[21:01] <+JoanCallamezzo> Are the cameras rolling? :^O

[21:01] * ZaynMcEnroe looks confused

[21:01] == ReedKelly [] has joined #TVStars

[21:01] <@DraHosting> ~ CAMERA PANS TO THE 12 CONTESTANTS ~

[21:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> Hawaii, all right!

[21:01] <@DraHosting> me

[21:01] <+PrincessPin> Did recording begin?

[21:01] <@DraHosting> pm me who you are

[21:01] == ReedKelly []

[21:01] ==  realname : PJIRC User ::

[21:01] ==  channels : #TVStars 

[21:01] ==  server   : [Vilnius, Lithuania, EU]

[21:01] == End of WHOIS

[21:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> Wow, Hawaii, that's cool.

[21:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bawby, we're in Hawaii!

[21:01] * JoanCallamezzo notices cameras

[21:01] == mode/#TVStars [+v ReedKelly] by DraHosting

[21:02] <+RonStoppable> Boo-yah, I'm in Hawaii!

[21:02] <+Bob_and_Linda> I see that. It's beautiful.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> 13!!!!

[21:02] <@DraHosting> CELEBRITIES

[21:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> Good evening, everyone!

[21:02] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo the land of surf, sun, and mad bitches to bang


[21:02] <@DraHosting> ~ EVERYONE STEPS OUT ON A MAT ~

[21:02] <@DraHosting> WELCOME.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> TO TV STARS HAWAII.

[21:02] <+PrincessPin> Welcome ReedKelly, it's quite a delight to have you! <3

[21:02] <+ReedKelly> OH MY GOSH!

[21:02] <+ReedKelly> HI GUYS!i

[21:02] * Greeling|Greed steps out onto the shore

[21:02] <+Greeling|Greed> Hmph

[21:02] <+ConnorWalsh> Hello

[21:02] * RonStoppable is wearing a hula skirt and a coconut bra and starts dancing.

[21:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo, and this is Pawnee Today!

[21:02] <+Greeling|Greed> This island looks great...

[21:02] <+MysticSnake> If we're being frank, I'm mossstly here for the free vacation.

[21:02] <+Greeling|Greed> ...I want it.

[21:02] <+Bob_and_Linda> Ooh, Bawby, Ron is dancing!

[21:02] <+ConnorWalsh> Reed what a nice name…

[21:02] <+Bob_and_Linda> Dancing, alright!

[21:02] <+ReedKelly> I'm quite a famous Broadway star, if you didn't already know that, which you SHOULD'VE.

[21:02] <+LadyRainicorn> Annyeonghaseyo! modeun mannaseo bangabseubnida, ​​naneun leidi bi ogsusu ibnida, dangsin-ui jonjae e gippeo! Eotteohge dangsin ui modeun-i joh-eun nal inga?

[21:02] <+Bob_and_Linda> Broadway star, alright!

[21:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> Today's special report will feature me - Joan Callamezzo ;) - on location in the BEAUTIFUL Hawaii Islands!

[21:02] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Jesus man, put some damn clothes on

[21:02] * JoanCallamezzo listens into earpiece

[21:02] <+LadyRainicorn> :D


[21:03] <+RonStoppable> If only Roofus was here with me.

[21:03] <+JoanCallamezzo> BEAUTIFUL Hawaii!

[21:03] <@DraHosting> For the second time ever in TV Stars History

[21:03] <+conspiracywalnut> *manifests behind Joan* hey *breathes heavily* are you filming something?

[21:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> Wow, Reed. What productions have you been in?

[21:03] <@DraHosting> The celebrities have been LOCKED OUT of the house.

[21:03] <@DraHosting> For this OPENING CHALLENGE

[21:03] * JoanCallamezzo continues a plastic smile

[21:03] <+Greeling|Greed> Locked out?

[21:03] <@DraHosting> The competitors must find the three keys and open the door to the house!

[21:03] <+PrincessPin> Not a majestic Castle? :( @Dra

[21:03] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Da fuck bro

[21:03] <+Greeling|Greed> Well, let's just break back in

[21:03] <+JoanCallamezzo> Why, yes, sir, I am!

[21:03] <@DraHosting> The first person to find the location of all three keys will win VIP STATUS

[21:03] <+PrincessPin> Oh dear, I am quite dissapointed!

[21:03] <@DraHosting> and will be IMMUNE

[21:03] <@DraHosting> from the first ever elimination.

[21:03] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[21:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh god, Bawby, we're locked out

[21:03] <+AudreyJackson> We need all THREE keys?

[21:03] <@DraHosting> Here is how this works.

[21:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> Relax, Lin, it's part of the show.

[21:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh, okay.

[21:03] <+JoanCallamezzo> How about we go back to my place after the game? ;^)

[21:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'll calm down.

[21:04] <+JoanCallamezzo> In exchange for immunity, that is!

[21:04] <+Greeling|Greed> I'll never be quick enough

[21:04] <@DraHosting> The three keys are located in

[21:04] <+RonStoppable> Aw man!

[21:04] <@DraHosting> CITIES

[21:04] <@DraHosting> IN HAWAII

[21:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> (me @this again)

[21:04] <@DraHosting> To search you must join the name of the city in this format

[21:04] <@DraHosting> #HawaiiHonolulu

[21:04] <+ReedKelly> I had to do this in my one-man show, "The Bell Boy - An Uphill Battle" it was about a boy whose unending determination to become a high corporate businessman attempt to survive.

[21:04] * Greeling|Greed hesitates

[21:04] <+PrincessPin> Oh, that sounds quite engaging!

[21:04] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a, aju heungmi lobgun-yo. hajiman nan imi jeikeu mal-inya . </3

[21:04] <+Greeling|Greed> What the Hell is Hawaii?

[21:04] <@DraHosting> You will get a hint as of each location.

[21:04] <+PrincessPin> Am I allowed to use my magic to further myself? :)

[21:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> Sounds great, Reed!

[21:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> I did dinner theatre once!

[21:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> THat was fun!



[21:04] <+ReedKelly> I mean, he was searhcing for inner-worth and dignity, but it's SIMILAR to this challenge.

[21:05] <+Greeling|Greed> Looks like I'll have to let Ling have this one


[21:05] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[21:05] <@DraHosting>

[21:05] <@DraHosting> GOOD LUCK

[21:05] <+RonStoppable> Geography? Man, I knew it would come in handy!

[21:05] <+conspiracywalnut> Maybe what we should focus unlocking is our MINDS. *hits blunt*

[21:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> W-where am I? o_o::

[21:05] <@DraHosting> GO

[21:05] <+DougDimmadome> #HawaiiWaipahu

[21:05] <+DougDimmadome> DAMN

[21:05] <+ReedKelly> #HawaiiWaipahu

[21:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> #HawaiiHaleiwa

[21:06] <@DraHosting> First Key: Wah

[21:06] <+Greeling|LingYao> What land is this?

[21:06] <@DraHosting> Wah____

[21:06] <@DraHosting> Second Key: Kah___

[21:06] <@DraHosting> Third Key: Hue___

[21:06] <+Greeling|LingYao> #HawaiiKahului

[21:07] <+PrincessPin> Dra, sweetie the effort required to perform this task is too much.

[21:07] <+PrincessPin> Would a simple kiss from a Princess be enough to aquire immunity? :)

[21:07] <@DraHosting> Reed and Joan are closing in on the final key.

[21:07] * Greeling|LingYao taps Dra's shoulder

[21:07] <+Bob_and_Linda> Ugh, these people are fast.

[21:07] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly joy, isn't this exciting!

[21:07] <+Greeling|LingYao> What nation is this?

[21:07] <+Bob_and_Linda> Come on, Bawby, pick up the pace!


[21:08] <@DraHosting> SHE NEEDS THE SECOND TO WIN!

[21:08] * RonStoppable starts breathing heavily.

[21:08] <@DraHosting> AUDREY HAS IT

[21:08] <+RonStoppable> Too... much... work.

[21:08] <+AudreyJackson> Found it!



[21:08] <+Bob_and_Linda> Go Audrey! Alright!

[21:08] <+PrincessPin> Congratulations!

[21:08] <+AudreyJackson> If there's anything a cop is good for, it's hunting down evidence.

[21:08] <@DraHosting> ~~ door slides open ~~

[21:08] <@DraHosting> ~~ everyone walks into the house ~~

[21:08] <+MysticSnake> (What was the "hue" one)

[21:08] * PrincessPin kisses Audrey on the forehead

[21:08] <+RonStoppable> Need... nachos.. now.

[21:08] <@DraHosting> HueHue

[21:08] <+Bob_and_Linda> Lin, why are you cheering for the competiton 

[21:09] <+Greeling|LingYao> Congratulations, Audrey! :D


[21:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi, ya may have unlocked the house, but I unlocked two chakras

[21:09] <+Greeling|LingYao> What was that for?

[21:09] <+conspiracywalnut> ALmost enlightened, what are you?

[21:09] <+Bob_and_Linda> Because, Bobby, we need to make connections.

[21:09] <+AudreyJackson> Please, nobody actually cares, it's a game.

[21:09] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Shiet dawg

[21:09] * JoanCallamezzo notions to camera

[21:09] <+LadyRainicorn> A geulsse, naega haessjiman.

[21:09] <+AudreyJackson> Stop with this "congratulations" crap.

[21:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Not enlightened and still livin in the man's world

[21:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hello, and welcome back to Pawnee Today!

[21:09] <+RonStoppable> 'Grats, Audrey. 

[21:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm here inside the EXCLUSIVE new house for some new Hawaiian nature show!

[21:09] <@DraHosting> Alright everyone settle down

[21:09] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm like a lil' butterfly

[21:09] <@DraHosting> Allow me to enlighten you

[21:09] <+ReedKelly> (CONF): I wasted all my time searching for the damn key and then that bitch wins it? Pointless.

[21:09] <@DraHosting> on some things in this game.

[21:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> Here to deliver the exciting report is yours truly, Joan Callamezzo! :^D

[21:09] <@DraHosting> For those of you who do not avidly watch TV Stars

[21:09] * JoanCallamezzo points to Dra

[21:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Floatin' free, and all ya are still sucking on the sweet nectar of the corporate pyramid scheme

[21:10] <@DraHosting> You may not exactly understand what VIP means.

[21:10] <+RonStoppable> Does this house have a nacho bar or somethin', Dra?

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> I watch TV Stars all the time!!

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> TV Stars, alright!

[21:10] <@DraHosting> The person who wins the VIP challenge will be immune from elimination.

[21:10] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a, dangsin-eun naui gwansim D neun yeongu ga.

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> No you don't, Linda.

[21:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Here, you'll observe a native Hawaiian tribesman explaining the concept of the show to a lucky American audience!

[21:10] <@DraHosting> But they cannot vote someone out.

[21:10] <+PrincessPin> It's quite an inspiration to watch a dominant female force perform such an exquisite challenge so perfectly! @Audrey

[21:10] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:10] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[21:10] <@DraHosting> The MVP, which will occur soon

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> Shhh, I'm trying to kiss ass

[21:10] <+PrincessPin> If only I could stand up to my father, King Tin...

[21:10] <@DraHosting> Is when the AUDIENCE votes for who they like the most.

[21:10] <@DraHosting> The Most Valuable Player will be immune

[21:10] <@DraHosting> and will be able to vote.

[21:10] <@DraHosting> At elimination, one of you will be cancelled.

[21:10] <+DougDimmadome> My son dale dimmadome is lost!

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> Hear that, Bob!? They're going to choose a most popular player!

[21:10] <+DougDimmadome> HELP!

[21:10] * JoanCallamezzo whispers to camera

[21:10] <@DraHosting> Now if you will excuse me

[21:10] <+Bob_and_Linda> I heard it.

[21:10] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Sounds like a sweet deal bro

[21:10] <@DraHosting> you have a while to strategize before MVP.

[21:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh, they're talking about a MVP!

[21:10] <@DraHosting> I have to set something up.

[21:11] <+ConnorWalsh> Oh ok

[21:11] * JoanCallamezzo points to Audrey

[21:11] <+ConnorWalsh> I need some men on my side

[21:11] <+JoanCallamezzo> It looks like that fine young woman just won a competition of some sort!  They must be talking about her.

[21:11] <+conspiracywalnut> bippity boppity back the fuck up, let me talk *looks into the camera Joan is speaking in to*

[21:11] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm going in for an interview.

[21:11] <+RonStoppable> That is sick and wrong. 

[21:11] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[21:11] <+JoanCallamezzo> Okay.

[21:11] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a, geu haeng-un eun hoseuteu! ^_^

[21:11] <+ReedKelly> Okay guys.

[21:11] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey, man. Dude, we're all just specks floating around a larger universe than ours

[21:11] <+Bob_and_Linda> Who wants some burgers!?

[21:11] <+ReedKelly> Since I was a Broadway star, who wants to recreate a musical!?

[21:11] <+conspiracywalnut> You see that dust floating in the wind

[21:11] <+LadyRainicorn> nan nae donglyo leul al-a gal su-issneun geos gat-ayo :D

[21:11] <+ConnorWalsh> Intriguing

[21:11] <+conspiracywalnut> On that is us man

[21:11] <+AudreyJackson> *glares at everyone*

[21:11] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bobby and I are making burgers for everyone!

[21:11] <+Bob_and_Linda> We are?

[21:11] <+conspiracywalnut> We're all big and small at the same time, man.

[21:11] <+ReedKelly> We can do Les Miserables, Spiderman

[21:12] <+conspiracywalnut> It's crazy, dude!

[21:12] <+ReedKelly> Um...

[21:12] <+ReedKelly> That one without me in it..

[21:12] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bob, how else will we get people to like us.

[21:12] <+ReedKelly> What was it called....

[21:12] <+RonStoppable> Burgers, boo-yah!

[21:12] <+AudreyJackson> Suspicious....

[21:12] <+ReedKelly> OH YEAH, WICKED!

[21:12] * Bob_and_Linda makes Ron a burger.

[21:12] <+Bob_and_Linda> Hear ya go, hun!

[21:12] <+LadyRainicorn> naneun haembeogeoleul hal su issseubnikka?

[21:12] <+Bob_and_Linda> Lin, we need him to pay for that.

[21:12] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles *

[21:12] <+AudreyJackson> (CONF) Reed mentions Les Mis, but calls it by its full name... Would any REAL Broadway star use the full name? Curious, very curious...

[21:12] * RonStoppable eats and burger, smiling.

[21:12] <+ReedKelly> Big smiles, big smiles xo

[21:12] <+RonStoppable> Pay? Uh, I don't think we were allowed to buy money. 

[21:12] <+DougDimmadome> Lady Unicorn, have you seen my son Dale Dimmadome?

[21:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo man I need some mothafucking chicken right now

[21:13] <+DougDimmadome> *Rainicorn

[21:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Im so damn starving

[21:13] <+ReedKelly> Dimmadone?

[21:13] <+ConnorWalsh> You have my meat

[21:13] <+ReedKelly> Try BROADWAY?

[21:13] <+ConnorWalsh> Zany

[21:13] <+ConnorWalsh> Zayn*

[21:13] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly gosh, this house is indeed nice!

[21:13] <+Bob_and_Linda> Wow, this house is nice.

[21:13] <+Bob_and_Linda> I wish we could afford a place like this.

[21:13] <+PrincessPin> How many lovely experiences will be performed here! <3 

[21:13] <+LadyRainicorn> naega haji anh-eun dulyeowo, hajiman nan geuleul wihae sigyeleul yujihago naega deogeu geuleul balgyeon hal gyeong-u dangsin-ege malhal geos-ida !

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh my god, there's a hot tub!

[21:14] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> WHO WANTS TO GET IN THE HOT TUB WITH ME?

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> Girls' party! 

[21:14] <+DougDimmadome> Thanks Lady Rainicorn!

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> Lin, stop.

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bawby, let me have a little fun!

[21:14] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hell fuckin no, offer that damn thing to someone else!

[21:14] <+Bob_and_Linda> Where's the wine!?

[21:14] * JoanCallamezzo returns

[21:14] <+LadyRainicorn> munje eobs-eoyo. daleun geon pil-yohasibnikka?

[21:14] <+PrincessPin> Hot tub?

[21:14] <+ConnorWalsh> Who wants my meat?

[21:14] <+PrincessPin> I would love too...

[21:14] <+JoanCallamezzo> Wasn't that just an exhilirating interview with Andrea, the winner of the key finding competition?

[21:14] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:14] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[21:14] <+PrincessPin> But I'm a Princess, and my husband forbid me to reveal myself! :(

[21:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> She may not have given away her secret, but I'll uncover it one of these days.


[21:15] <@DraHosting> K

[21:15] <@DraHosting> It's time for the MVP!

[21:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> That is, after all, my job!

[21:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[21:15] <+PrincessPin> It... It was an arranged marriage!


[21:15] <+PrincessPin> Let's just say... I didn't approve of it! :/

[21:15] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Secret Room eh?

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> No, she's just kidding.

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> Right?

[21:15] * Greeling|Greed walks back in clutching side

[21:15] <+Greeling|Greed> MVP?

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> Yeah, sorry.

[21:15] <+Greeling|Greed> I want it.

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> You people believe anything.

[21:15] <+ConnorWalsh> A secret room?

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> Haha, no!

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'm just drunk!

[21:15] * Bob_and_Linda drops glass.

[21:15] <+Bob_and_Linda> See?

[21:15] <+ConnorWalsh> What are you talking about

[21:16] <+PrincessPin> Drunk? What is this foreign word?

[21:16] * RonStoppable licks fingers.

[21:16] <+Bob_and_Linda> Don't worry about it.

[21:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> Drunk?

[21:16] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo the chick is fuckin trashed

[21:16] <+PrincessPin> Is it, hmmm, the act of drinking freshly squeezed squash?

[21:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> Did I just hear the word "DRUNK"?

[21:16] <+conspiracywalnut> You don't get drunk

[21:16] <+conspiracywalnut> That's what they all want you to think

[21:16] <+RonStoppable> Mmm, talk about finger licking good. 

[21:16] <+PrincessPin> Oh boy, I love me some squash!

[21:16] <+LadyRainicorn> eotteohge jaemi.

[21:16] <+ReedKelly> Drinking is SO middle class.

[21:16] <+ReedKelly> Where is Josh at?? :(

[21:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> I think I did, everyone, let's go check in with the supposed alcoholic in the room!

[21:16] * Bob_and_Linda stumbles around.

[21:16] <@DraHosting> DOUG DIMMADOME

[21:16] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'm not drunk!

[21:16] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[21:16] <+conspiracywalnut> I don't have a drinkin problem! The world has a problem!

[21:16] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!

[21:16] <+LadyRainicorn> hal su-issneun mwonga leul chajgo. Hm...

[21:16] <+DougDimmadome> OH MY GOD!

[21:16] * Greeling|Greed smirks

[21:16] * Bob_and_Linda falls over.

[21:16] <+conspiracywalnut> NOT ME!

[21:17] <+Bob_and_Linda> Congrats, Doug.

[21:17] <+DougDimmadome> I CAN FINALLY GET TO SEE DALE!

[21:17] <+Greeling|Greed> One of my possessions won MVP over me?

[21:17] <+conspiracywalnut> *hits blunt* Ah, gotta mellow out

[21:17] <+Greeling|Greed> Hmph

[21:17] <+LadyRainicorn> * looks around *

[21:17] <+Greeling|Greed> So be it.

[21:17] * ReedKelly raises hand.

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Um, Dra?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Dra?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Dra?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Dra?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Dra/

[21:17] <@DraHosting> hey

[21:17] <+PrincessPin> Congratualtions sir! <3 @Doug

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Where is Josh??

[21:17] <+RonStoppable> Awesome, man!

[21:17] <@DraHosting> somewhere

[21:17] <+PrincessPin> Oh boy, I am quite proud of you!

[21:17] <@DraHosting> not here!

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> I'm pretty sure my contract says we're a package deal for 36 shows.

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> RIGHT?

[21:17] <@DraHosting> ELIMINATION WILL TAKE PLACE AT 9:20

[21:17] <+ConnorWalsh> Must feel good having something you can't normally get isn't it Doug?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Spanning from now through July 2015.

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> :|

[21:17] <+conspiracywalnut> Josh doesn't exist honey

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Josh?

[21:17] <+ReedKelly> Josh does too exist :|

[21:18] <+conspiracywalnut> He's a shell of a man disquised and meant to trick us

[21:18] <+ConnorWalsh> Josh is a lie.

[21:18] <+conspiracywalnut> Just like my grandpa

[21:18] <+ReedKelly> Uh...

[21:18] <+ReedKelly> excuse me?

[21:18] <+ReedKelly> Josh is very much real

[21:18] <+ReedKelly> and hung like a horse ;)

[21:18] <+conspiracywalnut> The government made these robots and they insert them into our lives and tell them what to do say and think. They are the, MAN, man. You gotta accept this, dude

[21:18] <+ConnorWalsh> Is he a hunk?

[21:18] <+Bob_and_Linda> Has anyone seen Linda?

[21:18] <+AudreyJackson> Josh is as real as your Broadway experience.

[21:18] <+Bob_and_Linda> LINDA?

[21:18] <+ConnorWalsh> Is he single?

[21:18] <+Bob_and_Linda> I lost my drunk wife, oh my god.

[21:18] <+Greeling|Greed> Good God @Reed

[21:18] <+MysticSnake> I once dated a horse.

[21:18] <+PrincessPin> (CONF) I am dearly worried that little 'ol me will be sent home... This is my only oppurtunity to escape the dark secret lives that are forced upon  Saudi Arabian Women! :(

[21:18] <+conspiracywalnut> What kind of sikko hangs horses

[21:18] <+MysticSnake> She left me for another horse.

[21:19] <+MysticSnake> For that reason.

[21:19] <+Greeling|Greed> If you were a sin your name would be Lust

[21:19] <+MysticSnake> @Reed

[21:19] <+Greeling|Greed> The Lust I knew was a fucking bitch, but at least she had the figure to go with her name

[21:19] <+ReedKelly> My Broadway experience is very real, actually, and ongoing. @Audrey

[21:19] <+Bob_and_Linda> LIN?

[21:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> Everyone, I have confirmation that Linda is indeed a RAGING ALCOHOLIC!

[21:19] <+Bob_and_Linda> LIN WHERE ARE YOU?

[21:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[21:19] * Bob_and_Linda stumbles out of the bathroom.

[21:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm as SHOCKED as anyone!

[21:19] <+ReedKelly> Your career is about as vivid as Mitchel Musso's.

[21:19] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'm right here, Bob!

[21:19] <+ConnorWalsh> (CONF.) I need more hot guys here the only hot one is Zayn but he isn't gay.

[21:19] <+ReedKelly> or hell, Frankie Grandemarchione

[21:19] <+PrincessPin> Hello everyone!

[21:19] * Greeling|Greed cringes

[21:20] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Man day one and there are chicks gettin plastered all over

[21:20] <+Greeling|Greed> Agh, fuck.

[21:20] <+RonStoppable> Anyone want some nachos?

[21:20] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[21:20] <+LadyRainicorn> mullon, nae a, ban-eung haneun bangbeob-eul moleugess-eoyo!

[21:20] <+ReedKelly> Oh god no, I haven't eaten carbs in years, honey.

[21:20] * JoanCallamezzo leans into her earpiece

[21:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> What's this?

[21:20] <+PrincessPin> Does squash qualify as a carb? :o

[21:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed Kelly CAUGHT eating PASTA on a Hawaiian vacation?

[21:20] <+conspiracywalnut> Shut up you korean puppet! We all know who you work for!@Lady Rainicorn

[21:20] <+PrincessPin> Because if so, oh deary me, I need to cut down on my diet!

[21:20] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Nachos, hells yeah dawg

[21:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hmhm, seems like carbs to me!

[21:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[21:20] <+ReedKelly> Excuse me?

[21:20] <+ReedKelly> IT'S ANTIPESTO

[21:20] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[21:21] <+LadyRainicorn> eum, ulineun naega deog e maeu haengbog haeyo... eotteohgedoeeo ganeunji geos-ida.

[21:21] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone walks down the red carpet ~

[21:21] <+conspiracywalnut> Kim. Jong. Un. You corporate sell out.

[21:21] * Greeling|LingYao blinks at the insanity

[21:21] <@DraHosting> ~ fans wave and scream and cry etc ~


[21:21] <+ReedKelly> DRA

[21:21] <+ReedKelly> DRA

[21:21] <+ReedKelly> DRA

[21:21] <@DraHosting> Welcome to the Backstage area.

[21:21] <+ReedKelly> DRA

[21:21] * JoanCallamezzo notions to the camera

[21:21] <@DraHosting> oh reed

[21:21] <@DraHosting> in TV Stars

[21:21] * Greeling|LingYao gulps

[21:21] <+ReedKelly> This is a breach of EVERYBODY'S CONTRACT

[21:21] <@DraHosting> you don't want to see the paparazzi.

[21:21] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'm so confused

[21:21] <@DraHosting> anyways

[21:21] <+Greeling|LingYao> why are we sending people home?

[21:21] <+ReedKelly> and I'm willing to SUE

[21:21] <+Greeling|LingYao> And more importantly...

[21:21] <@DraHosting> Send in votes for elimination.

[21:21] <+Greeling|LingYao> How do we make sure it isn't us?

[21:21] <+MysticSnake> (conf) Has Joan not noticed how I've eaten 5 tourists since our arrival this morning?

[21:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed Kelly, broadway star, a secret Italian food fanatic as well as avid vacationer!

[21:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> And here we thought he was on a writers' retreat in Muskoka!

[21:21] <@DraHosting> I will read them when I have all of them

[21:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> What do you have to say about this scandal breaking out?

[21:22] * JoanCallamezzo hands microphone to Reed

[21:22] <+Greeling|LingYao> (CONF) I can't leave... The secret to immortality could very well be enclosed within the walls of this house. I need more time!

[21:22] <+conspiracywalnut> jasin-eul bil-eo meog-eul , kkogdugagsi @Lady Rainicorn

[21:22] <+ReedKelly> What the fuck

[21:22] <+ReedKelly> I don't eat CARBS

[21:22] <+ReedKelly> This isn't 2002 Reed okay

[21:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh, violent response.

[21:22] <+RonStoppable> Ladies, ladies. It's just the Ronster. 

[21:22] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'm not cut out for this...

[21:22] <+ConnorWalsh> (CONF) No hot guys equals no chance at winning.

[21:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> We'll hear more about this story as the report on Hawaiian Nature Television continues.

[21:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> Back to you at the news desk.

[21:23] <+Greeling|LingYao> It's going to happen eventually...

[21:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> And see you later, Pawnee! :^)

[21:23] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[21:23] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: Tupyo nuga gyeoljeong.  Eodi boja, i himdeun doel geos-ibnida.

[21:24] <+conspiracywalnut> wae nae eongdeong-ie kiseu haji anhneunda @Lady Rainicorn

[21:24] <+PrincessPin> Oh deary, I hope I don't leave...

[21:24] <+ReedKelly> (CONF): That Joan bitch thinks she can make me look fat? Like a pig. My dad is rich, okay? I'm a Braodway star. I've seen her on the red carpet and a premiere, she isn't ever in the front row of the press. She's farther away because she sucks. I don't even need to humiliate her. She just naturally sucks. 

[21:24] <+PrincessPin> If yes, I'll cast a spell upon all of you...

[21:24] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Damn yo, dis is fuckin tough.  Barely know anyone here dawg.

[21:24] <+LadyRainicorn> hodu o, annyeonghaseyo! ^_^

[21:24] <+PrincessPin> A spell of an eternity of sorrow.

[21:24] <+PrincessPin> Fun? :)

[21:24] <@DraHosting> tallying votes

[21:24] <+MysticSnake> (conf) Mystic animals are way less annoying than most of these people.

[21:24] <+Greeling|Greed> (I havent voted)

[21:25] <+LadyRainicorn> (^)

[21:25] == Bob_and_Linda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 272 seconds]

[21:25] <+PrincessPin> (I didn't vote)

[21:25] <+MysticSnake> It seems two of the humans have dropped dead.

[21:25] <+MysticSnake> What a shame.

[21:25] <@DraHosting> also invite me to alliance chats

[21:25] <@DraHosting> bob/linda will be back

[21:26] <+RonStoppable> Just realized we're on TV.

[21:26] == Bob_and_Linda [] has joined #TVStars

[21:26] <+PrincessPin> Yes, may I ask?

[21:27] <Bob_and_Linda> (pjirc is being a bitch sorry.)

[21:27] <+PrincessPin> What is this here "TV" we are living in?

[21:27] * RonStoppable starts to sweat a little.

[21:27] == mode/#TVStars [+v Bob_and_Linda] by DraHosting

[21:27] <@DraHosting> I need Zayn to vote

[21:27] * JoanCallamezzo laughd

[21:27] <@DraHosting> and I need Lady to vote

[21:27] <+PrincessPin> In Saudi Arabia, or men only allow us to play with broken spoons...

[21:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, Princess, you're such a funny girl!

[21:27] <+Bob_and_Linda> I haven't voted!

[21:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Would you say you're more of a...literary fanatic?

[21:27] <+PrincessPin> Funny? Maybe...

