[20:48] <DraHosting> ~ CAMERA PANS TO A LAS VEGAS CASINO ~ 

[20:48] <MaPetite> Shut up, please Mr. Dra? :D 

[20:48] <DraHosting> WE ARE HERE  

[20:48] <DraHosting> IN THE STREETS OF LAS VEGAS 


[20:48] <DraHosting> ~ CAMERA PANS TO THE 14? PEOPLE IN THE CAST ~ 

[20:48] <BaylorWilson> My new font color: Coyopa orange 

[20:48] <BaylorWilson> ...Oh, it's the same as Dra 


[20:48] <BaylorWilson> It's a sticky situation :/ 

[20:48] <Villager> Back. 

[20:48] <Villager> Oh, we're starting? 



[20:48] <Villager> Time to slaughter these bitches. (: 

[20:48] <DraHosting> --- 

[20:48] <Casper_> It looks lovely on you Ms. Wilson :) 

[20:48] <DraHosting> CELEBRITIES! 

[20:48] <DraHosting> Welcome to TV Stars: Las Vegas! 

[20:49] <Mabel_Pines> villager, you crack me up 

[20:49] <Villager> Damn right I'm a celebrity. 

[20:49] <WiiFitTrainer|> Woo! 

[20:49] <MichelleTanner> Yay I'm in Vegas! 

[20:49] * WiiFitTrainer| vigorously does jumping jacks 

[20:49] <Honey_Lemon> Dra! 

[20:49] <Villager> Mabel, Animal Crossing is not a humorous game. (: 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM READY TO RULE THE WORLD! 

[20:49] <Casper_> The villager is quite an amusing chap :3 

[20:49] <DraHosting> As you all may know 

[20:49] <Villager> Don't call me a fucking chap. (: 

[20:49] <Honey_Lemon> So nice to meet you! Can I take a foto with you? 

[20:49] <DraHosting> PREVIOUS seasons of this show have started everyone out inside the house. 

[20:49] * Villager sharpens axe. 

[20:49] <DraHosting> You.... 

[20:49] <BaylorWilson> You're my sweet temptation @Casper 

[20:49] <DraHosting> will not get this benefit.

[20:48] <DraHosting> --- 

[20:48] <Casper_> It looks lovely on you Ms. Wilson :) 

[20:48] <DraHosting> CELEBRITIES! 

[20:48] <DraHosting> Welcome to TV Stars: Las Vegas! 

[20:49] <Mabel_Pines> villager, you crack me up 

[20:49] <Villager> Damn right I'm a celebrity. 

[20:49] <WiiFitTrainer|> Woo! 

[20:49] <MichelleTanner> Yay I'm in Vegas! 

[20:49] * WiiFitTrainer| vigorously does jumping jacks 

[20:49] <Honey_Lemon> Dra! 

[20:49] <Villager> Mabel, Animal Crossing is not a humorous game. (: 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM READY TO RULE THE WORLD! 

[20:49] <Casper_> The villager is quite an amusing chap :3 

[20:49] <DraHosting> As you all may know 

[20:49] <Villager> Don't call me a fucking chap. (: 

[20:49] <Honey_Lemon> So nice to meet you! Can I take a foto with you? 

[20:49] <DraHosting> PREVIOUS seasons of this show have started everyone out inside the house. 

[20:49] * Villager sharpens axe. 

[20:49] <DraHosting> You.... 

[20:49] <BaylorWilson> You're my sweet temptation @Casper 

[20:49] <DraHosting> will not get this benefit. 

[20:49] <DraHosting> Because RIGHT NOW 

[20:49] <DraHosting> We will be doing our first VIP challenge of the season. 

[20:49] <CharethCutestory> WAIT A SECOND! 

[20:49] <DraHosting> It runs differently than the other challenges 

[20:49] <Villager> Guys, I can find the house. 

[20:49] <BaylorWilson> Wow 

[20:49] <Fanatic__> WHAT A TWIST! 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> excellent... 

[20:49] <DraHosting> And I'll explain it to you. 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> EXCELLENT 

[20:49] * Villager takes out metal detector.


[20:49] <DraHosting> Because RIGHT NOW 

[20:49] <DraHosting> We will be doing our first VIP challenge of the season. 

[20:49] <CharethCutestory> WAIT A SECOND! 

[20:49] <DraHosting> It runs differently than the other challenges 

[20:49] <Villager> Guys, I can find the house. 

[20:49] <BaylorWilson> Wow 

[20:49] <Fanatic__> WHAT A TWIST! 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> excellent... 

[20:49] <DraHosting> And I'll explain it to you. 

[20:49] <SheldonJPlankton> EXCELLENT 

[20:49] * Villager takes out metal detector. 

[20:49] <CharethCutestory> Is the house stocked with seeds, Mr. Dra? 

[20:49] <DraHosting> yes 

[20:49] <TynaWesson> 

[20:49] <TynaWesson> me with my katie girl 

[20:49] <TynaWesson> ^_^ 

[20:49] <CharethCutestory> We NEED seeds! 


[20:50] <Mabel_Pines> oh I get to be a VIP! 

[20:50] <Casper_> I must remind you Ms. Wilson I am only 8 years old :3 

[20:50] * MaPetite carries Sheldon around by the leash 

[20:50] <CharethCutestory> It's all about the seeds! 


[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> IS ME 

[20:50] <Vizzini__> A VIP challenge. Well, frankly, I'd consider myself the most important person here. 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> ME! 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM THE VIP! 

[20:50] <DraHosting> I will explain these titles when we get inside 

[20:50] <DraHosting> but first 

[20:50] <MaPetite> Come on Mr. Sheldon :) 

[20:50] <Villager> A twist? Bring it on. Do you think finding out that the Ice Climbers were cut wasn't a twist? 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> AN EVIL! VIP! 

[20:50] <DraHosting> let's get to the challenge. 

[20:50] <Vizzini__> For I am, indeed, the one with the most wits. 

[20:50] <CarolPeletier> Okay. 

[20:50] <Villager> I know what I'm doing. 

[20:50] <MichelleTanner> I can spell VIP


[20:50] <MaPetite> It is time for the game!!! 

[20:50] <MichelleTanner> V 

[20:50] <MichelleTanner> I 

[20:50] <MichelleTanner> P 

[20:50] <DraHosting> everyone shut up you're being annoying 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> Mr. Sheldon?! 

[20:50] <Vizzini__> My subjects can attest to this. 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM PLANKTON! RULER OF WORLDS! 

[20:50] <Fanatic__> HA 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> please untie me 

[20:50] <CharethCutestory> Without the seeds, we won't survive the inevitable apocalypse that approaches us! 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> :( 

[20:50] <Fanatic__> HE TOTALLY PEGGED YOU ALL 

[20:50] <MaPetite> Tee hee, you are so cute! 












[20:50] <CharethCutestory> IT'S ALL ABOUT THE SEEDS 

[20:50] * MaPetite kisses Sheldon 

[20:50] <Villager> (CONF): I'm ready to axe the competiton. Heh. (: 

[20:50] <SheldonJPlankton> AGH! 


[20:50] * Honey_Lemon puts her phone in her purse and listens. 


[20:50] <DraHosting> TO MOVE ON TO THE NEXT



[20:51] <CarolPeletier> (CONF): I survived the apocalypse, and now I'm here. I need to find a purpose to rebuild my life,a nd find a way to keep on going. 

[20:51] <Villager> Sounds complicated. (: 

[20:51] <DraHosting> YOU WILL NEED TO USE GOOGLE 


[20:51] <MichelleTanner> (CONF): Who are all these people again? 

