This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Hollywood.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#10 DustyWoodsHead Dusty Woods

Dustywoods didn't do anything. Nothing at all. He tried to have interactions with BurningWood, but because he eventually got bored or something, he pretended to die so he could quit. Then when I threatened to ban the user behind him, Kevvy, from future TV Stars, he came back and was just invisible.

PS: He's banned anyway.

#9 AlexHead Alex Naples

I don't remember much of anything he did, either. He's only slightly better than Dusty because he didn't suck completely.

The only issue is that he quit.

#8 DrewConradHead Drew Conrad

It sucks because this one also wanted to quit, but we counted him as being voted out as it is because all the votes were already sent in by the time he did.

What kind of person joins just to quit? Oh right, Kevvy. If only this was Kevvy, it would be funnier.

#7 Burningwoodface Burning Wood I don't like BurningWood like everyone else does. The ending of the first season was incredibly problematic and I regret the choice that I made -- but nonetheless, BurningWood was basically a troll character but at the same time was actually serious.
#6 Magikarpface Magikarp Goddessa The fact that this was a troll character who's purpose was to do splash attacks at BurningWood and everyone else is hilarious. Even moreso because he played in Rejectvivor, another RP series, and actually was taken seriously while still being an amazing troll character.
#5 AngelValentineHead Angel Valentine She was a parody of Evil Valentine from the Finale series. That was about it, and there wasn't really anything too special about her. I'm keeping her out of brown because she wasn't bad - she was good, just not better than the others.
#4 CecilyHead Cecily Cecily was actually really great while she lasted. It's kinda good that we had someone good get out pre-jury because it means we have someone to bring back for a future Second Chances season if we make it that far. I enjoyed her presence in the game and I feel like it made the pre-jury phase of the game much better.
#3 JedPorkinsHead Jed Porkins Jed was an interesting character that I wanted to win, but unfortunately, he was eliminated in third place. He had a strange personality, eating only carrots, which was fitting with the strange personalities of the other likable characters like AngelValetnine and LouisaRoseAllen. He was a good and rootable character.
#2 MadisonHead Madison McNulty Madison was a really strategic force while she lasted. She had good interactions with the majority of the cast, and I enjoyed her rants about the forest and how we need to save the Earth.
#1 Louisahead Louisa Rose Allen Louisa was a challenge threat and strategic threat among the entire cast. She seemed fairly innocent, but she actually ran a lot of things in the game, including the apparent manipulation of JedPorkins (at least, that's what he told me in his confessionals).