[21:27] <+ConnorWalsh> Princess is goddess

[21:28] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: Naneun-i gobaeg bang-eul salanghago, naega mal-eul haeyahabnida. i jib ui biteu leul saeng-gag nagehanda. A, jeongmal naega gidaehaessdeon geosboda deo jeikeu, pin gwa pungseon kkeom eul geuliwo.,. :(

[21:28] <+PrincessPin> It's just, us women have to hide our truth behind veils or risk death.

[21:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> Perhaps you would like to check out one of the many AMAZING books endorsed by me - Joan Callamezzo - for Joan's Book Club!

[21:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> Copyright me, Joan Callamezzo.

[21:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[21:28] <+LadyRainicorn> hajiman nan geugeos-e daehae geungjeongjeog in taedo leul yujihaeyahabnida! ^_^

[21:28] <@DraHosting> LadyRainicorn

[21:28] <+PrincessPin> My friend Nadiya was murdered by her father when she attempted to flee the country...

[21:28] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[21:28] <@DraHosting> you have until 9:29:30

[21:28] <+PrincessPin> I know, very sad.

[21:29] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo bro I voted ages ago

[21:29] <+RonStoppable> Nadiya, that name sounds so familiar.

[21:29] <+RonStoppable> Might've been at Bueno Nacho once or somethin'.

[21:29] * DraHosting walks in with a box of renewal slips

[21:29] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh, I think I see one with MY name on it!

[21:29] <+Bob_and_Linda> Renewal slips, alright!

[21:29] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Oh shit bro, moment of truth

[21:29] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[21:29] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bobby, what's our show?

[21:29] <+conspiracywalnut> BOOKS?! BOOKS?! YOU KNOW HOW MANY WOOD GNOMES HAD TO DIE SO YOU CAN MAKE YOUR BOOKS? Innocent woodland creatures skinned and flayed for their precious bark! All so you can read, man! That's what they've been hiding man!

[21:29] <+ReedKelly> My show will be called:

[21:29] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh, bro, man, I gotta chill. *hits blunt*

[21:29] <+Bob_and_Linda> Well, I've always wanted my own cooking show...

[21:29] <+Bob_and_Linda> YES!

[21:30] <+LadyRainicorn> o, heungmi lobgun-yo. naneun geu jung hanaleul eod-eul su issgileul balabnida. naneun geugeos-i seungli ga eoneu jjog-ideun geulaeseo uu nae chingu lo dol-agal geoya haji anhneun gyeong-u.

[21:30] <+Bob_and_Linda> I love it.

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to Bob and Linda

[21:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> Oh, is someone going home?

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to ConspiracyWalnut

[21:30] <+ReedKelly> Sexy SpiderKelly - The Chroniclwes of an Uphill Battle

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to DougDimmadome

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to Greeling

[21:30] * Greeling|LingYao grips the hilt of his sword

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> ExCUSE me, but Joan's Book Club is 100% taxpayer-sponsored and completely anti-eco!

[21:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> it better not be me...

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to MysticSnake

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> How DARE you criticize me?

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to PrincessPin

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to LadyRainicorn

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I RUN this town.

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> ... :^O

[21:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to Ron

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Zayn.

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> My goodness!

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Joan.

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Connor.

[21:30] <+ConnorWalsh> No Joan you don't run anything or run anywhere

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> Thank god that wasn't on camera!

[21:30] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[21:30] <+RonStoppable> Boo-yah!

[21:30] <+ReedKelly> YES!! <3

[21:30] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Oh shit bro

[21:30] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[21:30] <@DraHosting> The three of you got votes.

[21:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> That wasn't on camera, right?

[21:31] * DraHosting passes renewal to.......

[21:31] * JoanCallamezzo looks at camera

[21:31] * DraHosting passes renewal to Joan

[21:31] <@DraHosting> With 3 votes

[21:31] <@DraHosting> you are safe.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> Zayn and Connor.

[21:31] <+JoanCallamezzo> Three votes?

[21:31] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo I didn't do nothin to y'all

[21:31] <+ConnorWalsh> Omg

[21:31] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly gosh yes, I am secure! <3

[21:31] <+ZaynMcEnroe> FUCK YEAH

[21:31] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 5-4-3.....................

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bobby, I don't know if I can hold in a lie!

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] * Greeling|LingYao blinks

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <+JoanCallamezzo> These Hawaiian traditions are awfully strange!

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] <@DraHosting> x

[21:31] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[21:31] <+Bob_and_Linda> Linda, don't tell them who you voted...

[21:31] <@DraHosting> Connor.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> You have been cancelled.

[21:31] <+PrincessPin> (there are 13 people)

[21:31] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[21:31] <+ConnorWalsh> Damnit

[21:31] <+Bob_and_Linda> OH MY GOD CONNOR, I'M SO SORRY!

[21:31] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[21:31] <+Greeling|Greed> Mwahaha

[21:31] <+Bob_and_Linda> I VOTED YOU OUT!

[21:31] <+Greeling|Greed> Bwahahaha

[21:31] <+MysticSnake> (The VIP doesn't vote @Pin)

[21:31] * Greeling|Greed cackles maniacally

[21:31] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, Connor I am so sad...

[21:31] <+Bob_and_Linda> LIN, WHAT THE HELL?

[21:31] <+PrincessPin> Wait, CONNOR!

[21:31] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo, welcome to Pawnee Today!


[21:31] * PrincessPin runs to Connor

[21:32] <+ConnorWalsh> Yea?

[21:32] <+PrincessPin> Take this...

[21:32] <+Greeling|Greed> So how does this work?

[21:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Today we're back on the Hawaiian nature show scene, where it appears that I have...received "votes!"

[21:32] * PrincessPin places necklace in Connor's hand

[21:32] <+Bob_and_Linda> The guild is too much!

[21:32] <+Bob_and_Linda> #GreedandDimmadomes 

[21:32] == mode/#TVStars [-v ConnorWalsh] by DraHosting

[21:32] <+Bob_and_Linda> they told me to!

[21:32] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yeah git the fuck outta here bro.  Dats what ya get for pushin you damn dick in my fuckin face

[21:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> These Hawaiian traditions sure are unique, everyone!

[21:32] <ConnorWalsh> Aww

[21:32] <+PrincessPin> It represents luck, please keep it! <3

[21:32] <+RonStoppable> Hey, Connor, bro! Have some coupons to Bueno Nacho.

[21:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[21:32] <+Greeling|Greed> Do w--

[21:32] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~


[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> (CONF): I feel so bad but I couldn't contain it! 

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> DESERTERS

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> BOB AND LINDA

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> Greed, wait

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> TRAITORS

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> Let's talk about this.

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> NO ONE BETRAYS ME

[21:33] <+RonStoppable> Going to go get some snackage...

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> Linda didn't mean to.

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> NOT MY OWN POSSESSIONS

[21:33] <+PrincessPin> (CONF): Do I feel bad? Yes. But am I happy I stayed? Yes. :)

[21:33] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU BELONG TO ME

[21:33] == ConnorWalsh [uid59094@gateway/web/] has left #TVStars []

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh no!

[21:33] * Greeling|Greed CHARGES AFTER bOB AND lINDA

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> AHHh!

[21:33] <+MysticSnake> Who even was that?

[21:33] * Bob_and_Linda run away.

[21:33] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: geugeos-eun ohilyeo seulpeossda.

[21:33] * Greeling|Greed tackles Linda to ground

[21:33] <+conspiracywalnut> ( (~o~) )

[21:33] <+Bob_and_Linda> Get off my wife!

[21:34] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bawby, help!

[21:34] <+Greeling|Greed> Now, how shall you blood be spilt?

[21:34] * Bob_and_Linda slaps Greed

[21:34] * Greeling|Greed knocks Bob in the head

[21:34] <+conspiracywalnut> lol wtf even?? *smokes w34d*

[21:34] <+ReedKelly> Tweet: Hey Tweeters! <3 Having a blast on TV Stars! <3 Miss my Josh so much but so lucky to be apart of such an amazingg cast.. Of course not as ensemble as SPIDERMAN!! <3 XOXOX BYE

[21:34] <+Bob_and_Linda> Isn't this like, against the rules or something?

[21:34] <+ReedKelly> BIG SMILES

[21:34] * Greeling|Greed raises fist above Linda

[21:34] * ZaynMcEnroe punches Greeling Greed

[21:34] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fuck off you punk

[21:34] * Bob_and_Linda punches Greed

[21:34] <+LadyRainicorn> Aya, poglyeog-eun pil-yohaji anhseubnida.

[21:34] <+Greeling|Greed> Ack!

[21:34] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[21:34] <+MysticSnake> I tried to use Twitter once.

[21:34] <+Bob_and_Linda> Huh?

[21:34] * DougDimmadome brings in crane

[21:34] * Greeling|LingYao falls over in exhaustion

[21:34] <+MysticSnake> But then I realized I have no thumbs.

[21:34] <+DougDimmadome> TIME TO BUILD A DIMMADOME

[21:34] <+Greeling|LingYao> Ow...

[21:35] <+LadyRainicorn> Ui neun pyeonghwaleul jikija. Eotteohge geim-e daehae?

[21:35] * Greeling|LingYao sits up and rubs his head

[21:35] <+conspiracywalnut> Woah!

[21:35] <+Greeling|LingYao> what happened?

[21:35] <+PrincessPin> That's sweet!

[21:35] <+conspiracywalnut> Guys, chill

[21:35] * DougDimmadome slams concrete and  steel into Zayn

[21:35] <+ZaynMcEnroe> No dude hits a damn lady

[21:35] <+PrincessPin> I love to see love blossom! <3 @Reed

[21:35] <+conspiracywalnut> Here, come on, smoke a lil

[21:35] <+PrincessPin> Is your BF Jerry doing good? 

[21:35] <+conspiracywalnut> It'll calm the nerves, and open

[21:35] <+Greeling|LingYao> Wait @Zayn

[21:35] <+Greeling|LingYao> do you mean

[21:35] <+conspiracywalnut> the mind...

[21:35] <+Bob_and_Linda> Zayn, you're my hero!

[21:35] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[21:35] <+ReedKelly> Okay, guys.

[21:35] * Bob_and_Linda hugs Zayn

[21:35] <+ReedKelly> Let's all calm down NOW.

[21:35] <+Greeling|LingYao> Greed attacked you? @Linda


[21:35] <+Bob_and_Linda> Who made you boss? @Reed

[21:35] <+JoanCallamezzo> Yes, I AM interviewing the two CULT MEMBERS behind the 2014 Hawaiian Cultgate.

[21:35] <+ZaynMcEnroe> You just tried to hit this damn lady

[21:35] <+Bob_and_Linda> Um, yes, YOU attacked my wife.

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> N-no!

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> I can explain

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> (CONF): Since I was on Broadway, I know how important it is to have stage presence and how bad it looks if you look like crap on camera. They can thank me later.

[21:36] * Bob_and_Linda are confused.

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> I didn't attack your wife

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> Uh..

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> You ATTACKED a woman?

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> It's a long story

[21:36] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Uh yeah, ya did

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> That is SO not okay.

[21:36] <+Bob_and_Linda> Yes, he attacked Linda.

[21:36] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bawby, guys,

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> No, you see

[21:36] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'm fine.

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> Like if it was a woman attacking a man, then go ahead hunny

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> Now I know htis is hard to believe

[21:36] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles through it all <3

[21:36] <+Bob_and_Linda> Let's be forgivful!

[21:36] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, my pants are on fire! *pats at imaginary flames* *shrieks and cries* *takes off clothes*

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> but we're two souls

[21:36] <+MysticSnake> I would smile.

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> in one body

[21:36] <+MysticSnake> But I am unable to.

[21:36] <+conspiracywalnut> That was close!

[21:36] <+PrincessPin> I believe that all genders are equal.

[21:36] <+MysticSnake> Since I am a snake.

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> It's kind of simple once you realize

[21:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> ^^;

[21:36] <+MysticSnake> :/

[21:36] <+RonStoppable> As my friend KP always said, so not the drama, man!

[21:36] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and welcome back to Pawnee Today.  Two native Hawaiian tribesmen, Greed and Doug have recently been caught in a CULT SACRIFICE SCANDAL!

[21:37] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, I just got a twat message from my father! :o

[21:37] <+DougDimmadome> it sucks.

[21:37] * PrincessPin opens twat message

[21:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> According to Doug, Greed came to him and threatened DEATH if he didn't join the secret, elusive cult.

[21:37] <+PrincessPin> Oh gosh...

[21:37] <+LadyRainicorn> A mullon i jaemiissda. Geunyang anj-aseo naega chucheug bol geos.

[21:37] * ReedKelly hugs Bob and Linda

[21:37] <@DraHosting> ~~ alarm calls everyone into the living room ~~

[21:37] <@DraHosting> Everyone

[21:37] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'm so sorry @Linda

[21:37] <@DraHosting> The TV Stars Producers have sent us a message

[21:37] * Greeling|LingYao buries head in hands

[21:37] <+ZaynMcEnroe> You off da hook for now fucker

[21:37] <+Greeling|LingYao> Oh my God...

[21:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> Violent, tragic events occurring behind the scenes at the Hawaiian nature studio.

[21:37] <+PrincessPin> It says, "I am ashamed of you... *sniff* and you're a failure!"

[21:37] <+PrincessPin> :(

[21:37] <+LadyRainicorn> Eum a geulsse.

[21:37] <+LadyRainicorn> An-nyeong!

[21:37] <+PrincessPin> Oh, Okay...

[21:38] <+RonStoppable> AHH!

[21:38] * RonStoppable trips and falls due to the alarm.

[21:38] == MysteriousVoice [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> celebrities.

[21:38] <+LadyRainicorn> annyeonghaseyo gongju!

[21:38] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hey yo princess, don't listen to him

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> I do not know you

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> And you do not know me.

[21:38] <+AudreyJackson> *walks calmly into the room*

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> But I am secretly one of you.

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> I am a member of the Paparazzi.

[21:38] <+PrincessPin> My father, King Tin controls me...

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> And soon

[21:38] <+RonStoppable> Talk about creepy.

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> Your darkest secrets will be unleashed into the house.

[21:38] <+PrincessPin> I am but a prisoner in a almigthy castle that I call home.

[21:38] <MysteriousVoice> You have been WARNED.

[21:38] <+LadyRainicorn> A! geuge yulyeong inga? :O

[21:38] <+AudreyJackson> I don't have any secrets.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> The Paparazzi twist is now unleashed onto the house.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> One celebrity among you will have a different goal than the rest.

[21:38] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Well then here's my message to yo dad

[21:39] <+MysticSnake> I have no secrets.

[21:39] <@DraHosting> The Paparazzi is now being selected.

[21:39] <+MysticSnake> I openly admit to being a venomous snake.

[21:39] <+MysticSnake> Literally.

[21:39] <+LadyRainicorn> geuleom geu heungmi lobgun-yo. :[

[21:39] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, I already know the secrets of the world

[21:39] * ZaynMcEnroe flips off the nearest camera

[21:39] <+conspiracywalnut> I can't keep my own

[21:39] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fuck off you tyrant

[21:39] <+PrincessPin> Paparazzi?

[21:39] <+conspiracywalnut> Yeah! You go brother! Fight the man!

[21:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> It seems like Greed and LingYao are just different PERSONALITIES living in the same HEAD!

[21:39] <+PrincessPin> (CONF): The media is a dreadful place, full of lies and deceit.

[21:39] <+LadyRainicorn> i hodu neun nugu-ibnikka?

[21:39] <+PrincessPin> You know who else is full of that? King Tin, my father of course.

[21:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo reporting for Pawnee Today, and it looks like the Hawiian Cult members have amongst themselves...

[21:40] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: Ige deo joh-a?


[21:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OOOOO

[21:40] <+conspiracywalnut> yeong-eo dangsin-i segseu iyagi @Lady Rainicorn

[21:40] <+PrincessPin> Hmm, so how exactly do you do this reporting thing...

[21:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> First we have Linda the alcoholic mess...

[21:40] <+PrincessPin> Hello, I am Princess Pin, and I report that I am thirsty!

[21:40] == Bob_and_Linda [] has quit [Ping timeout: 250 seconds]

[21:40] <+PrincessPin> Was that good? :o

[21:41] <+LadyRainicorn> nan dangsin-i neomu hangug-eoleul hal su issseubnida chamjohasibsio. joh-eun chinguga issseubnida.

[21:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> then Doug is revealed to have been given DEATH THREATS if he didn't agree to joining the SECRET SACRIFICIAL SATANIST CULT....

[21:41] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Amazing Princess *claps*

[21:41] <@DraHosting> setting up the VIP

[21:41] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly yay! 

[21:41] == MysteriousVoice [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[21:41] <+PrincessPin> Thank you dearly Zayn!

[21:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> and then mental patients! :^O

[21:41] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo you welcome ma'am

[21:41] == Bob_and_Linda [] has joined #TVStars

[21:42] <Bob_and_Linda> We're BACK!!

[21:42] == mode/#TVStars [+v Bob_and_Linda] by DraHosting

[21:42] <+Bob_and_Linda> Ugh, sorry.

[21:42] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a, haeng-un pati juneun geugeos-eul seoljeong.

[21:42] <+Bob_and_Linda> What's going on

[21:42] * RonStoppable gets back up after lying on the floor for a bit.

[21:42] <+PrincessPin> (CONF): I aspire to be a sassy Princess! ;)

[21:42] <+PrincessPin> Lady, your shoes are ugly! Bwahahaha!

[21:43] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'll win VIP

[21:43] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'll redeem myself

[21:43] * PrincessPin struts away feeling sassy

[21:43] <+conspiracywalnut> She's a horse, man she isn't wearing shoes

[21:43] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'll

[21:43] * ZaynMcEnroe whistles as Princess walks away

[21:43] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> Awkward silence!

[21:44] <+LadyRainicorn> gongju geugeos-eul jagdonghabnida!

[21:44] <@DraHosting> CELEBRITIES

[21:44] <@DraHosting> GATHER AROUND.

[21:44] <+Bob_and_Linda> We should...

[21:44] <+Bob_and_Linda> SING A SONG!!!

[21:44] <+RonStoppable> Did someone say AWKWARD?!

[21:44] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh.

[21:44] <+Bob_and_Linda> Okay.

[21:44] <+JoanCallamezzo> I guess it's time for a segment on the MENTAL HOSPITAL that appears to be the GREED DIMMADOME CULT!

[21:44] * RonStoppable jumps up and smiles.

[21:44] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo

[21:44] <+PrincessPin> You do know, my father indeed has a lot of power!

[21:44] <@DraHosting> This season of TV Stars

[21:44] <+PrincessPin> Laughing at me, oh boy... would be a BIG mistake!

[21:44] <@DraHosting> Challenges have gotten just a liiitttlleee bit easier.

[21:44] <@DraHosting> Here is how it works.

[21:44] <@DraHosting> I'm going to tell you your initial task

[21:44] <@DraHosting> You must complete that task and then PM me for confirmation.

[21:44] <@DraHosting> You will then go to another room, called the Gossip Task.

[21:44] <@DraHosting> There is trivia IN THE TOPIC.

[21:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> Gossip?

[21:45] <@DraHosting> You must find out what that trivia is referring to and PM me the answer.

[21:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh, sounds like my specialty!

[21:45] <@DraHosting> Once done, you will get a third task which is a puzzle.

[21:45] <+Bob_and_Linda> I'm confused.

[21:45] <@DraHosting> There is no screenshotting required in this game

[21:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> This will be super easy to report on, if you know what I mean!

[21:45] <@DraHosting> You just have to find out what I'm asking for and tell me that

[21:45] <+ZaynMcEnroe> She's got a damn point yo, ya don't mess with a princess

[21:45] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:45] <+RonStoppable> My head hurts..

[21:45] <@DraHosting> It's easier in practice.

[21:45] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[21:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm making these comments because the Hawaiian tribesmen have announced that the PAPARAZZI are coming!

[21:45] <@DraHosting> FOR THE INITIAL TASK

[21:46] <@DraHosting> Here in Honolulu

[21:46] <@DraHosting> The Great Aloha Run is held specifically for us.

[21:46] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a, byeonhwaleul-wihan swiun mwonga. i jaemi iss-eoyahanda. <3

[21:46] <@DraHosting> You must complete 5 laps of the race.

[21:46] <@DraHosting> Meaning you post *runs the Aloha Run lap #* until you reach 5

[21:46] <@DraHosting> then PM me.

[21:46] <@DraHosting> 3

[21:46] <@DraHosting> 2

[21:46] <@DraHosting> 1

[21:46] <@DraHosting> GO

[21:46] <+RonStoppable> Sports, fun.

[21:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> *runs the Aloha Run lap 1*

[21:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> *runs the Aloha Run lap 2*

[21:46] <+DougDimmadome> *runs the aloha run lap 1*

[21:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> *runs the Aloha Run lap 3*

[21:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> *runs the Aloha Run lap 4*

[21:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> *runs the Aloha Run lap 5*

[21:46] <+DougDimmadome> *runs the aloha run lap 2*

[21:46] <+PrincessPin> *Runs the aloha run lap 1

[21:46] <+MysticSnake> *runs the Aloha lap 1*

[21:46] <+DougDimmadome> *runs the aloha run lap 3*

[21:46] <+AudreyJackson> *runs the Aloha Run lap 1*

[21:46] <+AudreyJackson> *runs the Aloha Run lap 2*

[21:46] <+conspiracywalnut> *runs Aloha Run Lap 1*

[21:46] <+PrincessPin> *Runs the aloha run lap 2

[21:46] <+MysticSnake> *runs the Aloha lap 2*

[21:46] <+AudreyJackson> *runs the Aloha Run lap 3*

[21:46] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bobby, you run

[21:46] <+DougDimmadome> *runs the aloha run lap 4*

[21:46] <+conspiracywalnut> *runs Aloha Run Lap 2*

[21:46] <+AudreyJackson> *runs the Aloha Run lap 4*

[21:46] <+RonStoppable> *runs the Aloha Run lap 1*

[21:46] <+MysticSnake> *runs the Aloha lap 3*

[21:46] <+AudreyJackson> *runs the Aloha Run lap 5*

[21:46] <+RonStoppable> *runs the Aloha Run lap 2*

[21:46] <+MysticSnake> *runs the Aloha lap 4*

[21:46] <+Bob_and_Linda> I don't feel like it.

[21:46] <+conspiracywalnut> *runs Aloha Run Lap 3*

[21:46] <+PrincessPin> *Runs the aloha run lap 3

[21:46] <+DougDimmadome> *runs the aloha run lap 5*

[21:46] <+MysticSnake> *runs the Aloha lap 5*

[21:46] <+RonStoppable> *runs the Aloha Run lap 3*

[21:46] <+Bob_and_Linda> Ugh okay

[21:46] <+PrincessPin> *Runs the aloha run lap 4

[21:46] <+conspiracywalnut> *runs Aloha Run Lap 4*

[21:46] * Greeling|Greed sits out

[21:46] <+RonStoppable> *runs the Aloha Run lap 4*

[21:46] <+PrincessPin> *Runs the aloha run lap 5

[21:46] <+conspiracywalnut> *runs Aloha Run Lap 5*

[21:47] <+Bob_and_Linda> *runs the Aloha Run Lap 1*

[21:47] <+RonStoppable> *runs the Aloha Run lap 5*

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *runs the aloha lap 1*

[21:47] <+Greeling|Greed> No thanks, running's not my thing

[21:47] <+LadyRainicorn> *runs the Aloha run lap 1*

[21:47] <+Bob_and_Linda> *runs the Aloha Run Lap 2*

[21:47] <+LadyRainicorn> *runs the Aloha run lap 2*

[21:47] <+LadyRainicorn> *runs the Aloha run lap 3*

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *runs the aloha lap 2*

[21:47] <+Bob_and_Linda> *runs the Aloha Run--

[21:47] <+LadyRainicorn> *runs the Aloha run lap 4*

[21:47] * Bob_and_Linda falls

[21:47] <+LadyRainicorn> *runs the Aloha run lap 5*

[21:47] <+Bob_and_Linda> Ugh..

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *runs the aloha lap 3*

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *runs the aloha lap 4*

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *runs the aloha lap 5*

[21:47] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Damn slow as fuck genes

[21:47] <@DraHosting> oh wait I forgot to mention

[21:47] <@DraHosting> Audrey

[21:47] <@DraHosting> as an outgoing VIP

[21:47] <@DraHosting> you cannot compete

[21:47] <@DraHosting> oops

[21:48] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dammit dad, you fat fuck

[21:48] == Spec_ [2f105901@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:48] <+PrincessPin> Oh that's not very positive... @Zayn

[21:48] <+Greeling|Greed> You're actign like you have my dad @Zayn

[21:49] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: Naega tonghae bihaeng han su issdamyeon a, naega gajin geos-ibnida!

[21:49] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: jeikeu neun eolin-i leul cheoli hal su issgileul balabnida.

[21:49] <@DraHosting> Mystic Snake almost has it.

[21:50] <@DraHosting> MYSTIC SNAKE

[21:50] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[21:50] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[21:50] * ReedKelly wakes up in bed.

[21:50] <+ReedKelly> Oh well.

[21:50] <+ReedKelly> Hello.

[21:50] * Greeling|Greed claps slowly

[21:50] <+Greeling|Greed> Congratulations

[21:50] <+PrincessPin> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

[21:50] <+PrincessPin> <3

[21:50] * MysticSnake shrugs smugly

[21:50] <+LadyRainicorn> Geulae, soljighi, nan jeongmal geuleul bogo sip-eo hajiman, hwolssin deo naega hal su-issneun il i anida. imi dojeon eseo bakk-eulo pigon haeyo. Da-eum sigan naneun paebaeleul boyeo anhseubnida... hajiman naega neomu pigon haeyo ibeon-eneun ihu gyesog.

[21:50] <+MysticSnake> As it should be.

[21:50] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I don't mean to rag on my pops, but when you literally feed your kid fudge as a lunch... there ain't something right there yo

[21:50] <@DraHosting> I would like to call your attention to something else

[21:51] <+PrincessPin> I am indeed quite prouf of you! @Snake

[21:51] <+RonStoppable> Good job! I totally lost, though. 

[21:51] * DraHosting gathers everyone in front of a large tank

[21:51] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-eun jigjang ssi. baem !

[21:51] == BookaSeal [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:51] <BookaSeal> BOOKORF ORF :3

[21:51] <+RonStoppable> Aw, he's so cute!

[21:51] <@DraHosting> We could not afford another Booka Bear this season

[21:51] <@DraHosting> BUT

[21:51] <@DraHosting> We did find a wild Booka SEAL

[21:51] <@DraHosting> And he's yours for the keeping.

[21:51] <+conspiracywalnut> (YAS)

[21:51] <Spec_> (gay @it having the same name as last season)

[21:51] <@DraHosting> You may name the Booka Seal

[21:51] <+PrincessPin> Seals are the sacred animals in my nation!

[21:51] <+JoanCallamezzo> I propose we name it Joan Callamezzo!

[21:52] <+RonStoppable> Why isn't he a naked mole rat? ... Roofus...

[21:52] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, I am full of excitement!

[21:52] <@DraHosting> MVP son

[21:52] * RonStoppable starts to tear up a bit.

[21:52] <@DraHosting> swoon*

[21:52] <+conspiracywalnut> Let's name it Richard Nixon!

[21:52] <@DraHosting> soon* me

[21:52] <+Greeling|Greed> Pandas

[21:52] <+ZaynMcEnroe> He's cute yo

[21:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> After me, Joan Callamezzo, host of Pawnee Today!

[21:52] <+PrincessPin> I'm going to name him...

[21:52] <+conspiracywalnut> Richard Nixon was the most secretive president

[21:52] <+PrincessPin> Mohammed the Seal! :)

[21:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, back on the scene in the filming of a Hawaiian nature program.

[21:52] <+RonStoppable> How about.

[21:52] <+conspiracywalnut> He was also the biggest dick

[21:52] * Greeling|Greed bursts out laughing

[21:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> This segment appears to be focused on a new species of seal that was JUST DISCOVERED!

[21:52] <+Greeling|Greed> After one of those fucking dead religioins?

[21:52] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-eun ileum-eul seontaeg!

[21:52] <+conspiracywalnut> We can have this little dickhead hide our secrets and resign from office

[21:52] <+Greeling|Greed> HA! That's rich!

[21:52] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Great name princess, fit em well

[21:52] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles * @PrincessPin

[21:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Who am I kidding, this makes awful TV.

[21:52] <+Greeling|Greed> You people are ridiculous

[21:52] * JoanCallamezzo turns to Greed

[21:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> GREED!

[21:52] <+PrincessPin> Giggle? 


[21:53] <+conspiracywalnut> Everyone agrees on Richard Nixon, man.

[21:53] * Greeling|Greed glares at Joan

[21:53] <+MysticSnake> (conf) Seals and I tend not to get along. Aquatic animals are always the most entitled.

[21:53] <+conspiracywalnut> *hits blunt*

[21:53] <+Greeling|Greed> what do you want, dumb broad?

[21:53] <+PrincessPin> Mohammed is the name of my fallen uncle who thought for women's rights...