[20:51] <Villager> Town and City? 

[20:51] <TynaWesson> 

[20:51] <CharethCutestory> Google? I don't trust Google. 


[20:51] <CharethCutestory> Can I use Bing? 

[20:51] <Villager> What city? Can I name it? 

[20:51] <TynaWesson> ^_^ 

[20:51] <Mabel_Pines> oh google's okay 

[20:51] <MaPetite> Google? :o 

[20:51] <Vizzini__> Normally I don't enjoy technology that cuts corners. But if it's a given, I suppose I'll take it. 

[20:51] <CharethCutestory> Google is an evil corporation. 

[20:51] <DraHosting> THERE ARE 3 TASKS TO COMPLETE 

[20:51] <TynaWesson> Let's do this, Draven! 

[20:51] <DraHosting> AND THEY'RE ALL VERY SIMPLE. 

[20:51] <Casper_> (testing) 

[20:51] * MaPetite stands next to normal sized laptop, which is bigger than her 

[20:51] <DraHosting> ALRIGHT 


[20:51] <MaPetite> Hee hee! 




[20:52] <Villager> Can we just fucking start? (: 


[20:52] <Honey_Lemon> This will be interesting.



[20:52] <Mabel_Pines> gay as a clam 

[20:52] <Villager> I'm gay. (: 

[20:52] <CharethCutestory> Hell yeah. 

[20:52] * CharethCutestory high fives Mabe; 

[20:52] <Villager> I crossdress sometimes. 

[20:52] <CharethCutestory> Clams are so gay. 

[20:52] * Mabel_Pines hi-5s 


[20:52] <CharethCutestory> Do you like seeds, Mabel? 


[20:52] <Villager> You may know my crossdressing as "alternate costumes. (: 

[20:52] <DraHosting> FOR EXAMPLE 

[20:52] <DraHosting> IF THE QUESTION IS 

[20:52] <DraHosting> "WHO HOSTS THIS GAME" 

[20:52] <Casper_> No 

[20:52] <DraHosting> YOU JOIN 

[20:52] <DraHosting> #DRA 

[20:52] <DraHosting> GOT IT 

[20:52] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM THE HOST 

[20:52] <Mabel_Pines> I like trees more 

[20:52] * Villager bends down and touches toes. 

[20:52] <MichelleTanner> You got it, dude! 

[20:52] <CharethCutestory> ...I see. 

[20:53] <Villager> Can I squash you? (: @Plankton 

[20:53] <TynaWesson> Why, good luck everyone! 

[20:53] <MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, do not say such funny things!!! 

[20:53] <CharethCutestory> This friendship is over, Mabel. 

[20:53] <WiiFitTrainer|> You got it, Villager! 

[20:53] <SheldonJPlankton> WHAT?! @Villager 

[20:53] * WiiFitTrainer| bends down and touches toes 

[20:53] <MaPetite> Do not squash my bug!!! 

[20:53] <CharethCutestory> Before it even really started. 

[20:53] <CharethCutestory> Because 

[20:53] <CharethCutestory> IT'S ALL 

[20:53] <SheldonJPlankton> I will crush you! 

[20:53] <Villager> You're so small and squishable. @Plankton 

[20:53] <Mabel_Pines> WHAAAT?


[20:53] <Villager> Don't talk to me. I won't hesitate to send you flying into the sky. (: 

[20:53] <MichelleTanner> I wanna squish Plankton next! 

[20:53] <Honey_Lemon> Need to capture the moment with a foto! 

[20:53] <Villager> @WFT 

[20:53] * Mabel_Pines looks away 


[20:53] *** Casper2 has joined #TVStars 

[20:53] <MichelleTanner> Squishy squishy squishy! 

[20:53] <Villager> Michelle, here's another nickel. 

[20:53] <Fanatic__> AM I RIGHT DRA? 

[20:53] <Villager> (: 

[20:53] <MichelleTanner> Just like owse cweam! 

[20:53] <SheldonJPlankton> GET AWAY FROM ME! @Michelle 

[20:53] <Mabel_Pines> he's not worth it 

[20:53] <CarolPeletier>


[20:56] <@DraHosting> GO

[20:56] <@DraHosting> To find the house, you will need to head to the tallest building in Las Vegas.

[20:56] <+Fanatic__> She's a computer Sheldy honey

[20:56] <+Fanatic__> But me

[20:56] <+WiiFitTrainer|> But it was cool because then I killed him with a soccer ball/

[20:56] <+CarolPeletier> I don't think I'm really worried, Villager. I've dealed with far worse


[20:56] <+Fanatic__> I'm all flesh blood and glitter


[20:57] <@DraHosting> AND JOIN THE #ROOM

[20:57] <+Casper2> I do like living @ Chareth 

[20:57] <+CharethCutestory> #stratospherelasvegas

[20:57] <+Vizzini__> #ThePalazzo

[20:57] == mode/#TVStars [+o copier] by DraHosting


[20:57] <+Fanatic__> #Dra'sFirmAbs

[20:57] <+CharethCutestory> #stratospheretower

[20:58] <+Villager> Dra you're not there.

[20:58] <+CharethCutestory> (thatmeansit'swrongoops)

[20:58] <+Villager> (but it's right???)

[20:58] <+Mabel_Pines> this is confusing

[20:58] <+Fanatic__> Oh wait

[20:58] <+Mabel_Pines> one building says it's taller than the other

[20:58] <@DraHosting> It's #StratosphereTower

[20:58] <@DraHosting> gl

[20:58] <+Fanatic__> Tallest Building in Las Vegas was the question

[20:58] <+Mabel_Pines> they whisper to me...

[20:58] <+Fanatic__> Who'd like to give me the answer

[20:59] <+Fanatic__> I can give you Tom Hiddleston's adress

[20:59] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER


[20:59] <@DraHosting> CAROL

[20:59] <@DraHosting> WINS

[20:59] <@DraHosting> VIP

[20:59] <@DraHosting> STATUS

[20:59] <@DraHosting> FOR THE FIRST WEEK OF THE GAME!

[20:59] <@DraHosting> WOOOOO

[20:59] <+CarolPeletier> Yyes!

[20:59] <+Fanatic__> I can't go there anymore after I brought him by Loki body pillow and than threatened to burn down his house after he didn't want to do a three way with it

[20:59] <+Fanatic__> weirdo

[20:59] <@DraHosting> As for the rest of you...

[20:59] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone is air lifted to the house ~

[20:59] <+CharethCutestory> ...

[20:59] <@DraHosting> This game has now begun.

[20:59] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[21:00] <@DraHosting> Celebrities......

[21:00] <@DraHosting> Please enter the TV Stars house.

[21:00] <@DraHosting> ~~ DRAMATIC MUSIC ~~

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> Where are my seeds, Dra?

[21:00] * MaPetite runs in like a butterfly

[21:00] <+MaPetite> Come on Mr. Sheldon!!!

[21:00] <@DraHosting> in the bathroom

[21:00] <@DraHosting> @chareth

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> I requested 15 different varieties of seeds before I even DARE to enter that house!

[21:00] * MaPetite drags Sheldon behind her,

[21:00] * CharethCutestory runs into bathroom

[21:00] * CharethCutestory finds seeds

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> YES

[21:00] <+Villager> Oh. 

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> AW YEAH

[21:00] <+Villager> Wow.

[21:00] <+Villager> I missed all of this (:

[21:00] * CharethCutestory rolls around in seeds

[21:00] <+Mabel_Pines> oh, I was just looking for gold

[21:00] <+Villager> Seeds?

[21:00] <+Villager> I'll plant them.

