoncrawle

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *What's this?*

[22:38] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[22:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> BOLIN

[22:38] <+Catbug-> The Equalist mission is done!

[22:38] * Ashlee_Williams hugs bolin

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Jigglypuff is glowing*

[22:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> I'LL MISS YOU

[22:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> SO

[22:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> MUCH.

[22:38] <+Catbug-> ...huh?


[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> It can't be...Jigglypuff is...evolving?

[22:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Is Bolin even alive)

[22:38] == Tina_Belcher changed the topic of #TVStars to: Paul's Republic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah at Ashlee's Palace: Ashlee, AttentionWhore, Cassandra, Catbug, Gideoncrawle, PokemonTrainer, Pornvati, Tina | Jury: Bolin

[22:38] <+Bolin|> awwwwww

[22:38] <+Catbug-> Jigglypuff?

[22:38] <+Bolin|> :((((

[22:38] <+Tina_Belcher> Bye, Bolin!

[22:38] <+Bolin|> well

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Dun...dun...dun...*

[22:38] <+Tina_Belcher> Remember the coupon a gave you.

[22:38] <+Bolin|> at least i get to eat now!!

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> :O

[22:38] <+Bolin|> bye guys!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[22:38] <+Cassandra|> Another uneventful day.

[22:38] <+Tina_Belcher> You can get a half off burger

[22:38] <+Bolin|> i will use it tina!

[22:38] <@DraHosting> bye Bolin :(

[22:38] <+Cassandra|> Nobody was sad that day.

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Jigglypuf...devolved!*

[22:38] <@DraHosting> leave a blacklist if you have to go

[22:38] <+Tina_Belcher> Good (:

[22:38] <@DraHosting> or leave one just in case !!

[22:38] <+Catbug-> uh...

[22:38] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> oh my...wait what?

[22:38] <+Catbug-> it's smaller

[22:39] <+Bolin|> i'll come back @dra

[22:39] == Bolin| [4842247b@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:39] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *You're such a shit trainer you're pokemon actually devolved!*

[22:39] <+Cassandra|> Wow good job.

[22:39] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Explain that one Charles Darwin!*

[22:39] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[22:39] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Pokemon Trainer

[22:39] <+Ashlee_Williams> It's okay...

[22:39] <+Catbug-> what is it...?

[22:39] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Jigglypuff is now an Igglybuff*

[22:39] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at the camera

[22:39] <+Catbug-> Igglybuff?

[22:39] * Pokemon_Trainer6 cries.

[22:39] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Thank you Ashlee D:

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> :O I can't believe I witnessed child birth.

[22:40] <+Catbug-> it's still... alive, right?

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Or was that... a spec up puberty.

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> *sped

[22:40] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> It's comfort like this I need. Maybe dad was right...maybe I'm not a pokemon trainer.

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't know.

[22:40] <+Gideoncrawle> A child birth, you say?

[22:40] * Ashlee_Williams hands Pokemon Trainor her last cookie

[22:40] <@DraHosting> ~~ next episode ~~


[22:40] <+Gideoncrawle> What have you "teenagers" been up to.

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainor, you're the best guy I know.

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> I mean, I don't know many guys

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> But...

[22:40] * Pokemon_Trainer6 accepts cookie and chokes on it a little

[22:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Don't feel bad!

[22:40] <+Cassandra|> Same thing as we were when you left the room

[22:40] <+Ashlee_Williams> I'll bake you something to make you feel better!

[22:40] <+Cassandra|> three minute ago

[22:40] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Thank you Tina. :3

[22:40] <@DraHosting> your challenge will be soon

[22:40] <+Gideoncrawle> I myself am curious as to what lewd actions you have been "performing" on each other.

[22:40] * Ashlee_Williams pops microwave pizza into the microwave

[22:41] <+Ashlee_Williams> *microwave explodes

[22:41] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Thank you too Ashlee.

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): I'll be honest, Ashlee isn't a very good cook.

[22:41] * Ashlee_Williams screams

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> Can I grab your buns, Gideon?

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> My hands are clean.

[22:41] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> Well kind oif.

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> *of

[22:41] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm glad the Papparazzi isn't here, making me feel worse about myself.

[22:41] * Catbug- tps back in

[22:41] <+PornvatiSwallow> Good job, Ashlee! ^-^

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> HEY GUYS

[22:41] <+Tina_Belcher> So Bolin was the paparrazi?

[22:41] * Catbug- lets out blood-curdling scream

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> LET'S 

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> PLAY

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> THE

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> LOOK AT ME GAME

[22:41] * AttentionWhore points to herself

[22:41] * Catbug- tps out

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> LOOK

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> BHERE

[22:41] <@DraHosting> gonna make oj and plan the challenge

[22:41] <+AttentionWhore> LOOK HERE

[22:42] <@DraHosting> this begins at 10:48

[22:42] <+Gideoncrawle> I personally do not believe stuff like this to be acceptable, I must say. Administrative action must be taken against those who are underage or unmarried and are performing sexual acts on each other that result in pregnancies. 

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay I guess I'll look at you.

[22:42] <+AttentionWhore> "make oj"

[22:42] * Tina_Belcher looks at AttentionWhore

[22:42] <+AttentionWhore> are ytou squeezing oranges

[22:42] <+Gideoncrawle> And what do you mean "buns", Tina?

[22:42] <+AttentionWhore> THANK YOU TINA!

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Your booty? Your... butt.

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> @Gideon.

[22:42] * Pokemon_Trainer6 looks at AttentionWhore.

[22:42] <+Gideoncrawle> If you are implying - That would have to be a no, I am sorry to say so.

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry if I'm being rude.

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, okay.

[22:42] <+Tina_Belcher> That's fine.

[22:42] * Tina_Belcher turns red.

[22:42] * Catbug- tps back in, lyong down and covered in black soot

[22:42] * Tina_Belcher faints

[22:42] <+Cassandra|> Why are you so obsessed with butts.

[22:42] <+Cassandra|> Is it your fetish or something.

[22:42] <+Catbug-> (shudders) don't let me go

[22:42] <+Catbug-> *lying

[22:43] <+Cassandra|> hey Catbug.

[22:43] * Tina_Belcher is concious again.

[22:43] <+Cassandra|> How do you exist.

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Butts are great.

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Look at a pair of nice, firm buttcheeks.

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> They're like little cousins

[22:43] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Butts are like the foundation of love.

[22:43] * Ashlee_Williams dances for the camera

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> sitting next to each other.

[22:43] <+Ashlee_Williams> Speaking of butts.

[22:43] <+Cassandra|> If you touch me I will murder you in your sleep. @Tina

[22:43] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I remember my Jigglypuff's butt...

[22:43] <+Catbug-> I don't know

[22:43] * Pokemon_Trainer6 sighs.

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> They jiggle when you slap them, too.

[22:43] <+Catbug-> I'm not in Wikipedia

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Imagining it now @Pokemon Trainer

[22:43] <+Catbug-> as a registered species

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Alright, don't worry @Cassandra.

[22:43] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:43] <+Catbug-> I'm just catbug

[22:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no!

[22:43] <MysteriousVoice> ~ house trembles ~

[22:44] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh my.


[22:44] <+Tina_Belcher> I thought the paparrazzi was gone.

[22:44] <MysteriousVoice> ASHLEE*

[22:44] <MysteriousVoice> ~~ THE PAPARAZZI HAS STRUCK AGAIN ~~

[22:44] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:44] <+Cassandra|> Is this supposed to be exciting? @Mysterious Voice

[22:44] <@DraHosting> :OO!!

[22:44] <+Catbug-> The paparazzi again?

[22:44] <+Tina_Belcher> I know who the real papprazzi is, guys.

[22:44] <+Tina_Belcher> It's...

[22:44] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> ...But we still all love Ashlee anyway.

[22:44] * Tina_Belcher points at Pornvati

[22:44] <+Tina_Belcher> It's Pornvati!

[22:44] <+Catbug-> ...what?

[22:44] <+PornvatiSwallow> What?

[22:44] * Pokemon_Trainer6 gasps.

[22:44] <+Catbug-> I thought we got rid of Bolin!

[22:44] * Tina_Belcher looks down.

[22:44] <+Tina_Belcher> I mean, I think it is.,

[22:44] <+Cassandra|> (nobody goes :O)

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> I thought it was.

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry, Pornvati...

[22:45] * Tina_Belcher freezes.

[22:45] <+Catbug-> how could the paparazzi still be here?

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[22:45] <+Gideoncrawle> Paparazzi? I must hide immediately.

[22:45] <+PornvatiSwallow> It's not me

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[22:45] <+Tina_Belcher> ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

[22:45] <+Cassandra|> Are you even a human @Tina

[22:45] * Tina_Belcher passes out.

[22:45] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Tina.

[22:45] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Tina, it's okay. You made a mistake. You're a teenage girl, you do that.

[22:45] <+Catbug-> no I made the mistake

[22:46] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Like how my dad says he made a mistake by fathering me.

[22:46] * Tina_Belcher wakes up

[22:46] <+Catbug-> The Equalists failed

[22:46] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[22:46] <+Gideoncrawle> Vati, may I announce what I had "personally messaged" to you aloud?

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> Then, who is the papparazzi?

[22:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> WHO TOLD EVERYONE THAT?!

[22:46] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> I dunno.

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> Bolin couldn't have been the papparazzi.

[22:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> I ONLY SAID THAT TO ONE PERSON.

[22:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> TO...

[22:46] <+Ashlee_Williams> HERRRRRRRRRR.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> You never told me it so it isn't me.

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm feeling uncomfortable knowing the person is here.

[22:46] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> It's okay Ashlee, we still all love you. 

[22:46] * Ashlee_Williams points to Pornvati

[22:46] <+Gideoncrawle> I would really prefer to have my views leaked to the public.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> Oh well it is Pornvati

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> I knew it.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> let's just vote her out.

[22:46] * Pokemon_Trainer6 gasps.

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> It's Pornvati.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> End of that.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> Woo!

[22:46] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Tina was right :O

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> I know.

[22:46] <+Gideoncrawle> So maybe those around me shall have a better idea of what I stand for.

[22:46] <+Cassandra|> Oh boy that was exciting.

[22:46] <+Tina_Belcher> This will be on Tina Talk.

[22:46] <+PornvatiSwallow> It's not me!

[22:47] <+AttentionWhore> I SHOULD HAVE MY TALK SHOW

[22:47] <+Cassandra|> What is 2 + 2 @Pornvati

[22:47] * Tina_Belcher shrug.

[22:47] <+AttentionWhore> JUST LIKE TINA TALK

[22:47] <+AttentionWhore> BUT BETTER

[22:47] <+AttentionWhore> ACLLED


[22:47] <+AttentionWhore> IT'D BE A HIT

[22:47] <+Tina_Belcher> I think that sounds great. 

[22:47] <+Tina_Belcher> Can I be on it?

[22:47] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[22:47] <+Gideoncrawle> Anyways, the eightneeth night is up, and has yet to sparked any sort of conversations on the "talk" page. Would one of you leave a comment or two for ol' Gideon? 

[22:48] <+Gideoncrawle> For those who have chosen to obey,

[22:48] <+Tina_Belcher> what's a talk page?

[22:48] <+Tina_Belcher> Is it like a white board? We have those.

[22:48] <+Tina_Belcher> Louise always erases what dad writes on it...

[22:48] <+Gideoncrawle> In a way, Tina, I suppose it is.

[22:48] <+Cassandra|> What the hell are you talking about? @Gideon

[22:48] <@DraHosting> doing VIP

[22:48] <+Catbug-> I'm scared...

[22:48] <@DraHosting> I'm not dead

[22:49] <+Cassandra|> Well that's unfortunate.