[21:53] <+LadyRainicorn> naneun hwagsilhi algo issseubnida. bilog daleun gijun eul sayonghaji moshal sudo issseubnida. :)

[21:53] <+JoanCallamezzo> Did your other personality tell you about your UNTREATED DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER?

[21:53] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:53] * ZaynMcEnroe shoots a death glare at Greed

[21:53] <+PrincessPin> Do you still giggle? -.-

[21:53] <+JoanCallamezzo> How many other personalities do you have running around in your head?

[21:53] <@DraHosting> MVP vote time

[21:53] <+JoanCallamezzo> How's your SATANIST CULT?

[21:53] * Greeling|Greed slaps Joan's microhpone out of her hands 

[21:53] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Make fun of the princess one more time bro

[21:53] <+JoanCallamezzo> Just WHO is the REAL Greed?

[21:53] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, women don't exist

[21:53] <+conspiracywalnut> You're either a human or an alien

[21:53] <+Greeling|Greed> I'm the only Greed here, woman

[21:53] <+conspiracywalnut> man

[21:53] * BookaSeal waddles up to Greeling

[21:53] * BookaSeal hugs Greeling

[21:53] <+Greeling|Greed> that prince boy has nothing on me

[21:53] <BookaSeal> BOOKORF C:

[21:54] <+MysticSnake> I dunno, maybe the lady exploiting the rest of us for her own personal gain? @Joan

[21:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, and what is your response about the allegations that you THREATENED DEATH TO DOUG if he didn't join your SATANIC CULT?

[21:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OO

[21:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> The people want to know!

[21:54] <+PrincessPin> Hello Mohammed! @Seal

[21:54] <+RonStoppable> How about BookaRoofus? 

[21:54] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:54] <+Bob_and_Linda> Aw, a seal!

[21:54] <+PrincessPin> How is my blessed animal friend? <3

[21:54] <+Bob_and_Linda> How cute!

[21:54] <+conspiracywalnut> *hugs Richard Nixon seal*

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> I welcome them

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> Hey, Joan

[21:54] <+Bob_and_Linda> I mean, I guess.

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> If you're so interested in me

[21:54] <+PrincessPin> His name is Mohammed... @Linda

[21:54] <+conspiracywalnut> Watergate, *giggles uncontrolably*

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> how about we find a private room

[21:54] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Cute bastard

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> and I can show you your own greed

[21:54] <+Greeling|Greed> with this ripped body?

[21:54] <@DraHosting> BOOKA SEAL

[21:54] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[21:54] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!

[21:54] * Greeling|Greed smirks evilly

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:54] <BookaSeal> ORF ORF ORF :33333

[21:55] * Bob_and_Linda claps

[21:55] <@DraHosting> Fortunately

[21:55] <+Bob_and_Linda> Alright, BookaSeal!

[21:55] <@DraHosting> You cannot be voted out

[21:55] <+conspiracywalnut> Richard Nixon, did you fix the polls again?

[21:55] <@DraHosting> So you have to give it to someone else.

[21:55] <@DraHosting> Who will it be, Booka Seal?

[21:55] <+RonStoppable> Nice, man!

[21:55] * BookaSeal waddles to....

[21:55] <+Greeling|Greed> Me

[21:55] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Give it to the Princess yo

[21:55] * Greeling|Greed smirks

[21:55] * BookaSeal waddles to Reed

[21:55] <BookaSeal> ORF :3

[21:55] <+LadyRainicorn> O. naneun hwagsilhi geugeos-eul sipseubnida. ^ _ ^

[21:55] <+MysticSnake> America seems to agree that something that can't talk is preferable to the rest of us.

[21:55] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[21:55] * Greeling|Greed jaw drops

[21:55] <@DraHosting> Reed

[21:55] <+RonStoppable> Show me some Booka love!

[21:55] <@DraHosting> Congratulations

[21:55] <+Greeling|Greed> Why you little INFIDEL

[21:55] <@DraHosting> You're the MVP for the week.

[21:55] <+conspiracywalnut> Richard Nixon always had a passion for the arts

[21:55] <+JoanCallamezzo> It looks like Reed, aside from being a CARBLOADER, is able to TALK TO ANIMALS!

[21:55] <@DraHosting> What is the Booka Seal's name?

[21:55] <+conspiracywalnut> He was an actor the whole time

[21:55] <+conspiracywalnut> There is no REAL Richard Nixon

[21:55] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed is clearly a supporter of AVID BESTIALITY! 

[21:56] <+RonStoppable> Reed's alright, so I guess it's fine.

[21:56] <+conspiracywalnut> THere are 70 RIchard Nixons

[21:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, what are your opinions on this SHOCKING relevation?

[21:56] <+LadyRainicorn> Geuleom singyeong kkeusi go da-eum. jal haess-eo lideu !

[21:56] <+conspiracywalnut> and all of them are going to hell some day

[21:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> revelation*

[21:56] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with microphone

[21:56] <+Bob_and_Linda> Let's name him Tina!!!

[21:56] <+RonStoppable> BookaRoofus?

[21:56] <+RonStoppable> Booka?

[21:56] <@DraHosting> 1 vote RichardNixon

[21:56] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Roofus

[21:56] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Tina

[21:56] * RonStoppable sighs.

[21:56] <+RonStoppable> BookaPossible? 

[21:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Ladies and gentlemen, it appears that Reed Kelly is simply TOO SHOCKED about his BESTIALITY SCANDAL coming out to respond!

[21:56] <+LadyRainicorn> ulineun geu ileum-eul jijeonghaeya....

[21:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> I vote to name the seal Joan Callamezzo, named after me - Joan Callamezzo - host of Pawnee Today! @Dra

[21:57] <+MysticSnake> I suggest we name him Lunch.

[21:57] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I vote for RickRoss

[21:57] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Joan

[21:57] <+PrincessPin> Mohammed

[21:57] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Lunch

[21:57] <+LadyRainicorn> Jibang Salam!

[21:57] <@DraHosting> 1 vote RickRoss

[21:57] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Mohammed

[21:57] <@DraHosting> looks like I get to pick the name

[21:57] <+AudreyJackson> I'll vote Lunch as well.

[21:57] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Actually change that to Mohammed

[21:57] <+PrincessPin> I would like to name him after my fallen uncle who died fighting for women's rights...

[21:57] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I like Mohammed better

[21:57] <+LadyRainicorn> Jibang Salam!

[21:57] <+Greeling|Greed> I vote joan

[21:57] <+DougDimmadome> richard nixon

[21:57] <+Bob_and_Linda> Aw how sad. I'm choked up.

[21:57] <+Bob_and_Linda> @Princess

[21:57] <+ReedKelly> Mohammed?

[21:57] * Bob_and_Linda sheds a tear.

[21:57] <+DougDimmadome> i vote RICHARD NIXON

[21:57] <+ReedKelly> Um, I think the only answer here is CHRIST.

[21:57] <+LadyRainicorn> Singyeong kkeusi go, jeikeu eul gidalibnida. ^_^

[21:57] <+PrincessPin> It's okay, he made quite the difference in my nation.

[21:57] <@DraHosting> do not send in votes

[21:58] <+ReedKelly> Although I am currently suing him for character assassination and defamation of the gays :|

[21:58] <+Bob_and_Linda> Good thing we didn't.

[21:58] <@DraHosting> The name will be......

[21:58] <+DougDimmadome> RICHARD NIXON

[21:58] <+MysticSnake> Why not keep in tradition and name him Roofus Tina Rick Mohammed Lunch Nixon-Possible?

[21:58] <@DraHosting> Mohammed

[21:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Joan Callamezzo! :^D

[21:58] <+PrincessPin> But then my godawful father came into power, after he assacinated his brother Gung.

[21:58] <@DraHosting> in honor of PrincessPin's fallen uncle

[21:58] <@DraHosting> :(

[21:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Aw, man

[21:58] <+LadyRainicorn> geu ileum

[21:58] <@DraHosting> o

[21:58] <+Bob_and_Linda> Cool.

[21:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, Richard Nixon is dead too

[21:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...  That's unfortunate, you had such an impeccable name choice.

[21:58] <+PrincessPin> And he ruined all the effort my uncle made...

[21:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, well.

[21:58] <+LadyRainicorn> Jeikeu.

[21:58] == BookaSeal has changed nick to MohammedBookaSea

[21:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> The Hawaiians must have terrible taste!

[21:58] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[21:58] <MohammedBookaSea> orf...

[21:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi, it's okay

[21:58] <+LadyRainicorn> Naneun jeikeu leul geuliwo </3

[21:58] <+Greeling|Greed> Hm

[21:58] <@DraHosting> ~~ Elimination ~~

[21:58] <+Greeling|Greed> I like you @Joan

[21:58] <@DraHosting> Send in votes

[21:59] <+conspiracywalnut> One Richard Nixon was probably muslim

[21:59] <@DraHosting> You cannot vote for Reed or MagicSnake.

[21:59] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Your Uncle sounds like he was a great man... and your dad sounds like a peice of trash

[21:59] <+ReedKelly> Aw, thanks Booka! <3

[21:59] <+ReedKelly> So sweet #bigsmiles :d

[21:59] <+conspiracywalnut> Wow, way to kill the mood Pen.

[21:59] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[22:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Y'all ever see that show Storage Wars?

[22:00] <+Greeling|Greed> Hm

[22:00] <+Greeling|Greed> The prince boy hasn't spoken in a while

[22:00] <+Greeling|Greed> I wonder what that little twerp is up to...

[22:00] <+ReedKelly> No I'm right here, Greed! <3

[22:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Man one time I got drunk and slept in an auction house but then they were like "put on some clothes" so then I had to take their TV 

[22:00] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:00] <+Greeling|Greed> Oh hey, if it isn't Lust

[22:00] <+Greeling|Greed> How ya doin'?

[22:00] <TVStarsNews> Hey folks!

[22:00] <TVStarsNews> Sorry for the late report.

[22:00] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:00] <+Bob_and_Linda> News, alright!

[22:00] <+JoanCallamezzo> Greed, I've got some intense questions!

[22:00] <TVStarsNews> We just got word from the TV Stars Paparazzi that....

[22:00] <+Bob_and_Linda> oop

[22:00] <TVStarsNews> Hold on...

[22:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> News, alright!

[22:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> Huh, what's this?

[22:01] <TVStarsNews> Princess Pin thinks that Audrey is ugly!??!?!?!

[22:01] <+RonStoppable> News, really?

[22:01] <+AudreyJackson> That isn't news.

[22:01] <TVStarsNews> And that...

[22:01] <TVStarsNews> Mystic Snake wants to eat Joan alive!?

[22:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> Scandulous!

[22:01] <+LadyRainicorn> Ui yeong-wonhi babo haja! Hangsang! 

[22:01] <TVStarsNews> These are some psycho contestants!

[22:01] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles *

[22:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> This reminds me of my high school years!

[22:01] <+MysticSnake> I'm a snake.

[22:01] <TVStarsNews> That's all for this episode of the TV Stars News!

[22:01] <+Bob_and_Linda> I was a HUGE gossiper!

[22:01] <+MysticSnake> What were you expecting?

[22:01] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:01] <+JoanCallamezzo> How can you SHOW YOUR FACE after the allegations that you were threatening to KILL Doug if he didn't join the SATANIST CULT?

[22:01] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpice

[22:01] <+JoanCallamezzo> piece*

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> Wow, breaking news, everyone!

[22:02] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, let the snake be

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> There's a talking snake out here in Hawaii who apparently want to eat me alive :^O

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> This technically isn't my face

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> and besides

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> I didn't know that Hawaii had such MUTANT and HOSTILE wildlife!

[22:02] <@DraHosting> ReedKelly

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> I love to take what's rightfully mine

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, whose face is it?

[22:02] <@DraHosting> RonStoppable

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> everything

[22:02] <@DraHosting> vote

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> every Doug's life

[22:02] <+ReedKelly> I'm MVP??

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> After all, your UNTREATED DISSOCIATIVE IDENTITY DISORDER was revealed recently.

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> This face is that prince twerp's

[22:02] <+ReedKelly> So I can't vote?

[22:02] <+JoanCallamezzo> this the REAL Greed?

[22:02] <+ReedKelly> RighT?

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> Ling or something

[22:02] <+Greeling|Greed> he's a weakling

[22:02] <@DraHosting> you can vote

[22:02] <@DraHosting> the VIP cannot vote

[22:02] <@DraHosting> meaning mystic snake cannot

[22:03] <+ReedKelly> o

[22:03] <+Greeling|Greed> You tell me, Joan

[22:03] <+LadyRainicorn> Ttalaseo, dangsin-eun eotteohge TV byeol geos-ibnida malhal geos? Gongju neun i yocheong hadeogun-yo!

[22:03] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles *

[22:03] <+LadyRainicorn> @Dra

[22:03] <+PrincessPin> (Isn't he VIP?)

[22:03] * DraHosting walks in with a box of renewal slips

[22:03] * Bob_and_Linda is nervous.

[22:03] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Here we go againg bro

[22:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> Linda, keep yourself together.

[22:03] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, am I deeply worried...

[22:03] * PrincessPin bites nails

[22:03] * DraHosting passes renewal to Audrey

[22:03] <+Bob_and_Linda> We can't afford you to give this away again.

[22:03] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[22:03] * Greeling|Greed glares at Dra

[22:03] * DraHosting passes renewal to Ron

[22:03] <+Greeling|Greed> Ack@!

[22:03] * Bob_and_Linda bites her lip.

[22:03] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed

[22:04] <+LadyRainicorn> * hums *

[22:04] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hells yeah

[22:04] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to Lady

[22:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> Bawby, I can't...

[22:04] <+PrincessPin> :(

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to Greeling

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to Princess

[22:04] <+Greeling|LingYao> Ow...

[22:04] <+PrincessPin> Oh my...

[22:04] <+Greeling|LingYao> Finally, I'm back

[22:04] <+ReedKelly> Thanks, Dra! <3

[22:04] <+RonStoppable> Ha!

[22:04] <+JoanCallamezzo> I think I see yet another letter with MY name on it!

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to ConspiracyWalnut

[22:04] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles

[22:04] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[22:04] * RonStoppable starts dancing.

[22:04] <+PrincessPin> Finally fuck-Oh... I mean, golly yes! 

[22:04] <@DraHosting> Bob and Linda

[22:04] <+PrincessPin> :]

[22:04] <@DraHosting> DougDimmadome

[22:04] <@DraHosting> and Joan

[22:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> Oh no!!

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to Joan

[22:04] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Joan

[22:04] <+DougDimmadome> (Of Course)

[22:04] <@DraHosting> and finally

[22:04] <+Bob_and_Linda> JOAN I VOTED YOU!

[22:04] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 8-2-1.....

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <+DougDimmadome> lol

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] <@DraHosting> x

[22:04] * DraHosting passes renewal to.....

[22:05] * DraHosting passes renewal to DougDimmadome.

[22:05] <@DraHosting> Bob and Linda.

[22:05] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[22:05] <+RonStoppable> Aw, man!

[22:05] <+Bob_and_Linda> thank god this character sucked

[22:05] <+PrincessPin> Sorry...

[22:05] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[22:05] == Bob_and_Linda [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[22:05] * JoanCallamezzo tears up

[22:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> ...

[22:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> No

[22:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> Greed

[22:05] <+LadyRainicorn> Geugeos-eun modeun joh-eun, gongju. :(

[22:05] <+JoanCallamezzo> Linda, I hope you can get help with your MASSIVE ALCOHOL ADDICTION PROBLEM.

[22:05] <@DraHosting> me too @bob/linda

[22:05] <+Greeling|LingYao> i won't let Greed get away with this

[22:05] <+ReedKelly> Well, normally I would say goodbye but I wouldn't want the grease soaking into my pores... 

[22:05] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~


[22:08] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE THREE ~~

[22:08] <+JoanCallamezzo> You say that now, but what will Greed say when your SPLIT PERSONALITY takes over?

[22:08] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, isn't the world just beautiful! <3

[22:08] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[22:08] <+Greeling|LingYao> Oh, that would be a question for Greed

[22:08] * PrincessPin dances with butterflies

[22:08] <+Greeling|LingYao> but I can't let him have control right now

[22:08] <+PrincessPin> Would anyone like to join me? :)

[22:08] <+Greeling|LingYao> not after what he did...

[22:08] <+RonStoppable> Anyone hungry?

[22:08] <+LadyRainicorn> Moduege sin-ui chugbog. <33

[22:08] <+RonStoppable> Dancing? Heck yeah!

[22:09] <+LadyRainicorn> Salam-i gongjuwa I ui sajin-eul chwal-yeong sigessseubnikka?

[22:09] * RonStoppable joins PrincessPin and starts break dancing.

[22:09] <+LadyRainicorn> * hands camera over to Greeling *

[22:09] <+PrincessPin> Yes, dancing is the act of releasing the inner spirit of the soul! <3

[22:09] * RonStoppable stops on the floor in an awkward position.

[22:09] <+LadyRainicorn> * walks over to Princess *

[22:09] <+PrincessPin> Golly gosh, I love having such amazing friends!

[22:09] <+RonStoppable> This... hurts... help...

[22:09] <+ReedKelly> You guys!

[22:09] * ZaynMcEnroe helps Ron up

[22:10] <+LadyRainicorn> Joh-a, sajin-eul chwal-yeong! :D 

[22:10] <+ReedKelly> You can't dance without the Broadway Star! <3

[22:10] <+MysticSnake> I would like to dance.

[22:10] <+MysticSnake> But I am a snake.

[22:10] <+MysticSnake> I can only do the worm.

[22:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, can I ask you a few questions?

[22:10] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, Reed join me! :)

[22:10] <@DraHosting> Setting up the VIP now

[22:10] <+LadyRainicorn> o singyeong kkeusi go da-eum. :(

[22:10] <+PrincessPin> In my culture, the act of dancing is strictly forbidden!

[22:10] <+RonStoppable> Appreciate the help, Zayn.

[22:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> As a Hawaiian tribesman, how did you, as a human being, get into the whole BESTIALITY controversy?

[22:10] <+RonStoppable> You're a rapper, right?

[22:10] <+PrincessPin> Those doesn't stop my father from ordering strippers! -.-

[22:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Was it because you just cannot resist the appeal of adorable animals?

[22:10] <+LadyRainicorn> dangsin-eun sajin-eul jjig-eul geos-inga? @Joan

[22:10] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Everyone gets at least one bro

[22:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Or is there something more bottled up?

[22:10] <+LadyRainicorn> * hands camera to Joan *

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> Okay

[22:11] <+conspiracywalnut> *dances in only wearing a duck inner tube* Ey guys, I got that good shiiiit

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> Do you want to have the ultimate Broadway workout experience?

[22:11] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Screw that, dancing is an art man

[22:11] <+PrincessPin> But life is too short to complain about the opposite sex! :)

[22:11] <+RonStoppable> I have a rap that I use while making food.

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> It's a real BUTT-KICKER haha.

[22:11] <+LadyRainicorn> gongjuwa I ui sajin-eul chwal-yeong!

[22:11] <+LadyRainicorn> * strolls over to Princess *

[22:11] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Art should be allowed to thrive

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> I actually made a six-part exercise video called 

[22:11] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Like rap

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> Broadway Kelly: The Musical.

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> I sang a bit too.

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> :D

[22:11] * ZaynMcEnroe does the bernie

[22:11] <+RonStoppable> Fifty-eight, your order's great! Fifty-nine, you're lookin' fine! Sixty, um... your food's ready.

[22:11] <+ReedKelly> And by a bit, I mean the ENTIRE time! <3

[22:11] * ZaynMcEnroe does the duggie

[22:11] <+PrincessPin> I'm content with my femine body, thank you deary. @Reed

[22:12] <+LadyRainicorn> Geulsse, nan sajin-eul gidalibnida su issseubnida chucheug!

[22:12] <+RonStoppable> Whadaya think? @Zayn

[22:12] <+LadyRainicorn> O_O

[22:12] <@DraHosting> k

[22:12] <@DraHosting> The Hawaii Volcanoes National Park is a location of great volcanic history. Celebrities will need to scale the cliff tops and enter the park through the back.

[22:12] <@DraHosting> For this Fame Task

[22:12] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'm going to win this one

[22:12] <@DraHosting> You must post

[22:12] <+Greeling|LingYao> For--

[22:12] <@DraHosting> *climbs walls* 3 times

[22:12] <@DraHosting> and the *enters park*

[22:12] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|greed

[22:12] <@DraHosting> Simple

[22:12] <+JoanCallamezzo> It appears that one specific Hawaiian tribesman just can't stop speaking in Hawaiian tongues!

[22:12] <@DraHosting> once done you PM me

[22:12] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[22:13] <+Greeling|greed> Stay put, you dumbass

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> naneun il-eo nal su?

[22:13] <@DraHosting> 5

[22:13] <@DraHosting> 4

[22:13] <@DraHosting> 3

[22:13] <@DraHosting> 2

[22:13] <@DraHosting> 1

[22:13] <@DraHosting> GO

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+DougDimmadome> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+DougDimmadome> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+RonStoppable> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+DougDimmadome> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+RonStoppable> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+RonStoppable> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+JoanCallamezzo> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> *climbs walls*

[22:13] <+JoanCallamezzo> *climbs wall with cameras*

[22:13] <+JoanCallamezzo> *climbs wall with cameras*

[22:13] <+JoanCallamezzo> *climbs wall with cameras*

[22:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+DougDimmadome> *enters parlk*

[22:13] <+PrincessPin> enters park

[22:13] <+RonStoppable> *enters park*

[22:13] <+LadyRainicorn> *flies into park*

[22:13] <+JoanCallamezzo> *enters park*

[22:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *climbs wall*

[22:13] * RonStoppable sees his pants fall down the mountain.

[22:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *enters park*

[22:13] <+ReedKelly> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+ReedKelly> *climbs wall*

[22:13] <+ReedKelly> *climbs wall*

[22:14] * Greeling|greed sits down

[22:14] <+ReedKelly> *enters park*

[22:14] <+Greeling|greed> Why would anyone win a stupid challenge and give up their write to vote?

[22:14] <+Greeling|greed> i want to win

[22:14] <+conspiracywalnut> *wakes up*

[22:14] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh shit man what's going on

[22:14] <+Greeling|greed> But I want to send these people home even more

[22:14] <+PrincessPin> I get called a... (BLEEP), and a (BLEEP) but honestly... I'm so used to being verbally abused at home, that I have become used to this bullying! :(

[22:14] <+Greeling|greed> ...

[22:15] <+Greeling|greed> Pretty sure the Princess poo-poof fairy won

[22:15] <+LadyRainicorn> Nan molla! O_O

[22:15] <MohammedBookaSea> orf...

[22:15] * MohammedBookaSea hobbles around

[22:15] <+MysticSnake> (brb)

[22:15] <+LadyRainicorn> Naneun modeun geos-i god haegyeol doel geos-ibnida haeyo! ^_^

[22:15] <+conspiracywalnut> eoi , yeoja neun dangsin i nappeun museun mal-eul deudgo

[22:16] <+Greeling|greed> .

[22:16] <+Greeling|greed> .

[22:16] <+Greeling|greed> .

[22:16] <@DraHosting> Joan is closing in on the win.

[22:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> That's right! :^D

[22:16] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs wall*

[22:16] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs wall*

[22:16] <+AudreyJackson> *climbs wall*

[22:16] <+AudreyJackson> *enters park*

[22:16] <+PrincessPin> It's Pin, insult my name again and feel the wrath of my power! @Greed

[22:16] <+AudreyJackson> (forgot to enter park)

[22:16] <+LadyRainicorn> Eolmana heungmi hodu! 

[22:16] <+conspiracywalnut> dangsin-i yeoja eodiseo wassneunji eotteohge dangsin-ui insaeng-eul dol-awassda

[22:17] <@DraHosting> Joan almost has it...

[22:17] <+RonStoppable> Question, where did my pants go?

[22:17] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[22:17] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[22:17] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE TONIGHT'S VIP!!!

[22:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[22:17] <+LadyRainicorn> Ha geu meosjida. :D

[22:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> Thank you, everyone!!

[22:17] <+conspiracywalnut> angsin-eul wihae joh-eun appaga bulkkoch nol-i sagolo jasin-ui seong-gi leul ilh-eossda

[22:17] * JoanCallamezzo looks at cameras and smiles

[22:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> Did you get that?

[22:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[22:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, reporting for Pawnee Today!

[22:18] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo Greed, you mocking the damn Princess

[22:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> It appears that I have WON some kind of Hawaiian ritual!

[22:18] <@DraHosting> MVP vote soon.


[22:18] <+Greeling|greed> Hm

[22:18] <+Greeling|greed> Congrats, Joan

[22:18] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I swear I hear another word about her outta you mouth, and I put you through a wall

[22:18] * Greeling|greed smirks

[22:18] <+LadyRainicorn> joh-a nan gidalil su eobs-eo! ^_^

[22:18] <+Greeling|greed> Ack!

[22:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> I have NO idea what the citizens of Hawaii will give me as a reward.

[22:18] == Greeling|greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> As long as it's not induction to DOUG AND GREED'S SATANIST CULT, I think I'll be fine.

[22:19] * MohammedBookaSea hobbles around

[22:19] <+conspiracywalnut> dangsin-eun i salam eul deudgo ? mueos kiseu eongdeong-i

[22:19] <MohammedBookaSea> BOOK ORF :3

[22:19] <+PrincessPin> I'm not very good at these challenges...

[22:19] <MohammedBookaSea> Orf orf ORF

[22:19] <+Greeling|LingYao> You bastards!

[22:19] <+Greeling|LingYao> Save yourselves

[22:19] * MohammedBookaSea hugs PrincessPin

[22:19] <+Greeling|LingYao> Vote Greed out!

[22:19] <+PrincessPin> With the "googling" aspect, our men don't allow us to search the internet...

[22:19] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:19] <+Greeling|Greed> What the Hell does prince boy think he's doing?

[22:19] <+PrincessPin> However I have sneaked a peek at them last Thursday!

[22:19] <+PrincessPin> They were on some sight, hmm, I think I was?

[22:19] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:20] == MysticSnake [4ca46d66@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[22:20] * RonStoppable hands MohammedBookaSeal some nacos (nachos + tacos)

[22:20] * PrincessPin hugs Mohammed back

[22:20] <+Greeling|LingYao> Agh!

[22:20] * Greeling|LingYao falls to the ground in fatigue

[22:20] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:20] <TVStarsNews> Another segment of the TV Stars News!

[22:20] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Princess, that might be they was on...

[22:20] <+LadyRainicorn> Gongju neun geuleohge chinjeol!

[22:20] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:20] <TVStarsNews> The Paparazzi tried very hard to get in three juicy secrets

[22:20] <+conspiracywalnut> Bippity boppity here comes the man

[22:20] <TVStarsNews> But they only truly got one point from it all.

[22:20] <TVStarsNews> It appears that PrincessPin is very negative towards Joan's face!

[22:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> So much hate towards me!

[22:20] <TVStarsNews> And that's all we have today.

[22:20] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> It seems like I might be rubbing these Hawaiian tribesmen the wrong way! :^OO

[22:21] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, who on earth is spreading these negative lies...

[22:21] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, I'm from detroit

[22:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> Any suggestions on how to improve Pawnee Today's foreign relations would be VERY appreciated.

[22:21] <@DraHosting> MVP time

[22:21] * Greeling|LingYao weakly stands to his feet

[22:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm beginning to suspect that this "Pin" might also be in the SATANIC CULT THAT IS OPERATED BY GREED AND DOUG :^OO

[22:22] <+RonStoppable> MVP seems like a cool thing to win.

[22:23] <+LadyRainicorn> :D

[22:23] <@DraHosting> LADY RAINICORN

[22:23] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATOINS

[22:23] <@DraHosting> ..

[22:23] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[22:23] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!

[22:23] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|

[22:23] <+Greeling|> Greed

[22:23] <+Greeling|> NO

[22:23] <+Greeling|> I WAS SO CLOSE

[22:23] <+Greeling|> I WANT THE MVP

[22:23] <+Greeling|> I WANT IT

[22:23] <+LadyRainicorn> naui hananim gamsahabnida a!

[22:23] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:23] <+Greeling|> IT'S MINE

[22:23] <+Greeling|> IT'S ALL MINE

[22:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> This just in, it looks like the native foreign tribesman has won some kind of vote!

[22:23] == Greeling| has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> How phenomenal!! :^O

[22:23] <+Greeling|LingYao> Augh...

[22:24] <+PrincessPin> Reed, can I just say something? :)

[22:24] * RonStoppable gives Lady a thumbs-up.

[22:24] <+LadyRainicorn> naneun geuleohge keun geuman haji! neomu an neohuideul-eul salang!

[22:24] <+Greeling|LingYao> Save yourselves, you fools

[22:24] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[22:24] <+LadyRainicorn> * hugs Greeling, Princess and Mystic *

[22:24] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:24] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone walks down the red carpet ~

[22:24] <@DraHosting> ~ fans scream ~

[22:24] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:24] <+RonStoppable>  Hey-hey! The Unicorn came to play. 

[22:24] <@DraHosting> ~ Bob and Linda throw burgers at the people who voted them out ~

[22:24] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, tribal council time!

[22:24] <@DraHosting> ~ Security escorts them out ~

[22:24] <+PrincessPin> Goly gosh I'm excited!

