TV Stars Fans
Season TV Stars Road Trip
Founder Marina Joyce & Michelle Meyer
Members Amanda Bynes

Renee Meyer

Week Formed 5
Enemies Kid Detective

Baylor Wilson
Ashlee Williams
The Real TDI Justin

Lowest Placing Member Amanda Bynes
Highest Placing Member Michelle Meyer


Upon the elimination of Michelle Meyer, the Fans decided they needed to rise up. The three women came together after Michelle told them to align on her way out.

After Michelle returned to the game by the TV Stars Revival Competition, the Fans inducted her, and the four became a tight alliance.

After getting together, they decided that it was time to vote out Kid Detective. Despite barely succeeding, Justin was the key to flip the game against him, resulting in the Fans taking power.

Once Kid was out, they decided that it was time to go against Baylor. Once The TV Stars Pause Button was introduced and pressed, the girls voted out Baylor as the first jury member.

Afterwards, Renee, Michelle, and Marina believed Amanda's RSVP was too dangerous to have around. They decided to blindside her, leaving the Fans down one number but still in control.

In the next round, they voted out Ashlee in fifth place, and went straight after Justin the moment he did not have immunity, resulting in a final two of Michelle and Renee.


[00:23] == MichelleMeyer [60ff52a4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStarsFans
[00:23] <@ReneeMeyer> ok so
[00:23] <MichelleMeyer> Heyyyyy everyone!!
[00:23] <@ReneeMeyer> we need to flip ONE person
[00:23] <MichelleMeyer> *laughs*
[00:24] == Marina_Joyce [] has joined #TVStarsFans
[00:24] <AmandaBynes> flip someone OR
[00:24] <AmandaBynes> make one of them vote out of majority
[00:24] <@ReneeMeyer> I'd rather flip someone you know
[00:24] <Marina_Joyce> flip would be safer
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> guys i have an idol. Have them vote me
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> I'll play my idol
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> and then their votes dont count
[00:25] <@ReneeMeyer> you have an idol? what
[00:25] <@ReneeMeyer> since when lmao
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> i won it from the twitter thingy
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> dick donato replied to me
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> anyways
[00:25] <@ReneeMeyer> ....
[00:25] <@ReneeMeyer> dead
[00:25] <@ReneeMeyer> I mean Justin said he doesn't care about his own safety but idk how much I trust him
[00:25] <AmandaBynes> michelle say that ur willing to vote amanda
[00:26] <@ReneeMeyer> gonna ask who he wants gone
[00:26] <@ReneeMeyer> kk
[00:26] <MichelleMeyer> Who would I SAY that to, though??
[00:26] <MichelleMeyer> They all KNOW that I want the Flopvorites GONE!
[00:26] <AmandaBynes> o wait
[00:26] <AmandaBynes> u cant vote
[00:26] <AmandaBynes> okay then renee
[00:26] <AmandaBynes> u need to get justin
[00:26] <AmandaBynes> to get the favs to vote me
[00:26] <@ReneeMeyer> I am
[00:26] <@ReneeMeyer> dw
[00:26] <@ReneeMeyer> we got this sis
[00:26] <Marina_Joyce> okay so
[00:27] <Marina_Joyce> we need to get votes on amanda so that she can use her idol
[00:27] <Marina_Joyce> and then a favorite needs to win VIP later
[00:27] <@ReneeMeyer> apparently Kid wants me gone
[00:27] <@ReneeMeyer> so I'm getting votes
[00:28] <@ReneeMeyer> yeah Justin and Ashlee both said I'm getting votes
[00:28] <MichelleMeyer> Why trust what THEY say?
[00:28] <@ReneeMeyer> turning Justin and Ashlee against each other now threw Justin under the bus #savethisseason
[00:28] <MichelleMeyer> They just want US to misplay any ADVANTAGES we might have!!