[21:00] * Mabel_Pines comes in

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> We're gonna make it guys!

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> YES!

[21:00] * Villager plants seeds.

[21:00] * Villager waters.

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> Villager?

[21:00] * SheldonJPlankton is dragged by MaPetite

[21:00] <+CharethCutestory> Do you like seeds?

[21:01] <+Villager> I like to plant them.

[21:01] <+MichelleTanner> I got lost :(


[21:01] <+CharethCutestory> Excellent!

[21:01] <+CharethCutestory> You can join my apocalypse team!

[21:01] * CarolPeletier is shown cooking.

[21:01] <+TynaWesson> Oh gosh, congrats Carol!

[21:01] <+CarolPeletier> Hey, everybody.

[21:01] <+CarolPeletier> Thank you, Tina.

[21:01] <+Fanatic__> I'd like for you to put your seed in me Chareth, wait first are you famous?

[21:01] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, let's play hide and seek.

[21:01] <+Villager> Congrats, Carol. You live. For now.

[21:01] * DraHosting walks into the house

[21:01] <@DraHosting> Celebrities.

[21:01] <+MaPetite> :D

[21:01] <@DraHosting> It is now the time for me to explain some things to you.

[21:01] <+MaPetite> You hide or Ma hide...?

[21:01] <@DraHosting> VIP Status means you are INDEED immune from elimination

[21:01] <+Villager> Stop calling me a celebrity. I don't even have an actual name.

[21:01] <+Fanatic__> *inhales deeply* Yes 1bae7

[21:01] <@DraHosting> BUT

[21:01] <@DraHosting> As VIP

[21:01] == Honey_Lemon_ [49037299@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:01] <@DraHosting> you cannot vote.

[21:01] == mode/#TVStars [+v Honey_Lemon_] by DraHosting

[21:01] == Honey_Lemon was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [Honey_Lemon]

[21:01] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I really wanted to win this VIP challenge. This is my sweet temptation

[21:01] <+Honey_Lemon_> (What happened..?)

[21:02] <@DraHosting> BESIDES THAT

[21:02] <@DraHosting> There is ANOTHER immunity in this game.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> America

[21:02] <@DraHosting> will serve as a jury for you all

[21:02] <@DraHosting> and will vote for one of you to be immune.

[21:02] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Woo!

[21:02] <AnnoyDra14> (:))

[21:02] <+BaylorWilson> :o

[21:02] <@DraHosting> This time, you will be the MVP

[21:02] <@DraHosting> and CAN vote.

[21:02] <+Villager> Good. I'm extremely popular. (:

[21:02] <+MichelleTanner> Yay

[21:02] <@DraHosting> BUT

[21:02] <@DraHosting> There's something else in store for you.

[21:02] <+Honey_Lemon_> Oh, sweet!

[21:02] <@DraHosting> Before we get to that MVP vote you all so desire.....

[21:02] <+Mabel_Pines> better than sweet

[21:02] <@DraHosting> One of you is NOT a celebrity.

[21:02] <@DraHosting> One of you is actually your enemy.

[21:02] <+MichelleTanner> :O

[21:02] * WiiFitTrainer| gasps

[21:02] <+Villager> Excuse me? (:

[21:02] <@DraHosting> ONE of you

[21:03] * Mabel_Pines gasps

[21:03] * MaPetite looks at Sheldon

[21:03] <+MaPetite> :o

[21:03] <+SheldonJPlankton> you hide so I can be RID OF YOU! @MaPetite

[21:03] * MaPetite hugs him

[21:03] <@DraHosting> Is a Photographer

[21:03] * TynaWesson gasps

[21:03] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[21:03] <+MaPetite> It could be anyone!!!

[21:03] <+Villager> It's probably. Me. 

[21:03] <+TynaWesson> Oh dear!

[21:03] <+MaPetite> Okay!!!

[21:03] <+Villager> *me

[21:03] <+Honey_Lemon_> Oh no..

[21:03] * SheldonJPlankton is crushed by MaPetite

[21:03] <@DraHosting> A member of the Paparazzi out to find your dirtiest secrets

[21:03] * MaPetite skips off to hide

[21:03] <+Mabel_Pines> photographs!

[21:03] <@DraHosting> The Photographer will be chosen.....

[21:03] <@DraHosting> Now.

[21:03] <+Casper2> But I enjoy photography :(

[21:03] <+CharethCutestory> A traitor in our midst...

[21:03] <@DraHosting> If you get a PM from me

[21:03] <+BaylorWilson> This is a sticky situation for whoever is the photographer

[21:03] * SheldonJPlankton is dragged by MaPetite

[21:03] <@DraHosting> It's probably that

[21:03] <+Villager> Uh oh. (:

[21:03] <+CharethCutestory> LET'S CRUCIFY HIM/HER!

[21:03] <+SheldonJPlankton> LET GO OF ME

[21:03] <+Fanatic__> Ew the paparazzi

[21:03] <+Fanatic__> Nerdds

[21:03] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm going to change for the camers

[21:03] <+Villager> (CONF): People usually think I'm the one doing the dirty things.

[21:03] <+Fanatic__> I'm not one of them

[21:03] <+Honey_Lemon_> Photography is amazing, but not in this case.

[21:03] <+CharethCutestory> If you find this traitor...

[21:03] <+CharethCutestory> BURN HIM

[21:03] * Mabel_Pines goes to her room

[21:03] <+Fanatic__> I own my own freelance blog

[21:03] <+Villager> One of you is probably working for Tom Nook.

[21:04] <+MichelleTanner> That photographer better not read my diary!

[21:04] * Mabel_Pines comes back in a different sweater

[21:04] <+CharethCutestory> We can't afford a traitor in the post-apocalypse

[21:04] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon

[21:04] <+Fanatic__> Except it's mostly just me begging for other celebrities to sleep with me as MCR plays in the back ground

[21:04] <+Villager> Where did you buy that nifty sweater? @Mabel

[21:04] <+MaPetite> I hide and you seek, okay...

[21:04] <+Mabel_Pines> oh you know...

[21:04] <+Mabel_Pines> places

[21:04] <+Honey_Lemon_> I know MCR!

[21:04] <+Mabel_Pines> this one I got from this nice shop at Pier 39

[21:04] * CharethCutestory stands up on coffeetable

[21:04] <+CharethCutestory> EXCUSE ME!

[21:04] <+Villager> Stop being vague or I'll chop your fucking head off. (:

[21:04] <+Honey_Lemon_> My friend, Gogo, listens to them.

[21:04] <+Villager> Oh okay.

[21:04] <+Villager> (:

[21:04] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I only listen to UPBEAT music.

[21:04] <+CharethCutestory> CAN I HAVE EVERYONE'S ATTENTION?

[21:04] <+Casper2> Mabel, could I borrow one of your sweaters? It's really chilly and my little nose is starting to run :)

[21:04] * WiiFitTrainer| works out while listening to electro

[21:05] <+Mabel_Pines> it's a store... called...

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> alright! @MaPetite

[21:05] <+Villager> Your series had, like, no soundtracks in Smash 4. Go home. (:

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA!

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> IT WORKED!

[21:05] <+Villager> @Wii Fit Traineer

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM RID OF HER!

[21:05] <+CharethCutestory> Guys... pay attention to me.

[21:05] <+CharethCutestory> :(

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUAH HAH AHAHAHAHA~!

[21:05] * MaPetite hides in a closet in Plankton's room

[21:05] <+Villager> Plankton you can't be evil until you get a smile as adorable as mine.

[21:05] <+Villager> (:

[21:05] <+MaPetite> Tee hee hee

[21:05] <+Casper2> Yes Mr.Cutestory?