[22:25] <+ReedKelly> Ugh

[22:25] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:25] <+PrincessPin> Wait... wrong show, oops!

[22:25] <+ReedKelly> Those people got grease in my BROADWAY-LEVEL hair

[22:25] <+PrincessPin> Fuckin-Oh... I mean, I'm sad...

[22:25] <+PrincessPin> :]

[22:25] <+conspiracywalnut> wOAH mAN DoN'T PRAisE mE

[22:25] <+ReedKelly> Fucking middle class

[22:25] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles through it all <3

[22:25] <+AudreyJackson> *looks at Princess curiously*

[22:25] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:25] * ZaynMcEnroe pats Princess on the back

[22:25] * ReedKelly stands up.

[22:26] <+ReedKelly> I'd like to speak up Dra.

[22:26] <+PrincessPin> I must say...

[22:26] * RonStoppable hugs Princess.

[22:26] <+Greeling|Greed> Ow

[22:26] * RonStoppable also hugs Lady.

[22:26] <+Greeling|Greed> Damn headache that prince boy...

[22:26] <+PrincessPin> I actually happened to vist Boston prior to this show, and I had one of Bob's burgers.

[22:26] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[22:26] <+PrincessPin> I found, I found candy contained within.

[22:26] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: Geuleom nan MVP ege oneul bam! jeikeu ibnida! :D

[22:26] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:26] <+Greeling|LingYao> Vote Greed off if you know what's good for you >_<

[22:26] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, I wasn't very fond of that, hmm, the "Molester Burger" I think it was called.

[22:26] * MohammedBookaSea hobbles into elimination

[22:26] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF :D

[22:26] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:26] <+ReedKelly> Greed has been trashing every single person here. 

[22:27] <+ReedKelly> [21:19] <Greeling|Greed> Joan is so fake

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> (switching nicks >>>>)

[22:27] <+AudreyJackson> *glances around at everyone*

[22:27] <+LadyRainicorn> CONF: igeos-eun siljelo geuleohge nollaun!

[22:27] <+ReedKelly> [21:21] <Greeling|Greed> Audrey is too dumb to function.

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> Oh?

[22:27] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hey there buddy @Mohammed

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> Like I'd ever be that basic, Lust

[22:27] <+LadyRainicorn> neohuideul-i neomu manh-eun dangsin-i algo naega salang?

[22:27] <+AudreyJackson> Well.

[22:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Is this TRUE, Reed?

[22:27] <+LadyRainicorn> :)

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> Who gave you this idea?

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> Ling?

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> Hmph

[22:27] <+Greeling|Greed> That FOOL

[22:27] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with a mic

[22:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> How do YOU feel about being the center of all of this GOSSIP?

[22:27] <+ReedKelly> [21:23] <Greeling|Greed> Doug can‑2019t sell anything. I want all his money. 

[22:27] <+ReedKelly> 21:21] <Greeling|Greed> Princess is too ditzy to be alive.

[22:28] <+ReedKelly> And the rest are too much to bare.

[22:28] <+conspiracywalnut> dude man

[22:28] <+DougDimmadome> GREED!

[22:28] <+DougDimmadome> :o

[22:28] <+conspiracywalnut> I can't can2019t anything either

[22:28] <+ReedKelly> I'm truly sorry that you all had to find out this way, but I thought you deserved to know. :(

[22:28] <+ZaynMcEnroe> What he say about me man

[22:28] * Greeling|Greed glares at Doug

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> If you fools want to believe any of that

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> go ahead

[22:28] <+PrincessPin> Ditzy? It's not my fault my father didn't allow me to engage in education...

[22:28] <+LadyRainicorn> O_O

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> but it doesn't change the fact

[22:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> Doug, how do you feel now about Greed BASHING you!

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> I could murder ALL OF YOU

[22:28] <@DraHosting> I need Audrey, Lady, Snake, Reed, and Ron to vote.

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> IN TEN SECONDS

[22:28] <+PrincessPin> Thank you... @Reed, I appreciate it! <3

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> so what;s it gonna be

[22:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> After he THREATENED you with DEATH to enter his SATANIST CULT?

[22:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OO

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> keep me and live?

[22:28] <+Greeling|Greed> or vote me out and die?

[22:29] <+Greeling|Greed> I am a HOMUNCULUS

[22:29] <+Greeling|Greed> I AM IMMORTAL


[22:29] <@DraHosting> Audrey

[22:29] <@DraHosting> MysticSnake

[22:29] <@DraHosting> Ron

[22:29] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU FOOL

[22:29] * ZaynMcEnroe tackles Greeling and unloads punches on him

[22:29] <+Greeling|Greed> I WILL-- Ack!

[22:29] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:29] <+ReedKelly> [21:23] <Greeling|Greed> Ron‑2018s nachos aren‑2018t very delicious.

[22:29] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Asshole

[22:29] <+LadyRainicorn> a neohuideul-eul eotteohge naeng-gag!

[22:29] <+ReedKelly> [21:24] <Greeling|Greed> Walnut‑2019s brain is smaller than a walnut.

[22:29] * Greeling|LingYao falls to the ground, fatigued

[22:29] <+ReedKelly> [21:25] <Greeling|Greed> Zayn is more of a jackass than I am.

[22:29] <+RonStoppable> ...

[22:29] <+ReedKelly> Just truly, truly, malicious things being said. :|

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> I'm holding him off...

[22:30] <+RonStoppable> Dude, dissing nachos isn;t cool!

[22:30] <+ReedKelly> Greed, I am truly dissapointed in you. :|

[22:30] <+LadyRainicorn> * nods *

[22:30] <+ZaynMcEnroe> God just get rid of this guy

[22:30] <+conspiracywalnut> HOw does he type that shit up so quickly. Dude, I specialize in conspiracies

[22:30] <@DraHosting> You have until 10:31:30 to vote

[22:30] <+ZaynMcEnroe> He's asking for it

[22:30] <@DraHosting> or you self vote

[22:30] <+conspiracywalnut> I know doctored shit when I see it

[22:30] <+ZaynMcEnroe> He needs to fucking go

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> Guys

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> Do what you can, please

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> I've tried to change his vote

[22:30] <+ReedKelly> Greed who are you gonna insult next, Lady?

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> but everytime I get close

[22:30] <+Greeling|LingYao> he overpowers me...

[22:31] <+ReedKelly> It really hurts that you targetted me and all those around us. 

[22:31] <+LadyRainicorn> jeonyeog sigsaleul wihae mueos-ibnikka? @Dra

[22:31] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Vote his ass out y'all

[22:31] <+ReedKelly> We're all victims of YOUR own neglect. :'(

[22:31] <+PrincessPin> Lady is a beautiful creature, please don't insult her...

[22:31] == Spec_ [2f105901@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:31] <+Greeling|LingYao> Please, Reed, understand

[22:31] <+Greeling|LingYao> I am not Greed

[22:31] <+Greeling|LingYao> Augh...

[22:31] <+ReedKelly> I just... I just... can't believe this.

[22:31] <+Greeling|LingYao> I am ling Yao

[22:31] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dis is our chance yo, take it

[22:31] <+ReedKelly> Why would you do this?

[22:31] <+LadyRainicorn> o nugungaga naleul moyog?

[22:31] <+LadyRainicorn> :(

[22:31] <+Greeling|LingYao> future emperor of Xing

[22:31] <+PrincessPin> Or else I'll break your fucki-Uh... oh golly gosh, I mean be sad! 

[22:31] <+PrincessPin> :]

[22:31] <+RonStoppable> Dude, what's up with all the drama?

[22:32] <+LadyRainicorn> :)

[22:32] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dang Princess dat mouth...

[22:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, you seem to be VERY emotional right now.

[22:32] <@DraHosting> 10:32

[22:32] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:32] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[22:32] <@DraHosting> Mystic Snake self votes

[22:32] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU BASTARDS

[22:32] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU FOOLS

[22:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Give us some RAW tidbits of this emotional time for you.

[22:32] <+PrincessPin> Oh, please excuse me... I had a bad day...

[22:32] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU DARE TRY TO DISPOSE OF ME?

[22:32] <+ZaynMcEnroe> SHUT UP

[22:32] <+ReedKelly> Excuse me??

[22:32] <+Greeling|Greed> I AM THE ULTIMATE SHIELD 

[22:32] <+ReedKelly> That isn't very respectful, Greed.

[22:32] <+ReedKelly> Do you guys see what I mean? :|

[22:32] * ZaynMcEnroe punches Greeling again

[22:32] <+ReedKelly> That isn't okay.

[22:32] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles *

[22:32] <@DraHosting> tallying


[22:33] <+Greeling|Greed> I DEMAND THE FINER THINGS IN LIFE

[22:33] <+ZaynMcEnroe> FUCK OFF

[22:33] <+Greeling|Greed> I AM /GREED/, YOU IMBECILS

[22:33] <+ReedKelly> ...

[22:33] * ZaynMcEnroe keeps punching

[22:33] <+conspiracywalnut> y'all just need to chill

[22:33] * RonStoppable gets in the middle of the fighting.

[22:33] <+ReedKelly> YOU INSULTED WOMEN'S RIGHTS?!

[22:33] <+PrincessPin> (PM)

[22:33] <+ReedKelly> OH HELL NO.

[22:33] <+ReedKelly> Dra, he needs to be removed from the game

[22:33] <+RonStoppable> My name is Ron Stoppable for a reason!

[22:33] <+ReedKelly> Permanently.

[22:33] <+RonStoppable> AKA, STOP FIGHTING!

[22:33] <+conspiracywalnut> *tries to pull Zayn off* stop dude, I got some week

[22:33] * ZaynMcEnroe backs off

[22:33] * Greeling|Greed knocks Zayn to the ground

[22:33] <+conspiracywalnut> Hre, man. *offers joint*

[22:33] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU HUMANS KNOW NOTHING

[22:33] <+conspiracywalnut> Aw, fuck. COme on man

[22:33] <+PrincessPin> All creatures of earth are equal, that includes animals far and wide!

[22:33] == MysticSnake| [4ca46d66@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:34] <+conspiracywalnut> Ugh, well shit

[22:34] <+PrincessPin> Whales to the smallest insect...

[22:34] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed and taps foot*

[22:34] == mode/#TVStars [+v MysticSnake|] by DraHosting

[22:34] <@DraHosting> mystic snake

[22:34] <@DraHosting> vote

[22:34] * ZaynMcEnroe gets knocked over

[22:34] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Shit

[22:34] <+PrincessPin> And one who doesn't believe so, should have their equality removed! -.-

[22:34] <+Greeling|Greed> Who cares about women's rights?

[22:34] * DraHosting passes renewal to Audrey

[22:34] <+Greeling|Greed> You're all pathetic humans

[22:34] <+PrincessPin> ... @Greed

[22:35] <+Greeling|Greed> You are inferior, bound by your own emotions

[22:35] * ZaynMcEnroe tackles Greeling again

[22:35] <+Greeling|Greed> your own distractions

[22:35] <+PrincessPin> Fucking ass-Oh, um nice voice, voice nice!

[22:35] <+ReedKelly> Can we just get on with this?

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to ConspiracyWalnut

[22:35] * Greeling|Greed knocks Zayn off of him

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to DougDimmadome

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Ron

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Lady

[22:35] <+LadyRainicorn> Eum, i yeoja ya. >:( @Greeling

[22:35] * ZaynMcEnroe keeps attacking Greeling


[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to MysticSnake

[22:35] <+MysticSnake|> Better to be bound by many emotions than to embody one, I guess. (: @Greed

[22:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to PrincessPin

[22:35] * PrincessPin crosses fingers

[22:35] <@DraHosting> Reed.

[22:35] <@DraHosting> Greeling/Greed


[22:35] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly, thank you sir! <3

[22:35] <+ReedKelly> Yes? :|

[22:35] <+PrincessPin> I dearly appreciate this!

[22:35] <+ReedKelly> I got votes?!

[22:35] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:35] <+ReedKelly> Who dare?

[22:35] * RonStoppable catches the renewal, but falls to the floor. 

[22:36] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> Augh!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> This is a TV Stars first.

[22:36] <+PrincessPin> Greed dares. @Reed

[22:36] <+ReedKelly> Greed is the real villian, guys! :(

[22:36] <@DraHosting> A TV Stars first indeed.

[22:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> hurry up, vote him off...

[22:36] <+PrincessPin> The woman rights hater!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Reed.

[22:36] <@DraHosting> You have 5 votes.

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Greeling

[22:36] <@DraHosting> You have 5 votes.

[22:36] <@DraHosting> We are tied.

[22:36] <@DraHosting> For the first time ever....

[22:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> No...

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Celebrities will revote.

[22:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> This can't be...

[22:36] <+ReedKelly> What?!

[22:36] <+Greeling|LingYao> Ugh...

[22:36] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:36] <+Greeling|Greed> Not quite good enough, you fools...

[22:36] <+LadyRainicorn> jeon-e chucheom teibeul-eseo. >_>

[22:36] <+conspiracywalnut> Reed fucking doctored that shit guys

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Audrey, Walnut, Doug, Lady, Snake, Princess, Ron, and Zayn

[22:36] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Da fuck guys?  We need to get rid of this asshole!

[22:36] <+conspiracywalnut> Greeling is a huge dick

[22:36] <@DraHosting> you will revote.

[22:36] <+JoanCallamezzo> Wow, dramatic!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> If this vote deadlocks

[22:36] <+LadyRainicorn> gwaenchanh-ayo

[22:36] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:36] <+conspiracywalnut> But ain't stupid

[22:36] <+ReedKelly> Remember everyting Greed said about you guys!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> The VIP will vote for either Reed, Greeling

[22:36] <+ReedKelly> It's truly heartbreaking

[22:37] <@DraHosting> Or will vote to go to straws.

[22:37] <@DraHosting> Where the two will draw straws

[22:37] <+conspiracywalnut> Why would he randomly badmouth y'all

[22:37] <@DraHosting> to find out who is eliminated.

[22:37] <+conspiracywalnut> think man

[22:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> For the first time ever, the Hawaiians have encountered a problem in their cultural procedure!

[22:37] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[22:37] <+RonStoppable> Where's the proof? @Reed

[22:37] <+Greeling|Greed> If you people know what's good for you

[22:37] <+AudreyJackson> Reed is slimy.

[22:37] <+Greeling|Greed> you'll take Lust out

[22:37] * ZaynMcEnroe breathes heavily and angrily

[22:37] <+AudreyJackson> What kind of Broadway star calls Les Mis by its full name?

[22:37] <+AudreyJackson> A fake one, that is!

[22:37] <+ReedKelly> Les Miserables?

[22:37] <+ReedKelly> I was referring to the NOVEL 

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> Audrey :|

[22:38] <+AudreyJackson> With the Spiderman novel as well?

[22:38] <+Greeling|Greed> You'll be miserable in a second, you brat

[22:38] <+RonStoppable> WHERE'S OUR PROOF?

[22:38] <+AudreyJackson> Must have been an interesting read.

[22:38] <+PrincessPin> You used insulting, offensive and injust words to describe everyone here... @Greed

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> Ron, Greed said all of those things.

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> All of those awful, awful things.

[22:38] <+PrincessPin> Why on earth would I wish upon you safety!

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> I'm a Christian.

[22:38] <+AudreyJackson> All I know is, I'd rather have a blunt, stupid criminal than a clearly sneaky, conniving one.

[22:38] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I can back up Reed, I beleive him man

[22:38] <+LadyRainicorn> dangsin-eun dangsin-i joesong eotteon daegaleulbad-eul geos-ibnida.

[22:38] <+LadyRainicorn> * blushes *

[22:38] <+LadyRainicorn> @Greed

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> I can't slander name byproof.

[22:38] <+Greeling|Greed> ...

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> only GOD 

[22:38] <+Greeling|Greed> You...

[22:38] <+Greeling|Greed> IDIOT

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> Can judge 

[22:38] * Greeling|Greed tackles Reed

[22:38] <+ReedKelly> Only God.

[22:38] <+PrincessPin> I'm a Muslim, but I respect your choices in life! @Reed

[22:39] * JoanCallamezzo looks at cameraman

[22:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> Are you getting this?

[22:39] * ReedKelly punches Greed and chokes him.

[22:39] <+Greeling|Greed> I PRACTICALLY AM GOD

[22:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> How does my smile look on camera, by the way?

[22:39] * JoanCallamezzo smiles exuberantly


[22:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[22:39] <+RonStoppable> Reed.

[22:39] * ZaynMcEnroe dropkicks Greed in the head

[22:39] <+RonStoppable> We're all middle class here except for Princess and you, probably.

[22:39] * Greeling|Greed wraps hands around Reed's neck

[22:39] <+ReedKelly> Do you people really want this type of person around?

[22:39] <+Greeling|Greed> you foolish human

[22:39] <+Greeling|Greed> you foolish, foolish human...

[22:39] <+ReedKelly> By middle class, I meant lower.

[22:39] <@DraHosting> Lady

[22:39] <@DraHosting> Ron

[22:39] <@DraHosting> please revote

[22:39] <+conspiracywalnut> At least Greed isn't a classist douche when you think of it

[22:39] <+PrincessPin> I may be a high class citizen of Saudi Arabia, but in my day to day inprisonment, I feel like a peasant...

[22:39] <+ReedKelly> I can tell everybody else here is HIGH-CLASS

[22:39] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[22:39] <+ReedKelly> Whose side are you even on @Walnut

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> Like I don't even---

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> Oh.

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> Now I get it.

[22:40] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm on my own side

[22:40] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> Wow, I feel dumb it took me THIS long to figure that out

[22:40] <+conspiracywalnut> Im an INDIVIDUAL man

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> I SEE.

[22:40] * Greeling|Greed activates his ultimate shield

[22:40] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[22:40] <+conspiracywalnut> I don't need any of yout dhiy

[22:40] <+PrincessPin> Oh golly what would I give to life in a fair and safe society, among loving and kind people...

[22:40] <+LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[22:40] <@DraHosting> And by a vote of 5-3

[22:40] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Holy shit yo

[22:40] <+Greeling|Greed> I will--- Fuck!

[22:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh, how exciting!

[22:40] <+RonStoppable> KP and I will take a visit over there and help you out later, PrincessPin.

[22:40] <+ReedKelly> ...

[22:40] <@DraHosting> The next person cancelled

[22:40] == Greeling|Greed has changed nick to Greeling|LingYao

[22:40] <@DraHosting> and the last member eliminated before the jury....

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> The Hawaiians have come to a decision!

[22:41] * DraHosting passes renewal to.....

[22:41] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed.

[22:41] <@DraHosting> Greeling/Greed.

[22:41] <+PrincessPin> Thank you Ron, I dearly appreciate it! <3

[22:41] <+Greeling|LingYao> Yes!

[22:41] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[22:41] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fuck yeah

[22:41] <+ReedKelly> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11

[22:41] == Greeling|LingYao has changed nick to Greeling|Greed

[22:41] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[22:41] <+Greeling|Greed> YOU 

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> And...they have EXILED the SATANIST CULT LEADER!!!!!

[22:41] <+ReedKelly> GOODBYE, GREED

[22:41] <+Greeling|Greed> FOOLS

[22:41] <+PrincessPin> Leave. @Greed

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OOOOO

[22:41] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Take your ass home you bastard

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> This is BREAKING news!

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> BREAKING NEWS!

[22:41] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES

[22:41] <+ReedKelly> #BLINDSIDE <3

[22:41] <+Greeling|Greed> I'll get my revenge!

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, here on Pawnee Today with BREAKING NEWS!

[22:41] <+RonStoppable> No prob. @Princess

[22:41] <@DraHosting> #TVSTARSSHOCKER

[22:41] <+Greeling|Greed> I will not fall to such mortals!

[22:41] * Greeling|Greed retreats into the shadows

[22:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> The Hawaiians have voted - albeit primitively - to exile the SATANIST CULT LEADER!

[22:42] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Good fucking riddance


[22:42] <+LadyRainicorn> geuleom nan geu seulpeun geos gat-ayo. ulineun chingu yeossda.

[22:42] <+PrincessPin> Greed corrupted my nation of Saudi Arabia, and placed women in the role they are in society there today. Therefore I wouldn't like to reminded of the suffering, with you name!


[22:43] <@DraHosting> Congratulations, everyone!

[22:43] <+RonStoppable> Who's Rodney?

[22:43] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF

[22:43] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF ORF :3333

[22:43] <+LadyRainicorn> geudeul-eun dasi chong ui ttang eseo gajang joh-eun buli gaissda! :D

[22:43] <@DraHosting> ~ machine drops off a hot tub ~

[22:43] <+PrincessPin> I dearly appreciate it!

[22:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> That would be you, Rhonda! :^)

[22:43] <@DraHosting> You have all made it to the TV Stars Jury.

[22:43] <+PrincessPin> Oooh, a hot tub.

[22:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm socializing with them. :^D

[22:43] <+ReedKelly> BROADWAY, BABY! <3

[22:43] <+RonStoppable> Have you added a Bueno Nacho at Dimmsdale Dimmadome yet? @Doug

[22:43] <+PrincessPin> It's a shame my father forbids me from revealing myself though...

[22:43] <+PrincessPin> :(

[22:44] <+RonStoppable> Princess, you don't have to listen to your dad.

[22:44] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fuck yeah, hot tub time y'all

[22:44] <@DraHosting> reed you just missed out on tv stars broadway

[22:44] <@DraHosting> :\

[22:44] <+ReedKelly> WHAT?!

[22:44] <+RonStoppable> Stick it to the man! @Princess


[22:44] <+ReedKelly> ARE YOU SHITTING ME?!

[22:44] <+ReedKelly> Oh well, #BIGSMILES! XOXO

[22:45] * JoanCallamezzo looks at camera

[22:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, reporting for Pawnee Today!

[22:45] <@DraHosting> I have to pee

[22:45] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, broadway sounds lovely.

[22:45] <@DraHosting> then I will do the VIP

[22:45] <+PrincessPin> What's it like? @Reed

[22:45] <+RonStoppable> Thanks for the info, Dra.

[22:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> I've recently just heard that these native Hawaiian tribespeople have labeled their new show "TV Stars!"

[22:45] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[22:45] <+ReedKelly> It's truly, beautiful.

[22:45] <+PrincessPin> How I wished to be on stage performing the art of dancing...

[22:45] <+ReedKelly> A life-changing experience, actually.

[22:45] <+ReedKelly> Maybe I can help you with that after the show, sweetie! <3

[22:46] == DougDimmadome_ [47bbd1f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm not sure how that relates to nature, but oddities like this are what the Project Hawaii Fact-Finding Fun-Fest is all about!

[22:46] <DougDimmadome_> Kick the other.

[22:46] <+RonStoppable> Nothing is as great as nacos, though.

[22:46] <+RonStoppable> Broadway does sound pretty awesome, though!

[22:46] <+PrincessPin> He left to release his waters in the loo! @Doug

[22:47] == DougDimmadome was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [DougDimmadome]

[22:47] == mode/#TVStars [+v DougDimmadome_] by DraHosting

[22:47] <+PrincessPin> Dra, I am feeling rather quenced!

[22:47] <+PrincessPin> Mind fetching me some lovely fresh water? :)

[22:47] <@DraHosting> that was the best pee

[22:47] <@DraHosting> I have ever taken

[22:48] == Greeling|Greed [47c1782d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:48] <+LadyRainicorn> eotteohge joh-eun!

[22:48] <+MysticSnake|> I believe you mean "parched." @Pin

[22:48] <+MysticSnake|> "Quenched" would suggest your thirst is already refreshed.

[22:48] <+LadyRainicorn> ^

[22:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> Ooh!  Scandalous! 

[22:48] <+MysticSnake|> I learned this at Snake School.

[22:48] <+PrincessPin> Oh, my that's right.

[22:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> It looks like this ROYAL PRINCESS was educated by HALF-WITS!

[22:48] <+LadyRainicorn> dangsin-eun jeogjeolhan yeong-eo nae salang eul baewoyahanda.

[22:48] <+LadyRainicorn> :)

[22:48] <+PrincessPin> Sorry, I never went to a school, I attempted to teach myself... but I'm not very good at english...

[22:48] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> Princess, is your government being BROUGHT DOWN by BAD EDUCATIONAL FUNDING?

[22:49] <+RonStoppable> You're pretty great, though. @Princess

[22:49] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[22:49] <TVStarsNews> It seems like there's drama in the TV Stars house!

[22:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's good that Pawnee isn't the ONLY place with an awful gov--

[22:49] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[22:49] <+PrincessPin> Thank you, that really did make my day! <3 @Ron

[22:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, should I not say that on air?

[22:49] * ReedKelly rips out Joan's earpiece

[22:49] <TVStarsNews> PrincessPin and Audrey must be going at it, because this shows that PrincessPin is looking to get even with Audrey for something!

[22:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OO

[22:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> Give that BACK TO ME!!

[22:49] * JoanCallamezzo shoves Reed into a bush

[22:49] <+ReedKelly> Is this a wire?

[22:49] <+PrincessPin> But... Audrey is my friend! :(

[22:49] <+ReedKelly> Have you been watching US?!

[22:49] <+ReedKelly> :o

[22:49] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:50] <+LadyRainicorn> naneun hedeu lain-eul gajil su issseubnikka? jeikeu ege igeos-eul bonaebnida!

[22:50] <+ReedKelly> Why would PrincessPin go after ANYBODY?

[22:50] <+LadyRainicorn> o singyeong kkeusi... </3

[22:50] <@DraHosting> now I'm doing the VIP

[22:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> This is my EARPIECE for communicating with the producers of my news show, Pawnee Today.

[22:50] <+PrincessPin> I mean, I did target Greed, but that fool deserved it!

[22:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> What do YOU--

[22:50] * JoanCallamezzo rips earpiece away from Reed

[22:50] <+RonStoppable> No big, as KP always said. @Pin

[22:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> --WANT from it?

[22:50] * ReedKelly drops earpiece in toilet

[22:50] <+ReedKelly> Oops, sorry </3

[22:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OO

[22:50] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles, though!

[22:50] * JoanCallamezzo smacks Reed

[22:50] == ZaynMcEnroe [20d889c1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[22:50] <+AudreyJackson> Big smiles my ass.

[22:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> You're DONE now, FAIRY.

[22:50] <+LadyRainicorn> * giggles *

[22:51] <+LadyRainicorn> * strolls over to PrincessPin *

[22:51] <+ReedKelly> I can't have a big smile and be happy?

[22:51] <+PrincessPin> I knew a badass Sri Lankan once, that told me to "Drink a little tequila and move on" when I was mad, I guess that would be fitting...

[22:51] <+LadyRainicorn> geuleom dangsin eun geu tteugeoun sonyeon eul mul-eo ganeungeoya?

[22:51] <+ReedKelly> Audrey, I think you need to go far away and find your inner-Zen

[22:51] <+LadyRainicorn> * nudges PrincessPin and chuckles *

[22:51] <+PrincessPin> Yes? @Lady

[22:51] <+RonStoppable> Was it that Nadiya girl you were talking about? @Princess

[22:51] * JoanCallamezzo spits in Reed's face

[22:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> You were ONE F**KING VOTE from getting out last vote!!

[22:52] <+LadyRainicorn> nan geunyang dangsin-eul malhaessda

[22:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> DO NOT tempt fate.

[22:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> I RUN this town.

[22:52] <+LadyRainicorn> * blushes *

[22:52] <+PrincessPin> No, Madiya was murdered by her father... She was a fellow Saudi Arabian girl however! @Ron

[22:52] <@DraHosting> k!!!

[22:52] <+PrincessPin> I think her name was Natalia?

[22:52] <@DraHosting> WELCOME TO PEARL HARBOR

[22:52] <+RonStoppable> Oh...


[22:52] <+LadyRainicorn> Joh-a naneun asusme

[22:53] <@DraHosting> We will be commemorating the attacks here in your challenge.

[22:53] == ZaynMcEnroe [20d89376@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:53] <@DraHosting> For the Fame Task, you will need to get to the shore of Pearl Harbor.

[22:53] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, man

[22:53] <+conspiracywalnut> I read something

[22:53] == mode/#TVStars [+v ZaynMcEnroe] by DraHosting

[22:53] <+PrincessPin> Sorry, men in my culture always say "Women are dumb" and I guess I am, gosh, I can't even remember a simple name! :(

[22:53] <+conspiracywalnut> That said that the real Pearl harbor

[22:53] <@DraHosting> here's how you do it

[22:53] <+conspiracywalnut> is in Nova Scotia

[22:53] <@DraHosting> post:

[22:53] <+ZaynMcEnroe> (damn internet :()

[22:53] <@DraHosting> *races through water*

[22:53] <@DraHosting> *swims through water*

[22:53] <@DraHosting> *unties key*

[22:53] <@DraHosting> *swims to shore*

[22:53] <@DraHosting> *unlocks bunker*

[22:53] <+LadyRainicorn> jinjuman, a! kkwae hamkke jeon geu jangso-e daehae baeun kkwae daesang ida hajiman jeikeu wa naega gal su eobs-eoss seubnida deul-eossda. ag-eun hangsang choeag-uisigi e natanabnida. bilog sigan i teughi joh-eun bilog

[22:53] <@DraHosting> As the outgoing VIP, Joan cannot compete.