[00:28] <@ReneeMeyer> they dont know idols exist
[00:28] <@ReneeMeyer> I didn't at least
[00:28] <@ReneeMeyer> anyway who are we voting
[00:29] <@ReneeMeyer> Kid?
[00:29] <@ReneeMeyer> or Baylor?
[00:29] <Marina_Joyce> I say Kid
[00:29] <Marina_Joyce> Baylor would be easier to talk to down the road
[00:29] <@ReneeMeyer> kk that's fine
[00:29] <Marina_Joyce> I haven't had a conversation with kid at all
[00:29] <@ReneeMeyer> but I'm p sure I'm getting votes @AmandaBynes
[00:29] <AmandaBynes> guys wait shit
[00:30] <MichelleMeyer> Kid seems like he likes me, but I KNOW he's FAKING all of it.
[00:30] <MichelleMeyer> It
[00:30] <MichelleMeyer> It's funny really *laughs*
[00:30] <@ReneeMeyer> what Amanda
[00:30] <AmandaBynes> our plan is soiled
[00:30] <AmandaBynes> i cant use my immunity thing after people vote
[00:30] <@ReneeMeyer> how is that even fair
[00:31] <@ReneeMeyer> let's vote for Kid
[00:31] <@ReneeMeyer> I'll BEG Justin to flip
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> we don't even need someone to flip
[00:31] <AmandaBynes> okay
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> amanda
[00:31] <AmandaBynes> pls
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> just
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> give your RSVP
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> to renee
[00:31] <AmandaBynes> i cant
[00:31] <AmandaBynes> use it
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> I just asked dra
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> you can
[00:31] <AmandaBynes> votes were already cast
[00:31] <Marina_Joyce> wait
[00:31] <@ReneeMeyer> that's such a dumbass rule @DraHosting #tvstarsrt
[00:32] <Marina_Joyce> Marina_Joyce I'm saying
[00:32] <Marina_Joyce> Marina_Joyce can amanda
[00:32] <Marina_Joyce> Marina_Joyce right now
[00:32] <Marina_Joyce> Marina_Joyce pass her RSVP
[00:32] <Marina_Joyce> Marina_Joyce to renee
[00:33] <Marina_Joyce> DraHosting yes
[00:33] <Marina_Joyce> no
[00:33] <Marina_Joyce> you can give it
[00:33] <AmandaBynes> why would i give it to renee tho
[00:33] <@ReneeMeyer> I can't use it
[00:33] <@ReneeMeyer> votes have been cast
[00:33] <@ReneeMeyer> that's the point
[00:33] <AmandaBynes> we cant use it
[00:34] <@ReneeMeyer> Wait Amanda
[00:34] <@ReneeMeyer> pass the RSVP to Michelle
[00:34] <@ReneeMeyer> that way if one of us does go we still have it
[00:34] <@ReneeMeyer> ik it's selfish but fuck the faves please
[00:35] <Marina_Joyce> yeah give the RSVP to either me or michelle
[00:36] <AmandaBynes> who do i vote
[00:36] <@ReneeMeyer> kid
[00:36] <@ReneeMeyer> pass the RSVP to Michelle though
[00:36] <@ReneeMeyer> just in case
[00:37] <Marina_Joyce> ^^
[00:37] <@ReneeMeyer> AmandaBynes
[00:37] <AmandaBynes> but what if i stay
[00:37] <AmandaBynes> okay
[00:37] <AmandaBynes> michelle have it
[00:37] <@ReneeMeyer> tell Dea
[00:37] <@ReneeMeyer> *Dra
[00:38] <AmandaBynes> omg im safe
[00:38] <@ReneeMeyer> wait
[00:38] <@ReneeMeyer> if we all voted does this mean I'm safe
[00:38] <MichelleMeyer> *cries*
[00:38] <@ReneeMeyer> we can DO this
[00:38] <MichelleMeyer> I don't deserve this at ALL but THANK YOU so MUCH
[00:38] <MichelleMeyer> *hugs Amanda*
[00:38] <MichelleMeyer> AMANDA...if you leave...
[00:38] <MichelleMeyer> I'm SO happy I got to know you:(
[00:38] <@ReneeMeyer> vote out kid guys
[00:39] <@ReneeMeyer> I think I can get someone to flip
[00:39] <AmandaBynes> im safe
[00:39] <@ReneeMeyer> This is THE time to make a move we need to get them to see the light
[00:39] <@ReneeMeyer> our light.
[00:40] <Marina_Joyce> good luck renee </3
