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Secret to Success

Joanface Are the cameras rolling?

Hawaii, a tropical destination where many celebrities find themselves sightsteeing, touring, and vacationing. It was here that thirteen wannabe celebrities entered the TV Stars house, allowing America full access to see their true personalities emerge as the days ticked by.

The first episode of the season opened with the thirteen celebrities entering the game by helicopter. They arrived at a large green mat at a boating dock at the edge of Honolulu.

Reed Kelly spoke the first line of the season with "OH MY GOSH! HI GUYS!"

Ron Stoppable arrived and danced the hula in his hula skirt and coconut bra while Greeling and Mystic Snake stared awkwardly at him.

Greeling told the cast that he wanted the island for himself, and Mystic Snake told him he was only there for the free vacation.

Lady Rainicorn, who spoke no English, muttered something completely random and confused the rest of the celebrities.

The camera zoomed in on the TV Stars house, several miles away from where the celebrities currently stood. The Host announced that the house was locked down tight, and that the only way to get inside of the house was to find three keys scattered across Hawaii.

As an opening VIP challenge, the celebrities needed to track down three keys, with the first celebrity to find all three keys being the winner.

Conspiracy Walnut snuck marijuana onto the set of the show and smoked it while watching as the other players searched for the keys. He suggested trying to unlock the doors to the house with their minds.

Greeling suddenly experienced a major personality shift. His original personality, revealed to be Greed, was the malevolent version of himself, while the new personality he experienced, LingYao, was kind.

Princess Pin asked if she could simply kiss the Host and gain immunity, but she was ignored.


Key 1



Key 2



Key 3


Most celebrities came up to Key 1 very quickly, while others took longer to find Keys 2 and 3. Audrey managed to locate Key 3 first and then Key 1 while Reed, Joan, and Mystic Snake came close with only Keys 1 and 2.

In the end, Audrey found Key 3 slightly before Joan could enter the room, securing herself VIP status for the first week.

Walnut commented that, while they managed to unlock the house, he managed to unlock two Chakras.


If there's anything a cop is good for, it's hunting down evidence.

[Audrey then secures the VIP necklace around her neck]

Linda congratulated Audrey on her win, but Audrey quickly shut them down by telling them to "cut out the congratulations crap".

The Host enlightened the celebrities on how the game is run. Walnut commented that he was "like a little butterfly, floatin' free" while the rest were "still sucking on the sweet nectar of the corporate pyramid scheme".

It was at this time that the Host secretly told every player in the game that there was a secret room in the house. The first secret went to five players and explained that there was a secret bedroom. The second secret explained that there was a secret basement, and the third and final clue explained that there was a hidden hot tub.

It was this time that Princess Pin had formed an alliance with several players, and she called them "Sweeties". They included Lady Rainicorn, and eventually gathered Reed and Zayn several weeks later.

Ron asked if the house had a nacho bar, and the Host explained that it did not.

Joan flicked on her camera and explained to it that the Host was a part of a Hawaiian documentary, explaining the habits of various tribes of Hawaii's past.

She then pointed to Audrey and told the camera that she had just won a competition (of some sort), and then said she was going in for an interview.

Privately, she interviewed Audrey on her win and on how the competition was going for her. The two actually formed a relationship, which ended up in an alliance between the two.

Bob and Linda entered the kitchen of the house and started cooking burgers. Ron ate a burger first without paying, but Linda told Bob to let it go since they needed to get people to like them. The rest ignored the fact that Bob and Linda were making burgers.

Audrey questioned whether or not Reed was actually a Broadway star because he called the musical, Les Miserables, by its full name.

Zayn asked Bob and Linda to make him a chicken sandwich, but they told him that they did not serve chicken, only beef burgers.

By this point in the game, everyone had guessed once on their secret clues. Princess Pin and Audrey were the only ones to guess correctly as to where their secret rooms were. They found a password locked door blocking their goal, and had to guess the answer to the secret password.

Linda revealed that there was a secret hot tub in the house and spoiled the twist for everyone. She invited everyone to find the tub as a part of a girls only party.

Joan then concluded her interview with Audrey, and told everyone that the interview with "Andrea" went very well.

Linda tried to back out of what she said after being scolded by Bob. She tossed around a bottle of wine, acting like she was drunk.

Most people fell for the fact that she was drunk, but those who had the same secret as her knew immediately that they were not exclusive to the twist.

The MVP vote occured, and the celebrities waited anxiously to find out who won the first vote from America. Doug Dimmadome was chosen to be the winner, and he cheered.


Josh is very much real.

And hung like a horse.

Reed questioned where his boyfriend was, and Conspiracy Walnut said that he did not have a boyfriend, and that he was not real. Reed argued that his boyfriend, Josh, was indeed a real person.

Princessface I am dearly worried that little ol' me will be sent home... This is my only opportunity to escape the dark secret lives that are forced upon Saudi Arabian Women!

Audrey investigated Princess Pin, wondering if she was truly a Saudi Arabian woman or not. She then moved on to Reed who insisted that he was and is truly a Broadway star.

Bob then tried hunting the house for his drunk wife, Linda. She managed to wonder off somewhere.

Joan reported on Reed eating pasta on his "Hawaiian Vacation", which violated Reed's apparent diet.

The thirteen celebrities marched down the red carpet, heading for the live elimination zone. The audience cheered as the celebrities entered the zone and took their seats.

Reed commented that Joan was a member of the Paparazzi, and the Host quickly told him that nobody wants to see the Paparazzi in the house.

Greeling's Ling Yao personality asked why they were sending people home, and the Host explained that elimination was crucial for getting their own television show.

Joan asked Reed about his opinion on the scandal (him eating pasta and breaking his diet) that broke out. He denied eating carbs and cussed at Joan.

Joan invited them to join her book club (copyright herself) and told them all to read out one of her many endorsed books.

The Sweeties alliance decided to target Joan for intruding on everyone's private business with her cameras. Another alliance, later revealed to be the "Greed and Dimmadomes" that contained Ron, Doug, Bob and Linda, and a few others, targetted Connor.

Walnut also formed a small alliance with a few players that eventually gained a name. This alliance and the Cartoon Stars alliance voted together to exile Connor from the game.

A few others, such as Joan and Audrey, that had smaller alliances, targetted Zayn for being obnoxious.

In the end, Connor was eliminated by a vote of 5-4-3.