[22:49] <+Cassandra|> I was kinda hoping you were. :/

[22:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Guys, guess what

[22:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Tonight is a special edition of Tina Talk

[22:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Pornvati vs. Cassandra: Who is the real Paparrazzi!?

[22:49] <+Tina_Belcher> Tickets go on sale now.

[22:49] <+Cassandra|> What?

[22:49] <+Tina_Belcher> you can buy one if you want.

[22:49] <+Cassandra|> It's obviously Pornvati

[22:50] * Tina_Belcher holds out tickets

[22:50] <+Tina_Belcher> anyone?

[22:50] <@DraHosting> alright

[22:50] <+Tina_Belcher> We'll see tonight, I guess.

[22:50] <+Cassandra|> Nobody wants your garbage show.

[22:50] <+Tina_Belcher> @Cassandra

[22:50] <@DraHosting> Next VIP is ready

[22:50] <+Catbug-> I'll see it

[22:50] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> But isn't almost too obvious to be Pornvati?

[22:50] <@DraHosting> Tina, as the outgoing winner, you cannot win this one.

[22:50] * Catbug- takes ticket

[22:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, okay.

[22:50] <@DraHosting> Gideon, as the outgoing MVP, you cannot win this one.

[22:50] <+Tina_Belcher> Catbug, that will be 3 dollars.

[22:50] <@DraHosting> Now then

[22:50] <@DraHosting> Today's VIP is different than the others.

[22:50] <@DraHosting> There are 100 rooms

[22:50] <@DraHosting> #Room1 to #Room100

[22:50] <+Cassandra|> Oh christ.

[22:50] <@DraHosting> I'm inside one of them.

[22:50] <@DraHosting> you have to join a bunch to find me.

[22:50] * Catbug- pulls out his wallet

[22:51] <@DraHosting> In there you will find the Gossip in the TOPIC

[22:51] <@DraHosting> then in that room you'll get the fame task

[22:51] <@DraHosting> PM me the response to it

[22:51] <@DraHosting> got it

[22:51] * Catbug- hands Tina a silver coin)

[22:51] <+Ashlee_Williams> (ugh @this challenge)

[22:51] <@DraHosting> I am in the room now

[22:51] <+Catbug-> sorry that's all I have

[22:51] <@DraHosting> Celebrities,  BEGIN!

[22:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Um... this works. I mean, it's shiny.

[22:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Enjoy the show tonight.

[22:51] <+Tina_Belcher> (brb)


[22:54] <@DraHosting> Nobody has made it to the right room yet

[22:54] <@DraHosting> who all is trying?

[22:54] <+Cassandra|> I tried

[22:54] <+Cassandra|> but it's pointless.

[22:54] <+Tina_Belcher> I can't try.

[22:54] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm trying.

[22:56] <+Catbug-> yes I win

[22:56] <@DraHosting> Ashlee and Gideon are fighting for the win.

[22:57] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay, people fighting.

[22:57] <+Tina_Belcher> It's fun because it's reality tv.

[22:59] <@DraHosting> GIDEONCRAWLE

[22:59] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS


[22:59] <@DraHosting> AND ARE THE VIP OF THIS WEEK!

[22:59] <+Cassandra|> Lovely.

[22:59] <+Catbug-> why does this keep happening to me?

[22:59] <+Cassandra|> Now lets vote the plant off.

[22:59] <+Gideoncrawle> Hmph.

[23:00] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:00] <+Tina_Belcher> Alright, good job Gi--

[23:00] <MysteriousVoice> ~ EVERYONE TREMBLES IN FEAR ~

[23:00] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no.

[23:00] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh my.

[23:00] <MysteriousVoice> PORNVATI WON A SEASON OF SEXVIVOR!

[23:00] <+Gideoncrawle> Thank you, Tina

[23:00] <+Cassandra|> okay wtf

[23:00] <+PornvatiSwallow> ...

[23:00] <+PornvatiSwallow> WTF

[23:00] <MysteriousVoice> GIDEONCRAWLE WAS A VIRGIN UNTIL AGE 30!

[23:00] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[23:00] <+Catbug-> I am an Equalist!

[23:00] <MysteriousVoice> ~ THE PAPARAZZI HAS STRUCK AGAIN ~

[23:00] * Catbug- yells at voice

[23:00] == MysteriousVoice [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:00] <+Gideoncrawle> Though I do not agree with the lifestyle you are living, I must say thank you..

[23:00] <+Gideoncrawle> What?!

[23:00] <+Gideoncrawle> Pornavti was the only person I had told!

[23:00] <+Cassandra|> Exactly.

[23:00] <+Tina_Belcher> I think it's obvious, but...

[23:00] <+Cassandra|> Pornvati obviously just included her own secret to throw us off.

[23:01] <@DraHosting> Chat will now vote for the MVP.

[23:01] <+PornvatiSwallow> Told you I wasn't the Paparazzi.

[23:01] <+Cassandra|> Classic rookie mistake.

[23:01] <+Gideoncrawle> *Vati, excuse my.. language, I was just, well, caught up in the moment.

[23:01] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> So Pornvati revealed a secert just to trick us.

[23:01] <+Tina_Belcher> we'll see tonight on Tina Talk.

[23:01] <+PornvatiSwallow> Is it allowed? @Cassandra

[23:01] <+Cassandra|> Pornvati your amateur attempts to throw the target off you is laughable.

[23:01] <+Gideoncrawle> But secrets of that sort are unacceptable to reveal.

[23:01] <+AttentionWhore> VOTE FOR ME AMERICA

[23:01] <+AttentionWhore> I'M YOUR AUDIENCE FAVORITE

[23:01] <+AttentionWhore> :D

[23:01] <+Catbug-> vote Catbug!

[23:01] <+PornvatiSwallow> Vote for Pornvati! ^-^

[23:01] <+Gideoncrawle> Administrative action shall immediately be taken. One of you shall be receiving the ban hammer, just who might it be?

[23:01] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> You could vote me...even though I devlolved Igglybuff.

[23:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey, Pokemon Trainer,

[23:02] <+Cassandra|> Hmph

[23:02] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[23:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I just wanted to say,

[23:02] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, congratulations, you are this week's MVP!

[23:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I know my sexy buns are hard to resist, but I don't like you in that way.

[23:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm sorry.

[23:02] * Ashlee_Williams squeals

[23:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm waiting for Jimmy Jr.

[23:02] <+Cassandra|> Wow congrats Ashlee.

[23:02] * Tina_Belcher puts her hand on her heart.

[23:02] <+Cassandra|> Literally NOBODY saw it coming!

[23:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Oh that's okay Tina, I didn't like you in that way.

[23:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Really?

[23:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Pornvati said you did.

[23:03] <+Tina_Belcher> You don't have to hide your true feelings.

[23:03] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Of course. If you excuse me I'm just going to be alone for a bit. Not crying or anything...just you know...allergies.

[23:03] <@DraHosting> ~~ red carpet ~~

[23:03] <@DraHosting> say things about Bolin

[23:03] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw :*

[23:03] <+PornvatiSwallow> :( *

[23:03] <@DraHosting> he's right there

[23:03] <@DraHosting> -->

[23:03] * Pokemon_Trainer6 runs off 'totally not crying'

[23:03] <+Cassandra|> Pornvati is a snake.

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh...

[23:04] <+PornvatiSwallow> I'm not.

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Huh...

[23:04] <+Cassandra|> Yeah, you are.

[23:04] * Ashlee_Williams drops saline into eyes

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, um, it's time.

[23:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> BOLIN. D:

[23:04] <+PornvatiSwallow> My Pokemon friend is in love with Tina.

[23:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> I MISS YOU

[23:04] <+PornvatiSwallow> I was helping him.

[23:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> SO

[23:04] <+Ashlee_Williams> MUCH.

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Everyone it's time for the big Tina Talk special.

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Gather around.

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, Pornvati have a seat.

[23:04] <+Cassandra|> It's obvious you are just a simpleminded plant inserted into this game to make it more "exciting"

[23:04] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: My knowledge of plays and the ancient arts has certainly won me something of great importance today, how I thank my teenage self for focusing on that rather than the other "temptations".. that most adolescents fall victim to. Tina or Vati is a decent example of a teenager gone haywire living a completely corrupted life. 

[23:04] * Catbug- gathers around

[23:04] * Tina_Belcher awkwardly takes out a microphone.


[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, do you think Pornvati is the, um...

[23:04] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> (What about the DVDS?)

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> I lost the script...

[23:04] * Cassandra| sits there, bored.

[23:04] == Tina_Belcher []

[23:04] ==  realname : PJIRC User ::

[23:04] ==  channels : +#TVStars 

[23:04] ==  server   : [Washington, DC, USA]

[23:04] == End of WHOIS

[23:04] <+Tina_Belcher> umm...

[23:05] * Tina_Belcher sruggles to remember her lines.

[23:05] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[23:05] <+Tina_Belcher> oh

[23:05] <+Tina_Belcher> the

[23:05] <@DraHosting> ~everyone walks into elimination zone~

[23:05] <@DraHosting> Gideon

[23:05] <+Tina_Belcher> paparrazzi?

[23:05] <@DraHosting> you won't vote tonight

[23:05] <@DraHosting> but the rest of you will.

[23:05] <@DraHosting> They are due by 11:10

[23:05] <+Gideoncrawle> Oh, I shall not be casting my election this evening?

[23:05] <+Gideoncrawle> Very well then. I shall sit on the sidelines and observe, maybe occasionally advertise The Legend of Total Drama Island, for those who have yet to read it and are interested.

[23:06] <+Gideoncrawle> What have you "younglings" been up to the past day or so? 

[23:07] <+Gideoncrawle> I shall assume lewd acts, but I could possibly be wrong. People can get back on the correct track in a flash.

[23:07] <+Tina_Belcher> I've been working on friendfiction.

[23:07] <+Tina_Belcher> Zeke and Jimmy Jr. are dating in my newest one.

[23:07] <+Gideoncrawle> Zeke and Jimmy Jr? Hmph, who might those young fellows be?

[23:07] <+AttentionWhore> HEY AMERICA

[23:07] <+AttentionWhore> ISN'T TINA WEIRD

[23:07] <+AttentionWhore> DON'T YOU AGREE WITH ME AMERICA

[23:07] <+Tina_Belcher> Hey :(

[23:08] <+Tina_Belcher> They're my friends, Gideon.

[23:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Zeke is kind of weird.

[23:08] <+Gideoncrawle> I do not recognize the names, but I am also not in touch with most modern musicians or anything. I have always preferred Ludwig van Beethoven.

[23:08] <@DraHosting> 11:08

[23:08] <@DraHosting> Ashlee

[23:08] <@DraHosting> Cassandra

[23:08] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[23:08] <@DraHosting> Pornvati

[23:08] <@DraHosting> need to vote

[23:08] <+Gideoncrawle> Back to the banhammer situation... who deserves the punishment for revealing one of my deepest secrets?

[23:08] <+Catbug-> Yay banhammer!

[23:09] <+Gideoncrawle> You must applaud me for remaining calm in an embarrassing and rage-infusing situation such as this one.

[23:09] <+Catbug-> one of my favorite games!

[23:09] <+Gideoncrawle> I am assuming it was Vati, for she was the only one I told of this. In fact, I have evidence to support that claim:

[23:09] <+Gideoncrawle> [22:43] <PornvatiSwallow> is there a reason why you're so serious and grumpy? [22:44] <Gideoncrawle> Serious and grumpy? I am neither of those, Vati.. I may come off as one of those traits, but I am not, I just am not particularly a fan of underage sexual activities, homosexual activities or sexual activities that come before marriage.

[23:09] <+Gideoncrawle> [22:44] <Gideoncrawle> The first time I "doinked" wifey was when I was about 30, I believe.