[00:40] <@ReneeMeyer> guys campaign please
[00:40] <@ReneeMeyer> also vote Kid
[00:40] <@ReneeMeyer> don't let me down
[00:40] <AmandaBynes> it cant tie again right
[00:40] <Marina_Joyce> nope
[00:40] <AmandaBynes> ok
[00:40] <@ReneeMeyer> it can I thought
[00:40] <@ReneeMeyer> Vote Kid Amanda
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> HOLY SHIT
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> JUSTIN SAVED ME
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> DIDNT EVEN RESPOND
[00:42] <Marina_Joyce> oh wow...
[00:42] <Marina_Joyce> oh wow...
[00:42] <AmandaBynes> we all throw the challenges
[00:42] <AmandaBynes> so we can vote
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> We did it guys
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> yeah
[00:42] <@ReneeMeyer> let one of them win VIP
[00:43] <@ReneeMeyer> who should we vote for VIP
[00:43] <@ReneeMeyer> I'd love it since I was almost gone but we can also not do that
[00:44] <@ReneeMeyer> omg
[00:44] <@ReneeMeyer> we outnumber the fans
[00:45] <@ReneeMeyer> slain @TVStarsRT
[00:46] <@ReneeMeyer> can we spare Justin though for the end since he flipped?
[00:47] <AmandaBynes> just to be clear i still have rsvp now right
[00:47] <@ReneeMeyer> mhmm
[00:47] <AmandaBynes> i mean i humiliated myself to dick
[00:47] <@ReneeMeyer> if you never told dra then yeah
[00:47] <AmandaBynes> and daniele
[00:51] <@ReneeMeyer> remember don't win this VIP
[00:52] <Marina_Joyce> why not
[00:52] <Marina_Joyce> we're in the majority
[00:53] <AmandaBynes> ol
[00:53] <AmandaBynes> ok
[00:53] <@ReneeMeyer> one of us couldn't vote
[00:53] <AmandaBynes> everyone vote Baylor
[00:53] <@ReneeMeyer> let's vote Baylor? ok
[00:53] <@ReneeMeyer> good
[00:55] <Marina_Joyce> can we vote off ashlee instead
[00:55] <@ReneeMeyer> idk I just told her she was safe
[00:55] <AmandaBynes> I already voted
[00:55] <AmandaBynes> we can vote her next
[00:55] <@ReneeMeyer> but I think she's fine with going
[00:56] <@ReneeMeyer> so
[00:56] <MichelleMeyer> *sniffles*
[00:56] <MichelleMeyer> So many OPTIONS it's so SCARY what if we make the WRONG. DECISION I can't BEAR that thought you GUYYYS
[00:56] <@ReneeMeyer> let's just get baylor now and ashlee next since it doesnt really matter
[00:57] <AmandaBynes> yeah
[00:57] <Marina_Joyce> ok!
[00:58] <MichelleMeyer> So...
[00:58] <MichelleMeyer> it's BAYLOR, right??
[00:58] <MichelleMeyer> Right??
[00:58] <MichelleMeyer> *nervously sweats*
[00:58] <AmandaBynes> yes
[00:58] <@ReneeMeyer> yes
[00:58] <@ReneeMeyer> sis stop it
[00:58] <@ReneeMeyer> you're making me anxious
[00:59] <MichelleMeyer> I'm not TRYING to I just never KNOW what to DO!!!
[01:03] <AmandaBynes> guys i actually think Justin needs to go
[01:03] <@ReneeMeyer> why
[01:03] <AmandaBynes> people are telling me he's a threat
[01:03] <@ReneeMeyer> what people
[01:03] <@ReneeMeyer> where are the #receipts
[01:03] <AmandaBynes> from pre-jury
[01:04] <MichelleMeyer> This sounds so SAD though:((
[01:04] <AmandaBynes> in chat pm they keep telling me he's gonna win
[01:04] <MichelleMeyer> *cries*
[01:04] <MichelleMeyer> I hate to see people LEAVE like this!!:(
[01:04] <MichelleMeyer> I know it's a GAME and we HAVE to do this but it's SO SAD every time...........................
[01:04] <AmandaBynes> brb for like 1 sec
[01:12] <@ReneeMeyer> ok so #byeAshlee
[01:14] <@ReneeMeyer> Hello???
[01:14] <AmandaBynes> ho
[01:14] <AmandaBynes> hi
[01:14] <@ReneeMeyer> ok so Ashlee lol
[01:15] <AmandaBynes> yeah
[01:16] <Marina_Joyce> Amanda you need to PM dra if you're giving over your RSVP
[01:17] <AmandaBynes> he just asked me

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