Backstage Elimination #1


Connor (5 Votes)


Walnut, Zayn, Doug, Greeling, Bob/Linda


Zayn (4 Votes)


Reed, Joan, Snake, Connor


Joan (3 Votes)


Lady, Princess, Ron



Connor Walsh

Linda outed that her alliance voted for Connor to be eliminated on his way out, and Connor flipped them off. Princess Pin followed him and placed a necklace in Connor's hand.

He exited the game and sat in a small enclosed room while the rest of the celebrities exited the elimination zone.

For the first time in TV Stars history, the live eliminations were now finished off with a segment for last words.

Were you shocked about your elimination?
Connorface Yes. There were some hot men in that game and I was destined to win. If only I had more time to get inside the men's pants, then I would show them who's staying.
Who do you have strong feelings for or against left in the house?
Connorface I have the strongest feelings for Zayn. He's smoking hot and I've been with a lot of men, but he takes the cake. Another person I have strong feelings for is Princess Pin. She's a beauty and she's really sweet. I hate Reed Kelley and Mystic Snake. Reed was gay and hot, but I didn't like his personality. Mystic Snake was a big pain in the butt.
If you could change one thing you did in the game, what would it be?
Connorface Try to hook up with Zayn. It was a dumb move that I made that I could have changed, if I joined any alliances with him, then tried to hook up.




Greeling (as Greed) swore revenge on Bob and Linda for revealing his major alliance he had joined with Doug Dimmadome. Linda tried to calm him down to talk about her revealing the alliance, but he did not let her get in a word.

Bob defended his wife and said that Linda did not mean to reveal the alliance, but Greeling quickly informed Bob that nobody betrays him and gets away with it.

Greeling then tackled Linda out of rage, and Bob ordered him to get off of his wife. Greeling asked how her blood would be spilled. Linda slapped Greeling, and then Greeling retaliated by knocking Bob in the head.

In the background, Reed sat around on Twitter, ignoring everything. Mystic Snake snuck up behind Reed and commented that he tried to make a Twitter account once, but realized he had no thumbs.


[Twitter Post]:

Hey Tweeters! <3 Having a blast on TV Stars! <3 Miss my Josh so much but so lucky to be a part of such an amazing cast. Of course not as ensemble as SPIDERMAN<3 XOXOX BYE

Zayn joined in on the fight and punched Greeling. Linda then punched him in his gut, and knocked him off. His personality then shifted to Ling Yao, and then he fell over in exhaustion.

Greeling asked what happened and rubbed his head. Walnut told everyone to chill out -- specifically Zayn who was ready to pound in Greeling's face for hitting a woman.

Walnut offered Greeling a hit from his blunt and told him that it would open up his mind.

Linda hugged Zayn for fighting for her. "You're my hero!" she exclaimed to him.

Reed reminded everyone that they were being watched by America. In a confessional, he gave some personal advice to the camera men.

Reedface Since I have been on Broadway, I know how important it is to have stage presence and how bad it looks if you look like crap on camera. They can thank me later.

Greeling stated that he did not attack Linda, but everyone knew that he did. Reed questioned that he was in a fight, since he was not watching at all.

Zayn argued that he did beat up Linda, but Greeling told Zayn that it was a long story to tell on how he really did not attack her.

He told them that it was going to be hard to believe, but he actually has two souls inside of his body.

Walnut then screamed that his pants were on fire and patted imaginary flames. He then ripped his clothes off while extremely high.

Joan had captured all of this on camera, and moved in to Greeling and Doug Dimmadome for an interview, stating that they were caught in a "Cult Sacrifice".

Greeling denied her claims completely. Doug told her that "it sucks" to be involved in the cult scandal.

The interview was interrupted by a sudden alarm that called the celebrities to a meeting in the living room of the house.

Princess Pin walked into the living room while reading a message received from her parents that said "I am ashamed of you...and you're a failure!".

Lady Rainicorn tried to comfort her, but spoke in her foreign language that Princess Pin seemed to understand.

A mysterious voice echoed through the house from an intercom announcement. It declared that a Paparazzi member would soon be selected in the house.

Audrey and Mystic Snake told everyone that they had nothing to hide; no secrets at all. Reed was chosen to be the Paparazzi, and was tasked with finding five secrets about his fellow players.

Upon the reveal of the Paparazzi role twist, Joan reported to her camera.


I'm Joan Callamezzo reporting for Pawnee Today, and it looks like the Hawaiian Cult members have amongst themselves...


First, we have Linda the alcoholic mess...then, Doug who is revealed to have been given DEATH THREATS if he didn't agree to joining the SECRET SACRIFICIAL SATANIST CULT...and now mental patients!

Linda called her report scandalous. Greeling commented that he was going to win VIP to redeem himself.

The Host explained to the players that the challenges have officially become easier. With the introduction of the Star Task, challenges were simplified for the first time in series history.

The Host escorted the players to the site of the annual Aloha Run, and prepared them with their first Fame Task. Several players finished the race at the same time, while some refused to do the challenge altogether.

Mystic Snake and Joan were neck and neck throughout the whole challenge, but at the first Star Task, Mystic Snake completed the puzzle first and moved on to VIP, where he secured his first victory.

Task Task Description
The celebrities enter Honolulu's Great Aloha Run held specifically for the show. They must run five laps around. Upon completion, they must climb a victory ladder and reach their Gossip Task.
1. This location in Honolulu is the historic center of Hawaii's state government.
2. It incorporates the State Library and a statue of King Kamehameha I.
3. It is a district.
Celebrities must refer to a puzzle and find out what building in Honolulu that the puzzle refers to.
VIP Task To gain VIP status for the week, celebrities must assemble three blocks that spell out the word "VIP".

Post-challenge, the Host gathered everyone around a large tank where the Booka Seal was revealed. He clapped for them and escaped his tank to give everyone hugs.

The house was tasked with naming the Seal. Joan suggested they name it after her, and Princess Pin offered to name it Mohammed. Walnut tried to name it Richard Nixon, but everyone shot down that idea.

Greeling, in his Greed persona, told Princess Pin that her name was awful, and that it was based on a dead religion.

Joan recognized that the Seal would make awful TV, so she moved on to Greeling and asked if his other personality had mentioned his untreated dissociative identity disorder.

She then asked how many other personalities he had running around in his head, and then asked about his "Satanist Cult". This offended Greeling, because he then smacked the microphone out of Joan's hands.

Joan pulled out a backup microphone and flicked it on, and then asked who the real Greeling was. Greeling informed her that he was the true Greeling, and Joan then asked about his opinion on the allegations that he threatened to kill Doug.