[23:09] <+Catbug-> what about interracial marriage?

[23:10] <+Tina_Belcher> That's sweet, i think.

[23:10] <+Tina_Belcher> @Gideon

[23:10] <+Gideoncrawle> Interracial marriage? I do not have much of an issue with it. I endorse it, actually, due to interracial couples still having the ability to reproduce whilst homosexual ones do NOT.

[23:10] <@DraHosting> 11:10

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Pornvati, you need to vote.

[23:10] <+Cassandra|> Thanks for telling me you had sex with your wife, Gideon.

[23:10] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> It shows you love her @ Gideon

[23:10] <+Cassandra|> I really needed to know.

[23:10] <+Catbug-> thank you

[23:11] <+Catbug-> I am part cat part bug

[23:11] <@DraHosting> The votes have been cast.

[23:11] * DraHosting tallies

[23:11] * DraHosting throws renewal to Ashlee

[23:11] * DraHosting throws renewal to Cassandra

[23:11] <+Cassandra|> woo

[23:11] * DraHosting throws renewal to Tina

[23:11] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay.

[23:11] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[23:11] <@DraHosting> Catbug

[23:11] <+Tina_Belcher> Go Tina.

[23:11] <@DraHosting> Pornvati

[23:11] <@DraHosting> and AttentionWhore.

[23:11] <+PornvatiSwallow> Aw :(

[23:11] <@DraHosting> You each got votes.

[23:11] <+Catbug-> no!

[23:12] * DraHosting throws renewal to AttentionWhore

[23:12] * Pokemon_Trainer6 gasps.

[23:12] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[23:12] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> Again?

[23:12] * DraHosting throws renewal to Catbug

[23:12] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[23:12] <+Catbug-> yay safa again!

[23:12] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer versus Pornvati.

[23:12] <+Cassandra|> Wow I feel so blessed to not get any votes and to be stuck here

[23:12] <+Cassandra|> again

[23:12] <+PornvatiSwallow> :(

[23:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon! :(

[23:12] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 4-1-1-1

[23:12] <@DraHosting> PornvatiSwallow

[23:12] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[23:12] <+PornvatiSwallow> I was betrayed my my own alliance :(

[23:12] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: The revelation that Vati is in the paparazzi is certainly doing me well, I must say. She is in the bottoms this week, which obviously means something.

[23:12] <+Catbug-> bye pornvati!

[23:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry, Pornvati.

[23:12] <+Cassandra|> bye bitch.

[23:12] <+PornvatiSwallow> Bye, Cassandra/Tina/Pokemon

[23:12] <+Tina_Belcher> This is really uncomfortable.

[23:12] <+Gideoncrawle> Farewell, miss Vati.

[23:12] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[23:12] <@DraHosting> I can now announce to the house that PornvatiSwallow was indeed the Paparazzi.

[23:12] <+PornvatiSwallow> AKA Backstabbers

[23:12] <+Gideoncrawle> Hopefully you shall get back on the correct track.. if you ever were on it, that is.

[23:12] <@DraHosting> She was one point away from reaching her goal, which would have saved her tonight.

[23:12] <+Cassandra|> Says the paparazzi

[23:13] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[23:13] <+Cassandra|> @Pornvati

[23:13] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Pornvati

[23:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee, don't cry.

[23:13] <+Catbug-> yay!

[23:13] <+Tina_Belcher> :(

[23:13] <+PornvatiSwallow> Guys, don't let Cassandra, Tina and Pokemon stay

[23:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> You may have exposed my secret

[23:13] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I appreciate you encoruaging me to talk to Tina. And I hate how things ended. You're a true friend, if an unloyal ally. 

[23:13] <+PornvatiSwallow> they are tight

[23:13] <+Catbug-> the equalists did it!

[23:13] * PornvatiSwallow hugs Ashlee

[23:13] <@DraHosting> Pornvati

[23:13] <+PornvatiSwallow> bye my friend

[23:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> But I still love you

[23:13] <@DraHosting> you are the second member of our jury

[23:13] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at camera

[23:13] <@DraHosting> If you have to go, leave me a blacklist.

[23:13] <+PornvatiSwallow> I was indeed taking you to the end. @Ashlee

[23:13] <+PornvatiSwallow> If I survived.

[23:13] <+Cassandra|> I'm tight with nobody.

[23:13] == mode/#TVStars [-v PornvatiSwallow] by DraHosting

[23:13] <+AttentionWhore> WTF

[23:13] <+AttentionWhore> YOU SAID

[23:13] <@DraHosting> And with that, 7 remained.

[23:14] <+AttentionWhore> YOU WERE TAKING ME TO F2

[23:14] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't consider myself tight with anyone.

[23:14] <+AttentionWhore> AMERICA

[23:14] <+AttentionWhore> PORNAVATI BACKSTABBED ME


[23:14] <+AttentionWhore> I'M SUCH A VICTIM

[23:14] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra won't even let me touch her butt.

[23:14] <+Tina_Belcher> :(

[23:14] == PornvatiSwallow has changed nick to Pornvati|Jury


[23:14] <+Catbug-> attentionman, stop being a drama queen

[23:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> ...I can't do it. If I can't be friendly with Pornvati can I use friendship to make Igglybuff evolve?

[23:14] <@DraHosting> ~~ next episode ~~


[23:14] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> I'm afraid there's only one thing to do. 

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> ?

[23:15] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Pokemon Trainer releases Igglybuff*

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> :o

[23:15] <+Catbug-> oh.

[23:15] <+Pokemon_Trainer6> *Igglybuff gets the hell out of there*

[23:15] <+Catbug-> let me keep it

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer, that's soo nice.

[23:15] <+Cassandra|> whatever.

[23:15] <+Catbug-> oh come on!

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Major respect for tha--

[23:15] * Tina_Belcher trips.

[23:15] == Pokemon_Trainer6 has changed nick to Not_Pokemon_Trai

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Ow.

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> But yeah, maj--

[23:15] <+Cassandra|> now this RP is on a downward spiral, Dra. How does that feel.

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> oh.

[23:15] <@DraHosting> :O

[23:15] <@DraHosting> @not being a pokemon trainer

[23:15] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer, are you okay?

[23:16] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I'm no longer a Pokemon Trainer. I was never good enough. You were right Dad. You were always right.

[23:16] <+Catbug-> oh come on

[23:16] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): My poor friend is sad. I want to make him feel special.

[23:16] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I'm fine just...allegries. 

[23:16] <+Catbug-> I can be your partner

[23:16] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer.

[23:16] <+Tina_Belcher> Come here.

[23:16] <@DraHosting> Setting up the VIP challenge now

[23:16] <@DraHosting> this one is a doozie.

[23:16] * Not_Pokemon_Trai totally not crying.

[23:16] * Tina_Belcher pulls Pokemon Trainer.

[23:16] <+Cassandra|> I'm on the edge of my seat, Dra, truly.

[23:16] * Tina_Belcher gives him a big sloppy awkward kiss.

[23:16] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer, let's be, like, boyfriend and girlfriend.

[23:17] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> ...No Tina, that wouldn't be right. 

[23:17] <+Tina_Belcher> Sure it would.

[23:17] <+Tina_Belcher> You need to feel special again, don't you?

[23:17] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[23:17] <+Ashlee_Williams> OH

[23:17] <+Tina_Belcher> You can even grab my buns if you want.

[23:17] <+Ashlee_Williams> MY

[23:17] <+Ashlee_Williams> GOD

[23:17] <+Ashlee_Williams> POKEMON TRAINER.

[23:17] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[23:17] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> You're in love with another man, a better man. And I don't want you to give up on your dreams because I gave up on mine.

[23:17] <+Cassandra|> wow sex.

[23:17] <+Ashlee_Williams> I feel SO sorry for you.

[23:17] <+Cassandra|> That's interesting.

[23:17] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Be free Tina. Free like an angel.

[23:17] <+Tina_Belcher> Really? Are you sure?

[23:18] <+Gideoncrawle> CONF: This has become incredibly awkward, I must say... interacting with these pupils who are far below my age and more technologically advanced, who have absurd political views and perform lewd acts upon each other isn't easy - nor much fun.

[23:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Tina, I love you too much to hold you back with someone like me. 

[23:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Thank you, but for your must be free.

[23:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Get Jimmy Pesto Jr.

[23:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Get him by the buns.

[23:18] <+Cassandra|> (CONF) I'm here with a bunch of morons. Now that I've exposed the twist. I have nothing to do anymore. I guess I'll just sit here and make fun of people's musical taste or something.

[23:19] <@DraHosting> alrighty

[23:19] <+Catbug-> challenge time!

[23:19] <+Tina_Belcher> Aw, Pokemon Trainer, you're too nice.

[23:19] <+Tina_Belcher> Here, take this.

[23:19] * Tina_Belcher hands him a Boyz 4 Now ticket.

[23:19] <+Tina_Belcher> We can go sometime.

[23:19] <+Tina_Belcher> They're hot and sexy.

[23:19] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Thank you Tina. Their buns look nice and toasty.


[23:20] * Not_Pokemon_Trai hugs Tina.

[23:20] <+Cassandra|> Hey Tina

[23:20] <+Cassandra|> Boyz 4 Now kinda suck.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Alright everyone

[23:20] <@DraHosting> it's time for your next VIP challenge.


[23:20] <+Catbug-> whoa....

[23:20] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.


[23:20] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm game.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Here's how this works

[23:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> the first three to make it into the safe room move on

[23:20] <@DraHosting> very simple

[23:21] <@DraHosting> instead of a VIP task, you will do a Midpoint Task

[23:21] <@DraHosting> which operates the same.

[23:21] * Cassandra| sits down and listens to really loud music.

[23:21] <@DraHosting> for your fame task, you will decode this character's name

[23:21] <@DraHosting> a = 1

[23:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, I can't concentrate.

[23:21] <@DraHosting> b = 2

[23:21] <+Cassandra|> wake me up when I care. @Dra

[23:21] <@DraHosting> c = 3

[23:21] <@DraHosting> and so on

[23:21] <@DraHosting> got it

[23:21] <@DraHosting> if I said

[23:21] <@DraHosting> 312

[23:21] <@DraHosting> it would be C A B

[23:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, creative.

[23:21] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[23:21] <@DraHosting> once you have it, PM me your response.

[23:21] <@DraHosting> ~ is a space

[23:21] <@DraHosting> 4 15 18 1 ~ 20 8 5 ~ 5 24 16 12 15 18 5 18

[23:21] <@DraHosting> GO!

[23:22] <+Gideoncrawle> Hm, this is something that shall take a bit of work... let me attempt and decode this.

[23:22] <@DraHosting> btw gideon you can't win

[23:22] <+Cassandra|> No

[23:22] <@DraHosting> you won the last VIP

[23:22] <@DraHosting> my mistake, three of you will be eliminated at the midpoint, not 4

[23:22] <@DraHosting> cuz I forgot about gid

[23:23] <+Gideoncrawle> Oh, my bad. I had a major brain malfunction for a split second there.

[23:23] <+Gideoncrawle>

[23:23] <+Gideoncrawle> My fan-fiction is actually craving comments.

[23:24] <+Gideoncrawle> It would be nice if I were to, say, get a few at least.

[23:24] <+Gideoncrawle> Even one would do.

[23:27] <+Gideoncrawle> .

[23:27] <+Gideoncrawle> Activity has seemingly come to a halt. Puzzling. 

[23:27] == Gideoncrawle [32a4435d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TVStars []

[23:27] == Gideoncrawle [32a4435d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:28] <+Cassandra|> It's because we're doing a... challenge.

[23:28] <+Cassandra|> Have you ever heard of them

[23:28] <Gideoncrawle> Oh.

