Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#13 Dougface Doug Dimmadome Doug Dimmadome did very little to nothing, and the only reason he is not in red is because of his alliance with Greeling that caused plenty of controversy and actually ran the first part of the game.
#12 Connorface Connor Walsh Connor also did very little to nothing, but as the first boot I feel he was wasted comedic potential.
#11 Snakeface Mystic Snake Mystic Snake didn't do much of anything either, but the many snake puns he made were kind of funny. He might be higher if he did not win so many challenges.
#10 Greelingface Greeling Greeling was an interesting character in the game who was a very big character for the beginning of the game until his eventual elimination in the first EVER tie in TV Stars History. Despite being a victim of this, it also puts him down in history.
#9 Zaynface Zayn McEnroe Zayn was an interesting personality. He was incredibly vulgar and hard to write for, but he was still interesting. His relationship with Princess Pin made for a good plot.
#8 Walnutface Conspiracy Walnut Conspiracy Walnut was an okay winner, but as a host I did not notice him much in the game at all. He ended up winning because of a bitter jury, and I have no doubt in my mind that he would have lost against Joan.
#7 Ronface Ron Stoppable Ron was a really neat personality to have in the cast. Unfortunately he was just a background character who occasionally spoke up, but he just made a bunch of Kim Possible jokes. Had he won the challenge against Mystic Snake, Ron probably could have stayed in and won the game.
#6 Boblindaface Bob and Linda Bob and Linda, even though they were the second boot, were lost potential. They were quirky and funny characters who both should have gone further in the game, but unfortunately, did not.
#5 Audreyface Audrey Jackson Audrey was rooted for by many people before she was eliminated because of her underdog status. With two alliances against her, her RSVP play kept her in for one more episode, which could have flipped everything entirely if she had worked with the right people to send her to the end.
#4 Ladyface Lady Rainicorn Lady Rainicorn spoke nothing but Korean, and nobody could understand her at all. She was mostly ignored, and that was what was so great about her. Nobody knew what she said or thought, we just knew she was friends with Princess Pin. Her two RSVP plays were great too because nobody expected it.
#3 Reedface Reed Kelly Reed was an incredibly great villain who got votes at almost every single elimination. His villainous ways were the cause of many eliminations, and the fact that he was ignored as a Paparazzi (despite everyone knowing it was him but not doing anything about it) helped to dig a grave for Zayn. He was a great villain and I hope he returns some day.
#2 Princessface Princess Pin (Bonnie) Bonnie was originally lower on the rankings, but she did so much in the game that it was hard to keep her that low. The slow decline in her peppy character into a ghetto and evil white girl was entertaining to watch, and I was always wondering how she would reveal who she truly was. It's a shame she had to reveal her plot after her elimination.
#1 Joanface Joan Callamezzo Joan was the best character in the season by far. There's no doubt that Joan would have won in the end against Reed or Walnut at all. She was hilarious and made me laugh when I saw her in the game. It feels like she at least was the runner up because Walnut does not seem like an actual winner, but unfortunately, Joan did not win.