Mystic Snake called Joan out on being rude and exposing everyone's private information.

The Host determined that the Seal would be named Mohammed, in honor of Princess Pin's troubles. Princess Pin cuddled the little Seal and hugged him tightly.

Mohammed was ironically voted to be the MVP of the week. He squealed with joy, and after being told he had to give it away, he waddled over to Reed.

Mystic Snake commented that America seemed to prefer something that cannot even talk over the rest of them. Walnut continued to call the Seal "Richard Nixon" despite his true name being Mohammed.

Princess Pin revealed to everyone the origins of the name Mohammed. She stated that her father, King Tin, assassinated his brother, whose name was Mohammed.

The twelve celebrities were paraded down the red carpet. The audience cheered as they entered the Backstage area for elimination. The audience watched intently as the celebrities prepared for voting someone out.

Zayn commented that Princess Pin's father sounded like he was complete trash, and she agreed with him. Before any more conversation would occur, the TV Stars News suddenly flicked on and aired a round of collected secrets.

Princess Pin was revealed to secretly believe Audrey was ugly, and that Mystic Snake wanted to eat Joan alive as dinner.

After learning that Mystic Snake wanted to eat her alive, Joan commented to her camera that she had no idea the house had such "MUTANT and HOSTILE wildlife".

Joan continued to harass Greeling about his two identities, but had to end her conversation as the voting process began.

The Sweeties alliance, along with the rest of the alliances in the game, shared the same thought process about Bob and Linda. Linda was too open about everything and could not be trusted.

Joan and Audrey voted together to get rid of Doug, but naturally, it was not enough to get rid of him.

Bob and Linda were blindsided by a vote of 8-2-1.

Backstage Elimination #2


Bob/Linda (8 Votes)


Walnut, Reed, Lady, Zayn, Princess, Ron, Doug, Greeling


Doug (2 Votes)


Joan, Audrey


Joan (1 Votes)





Bob and Linda

Bob and Linda were interviewed after every celebrity left the building.

Linda, why did you reveal your alliance after Connor's elimination?

Bob: Good question! I'd like to know that too.

Linda: Bawby, shut your mouth! I did it because I was guilty! But now I have a clean conscience, all right!

What did you think of your elimination?

Bob: I mean, it was disappointing, but, we have a family to get ho--

Linda: Oh, it was awful! I was so upset! I need a drink! Bawby, get me some wine!

Bob: Lin, we're doing an interview...

Who do you have the strongest feelings for left in the house?

Bob: I guess Greeling and Doug. They helped us until SOMEONE gave their alliance away.

Linda: Look you, I had to clear my conscience! I'm rooting for Audrey, what a sweetheart!

Center of Gossip

The episode opened with Joan teasing Greeling. She asked him about what his personality, Greed, would say about the personality split. Ling Yao, Greeling's other personality, commented that she would have to ask Greed personally.

Princess Pin exclaimed that the world was so beautiful, and then began dancing with butterflies. She invited everyone to join her, and Ron joined in. He began breakdancing and somehow contorted himself painfully.

He asked Pin to assist him, but Zayn interrupted and helped Ron out of his bind.

Mystic Snake and Reed also danced with the butterflies. The Broadway star and the Snake danced together, but Mystic Snake could only do "The Worm". Princess Pin thanked them for dancing with her, and explained that she was not allowed to dance in her home country.

Joan approached Reed and asked him about a supposed "Beastiality Controversy". She asked if he could not resist the appeal of adorable animals, and he told her that he was going to kick her butt.

Ron told Zayn that he appreciated the help from his dance, and asked if he was a rapper. Zayn told him that "everybody gets at least one".

Walnut began dancing while wearing an inner-tube shaped like a duck, and offered the house some of his 'stash', but he was too late to join in on the dance party with Pin.

Reed offered to teach the celebrities how to exercise with their dancing with his six part exercise video called "Broadway Kelly: The Musical". He explained that the routine is actually sung by him through the whole entire experience.

Pin told him that she was content with the way her body was, and denied wanting to work out to his fitness DVD.

The celebrities were called out to the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, where their next VIP challenge occured. Many celebrities took the lead at the first task which involved climbing the walls fo the park to get inside.

Joan made sure to videotape herself climbing to the top of the mountain, as she had her Paparazzi climb with her to the top.

In the end, Joan managed to win VIP status. As celebration, she spoke to her cameras about what the Hawaiian people would give her as a reward for winning. She said she would accept any rewards as long as it was not induction to Doug and Greeling's "satanist cult".

Volcanic Eruption
Task Task Description
The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a location of great volcanic history. Celebrities will need to scale the cliff tops and enter the park through the back.
1. This location is maintained by the Hawaii Volcanoes National Park.
2. The National Park Service is one of the two governing bodies of this place.
3. This location is a part of the U.S. National Register of Historic Places.
4. The nearest city to it is Mauna Loa, Hawaii
For this Star Task, celebrities will need to solve a slider puzzle of a volcano. Once assembled, they must state the hidden phrase written on it.
VIP Task To win VIP Status in this round, celebrities must unscramble the sentence:

Mmiuen At Ohtgint's Calaecnltnoi

Suddenly, without any warning, Greeling's alternate personalitiy, Ling Yao, arose from inside of his head. They begged for Greeling to be voted out of the game so that he could not cause any more trouble for the celebrities.

The TV Stars news aired after Ling Yao collapsed to the ground in fatigue (presumably after forcibly taking over Greeling's body). They annouced that Reed tried to get three secrets in, but only succeeded in getting in one.

They revealed that Pin was/is secretly negative to Joan's face, and strongly disliked her. Joan, in retaliation, revealed that she suspected that Pin was in the "satanic cult".

After the MVP vote commenced, America chose to elect Lady Rainicorn as the MVP because she was an incredibly favored celebrity not involved in any drama with the rest of the house.

The celebrities marched out to the elimination zone, and got pounded by burgers thrown by Bob and Linda.

Princess Pin exclaimed how excited she was for elimination. She was patted on the back at elimination by Zayn, and Audrey looked at her, confused.

Reed stood up and told everyone that Greeling had been trashing everyone. Greeling, as Greed, denied those claims, but Reed showed clear evidence to everyone that he had called everyone stupid and dumb.

His first bit of evidence was Greeling calling Audrey "too dumb to function". He then revealed that Greeling wanted to steal all of Doug's money, and then said that Pin was "too ditzy to be alive".

Reedface I'm truly sorry that you all had to find out this way, but I thought you deserved to know.