[23:28] <+Cassandra|> or have they not invented them yet in your world.

[23:28] <Gideoncrawle> Yes, I have, Cassandra.

[23:28] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[23:28] <@DraHosting> Ashlee

[23:28] <@DraHosting> Cassandra

[23:28] <@DraHosting> and Pokemon Trainer

[23:28] <@DraHosting> will compete for the win.

[23:28] <@DraHosting> The rest of you are done.\

[23:28] <Gideoncrawle> For I put forth effort during one of the latest provocations similar to the way Gwendoline proceeded to do so during the eighth night, as I had already stated.

[23:28] <+Catbug-> oh you kidding me

[23:29] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *Not Pokemon Trainor

[23:29] <+Tina_Belcher> I tried my best.

[23:29] <+Catbug-> I never seem to win

[23:29] * Catbug- sits in corner

[23:29] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Naturally when I give up Pokemon I start winning

[23:30] <+AttentionWhore> OH HI

[23:30] <+AttentionWhore> I'M STILL HERE

[23:30] <+AttentionWhore> LOOK AT ME

[23:30] <Gideoncrawle> I feel you, Catbug, The Legend of Total Drama Island has yet to win the featured story award, though all of my other ones have. It's just rather odd, having that one story without any sort of title to go along with it.

[23:30] * AttentionWhore winks

[23:30] * Tina_Belcher catches the invisible wink.

[23:30] * Tina_Belcher swallows it.

[23:30] * Tina_Belcher winks back.

[23:31] <@DraHosting> this challenge is almost over

[23:31] <Gideoncrawle> Well, it did win five categories at the 2012 Wiki Awards, but that is much different than say having featured story and such.

[23:32] <Gideoncrawle> Many Legend of Total Drama Island quotes have become famous among this wiki, I must say, for a countless number of them have been "featured" when that was still active.

[23:33] <Gideoncrawle> I have a simple question for all of you, by the way..

[23:33] <Gideoncrawle> Were you able to catch this following reference while reading The Legend of Total Drama Island?

[23:33] <Gideoncrawle> Sadie collapsing after nine steps across the clearing is a reference to the world-ending battle of Ragnarok in Norse mythology. In that battle, Thor fights Jörmungandr, the World Serpent. Thor kills the serpent, but then can only stagger nine steps (the number nine having a significance in Norse mythology similar to that of the number seven in Christianity) before succumbing to the serpent’s venom.

[23:34] <+Catbug-> was that even in the story?

[23:34] <Gideoncrawle> The Legend of Total Drama Island

[23:34] <Gideoncrawle> How are you not aware?

[23:34] <+Catbug-> Internet crash of 2090

[23:35] <+Catbug-> your works were lost

[23:35] <Gideoncrawle> All of you have perused it, haven't you?

[23:35] <+Catbug-> I'm not from 2014

[23:35] <Gideoncrawle> What preposterous things do you speak of, Bug?

[23:35] <+Catbug-> as you can tell

[23:35] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER



[23:35] <+Catbug-> poleplaying games can do numerous things to timespace, plenty of them damaging

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Poleplaying?

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Like, Pole dancing?

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> I think my mom has done that before.

[23:36] <+Catbug-> I meant roleplaying

[23:36] <+Catbug-> sorry

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> But I could be wr--

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> My bad.

[23:36] <@DraHosting> the MVP vote will now occur

[23:36] * Ashlee_Williams squeals

[23:36] <+Cassandra|> Oh joy.

[23:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee, congrats.

[23:36] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Congrats Ashlee. 

[23:36] <Gideoncrawle> I do not understand most of the things you speak of, Catbug.

[23:36] <+Cassandra|> Can't wait for Gideon to win it again!

[23:36] * Ashlee_Williams turns around and hugs Cassandra

[23:36] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at the camera

[23:36] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> You did great. 

[23:37] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Third to go and you still kicked ass ;)

[23:37] <+Catbug-> Catbug this time! Vote for Catbug

[23:38] * Not_Pokemon_Trai listens to sad music in the corner

[23:38] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[23:38] <+Catbug-> yeah?

[23:38] <@DraHosting> Cassandra, congratulations, you are this week's MVP!

[23:38] <+AttentionWhore> FOR ME RIGHT?!?!?!!?1

[23:38] <+AttentionWhore> WTF

[23:38] <+AttentionWhore> RIGGED

[23:38] <+Catbug->

[23:38] <+Cassandra|> Woo

[23:38] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Congrats Cassandra 

[23:38] <+Cassandra|> hoo

[23:38] * Cassandra| twirls finger in the air

[23:38] <+Catbug-> and I hear it was a landslide

[23:38] <@DraHosting> Another thing you might be interested in.

[23:38] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[23:38] * DraHosting pulls out two laptops

[23:38] <@DraHosting> We're baiting two players again.

[23:38] <@DraHosting> Hand out these two laptops

[23:38] <+Tina_Belcher> I wish I could win MVP. I would show Jimmy Jr. and he'd fall in love with it.

[23:38] <@DraHosting> or keep one for yourself and forfeit MVP.

[23:38] <@DraHosting> One of these laptops is good, one of them is bad

[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> Ooh, a laptop?

[23:39] <@DraHosting> you don't know which one is which

[23:39] <@DraHosting> hand them out now

[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> I've never had a laptop before?

[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> I have to write all my friendfiction in books.

[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> *.

[23:39] <Gideoncrawle> Laptop you say?

[23:39] <@DraHosting> and you can

[23:39] <@DraHosting> 't give one to ashlee

[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> My parents won't let me have a laptop because they're afraid I'll find porn.

[23:39] <Gideoncrawle> I do not have much experience with those.


[23:39] <+Tina_Belcher> But they don't know i've already found it.

[23:39] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Maybe I'll do porn now. Maybe Dad would like that.

[23:39] <+Cassandra|> Hey Gideon, wanna try out a laptop.

[23:40] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Would you love me if I did porn Dad?

[23:40] <Gideoncrawle> Sure thing, Sandra.

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> You're so much better than that, though.

[23:40] <@DraHosting> Gideon has a laptop

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> @Pokemon

[23:40] <@DraHosting> you need one more.

[23:40] <+Cassandra|> I'll give it to... idk

[23:40] <+Cassandra|> Who wants it

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Ooh, choose me.

[23:40] * Tina_Belcher raises her hand

[23:40] * Tina_Belcher falls.

[23:40] <+Cassandra|> k Tina gets it

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Ow.

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, thanks.

[23:40] <@DraHosting> Tina and Gideon.

[23:40] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[23:40] <@DraHosting> We'll start with you, Gideon.

[23:40] <@DraHosting> open up your laptop.

[23:40] <Gideoncrawle> I am used to sitting at a desk with a wired computer and such, how I am forgetting the name I do not know. The man upstairs has certainly weakened my mind over the years..

[23:41] <Gideoncrawle> And what surprise may await in this here contraption? 

[23:41] <Gideoncrawle> I assume it is a bad one, though,

[23:41] <+Catbug-> just open it

[23:41] <+Cassandra|> Probably a penalty vote.

[23:41] <Gideoncrawle> *sighs*

[23:41] <Gideoncrawle> *Opens laptop*

[23:41] * Tina_Belcher sweats.

[23:41] <+Tina_Belcher> What is it?

[23:41] == BethDarko [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:41] <BethDarko> Haha!

[23:41] <BethDarko> Hey there, Gideon!

[23:41] <BethDarko> You're my favorite wiki user!

[23:42] <BethDarko> And you're so nice, in fact, that you deserve to have ONE vote negated from you at elimination tonight!

[23:42] <BethDarko> Hooray!!!!

[23:42] <Gideoncrawle> Oh, um, mysterious girl.. why thank you, I suppose?

[23:42] == BethDarko [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:42] <@DraHosting> You heard the girl, Gideon

[23:42] <@DraHosting> you will have a vote negated from you tonight.

[23:42] <Gideoncrawle> Interesting. 

[23:42] <@DraHosting> And if that was good, that simply must mean Tina's is bad.

[23:42] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> That means...

[23:42] <@DraHosting> Tina, open your laptop.

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no.

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm scared.

[23:42] <Gideoncrawle> It looks like I was proven wrong.

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Wait,

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> can I pray to the Jimmy Pesto Jr. gods?

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe they'll spare me.

[23:42] <Gideoncrawle> That is a relatively rare occasion.

[23:42] * Tina_Belcher prays.

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[23:42] * Tina_Belcher opens.

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> What is it?

[23:42] == robloxfan1000 [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:42] <robloxfan1000> i have canser

[23:42] <robloxfan1000> u probly have canser 2

[23:42] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh no!

[23:43] <robloxfan1000> u should get checked out

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> I have cancer now!?

[23:43] <robloxfan1000> for canser

[23:43] == robloxfan1000 [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:43] * Tina_Belcher panics.

[23:43] <@DraHosting> Tina, he thinks you might have Cancer.

[23:43] <+Cassandra|> Oh no, tough break. :/

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> I have cancer!

[23:43] * Tina_Belcher screams.

[23:43] <+Catbug-> he said probly

[23:43] <@DraHosting> You will be spending the rest of he night in exile at the doctor's office.

[23:43] <@DraHosting> Meaning

[23:43] <@DraHosting> You will vote last

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> :[

[23:43] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Oh no Tina :/

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> All alone?

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> With no butt to cuddle?

[23:43] <@DraHosting> and will not see any of the rest of today's interactions.

[23:43] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[23:43] <@DraHosting> please join #DoctorsOffice

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Wait, can I vote tonight?

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> You said it.

[23:43] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[23:43] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[23:43] <@DraHosting> You will vote but you will vote last.

[23:43] == Tina_Belcher [] has left #TVStars []

[23:43] <@DraHosting> As for the rest of you

[23:43] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[23:44] <@DraHosting> ~~ red carpet walk ~~

[23:44] <@DraHosting> ~~ people say stuff ~~

[23:44] <@DraHosting> now send in votes

[23:44] <Gideoncrawle> What is this "canser" that was spoken of.

[23:44] <+Catbug-> he means canccer

[23:44] <+Catbug-> *cancer

[23:45] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> (What's the time limit on votes?)

[23:46] <@DraHosting> 11:49

[23:46] <Gideoncrawle> I am not even sure of who to vote this point, so without any sort of instruction, I cast one that was entirely random. Starting to become a bit more independent in this game, I must applaud myself for that.

[23:46] <Gideoncrawle> Do you believe it is in fact worthy of recognition? 

[23:47] <+Cassandra|> Yeah sure.

[23:47] <+Cassandra|> Getting independent is good.

[23:47] <+Cassandra|> You're not in a home.

[23:47] <+Cassandra|> You're probably not wearing diapers.

[23:47] <+Cassandra|> You're living in suburbia.

[23:47] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer must vote.

[23:48] <Gideoncrawle> .

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> HEY GUYS

[23:48] == Tina_Belcher [] has joined #TVStars

[23:48] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[23:48] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> (I voted now)

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> NOW THAT NOTHING'S HAPPENING

[23:48] <@DraHosting> Tina, now returning from her chemotherapy.

[23:48] <Tina_Belcher> I'm back, female dogs.

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> IT'S TIME

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> FOR

[23:48] <Tina_Belcher> I'm bald now.

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> FOCUS ON ATTENTION WHORE

[23:48] <Tina_Belcher> Chemotherapy does that to you.

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> ALRIGHT GUYS

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> NOW

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> FOCUS ON ME

[23:48] * DraHosting pulls out renewal slips

[23:48] <Tina_Belcher> I have to get through this canser.

[23:48] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Tina actually has cancer D:

[23:48] <+AttentionWhore> AND MY BEAUTIFUL BODY

[23:48] <Gideoncrawle> Chemotherapy, you say?