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM EVIL!

[21:05] <+CharethCutestory> Casper... you are one of the only ones who truly wants to survive...

[21:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM!

[21:06] * SheldonJPlankton stomps angrily

[21:06] <+CharethCutestory> These fools are too far gone.

[21:06] * SheldonJPlankton whines loudly

[21:06] <+TynaWesson>

[21:06] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM EVIL!

[21:06] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[21:06] * WiiFitTrainer| is lifting weights

[21:06] <+TynaWesson> out for a boat ride

[21:06] <@DraHosting> -

[21:06] * Villager takes out a shovel.

[21:06] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:06] * Villager begins to dig holes.


[21:06] * MaPetite hiding and singing

[21:06] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WENT TO COLLEGE!!!

[21:06] * WiiFitTrainer| accidntally drops weight onto Plankton, crushing him


[21:06] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh.

[21:06] <+Casper2> That Mr. Plankton fellow sure is cute :3

[21:06] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Sorry!

[21:06] * Villager hits Wii Fit Trainer witha shovel.

[21:06] <+MaPetite> You can sip it in the morning

[21:06] <+BaylorWilson> I love you <3 @Tyna

[21:06] <+Villager> That's for the incident on Spirit Tracks.

[21:06] <+MaPetite> Sip it in evening

[21:06] <+Villager> (:

[21:06] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT

[21:06] <+MaPetite> Even at quarter to three


[21:06] <+TynaWesson> Aw, you too girl! ^_^ @Baylor

[21:06] <+MaPetite> I love sassafrass

[21:06] * WiiFitTrainer| hits Villager with a soccer ball

[21:06] <+Villager> Ow.


[21:06] <+MaPetite> You love sassafrass

[21:06] <+Villager> (:

[21:06] <@DraHosting> (you may vote on wiki chat for someone to be immune)

[21:06] <+MaPetite> We love sassafrass tea :)

[21:06] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I love Tyna, she's like a younger sister. Even though she's 30 years older than me. ^-^

[21:06] <+MaPetite> Tee hee hee

[21:06] <+Villager> You can't tell but I'm livid. @WTF

[21:06] <+CharethCutestory> Oh, another America vote.

[21:06] <+TynaWesson> On my bike ride today! ^_^

[21:06] <+CharethCutestory> They'll just elect OBAMA again.

[21:07] <+CharethCutestory> He's poisoning the water supply and turning everyone GAY.

[21:07] <+Villager> Who's Obama?

[21:07] <+Mabel_Pines> it's the shirtique

[21:07] <+Mabel_Pines> near the end of the pier

[21:07] <+Casper2> Who's Obama?

[21:07] <+Mabel_Pines> Obama?

[21:07] <+SheldonJPlankton> VOTE FOR ME AMERICA

[21:07] <+CharethCutestory> He's an evil communist Muslim dictator.

[21:07] <+SheldonJPlankton> I COMMAND YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:07] <+Honey_Lemon_> (.)

[21:07] <+MichelleTanner> Daddy says I'm too young to vote

[21:07] <+CharethCutestory> @Mabel/Casper

[21:07] <+CharethCutestory> Don't trust him.

[21:07] <+Casper2> I am too young to vote as well :(

[21:08] <+Villager> I don't know how old I am.

[21:08] <+CharethCutestory> I don't trust America voting for anyone.

[21:08] <+Villager> I don't even know if I'm a boy or not.

[21:08] <+Villager> Oh well.

[21:08] <+Villager> (:

[21:08] <+Mabel_Pines> chareth, stop being that way

[21:08] <+Honey_Lemon_> Um, miss.

[21:08] <+BaylorWilson> Vote for Baylor America

[21:08] <+Honey_Lemon_> You can't really turn someone gay. It is a choice.

[21:08] <+CharethCutestory> Society'll just collapse during the apocalypse anyway.

[21:08] <+CharethCutestory> :(

[21:08] <+BaylorWilson> ^-^

[21:08] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I'd appreciate it if America would vote for I!

[21:08] <+Villager> How persuasive. @Baylor.

[21:08] <+Mabel_Pines> I don't have seeds, but I have a vat of sprinkles at home

[21:08] <+Villager> I have seeds.

[21:08] <+Villager> Plenty of them.

[21:08] * Villager plants a seed.

[21:08] <+Casper2> You're about the same height as me, so I'd say you're eight too Mr. Villager :)

[21:08] * Villager waters the seed.

[21:08] <+CharethCutestory> Explain how they turned Freddie Mercury gay then. @Honey

[21:08] <+Villager> I might be 8. I don't know.

[21:08] <+Villager> @Casper

[21:08] <+Honey_Lemon_> Again, it is a choice.

[21:09] <+Honey_Lemon_> It would be cool if America voted for me, but I get it if they don't.

[21:09] <+CharethCutestory> Sure...

[21:09] <+CharethCutestory> I've got my eye on you.

[21:09] <+Honey_Lemon_> Aw, man!

[21:09] <+CharethCutestory> (CONF): Honey is either a government agent or the Photographer. Either way... I will crucify her.

[21:09] <+Villager> Wii Fit Trainer is dominating the vote. Can I kill her yet? (:

[21:09] <@DraHosting> AMERICA HAS DECIDED.


[21:09] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP

[21:09] <+Casper2> Although I'm about the same size I was when I was 6. 

[21:09] * MaPetite is still in the closet

[21:09] * Villager boos

[21:09] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, come find me!!!

[21:09] <+Casper2> That's when my mommy and poppy died in a plane crash :(

[21:09] * WiiFitTrainer| jumps and cheers

[21:09] <+TynaWesson> Oh dear, congrats Wii Fit!

[21:09] * TynaWesson claps and hugs Wii Fit

[21:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO!

[21:09] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I KNEW America would make the right choice.

[21:09] <+Casper2> That was the saddest day of my life :(

[21:10] <+CharethCutestory> (what does MVP do?)

[21:10] <+Honey_Lemon_> (CONF): Chareth seems a bit rude, maybe something is troubling her...

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT MVP?!

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> BLASPHEMY!

[21:10] <+Villager> Looks like all those Deep Breathings came in handy.

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> POPPYCOCK!

[21:10] <+MichelleTanner> I can spell MVP

[21:10] <+MichelleTanner> M

[21:10] <+MichelleTanner> V

[21:10] <+MichelleTanner> P

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> RIDICULOUS!

[21:10] <+Casper2> But now I'm having the best day of my life with all of you good people :)

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> CURSES!

[21:10] <+Casper2> Congrats Ms. Trainer :)

[21:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> FOILED AGAIN!

[21:10] <+Honey_Lemon_> Aw, so cute! @Michelle

[21:10] <+Mabel_Pines> Well Wii Fit Trainer is an athlete


[21:10] * Casper2 claps for Ms. Trainer

[21:10] <@DraHosting> voting will be soon

[21:10] * MaPetite tries to get out of the closet

[21:10] <+Honey_Lemon_> Congrats! Can we take a foto together?

[21:10] <+Mabel_Pines> so I guess America likes fit people

[21:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> In exchange for voting me MVP

[21:10] <+Villager> I found another nickel.

[21:10] * MaPetite realizes she cannot reach the door handle


[21:10] * Honey_Lemon_ grabs Wii Fit Trainer and smiles.

[21:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I shall give back to America.

[21:10] * Villager hands nickel to Michelle.

[21:10] <+MaPetite> ... Help!


[21:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> By teaching them some well-deserved fitness!

[21:10] * Villager breaks off the door handle.