Joan interviewed everyone affected by Greeling's words. She asked Doug about how he felt on being bashed by a member of his "satanic cult".

Greeling threatened that he could murder everyone in a matter of ten seconds. He revealed that he is a Homunculus and would survive anything, including elimination.

Walnut accused Reed of lying, stating that his evidence was doctored. After Greeling's Ling Yao personality took over, they begged for Greeling's elimination so that everyone in the house could be safe.

The alliances butted heads when it came down to voting someone out. Reed argued that anyone who did not vote out Greeling would be a victim of their own neglect. Greeling argued that anyone who did not vote out anyone else would be killed.


Reed demanded for the ejection of Greeling after he "insulted women's rights". The Host ignored his pleas completely.

Backstage Elimination #3.1


Reed (5 Votes)


Walnut, Ron, Audrey, Doug, Greeling


Greeling (5 Votes)


Reed, Lady, Zayn, Snake, Princess



Greeling & Reed

After a surprise tie in votes, Greeling and Reed were unable to participate in a revote. After Reed found out he was involved in the tie, he asked why he was voted for over Greeling.

The response was mostly because he was untrustworthy and villainous. The Host explained the procedure, then, of how tied votes worked. If the vote were to deadlock, the two tied players would be at the mercy of the VIP.

If the VIP were to choose not to break the tie, the two would draw straws and find out who would go home.

Joan called the tie a "problem in the Hawaiian cultural procedure". Audrey and Joan argued that Reed was a fake Broadway star, while Princess Pin and the Sweeties alliance argued that Greeling was too mean and evil to stay in the house.

Greeling called Joan a foolish human, and called Reed a moron. Reed and Greeling asked for everyone to pick a side quickly, but Walnut said that he was on his own side and followed nobody.

In the end, Doug Dimmadome flipped on Greeling and got rid of him over Reed.

Backstage Elimination #3.2


Greeling (5 Votes)


Lady, Zayn, Snake, Princess, Doug


Reed (3 Votes)


Walnut, Ron, Audrey




With Greeling now eliminated, the side of Ling Yao was finally successful in saving the house from a potential maniac. Reed excitedly cheered for his safety in the game and showed Greed the exit.

Joan called the elimination breaking news. She reported that the Hawaiians had voted to exile the "Satanic Cult Leader".

Post-elimination, Greeling was interviewed.

If you were still in the house, who would your next target be?
Greelingface My next target would have been Reed, that mewling quim had it coming!
Who would you consider to be your best friend in the house?
Greelingface Doug was a possession, not a friend. But he was my favorite possession.
Who is your sworn enemy left in the house?
Greelingface My sworn enemy left in the house is Reed. Hmph.


At the beginning of the episode, a large crane machine dropped off a hot tub for the house to enjoy in celebration of them all reaching the jury phase of the game.

Reed commented that there should be a season of TV Stars that takes place in Broadway, but was quickly informed that he missed out on that season.

Joan said to her cameras that the "Hawaiian people have named their show 'TV Stars'". Reed asked Joan if he could help her in her after-show special that would take place once the game was over. Joan ignored his request.

Ron said that, while he loved 'nacos' (a mix of nachos and tacos) more than a setting in Broadway, Broadway sounded like an interesting setting for a season.

Princess Pin stated that she was 'quenched', and asked for a bucket of fresh water. Everyone quickly corrected her and said that she meant to say 'parched'.

Joan laughed and said to the cameras the the princess was apparently educated by half-wits. Joan asked if her government was being brought down by bad educational funding, and Princess Pin retaliated by calling her annoying.

The TV Stars News flickered on the televisions in the house and aired a secret. They revealed that Princess Pin was secretly waiting on getting even with Audrey for something.

Joan was seemingly reprimanded for commenting on Princess Pin's home government, and she promptly was forced to apologize by her 'outside sources' that spoke to her from an earpiece.

Reed asked if her earpiece was a wire that would get them all arrested for some reason, but Joan revealed that it was used to communicate with the producers of Pawnee Today, her news show.

Reed ripped the piece out of her ear and dropped it in a toilet. Joan was in the middle of asking what he was doing, when he dropped it in a toilet, which caused her to slap him.

Joanface You're DONE now, Fairy.

Princess Pin talked about how she was good at getting revenge on people that wrong her. She bragged about getting rid of Greeling because he was an enemy to her and her friends.

Joan threatened Reed and told him that he was one vote from being eliminated in the last week, and vowed to eliminate him from the competition.

The VIP competition interrupted the drama of the episode. The challenge that began in Pearl Harbor challenged the celebrities to visit the memorials and sites of the famous attack.

During the challenge, Joan revealed to her cameras that Walnut was an apparent drug addict. She tried to listen to an earpiece, but forgot that her own was destroyed.

She interrogated Walnut, who was not doing the challenge, on his 'drug addiction'. He revealed that he smokes weed all the time, and that it was perfectly safe.

Princess Pin, who also was not doing the challenge, played with Mohammed the Booka Seal.

Pearl Harbor
Task Task Description
Celebrities must swim their way through Pearl Harbor.
For this Gossip Task, celebrities must list off each of the three items being described that have to do with Hawaii:

1. Following the overthrow of the ____, the United States Navy established a base on the island.

2. The Base was attacked by the ____ ____ ____.

3. During the early __th ____, Pearl Harbor was not used for large ships due to its shallow entrance.

The celebrities will be given a map of ships in puzzle form. They must complete the puzzle and count the ships ONLY with numbers around them, and state how many of them are sunk and how many are undamaged.
VIP Task Celebrities must find an image of Pearl Harbor unrelated to the attack and show it to the Host.

Mystic Snake won VIP in one of the most intense VIP challenges of TV Stars History. After many congratulations from his fellow competitors, Joan interrogated him on a potential use of steroids or strange medication.

Snake referred to her as an animal and threatened to bite her with his venomous teeth. Joan reported to her cameras that Snake hated women and did not recognize that everyone was an animal.

Princess Pin then revealed that she lost her personal bag. She said that the bag was given to her by her mother, before her father killed her. Zayn offered to help her search for the bag.

The TV Stars News flickered back on for the final time this season. They revealed that Princess Pin had a crush on Zayn, and stated that that was their final broadcast for the season.

With the final secret revealed, Reed was congratulated on being the first successful Role in the history of TV Stars. He was given a power to vote twice at any elimination, but he would need to reveal his power before votes were read.