[23:48] * DraHosting throws renewal to Cassandra


[23:48] <Gideoncrawle> I didn't know treatments were that swift.

[23:48] <+Catbug-> come on

[23:49] <+Cassandra|> Great.

[23:49] * DraHosting throws renewal to Tina

[23:49] <+Cassandra|> @another renewal

[23:49] <+AttentionWhore> LET ME HAVE MY SPOTLIGHT

[23:49] <Tina_Belcher> Yay.

[23:49] <+Catbug-> let's see what we get

[23:49] * DraHosting throws renewal to AttentionWhore

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Catbug, Gideon, and PokemonTrainer.

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Gideon, you have had one vote negated from you.

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle> I believed they took weeks at the shortest.

[23:49] <+Catbug-> not again!

[23:49] * DraHosting throws renewal to Catbug

[23:49] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[23:49] <@DraHosting> We're down to Gideon and PokemonTrainer.

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle> Hmph...

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle> I simply do not understand your reasoning for electing me out of this here competition. I have not done any sort of damage to ye younglings, and have played the game in a honest and straightforward way. Do you simply want me gone due to the fact that I am "the old man" among the new generation who obviously believes themselves to be FAR more superior? 

[23:49] * Tina_Belcher scratches her bald head.

[23:49] <+Catbug-> yay

[23:49] <Tina_Belcher> Pokemon Trainer?

[23:49] <Tina_Belcher> Again?

[23:49] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Well we know what happens now. 

[23:49] <+Catbug-> I'm still around!

[23:49] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-1-1, with 1 vote negated,

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Gideon.

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[23:49] <Tina_Belcher> Bye, Gideon.

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle>  This show was meant for those of all ages to partake in, and again, I simply do not see any sort of logic in your reasoning. Has logic of any sort just shriveled up to nil? 

[23:49] <+Catbug-> that that, America!

[23:49] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Oh wait...what?

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Even with the negated vote, you are now out of the game.

[23:49] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Yeah ;)

[23:49] <Tina_Belcher> Here's a piece of my hair.

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle> Sigh.

[23:49] <@DraHosting> Remember to leave a blacklist.

[23:49] <Gideoncrawle> Oh, well, this experience is undoubtley one to be remembered and I shall proceed without any sort of regrets and continue to live my ever-so-interesting life with wifey right at my side. Who knows what adventures may await in the near future. Farewell, my close companions as well as my adverseries. 

[23:49] * Tina_Belcher hands Gideon a piece of her hair.

[23:50] <+Cassandra|> Shall we wait five minutes for his exiting speech.

[23:50] <Tina_Belcher> To remember me by.

[23:50] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Every single vote this season being 3-1-1 or 4-1-1-1 or something)

[23:50] <Gideoncrawle> I bid you all farewell.

[23:50] <Tina_Belcher> (CONF): Now I need to win the prize money to get through this canser.

[23:50] <Gideoncrawle> ~ The "evil man" known as Gideoncrawle has just departed from this establishment.

[23:50] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I'll contiune to read your fanfics Gideon. You were a worthy oppentent.

[23:50] <+Cassandra|> did he just imply he has left the building.

[23:50] <+Catbug-> Gideon Gleeful!

[23:50] <+Catbug-> I know him now!

[23:50] <Tina_Belcher> Gideon, maybe we can write friendfiction sometime.

[23:50] <+Catbug-> From Gravity!

[23:50] <Tina_Belcher> You seem talented.

[23:50] == Gideoncrawle has changed nick to Dylancrawle

[23:51] <@DraHosting> And with that...

[23:51] <@DraHosting> Six remained.

[23:51] == mode/#TVStars [+v Tina_Belcher] by DraHosting

[23:51] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[23:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow, final 6!

[23:51] <@DraHosting> Remember gideon

[23:51] <@DraHosting> leave a blacklist.

[23:51] <+Ashlee_Williams> I MISS GIDEON SO MUCH. D:

[23:51] <+Cassandra|> Yeah

[23:51] <+Catbug-> I'm going to my cupboard

[23:51] <@DraHosting> ~~ new episode ~~


[23:51] <+Tina_Belcher> I bet everyone back home is proud of me.

[23:51] <+Ashlee_Williams> (brb)

[23:51] <+Tina_Belcher> I just wish I wasn't bald on national television.

[23:51] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.

[23:51] <+Cassandra|> Another big character left

[23:51] <+Cassandra|> yet

[23:51] <+Cassandra|> I'm still here

[23:51] <+Cassandra|> why am I still here

[23:51] <+AttentionWhore> Well

[23:51] <+AttentionWhore> you're irrelevant

[23:51] <+AttentionWhore> so

[23:51] <+AttentionWhore> you give me more time to shine

[23:51] <+AttentionWhore> :/

[23:51] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Maybe you're a big character Cassandra. You did win MVP.

[23:52] <+Cassandra|> I doubt it.

[23:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Yeah, Cassandra, have confidence.

[23:52] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Someone out there has to love you. 

[23:52] <+Tina_Belcher> I hope Tina Talk can get more viewers from being on this show.

[23:52] <+Catbug-> (heard from inside cupboard)

[23:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Maybe I'll be as big as Oprah one day.

[23:52] <+Catbug-> now it's 3 in the morning

[23:52] <+Catbug-> I'm trying to change your mind

[23:52] <@DraHosting> setting up the next challenge

[23:52] <+Catbug-> left you multiple missed calls

[23:52] <+Catbug-> and to my message you reply

[23:52] <+Catbug-> (sniffle)

[23:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Do any of you have some lotion?

[23:53] <+Tina_Belcher> My crotch still itches.

[23:53] <+Catbug-> why you only call me when you high?1

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> I doubt it. @Tina

[23:53] <+Catbug-> (cries)

[23:53] * Tina_Belcher looks disturbed.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> Why do you keep telling us this.

[23:53] <+Tina_Belcher> Because it seems noteworthy, I guess.

[23:53] <+Tina_Belcher> I'll stop. Sorry.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> is this what this season has come to

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> talk of itchy crotches.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> Wow

[23:53] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Hmm...I still have my balls.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> this is sad

[23:53] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> My pokeballs.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> how do you feel about it being so sad, Dra.

[23:53] <+Cassandra|> :/

[23:54] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I suppose I shouldn't keep them.

[23:54] <+Cassandra|> I assume you feel pretty bad.

[23:54] <+Cassandra|> @Dra

[23:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay, balls.

[23:54] <@DraHosting> alright competitors

[23:54] <@DraHosting> let's get to the next VIP challenge.

[23:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[23:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Dra, do you have lotion?

[23:54] <@DraHosting> You're gonna go on a scavenger hunt.

[23:54] <+Tina_Belcher> My crotch is on fire.

[23:54] * DraHosting hands over lotion

[23:55] <@DraHosting> this one is anti itch

[23:55] * Tina_Belcher scratches furiously.

[23:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, thanks.

[23:55] <@DraHosting> anyways

[23:55] * Tina_Belcher applies lotion.

[23:55] <+Tina_Belcher> Done.

[23:55] <@DraHosting> You will find three songs that meet the following criteria and send them to my PM.

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 1. A song featuring a second artist who sings the chorus

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 2. A song that is original but is on the soundtrack of a popular movie

[23:55] * Cassandra| looks at him, unimpressed.

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 3. A song that featured three artists that all have parts in the song

[23:55] <@DraHosting> GO!

[23:55] <@DraHosting> get them right and you get the gossip

[23:55] <+Cassandra|> in number three

[23:55] <+Cassandra|> does it have to be three speaking roles.

[23:56] <@DraHosting> yes

[23:56] <+Cassandra|> or singing.

[23:56] <@DraHosting> singing

[23:56] <+Cassandra|> Yeah... I don't feel like doing this.

[23:56] <+Catbug-> this is really hard

[23:56] * Cassandra| sits down and begins reading "How To Make Fun of People Without Hurting Their Feelings"

[23:57] <@DraHosting> Pokemon Trainer and Tina are fighting for the win.

[23:57] <@DraHosting> Remember, Ashlee, you cannot win this one.

[23:57] <@DraHosting> speaking of ashlee

[23:57] <@DraHosting> where are you

[23:57] <@DraHosting> you haven't spoken at all


[23:58] <+Ashlee_Williams> (o I had to brb)

[00:00] <+Cassandra|> Wow

[00:00] <+Cassandra|> This is lively.

[00:00] <+Cassandra|> I can't keep up.

[00:00] <+Cassandra|> slow down guys

[00:01] <+AttentionWhore> hey guys

[00:01] <+AttentionWhore> WHULE THIS DUMB CHALLENG EIS ON

[00:01] <+AttentionWhore> LET'S PLAY


[00:01] <+AttentionWhore> INCE EVERYTHING I SAY IS ICONOIC

[00:02] <+Cassandra|> Nah

[00:02] <+Cassandra|> I'm good.

[00:02] <+AttentionWhore> [23:07] <+AttentionWhore> DON'T YOU AGREE WITH ME _______

[00:02] <+AttentionWhore> FILL IN THE BLANK

[00:02] <+Cassandra|> bitch

[00:02] <+Cassandra|> I dunno.

[00:02] <@DraHosting> TINA

[00:02] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS


[00:02] <+Cassandra|> Nice job Tina.

[00:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay! My second win!

[00:02] <+Tina_Belcher> Feels good.

[00:02] <+Tina_Belcher> My crotch feels goo too.

[00:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Thanks, Cassandra.

[00:03] <@DraHosting> now then

[00:03] <+Cassandra|> I don't want to know that your crotch feels "goo"

[00:03] <@DraHosting> America is gonna vote for the MVP now

[00:03] <+Cassandra|> That's disgusting.

[00:03] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry.

[00:03] <+Catbug-> this time please...

[00:03] <+Tina_Belcher> I think it's important to know, though.

[00:03] <+Cassandra|> If your crotch feels "goo" you should get it checked out by a doctor.

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> it feels good.

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry, a typo.

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> (:

[00:04] * Tina_Belcher itches crotch.

[00:04] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Congrats Tina.

[00:04] <+Cassandra|> Right.

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Hmm... the lotion is wearing off.

[00:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Thank you, Pokemon.

[00:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> .

[00:05] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[00:05] <@DraHosting> Ashlee, congratulations, you're the MVP!

[00:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> I think the fact that no one can be VIP twice in a row is RIGGED.

[00:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> You're denying America their STAR-- oh

[00:05] * Ashlee_Williams poses

[00:05] <+Tina_Belcher> I think it's just fair.

[00:05] <+Tina_Belcher> Dra just wants to be fair.

[00:05] * Cassandra| raises eyebrow

[00:05] * Tina_Belcher smiles.

[00:05] <+Ashlee_Williams> As you can see, America wants this.

[00:05] * Tina_Belcher looks at the camera.

[00:06] <+Tina_Belcher> Almost home, Jimmy Jr.

[00:06] <+Tina_Belcher> By the way, do you like my bald head?

[00:06] <+Tina_Belcher> It's canser.

[00:06] <+Tina_Belcher> I hope you don't mind.

[00:06] * Tina_Belcher blows kiss.

[00:06] <@DraHosting> ~ red carpet walk ~

[00:06] <@DraHosting> say stuff about Gideon

[00:06] <+Cassandra|> he was old.

[00:06] <+AttentionWhore> OLD AND ANNOYING

[00:06] <+AttentionWhore> AND SCREENWHOREY

[00:06] <+AttentionWhore> SO

[00:06] <+AttentionWhore> HE NEEDED TO /GO/

[00:06] <+Tina_Belcher> Gideon was fun.

[00:07] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> He was a threat depsite his age. I'm a young boy who can't even catach a Pokemone.