[22:53] <@DraHosting> The rest of you are fair game.

[22:53] <@DraHosting> 5....

[22:54] <@DraHosting> 4...

[22:54] <@DraHosting> 3...

[22:54] <@DraHosting> 2...

[22:54] <@DraHosting> 1...

[22:54] <@DraHosting> GO

[22:54] <+ReedKelly> *races through water*

[22:54] <+DougDimmadome_> *races through water*

[22:54] <+DougDimmadome_> *races through water*

[22:54] <+AudreyJackson> *races  through water*

[22:54] <+AudreyJackson> *swims through water*

[22:54] <+LadyRainicorn> *flies over water*

[22:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'd rather not get my AMAZING dress wet!

[22:54] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[22:54] <+ReedKelly> *swims through water*

[22:54] <+MysticSnake|> *races through water*

[22:54] <+AudreyJackson> *unties key*

[22:54] <+DougDimmadome_> *unties key*

[22:54] <+ReedKelly> *unties key*

[22:54] <+AudreyJackson> *swims to shore*

[22:54] <+DougDimmadome_> *sweims to shore

[22:54] <+LadyRainicorn> *flies through water*

[22:54] <+ReedKelly> *swims to shore*

[22:54] <+AudreyJackson> *unlocks bunker*

[22:54] <+MysticSnake|> *swims through water*

[22:54] <+LadyRainicorn> *unties key*

[22:54] <+DougDimmadome_> *unlocks bunker

[22:54] <+ReedKelly> *unlocks bunker*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *races through water*

[22:54] <+MysticSnake|> *unties key*

[22:54] <@DraHosting> remember to PM me

[22:54] <+LadyRainicorn> *flies back to shore*

[22:54] <+MysticSnake|> *swims to shore*

[22:54] <+LadyRainicorn> *unlocks bunker*

[22:54] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *races through water*

[22:54] <+MysticSnake|> *unlocks bunker*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *swims through water*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *unties key*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *swims to shore* 

[22:54] <+PrincessPin> *races through water*

[22:54] <+PrincessPin> *raxes through water*

[22:54] <+PrincessPin> *unties key*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *unties key*

[22:54] <+PrincessPin> *swims to shore*

[22:54] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *swims through water*

[22:54] <+PrincessPin> *unlocks bunker*

[22:54] <+RonStoppable> *unlocks bunker*

[22:55] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm to tired to do this shit

[22:55] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[22:55] <+conspiracywalnut> What do you think lives in clouds?

[22:55] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *unties key*

[22:55] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, that's not very healthy... @Walnut

[22:55] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *swims to shore*

[22:55] <+JoanCallamezzo> Walnut revealed to be a DRUG ADDICT?

[22:55] * JoanCallamezzo attempts to listen into an earpiece, but there isn't one there

[22:55] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Uh...

[22:55] <+PrincessPin> King Tin does it all the time however...

[22:55] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *unlocks bunker*

[22:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Let' to him to get his REAL, RAW side of the story!

[22:56] * JoanCallamezzo leans in to Walnut with mic

[22:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Tell me, Walnut, what drove you to start craving constant BONG HITS?

[22:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^S

[22:56] <@DraHosting> This is the closest VIP challenge ever.

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> Don't judge me

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> I let you do you

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> Weed is perfectly safe, man.

[22:59] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF

[22:59] * MohammedBookaSea runs around in a circle with a little red ball

[22:59] <MohammedBookaSea> BOOKA ORF

[22:59] <MohammedBookaSea> :3

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> The government just wants *coughs* just wants you to think it's bad

[22:59] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, hello Mohammed, little one! 

[22:59] * PrincessPin strokes the seal

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> (You'll never be Booka Bear you lil

[22:59] <+PrincessPin> :)

[22:59] <+conspiracywalnut> shit)

[23:00] <@DraHosting> nearly everyone is on the Star Task.

[23:00] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Well that is true.

[23:00] <+JoanCallamezzo> The government IS fairly corrupt.

[23:01] <+PrincessPin> Indeed, King Tin is highly unfair...

[23:02] <@DraHosting> MYSTIC SNAKE

[23:02] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS


[23:02] <+PrincessPin> C O N G R A T U L A T I O N S

[23:02] <+PrincessPin> You deserved it sir! <3

[23:03] <+JoanCallamezzo> I have no comment on this new occasion, unfortunately.

[23:03] * JoanCallamezzo turns to the camera

[23:03] * JoanCallamezzo whispers, "He wants to eat me alive!? :^S

[23:03] <+RonStoppable> Grats!

[23:03] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Good job bro

[23:04] <+MysticSnake|> Thank you for the praise.

[23:04] <+MysticSnake|> I can't say I'm not deserving.

[23:04] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, I think I sure can!

[23:04] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:04] <+JoanCallamezzo> Mystic Snake, what are YOUR feelings on your UNDESERVED win at the challenge?

[23:05] <+JoanCallamezzo> Did you use any STEROIDS or perhaps MEDICATION to enhance your performance?

[23:05] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:05] <+JoanCallamezzo> After all, it's rare for an animal to beat humans not one but TWICE!

[23:05] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[23:05] <@DraHosting> MVP time!!!!

[23:05] <+JoanCallamezzo> Tell the viewers more.

[23:05] <+MysticSnake|> I feel you should refrain from bothering venomous creatures.

[23:05] <+MysticSnake|> Don't you?

[23:05] <+PrincessPin> Vote for me! :)

[23:05] <+AudreyJackson> Vote for me.

[23:05] <+MysticSnake|> Also, if we're keeping track, an animal has won thrice, as you won the last one.

[23:05] <+PrincessPin> Cunts better fucki-Uh... I mean, I'm sad...

[23:06] <+PrincessPin> :]

[23:06] <+JoanCallamezzo> This just in!

[23:06] * JoanCallamezzo turns to the camera

[23:06] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, reporting for Pawnee Today, and it appears that the revolution of either MANNERS or SCIENCE has not yet occurred to the citizens of Hawaii.

[23:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> A talking snake referred to me - Joan Callamezzo - as an animal.

[23:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> This either means he has NO respect for women, or he might just not know that we are all animals!

[23:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[23:07] <+PrincessPin> Oh deary me, I believe I have lost my precious bag! :(

[23:07] * PrincessPin starts to cry

[23:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> What's your comment on this debate, Mr. Snake?

[23:07] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[23:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[23:07] <+PrincessPin> It was my mothers... before my father KILLED her...

[23:08] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey, why haven't you asked me anything Joan?

[23:08] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:08] <+MysticSnake|> Yes, Joan, why haven't you?

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> Another segment of the TV Stars News!

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> And our final....

[23:08] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Do you have any idea where it went Princess?

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> It appears PrincessPin thinks Zayn is rather cute!

[23:08] <+MysticSnake|> I personally think ConspiracyWalnut would be a great guest on your show.

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> How adorable!

[23:08] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:08] <+JoanCallamezzo> Mr. Walnut, I have asked you many questions before!

[23:08] <+MysticSnake|> Also, it means I don't have to do it.

[23:08] <+conspiracywalnut> The talking snake gets it

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> That's the end of our broadcast!

[23:08] <+JoanCallamezzo> How could you forget our RAVISHING conversation about your MARIJUANA ADDICTION?

[23:08] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:08] <+conspiracywalnut> He is talkin for the rest of you right

[23:08] <TVStarsNews> Have a wonderful day!

[23:08] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[23:08] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]


[23:09] <+LadyRainicorn> jal haess-eo lideu <3

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm not addicted

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> I can quit whenever I want

[23:09] <+LadyRainicorn> jal haess-eo lideu <3

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> I just don't want to quit ever

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Now, Zayn, Princess

[23:09] <+PrincessPin> My bag?

[23:09] <+PrincessPin> No...

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Are you two doing the do?

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> Just askin

[23:09] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[23:09] <+PrincessPin> One of you anus whore-Uh, I mean, did anyone find it?

[23:09] <+PrincessPin> :]

[23:09] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[23:09] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[23:10] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!!

[23:10] * JoanCallamezzo gasps

[23:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Me?!

[23:10] <+LadyRainicorn> O_O

[23:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, thank you all!

[23:10] == LadyRainicorn [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TVStars []

[23:10] == LadyRainicorn [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Such a controversial player, you are, Joan.

[23:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's been SUCH a pleasure living amongst you Hawaiians!

[23:10] <LadyRainicorn> .

[23:10] <@DraHosting> And you're about to get even more controversial.

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Because it's time for the first MVP bait.

[23:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> I accept your humble gifts kindly. :^)

[23:10] <@DraHosting> ~ tray is given to Joan ~

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Two fruitcakes.

[23:10] <@DraHosting> One good.

[23:10] <@DraHosting> One bad.

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Hand out these fruitcakes to two players.

[23:10] <LadyRainicorn> naui sagwa! naneun i sungan-eul wihae jasin-eul byeonmyeong haessda! :D

[23:10] <@DraHosting> You do not know which is good or which is bad.

[23:11] <+conspiracywalnut> Ooh

[23:11] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dude, ain't nothin going down between me and her @Walnut

[23:11] <+conspiracywalnut> Fruitcake

[23:11] <+conspiracywalnut> That's like

[23:11] <@DraHosting> hang on I have to brb

[23:11] <+conspiracywalnut> Festive Weed

[23:11] <@DraHosting> but yeah pick

[23:11] <+PrincessPin> I would prefer to not have one...

[23:11] <+DougDimmadome_> Joan, please give me one!

[23:11] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, I'll hand the rather nice looking one here on the left to Pin, as awful of a person she is, she just lost her bag...or something. :^D

[23:11] * ReedKelly takes Joan's earpiece back to here.

[23:11] <+PrincessPin> I don't want it... @Joan

[23:11] <+ReedKelly> Sorry about that, sweetie. Just slipped. Well, I'm pretty sure it works now.

[23:12] <+PrincessPin> I am allergic to sugar, or so my father, King Tin says...

[23:12] * JoanCallamezzo grabs earpiece back and secures it in her ear

[23:12] * JoanCallamezzo smack Reed

[23:12] <+JoanCallamezzo> And the other one...  I think should go to SATANIST VICTIM OF DEATH THREATS Doug!

[23:12] <+PrincessPin> Therefore he only feeds me stale bread!

[23:12] * JoanCallamezzo looks at Reed

[23:12] <+JoanCallamezzo> Nice try, honey.

[23:12] <+JoanCallamezzo> But, after all, I do RUN this town.

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> Um..

[23:12] * RonStoppable scratches his head.

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> Well, it's an island.

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> With a volcano.

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> Honey.

[23:12] <+PrincessPin> Hey Reed, want it? :)

[23:12] <LadyRainicorn> joh-a sigan-i geollil! naneun hangsang dangsin-eun hangsang geugeos-i hyeonmyeonghan il-eul seoduleul hago sigan-i geollil anida handa! neuligo kkujunhan geudeul-i malhaneundaelo! :)

[23:12] <LadyRainicorn> * nods *

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> Uh, I mean....

[23:12] <+ReedKelly> No? @Princess

[23:13] <+RonStoppable> Awkward...

[23:13] <+PrincessPin> It looks quite delicious, I just... I don't deserve such a meal...

[23:13] <@DraHosting> I made a sandwich

[23:13] <@DraHosting> ^_^

[23:13] <@DraHosting> k

[23:13] <@DraHosting> who do the fruitcakes go to

[23:14] <@DraHosting> doug and pin

[23:14] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Pin and Doug

[23:14] <@DraHosting> k

[23:14] <+RonStoppable> Ooh!

[23:14] <+RonStoppable> Want some nacho cheese on it?

[23:14] <+RonStoppable> It's a great topping. 

[23:14] <+ReedKelly> Oh, Dra those things will go right to yuor thighs. :s 

[23:14] <@DraHosting> PrincessPin

[23:14] <@DraHosting> luckily for you Joan has a good intuition.

[23:14] <+PrincessPin> Yes?

[23:14] <@DraHosting> Bite into your fruitcake

[23:14] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hell yeah bro, nacho cheese goes with everything @Ron

[23:14] * PrincessPin bites into fruitcake

[23:14] <+DougDimmadome_> Oh No!

[23:14] <+JoanCallamezzo> I was hoping you'd get the good one!

[23:14] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:14] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[23:14] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, this is quite delicious!

[23:14] == SantaClaus [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:14] <SantaClaus> HO HO HO

[23:14] <+ReedKelly> Yeah, including diabetes and obesity. @Zayn

[23:14] <SantaClaus> (I am the winner of Firevivor Ecuador)


[23:15] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes a bit of Fruitcake*

[23:15] * SantaClaus dumps out presents

[23:15] <SantaClaus> PRINCESS

[23:15] <+MysticSnake|> (No you're the 4th-placer of Christmasvivor)

[23:15] <+PrincessPin> ^-^ I never knew, food could be so good! <3

[23:15] <SantaClaus> PICK BETWEEN THREE PRESENTS !!!

[23:15] <SantaClaus> HO HO HO

[23:15] <SantaClaus> RED

[23:15] <SantaClaus> GREEN

[23:15] <+PrincessPin> Yes? @Santa

[23:15] <SantaClaus> OR BLUE?

[23:15] <+RonStoppable> SANTA!

[23:15] * RonStoppable jumps on Santa's lap.

[23:15] <LadyRainicorn> o geugeos-eun keun ppalgan ttungttunghan namja! iya ulineun dasi chong ui ttang eseo keuliseumaseu leul! :)

[23:15] <+PrincessPin> Blue is my favorite color! :)

[23:15] <+PrincessPin> So, blue!

[23:15] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:15] <LadyRainicorn> ^_^

[23:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, wow!

[23:15] <SantaClaus> HO HO HO

[23:15] * SantaClaus unwraps blue Present

[23:15] * JoanCallamezzo leans into her earpiece

[23:15] == SantaClaus [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> This just in, Santa Claus lives in Hawaii!

[23:15] <@DraHosting> ~ Blue Present spills out ~

[23:15] <@DraHosting> PrincessPin

[23:15] <+PrincessPin> Hmm?

[23:15] <@DraHosting> in the blue present is a muzzle.

[23:15] <+RonStoppable> Aw... Santa!

[23:15] <@DraHosting> You can muzzle one player in this game

[23:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> Too bad Christmas has already passed!

[23:16] <@DraHosting> and it will force them to speak in grunts and random noises

[23:16] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:16] <+conspiracywalnut> You could have swallowed that and died man

[23:16] <@DraHosting> they will be unable to talk until the next episode

[23:16] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes w33d*

[23:16] <+MysticSnake|> Isn't that what Joan does anyway? @Dra

[23:16] <LadyRainicorn> * hides behind PrincessPin *

[23:16] <@DraHosting> Each incident of talking equals a penalty vote

[23:16] <@DraHosting> You can choose anyone but Joan and yourself.

[23:16] <+PrincessPin> I'm muzzle Lady...

[23:16] <@DraHosting> Lady Rainicorn

[23:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm untouchable.

[23:16] <LadyRainicorn> :(

[23:16] <+PrincessPin> As we're unable to understand him anyhow! :)

[23:16] <@DraHosting> You can only speak in noises

[23:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> As always!

[23:16] <@DraHosting> such as

[23:16] <@DraHosting> rrrrmph

[23:16] <@DraHosting> hrrrrgg

[23:16] * JoanCallamezzo leans into earpiece

[23:16] <@DraHosting> got it

[23:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> This jut in, I

[23:16] <@DraHosting> If you talk you get a penalty vote.

[23:16] <@DraHosting> MEANING

[23:16] <@DraHosting> Doug

[23:16] <@DraHosting> bite into your fruitcake

[23:16] <LadyRainicorn> hajiman nan yeoja yeyo </3

[23:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> This just in, I'm touchable sometimes! :^O

[23:17] <LadyRainicorn> * nods *

[23:17] <LadyRainicorn> * sighs *

[23:17] * DougDimmadome_ bites into fruitcake

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> DOn't man!

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> I think you got the bad one

[23:17] == TheAnnoyingOrang [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:17] <+MysticSnake|> (conf) Princess muzzles the only person who doesn't speak English? If I were her, I would've taken the opportunity to shut up someone annoying.

[23:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and welcome to Pawnee Today!

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAAAHHHHH

[23:17] <+DougDimmadome_> ew, strawberry!

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, imagine potcake?

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAAHHH

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY DOUG

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY DOUG

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> DOUG

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY

[23:17] <+PrincessPin> (CONF): I am very fond of fruitcakes now! :)

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> HEY DOUG

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> IT'S ME

[23:17] <TheAnnoyingOrang> THE ANNOYING ORANGE

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude


[23:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> I've just been given the honor of handing out two FRUITCAKES to celebrate Hawaii's festive holiday season!

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> Is anyone else seeing this?

[23:17] <+ZaynMcEnroe> MAKE IT STOP

[23:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> It looks like Pawnee is going places!

[23:17] <@DraHosting> Well then

[23:17] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> *stops smoking weed*

[23:17] <@DraHosting> It's the Annoying Orange

[23:17] <@DraHosting> Doug has officially cursed the whole house to listen to him.

[23:17] <+conspiracywalnut> Is that orange talking to you all also

[23:18] <@DraHosting> If anyone kills the Annoying Orange

[23:18] <@DraHosting> Doug receives a penalty vote

[23:18] <@DraHosting> Got it

[23:18] <+PrincessPin> He's not annoying, just misunderstood!

[23:18] <+RonStoppable> Man.

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> *stares at Orange*

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude

[23:18] * PrincessPin walks up to Orange

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, not if DOUG THE SATANIST uses it as his next sacrifice?

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAHHH

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> Does anyone else see this thing?

[23:18] * JoanCallamezzo cuts into the orange with a knife

[23:18] <+DougDimmadome_> don't kill him, he needs change.

[23:18] <+AudreyJackson> So Doug gets a vote against him if we kill the orange?

[23:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> Stop making all of that noise!

[23:18] <+PrincessPin> There, there, I really don't approve of all the hate you receive! :( @Orange

[23:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^(

[23:18] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[23:18] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone walks in ~

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> Fucking hell Man...

[23:18] <@DraHosting> ...

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> That orange thing

[23:18] <@DraHosting> ...

[23:18] <+conspiracywalnut> ...

[23:19] <@DraHosting> ...

[23:19] * RonStoppable puts on headphones to not listen to the orange. 

[23:19] <+AudreyJackson> *kills Annoying Orange*

[23:19] <+conspiracywalnut> Did it talk to you all too??

[23:19] <+AudreyJackson> Sorry Doug.

[23:19] <TheAnnoyingOrang> BWAAAAHHH *hack*

[23:19] <+AudreyJackson> *plays RSVP*

[23:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Oh my!

[23:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> It looks like I

[23:19] == TheAnnoyingOrang [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:19] <+AudreyJackson> But I have immunity.

[23:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> have UNFORTUNATELY

[23:19] <+DougDimmadome_> WAS THAT NECESSARY

[23:19] <@DraHosting> Well then

[23:19] <@DraHosting> The Annoying Orange died

[23:19] <+MysticSnake|> Hey, I wanted to kill him!

[23:19] <@DraHosting> Doug has a penalty vote

[23:19] <@DraHosting> rip

[23:19] <+AudreyJackson> And I'm immune.

[23:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> killed an animate Hawaiian fruit! :^O

[23:19] <@DraHosting> Audrey has decided to use her RSVP

[23:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> This is Joan Callamezzo, reporting that they have not only talking snakes but talking FRUITS here in Hawaii!

[23:20] <@DraHosting> This is a power unique to you all

[23:20] <+conspiracywalnut> We hardly knew ye

[23:20] <@DraHosting> At the beginning of this game

[23:20] <@DraHosting> I whispered to you a secret

[23:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> I wonder what kind of fruit it could be!? :^O

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Everyone has a different secret

[23:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> Perhaps...a tropical mango!

[23:20] <@DraHosting> not really there's 3

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Anyone with Audrey's secret

[23:20] <@DraHosting> which was the first secret

[23:20] <@DraHosting> is out of luck on finding the RSVP.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Only one RSVP may be used per elimination, and it grants the holder immunity.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Audrey, you are safe from elimination tonight.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> As for the rest of you

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> You cannot vote for Audrey or Joan.

[23:20] <@DraHosting> Or MysticSnake.

[23:21] <LadyRainicorn> * muffled speaking  *

[23:21] <@DraHosting> it may take me a minute because I have to find my mom's call of duty game

[23:21] <+MysticSnake|> Your mother has horrible taste in video games.

[23:22] <+PrincessPin> (me @3 hours)

[23:22] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, it's quite late! :o

[23:22] <+AudreyJackson> (can we speed this up a bit...?)

[23:22] <+PrincessPin> (^)

[23:24] <LadyRainicorn> .

[23:24] == LadyRainicorn_ [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:25] == LadyRainicorn [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[23:25] <@DraHosting> back!

[23:25] <@DraHosting> tallying votes

[23:25] <@DraHosting> if you didn't vote by now it's a self votre

[23:26] <@DraHosting> vote*

[23:26] <@DraHosting> gl

[23:26] <LadyRainicorn_> pati juneun salam eul hwan-yeonghabnida!

[23:26] <LadyRainicorn_> * realizes she's not supposed to be speaking and immediately shuts up *

[23:27] <@DraHosting> Lady receives a penalty vote

[23:27] * JoanCallamezzo leans into earpiece

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> What?!?

[23:27] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, isn't that upsetting!

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> guys

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> I've been appearing on a GAME SHOW???

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> guys

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> I did NOT sign up for that!

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> I can do a backflip

[23:27] * JoanCallamezzo gives a fake smile to the camera

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> you wanna watch guys?

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> * falls over*

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Do I at least look photogenic?

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...

[23:27] <+conspiracywalnut> I did it

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, okay, that's all that matters.

[23:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^D

[23:28] <+ReedKelly> ...

[23:28] <+ReedKelly> Is there a reason you just paused mid-ceremony?

[23:28] <+ReedKelly> Pilot season is coming up, Dra, speed this up please <3

[23:28] <@DraHosting> Lady Rainicorn has not voted

[23:28] <@DraHosting> she self votes

[23:29] <@DraHosting> jk'

[23:29] <+ReedKelly> you've already said this, Dra. >.>

[23:29] <+PrincessPin> Yes, please hurry up, I need walk upon a voyage in search of more delicious fruitcakes! :)

[23:29] <+ReedKelly> Memory loss is NOTHING to be ashamed of

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Audrey

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Walnut

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Joan

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Princess

[23:29] <LadyRainicorn_> * muffled speaking *

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Ron

[23:29] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, thank you!

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[23:29] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Sweet

[23:29] * DraHosting passes renewal to

[23:29] <+ReedKelly> SO NO OKAY

[23:29] <@DraHosting> Lady*

[23:29] <@DraHosting> Lady with 1 vote

[23:29] <@DraHosting> as her penalty

[23:29] <+ReedKelly> SO NOT OKAY.

[23:29] <@DraHosting> Reed and Doug

[23:29] <@DraHosting> the final two.

[23:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Oh, drat!

[23:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I forgot I was going to vote for Reed.

[23:30] <+DougDimmadome_> I knew you wouldn't vote walnut.

[23:30] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 7 to 2.................

[23:30] <+DougDimmadome_> @Reed

[23:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm RUINING my on-air reputation!

[23:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to.........

[23:30] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed.

[23:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^S

[23:30] <@DraHosting> Doug Dimmadome.

[23:30] <+conspiracywalnut> lol wut

[23:30] <+ReedKelly> YES! :D

[23:30] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[23:30] == DougDimmadome_ [47bbd1f5@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[23:30] <@DraHosting> And you are

[23:30] <@DraHosting> o

[23:30] <+conspiracywalnut> y you be illin dog

[23:30] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Adios Doug

[23:30] <+RonStoppable> Oh man.

[23:30] <+conspiracywalnut> y he be tryin to out me?

[23:30] <+conspiracywalnut> Such illin

[23:30] <+MysticSnake|> .

[23:30] <+PrincessPin> Golly gosh, my friend Reed stayed! <3

[23:30] * JoanCallamezzo laughs and leans into the earpiece

[23:30] <+conspiracywalnut> never trust a rich man

[23:30] <@DraHosting> The first member of the jury!!

[23:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I guess the SATANIST CULT is being slowly taken out!

[23:30] <+RonStoppable> Man, I wanted to pitch my Naco Shop idea to him. @Doug

[23:30] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 9: AudreyJackson, conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, LadyRainicorn, MysticSnake, PrincessPin, ReedKelly, RonStoppable, ZaynMcEnroe|JURY: DougDimmadome

[23:31] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES

[23:31] <+PrincessPin> I'm indeed smiling too!

[23:31] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~

[23:51] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE SIX ~~

[23:51] <+ReedKelly> ...

[23:51] <+ReedKelly> Final 8??

[23:51] <@DraHosting> oh

[23:51] <@DraHosting> this is the final eight

[23:51] <@DraHosting> same

[23:51] <+ReedKelly> Wow Dra can't even count :/

[23:51] == mode/#TVStars [+v LadyRainicorn_] by DraHosting

[23:51] <+RonStoppable> I thought I sucked at Math,

[23:52] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Final 8 mothafuckas, lez go!

[23:52] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[23:52] <@DraHosting> talk more omg

[23:52] <@DraHosting> your pages

[23:52] <+LadyRainicorn_> * strolls out *

[23:52] <@DraHosting> are going to be EMPTY

[23:53] <+RonStoppable> It's hard to speak when you are eating.

[23:53] <+PrincessPin> Words don't reveal people's personalities...

[23:53] <+LadyRainicorn_> yaedeul a naega neoege boyeo julge issda!

[23:53] <+PrincessPin> It's their actions! ;)

[23:53] <+conspiracywalnut> Yeah, actions do

[23:53] <+conspiracywalnut> And you ripped off a fish head

[23:53] <+conspiracywalnut> *shrugs and smokes weed*

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> You're one to talk!

[23:54] * JoanCallamezzo laughs 

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> But I ain't gonna judge

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> Walnut, you're a pot addict!

[23:54] <+ReedKelly> Who wants to here a story about my BROADWAY days?

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> You're talking to a fake camera

[23:54] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Mothafucka I beat the shit outta a concept of evil... I think I've done plenty to cement soe shit on my page

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Let me rephrase that, a POT ADDICT!

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> We all got our problems

[23:54] <+RonStoppable> Uh, sure.

[23:54] * JoanCallamezzo points to the camera

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> These are REAL CAMERAS!!!

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Right?

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> Man, nothin is there

[23:54] * JoanCallamezzo 's eye twitches

[23:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> These...ARE...real...right?

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> I smoke weed and even I can tell nothin is htere dude

[23:54] <+MysticSnake|> Your pages are going to be empty.

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> Yo

[23:54] * JoanCallamezzo leans into earpiece but gets no response

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> CHill

[23:54] * JoanCallamezzo screams

[23:54] <+MysticSnake|> Just like your heads.

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers joint*

[23:54] <+conspiracywalnut> Just chill man

[23:54] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[23:54] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:

[23:54] * ReedKelly grabs Joan

[23:55] <+ReedKelly> YOU'VE GOT TO CALM DOWN

[23:55] <@DraHosting> We are at the national cemetery of hawaii

[23:55] <+RonStoppable>  It's Ron Stoppable, coming to you totally live, broadcasting from... wouldn't you like to know! 

[23:55] <@DraHosting> a memorial to the pearl harbor attacks

[23:55] <+PrincessPin> (brb)

[23:55] <@DraHosting> to get to the gossip

[23:55] <@DraHosting> post

[23:55] <@DraHosting> *Races through Hawaii* 3 times

[23:55] <@DraHosting> then

[23:55] <@DraHosting> *enters Cemetery*

[23:55] <@DraHosting> very simple

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 3

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 2

[23:55] <@DraHosting> 1

[23:55] <@DraHosting> GO

[23:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+ReedKelly> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+ReedKelly> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+ReedKelly> *races through Hawaii*

[23:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> *enters Cemetery*

[23:55] <+ReedKelly> *enters Cemetery*

[23:56] <+MysticSnake|> *races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+MysticSnake|> *races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+MysticSnake|> *races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> chill

[23:56] <+RonStoppable> *Races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+RonStoppable> *Races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> y ya gotta race dawgs

[23:56] <+RonStoppable> *Races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+MysticSnake|> *enters cemetery*

[23:56] <+RonStoppable> *enters Cemetery*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed and relaxes*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> Life is to much runnin

[23:56] <+PrincessPin> Oh my...

[23:56] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> Runnin one place to get to some other shitty place

[23:56] <+PrincessPin> Sorry I was letting out my waters in the loo!

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> Just chill

[23:56] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *races through Hawaii*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers joint to Pin*

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> YOu wanna smoke?

[23:56] <+PrincessPin> Should I be worried if my urine was green? :(

[23:56] <+conspiracywalnut> Nah man.

[23:57] <+conspiracywalnut> Just chill

[23:57] <+conspiracywalnut> Let all your troubles flow

[23:57] <+conspiracywalnut> Flow flow flow down the drain man

[23:57] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[23:57] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude, do dogs give me names?

[23:57] <+JoanCallamezzo> Pin having UNHEALTHY URINE PROBLEMS?