[21:10] <+MichelleTanner> Yay, three nickels! Thanks dude! @Villager

[21:10] <+Villager> (:

[21:11] * WiiFitTrainer| does push-ups

[21:11] <@DraHosting> also guys I have not paid a bit of attention to what's going on

[21:11] <@DraHosting> I'm trying to read right now

[21:11] <@DraHosting> so I'm indifferent to all of you right now

[21:11] <@DraHosting> don't ask if you're good or not

[21:11] <@DraHosting> this is a good time to strategize on your vote

[21:11] <+SheldonJPlankton> AM I GOOD

[21:11] <+CharethCutestory> (should we confessional?)

[21:12] <@DraHosting> yes

[21:12] <+Villager> (CONF): I'm waiting for someone to stray from the group so I can brutually slaughter them.

[21:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> FANATIC IS WANTING TO ASSAULT ME!

[21:12] <+Villager> (CONF): Except for Wii Fit Trainer, because she'll just respawn.

[21:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP ME MAPETITE

[21:12] * SheldonJPlankton runs away crying

[21:12] <+TynaWesson> me and my beautiful daughter

[21:12] <+TynaWesson> katherine elise collins

[21:12] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:12] <+CharethCutestory> She looks young and fertile.

[21:12] <+CharethCutestory> Would she be willing to join my survivalist group?

[21:13] * MaPetite pounds on the door

[21:13] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, I am in here!!

[21:13] <+CharethCutestory> We're going to need birthmothers, so that the human race can go on.


[21:13] <+TynaWesson> I'll tell her you said that! I've been looking for a husband for her! ^_^ @Chareth 

[21:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH

[21:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> AAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHH



[21:13] <+CharethCutestory> ;)

[21:13] <+Fanatic__> WHAT? SHELDY

[21:13] <+TynaWesson> Love is all we need.

[21:13] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:13] <+Fanatic__> DON'T YOU LOVE ME?

[21:13] <+Casper2> That Mr. Plankton is so cute :3

[21:13] <+CharethCutestory> Also seeds.

[21:14] <+CharethCutestory> @Tyna

[21:14] <+SheldonJPlankton> HE WANTS TO ASSAULT ME

[21:14] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION TIME ~~

[21:14] <@DraHosting> Everyone

[21:14] <+TynaWesson> me and my beautiful daughter in NYC

[21:14] <+Fanatic__> I'M A GIRL YOU SHREW

[21:14] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:14] <@DraHosting> take a walk down the red carpet.

[21:14] * BaylorWilson walks in

[21:14] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone cheers and whatnot ~

[21:14] <+SheldonJPlankton> it's all a part of my EVIL PLAN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAAH

[21:14] <@DraHosting> ~everyone enters the back stage area ~

[21:14] <@DraHosting> Take a seat.

[21:14] * SheldonJPlankton sits on thimble that was set up next to MaPetite's seat

[21:14] <+Honey_Lemon_> This place looks so cool!

[21:14] * Villager cuts down a tree.


[21:14] * CharethCutestory sits down

[21:14] * Villager sits on the stump.

[21:14] * CharethCutestory examines seeds

[21:14] <+Villager> I made my own chair.

[21:14] <+MichelleTanner> Michelle sits down

[21:14] <+CharethCutestory> These will... do.

[21:14] * BaylorWilson walks in playing guitar

[21:14] <+SheldonJPlankton> if by COOL you mean AWFUL then yes they do!

[21:14] == DraHosting changed the topic of #TVStars to: Baylor, Carol, Casper, Chareth, Fanatic, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Michelle, Plankton, Tyna, Villager, Vizzini, WiiFitTrainer

[21:14] * Mabel_Pines sits down

[21:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> It looks like the KRUSTY KRAB IN HERE!

[21:15] * Casper2 sits sighly happily

[21:15] <@DraHosting> It's time to send in your votes.

[21:15] * Villager throws a weed at Baylor.

[21:15] <+Villager> Stop.

[21:15] <+Mabel_Pines> yeah, it's the celebrity treatment

[21:15] <@DraHosting> You may vote now

[21:15] <@DraHosting> if you already voted

[21:15] <@DraHosting> revote

[21:15] <+Mabel_Pines> teach me all you know

[21:15] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Baylor, do you think this is a Sticky Situation?

[21:15] <+BaylorWilson> I'm in a sticky situation now @Villager

[21:15] * MaPetite is still in closet

[21:15] <+BaylorWilson> Everything about this game is

[21:15] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon, what are your thoughts on the game tonight?

[21:15] <+MaPetite> Let me out ;( 

[21:15] <+BaylorWilson> It's hard

[21:15] <@DraHosting> Does ANYONE feel in danger?

[21:15] <+Honey_Lemon_> Well.

[21:15] <+BaylorWilson> you have to make alliances and stuff

[21:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM A SCARED

[21:15] <+Villager> Stop incoroporating your own lyrics into your daily life. 

[21:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOO HOO

[21:15] <+Villager> You're worse than KK Slider (:


[21:16] <+Villager> (wow I butchered "incorporating"

[21:16] <+CharethCutestory> I like sliders.

[21:16] <+CharethCutestory> :)

[21:16] <+Vizzini__> I personally don't think anyone's in particular danger. We all get along, no?

[21:16] <+Honey_Lemon_> I haven't done the best, for some reason. Although, I think I am safe for now.



[21:16] <+CharethCutestory> I feel no danger.

[21:16] == Spectator_ [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT SHELDON

[21:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM PLANKTON

[21:16] <+CharethCutestory> As long as I have my seeds, I will survive any apocalypse.

[21:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> DESTROYER OF BIKINI BOTTOM

[21:16] <+CharethCutestory> I will live forever with these seeds.

[21:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA!

[21:16] * DraHosting giggles at the name Sheldon

[21:16] * CharethCutestory laughs crazily

[21:16] * SheldonJPlankton kicks Dra in the shin

[21:16] <+Villager> What is a "Bikini Bottom"? 

[21:17] <+Villager> I wouldn't even name a town that.

[21:17] <+Mabel_Pines> sliders?

[21:17] <+CharethCutestory> Away with you, Mabel.

[21:17] == Spectator [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[21:17] <+CharethCutestory> We are not friends.


[21:17] * CharethCutestory turns away

[21:17] <+Mabel_Pines> oh come on

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> EVILOCITY MIGHT I SAY

[21:17] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm into weird stuff

[21:17] <+CharethCutestory> but not SEEDS/

[21:17] <+Honey_Lemon_> Me too, Mabel!

[21:17] * BaylorWilson steps in gum

[21:17] <+BaylorWilson> oh

[21:17] <+BaylorWilson> :(

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> SO EVERYBODY

[21:17] <@DraHosting> Just a reminder

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> BEND TO M WILL

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> VOTE FOR FANATIC

[21:17] <@DraHosting> it takes 8 votes to eliminate someone with a majority vote

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HAH A!

[21:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HAHAHAHAHA

[21:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUAH AHAHAH

[21:18] * Villager puts a trail of chewed gum around the elimination area.

[21:18] * Villager looks at Baylor

[21:18] <+Honey_Lemon_> Baylor, you just stepped in cerium.


[21:18] <+MichelleTanner> *takes some gum and chews it*

[21:18] * SheldonJPlankton is stepped on by Baylor

[21:18] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (except this is tv stars where votes are 5-1-1-1-1-1-1 @dra)

[21:18] <+Villager> That's disgusting.

[21:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> AAAAAH

[21:18] <+BaylorWilson> It seems we're in a sticky situation @Villager

[21:18] <+Honey_Lemon_> Would you like me to scrap that off your shoes? 