[00:07] <+Catbug-> Gideon... Well, he had his time

[00:07] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: Paul's Republic Brownies 4 Now and Ieiomah at Ashlee's Place: Ashlee, AttentionWhore, Cassandra, Catbug, Tina | Jury: Bolin, Pornvati, Gideon

[00:07] <@DraHosting> send in votes.


[00:07] <+Tina_Belcher> Since I can't vote...

[00:07] * Tina_Belcher takes out her microphone.

[00:07] <+Tina_Belcher> It's time for Tina Talk!

[00:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Today I'm going to interv--

[00:08] * Tina_Belcher bumps into Ashlee

[00:08] * Ashlee_Williams drops saline into eyes

[00:08] <@DraHosting> votes are due at 12:13

[00:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Whoops, sorry.

[00:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> GIDEON WAS-- falls

[00:08] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee, I'm so sorry.

[00:08] * Tina_Belcher tries to help Ashlee up, but falls on her.

[00:09] * Ashlee_Williams helps Tina and herself up

[00:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> Ashlee ALWAYS helps those in need.

[00:09] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at camera

[00:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, uh, thanks.

[00:09] * Tina_Belcher Tina collapses.

[00:09] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, it's okay.

[00:09] * Cassandra| rolls eyes

[00:09] * Tina_Belcher picks herself up.

[00:09] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore

[00:09] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[00:09] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:10] <+Cassandra|> hurry up

[00:10] <+Cassandra|> This place smells of sex and regret. Just like Dra.

[00:10] <+Tina_Belcher> That might be me...

[00:10] * Tina_Belcher applies deoderant.

[00:10] <+Tina_Belcher> Since I sweat, am I a real woman now?

[00:11] <+Cassandra|> Probably not.

[00:11] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore

[00:11] <+Tina_Belcher> That's okay, I don't want to grow up too fast.

[00:11] <+AttentionWhore> I'M SORRY

[00:12] <+AttentionWhore> I ESCAPED FROM THE HOUSE

[00:12] <+AttentionWhore> TO GO SEE

[00:12] <+AttentionWhore> MY ADORING FANS

[00:12] <+AttentionWhore> I CAN'T GET EJECTED FOR THAT RIGHT

[00:12] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[00:12] * DraHosting tallies

[00:12] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[00:12] * DraHosting throws renewal to Ashlee

[00:12] * DraHosting throws renewal to Catbug

[00:12] * DraHosting throws renewal to PokemonTrainer

[00:12] <+Catbug-> thanks

[00:12] <@DraHosting> Cassandra

[00:12] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore

[00:12] <@DraHosting> we're down to 2.

[00:12] <+Tina_Belcher> Yay, Tina Talk lives on.

[00:12] <+Cassandra|> You probably can. @AttentionWhore

[00:12] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Not in the bottom two.

[00:12] <+Cassandra|> Lovely.

[00:12] <+Cassandra|> @Dra

[00:12] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3 to 2...

[00:12] <@DraHosting> Cassandra, unfortunately, your show has been cancelled.

[00:12] * Cassandra| rolls eyes

[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> ..

[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Whoa.

[00:13] <+Cassandra|> Like I need this shitty show anyways.

[00:13] <+Catbug-> you'll be back, right?

[00:13] <+Cassandra|> Eh, probably not.

[00:13] * Tina_Belcher looks disturbed.

[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra, I didn't vote for you.

[00:13] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[00:13] <+Cassandra|> Whoever double crossed me, you can suck it.

[00:13] * Tina_Belcher hugs Cassandra.

[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Bye.

[00:13] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Despite never actually saying anything nice to me and Tina, I consider you a friend Cassandra. 

[00:13] <@DraHosting> Cassandra, remember to leave a blacklist if you leave.

[00:13] <+Cassandra|> Bye, I guess. @Tina


[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh wait, I couldn't vote.

[00:13] <+Cassandra|> That's nice. @PokemonTrainer

[00:13] <+Tina_Belcher> THat explains it.


[00:14] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[00:14] <+Cassandra|> See you guys at finale, don't fail.

[00:14] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Cassandra

[00:14] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[00:14] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee, you vote Cassandra, though...

[00:14] <+Tina_Belcher> Why are you sad.

[00:14] <+Catbug-> I'll miss you, Cassandra

[00:14] <+Ashlee_Williams> Wow, um...

[00:14] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.

[00:14] <+Ashlee_Williams> These tears are actually real.

[00:14] * Tina_Belcher applies lotion.

[00:14] <+Ashlee_Williams> I came out here to get famous.

[00:15] <+Ashlee_Williams> But, uh...

[00:15] <+Ashlee_Williams> I really will miss you, Cassandra.

[00:15] <+Ashlee_Williams> :(

[00:15] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Everyone we love keeps leaving.

[00:16] <@DraHosting> alright

[00:16] <+Tina_Belcher> I know.

[00:16] <+Tina_Belcher> It's not good.

[00:16] <+Catbug-> I'm still here

[00:16] <@DraHosting> This one's gonna be good.

[00:16] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> The house use to be full of laughter and cat fighting, now only with broken dreams and itchy crotches. 

[00:16] <@DraHosting> This is also the final MVP to be won.

[00:16] <+Catbug-> soon, the pain will end

[00:16] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP now

[00:16] <+Tina_Belcher> Excited, you just can't tell.

[00:17] * Tina_Belcher looks bored.

[00:17] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> */me looks depressed. 

[00:18] * Not_Pokemon_Trai looks depressed.

[00:19] * Catbug- pulls out giant canister

[00:19] <+Catbug-> I have this reserved for whoever wins

[00:19] <+Catbug-> A big ol' bottle of sparkling cider for the winner

[00:19] <Pornvati|Jury> (Pornvati got 8th right? ;\)


[00:19] <+Ashlee_Williams> (yeah)

[00:20] <@DraHosting> k

[00:20] <@DraHosting> it's set up

[00:20] <@DraHosting> this one is actually very easy

[00:20] <+Catbug-> okay ready Dra

[00:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Cider? Does it have alcohol?

[00:20] <+Catbug-> no

[00:20] <@DraHosting> For your initial task you will find seven words out of these three vehicle names.

[00:20] <+AttentionWhore> I BETTER WIN

[00:20] <+Catbug-> non-alcoholic

[00:20] <+AttentionWhore> THE FINAL MVP

[00:20] <+Catbug-> I thought of you guys

[00:20] <+AttentionWhore> AN DBE LOVED BY AMERICA

[00:20] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay, I can drink it then.

[00:20] <@DraHosting> your words:

[00:20] <@DraHosting> RACECAR

[00:20] <+AttentionWhore> I HAVE WON /NONE/ SO FAR

[00:21] <@DraHosting> HOT AIR BALLOON

[00:21] <@DraHosting> HELICOPTER


[00:21] <+AttentionWhore> VERY

[00:21] <@DraHosting> For example, you can get the word Copter out of Helicopter

[00:21] <@DraHosting> But you can't use that one

[00:21] <@DraHosting> 3

[00:21] <@DraHosting> 2

[00:21] <@DraHosting> 1

[00:21] <@DraHosting> GO

[00:21] <@DraHosting> find 7 send them in PM

[00:21] <@DraHosting> to get the gossip

[00:21] <@DraHosting> you cannot use Racecar, Hot Air Balloon, or Helicopter

[00:21] <@DraHosting> or Hot, Air, or Balloon

[00:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.

[00:21] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[00:21] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[00:21] <@DraHosting> list them too

[00:22] <@DraHosting> with numbers

[00:25] * Tina_Belcher awkwardly cheers for Pokemon.

[00:26] <+Tina_Belcher> Go, go, uh.... go.

[00:27] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER



[00:27] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[00:27] * Ashlee_Williams squeals

[00:28] <+Tina_Belcher> Congratulations, Ashlee.

[00:28] <+Catbug-> you said it was easy

[00:28] <+Catbug-> you all said it was easy

[00:28] <+Catbug-> you all said it was easy

[00:28] <@DraHosting> it was easy for me when I did it

[00:28] <@DraHosting> oops

[00:28] <+AttentionWhore> VIP CHALLENGES ARE LAME

[00:28] <+AttentionWhore> I'M ALREADY A VIP

[00:28] <+AttentionWhore> EVERYWHERE I GO

[00:28] <@DraHosting> Wiki Chat will now vote for an MVP

[00:31] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[00:31] <@DraHosting> Tina, congratulations, you are the final MVP of the season.

[00:31] <+Catbug-> oh...

[00:31] <+Tina_Belcher> Wow!

[00:31] <@DraHosting> And for the final time

[00:31] <+Tina_Belcher> I never thought I'd be well-liked, or anything like that.

[00:31] * DraHosting hands Tina 2 books

[00:31] <@DraHosting> You will give out two books.

[00:31] <@DraHosting> one good, one bad

[00:31] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, this.

[00:31] <@DraHosting> you know how it works

[00:31] <@DraHosting> and you can keep one if you want but you forfeit MVP by doing so

[00:31] <+Tina_Belcher> I wish I knew which one way good or bad.

[00:31] * Tina_Belcher smells books.

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> I can't tell.

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Well...

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm going to...

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Wait, Dra, can MVP vote?

[00:32] <@DraHosting> yes

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Okay.

[00:32] <@DraHosting> btw@all if Pornvati had gotten to the next week and scored that point she would have been given MVP automatically

[00:32] <+Tina_Belcher> Then, I'll give one to Pokemon_Trainer and one to Catbug.

[00:32] <@DraHosting> as a reward for winning as the paparazzi

[00:32] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer and Catbug

[00:32] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer, we'll kick it off with you

[00:32] <@DraHosting> open the book.,

[00:32] <+Catbug-> ...

[00:33] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Thank you Tina :3

[00:33] * Not_Pokemon_Trai opens book.

[00:33] <+Tina_Belcher> No problem.

[00:33] * Tina_Belcher adjusts her glasses.

[00:33] == DebbiesBook [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:33] <+Ashlee_Williams> (o @Debbie)

[00:33] <DebbiesBook> thanks for buying my book, PokemonTrainer!

[00:33] <DebbiesBook> You will find 10 eggs in your bedroom.

[00:33] <+Tina_Belcher> This feels so magical.

[00:33] <+Tina_Belcher> I love it.

[00:33] <DebbiesBook> You will pick three of them to smash open. Each one contains a different power.

[00:34] <DebbiesBook> Good luck!

[00:34] * Tina_Belcher dreams of a magical land of unicorns.

[00:34] == DebbiesBook [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[00:34] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, so he got the good one!

[00:34] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrinaer

[00:34] <+Catbug-> what was that?

[00:34] <@DraHosting> trainer*

[00:34] <+Tina_Belcher> Sorry, Catbug...

[00:34] <@DraHosting> that was a good book.

[00:34] * Catbug- whimpers

[00:34] <@DraHosting> You will pick 3 eggs

[00:34] <@DraHosting> 1-10

[00:34] <@DraHosting> in the meantime, Catbug

[00:34] <@DraHosting> open your book

[00:34] * Catbug- yells as opens book

[00:34] * Catbug- with eyes closed

[00:34] == LindsaysBook [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:34] <LindsaysBook> This book is blank because lindsay forgot how to write

[00:34] <LindsaysBook> therefore tonight, Catbug

[00:34] <LindsaysBook> you forget how to vote.

[00:34] <LindsaysBook> You can't vote tonight.

[00:35] == LindsaysBook [3295bb82@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[00:35] <+Catbug-> oh no

[00:35] * Catbug- looks at self

[00:35] <@DraHosting> Before we submit votes

[00:35] <+Catbug-> ...what am I?