Joan tried to intimidate Walnut by asking about his apparent drug addiction, and Walnut commented that he could quit his drug whenever he wanted to -- but then said he would never quit. He then offered Joan a 'Potcake'.

Princess Pin worked with Zayn and Walnut to find her bag.

Joan was announced to be the MVP of the week, and she gasped with excitement. The Host commented on how she was an incredibly controversial player in the game, and stated that she was going to become more controversial with the first MVP bait of the game.

A tray of fruitcakes was handed to Joan, and she was tasked with passing them out to two players. She chose to pass them out to Pin and Doug.

Reed, in an attempt to get a fruitcake, returned Joan her ear piece after fishing it out of the toilets. She secured it in her ear and slapped Reed for destroying it.

Bait Receiver Bait Description


Princess Pin

Santa Claus delivered three special colored gifts for Pin, each with a different power. She chose the blue present.

Green: The power to vote twice at the current elimination.

Red: The first vote cast against the celebrity at the current elimination would be negated.

Blue: The player can muzzle a fellow celebrity. If the muzzled celebrity talks, they receive a penalty vote.


Doug Dimmadome

A clone of The Annoying Orange was inserted into the house. If it ever is killed by anyone, Doug would receive a penalty vote at the current elimination.

Audrey quickly murdered the Orange, which cast an immediate penalty vote for Doug.

The celebrities marched on to elimination, where upon entering, Audrey pulled out her RSVP and handed it to the Host. The RSVP twist was then promptly revealed to everyone in the game, which shocked very few players.

Suddenly, Lady Rainicorn spoke outside of her punishment, which gave her a penalty vote. The alliances seemed to have a consensus on who the disliked player was in the house. Doug Dimmadome, because of his inactivity and annoyance to the case, was eliminated 7-2-1.

He was labeled as a Bad Sport because he stormed out of the game in anger and frustration. He did not leave any last words.

Backstage Elimination #4


Doug (7 Votes)


Reed, Joan, Lady, Zayn, Princess, Ron, Audrey, PENALTY


Reed (2 Votes)


Walnut, Doug


Lady (1 Vote)







Fish Murderer

The episode began with Zayn lounging out on the balcony of the TV Stars house.

Joan turned on her cameras and began reporting from the VIP challenge area. Princess Pin offered to join her show and be a guest on her talk show, but Joan ignored her and went on with the challenge.

She inevitably won the VIP challenge after quickly bouncing into first place, ahead of the rest of the celebrities.

Sea Life
Task Task Description
Celebrities must race through the exhibits and facilities of the Reef Aquarium to make it to the Gossip.
1. The Sea Life Park Hawaii is associated with this group
2. They were founded in October 1924
3. They are a National non-for-profit organization that focuses on zoo and aquarium accreditation and advocacy.
Celebrities must assemble a puzzle of sharks and follow the red pointers until they stop. They must state the name of the shark that the pointers stop on.
VIP Task To win VIP status, celebrities must dig in a patch of dirt to find it.

Princess Pin, after noticing that nobody was watching her, ripped off a fish's head from the ocean. She cursed the fish and threw it back into the water.

Joan celebrated her victory by reporting that she won a 'Hawaiian ritual game'. She thanked the celebrities around her for letting her join in on their cultural games.

Meanwhile, Princess Pin hid the evidence of the fish guts behind some bushes. Conspiracy Walnut noticed that she did this and followed her. He later asked them if anyone had seen her rip out the fish's guts and tear off its head.

Nobody noticed it, however, and shrugged it off as Walnut being high on his weed. Joan, however, pulled out a knife from her pocket and held it, aimed at Pin's head.

Joanface Princess turned FISH MURDERER?

Joan realized that she was not holding a microphone. She threw the knife down and pulled out a small microphone and held it to Pin's mouth. Joan interrogated her and asked her if she was a nature killer.

Reed exclaimed, "YOU DID WHAT, PRINCESS?". Suddenly, everyone was aiming their attention to Princess Pin, and questioned if she was truly who she said she was.

Joan asked what Pin had to say for herself, and she broke down and cried.


I love creatures, far and wide, I would never touch an innocent animal...

Reed ordered Joan to stop attacking Princess Pin. Her story worked out perfectly, and the target that suddenly was placed on her was removed.

All the while, the MVP vote was commenced. Princess Pin was saved from elimination with the MVP power.

Walnut then conspired that dogs actually hide their thumbs, but he got ignored completely. Joan smiled into the camera and told them to focus on her.

At elimination, Walnut confessed that he gets high often, but does not rip off fish heads while on his drugs.

The Sweeties alliance took over the game for the round at that elimination, when they decided to vote out Audrey. A separate alliance, The Awoken Minds Of The Eternal Green, also chose to work with the idea to get rid of Audrey. Since she used the RSVP last round, and had no immunity this round, Audrey was eliminated by a vote of 5-1-1-1.

Backstage Elimination #5


Audrey (5 Votes)


Reed, Lady, Zayn, Princess, Ron


Zayn (1 Vote)




Ron (1 Vote)




Reed (1 Vote)






Audrey was interviewed post-game.

What do you regret doing most in the house?


Hmmm... I think I was a little bit to quick to judge people, and my inability to open myself up turned people off.
Who is your best friend remaining in the house?


Definitely Joan. Everyone else is just.... a little weird. Reed is sneaky, and almost nobody else in the house really acknowledged my presence. It's weird, but my closest friend was a part of the media, the people I usually dislike the most.
What did you think of the RSVP? Did it help you or hurt you?


In a way, it may have isolated me because I relied on it more than others, but I think had I not had it, I may have gone the round earlier anyway. It's a tough thing. It had its goods and bads, but I guess to good outweighed the other.

Smoother Than My Raps

Princess Pin opened the episode by stating that words to not determine personality, but actions. Walnut retaliated by accusing her of murdering a fish.

Joan accused Walnut of being a pot addict, and Walnut said that she was talking to a fake camera. "We all have our problems," he said to her. She glanced at the camera and stared into it.

She asked if it was a real camera, but nobody responded. Her eye began to twitch, and she then pressed in on her earpiece, only to get no response. She screamed.

During the VIP challenge, Princess Pin went off to pee. She asked if she should be worried about having green pee, and Walnut told her to relax and smoke his weed.

Joan reported to her cameras that Pin was having unhealthy urine problems after her fish murder scandal. She leaned in with her microphone, but Zayn threatened Joan with violence if she did not remove the cameras from Pin's face.