[23:57] <+JoanCallamezzo> After her FISH MURDERER SCANDAL?

[23:57] <+JoanCallamezzo> Seems like you're having some issues, aren't you?

[23:57] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[23:57] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hey don't talk to her like that

[23:57] <+JoanCallamezzo> Tell me, what other shocking events are the public not hearing about?

[23:57] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[23:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Spill EVERY detail.

[23:58] <+ReedKelly> A lot actually.

[23:58] <+ReedKelly> Bombs are happening.

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Joan

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Chill man

[23:58] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I swear if you don't get that camera outta her face

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> There aint nothin there

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> ANd Zayn dawg

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Quit trying to get down the girl's pants

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Just chill out

[23:58] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I ain't yo

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[23:58] <+conspiracywalnut> It's fine dawg it just looks like it

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> I mean you constantly fightin for her

[23:59] * JoanCallamezzo pushes Zayn out of the way

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> is it because both your dads are shit or something?

[23:59] <+LadyRainicorn_> geunyang hyusig-eul chwi halyeogo naneun juwie mulgeon silhaenghaeya gibun-i jeongmal anieyo. nan god yeogi eseo jeikeu leul hochulhago il-eul eotteohgehago issneunji bol su issgileul balabnida ! nado gongju leul geuliwo geugeos-eun naega seulpeun mandeulgoissda . nae nampyeongwa beomjoe wa ssaugo dasi iss-eul su balabnida.

[23:59] <+JoanCallamezzo>'re getting in the shot!

[23:59] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Just trying to be a gantleman to a foreign princess

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> Ah

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> That's cool

[23:59] <+LadyRainicorn_> :D

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> That's cool

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> dangsin-eun myeoch gaji jabcho leul yeongi hal Rainicorn

[23:59] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers joint*

[00:00] <+ReedKelly> ...........

[00:00] <+LadyRainicorn_> jeug, soljighi jeongmal meosjida ^_^

[00:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Reed

[00:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Is there a problem man?

[00:00] <+conspiracywalnut> You want some weed?

[00:01] <+PrincessPin> (back)

[00:01] <+PrincessPin> Hello everyone!

[00:01] <+PrincessPin> Oh how delightful it is to see you all!

[00:01] <+conspiracywalnut> FUck man

[00:01] <+conspiracywalnut> What if I'm like

[00:01] <+conspiracywalnut> a bug

[00:01] <+conspiracywalnut> and I just think I'm human

[00:01] <+ReedKelly> This immunity challenge is TOO hard, DRA.

[00:02] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *races through Hawaii*

[00:02] <+ReedKelly> Broadway dancers don't run, they DANCE.

[00:02] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *enters cemetary*

[00:02] * PrincessPin attempts to dance

[00:03] * PrincessPin falls over

[00:03] <+PrincessPin> :(

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> Good one

[00:03] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, I'll never be as talented as you Reed.

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> If you smoke weed man

[00:03] <+PrincessPin> With you strong, masculine legs! :(

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> Everyone looks talented

[00:03] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers joint* Y'all want some

[00:04] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Shiet yo, y'know what sure

[00:04] <+ReedKelly> You're strong mentally, sweetheart <3 @Princess

[00:04] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I'll take a puff or two, ain't had the good stuff in a long time

[00:04] <+PrincessPin> Oh, wow that's really nice!

[00:04] <+MysticSnake|> .

[00:04] <@DraHosting> MYSTIC SNAKE

[00:04] * PrincessPin turns around and rolls her eyes

[00:04] <@DraHosting> the crowd sighs heavily

[00:05] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER

[00:05] <@DraHosting> OF THIS VIP COMPETITION

[00:05] <+RonStoppable> Crap..

[00:05] * PrincessPin turns to Reed

[00:05] <+PrincessPin> I really appreciate you! <3

[00:05] * ReedKelly hugs Princess.

[00:05] == DraHosting [] has left #TVStars []

[00:05] <+RonStoppable> Nice, Mystic Snakes. Tight race, though.

[00:05] * PrincessPin cringes when Reed hugs her

[00:05] <+ReedKelly> (same @Dra leaving)

[00:05] <+PrincessPin> Oh, Reed, you give great hugs!

[00:05] <+ReedKelly> ..

[00:05] <+ReedKelly> Is there a problem, Princess? 

[00:05] <+ReedKelly> um 

[00:06] == DraHosting [] has joined #TVStars

[00:06] <DraHosting> me

[00:06] <DraHosting> I thought

[00:06] <+MysticSnake|> Well, it appears neither the crowd nor Dra was too happy about me winning.

[00:06] <DraHosting> I exited out of an alliance

[00:06] <DraHosting> I just said stuff

[00:06] <DraHosting> in sweeties

[00:06] <+PrincessPin> A problem, no, of course not!

[00:06] <+MysticSnake|> I'm not hurt.

[00:06] * MysticSnake| sheds single tear

[00:06] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuleom joh-eun il modu ! naneun chinguga VIP useung bogo maeu gippeuge saeng-gaghabnida! :)

[00:06] <DraHosting> being avery's pm

[00:06] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Nice work snake dude

[00:07] <+conspiracywalnut> Yo

[00:07] <+conspiracywalnut> I like ya snake dude

[00:07] <+conspiracywalnut> You're p chill

[00:07] <+conspiracywalnut> Want some weed?

[00:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> Snake, how does it feel to cinch ANOTHER win?

[00:07] <DraHosting> MVP vote time

[00:07] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[00:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> Now, it should have been MY win, but how do YOU feel about your victory?

[00:07] == mode/#TVStars [+o DraHosting] by Recorder

[00:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> Since, after all...

[00:07] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:07] <+JoanCallamezzo> I couldn't play!

[00:08] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF

[00:08] <MohammedBookaSea> BOOKA BORF :33

[00:08] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: o geu geoui aju nappeun!

[00:08] <+RonStoppable> Mohammed!

[00:08] <+MysticSnake|> It amuses me how someone without legs can win so much. I guess you humans really are fat and overly pampered. @Joan

[00:09] <+PrincessPin> I'm quite skinny, and overly pampered, well yeah... I like my nails done! :)

[00:09] <+conspiracywalnut> (You'll never be Booka Bear you shitty ass seal)

[00:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh!

[00:09] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> How delightful, everyone!

[00:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> The seal is back!

[00:09] <+RonStoppable> I'm not really fat, but I do eat a lot.

[00:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, reporting for Pawnee Today!

[00:10] <@DraHosting> BOOKA SEAL

[00:10] <@DraHosting> AKA MOHAMMED

[00:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm here to bring you the news that the talking seal that REED IS ACTUALLY IN A RELATIONSHIP WITH has come back to life!

[00:10] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:10] * RonStoppable holds out some nacos for everyone, including Mohammed.

[00:10] <+JoanCallamezzo> >^O


[00:10] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Nachos!

[00:10] <+RonStoppable> Awesome, man!

[00:10] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF :333

[00:10] <+PrincessPin> (can you get color)

[00:10] * MohammedBookaSea hobbles around

[00:10] <+RonStoppable> Have some celebratory nacos, Mohammed.

[00:10] <+PrincessPin> Mohammed! <3

[00:10] <+conspiracywalnut> *glares at Mohammed*

[00:11] * MohammedBookaSea hobbles to Joan

[00:11] * RonStoppable hands the seal some nacos.

[00:11] <@DraHosting> Mohammed has given MVP to Joan.

[00:11] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[00:11] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: o eojjeomyeon naega dasi useung haji anh-assda. a mullon modeun geos-i naega gajeong yeojeonhi johda.

[00:11] * ZaynMcEnroe facepalms

[00:11] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[00:11] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:11] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:11] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Not surprised at all honestly

[00:11] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:12] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[00:13] <+PrincessPin> Dra?

[00:13] <@DraHosting> hey

[00:13] <+PrincessPin> You never get appreciated for your good job.

[00:13] <@DraHosting> Ron, Walnut, and Joan need to vote

[00:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yeah bro, you run this thing smoother than my raps bro

[00:13] <+PrincessPin> I feel like you're insecure though, and I just wanted to add that, golly gosh, you're better than Jeff :)

[00:14] <+PrincessPin> Now give me fucking Imm-Uh... I mean, you should give me Immunity for that amazing compliment! 

[00:14] <+PrincessPin> :]

[00:14] <+ReedKelly> Princess?a

[00:14] <+ReedKelly> Are you uh, okay?

[00:14] <+conspiracywalnut> (Did ya get it)

[00:14] <@DraHosting> yes

[00:14] <@DraHosting> Joan needs to vote

[00:14] <+PrincessPin> Yes, I am super golly good! <3

[00:15] <@DraHosting> or her vote will be void

[00:15] <+PrincessPin> (Joan is a girl?)

[00:15] * JoanCallamezzo pets Mohammed

[00:15] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF :3

[00:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> Thank you VERY much, little seal!

[00:15] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm shocked you didn't hand it off to your boyfriend, Reed!

[00:15] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:15] * DraHosting passes renewal to Joa

[00:15] <@DraHosting> Joan*

[00:15] <+PrincessPin> His name is Mohammed... @Joan

[00:15] * DraHosting passes renewal to PrincessPin

[00:15] <+PrincessPin> <3

[00:15] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Reed

[00:16] <@DraHosting> ConspiracyWalnut

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Ron

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Lady

[00:16] <@DraHosting> you each got votes tonight.

[00:16] <+ZaynMcEnroe> nice

[00:16] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh

[00:16] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed

[00:16] <@DraHosting> 1 vote.

[00:16] <+conspiracywalnut> That's ight I guess

[00:16] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes*

[00:16] <+RonStoppable> Man.

[00:16] * DraHosting passes renewal to Walnut

[00:16] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Walnut

[00:16] <+RonStoppable> I got votes again.

[00:16] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh really

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Ron and Lady.

[00:16] <+ReedKelly> YES!! :D

[00:16] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-2-1-1

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <+LadyRainicorn_> o ! i museoun geos-ibnida.

[00:16] <+LadyRainicorn_> </3

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] <@DraHosting> x

[00:16] * DraHosting passes renewal to Lady

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Ron.

[00:16] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[00:16] <+RonStoppable> Man...

[00:16] <@DraHosting> You are the third jury member.

[00:16] <+ReedKelly> Sorry Rob :|

[00:17] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[00:17] <+RonStoppable> You voted me, huh... @Reed

[00:17] == mode/#TVStars [-v RonStoppable] by DraHosting

[00:17] <+LadyRainicorn_> * hugs Ron *

[00:17] <RonStoppable> Nice play, nice play. 

[00:17] <+PrincessPin> Sorry Rob...

[00:17] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 7: conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, LadyRainicorn, MysticSnake, PrincessPin, ReedKelly, ZaynMcEnroe|JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, Ron Stoppable 

[00:17] <+PrincessPin> Reed forced me...

[00:17] <+PrincessPin> He bullied me...

[00:17] <+PrincessPin> You should give me your jury vote! :]

[00:17] <+PrincessPin> Bye! 

[00:17] * RonStoppable hugs everyone and gives them all Bueno Nachos coupons.

[00:17] <+MysticSnake|> Bye, Ron.

[00:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Sorry, but I don't eat plebian food.


[00:18] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Adios bro

[00:18] * JoanCallamezzo gives a forced smile

[00:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> I hope you understand!

[00:18] <+MysticSnake|> That processed cheese would likely kill me, but thanks for these anyway.

[00:18] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:18] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~



[00:18] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE SEVEN ~~

[00:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> What's that, Mr. Snake?

[00:18] <+conspiracywalnut> How the fuck have I made it this far? *smokes weed* *chuckles*

[00:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> There are MORE talking animals?

[00:18] * JoanCallamezzo looks at camera

[00:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and welcome to Pawnee Today!

[00:19] <@DraHosting> the final seven!!

[00:19] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dude I'm asking the smae question @Walnut

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> (CONF): Poor Joan, she's a total nutter. But she p chill

[00:19] <@DraHosting> Tonight of course you will become the final six.

[00:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> I've just learned that there are more than one species of talking animal here in BEAUTIFUL Hawaii!

[00:19] <+PrincessPin> I love you all...

[00:19] <@DraHosting> We're getting closer and closer to the finale.

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> A toast to barely makin' it

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers joint*

[00:19] * PrincessPin sees if anyone is looking

[00:19] * PrincessPin kicks Mohammed


[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> *seethes*

[00:19] <MohammedBookaSea> *squeals and cries and hobbles away* :(

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> yo

[00:19] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hell yeah bro *takes a couple of puffs off the joint*

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> dag

[00:19] <+conspiracywalnut> did you just kick the seal

[00:20] <+PrincessPin> Um, no...

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> dude you know that isn't good right

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> like

[00:20] <+PrincessPin> I love animals! :(

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> some guy tried to murder the bear

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> and got out

[00:20] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Wait da fuck...

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> did you just kick the seal man?

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude I seen it with my red eyes

[00:20] <+PrincessPin> I hate it when you accuse me off lies! I was hugging Mohammed! :(

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> you kicked the lil' muslim seal

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> With your foot?

[00:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> Someone kicked the MUSLIM SEAL?

[00:20] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^OO

[00:20] <+ReedKelly> WHAT?!

[00:20] <+conspiracywalnut> Cuz it looked like you were shovin it up his little arabian butthole

[00:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> Pin revealed to be XENOPHOBIC and HATE MUSLIMS?!

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> I mean, I don't really LIKE the seal but I don't mind muslims

[00:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, how do YOU feel about Pin PHYSICALLY ATTACKING YOUR BEAST BOYFRIEND?

[00:21] <+PrincessPin> My daddy has much power, he also has connections with the Saudi Arabian mafia... So you should probably stop talking... @All

[00:21] <+LadyRainicorn_> naneun il-i gyeolgug samanghaessda neomu gippeoyo ! geugeos-eun jeowa daleun salam e seong-gasin isang ieossda! joesonghabnida.

[00:21] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with a mic

[00:21] <+PrincessPin> Teehee!

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> And even if it is Richard Nixon

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> I wouldn't kick RIchard Nixon

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> Lol dude

[00:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> First Pin kills a fish, now she HATES MUSLIMS?

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> I aint your dad

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> We ain't letting this slide y'all?

[00:21] <+conspiracywalnut> RIght?

[00:22] <+ReedKelly> This isn't OKAY.

[00:22] <+ReedKelly> Whatsoever.

[00:22] <+PrincessPin> I'm a loyal fellow muslim myself, golly gosh, get your facts straight before you accuse me! 

[00:22] <@DraHosting> CHALLENGE TIME

[00:22] <+conspiracywalnut> She just kicked an innocent little seal who was worshiping Allah

[00:22] <+ReedKelly> God wouldn't approve

[00:22] <+conspiracywalnut> You still kicked the Muslim seal

[00:22] <@DraHosting> The Gossip Task is written on a football being passed around the stadium through launchers. To find it, celebrities must find the correct football.

[00:22] <+conspiracywalnut> you can hate your own people

[00:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> But, Reed!

[00:22] <+LadyRainicorn_> O_O

[00:22] <@DraHosting> you must post *catches football* 5 times

[00:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> Would God approve of your BESTIALITY??

[00:22] <@DraHosting> and then *reads Gossip*

[00:22] <+conspiracywalnut> My mom hates Canadians

[00:22] <@DraHosting> then PM me.

[00:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, fantastic!

[00:22] <+PrincessPin> I'm to go eat some fruitcakes...

[00:22] <+JoanCallamezzo> A perfect opportunity to break stereotypes.

[00:22] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:23] * PrincessPin runs off

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> um 

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> stop @Joan

[00:23] <+PrincessPin> *whisper*Bitches*whisper*

[00:23] <@DraHosting> 3

[00:23] <@DraHosting> 2

[00:23] <@DraHosting> 1

[00:23] <@DraHosting> GO

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo, here to play a man's game like only a woman can -- and that's amazing!

[00:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *catches football*

[00:23] * JoanCallamezzo smiles 

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> *catches football*

[00:23] <+JoanCallamezzo> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ReedKelly> *reads gossip*

[00:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:24] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *catches football*

[00:24] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *reads gossip*

[00:24] <+PrincessPin> That's the spirit! @Joan

[00:24] <+PrincessPin> I love seeing females succeeding in society! <3

[00:24] <+conspiracywalnut> Just like ya love kicking innocent seals practicing their religon?

[00:24] <+conspiracywalnut> I aint lettin this go dude

[00:24] <+conspiracywalnut> That was sick

[00:25] <+conspiracywalnut> And not like cool sick

[00:25] <+conspiracywalnut> But like

[00:25] <+conspiracywalnut> sick in the bad way ya know

[00:25] <+LadyRainicorn_> :)

[00:27] * MysticSnake| slithers casually

[00:27] <+MysticSnake|> There's not much to do here.

[00:27] * PrincessPin picks up Mohammed

[00:27] * PrincessPin sees if anyone is looking

[00:27] * PrincessPin breaks Mohammed's neck and kills him

[00:27] * PrincessPin walks away

[00:27] * MysticSnake| gasps

[00:27] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[00:27] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:27] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[00:28] * JoanCallamezzo laughs and looks at MysticSnake

[00:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm not the only one who can dominate a challenge, you know?

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> WHAT THE FLIPPITY FLOPPITY FUCK

[00:28] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> YOU JUST KILLED THE SEAL

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> THE SEAL IS DEAD

[00:28] <+PrincessPin> I did?

[00:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> :O

[00:28] <+PrincessPin> Stop filling the air with lies...

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> HE'S IN HEAVEN WITH 70 SEAL VIRGINS

[00:28] <+MysticSnake|> (conf) So I'm just sitting there trying to take a nap when Pin comes over and fucking kills the seal right before my eyes.

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> HE'S DEAD

[00:28] <+ReedKelly> what??

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> WHAT THE FUCKING SHIT MAN

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> RIP SEAL

[00:28] <+conspiracywalnut> BEAUTY PEACE

[00:28] <MohammedBookaSea> orf?

[00:28] <+PrincessPin> I would ever touch a seal, and kill him? What ARE these accusations!? :(

[00:29] <+MysticSnake|> Hey, wait, the thing's still alive.

[00:29] * JoanCallamezzo looks at Zayn

[00:29] <+PrincessPin> See... I didn't kill it...

[00:29] <+ReedKelly> Uh...

[00:29] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Hey buddy, you okay

[00:29] <+PrincessPin> I just, played with it! :)

[00:29] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and welcome to Pawnee Today!

[00:29] <+ReedKelly> This is slightly unsettling

[00:29] * ZaynMcEnroe pats the seal

[00:29] <@DraHosting> MVP time

[00:29] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm here in Hawaii where a Princess has just MURDERED A MUSLIM SEAL!

[00:29] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: annyeonghaseyo geuleom dangsin neomu.

[00:29] <+conspiracywalnut> YOU BIPPITY BOPPITY SNAPPED IT'S NECK

[00:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm talking to her love interest NOW to see what he thinks about his RACIST ANIMAL HATING romantic icon.

[00:30] <+conspiracywalnut> BIPPITY BOPPITY BACK THE FUCK UP

[00:30] * JoanCallamezzo leans in towards Zayn with a mic

[00:30] <+PrincessPin> Seals are the sacred animals of our country...

[00:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> Zayn, what do YOU think about your RACIST ANIMAL HATING friend?

[00:30] <+LadyRainicorn_> * whispers something into the ear of Princess *

[00:30] <+PrincessPin> He just tried to commit suicide, but I saved him!

[00:30] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[00:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> Would YOU vote for her at the Hawaiian cancellation festival?

[00:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[00:30] <+PrincessPin> See the blood on his neck? Yeah, that's where he tried to hang himself!

[00:30] <+PrincessPin> Thankfully I saved him...

[00:30] <+conspiracywalnut> You can't get out of this!

[00:30] <+conspiracywalnut> I SAW YOU

[00:31] <+conspiracywalnut> I SAW YOU SNIPPITY SNAP THAT LIL SEALS NECK

[00:31] <+PrincessPin> L I E S

[00:31] <@DraHosting> LADY

[00:31] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:31] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!

[00:31] <+LadyRainicorn_> o hananim gamsahabnida!

[00:31] <+LadyRainicorn_> <333

[00:31] <+PrincessPin> <3

[00:31] <+LadyRainicorn_> naneun modu neomu salang haeyo! :D

[00:32] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[00:32] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:32] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:32] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:32] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[00:33] <@DraHosting> 0 votes obtained.

[00:33] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Princess Pin

[00:33] <+ZaynMcEnroe> You are so amazing

[00:33] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo

[00:33] <+LadyRainicorn_> dangsin-i babo gat-eun jamkkanman...

[00:34] == MysticSnake_| [4ca46d66@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:34] <+PrincessPin> Oh my, thank you! <3

[00:34] == MysticSnake| was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [MysticSnake|]

[00:34] == mode/#TVStars [+v MysticSnake_|] by DraHosting

[00:34] <+ReedKelly> Okay guys

[00:34] <+ReedKelly> I have a secret to announce

[00:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> dangsin-eun gei?

[00:35] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, are you FINALLY coming out about your BESTIALITY scandal?

[00:35] <+conspiracywalnut> You and the other dude getting married or soemthin?

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> No.

[00:35] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's okay to own up to the truth!

[00:35] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[00:35] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with a mic

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> Forget it> :|

[00:35] <@DraHosting> Too late to announce things

[00:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> a, geu bimil i anida gidalibnida ^_^

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> um

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> no

[00:35] * DraHosting brings in a box of renewal slips

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> ??

[00:35] <+ReedKelly> I'm SPEAKING

[00:35] <+PrincessPin> (let him announce)


[00:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> O_O

[00:35] <@DraHosting> no too late

[00:35] <+PrincessPin> (lol)

[00:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Lady

[00:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Snake

[00:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed

[00:36] <@DraHosting> for the first time!

[00:36] <+LadyRainicorn_> Yaho! :D

[00:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn

[00:36] <+ReedKelly> WHAT!?

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Walnut and PrincessPin.

[00:36] <+ReedKelly> I DIDN'T GET ANY VOTES?! 

[00:36] <+PrincessPin> Oh my...

[00:36] <+ReedKelly> #SLAY

[00:36] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 4-2.

[00:36] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Shit bro

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> xx

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <+PrincessPin> (D: bye @me)

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to.....

[00:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to ConspiracyWalnut.

[00:36] <@DraHosting> PrincessPin.

[00:36] <+PrincessPin> NO!

[00:36] * ReedKelly shrugs.

[00:36] <+PrincessPin> NO!

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[00:36] <+conspiracywalnut> LEARN YOUR LESSON PEOPLE

[00:36] <+PrincessPin> NO FUCKING WAY!

[00:36] <@DraHosting> You are the fourth member of the jury.

[00:36] <+conspiracywalnut> YOU DON'T TRY TO KILL THE BOOKA THINGS


[00:36] <+ReedKelly> To be completely fair, you DID kill an innocent animal.

[00:36] <+ReedKelly> Which is SO unacceptable, dear.


[00:37] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Sorry Princess, that's what you get for harming a beautiful seal you bitch

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> I

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> *whispers to Mohammed* "I know you're Richard Nixon but I'll let that slide for now"

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> AM

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> NOT

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> GOING

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> HOME

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> FUCK YOU ALL

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> lol

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> You lost m8

[00:37] <@DraHosting> Security

[00:37] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fuck off you skank

[00:37] <@DraHosting> ???

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> Talk shit get hit

[00:37] * PrincessPin pulls off mask

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[00:37] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Get your ass packing

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> HAHA, FOOLED YOU ALL.

[00:37] <+MysticSnake_|> Wow, what a caricature.

[00:37] <+PrincessPin> I AM BONNIE FUCKING QUEEN.

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> who

[00:37] == mode/#TVStars [-v PrincessPin] by DraHosting

[00:37] <PrincessPin> WHO?!

[00:37] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Shit... I was falling for that digusting bitch

[00:37] <@DraHosting> Well then

[00:37] <+LadyRainicorn_> ...

[00:37] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 6: conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, LadyRainicorn, MysticSnake, ReedKelly, ZaynMcEnroe|JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, Ron Stoppable, PrincessPin

[00:37] <+LadyRainicorn_> :(

[00:37] <+MysticSnake_|> One of the many three-dimensional characters from SFC.

[00:37] <+LadyRainicorn_> eum geuleom ije uli eotteohgehaeya doebnikka!?

[00:37] * PrincessPin is dragged off

[00:37] * ZaynMcEnroe starts dry heaving

[00:37] <+conspiracywalnut> ye who the fuck you be?

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> Goodbye, RACIST ANIMAL MURDERER!

[00:38] <+LadyRainicorn_> gongju andwae! </3

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> You know, being on this show for me really IS useless.

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...

[00:38] == PrincessPin [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[00:38] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Holy shit... I can't believe I liked that thing

[00:38] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...Never mind!

[00:38] <+LadyRainicorn_> * wipes tears *

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> I love hanging out with this crowd of crazy Hawaiians!

[00:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[00:38] <+LadyRainicorn_> :(

[00:38] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Tha fuck was I thinking *dry heaves more*

[00:38] <@DraHosting> me@her not leaving a blacklist

[00:38] == Bonnie [] has joined #TVStars

[00:39] <@DraHosting> oh thank god

[00:39] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: geunyeoneun nae chingu saeng-gag haessda!

[00:39] <+LadyRainicorn_> </3

[00:39] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~


[00:40] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE EIGHT ~~

[00:40] <+conspiracywalnut> well

[00:40] <+conspiracywalnut> that happened

[00:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> Most of the Hawaiians here are leaving after I unveil their darkest secrets.

[00:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's one "GOTCHA!" moment after another!

[00:40] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:40] <+conspiracywalnut> lol

[00:40] <+ReedKelly> And rightfully so. @Walnut

[00:40] <+conspiracywalnut> what's my secret

[00:40] <+LadyRainicorn_> * strolls in *

[00:40] <+ReedKelly> When it boiled down to it, Princess was... WELLL, A Princess. A spoiled brat.

[00:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> Satanists, DIDs, Cops, Marijuana Addicts, Racists, Animal Killers...

[00:40] <+conspiracywalnut> SHe was also Islamaphobic

[00:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> Everyone's got a secret.

[00:41] <+ReedKelly> #Bigsmiles

[00:41] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:41] <+LadyRainicorn_> eum... naneun maeu seulpeuda . neohuideul maeu seulpeun . geunyeoleul tupyo , geunyeo neun nae chingu mich daeche hal sueobsneun il ieossda!

[00:41] <+conspiracywalnut> What's your secret tho?

[00:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> And we all know that NO ONE can hide from Joan Callamezzo.

[00:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> >:^D

[00:41] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[00:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> The host of Pawnee Today.

[00:41] <+conspiracywalnut> yo wait did we ever vote out the Photographer?

[00:41] <+ZaynMcEnroe> She nearly killed the fucking seal man.  Mohammed is such a beautiful creature and he didn't deserve that man

[00:42] <+conspiracywalnut> (Whenever someone attacks the Booka animal they immediately go)

[00:42] <+conspiracywalnut> (Villager and Princess)

[00:42] <+JoanCallamezzo> Zayn, now, wasn't she your LOVE INTEREST?

[00:42] <+ReedKelly> ^

[00:42] <Bonnie> (Has anyone read Life behind the veil, about a girl called sultana? <3)

[00:42] <+JoanCallamezzo> How could you admit that you LOVE a RACIST ANIMAL MURDERER?

[00:42] <+conspiracywalnut> (And guess who orchestrated both of their deaths)

[00:42] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with a mic

[00:42] <+ReedKelly> You voted out your girlfriend, I just voted out a bitch]

[00:42] <+conspiracywalnut> yo chill guys

[00:42] <+conspiracywalnut> don't hate on the player

[00:43] <+conspiracywalnut> hate on the psycho animal abuser

[00:44] <+ZaynMcEnroe> She wasn't my girlfriend, and I had no idea she was like that.  I fell for a sweet girl who was repressed by her father, not a psych animal murdering bitch!

[00:44] <+conspiracywalnut> ye

[00:44] <+conspiracywalnut> and I fell for a trash can once

[00:44] <+conspiracywalnut> we all make mistakes

[00:44] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I just... I can't believe yo that... oh God damit

[00:44] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[00:44] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:

[00:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Mine was getting so high that I thought a trashcan was a girl

[00:45] * ZaynMcEnroe collapses crying

[00:45] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Fucking shit man

[00:45] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: gibun eottaeyo!

[00:45] <@DraHosting> To make it to the Gossip Task, celebrities must scale the Waimea Canyon. It is hidden underneath a rock on the mountain. There are thirty rocks.

[00:45] <+conspiracywalnut> *tries to console Zayne*

[00:45] <+ReedKelly> 30?

[00:45] <@DraHosting> you join

[00:45] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Thanks bro

[00:45] <@DraHosting> #WaimeaX

[00:45] <+conspiracywalnut> yo man

[00:45] <@DraHosting> with the X being a numbered rock


[00:45] <@DraHosting> the correct rock has the Gossip in it

[00:45] <@DraHosting> good luck

[00:45] <@DraHosting> 3

[00:45] <@DraHosting> 2

[00:45] <@DraHosting> 1

[00:45] <+MysticSnake_|> (ughhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh @these)

[00:45] <@DraHosting> GO

[00:45] <+conspiracywalnut> All I want to do is play hot potatoe

[00:45] <+conspiracywalnut> #Waimea1

[00:45] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: naneun hwagsilhi oneul bam-e lideu REED leul tupyo hago issseubnida!