[21:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP ME

[21:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> AAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHH

[21:18] <+Villager> You have 15 cents, buy some new gum. @Michelle

[21:18] <+Mabel_Pines> you serious?

[21:18] <+Mabel_Pines> cerium?

[21:18] == Casper2 has changed nick to Casper1

[21:18] <+MichelleTanner> *spits her gum onto Plankton*

[21:18] <+BaylorWilson> Sorry, Plankton

[21:19] <+Casper1> Oh dear Ms. Tanner

[21:19] * Casper1 picks up gum

[21:19] <+Villager> I bet I could kill Plankton and no one would notice.

[21:19] <+Villager> (:

[21:19] <Spectator_> G.od. @Casper\

[21:19] <+Casper1> I believe you this is.

[21:19] <+TynaWesson> I sent in my vote, Draven!

[21:19] * TynaWesson pinches cheeks

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> VOTE FOR BAYLOR

[21:19] <+MichelleTanner> Casper, that's sticky

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE IS EVIL

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE STEPPED ON ME

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM aNGRY

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[21:19] * Villager sharpens his axe.

[21:19] <+MichelleTanner> Daddy says you should WASH YOUR HANDS before touching it!

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> frear me!

[21:19] <+Villager> Who wants to play with my butterfly net?

[21:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> please?

[21:20] <+Villager> (:

[21:20] <+Casper1> It is rather unpleasant to touch, but I didn't want you to lose it. 

[21:20] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[21:20] <+Honey_Lemon_> He taught you well, Michelle.

[21:20] <@DraHosting> you need to vote.

[21:20] <+CharethCutestory> Shouldn't you wash them AFTER touching it?

[21:20] <+MichelleTanner> That too.

[21:20] <+CharethCutestory> (CONF): The people here are crazy. *drops bags of seeds* NO! *rushes to pick them up*

[21:20] <+Villager> Seeds!

[21:20] <+Honey_Lemon_> You could be infected by foods, or anything, you have touched. Washing your hands is extremely important.

[21:20] * Villager runs over to seeds and picks them up.

[21:20] <+Villager> I'll plant these later.

[21:20] <+Villager> (:

[21:20] * Villager pockets seeds.

[21:21] <+CharethCutestory> Yes... we must plant the seeds.

[21:21] <+CharethCutestory> The SEEDS are the key.

[21:21] <@DraHosting> The votes are in.

[21:21] * DraHosting tallies


[21:21] * DraHosting pulls out a box of renewal slips

[21:21] <@DraHosting> If you get one of these

[21:21] <@DraHosting> your TV Show is renewed....

[21:21] <@DraHosting> for now.

[21:21] <+Villager> I have a TV Show? I've always wanted my own DIY show.

[21:21] <+Vizzini__> Television? Television is one of the greatest evils of our generation!

[21:21] <+CharethCutestory> Is my TV Show Doomsday Preppers?

[21:21] * Honey_Lemon_ takes a picture of Dra holding the slips.

[21:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY SHOW IS TERRIBLE!

[21:21] <+Villager> I'll give home and gardening tips.

[21:21] <+CharethCutestory> I was supposed to be on that.

[21:21] <+Honey_Lemon_> Cool!

[21:21] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[21:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> DO NOT RENEW IT YOU SWINE!

[21:21] * DraHosting passes renewal to Plankton

[21:21] <+CharethCutestory> But then I shot a camera man and my episode wasn't aired.

[21:21] * DraHosting passes renewal to Baylor

[21:21] * MaPetite hopes for Quilting with Ma Petite

[21:21] * DraHosting passes renewal to MaPetite

[21:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> I SAID DO NOT RENEW IT

[21:21] * DraHosting passes renewal to WiiFitTrainer

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Michelle

[21:22] <+MichelleTanner> Yay!

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Villager

[21:22] <+Mabel_Pines> 'yes

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tyna

[21:22] <+Honey_Lemon_> First one?

[21:22] <+Honey_Lemon_> Amazing!

[21:22] <+Villager> (:

[21:22] <+Fanatic__> Excuse me Bae! I need a renewal silly!

[21:22] <Spectator_> CASPER NO

[21:22] * Villager catches renewal.

[21:22] <+Casper1> I would like to do a show about people around the world, since people are so neat :3

[21:22] * Honey_Lemon_ takes a selfie, smiling.

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Vizzini....

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Chareth....

[21:22] <+Casper1> It'd be so great to meet nice people to.

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Casper....

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Fanatic....

[21:22] <@DraHosting> The four of you got votes tonight

[21:22] <+Casper1> Oh my :o

[21:22] <+CharethCutestory> Big deal.

[21:22] * TynaWesson smiles

[21:22] <@DraHosting> you are on the bubble watch officially.

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Chareth

[21:22] <+Fanatic__> Who'd vote me!? I'm such a doll! They'd really regret it.

[21:22] <@DraHosting> With only 2 votes

[21:22] <+Vizzini__> As any good evil personality should start off with.

[21:22] <+CharethCutestory> With the seeds...

[21:22] <@DraHosting> You're still in this game.

[21:22] <+CharethCutestory> nothing can hurt me.

[21:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Fanatic

[21:22] <@DraHosting> Again

[21:23] <@DraHosting> with only two votes

[21:23] <@DraHosting> you're still in the game.

[21:23] <@DraHosting> It's all down to Vizzini and Casper.

[21:23] <+Casper1> I guess i was a bit annoying, I apologize folks :)

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Celebrities.....

[21:23] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 7-3-2-2

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> x

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Vizzini, your show has been cancelled.

[21:23] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[21:23] <+CharethCutestory> YES!

[21:23] <+Mabel_Pines> (phew)

[21:23] == Vizzini__ [48518837@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:23] <+MichelleTanner> Vizzini go byebye!

[21:23] <+CharethCutestory> (CONF): The apocalypse can go off without a hitch, now.

[21:23] <+Fanatic__> Call me when this is done Vizzy boy

[21:23] <+Casper1> Oh dear that was intense

[21:23] * Honey_Lemon_ runs to Vizzini and poses for a picture.

[21:23] <+Honey_Lemon_> Bye!

[21:24] <+Casper1> And here I thought my perfect day was going to end on a sour note :)

[21:24] <+CarolPeletier> (CONF): Vizzini wasn't much of a threat, but I guess everyone here is. I need more time to figure out my next move.

[21:24] <+MichelleTanner> (CONF): Who is he again?

[21:24] <+Villager> Heh.

[21:24] <+Casper1> But it didn't! Thank you all so much. I'm glad that I've been able to have the best day of my life since my parents died :) And I owe it all to this show :)

[21:24] * Casper1 spots a shady character in an alleyway

[21:24] <+CharethCutestory> ...shit that's some dark stuff.

[21:24] <+Casper1> Oh dear, are you lost sir?

[21:24] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~










[21:25] <@DraHosting> ~~ NEXT EPISODE ~~

[21:25] <+Villager> Thanks for alerting us that the episode has ended.

[21:25] <+Villager> (:

[21:25] <+Casper1> Mugger: Shut up! This is robbery!

[21:25] * Villager wants to move his face.

[21:25] <@DraHosting> you have a while to talk before I set up the next challengr

[21:25] <@DraHosting> challenge*

[21:25] * Mabel_Pines leaves for room

[21:25] <+Casper1> Mugger: *pulls out gun

[21:26] * Villager runs around and catches butterflies.

[21:26] * Mabel_Pines comes back wearing a different sweater

[21:26] <+Villager> Put the gun down.

[21:26] <+Casper1> Casper: Please sir I don't want any troub-

[21:26] * Casper1 is shot

[21:26] * Villager slaps gun out of Casper's hand.