Walnut accused him of wanting to have sex with Pin, but Zayn shot the idea down and made a fist at Walnut.

Reed called the VIP challenge too difficult, and said that Broadway dancers do not run -- instead, they dance. Walnut then questioned if he was actually a bug that thought he was a human.

Princess Pin attempted to dance, but fell over. She said she would never be as good as Reed at dancing.

Task Task Description
To get to the Gossip Task portion of the competition, celebrities need to race through Hawaii to the National Memorial Cemetery.
For this Gossip Task, celebrities must list off each of the three items being described that have to do with the Cemetery:



3. THE ______ PRIDE

Celebrities must solve a word search and find the following words:


VIP Task To win VIP status, celebrities must refer back to the puzzle and find where it says the word "LET".

Mystic Snake won the VIP challenge. Ron was far ahead of him, but failed the VIP Task in the end. Walnut told Snake that he was 'pretty chill', and Joan interviewed him about what it was like to win VIP.

After noticing that Mohammed was still around, Joan commented that the Seal was back and alive. The Booka Seal won MVP status, which confused everyone greatly.

Joan reported that the Seal had 'come back to life', and then accused Reed of being in a relationship with him. Mohammed the Seal approached Joan and handed off the MVP to her.

At elimination, Princess Pin told the Host that he does an incredible job hosting. He thanked her, and Zayn commented that he ran the game "smoother than my raps".

Pin cussed again, accidentally. Reed asked if she was okay, and Princess Pin ignored the slip-up.

The Sweeties and Awoken Minds alliances butted heads. Sweeties wanted to eliminate Ron as a part of their plan to go to the end, but Awoken Minds wanted to eliminate Lady or Reed.

Because Walnut did not work with them, there was no tied vote, and Ron was eliminated by the Sweeties' votes.

Backstage Elimination #6


Ron (3 Votes)


Lady, Zayn, Princess


Lady (2 Votes)


Reed, Ron


Reed (1 Vote)




Walnut (1 Vote)






Post-elimination, Ron was interviewed on what his thoughts were about his elimination.

Who did you like most in the house?
Ronface Sup! Man, if I had to pick some I liked the most, it would probably be my man Reed or Princess Pin. They were pretty chill and like the nacos I made them, unlike some others.
Who do you dislike most left in the game?
Ronface The freaking snake, man! I was so close to beating the impossible and actually winning for once, but the snake made his way past me. I kinda left the game after that, and I think it was probably his fault I left. Never knew I'd be a threat to him.
If you could tell anyone in the house one thing right now, what would it be?
Ronface Dude, where can I start? I would tell everyone that the unicorn probably has something up her sleeves. C'mon, she doesn't even speak English and could be saying anything! Common logic, amigo.

70 Seal Virgins

As the episode opened, Walnut questioned how he had made it so far in the game while smoking weed. Joan asked what Mystic Snake had said to her privately, and then stared into the camera, asking if there were more talking animals in the house.

Walnut offered everyone a joint as a toast for barely making it to the end, and while Pin thought nobody was looking, she kicked Mohammed the Seal.

Walnut called her out on it and mentioned that in a previous season, a player who tried to kill the Booka Bear got eliminated. Zayn was very confused about it, and Walnut accused her of trying to murder him with his own two 'red' eyes.

Pin told him that she hated it when people accused others of lies, and said she was hugging Mohammed. Joan began to report that Princess Pin was xenophobic and hated Muslims.


Pin threatened them to stop talking, or else her father, whom has a lot of power and connections in the Saudi Arabian mafia, would hurt them.

Walnut asked if anyone was going to let Pin slide, and mostly everyone agreed that Pin needed to go next. Reed announced that it was not okay whatsoever, and Joan reported that Pin hated Muslims.

Pin argued that she was a Muslim herself, and that they all needed to get their facts straight before accusing her of anything.

During the VIP challenge, Walnut expressed that his mother hates Canadians, and Joan asked if God would approve of Reed's apparent bestiality (because of his love for the Seal).

Aloha Stadium
Task Task Description
The Gossip Task is written on a football being passed around the stadium through launchers. To find it, celebrities must find the correct football.
The following is a series of true or false questions. Answer each correctly to move on.

The following are Tenants of the Aloha Stadium:
1. OIA Division II & III
2. Oahu Bowl
3. San Diego Padres
4. Aloha Mavricks
5. Team Hawaii
6. The Hawaiian Bulldogs

From the left to the right, several letters are circled. They form a word when read correctly. The celebrities must assemble the puzzle and state what word is formed.
VIP Task To win VIP status, celebrities must unscramble the phrase:

I ma nmieum ta hsti elinimaiton

Joan commented that she was a strong woman, and Pin exclaimed that she loved to see females succeed in society. While nobody was looking, Pin approached Mohammed and snapped his neck in an attempt to kill him.

Walnut noticed this and called her out on it, which awoke Mystic Snake from his mysterious slumber. Walnut screamed that she had killed the Seal and that he was in heaven with "70 seal virgins". Pin denied killing him and said that she was just playing with him.

The Seal stood up and said, "orf?". This alerted them that he was still alive, and the Host reassured them that Booka animals are immune from death.

Joan still reported that Pin murdered the Muslim Seal, but the story was untrue. Joan called Zayn her romantic interest and leaned in with her microphone, asking about what he thought of the "racist, animal hating" romantic icon.

Zayn did not respond, and Pin continued to dig herself a deep hole by saying that Mohammed tried to kill himself. The Host announced that Lady had won MVP, but it was overshadowed by the conflict between Walnut and Pin as they argued over whether or not she was a murderer.

At elimination, Zayn called Princess Pin an amazing person. She thanked him, and then Reed announced a 'secret'. Joan asked if he was coming out about his bestiality scandal, and he said he was not.

Reed was interrupted by the Host because the votes had been sent in, and he was not allowed to announce his 'secret'.

Little did Pin know, Zayn and Reed both conspired behind her back to get rid of her for being a strange and murderous personality. Because of this dramatic change in her persona, Princess Pin was eliminated harshly by mostly everyone who liked her.

During the reveal, however, Pin knew that she was going to go home (and likely be exposed). She passed her RSVP to Lady as a final act of kindness before being eliminated.

Backstage Elimination #7


Princess (4 Votes)


Walnut, Reed, Zayn, Snake,


Walnut (2 Votes)


Lady, Princess



Princess Pin

After her elimination, Princess Pin wiped off makeup and revealed herself to be a notorious ghetto girl named Bonnie, who is incredibly ruthless and evil. Zayn told her that he hated her, and that she was a skank. He called himself stupid for falling for her.