[00:47] <Bonnie> (ngl i hated literally every challenge)

[00:47] <Bonnie> (they're good but i was unable to do any cuz my internet < )

[00:49] <@DraHosting> REED

[00:50] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:50] <+ReedKelly> YES!! <3

[00:50] <+conspiracywalnut> darnit


[00:50] <+conspiracywalnut> I almot won


[00:50] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF

[00:50] * MohammedBookaSea rubs up against ConspiracyWalnut

[00:50] * MysticSnake_| shrugs

[00:50] <@DraHosting> MVP vote soon

[00:50] <+MysticSnake_|> Congrats, Reed.

[00:50] <+MysticSnake_|> I'd shake your hand

[00:50] <+MysticSnake_|> But I have no hands.

[00:51] <+ZaynMcEnroe> What a cute little bastard

[00:51] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: chung naneun habbeobjeog-eulo jeikeu wa pin i imi i goemul eul mulli chil haeyahabnida... gutoleul hago issseubnida.

[00:51] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, reporting to you here live from Hawaii!

[00:51] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Gratz Redd

[00:51] <+ZaynMcEnroe> ^Reed

[00:51] * ReedKelly shakes Mystic's tale

[00:51] <Bonnie> (when does MVP end?)

[00:51] <+conspiracywalnut> Hello there cute little seal. *whispers "what's your game RIchard Nixon? What do you want from me now"*

[00:51] <+ReedKelly> REDD?

[00:51] <@DraHosting> f4

[00:51] <+JoanCallamezzo> For the first time EVER, someone besides myself or the Snake has won the Hawaiian ritual game!

[00:51] <+ReedKelly> Are you kidding mE?

[00:51] <+ReedKelly> :|

[00:51] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^O

[00:51] <@DraHosting> MVP time

[00:51] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, care to comment?

[00:51] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[00:51] <Bonnie> (ash pm_

[00:52] <+ReedKelly> It feels so fiere

[00:52] <+ReedKelly> fierce

[00:52] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[00:52] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:52] <+ReedKelly> and I couldn't be happier

[00:52] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!!

[00:52] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[00:52] <+ReedKelly> Thanks, Joel.

[00:52] <+ReedKelly> :D

[00:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> Safe as usual!

[00:52] <+JoanCallamezzo> I must look AMAZING on camera.

[00:53] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[00:53] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:54] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:54] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:54] <+LadyRainicorn_> * strolls over to Dra*

[00:54] <+MysticSnake_|> .

[00:54] <+LadyRainicorn_> * hums *

[00:54] <@DraHosting> what's that...

[00:54] <+LadyRainicorn_> * hands Bonnie's RVSP idol to DraProbst*

[00:54] <+LadyRainicorn_> :)

[00:54] <@DraHosting> what are idols

[00:54] <@DraHosting> this is a card

[00:54] <@DraHosting> Bonnie passed her RSVP to LadyRainicorn, and Lady is now RSVPing herself for this elimination.

[00:54] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[00:55] <@DraHosting> You cannot vote for Reed, Joan, or Lady.

[00:55] <Bonnie> ( (kate) )

[00:55] <@DraHosting> Zayn, Snake, and Walnut are up for elimination.

[00:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> mueos-ideun! O_O

[00:56] <@DraHosting> Joan and Lady

[00:56] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hm...

[00:56] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[00:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh?

[00:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> You...

[00:56] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: Nal jib-eulo bonaelyeogo, i geudeul-i mueos-eul eod-eul!! ^_^

[00:56] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, I can't say no when you put it that way!

[00:56] * JoanCallamezzo nervously laughs

[00:56] * ZaynMcEnroe nervously twiddles his thumbs

[00:56] * DraHosting passes renewal to Walnut

[00:57] * DraHosting passes renewal to Lady

[00:57] * DraHosting passes renewal to Joan

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> um

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> where is mine???

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> Like rudeness

[00:57] <@DraHosting> you're VIP

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> Oh

[00:57] <@DraHosting> Snake and Zayn

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> right

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> :D

[00:57] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles

[00:57] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-2

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: dangsin-eun jeongmal jib Zayn eul gayahanda. jigeum-eun yeoljeong-eulo dangsin eul silh-eo. ^ _ ^

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] <@DraHosting> x

[00:57] * DraHosting passes renewal to.....

[00:57] * DraHosting passes renewal to Zayn.

[00:57] <@DraHosting> #TVSTARSSHOCKER

[00:57] <@DraHosting> Snake

[00:57] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[00:57] * MysticSnake_| nods

[00:57] <@DraHosting> You are the fifth member of the jury.

[00:57] <+MysticSnake_|> I doubt many people would've watched My Life As A Teenage Snake anyway.

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Sorry, dear.

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> See ya man

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> My agent asked me to vote for you because it would give me a better chance at winning.

[00:58] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[00:58] <+MysticSnake_|> Lady

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> *hugs snake*

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...What?

[00:58] <+MysticSnake_|> Walnut

[00:58] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 5: conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, LadyRainicorn, ReedKelly, ZaynMcEnroe|JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, RonStoppable, PrincessPin, MysticSnake

[00:58] == mode/#TVStars [-v MysticSnake_|] by DraHosting

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> SMoke with me after this

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh, sorry, "winning."

[00:58] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Phew

[00:58] <MysticSnake_|> Whichever one of you it was that flipped.

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm just here at a Hawaiian village!

[00:58] <@DraHosting> remember to give me a blacklist if you ever have to go.

[00:58] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles

[00:58] <MysticSnake_|> Good job.

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[00:58] <+ReedKelly> Bye, Snake :s

[00:58] <+LadyRainicorn_> :D

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> Living among Hawaiians.

[00:58] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^)

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey

[00:58] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Good show man, good show

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> *gives Snake some weed*

[00:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Remember me man

[00:58] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Ya did good bro

[00:58] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~

[00:59] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE NINE: FINALE ~~

[00:59] <@DraHosting> THE FINAL FIVE.

[00:59] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Holy shit man, I can't believe I made the final five


[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> yo man

[01:00] <+ReedKelly> (CONF): I knew I'd be here. I'm just that strong and that fabulous! <3


[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> whatever


[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> I speak Korean too man


[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Is it something about us Koreans that America hates?


[01:00] <+ReedKelly> This is ture, Dra.


[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> Wait

[01:00] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...What?!?!

[01:00] <@DraHosting> FIND OUT...NOW

[01:00] <+conspiracywalnut> You're a rapper?

[01:00] <+JoanCallamezzo> WALNUT is ALSO a RACIST?

[01:01] <+JoanCallamezzo> Walnut, you HATE KOREANS?

[01:01] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm not a racist

[01:01] <@DraHosting> ON THE TV STARS FINALE!!!!

[01:01] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with a mic

[01:01] <+conspiracywalnut> I'm Korean

[01:01] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[01:01] <+conspiracywalnut> The fuck you talkin about mate

[01:01] <+JoanCallamezzo> Please, tell the viewers why such a BENEVOLENT MARIJUANA ADDICT could hate KOREANS?!

[01:01] <+LadyRainicorn_> naega gajeong chingchan jusyeoseo gamsahabnida!

[01:01] <@DraHosting> Setting up the VIP.

[01:01] <+conspiracywalnut> I don't hate Koreans I am Korean

[01:01] * ReedKelly does yoga

[01:01] <+LadyRainicorn_> gomawo siljelo

[01:01] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I'm an amateur rapper thrying to make it so his mom can live a comfortable life man...

[01:01] <+ReedKelly> I'M BULLETPROOOOOFF



[01:02] <+ReedKelly> RICOCHE 

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> SO TAKE YOUR AIM

[01:02] <+LadyRainicorn_> dasi jeikeu jib-e gaseo bol geos-i joh-eul geos-ida hajiman huimang amelika, i sigan babo doeji anhseubnida


[01:02] <+LadyRainicorn_> * sighs *

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> SHOOT ME DOWNNNNNN

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> BUT I WON'T FALLLLLL

[01:02] <+conspiracywalnut> 조안 자식 카메라 밀어 주십시오 @Joan

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> I AM TITANIUUMMMM

[01:02] * ReedKelly looks at other four.

[01:02] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: naneun i sijeom-eseo saeloun chingu ga pil-yohabnida. nugu leul handa.

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> Oh, sorry guys, just practicing for a #BROADWAY audition! <3

[01:02] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Not like I'm big, you ain't never heard of Zayn McEnroe have ya?  Dats cause I ain't there... I may never get there man...

[01:02] <+ReedKelly> It's for DannyZuko in Grease! <3

[01:02] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: geunyang geosdeul-e daehae geungjeongjeog in taedo leul yujihaeya! :D

[01:02] <+conspiracywalnut> 그는 중년의 위기 하지만친구 30 가진 할머니 처럼 @Lady

[01:03] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Dats why I need this show... for my mom bro

[01:03] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[01:03] <+LadyRainicorn_> heungmiloun!

[01:04] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Man... I still can't understand anything you been saying Lady

[01:04] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:

[01:04] <@DraHosting> we're at the polynesian cultural center for this

[01:04] <@DraHosting> btw :3

[01:04] <@DraHosting> For this Fame Task, celebrities must try to blend in with the workers and complete a round of fireball juggling. They must post:

[01:04] <@DraHosting> *juggles fireballs* 3 times

[01:04] <+LadyRainicorn_> nan dangsin-i geogjeonghaji masibsio ihaehal su-issda. naega wonhaneun hajiman naneun hal su eobs-seubnida! :)

[01:04] <@DraHosting> *completes round*

[01:05] <@DraHosting> got it

[01:05] <@DraHosting> PM me for gossip

[01:05] <@DraHosting> 3

[01:05] <@DraHosting> 2

[01:05] <@DraHosting> 1

[01:05] <@DraHosting> GO

[01:05] <+ReedKelly> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+ReedKelly> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+LadyRainicorn_> *juggles fireballs* 

[01:05] <+ReedKelly> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+LadyRainicorn_> *juggles fireballs* 

[01:05] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+LadyRainicorn_> *juggles fireballs* 

[01:05] <+LadyRainicorn_> *juggles fireballs* 

[01:05] <+ReedKelly> *completes round*

[01:05] <+LadyRainicorn_> *completes round*

[01:05] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+conspiracywalnut> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+conspiracywalnut> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+conspiracywalnut> *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *completes round*

[01:05] <+conspiracywalnut> *completes roound*

[01:05] <+JoanCallamezzo>  *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+JoanCallamezzo>  *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+JoanCallamezzo>  *juggles fireballs*

[01:05] <+JoanCallamezzo>  *completes round*

[01:05] <MysticSnake_|> (Should someone tell Reed he's not supposed to be doing this)

[01:06] <+ReedKelly> (I just figured it out :c

[01:06] <+ReedKelly> _

[01:07] <@DraHosting> This is the closest VIP yet.

[01:08] <+ReedKelly> You're such a better host than Jeff, Dra <3

[01:08] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[01:08] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[01:09] * JoanCallamezzo laughs

[01:09] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP!!!

[01:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> To be honest, though, I wasn't too shocked that I've won it again!

[01:09] <@DraHosting> It is now time for the FINAL MVP vote of the season.

[01:09] <@DraHosting> As well

[01:09] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Damn man... so close

[01:09] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: geulsse, nan nolyeoghaessda.

[01:09] <@DraHosting> Any special powers expire at tonight's elimination.

[01:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and I've won my SEVENTH straight Hawaiian festival game!

[01:09] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reporting from Hawaii for Pawnee Today, it's me - Joan Callamezzo.

[01:10] <@DraHosting> WALNUT

[01:10] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS


[01:10] <@DraHosting> And for that you get to do the next and final MVP bait of the season.

[01:11] * DraHosting hands Walnut DVDs

[01:11] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuleom geu seulpeun . </3

[01:11] <@DraHosting> hand out a good DVD

[01:11] <@DraHosting> and a bad dVD

[01:11] <@DraHosting> DVD*

[01:11] <@DraHosting> you don't know which is which

[01:11] <@DraHosting> select two people

[01:11] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[01:11] <+LadyRainicorn_> .

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Okay, so I give one DVD to Reed so he can listen to showtunes or whatever

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> And uh

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Joan

[01:12] <+LadyRainicorn_> annyeonghaseyo?

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> You want to guy?

[01:12] <+ReedKelly> SHOWTUNEs! <333

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Joan cannot be chosen

[01:12] <+ReedKelly> YESSSSSS

[01:12] <+LadyRainicorn_> D:

[01:12] <+ReedKelly> YESSSS

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Nevermind then

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Yo


[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn

[01:12] <+conspiracywalnut> You want a rap thing?

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Zayn and Reed

[01:12] <+ReedKelly> This is more beautiful than ME <3

[01:12] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Sure I guess it's getting forced on me XD

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Zayn you go first

[01:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Okay bro

[01:13] == ChadrickHunt [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[01:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Lez see what we gots

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> Hey bros it's Chadrick

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> Winner of Redvivor Redemption Island.

[01:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Holy shit it's Chdrick

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> Thanks for subscribing to my Brogram (trademark symbol here)

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> Bro you get to work those ABS

[01:13] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *Chadrick

[01:13] <+LadyRainicorn_> dangsin-eul mannaseo annyeonghaseyo o joh-eun!!!

[01:13] * ReedKelly raises shirt.

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> As a punishment you must work out every time you talk

[01:13] <+ReedKelly> THESE ARE ABS

[01:13] <ChadrickHunt> Cuz bro if you don't

[01:14] <ChadrickHunt> you get a penalty vote.

[01:14] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude you'll get tight abs

[01:14] == ChadrickHunt has changed nick to Myrtle_N_Dell

[01:14] <MysticSnake_|> All you have to do get a ™

[01:14] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Okay bro *does a pushup*

[01:14] <MysticSnake_|> Is a Google search

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> M: Reed!

[01:14] == AudreyJackson has changed nick to Audrey|Jury

[01:14] <MysticSnake_|> It takes like 3 seconds

[01:14] <+ReedKelly> Yess?

[01:14] <MysticSnake_|> #LazyDra

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> D: Reed!

[01:14] <+ReedKelly> OMG HAI!!!

[01:14] <+ReedKelly> EEEE

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> M: Just like us, you get to burden someone in the game....

[01:14] * ReedKelly hugs Myrtle and Dell

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> M: You can conjoin any two people except the VIP.

[01:14] <+ReedKelly> Oh?

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> D: Those two people have to vote TOGETHER :3

[01:14] <Myrtle_N_Dell> M: And if they fail to decide who to vote for...

[01:15] <+ReedKelly> Does their vote only count as one?

[01:15] <Myrtle_N_Dell> D: Their vote is VOID!!

[01:15] <Myrtle_N_Dell> M: Yes

[01:15] <+ReedKelly> hm..

[01:15] == Myrtle_N_Dell [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[01:15] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF

[01:15] <+ReedKelly> Zayn and....

[01:15] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuleom geu heungmi lobgun-yo...

[01:15] <+ReedKelly> Walnut.

[01:15] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey bro

[01:15] <@DraHosting> Zayn and Walnut

[01:15] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Damn bro dats a lot of power *does a pushup*

[01:15] <+conspiracywalnut> *highfives Zayn*

[01:15] <@DraHosting> you two are officially conjoined.

[01:15] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[01:15] <@DraHosting> You must decide who to vote for together.

[01:15] <+conspiracywalnut> We're like brothers only closer man

[01:15] * JoanCallamezzo rushes in

[01:15] <@DraHosting> And if you cannot decide, your vote is void.

[01:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> Are the cameras rolling? :^O

[01:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> ARE THE F**KING CAMERAS ROLLING???????????????????????????

[01:16] * JoanCallamezzo is sweating bullets

[01:16] <+conspiracywalnut> What cameras man?

[01:16] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[01:16] * JoanCallamezzo looks up and sees the cameras

[01:16] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Cool bro *does a pushup*

[01:16] * JoanCallamezzo straightens up

[01:16] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, here with a SPECIAL edition of Pawnee Today: Hawaii Excursion!

[01:16] <+ZaynMcEnroe> I can handle that *does a pushup*

[01:16] <+conspiracywalnut> *waves from behind Joan*

[01:16] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[01:16] * JoanCallamezzo unveils a RSVP pass

[01:17] <+LadyRainicorn_> :O

[01:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> I just did a bit of...oh, you know, hunting around.

[01:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> And I found this BEAUTIFUL, AMAZING RSVP pass in a secret room!

[01:17] <@DraHosting> ...

[01:17] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Holy shit man *does a pushup*

[01:17] <@DraHosting> o

[01:17] <@DraHosting> I thought it lagged

[01:17] <+ReedKelly> Congrats Joan!

[01:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> Now, because of my ~safety~ tonight, I thought it would be a lot more FUN to give it away.

[01:17] <+JoanCallamezzo> Reed, I'm sorry, but I can't support your BESTIALITY LIFESTYLE, even though that is something you cannot choose to do.

[01:17] <+LadyRainicorn_> o wau . jeongmal sosu eiss-eo. D:

[01:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> Walnut, it's not a good publicity move to endorse a KOREAN-HATING MARIJUANA ABUSER.  Sorry :^(

[01:18] <+ReedKelly> Are you... are you saying you're a homophobe?

[01:18] <+ReedKelly> Well that's not good to say ON CAMERA

[01:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's not about homosexuality.

[01:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> It's about BESTIALITY.

[01:18] <+conspiracywalnut> 당신이 한국니다 @Joan

[01:18] <+LadyRainicorn_> jal naneun geugeos-i na e ganeun geos gat-ayo? :D

[01:18] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^\

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Joan

[01:18] <@DraHosting> who are you playing it on?

[01:19] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuleon geos gat-a. </3

[01:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, I don't want to support Zayn's career in the event he has a SCANDAL later on...

[01:19] <+conspiracywalnut> I am Korean but I do smoke weed man and that's okay

[01:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...aside from falling in love with a RACIST ANIMAL ABUSER...

[01:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> so I have to give it to the least offensive, most benevolent creature here.

[01:19] <+ReedKelly> You slander one gay, you slander them all, Joan. Your career will be forever ruined.

[01:19] * JoanCallamezzo hands LadyRainicorn the RSVP

[01:19] <+conspiracywalnut> Mohammed?

[01:19] <+LadyRainicorn_> gamsahabnida!

[01:19] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[01:19] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Yo man I thought she was a sweet girl *does a pushup*

[01:19] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh lady too

[01:19] <@DraHosting> #TVSTARSSHOCKER

[01:19] <+JoanCallamezzo> Thank you, everyone!

[01:19] <+LadyRainicorn_> * hugs Joan *

[01:19] <@DraHosting> Lady is now immune from elimination.

[01:19] * JoanCallamezzo smiles at the camera

[01:19] <+ReedKelly> Also, Dra

[01:19] <@DraHosting> Reed, Walnut, and Zayn are eligible to be eliminated.

[01:20] <@DraHosting> yes

[01:20] <+ReedKelly> I'd like to unveil MY Power.

[01:20] <+conspiracywalnut> (I'm MVP)

[01:20] <+ReedKelly> and use it tonight.

[01:20] <Audrey|Jury> (Walnut is MVP, he's immune)

[01:20] <@DraHosting> oh right thank you audrey

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Reed and Zayn up for elimination

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Reed reveals his secret power

[01:20] <@DraHosting> The power to vote twice.

[01:20] <@DraHosting> For being the first successful Paparazzi in TV Stars history

[01:20] <+ReedKelly> Okay

[01:20] <@DraHosting> He successfully earned enough secrets to pass his objective.

[01:20] <+conspiracywalnut> Waoh

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Reed will vote twice tonight.

[01:21] <Audrey|Jury> (so only Lady's vote counts)

[01:21] <+conspiracywalnut> I tought it was the camera dude the whole time

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> Do any of you REALLY think that I can beat you in jury?

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Walnut and Zayn will vote together.

[01:21] * JoanCallamezzo laughs 

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Lady is immune.

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> Everybody on the jury HATES me

[01:21] <+JoanCallamezzo> Good thing he can't vote for me!

[01:21] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Oh what the FUCK bro... *does a pushup*

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Send in votes.

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> I've backstabbed them all

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> You'll have an easy win 

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> :|

[01:21] <Audrey|Jury> (Walnut/Zayn have to vote Reed, Reed has to vote Zayn)

[01:21] <Audrey|Jury> (Only Lady can vote)

[01:21] <@DraHosting> oh that's true

[01:21] <@DraHosting> me flopping

[01:21] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: annyeong lideu! ^_^

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Lady

[01:21] <@DraHosting> send in your sole vote

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> yes but I have 2 votes

[01:21] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles

[01:21] <+LadyRainicorn_> naneun soljighi deol miwohaneun tupyo hal geos-ida.

[01:22] <+ZaynMcEnroe> So either Lady forces a tie... or I go home *does a pushup*

[01:22] <+ZaynMcEnroe> *sighs* Man I really got fucked *does a pushup*

[01:22] <@DraHosting> two ties in a single season

[01:22] <@DraHosting> I would cry

[01:22] <+ReedKelly> same 

[01:22] <+ReedKelly> fuck you @Lady

[01:22] <@DraHosting> ties >>

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Lady send in a vote

[01:22] <+ReedKelly> Oh my

[01:22] <+ReedKelly> that was un-gayly-like

[01:23] <Audrey|Jury> (It's 2-2 without Lady's vote, there is no tie)

[01:23] <Audrey|Jury> (yw @ me hosting)

[01:23] <+ReedKelly> (Zayn/Walnut are 1 vote together bye)

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Zayn and Walnut count as one vote

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Now then

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Celebrities

[01:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> Me and Walnut only count as one fucking vote *does a pushup*

[01:23] <+LadyRainicorn_> :D

[01:23] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-1..........

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Zayn.

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[01:23] <+ZaynMcEnroe> No shit

[01:23] * DraHosting passes renewals to everyone else

[01:23] <+ReedKelly> ...

[01:24] <+ReedKelly> :D

[01:24] <+ReedKelly> YES

[01:24] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi whatcha gonna do man

[01:24] == mode/#TVStars [-v ZaynMcEnroe] by DraHosting

[01:24] <+conspiracywalnut> See ya dude

[01:24] <ZaynMcEnroe> Well I hope you're all real fucking proud, you kicked a down and out kid trying to support his mom in the nuts

[01:24] <@DraHosting> You are the sixth member of the jury.

[01:24] <+conspiracywalnut> After psarty?

[01:24] <+LadyRainicorn_> lideu, naneun yeojeonhi dangsin-eul silh-eo. nan geunyang hwolssin deo Zayn silh-eo!

[01:24] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 4: conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, LadyRainicorn, ReedKelly|JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, RonStoppable, PrincessPin, MysticSnake, ZaynMcEnroe

[01:24] <ZaynMcEnroe> None of you deserve to win

[01:24] <@DraHosting> The final four.

[01:24] <@DraHosting> Let us continue on in the finale.

[01:24] <+ReedKelly> #BigSmiles all around for you #LOVELIES!!

[01:25] <Bonnie> (gross @final 4)

[01:25] <Bonnie> brb shower

[01:25] <+conspiracywalnut> (fuk u too seal killer)

[01:25] * DraHosting grabs Booka Seal

[01:25] * DraHosting carts him out

[01:25] <@DraHosting> No more Booka

[01:25] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF :(

[01:25] <MohammedBookaSea> ORF ORF ORF HELP ORF

[01:25] * MohammedBookaSea reaches for Walnut

[01:25] * MohammedBookaSea is drug out before he could say goodbye

[01:25] == MohammedBookaSea [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[01:25] <+LadyRainicorn_> wae uliui jag-eun chinguga ileohge iljjig gal pil-yoga issneunga? :(

[01:26] <+LadyRainicorn_> naneun modeun munje ida , yeogi geos gat-a. :D

[01:26] <+conspiracywalnut> o wut

[01:26] <@DraHosting> setting up the final VIP

[01:26] <+conspiracywalnut> fuck I was high

[01:26] <@DraHosting> Because we are at the final four

[01:26] <+conspiracywalnut> Did Nixon leave?

[01:26] <@DraHosting> and the MVP is gone

[01:26] <@DraHosting> Everyone is allowed to play in the VIP challenge

[01:26] <@DraHosting> Including the outgoing VIP.

[01:26] == ZaynMcEnroe has changed nick to Zayn|Space

[01:26] <@DraHosting> We are in the final stretch indeed.

[01:27] * JoanCallamezzo forcedly smiles at the camera

[01:27] * JoanCallamezzo flips her hair

[01:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo!

[01:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> Host of Pawnee Today!

[01:27] <+LadyRainicorn_> * giggles *

[01:27] <+JoanCallamezzo> And I'm here with three of my closest new Hawaiian friends!

[01:27] == RonStoppable has changed nick to Ron|Ash

[01:27] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[01:27] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey

[01:27] <@DraHosting> Time for the final VIP challenge.

[01:27] <@DraHosting> FAME:

[01:27] <+conspiracywalnut> So were you all like, aligned?

[01:28] <@DraHosting> You need to paddle across a river to reach the Gossip.

[01:28] <@DraHosting> Post


[01:28] <@DraHosting> *jumps in canoe*

[01:28] <@DraHosting> *paddles* 3 times

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> O_O

[01:28] <@DraHosting> and *arrives*

[01:28] <@DraHosting> then PM me for the gossip.

[01:28] <@DraHosting> Very simple.

[01:28] <@DraHosting> 5

[01:28] <@DraHosting> 4

[01:28] <@DraHosting> 3

[01:28] <@DraHosting> 2

[01:28] <@DraHosting> 1

[01:28] <@DraHosting> GO

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *jumps in canoe*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *jumps in canoe*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *jumps in canoe*

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *jumps in canoe* 

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *paddles*

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *paddles*

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *paddles*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *paddles*

[01:28] <+LadyRainicorn_> *arrives*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *paddles*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *paddles*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *paddles*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *paddles*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *paddles*

[01:28] <+conspiracywalnut> *arrives*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *paddles*

[01:28] <+JoanCallamezzo> *arrives*

[01:28] <+ReedKelly> *arrives*

[01:30] <@DraHosting> JOAN

[01:30] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[01:30] <@DraHosting> YOU WIN THE FINAL VIP CHALLENGE!!!

[01:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> Not shocking! :^D

[01:30] <+JoanCallamezzo> I've just gotten SO great at these Hawaiian ritual games.

[01:30] * JoanCallamezzo turns to camera

[01:31] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, host of Pawnee Today, speaking to you after my EIGHTH Hawaiian ritual game win!

[01:31] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[01:31] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[01:31] <MysticSnake_|> (what @final VIP)

[01:31] <MysticSnake_|> (Isn't this F4)

[01:32] <Audrey|Jury> (F3 is no immunity I think)

[01:32] <Audrey|Jury> (Since VIP can't vote and it'd just be a tie)

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> So, Dra, what DOES happen after tonight's Hawaiian cancellation festival?

[01:32] * JoanCallamezzo leans in with mic

[01:32] <+LadyRainicorn_> CONF: geu gat-eun jaemiissneun gyeongheom ieossda joh-a, naega bilog jigeum saeng-gag-iya! ^_^

[01:32] <@DraHosting> you sillies

[01:32] <@DraHosting> there is a challenge at the final three

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Please, enlighten the viewers!

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> They'd LOVE to know!

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Oh?

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> A final challenge?

[01:32] <Bonnie> (cringe @joan)

[01:32] <+JoanCallamezzo> Sounds like something perfect for me! :^D

[01:32] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.

[01:32] <MysticSnake_|> (I thought you made it an F3 and I was about to lynch you)

[01:33] * DraHosting passes renewal to Walnut

[01:33] <@DraHosting> Reed.

[01:33] <@DraHosting> Lady.

[01:33] <+LadyRainicorn_> * gulps *

[01:33] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 2-1...

[01:33] <Bonnie> lol @jury of 8 with f2, hoping for a tie <3

[01:33] * DraHosting passes renewal to Reed

[01:33] <MysticSnake_|> .

[01:33] <@DraHosting> Lady.

[01:33] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILESREGARDLESS----

[01:33] <+ReedKelly> WHAT?!

[01:33] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled.

[01:33] <+ReedKelly> REALLY!? :D

[01:33] <+ReedKelly> ARE YOU SERIOUS!? :D

[01:33] <Bonnie> (</3)

[01:33] <+conspiracywalnut> Goodbye Lady

[01:33] <+LadyRainicorn_> yaedeul a annyeong eum ! geugeos-eun jaemi iss-eossda! hajiman jigeum-eun jib-e gaseo jeikeu leul boge! :D

[01:33] <Bonnie> (cringe @reed)

[01:34] <Zayn|Space> (Saw it coming the whole way)

[01:34] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuligo dangsin-ege lideu leul segseu. ^_^

[01:34] <Bonnie> (^)

[01:34] <+conspiracywalnut> 당신은 가 당신을 그리워 니다 진정한 친구

[01:34] <+JoanCallamezzo> Hi, I'm Joan Callamezzo, and welcome back to Pawnee Today!