[00:35] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[00:35] <@DraHosting> pick 3 eggs

[00:35] <@DraHosting> 1-10

[00:35] <@DraHosting> go

[00:35] * Catbug- lets out blood-curdling scream

[00:35] * Catbug- tps out

[00:35] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> 9

[00:35] <@DraHosting> 2 more

[00:35] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> 4

[00:35] <@DraHosting> and

[00:35] * Tina_Belcher facepalms.

[00:35] <+Tina_Belcher> Why does the universe hate me.

[00:35] <+Tina_Belcher> All I want is to win this game and to have a nice sixteenth birthday

[00:35] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> 6

[00:35] <@DraHosting> 9, 4, 6

[00:36] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[00:36] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Tina

[00:36] <@DraHosting> 9 is a dud

[00:36] <@DraHosting> gg

[00:36] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> D:

[00:36] <+Ashlee_Williams> Don't worry Tina, it's okay. D:

[00:36] <+Tina_Belcher> and share a kiss with Jimmy Pesto Jr.

[00:36] <+Tina_Belcher> Hmmm... I guess I want a lot of things.

[00:36] * Ashlee_Williams winks at the camera

[00:36] <@DraHosting> 4 allows for you to have 1 vote against you negated tonight

[00:36] <+Ashlee_Williams> OH!

[00:36] <@DraHosting> and 6 will give you the power to...

[00:36] <+Ashlee_Williams> What if I bake some more cookies for everyone!

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Puzzle someone.

[00:36] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> ?

[00:36] <@DraHosting> This means that you will pick one person in the house

[00:36] <@DraHosting> they will get a puzzle.

[00:36] <@DraHosting> They have to solve the puzzle and state what the puzzle says

[00:36] <@DraHosting> it's a secret phrase

[00:36] <@DraHosting> but it's hard.

[00:36] <@DraHosting> IF they don't get it by the time votes are due

[00:36] <@DraHosting> they cannot voe

[00:36] <@DraHosting> vote*

[00:36] <@DraHosting> if they get it, they can.

[00:37] <@DraHosting> Pick someone to punish with a puzzle

[00:37] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Who can all vote?

[00:37] * Tina_Belcher awkwardly gets hugged.

[00:37] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm not good at hugs.

[00:38] <+Ashlee_Williams> If you don't punish me, you can have the biggest cookie! :D @Pokemon

[00:38] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I honestly have a hard time remembering who can vote. 

[00:38] <@DraHosting> Ashlee can't vote

[00:38] <@DraHosting> Catbug can't vote

[00:38] <+Tina_Belcher> :o

[00:38] <+Tina_Belcher> AttentionWhore, me, and you I think.

[00:38] <+Tina_Belcher> That's all.

[00:38] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Then I guess I have to give the puzzle to Whore.

[00:38] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> It'll give her more screentime.

[00:40] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> (?_

[00:40] <+AttentionWhore> ....

[00:40] <@DraHosting> k

[00:40] <+AttentionWhore> THANKS!

[00:40] <+AttentionWhore> NOW I'M AN ~UNDERDOG~

[00:40] * Tina_Belcher chuckles like a man.

[00:40] <+Tina_Belcher> ...Huh.

[00:40] <+Tina_Belcher> Note to self: Don't chuckle.

[00:40] <+Tina_Belcher> :[

[00:40] <+AttentionWhore> AND A ~VICTIM~


[00:41] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Except America doesn't give support anymore.

[00:41] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Sorry D:

[00:41] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore

[00:41] <@DraHosting> http://four.flash­

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> ....

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> WHAT?!?!??!

[00:41] <@DraHosting> You have until 12:50

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> YOU MEAN

[00:41] <@DraHosting> to do that puzzle

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> ALL THSI TIME

[00:41] <@DraHosting> All you need to do is find out what the phrase is


[00:41] <@DraHosting> and shout it out here to be able to vote

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> FOR NOTHING?!?!?!

[00:41] <@DraHosting> as for the rest of you

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> but if I'm not trying to get attention...

[00:41] <+AttentionWhore> then...

[00:42] <@DraHosting> cast a vote to eliminate someone

[00:42] <+Tina_Belcher> :\

[00:42] <+AttentionWhore> who am I?

[00:42] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Well, just after this challenge. @ Whore

[00:42] <+AttentionWhore> :|]


[00:42] <+AttentionWhore> puzzle doesn't show up

[00:42] <+AttentionWhore> @Dra

[00:42] <@DraHosting> o

[00:42] <@DraHosting> hang on

[00:43] <+Ashlee_Williams> Excuse me. 

[00:43] <+Ashlee_Williams> AttentionWhore.

[00:43] <+Ashlee_Williams> I am America's TRUE star. 

[00:43] * Ashlee_Williams poses for the camera

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HAHAHAHAHAHAHHA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HAHAHAHHAHAHAH

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHAHAHAHA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHA

[00:43] <@DraHosting> me irl

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HAA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HAAJAHA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHAHAH

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHAHAHA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHAHAH

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> AHAAHA

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> HA

[00:43] <@DraHosting> @imgur imploding

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> good one

[00:43] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Oh my. Cat fight coming.

[00:43] <+AttentionWhore> @Ashlee

[00:44] <@DraHosting> k

[00:44] <@DraHosting> new plan

[00:44] <@DraHosting> attention whore can you screenshot

[00:44] <+AttentionWhore> ya

[00:44] <@DraHosting>

[00:44] <@DraHosting> do this one instead

[00:44] <@DraHosting> and post a screenshot of it

[00:45] <@DraHosting> you have until 12:50

[00:45] <@DraHosting> go

[00:45] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer send in your vote

[00:45] * Ashlee_Williams gasps

[00:45] * Ashlee_Williams starts to cry

[00:45] <+Ashlee_Williams> AttentionWhore is bullying me!

[00:45] <+Ashlee_Williams> :(

[00:46] <+Tina_Belcher> Bullying isn't nice.

[00:46] <+Tina_Belcher> Report him to a teacher/parent/another adult you trust.

[00:47] <@DraHosting> Will AttentionWhore earn her right to vote?

[00:47] * Tina_Belcher shrugs.

[00:48] <@DraHosting> The rest of the votes are in.

[00:48] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Why are these last few rounds taking forever)

[00:48] <+Ashlee_Williams> (It's been like half an hour since Cassandra's elimination)

[00:48] <@DraHosting> this one would be over but AttentinoWhore is doing a puzzle

[00:48] <@DraHosting> as a punishment

[00:48] <@DraHosting> this was intended for more but duke quit

[00:48] <@DraHosting> oops@duke

[00:50] <@DraHosting> time is up

[00:50] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore won't be voting

[00:50] * DraHosting passes renewal to Catbug

[00:50] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tina

[00:50] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore and PokemonTrainer.

[00:50] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 2

[00:50] <@DraHosting> AttentionWhore, your show has been cancelled.

[00:50] * Catbug- tps in just to catch renewal'

[00:50] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[00:50] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[00:50] <@DraHosting> You are the next member of the jury.

[00:50] * Catbug- pants

[00:50] <+AttentionWhore> ...

[00:50] <+AttentionWhore> RIGGED.

[00:50] == mode/#TVStars [-v AttentionWhore] by DraHosting

[00:51] <AttentionWhore> I HOPE YOU ALLKNOW

[00:51] <AttentionWhore> AMERICA NOW 

[00:51] <AttentionWhore> HATES

[00:51] <+Catbug-> I don't feel doog

[00:51] <AttentionWhore> ALL OF YOU

[00:51] <+Tina_Belcher> ...I was just given some shocking news.

[00:51] * Tina_Belcher stands up.

[00:51] * Tina_Belcher points at Pokemon.

[00:51] <+Tina_Belcher> YOU voted for Cassandra.

[00:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee wasn't lying.

[00:51] * Tina_Belcher falls.

[00:51] <+Tina_Belcher> Ow.


[00:51] == AttentionWhore [6c05978e@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[00:51] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> You're right Tina.

[00:51] <+Catbug-> he did

[00:51] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I did, and I'm sorry.

[00:52] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I did it for a lot of reasons.

[00:52] <+Catbug-> Tina also knows I also voted for Ashlee

[00:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Anyway.

[00:52] <+Tina_Belcher> Pokemon, why did you do it?

[00:52] * Tina_Belcher begins to cry.

[00:52] <+Tina_Belcher> I don't know who to go with now.

[00:52] <@DraHosting> Final Four

[00:52] <@DraHosting> Because the MVP vote is now cancelled

[00:52] <@DraHosting> everyone will compete in this V

[00:52] <@DraHosting> VIP*

[00:52] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Part of it was pressure. She wasn't ever nice to me or you. And part of it was paranoia she was closer to Ashlee, which she was. She could've flipped.

[00:52] * Tina_Belcher wipes tears.

[00:52] <+Tina_Belcher> No.

[00:53] <+Tina_Belcher> Women don't cry.

[00:53] <+Tina_Belcher> Huh

[00:53] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Part of it was stupid...I wanted to be closer with you. And part of me knew, that I or you couldn't beat her in the finals. 

[00:53] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> It was wrong, stupid...but I wanted us to have the best chance.

[00:53] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): Me and my semi-firm buns have to win VIP today. 

[00:53] <+Tina_Belcher> But she was our friend.

[00:54] * Ashlee_Williams cries @Pokemon/Tina

[00:54] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Name one friendly thing she did.

[00:54] <+Ashlee_Williams> Young love is so sweet...

[00:54] <+Tina_Belcher> Friends don't betray other friends.

[00:54] <+Tina_Belcher> It's not nice.

[00:54] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> But she may have planning to.

[00:54] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Tina you have to understand, I did this so we could have a better chance.

[00:54] <+Tina_Belcher> I would never betray Jimmy Jr.

[00:54] <+Tina_Belcher> or Zeke

[00:55] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I know you don't love me, and I don't want you to. But I still do and I wanted you to have the best chance.

[00:55] <+Tina_Belcher> or Gene

[00:55] <+Tina_Belcher> or Louise

[00:55] <@DraHosting> Alright

[00:55] <@DraHosting> next VIP challenge

[00:55] <@DraHosting> also simple

[00:55] <+Tina_Belcher> That's true, but the way you did it was dirty, Pokemon.

[00:55] <+Tina_Belcher> I can't forgive you for that.

[00:55] <@DraHosting> You're all shackled down

[00:55] <@DraHosting> post *removes chains* 3 times

[00:55] * Tina_Belcher walks away dramatically.

[00:55] * Tina_Belcher falls.

[00:55] <@DraHosting> and then *escapes chains*

[00:55] <@DraHosting> once done you PM me for your gossip

[00:55] * Ashlee_Williams sighs deeply

[00:55] * Tina_Belcher gets up

[00:55] * Tina_Belcher keeps walking.

[00:55] <@DraHosting> very simple

[00:55] <@DraHosting> got it

[00:56] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Cassandra inslted the boy band that you gave me a ticket for! 


[00:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> I was really rooting for those kids... @Tina/Pokemon

[00:56] * Tina_Belcher is gone.

[00:56] * Tina_Belcher runs back.

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh yeah, the VIP is happening soon.

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Anyway,

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> better chance?

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Cassandra was our best chance.

[00:56] <@DraHosting> k

[00:56] <@DraHosting> 3

[00:56] <@DraHosting> 2

[00:56] <@DraHosting> 1

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Don't you see?

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh, kinky.

[00:56] <@DraHosting> GO!!!!

[00:56] <+Catbug-> *removes chains*

[00:56] <@DraHosting> anyone can play

[00:56] <+Catbug-> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm kind of into BDSM.

[00:56] * Tina_Belcher itches her crotch.

[00:56] <+Catbug-> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *Removes chains*

[00:56] <@DraHosting> even Ashlee

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> Boyz 4 Now?