Joan called her a racist animal murderer, and then said she enjoyed hanging out with a group of insane Hawaiians.

She had to be escorted out of the studio by security, but was able to give a final interview post-game.

Do you like anyone in the house?
Princessface No, F--- all of them! I was robbed of life! Especially that rainbow a-- piece of s--- Lady! And that worthless c--- Reed, GTFO no on likes Broadway!
Why did you hide yourself like this in the game?
Princessface To gain sympathy of course! Who wouldn't want to hand the money to an unfortunte brown b----!?
Why did you murder all of the innocent animals in the game without anyone noticing?
Princessface To pleasure my need to be evil, of course! Those scum didn't deserve to walk the earth anyway!


Joanface Most of the Hawaiians here are leaving after I unveil their darkest secrets. It's one "GOTCHA!" moment after another!

The episode was kicked off by Joan, who expressed that she was dominating the game. Walnut talked about how relieved he was that Pin was out of the game, and Reed said that it all boiled down to Princess Pin being a spoiled brat.

Joan commented that, with "Satanists, DIDs, Cops, Marijuana Addicts, Racists, and Animal Killers," that everyone has a secret. "And we all know that NO ONE can hide from Joan Callamezzo!"

Walnut asked if they had ever voted out the Photographer (by which he meant the Paparazzi), but was never answered because Reed was still in the game. Zayn said that Pin nearly killed the Seal, and that Mohammed was such a beautiful creature who did not deserve to die.

Joan asked how Zayn could ever fall in love with a racist animal murderer, and then leaned in with her microphone. Zayn commented that he fell for a girl who was repressed by her father, not a psycho animal murdering woman.

Walnut commented that he once fell in love with a trash can, and that everyone makes mistakes. Zayn fell over crying as the VIP challenge was announced.

Task Task Description
Celebrities need to learn how to ride the waves before they can take on the Gossip Task. They must go through a variety of surfing techniques to make it through.
This gossip is another fill in the blank. As a twist, some of these responses may not be in the wikipedia article OR may be false. If they are not there, the celebrity must say 'Invalid'.

1. The reef at Pipe is a _____ reef.
2. There are three waves associated with ____.
3. The ____ zone (the area in which a surfer needs to be in order to catch a wave) at Pipeline is small,
4. An episode of season 7 (1974-1976) of ____ Five-O named "The Banzai Pipeline", was filmed at Pipeline.

For this Star Task, celebrities will need to watch a video about surfing wipeouts. They must locate an exact timeframe that an image is seen.
VIP Task To win the VIP task, all the celebrities have to do is grab the VIP necklace.

Reed quickly won the VIP challenge, which was surprising to everyone because Mystic Snake somehow did not win the challenge.

Mystic Snake congratulated Reed and said he would shake his hand, but he did not have hands to shake with. Zayn called him cute, and then Reed shook Snake's tail.

Walnut approached the Seal and whispered in his ear that he knew he was secretly Richard Nixon and that he had some business with him.

The Seal, scared, left. Joan reported that for the first time ever, someone besides herself or the Snake had won the "Hawaiian Ritual Game".

After a long struggle, Joan had finally received her RSVP power from the secrets twist -- the final one in the game.

With Joan and Snake now left vulnerable, the MVP vote became dire. If either of the two had won, all eyes would be focused on the other who did not win. Joan was granted MVP status, and Snake was left to fend for himself.

At elimination, Lady used Bonnie's RSVP to save herself, which left only Zayn, Snake, and Walnut up for elimination.

Backstage Elimination #8


Snake (3 Votes)


Walnut, Joan, Zayn


Zayn (2 Votes)


Lady, Snake



Mystic Snake

In the end, three votes eliminated Mystic Snake from the game. He congratulated Lady and Walnut for flipping on him and eliminating him, and left gracefully.

What mistakes would you say you made in the house?

Well, my first missssstake was obvioussssly not winning thissss VIP. And trussssting Reed. He's more of a sssssnake than I am. Figuratively, of courssssse. I should've jusssst exposssed him as the paparazzi when I had the chance.

Do you believe you could have survived without winning those VIPs?
Snakeface Probably not, though I am sssssurprisssed it took these people sssso long to catch on. I probably shouldn't be. Reed is the sssssmartest one out of them, and that's ssssaying sssssomething.
Who are you rooting for now?
Snakeface ConsssssspiracyWalnut, I guessssss. It'd just be funny to ssssssee sssssomeone blow all this money on weed.


The finale kicked off the final five: Zayn, Lady, Joan, Walnut, and Reed. Immediately, Walnut said he spoke Korean and that he could translate Lady's speech, and Joan reported that Walnut was a racist against Koreans.

Walnut argued that he is Korean, but Joan ignored this. Reed randomly began to sing verses from a song called "Titanium". Zayn commented that Reed should rap something, and then said that he was not truly famous because he is a part time rapper.

Theme Park Rally
Task Task Description
For this Fame Task, celebrities must try to blend in with the workers and complete a round of fireball juggling.
For this Gossip Task, celebrities will look at pictures and confirm whether or not statements are true or false.
For this Star Task, celebrities will need to solve a simple puzzle with a phrase on it. Referring to a wikipedia article for the Polynesian Cultural Center, celebrities must find the image that it refers to and post the link to that image.
VIP Task To win VIP status, celebrities must refer back to the puzzle and count how many red circles there were and post the number to win VIP.

Joan won VIP status for the first week of the finale, and it was announced that the MVP was expiring, as well as any powers anyone had in the game.

Joan reported that she had won her seventh consecutive "Hawaiian festival game".

Walnut won MVP status, and was given the final MVP bait of the season. He chose to give two DVDs out to Reed and Zayn.

Bait Receiver Bait Description


Reed Kelly

Myrtle & Dell, stars from another series, appeared and gave Reed the ability to conjoin two players together and make them vote the same, counting only as one vote. He chose Walnut and Zayn to vote together as one.


Zayn McEnroe

Zayn was given a visit from Chadrick, a winner of another reality series, and was punished with having to do exercises every time he talked. Any breach would lead to a penalty vote.

Things began to look grim for Zayn with the conjoining trap enforced upon him. Walnut commented that they both were like brothers, but closer.

Joan became very nervous after nobody told her that the cameras were rolling. She screamed as nobody responded to her, and began sweating bullets. She looked up to see the cameras, and then smiled.