[01:34] <Bonnie> (there goes my vote D:)

[01:34] <+conspiracywalnut> *hugs Lady*

[01:34] <@DraHosting> </3

[01:34] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers Lady a joint*

[01:34] <+JoanCallamezzo> There's only two Hawaiians left on the nature game show!

[01:34] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES

[01:34] * ReedKelly walks downstairs.

[01:34] <+ReedKelly> Congrats on the Final 3, guys! :D

[01:34] <Bonnie> (who was lady? :D)

[01:34] <+JoanCallamezzo> As I go through their next Hawaiian ritual game, I can only hope that I come out victorious for a ninth consecutive time!

[01:34] <+LadyRainicorn_> * hugs Joan and Conspiracywalnut *

[01:34] <Bonnie> (PM @dra)

[01:34] <+JoanCallamezzo> Wish me luck, Pawnee!

[01:34] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: Top 3: conspiracywalnut, JoanCallamezzo, ReedKelly|JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, RonStoppable, PrincessPin, MysticSnake, ZaynMcEnroe, LadyRainicorn


[01:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuleom nan choejong bujog eseo boja!

[01:35] <+JoanCallamezzo> As I battle against a MARIJUANA ADDICT and a BESTIAL BROADWAY BOY!

[01:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> Lideu dangsin-eun deo na-eun ilhge haessda.

[01:35] <+conspiracywalnut> How am I gonna survive this?

[01:35] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed* gotta chill

[01:35] <+LadyRainicorn_> * flies away *

[01:35] * JoanCallamezzo forcedly smiles at the camera

[01:36] <@DraHosting> ~~ FINAL CHALLENGE :OOOOOO ~~

[01:36] <@DraHosting> Reed.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> Joan.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> Walnut.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> The three strongest players of this competition.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> This final challenge is to give an edge to those who do not complete the main challenges

[01:36] <+conspiracywalnut> Thanks man

[01:36] <@DraHosting> or who are not good at them.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> This challenge is a battle of fairness.

[01:36] <@DraHosting> A trivia game.

[01:36] <+ReedKelly> YOU KNOW IT! <3

[01:36] <+conspiracywalnut> Ah fuck tho

[01:36] <@DraHosting> How much have you been paying attention to your fellow competitors?

[01:36] <+conspiracywalnut> I've been high all game!

[01:37] <Zayn|Space> (this should be good)

[01:37] <+ReedKelly> A little too much

[01:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> Well, I'd like to think I've been studying the Hawaiians VERY closely.

[01:37] <+ReedKelly> I've spent about 5 minutes getting to know them :|

[01:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> But, we'll see who comes out on top today!

[01:37] <+ReedKelly> That was enough

[01:37] <@DraHosting> The first person

[01:37] <+JoanCallamezzo> I'm Joan Callamezzo, and this is Pawnee Today!

[01:37] <@DraHosting> to 5 points

[01:37] <@DraHosting> Wins 

[01:37] <@DraHosting> and will cast the sole vote to eliminate someone.

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> (CONF):I'm the weakest one here. Why can't we just play hot potato or somethin like that?

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> ok

[01:38] <@DraHosting> FIRST QUESTION

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> wow

[01:38] <@DraHosting> How many MVP baits have their been in this competition?

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> 2

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> 2

[01:38] <@DraHosting> Reed scores.

[01:38] <@DraHosting> 1-0-0

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> :D

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> Can I get half a point?

[01:38] <@DraHosting> QUESTION TWO

[01:38] <@DraHosting> How many quitters did this season have?

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> 1

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> 0

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> 0

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> Wow!

[01:38] <@DraHosting> ikr it's amazing <3 @walnut

[01:38] * JoanCallamezzo laughs nervously

[01:38] <@DraHosting> Walnut scores

[01:38] <@DraHosting> 1-1-0

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> Shocking...!!!!

[01:38] <@DraHosting> Next question

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> :^S

[01:38] <Audrey|Jury> (Joan up to date on her news >)

[01:38] <@DraHosting> How many votes were cast OFFICIALLY when Zayn was eliminated?

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> 2

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> 3

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> 3

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> 25

[01:38] <+JoanCallamezzo> 1

[01:38] <+conspiracywalnut> 2

[01:38] <+ReedKelly> 4

[01:39] <@DraHosting> Joan scores.

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> kind of

[01:39] <@DraHosting> IT was 1

[01:39] <@DraHosting> 1-1-1

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> :O

[01:39] <@DraHosting> How many RSVPs were in the game total?

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> (25 :( )

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 2

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> 3

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 3

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 3

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 4

[01:39] <@DraHosting> Reed scores.

[01:39] <@DraHosting> 2-1-1.

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> YES! <3

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> fuck dude

[01:39] <Bonnie> (cringe)

[01:39] <@DraHosting> How many votes did Greed receive upon his elimination?

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 1

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 2

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 3

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 4

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> 5

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 5

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 6

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 4

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 8

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 7

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 7

[01:39] <Bonnie> (greed was revote)

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> 9

[01:39] <Audrey|Jury> (revotes people)

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 9

[01:39] <+ReedKelly> 10

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 11

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 10

[01:39] <+conspiracywalnut> 11

[01:39] <+JoanCallamezzo> 12

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> 12

[01:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> 13

[01:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> 14

[01:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> 15

[01:40] <@DraHosting> Reed scores with 10

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> 13

[01:40] <@DraHosting> 3-1-1

[01:40] <@DraHosting> Next u

[01:40] <+ReedKelly> YES<3

[01:40] <@DraHosting> up*

[01:40] * JoanCallamezzo listens to earpiece

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (wait that's not possible)

[01:40] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...I know...

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed* chill

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (it can't be 10)

[01:40] <@DraHosting> It was 10

[01:40] <@DraHosting> revotes  too

[01:40] <+ReedKelly> (Revote too)

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (yes but)

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (5 votes)

[01:40] <Ron|Ash> .

[01:40] <+ReedKelly> (yeah and he got 5 again)

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (and I didnt vote Greed)

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> u sayin I got it right?

[01:40] <@DraHosting> walnut flipped on greed

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (oh wait im stupid)

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> No I didn't

[01:40] <Audrey|Jury> (kk got it)

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> I never flipped on Greed

[01:40] <+conspiracywalnut> lol

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> Dra did you count wrong and screw someone over?

[01:41] <@DraHosting> Which jury member did not leave a blacklist and henceforth got his actor banned from tV Stars?

[01:41] <@DraHosting> TV*

[01:41] <+ReedKelly> Princess

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> Um

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> Bonnie

[01:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> Doug!

[01:41] <+ReedKelly> Doug

[01:41] <@DraHosting> Joan scores

[01:41] <@DraHosting> 3-2-1

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> Who the fuck was that guy

[01:41] <Bonnie> (I'm going to vote lol)

[01:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> I remember that SATANIST!

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> I was in an alliance with him

[01:41] <Bonnie> (who was doug?)

[01:41] <+ReedKelly> lol

[01:41] <@DraHosting> Which players in this game was actually two humans counted as one contestant?

[01:41] <@DraHosting> were actually*

[01:41] <+ReedKelly> Bob & Linda

[01:41] <+JoanCallamezzo> Bob and Linda

[01:41] <@DraHosting> Joan scores

[01:41] <@DraHosting> 3-3-1

[01:41] <+ReedKelly> WHAT

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> They were like

[01:41] <+conspiracywalnut> Siamese Twins right

[01:41] <@DraHosting> of course

[01:41] <Audrey|Jury> (crying yes @ host's screen rule)

[01:42] <@DraHosting> Which juror keeps correcting me on mistakes? :\

[01:42] <+conspiracywalnut> 3-3-1 who's the real winner

[01:42] <+ReedKelly> Audrey

[01:42] <+ReedKelly> :/

[01:42] <@DraHosting> Reed scores

[01:42] <@DraHosting> 4-3-1

[01:42] <Audrey|Jury> That's not true.

[01:42] <@DraHosting> Reed is 1 point away from winning.

[01:42] <Audrey|Jury> You didnt' make any mistakes.

[01:42] <Bonnie> (cringe)

[01:42] <Audrey|Jury> So that's wrong!

[01:42] <Audrey|Jury> (cringe)

[01:42] <Audrey|Jury> (the irony in that >)

[01:42] <@DraHosting> Which player in this game changed names after being eliminated?

[01:42] <+ReedKelly> Greed

[01:42] <+JoanCallamezzo> Greeying

[01:42] <+conspiracywalnut> Um

[01:42] <+conspiracywalnut> After

[01:42] <+conspiracywalnut> ROn

[01:42] <+JoanCallamezzo> Audrey

[01:42] <Bonnie> ( ;) )

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> Bonnie

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> Zatb,,,>

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> IT"S BONNIE

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> Princess

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> BONNIE DID IT

[01:43] <@DraHosting> Bonnie is correct

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> SHE WAS PRINCESS

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> UM

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> NO

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> PRINCESS

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> IS

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> THE 

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> RIGHT

[01:43] <@DraHosting> 4-3-2

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> ANSWERE

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> uigh

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> #BIGSMILES

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> Bonnie is the new name

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> Is it, Bestiality?

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> STFU let me have this dude

[01:43] <@DraHosting> next question

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> IS IT?

[01:43] <Bonnie> (SFC if you don't know who bonnie is)

[01:43] <@DraHosting> How many votes did Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL?

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 1

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 2

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 3

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 4

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 5

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 6

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 7

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 8

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 25

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 9

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> 3

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 28

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 10

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 11

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 12

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 13

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 30

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 14

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 15

[01:43] <Audrey|Jury> (crying @ Joan)

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 16

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 17

[01:43] <MysticSnake_|> sigh @spamming

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 18

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 19

[01:43] <+ReedKelly> 9

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 31

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 20

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 32

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 21

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 22

[01:43] <+JoanCallamezzo> 23

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 33

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 34

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 35

[01:43] <+conspiracywalnut> 36

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 37

[01:44] <Bonnie> 11

[01:44] <Bonnie> :)

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> 24

[01:44] <Zayn|Space> (7)

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 38

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 40

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> 7

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> 7

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> 7

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> 7

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 35

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> #MonicaGellerBing

[01:44] <@DraHosting> Joan scores

[01:44] <+JoanCallamezzo> 0

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 41

[01:44] <@DraHosting> it was 10

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> 42

[01:44] <@DraHosting> 4-4-2

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL

[01:44] <@DraHosting> Who was the MVP Week 4?

[01:44] <Bonnie> (urg @tie)

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> Zayn receive in the game in TOTAL

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> Joan

[01:44] <+JoanCallamezzo> Me!

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> IN TOTAL

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> WHAT DOES IN TOTAL MEAN

[01:44] <+JoanCallamezzo> Snake>

[01:44] <+conspiracywalnut> BECUAUSE IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT

[01:44] <+JoanCallamezzo> ?*

[01:44] <@DraHosting> REED HAS IT

[01:44] <@DraHosting> REED CONGRATULATIONS

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> :O

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> YES!!! :D

[01:44] <Bonnie> (cringe)

[01:44] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE ~FINAL~ FINAL VIP

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> YESS!!!!! :D

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> YES!!!!!!! :FD

[01:44] <+ReedKelly> <3333

[01:44] <@DraHosting> OF TV STARS HAWAII

[01:44] <MysticSnake_|> .

[01:44] * JoanCallamezzo take earpiece out of ear

[01:44] <@DraHosting> And you will cast the sole vote to eliminate a player.

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo throws it on the grounf

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo stomps on earpiece

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo cries

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo 's mascara starts running

[01:45] <Bonnie> (walnut </3)

[01:45] <Zayn|Space> (oh my God someone shoot me please)

[01:45] <@DraHosting> crying

[01:45] <@DraHosting> @the rage

[01:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> I worked SO HARD to WIN THIS STUPID SHOW but I CAN'T DO ANYTHING RIGHT my talk show is FAILING I'm going to LOSE EVERYTHING I OWN

[01:45] <@DraHosting> Reed when you're ready

[01:45] <+conspiracywalnut> fuk

[01:45] <@DraHosting> send in the votes

[01:45] <+conspiracywalnut> *smokes weed*

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo pulls out a few strands of hair

[01:45] <Bonnie> (~_~ @zayn and reed betraying me)

[01:45] <+conspiracywalnut> *offers weed to Joan*

[01:45] * JoanCallamezzo holds up hair to the camera

[01:45] <+conspiracywalnut> Ey,

[01:45] <+JoanCallamezzo> THESE ARE GRAY HAIRS....

[01:45] <+conspiracywalnut> You wanna smoke?

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> Just chill

[01:46] * JoanCallamezzo pushes Walnut away

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> It's just a blunt man

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> It's good

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> It'll help ya relax

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> And that's something you need to do man

[01:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> I don't go that way.

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> Yeah man

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> I don't like girls either

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> It's okay

[01:46] <+JoanCallamezzo> I don't want to POISON MY BODY HOW CAN YOU EVEN INSINUATE I DO THAT TO MYSELF ;-;

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> Just smoke some weed

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> It won't poison you

[01:46] * JoanCallamezzo takes weed and throws it on the ground

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> Just a lil bit dude

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> k

[01:46] <+conspiracywalnut> rude

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> I could have smoked that shit

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> And now it's all dirty.

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> But it's k

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> Get.

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> OVER.

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> no harm no foul amirite?

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> IT.

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> but

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> but I was over it?

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> I don't know.

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> WERE you?

[01:47] * JoanCallamezzo unsheathes mic

[01:47] <@DraHosting> The vote has been cast.

[01:47] <+conspiracywalnut> ye

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> Tell me about your relationship with your cannabis?

[01:47] <+JoanCallamezzo> ...oh F**K it I can't DO THIS

[01:47] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 1-0

[01:47] * JoanCallamezzo wipes tears

[01:47] <@DraHosting> ....

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] <@DraHosting> x

[01:47] * DraHosting passes renewal to.....

[01:48] <+LadyRainicorn_> joan

[01:48] <+conspiracywalnut> oh who got the 0 vote tho

[01:48] * DraHosting passes renewal to ConspiracyWalnut.

[01:48] <@DraHosting> Joan.

[01:48] <@DraHosting> Your show has been cancelled

[01:48] * JoanCallamezzo rolls on the ground crying

[01:48] <@DraHosting> #TVSTARSSHOCKER

[01:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> I WAS SO CLOSE

[01:48] <+ReedKelly> (CONF?): I vote for Joan. Bye xox #BigSmilesinJuryHon


[01:48] <Audrey|Jury> (wait dra messed up again possibly!)


[01:48] <Zayn|Space> (Literally everyone got robbed XD)

[01:48] <+conspiracywalnut> (Yo that's what you get for speaking english and breaking character)

[01:48] * JoanCallamezzo punches the ground

[01:48] <Bonnie> (*Hun @Reed)

[01:48] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: FINAL TWO: conspiracy walnut & ReedKelly |JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, RonStoppable, PrincessPin, MysticSnake, ZaynMcEnroe, LadyRainicorn, JoanCallamezzo

[01:48] <Bonnie> (who is joan?)


[01:48] == ReedKelly changed the topic of #TVStars to: FINAL TWO: conspiracywalnut & ReedKelly |JURY: DougDimmadome, AudreyJackson, RonStoppable, PrincessPin, MysticSnake, ZaynMcEnroe, LadyRainicorn, JoanCallamezzo

[01:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> I HATE EVERYTHING

[01:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> I HATE EVERYTHING

[01:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> I HATE EVERYTHING

[01:48] <+JoanCallamezzo> I HATE EVERYTHING


[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> I WAS SO.  CLOSE.

[01:49] * JoanCallamezzo smacks Reed

[01:49] <+conspiracywalnut> Do you hate me tho?

[01:49] <Bonnie> (joan who r u?)

[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> If you think there is a chance in DOUG'S F**KING SATANIST CULT THAT you GET MY VOTE

[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> you are DEAD F**KING WRONG

[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> screw this SHOW

[01:49] * JoanCallamezzo walks angrily off set

[01:49] <@DraHosting> ~~ FINALE ~~

[01:49] <@DraHosting> Jurors

[01:49] * JoanCallamezzo walks back

[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> Was that good?

[01:49] <@DraHosting> Please send in a vote for a WINNER.

[01:49] * Bonnie sits like a bitch

[01:49] <@DraHosting> You may question the final two, Reed and Walnut

[01:49] <+JoanCallamezzo> Did you get enough shots of my running mascara?

[01:49] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi

[01:49] <+conspiracywalnut> k

[01:49] <@DraHosting> as you so please.

[01:49] <+conspiracywalnut> so I did not do much

[01:49] * Bonnie stands up

[01:49] * JoanCallamezzo starts crying again

[01:50] * Ron|Ash jumps into the house with no pants on.

[01:50] <Bonnie> Sup Cunts!

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> I formed an alliance that constantly fell in on itself


[01:50] <Ron|Ash> Crap, uh...

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> at one point the host just stopped watching us

[01:50] * JoanCallamezzo sobs quietly on the ground

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> I formed a lot of good friendships

[01:50] <Bonnie> S T F U, I am speaking!

[01:50] <+JoanCallamezzo> Pawnee getting cancelled....for real...........

[01:50] * JoanCallamezzo sobs

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> I almost won a challange once

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi hey sorry

[01:50] * Zayn|Space walks on the set in a suit with a Harvard logo on it

[01:50] <Bonnie> Anyway, I deserve this fucking money!

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> Thought you know being in the f2 I could talk

[01:50] <Bonnie> I fucking did all of the work!

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> You can get some of it

[01:50] <Bonnie> Set up all you sheeps into my god damn alliance!

[01:50] <+conspiracywalnut> You let me get weed you get the rest

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> I wasn't in your alliance tho

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> you got weed on ya?

[01:51] <Bonnie> And you lesbo cunts followed my orders like peasants!

[01:51] <Zayn|Space> Can't believe you two made it this far, you're the two last people I expected to make it

[01:51] <Ron|Ash> We all deserve the money.

[01:51] <Ron|Ash> Some more than others.

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> I called you out multiple times

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> Thanks Zayn

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> Everyone loved an UnderdogTheRadar

[01:51] <Bonnie> Pretending to be a oppressed brown bitch gained your sympathy...

[01:51] <+conspiracywalnut> How you doin

[01:51] <+LadyRainicorn_> jigeum-eun nae mal-eul hal su issseubnikka?

[01:51] <+ReedKelly> Okay, guys. I know 100% of the jury isn't happy with me at all, but hear me out. I played the game, I did what I needed to do in order to get to the end. I made up lies about Greed and got him voted out over me, stuck wit an alliance and got Ron and Snake as side-votes to assure my safety. I won immunity when I needed it, and I feel like despite my reputation, I played the best game between myself and Walnut. #BIGSMILES XOXO

[01:51] <Bonnie> And I deserve that fucking money!

[01:52] <Bonnie> So, my questions!

[01:52] <Zayn|Space> Oh fucking hell shut up you bitch *backhands Bonnie*

[01:52] <Ron|Ash> I was just a side-vote?

[01:52] <Bonnie> Why am I a far superior human? xoxo

[01:52] <Audrey|Jury> Shove that smile up your ass, Reed.

[01:52] <@DraHosting> I still need votes from Bonnie and Ron and Snake and Zayn

[01:52] <@DraHosting> and Lady

[01:52] <@DraHosting> oh wait lady votes

[01:52] <@DraHosting> nvm

[01:52] <+LadyRainicorn_> lideu dangsin-eun igil jagyeog-i eobs-eo . naneun hodu nae tupyoleul pogi hago , jeongmal joesong haeyo . naega jinjja hago salamdeulgwa jeongjig geuligo dangsin-eun dol-a seoseo naleul baegseutaeb . eotteohge naega neukkineun saeng-gaghasibnikka? naneun daleun salam eulo i manh-eun seunglileul wonhaessda. dangsin-eun hangsang gat-eun babo haessda ,hajiman nan yeojeonhi dangsin-ege modu leul salanghago geim-eul peullei haneun b

[01:52] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[01:52] <Bonnie> GTFO I'm a superior fucking beast! @Zayn

[01:52] <+ReedKelly> Ron, you weren't.

[01:53] <Zayn|Space> Yeah you fucking cunt, take your two timing ass home

[01:53] <+ReedKelly> The episode you went, i stuck with you.

[01:53] <+ReedKelly> :|

[01:53] <Bonnie> I said.

[01:53] <Ron|Ash> You just said I was.

[01:53] <Zayn|Space> That goes for you too Reed

[01:53] <Bonnie> WHY. AM. I. A. FAR. SUPERIOR. HUMAN!?

[01:53] <+ReedKelly> I felt safer and more trust with you, Snake, and myself that Zayn, Princess, andLady


[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> ( (ovo) )

[01:53] <Zayn|Space> ME

[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> we partying if I win

[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> so like

[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> vote me

[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> we all get high

[01:53] <Bonnie> Snank? Please, you remind me of Minerva and her petty insults! -_-

[01:53] <Ron|Ash> Fine then, who voted me out?


[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> we all have good time

[01:53] <+conspiracywalnut> vote me

[01:54] <+ReedKelly> I did get out: Zayn, Doug, Audrey, Princess, and saldy, Joan.

[01:54] <+ReedKelly> Sadly*

[01:54] <+conspiracywalnut> ye


[01:54] <+conspiracywalnut> you got out princess

[01:54] <+conspiracywalnut> take the blame for that

[01:54] <+conspiracywalnut> thanks

[01:54] <Bonnie> Coffin? Bitch, I fouled you all for TWENTY FUCKING DAYS!

[01:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> i just......


[01:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> want u all to know.........

[01:54] <Bonnie> Pin my fucking asshole! -_-

[01:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> i cannot endorse bestiality or homosexuality honestly.........

[01:54] <+JoanCallamezzo> i would rather support marijuana legalization than sex with seals............

[01:54] <+conspiracywalnut> Oi

[01:54] * Ron|Ash is angry,

[01:54] <Ron|Ash> WHO VOTED FOR ME?!

[01:54] * JoanCallamezzo sobs loudly

[01:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> lideu babo cheoleom jal naneun neukkim!! lideu dangsin-eun bupae hal su issseubnida!!! naega geuleohge dangsingwa hamkke suhaeng hago, naneun simgaghage deo isang dangsin-eul delyeo gal su eobsgi ttaemun-e jeikeu jib-eulo dol-agal junbigadoeeoissda.

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> Thanks Joan

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> u p cool u know that?

[01:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> geuge jeonbu ibnida , dangsingwa jagbyeol gamsahabnida!

[01:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> * sighs *

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> Wanna get high on my boat when this is done?

[01:55] <Zayn|Space> Yeah, but in the end who outlsted who bitch @Bonnie

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh hey Lady

[01:55] <+LadyRainicorn_> ^_^

[01:55] <Audrey|Jury> Reed, you didn't get me out.

[01:55] <Bonnie> Dirty washed up whore! @Reed, you didn't get me out, I CHOOSE to leave!

[01:55] <Audrey|Jury> I was going home no matter what.

[01:55] <Audrey|Jury> Reed, what I wanna know is, have you ever smoked weed?

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> 난 당신을 계속 없습니다 해요 . 라리 당신과 함께 서있 @Lady

[01:55] <Ron|Ash> I'm the mastermind behind the Reed alliance.

[01:55] <Ron|Ash> ALSO

[01:55] <+conspiracywalnut> I smoke weed all the time

[01:55] <+ReedKelly> I've done things a lot worse than weed.

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> Wow

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> dude

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> you're so hardcore

[01:56] <Bonnie> Someone needs a little anal... @Zayn

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> and a junkie

[01:56] <Audrey|Jury> Like what?

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> fo shame man


[01:56] <Ron|Ash> He asked my who to vote for every time, so I'll take the credit for some of those eliminations.

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> #WeedStampede

[01:56] <+conspiracywalnut> #420NutIt

[01:56] <+ReedKelly> Anal sex, oral sex, drinking, and other drugs.

[01:56] <+LadyRainicorn_> geugeos-eun dangsin-i dangsin-i wonhaneun geos-eul malhal su-issneun mueos-ideun hwagsilhi geuleon geojismal man ibnida. nan geunyang geugeos-eulo gaya hal geos gat-ayo. :D 

[01:56] <Bonnie> I vote for fucking Walnut, because at least he doesn't god damn overrate himself and pretend to be Jacky fucking 2.0!

[01:56] <Audrey|Jury> What drugs?

[01:57] <Zayn|Space> Someone shouldn't talk... @Bonnie

[01:57] <+conspiracywalnut> Dude

[01:57] <+conspiracywalnut> you have sex?

[01:57] <Bonnie> ... @Zayn

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> Why does it matter?

[01:57] <+LadyRainicorn_> Annyeong chingu! sigan-eun jeikeu jib-eulo dol-agabnida !

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> I'm in the presence of God, that isn't god.

[01:57] * ReedKelly hears phone ring.

[01:57] <+LadyRainicorn_> * casts vote and flies off into the sunset *

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> Hello?

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> GOD COUNTER-SUED?

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> WHAT?

[01:57] == LadyRainicorn_ [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[01:57] <+conspiracywalnut> By Lady!

[01:57] <Bonnie> Is someone mad I tangled with their love? :) @Zayn

[01:57] <Ron|Ash> Walnut, like... what did you do all game, man?

[01:57] <Audrey|Jury> Reed, be honest with me.

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> Anyways.

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> No, I don't do drugs.

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> I rarely drink.

[01:57] <MysticSnake_|> My turn yet?

[01:57] <+ReedKelly> But the sex thing is ;\

[01:57] <Audrey|Jury> *nods* Okay.

[01:58] <Zayn|Space> ... *slams his fist through a wall* @Bonnie

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh

[01:58] <Ron|Ash> ...

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Ya see

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> I had an alliance

[01:58] <Ron|Ash> The Ronster is expecting an answer.

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Rebuilt an alliance

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> I got the word out over Bonnie being a seal hater

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> and also hating muslims

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> um

[01:58] <Bonnie> Anyway I'm going to go fuck with bitches on Firevivor! xoxo

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> what else

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Made lots of friends

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Got high a lot

[01:58] <@DraHosting> Ron

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> I almost won a couple challenges

[01:58] <@DraHosting> MysticSnake

[01:58] * ReedKelly smiles at Lady

[01:58] <@DraHosting> vote

[01:58] <Zayn|Space> Fucking hell you're still attractive @Bonnie

[01:58] * Bonnie leaves

[01:58] <+ReedKelly> What a beautiful spirit

[01:58] <@DraHosting> fuck SG is here

[01:58] <+conspiracywalnut> Won MVP

[01:58] <Ron|Ash> Not too shabby, Walnut.

[01:58] <@DraHosting> this will end at 2:50

[01:59] <Bonnie> Also, may I add!

[01:59] <MysticSnake_|> Okay, so.

[01:59] <Ron|Ash> Although, I was part of your alliances and scheming, I have to choose one of you to win. @Reed/Walnut

[01:59] <MysticSnake_|> Unlike some of the others here, I'm not mad.

[01:59] <+conspiracywalnut> Sup Snake

[02:00] <+conspiracywalnut> You smoke that weed I gave you

[02:00] <MysticSnake_|> Reed, you were my friend since early in the game.

[02:00] <Ron|Ash> Honestly though, you both kinda don't deserve it. 

[02:00] <+ReedKelly> <3 @Snake

[02:00] <+ReedKelly> ...

[02:00] <+ReedKelly> I've fought since Day 1 :( @Ron

[02:00] <MysticSnake_|> And while I admit that I originally befriended you just to make you a MysticGoat to take to the end,

[02:00] <+conspiracywalnut> I was high since day one

[02:00] <MysticSnake_|> You weren't that bad.

[02:00] <Bonnie> Mohammed = Munch On Her Assed Milky Melted Ended Dicks 

[02:00] <+conspiracywalnut> I fight my own battles

[02:00] <Ron|Ash> Ron didn't ask, Reed.

[02:00] <Bonnie> Congrats on naming your fucking seal after a sexual act! 

[02:00] <MysticSnake_|> Walnut, you were also one of the people here I could somewhat tolerate.

[02:00] <+ReedKelly> Oh, sorry, Ash.

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> Somewhat?

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> Man I thought we were cool man

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> I gave you weed and everything

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> Ya got some on ya by the way?

[02:01] <MysticSnake_|> We are cool... man.

[02:01] <Ron|Ash> Also, your Broadway talk was annoying, as was the Josh talk, but you were pretty chill.

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> Oh

[02:01] <Bonnie> Later cunts!

[02:01] <+conspiracywalnut> cool man

[02:01] <Bonnie> Like I fucking said, going to go slay bitches on Firevivor!

[02:02] <Bonnie> How does a poor russian nun story sound? :)

[02:02] <MysticSnake_|> Hopefully weed won't be the only green paper you have by the end of this.

[02:02] <+conspiracywalnut> wasn't that canceled?

[02:02] <+conspiracywalnut> Thanks man but if I win I'm buying more weed

[02:02] <Bonnie> ... Better fucking not be!

[02:02] <+conspiracywalnut> and throwin a party

[02:02] <@DraHosting> TO MAIN!!!!

[02:02] <+conspiracywalnut> you're all invited

[02:02] <@DraHosting> ~~ recording stops ~~