[21:26] <+Villager> Oh.

[21:26] <+Mabel_Pines> (GASP)

[21:26] * Casper1 is shot again

[21:26] * CarolPeletier takes gun and cocks it at Casper

[21:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Okay.

[21:26] * Casper1 is shot again

[21:26] <+CharethCutestory> (what kind of fucking terrible mugger is this)

[21:26] <+CarolPeletier> STOP IT NOW.

[21:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I would like to announce.

[21:26] <+Fanatic__> OMG

[21:26] <+Fanatic__> THAT'S SO HOT!


[21:26] * Casper1 falls over in a pool of blood

[21:26] <+Villager> (CONF): If the competiton wants to eliminate itself, I'm all for it. (:

[21:26] * Mabel_Pines runs up to Casper

[21:26] <+Mabel_Pines> Unbelieveable

[21:26] * WiiFitTrainer| turns on bombastic electro music

[21:26] <+Fanatic__> mMMMM

[21:26] <+Villager> I thought Casper was a ghost this whole time anyway.

[21:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> WOO!

[21:26] <+MichelleTanner> YOU'RE ALL IN BIG TROUBLE, MISTERS!

[21:26] <+Mabel_Pines> First you wanted to vote Casper out

[21:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Who wants to play some soccer?!

[21:26] <+Mabel_Pines> and now you shoot him!

[21:26] <+CharethCutestory> Okay.

[21:27] * CarolPeletier reloads gun.

[21:27] <+CharethCutestory> Who voted for Casper?

[21:27] <+Villager> You're impossibly annoying. @WiiFitTrainer

[21:27] <+CarolPeletier> Are you gonna stop now?

[21:27] <+Villager> I'll play some soccer, though.

[21:27] * Casper1 I'm okay everyone

[21:27] <+CharethCutestory> WAS IT YOU, MABEL?

[21:27] <@DraHosting> :OO

[21:27] <@DraHosting> @Casper dying

[21:27] <+Casper1> I think I'm getting better

[21:27] <+CharethCutestory> You voted Casper because you're jealous!

[21:27] * Casper1 dies 

[21:27] == Honey_Lemon [49037299@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:27] * WiiFitTrainer| gasps

[21:27] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Don't worry!

[21:27] * Villager gasps.

[21:27] <+Casper1> Mugger: escapes

[21:27] <+Mabel_Pines> He's dead, you dork!

[21:27] == Casper1 has changed nick to Corpse

[21:27] == Honey_Lemon_ was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [Honey_Lemon_]

[21:27] <+CharethCutestory> Oh.

[21:27] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I'm trained in mouth-to-mouth recusitation!

[21:27] == mode/#TVStars [+v Honey_Lemon] by DraHosting

[21:27] * CarolPeletier shoots mugger in the leg.

[21:27] <+CharethCutestory> That's a shame.

[21:27] * WiiFitTrainer| blows into Corpse's mouth

[21:27] * Mabel_Pines moves aside for Wiindy

[21:27] <+Honey_Lemon> What happened?

[21:27] <+Honey_Lemon> Someone is dead..?

[21:27] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh no!

[21:27] * Corpse is still dead

[21:27] <+Villager> It's just Casper.

[21:27] <+WiiFitTrainer|> ...Oh.

[21:27] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: It's kinda sad. Here I am, twenty and single. And my mom has divorced three times. I want a boyfriend. Villager is kinda cute.

[21:27] <+Villager> He was the MVP anyway!

[21:28] <+Villager> Isn't this good!?

[21:28] <+Villager> (:

[21:28] * Corpse just kind of sits there...talking up space.

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA!

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY POISON WORKED

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HE IS DEAD

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[21:28] * Villager kicks Corpse brutually.

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> aHAHA

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> aABAa

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> a

[21:28] * Corpse is still competiting even though he is dead. 

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> aAHAHA

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> aaHa

[21:28] <+Mabel_Pines> SHELDON J COOP-- I mean Plankton

[21:28] <+Fanatic__> Oh baby

[21:28] <+Villager> Baylor, here.

[21:28] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh, poison?

[21:28] * WiiFitTrainer| kicks soccer ball at Plankton

[21:28] <+Mabel_Pines> He's been shot!

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT SHELDON

[21:28] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oops.

[21:28] * Villager hands Baylor Dairy Queen with a napkin this time.

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> GUYS

[21:28] <+Fanatic__> You totally got him!

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> MABEL IS ASSAULTING ME

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP

[21:28] <+Honey_Lemon> Easy to fix.

[21:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> GET HER OUT

[21:28] <+Villager> You're so whiny, Sheldon.

[21:28] <+Villager> (:

[21:28] <+Mabel_Pines> no, I'm not

[21:29] * Corpse starts to smell

[21:29] <+Villager> WiiFit, let's play a game of soccer.

[21:29] * Honey_Lemon presses the button on her purse. It starts to expand into a lab.

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> WHAT IS YOUR PROBLEM SHELDON

[21:29] <+Villager> I feel like beating you at somethimg.

[21:29] <+Villager> *something

[21:29] * MaPetite continues to run around the closet like a butterfly

[21:29] <@DraHosting> Alright

[21:29] <+WiiFitTrainer|> HA!

[21:29] <+MaPetite> Whee!! HEE HEE :)

[21:29] <@DraHosting> CELEBRITIES

[21:29] <+CharethCutestory> It's sad that a member of my crew died.

[21:29] <+Honey_Lemon> Let's see, this....and this....with a hint of this..

[21:29] <@DraHosting> COME ON IN TO THE TV STARS CASINO!

[21:29] * DraHosting opens door

[21:29] <+Honey_Lemon> Taa-daa!

[21:29] * WiiFitTrainer| kicks soccer ball at Dra's face

[21:29] * CharethCutestory puts a seed on Casper's corpse

[21:29] * Villager skips in happily.

[21:29] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone sees poker chips on a table ~

[21:29] * Mabel_Pines enters carrying Corpse

[21:29] <+Villager> Dra, guess what, Casper died.

[21:29] <+Villager> (:

[21:29] * Honey_Lemon grabs the serum and gives it to Corpse.

[21:29] <@DraHosting> Everyone grab 10 poker chips.

[21:29] <+WiiFitTrainer|> That's for interrupting my game!

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 1

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 2

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 3

[21:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> HOW DO I GRAB THESE?

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 4

[21:29] * Villager grabs poker chips.

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 5

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 6

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 7

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 8

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 9

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> 10

[21:29] <+MichelleTanner> *takes 10 chips*

[21:29] * SheldonJPlankton gestures to poker chip that is larger than his body

[21:29] <+Villager> I'm great a poker. People say I have a good poker face.

[21:30] <+Villager> (:

[21:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> UH EXCUSE ME

[21:30] <+CharethCutestory> Can I use seeds instead? :)

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Everyone

[21:30] * Honey_Lemon takes her poker chips and takes pictures of them.

[21:30] <+Mabel_Pines> My odds are stacked

[21:30] <@DraHosting> you now have 10 poker chips

[21:30] * WiiFitTrainer| grabs chips

[21:30] <+CharethCutestory> *seeds

[21:30] <@DraHosting> And fitting this season's major twist

[21:30] <+Mabel_Pines> I've never been a gambling man

[21:30] <@DraHosting> You will occasionally be BIDDING on certain items

[21:30] <@DraHosting> Now

[21:30] <+Mabel_Pines> I've never had the winning hand

[21:30] <@DraHosting> these items are all a gamble

[21:30] <+Villager> (YAS @Mabel)

[21:30] <+Mabel_Pines> but for...