She reported that there was a Hawaiian Excursion going on, but nobody had any idea what she was talking about.

At elimination, Joan whipped out her RSVP pass received earlier from the secrets twist. She told everyone that she wanted to play it on someone else.

Joanface Reed, I'm sorry, but I can't support your BESTIALITY LIFESTYLE, even though that is something you cannot choose to do.

After trashing Reed, she decided to play the RSVP on Lady, which granted her immunity at the elimination, because she was the least offensive and benevolent creature in the game.

Suddenly, Reed revealed his power to vote twice because of his Paparazzi completion. Because he was the first successful Paparazzi in TV Stars history, he had officially made things extremely grim for Zayn.

Only Zayn and Reed were up for elimination, and at this point, the only way for Zayn to stay in the game would be if Lady had voted for Reed to tie it 2-2.

Backstage Elimination #9


Zayn (3 Votes)


Reed;Reed, Lady


Reed (1 Vote)





Zayn McEnroe

By a 3-1 vote, Lady chose Reed's favor over Zayn, and eliminated him from the game. Zayn, angry, told everyone that he hoped they were proud, because they all had kicked 'a down and out kid trying to support his mom' in the nuts.

What do you think about your elimination?
Zaynface Man dat was just such a screwing I got there! I can't believe it, like Murphy's Law or some s---! Everything went wrong man.
Who are you rooting for to win?
Zaynface Man... I gotta be rooting for Walnut. Dude stuck with me to the very end, even if he was kinda against me in the beginning. I hope he kicks the h--- outta everyone else, all those d--- posers.
Do you regret doing anything in the house?
Zaynface Man I regret two things, trusting that snake Reed. He was such an a------ and I never should've worked with him. Second is falling for Princess Pin, or Bonnie, or whoever the h--- she is. What a b---- in disguise man, I'll never make a mistake like that again.'

After his elimination, Mohammed the Booka Seal was escorted out of the house. The Host announced that, because MVP is out of the game, everyone could compete in the next two VIP challenges.

Joan smiled into the camera and said that she was with three of her "closest friends" in Hawaii as the game was coming to an end.

The Final Run
Task Task Description
For the final Fame Task of the season, celebrities must get into canoes and row down to the final Gossip Task area.
1. This fish is can also be known as a Reef, Rectangular, or Wedge-Tail.
2. It is the Hawaii state fish
3. They are distributed throughout the Indo-Pacific region.
Celebrities must assemble a puzzle and state which number the Hawaiian State Flag falls under.
VIP Task To win final VIP, all the celebrities have to do is shout "I WIN FINAL VIP".

Joan won the final VIP challenge, and she said that it was not shocking because she had gotten so great the "Hawaiian ritual" games.

Joan leaned in with her microphone to the Host and asked what happened after the next cancellation, and the Host told her that a final challenge would determine the final two.

At elimination, the votes were sent in fairly quickly. Reed and Walnut had decided to work together to vote out Lady, and thus she went home with two votes.

Backstage Elimination #10


Lady (2 Votes)


Walnut, Reed


Reed (1 Vote)





Lady Rainicorn

Reed exclaimed when he witnessed Lady's show get cancelled. Joan commented that she hoped to win another game and come out victorious for a ninth consecutive time. She asked the fans to wish her luck as she battled against a marijuana addict and a bestial broadway boy.

What did you think of the people in the game?


heum, Ain gwa Lideu so geosigileul ppal-a su issseubnida! Gongju Pin eun jinjeonghan chingu yeossda. Naneun Hodu geuga nal baesin edo bulguhago, hwagsilhi ieossdago saeng-gaghanda . naneun joesonghabnida, geu nameoji bubun-eul gieoghal su eobsda! ^_^
Who are you rooting for to win?


Yona neun, geunyeo neun jeoleul jeojang mich jeonbanjeog-in choesohan-ui pihaeleul suhaeng hagoissda, saeng-gaghanda. Geuleomeulo naneun geunyeoga cham joh-ahago naneun geunyeoui seungli handago gajeonghabnida. Geugeos-eun ag gibonjeog-eulo jeog-eun ida.
Do you understand anything anyone says to you?


Ne, wanjeonhi ihaehabnida. eotteohge naega gongju pin mul-eo deungdeung nuga tupyoleul hal su iss-eossda saeng-gaghabnida. Nan danji nae tong-yeog eobs-i hangug-eo leul malhal su-issda, hajiman, nan yeojeonhi yeong-eo leul wanbyeoghage ihaehal su-issda. Eojjeomyeon naega da-eum-e ttala geugeos-eul gajigo haeyahabnida...

At the final challenge of the game, Joan and Reed battled it out with Walnut in last place the entire time. Joan commented that she had been watching the Hawaiians the entire time, and Reed said that he knew everything that went on in the game.

Player Placing



3rd Place - 2 Points



2nd Place - 4 Points



1st Place - 5 Points

Joan, distraught after losing, took out her earpiece and threw it down on the ground. She stomped on it and cried, and her mascara started to run.


She pulled out several strands of hair and held up her hairto the camera. She exclaimed that they were gray hairs, and then pushed Walnut away after he offered her weed.

She yelled that she did not want to poison her body and asked how he could insinuate her do that to herself. She unsheathed her microphone and asked how Walnut's relationship with cannabis was, but then exclaimed she could not do it anymore and wiped off her tears.

Backstage Elimination #11


Joan (1 Vote)





Joan Callamezzo

How do you feel about your elimination?


It's definitely going to hit the major news icons in Pawnee hard. Everything I have with Pawnee Today was riding on THIS STUPID SHOW and that BESTIAL HOMOSEXUAL ruined everything.
What do you think of the final two?


I'm over them. You look nice, let's go back to my place after this ;^)
Are you HITTING on me?


Does this mean you're not into me? Hawaiian tribesmen being RACIST against White Americans? GOTCHA.

She shouted about her real show getting cancelled and then told Reed that she hated him. She punched the ground repeatedly and said she hated everything several times, and then smacked Reed. She got carried off of the set after insulting Reed.

As the jury cast their votes, Walnut argued that he should win the money because of his excellent alliance and social game, while Reed argued that everyone was deserving of the money.

Walnut said that, if he won, he would throw a huge party and get everyone high.

Before votes were revealed, Snake commented that he hoped weed would not be the only green paper Walnut had by the end of the game.

Jury Vote
Voted To Win



































Conspiracy Walnut (8 Votes)



Reed Kelly (1 Vote)

In the end, Walnut beat Reed by a vote of 8-1.