[00:56] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> *removes chain*

[00:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> *removes chain*

[00:56] <+Catbug-> *escapes chains*

[00:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> *removes chain*

[00:56] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *Removes chains*

[00:56] <@DraHosting> gotta pm me for it

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Ashlee_Williams> *escapes chains*

[00:56] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *escapes chains*

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> *removes chains*

[00:56] <+Tina_Belcher> *escapes chains*

[00:58] <Dylancrawle> .

[00:59] <@DraHosting> Ashlee almost has it!

[00:59] <+Tina_Belcher> Ashlee can't win VIP though

[00:59] <@DraHosting> yes she can

[00:59] <@DraHosting> I said because the MVP was cancelled

[00:59] <@DraHosting> everyone can compete

[00:59] <+Tina_Belcher> Oh.


[01:00] <@DraHosting> ASHLEE*

[01:00] <+Catbug-> ...

[01:00] <@DraHosting> YOU HAVE WON THIS WEEK'S VIP

[01:00] <+Catbug-> not again!

[01:00] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[01:01] <+Catbug-> what was the message anyway?

[01:01] <@DraHosting> it was one of the three

[01:01] <@DraHosting> there were multiple answers

[01:01] <@DraHosting> anyways

[01:01] <@DraHosting> ~~ red carpet ~~

[01:01] <@DraHosting> ~ people say stuff ~

[01:01] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[01:01] <@DraHosting> Catbug, PokemonTrainer, and Tina will be the only ones voting

[01:01] <@DraHosting> one of you is going home

[01:02] * Tina_Belcher sighs.

[01:02] <+Tina_Belcher> This is hard.

[01:02] <+Tina_Belcher> It could be me.

[01:02] <+Tina_Belcher> It probably is me.

[01:02] * Tina_Belcher feels her head.

[01:02] <+Tina_Belcher> I need this.

[01:02] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> You told me to do what my heart said when I voted for Cassandra. You do the same @ Tina

[01:03] * Tina_Belcher nods.

[01:03] <@DraHosting> PokemonTrainer

[01:03] <@DraHosting> you need to vote

[01:04] * DraHosting tosses renewal to Tina

[01:04] <@DraHosting> Catbug and Pokemon

[01:04] <+Tina_Belcher> :o

[01:04] * Catbug- nurses big ol' beer

[01:04] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 2-1...

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> x

[01:04] <@DraHosting> Catbug, your show has been cancelled.

[01:04] <@DraHosting> If you have to go, leave me a blacklist.

[01:04] <+Catbug-> no...

[01:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Thank you buttcheek gods amen.

[01:04] <+Tina_Belcher> Catbug.. sorry...

[01:04] * Tina_Belcher awkwardly waves.

[01:04] <+Catbug-> You betrayed me Tina

[01:05] <+Catbug-> you gave me the bad book, and now this!

[01:05] <+Tina_Belcher> Before you go...

[01:05] * Tina_Belcher pulls a hair out of her vagina.

[01:05] * Tina_Belcher hands it to catbug.

[01:05] <+Tina_Belcher> I'm sorry...

[01:05] <+Tina_Belcher> I didn't mean to.

[01:05] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I'm sorry as well Catbug. I maybe not be a PK trainer, but you're the closest I had to a pokemon that liked me.


[01:05] <+Catbug-> (sniffles)


[01:05] <@DraHosting> FINAL EPISODE

[01:05] <+Catbug-> In that case...

[01:05] * Not_Pokemon_Trai nods and smiles.

[01:05] <+Tina_Belcher> :]

[01:05] <+Tina_Belcher> *:[

[01:05] * Tina_Belcher hugs.

[01:05] == mode/#TVStars [-v Catbug-] by DraHosting

[01:05] <@DraHosting> catbug

[01:05] <Catbug-> Whup Ashlee for me

[01:05] <@DraHosting> remember

[01:05] == mode/#TVStars [-v Cassandra|] by DraHosting

[01:06] <@DraHosting> if you have to LEAVE

[01:06] <@DraHosting> give me a blacklist

[01:06] <@DraHosting> of jury votes

[01:06] <@DraHosting> got it

[01:06] <Catbug-> I'll stay around for jury

[01:06] <+Tina_Belcher> (CONF): I feel so confident. Who would have guessed I would make it this far?

[01:06] <@DraHosting> k

[01:06] * Ashlee_Williams sobs

[01:06] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Catbug on his way out

[01:06] <@DraHosting> For the final three, the standard challenge setup is dropped.

[01:06] * Catbug- walks out

[01:06] <Catbug-> Don't touch me, Ashlee

[01:06] <@DraHosting> The final challenge is going to be improved upon from the former season

[01:06] * Catbug- leaves

[01:06] <@DraHosting> You will be asked trivia about this game so far.

[01:06] <@DraHosting> How well do you know your competitors?

[01:07] <@DraHosting> It's time to find out.

[01:07] <@DraHosting> I will ask you a question.

[01:07] <@DraHosting> The first to get it right scores

[01:07] <@DraHosting> the first to 5 points wins final VIP

[01:07] <@DraHosting> and will cast the sole vote for elimination

[01:07] <@DraHosting> Is everyone ready?

[01:07] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Yup.

[01:07] <@DraHosting> Tina? Ashlee?

[01:07] <+Ashlee_Williams> (o)

[01:08] * Ashlee_Williams smiles at the camera

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tinsa?

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina*

[01:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> Yes, I am ready.

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Tina D:

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <@DraHosting> Tina_Belcher

[01:08] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> TINA!!!!!!!!!!

[01:08] <@DraHosting> o tina left chat

[01:08] <@DraHosting> rip

[01:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> (As Rhonda's computer is having a heart attack)

[01:08] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> No, she'll be back.

[01:08] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Wait what)

[01:08] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> She has to be back.

[01:09] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai>

[01:09] <@DraHosting> tina pls

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> (I assumed Pokemon was Avery as Tina was Rhonda)

[01:09] <@DraHosting> no it's the other way around

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> (Is it the other way around)

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> (... o)

[01:09] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> (Who are you :p)

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> (SG)

[01:09] <@DraHosting> we're doing this challenge at 1:11

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> If Tina seriously just loses by default

[01:09] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Woah :O I thought you were Cassandra. 

[01:09] <+Ashlee_Williams> Everyone did lol

[01:10] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> She was snarky and liked music :p Who is Ashlee Wilson based on btw?

[01:10] <@DraHosting> looks like tina is gonna miss out

[01:10] <@DraHosting> I can't postpone this for her

[01:10] <@DraHosting> cu

[01:10] == Tina_Belcher [] has quit [Ping timeout: 265 seconds]

[01:10] <@DraHosting> cuz*

[01:10] <@DraHosting> 1:10

[01:11] <+Ashlee_Williams> No one really I just made her up @Rhonda

[01:11] <@DraHosting> AM

[01:11] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> NO!!! Tina D:

[01:11] <@DraHosting> anyways

[01:11] <@DraHosting> Tina is still in she's just

[01:11] <@DraHosting> afk

[01:11] <@DraHosting> yall feel

[01:11] <@DraHosting> anyways trivia time!

[01:11] <@DraHosting> question 1

[01:11] <@DraHosting> Who was the Paparazzi?

[01:11] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Parvi

[01:11] <+Ashlee_Williams> pornvati

[01:11] <@DraHosting> Ashlee - 1

[01:11] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Spelling :p

[01:11] <@DraHosting> yes

[01:11] <@DraHosting> Who is being disregarded as a contestant?

[01:11] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Mako

[01:11] <+Ashlee_Williams> michele

[01:11] <@DraHosting> Ashlee - 2

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Who has won the most VIPs this season?

[01:12] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Mako was too though? You said also him.

[01:12] <+Ashlee_Williams> me

[01:12] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Ashlee

[01:12] <+Ashlee_Williams> gideon?

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Ashlee is correct

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Ashlee - 3

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Who was the most recent person voted out of the game?

[01:12] <+Ashlee_Williams> catbug

[01:12] <@DraHosting> wow this is anticlimactic without tina

[01:12] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Catbug

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Ashlee - 4

[01:12] <@DraHosting> this could be it

[01:13] <@DraHosting> Who has won the most MVPs this season?

[01:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> me

[01:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> gideon

[01:13] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Ashlee

[01:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> tina?

[01:13] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Tina

[01:13] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> :/

[01:13] <@DraHosting> it's tied with Ashlee and Gideon

[01:13] <@DraHosting> but Ashlee said them first so



[01:13] * Ashlee_Williams squeals

[01:13] * Ashlee_Williams hugs Pokemon Trainer

[01:13] <@DraHosting> you will also get to vote out Tina or PokemonTrainer!

[01:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> OMG, I made it!

[01:13] <@DraHosting> *claps*

[01:13] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> *claps*

[01:13] <+Ashlee_Williams> (I feel horrible since they were a couple OMG :( )


[01:14] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> (We aren't a couple. Tina doesn't feel that way about me)

[01:14] <Dylancrawle> (Are there jury speeches and stuff)





[01:18] <+Ashlee_Williams> That was kind of the point-- oh @tina

[01:18] <+Ashlee_Williams> Did he not get that's what this character was supposed to be

[01:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> It's probably the cancer. She doesn't have long to live :(

[01:18] <@DraHosting> well then

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Pornvati

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Gideon

[01:18] <+Ashlee_Williams> She was fame-hungry and hammed it up for the cameras

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Cassandra

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Catbug

[01:18] <@DraHosting> need to vote

[01:18] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> So jury speeches?

[01:18] * Catbug- tps back in for jury

[01:19] <@DraHosting> yes

[01:19] <Catbug-> jury voting is like jury nulliification

[01:19] * Cassandra| walks in

[01:19] <Cassandra|> I know who I'm voting

[01:19] <Cassandra|> I'm done here.

[01:19] <Cassandra|> bye

[01:19] <Catbug-> it's sometimes good, yet sometimes bac

[01:19] <Catbug-> *bad

[01:19] <Catbug-> and that's why they don't practice it

[01:19] == Dylancrawle has changed nick to Gideoncrawle_

[01:19] * Pornvati|Jury gets up

[01:20] <Pornvati|Jury> Ok

[01:20] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Ashlee, would you like to make a speech to the jury first?

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> Oh.

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> Okay.

[01:20] <Gideoncrawle_> The "evil man" known as GideonCrawle has returned for one last lecture of sorts.

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Pornvati to vote

[01:20] * Ashlee_Williams clears throat

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> Friends.

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> I came into this house wanting one thing

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> Fame.

[01:20] <+Ashlee_Williams> Every week I played myself up to America

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> What I realized today however

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> I actually did grow close to some of you.

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> Cassandra.

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> Tina.

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> Pokemon Trainer.

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> Thanks for being my friends in this game.

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> I may have only come here to be on TV

[01:21] <+Ashlee_Williams> But thanks for showing me this game is a little more than that.

[01:22] <Gideoncrawle_> I am going to be blunt, as I believe that to be the best approach in a situation of this sort: Ashley, I have always much preferred you over Pokemon, who I never understood nor really had any sort of bond with. But in the end, you did vote me out, and so did Pokemon, so this decision is one that is rather tough to make. I am perplexed. 

[01:22] * Ashlee_Williams wipes tears away

[01:22] <@DraHosting> last minute vote changes before we read them?

[01:22] <+Ashlee_Williams> You can go now, Pokemon.

[01:22] <Gideoncrawle_> I feel as if voting for Ashlee to win would be much too predictable, in a way...

[01:22] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I no many of you are not fond of me. And that's to be fair. I played rough. I couldn't win immunity all the time.

[01:22] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> I had to play a social game.

[01:22] <+Not_Pokemon_Trai> Gideon was a threat, too big a threat.

[01:22] <Cassandra|> (slay hunty fierce queen yas!)