[21:30] * Corpse doesn't grab poker chips because he is a corpse

[21:30] <+Fanatic__> (That's so old m8)

[21:30] <@DraHosting> there are 5 items that will be in this game

[21:30] * Mabel_Pines looks for someone

[21:30] <@DraHosting> but will be up for bid at different times

[21:31] <@DraHosting> your 10 chips are what you bid

[21:31] * Mabel_Pines points to coprse

[21:31] <+Mabel_Pines> you

[21:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> I BID TEN

[21:31] <+Honey_Lemon> Gambling is popular in San Fransokyo, actually.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> and you will remain with those chips for the rest of this game.

[21:31] <+Mabel_Pines> I'd lose it all

[21:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> GIVE ME MY PRIZE DRA

[21:31] <@DraHosting> of the 5 we have

[21:31] <@DraHosting> 1 of these items

[21:31] <@DraHosting> is a major trap.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> That will HINDER YOU

[21:31] <@DraHosting> instead of help.

[21:31] <+MichelleTanner> :O

[21:31] <+Villager> Nothing hinders me. I can make something out of nothing.


[21:31] <@DraHosting> Now then

[21:31] * Villager takes out a napkin.

[21:31] <+Fanatic__> YOU SICKO!

[21:31] <+Villager> See this?

[21:31] <+CharethCutestory> Like my trap that I set up for people trying to steal my seeds.

[21:31] <+Villager> It seems useless,

[21:31] * DraHosting pulls out large box and shakes it

[21:31] <+Villager> but add some chloroform,

[21:31] <@DraHosting> *it rattles*

[21:31] == CorpseStill [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:31] <+Villager> and it's useful.

[21:31] <+Villager> (:

[21:31] <+Fanatic__> *clutches on to corpse*

[21:31] <+CharethCutestory> It's a tripwire that kicks you in the balls then incinerates you.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> It's time to bid on the first item of the season.

[21:31] <@DraHosting> Who wants it?

[21:31] <+Villager> I do.

[21:31] <+CarolPeletier> Ugh.

[21:31] <+Villager> (:

[21:31] <+Honey_Lemon> Question.

[21:32] <@DraHosting> the first to 10 gets it automatically if you choose to do that

[21:32] <+BaylorWilson> Can I bid one of my future grammys for an item?

[21:32] <+Honey_Lemon> Will there be a bidding session after every elimination?

[21:32] <@DraHosting> you can only bid chips

[21:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> ONE

[21:32] <+Villager> I bid 1 chip.

[21:32] == Corpse [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> ONE CHIP

[21:32] <+Villager> I bid 3 chips.

[21:32] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[21:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> FOUR CHIPS

[21:32] <+BaylorWilson> It feels like I stepped in gum

[21:32] == mode/#TVStars [+v CorpseStill] by DraHosting

[21:32] <+Villager> 5 chips.

[21:32] * CorpseStill can't bid because he is a corpse 

[21:32] <+Villager> You probably did. @Baylor

[21:32] <@DraHosting> Villager with 5 chips

[21:32] <+BaylorWilson> Got honey in my hair

[21:32] <+TynaWesson> 10 chips!

[21:32] <@DraHosting> half of his game stash.

[21:32] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:32] <@DraHosting> Tyna bids it all!

[21:32] * DraHosting opens container

[21:32] * Villager unleashes a bee hive in Baylor's hair.

[21:32] <@DraHosting> *banana suit falls out*

[21:32] <@DraHosting> Tyna, congratulations

[21:32] <+Honey_Lemon> (I revivied you, Corpse)

[21:32] <+Honey_Lemon> (Gave you a serum, oops.)

[21:32] <@DraHosting> you get to give this banana suit to someone in this game.

[21:32] <+TynaWesson> My girl Katherine Elise Collins would love this!

[21:32] <+CharethCutestory> Ha! It's a banana!

[21:33] <@DraHosting> They have to wear it for the remainder of the episode.

[21:33] <+TynaWesson> I want to give it to Villager. 

[21:33] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:33] <@DraHosting> And every time I post ~ DANCE TIME ~

[21:33] <@DraHosting> the person wearing the suit must post *Dances like a banana*

[21:33] <+Villager> Hah, that's funny.

[21:33] <+Villager> (:

[21:33] <@DraHosting> If that person fails to dance in 30 seconds

[21:33] <+BaylorWilson> Haha

[21:33] <+CharethCutestory> Bananas don't dance, though.

[21:33] <+CharethCutestory> Idiot.

[21:33] <@DraHosting> they will receive a penalty vote at elimination.

[21:33] <+CorpseStill> (It'll take a minute to kick in ;))

[21:33] <+BaylorWilson> You're in a sticky situation @Villager

[21:33] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Dancing is GREAT exercise!

[21:33] <@DraHosting> SO

[21:33] <+BaylorWilson> and you're my sweet temptation too

[21:33] <@DraHosting> pick wisely.

[21:33] <+BaylorWilson> Wait who said that

[21:33] <@DraHosting> (I will not do dance time during a challenge)

[21:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU MEAN

[21:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> THEY SIT THERE

[21:33] <+Villager> Are you using your own song lyrics to flirt with me? @Baylor

[21:33] <+Villager> Lame. (:

[21:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> DOING NOTHING

[21:33] == CarolPeletier changed the topic of #TVStars to: Baylor, Carol, Casper/Corpse, Chareth, Fanatic, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Michelle, Plankton, Tyna, Villager, WiiFitTrainer |Eliminated: Vizzini

[21:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> LIKE A BANANA

[21:33] <+Honey_Lemon> I need to record this, oh my gosh.

[21:34] <+Mabel_Pines> me too

[21:34] * Villager picks flowers.

[21:34] * Honey_Lemon takes out phone.

[21:34] <+TynaWesson> May I change?

[21:34] <+Fanatic__> You can't make the Evil Valentine dance!

[21:34] * CharethCutestory picks seeds

[21:34] <+Villager> Let's continue?

[21:34] <+TynaWesson> Okay.

[21:34] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I like Villager but he hates me. I just wanted to be that girl in the passengers seat. =s

[21:34] <+Fanatic__> Remember when you said that one time Bae?

[21:34] <+Fanatic__> Good times

[21:34] * Mabel_Pines pulls out camera

[21:34] <+TynaWesson> I want to give it to SheldonJPlankton!

[21:34] * CorpseStill is still in alley, where rats can started nibbling on his body 

[21:34] <+MichelleTanner> XD

[21:34] <@DraHosting> Plankton....

[21:34] * TynaWesson pinches cheek

[21:34] <@DraHosting> well you're super small for this suit

[21:34] <@DraHosting> so we'll get you a suitable one.

[21:34] * DraHosting pulls out baby sized banana suit

[21:34] <+CharethCutestory> It's much too big for him!

[21:34] <+CharethCutestory> This is an issue!

[21:34] * DraHosting fits it on sheldon

[21:34] <+MichelleTanner> *giggles*

[21:34] <@DraHosting> Alright Sheldon.

[21:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT A BANANA!

[21:34] <@DraHosting> good luck!

[21:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> I REFUSE!

[21:35] <+Villager> Ha.

[21:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> THIS IS EMBARASSING!

[21:35] <@DraHosting> I'm setting up the challenge now

[21:35] * CarolPeletier smirks.

[21:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WILL HURT YOU ALL

[21:35] <+CarolPeletier> That looks very nice on you, Plankton.

[21:35] <+Villager> I think he looks funny.

[21:35] <+Villager> (:

[21:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> ah, shut up.

[21:35] * Villager takes out a camera.

[21:35] <+CharethCutestory> Ha!

[21:35] * Villager snaps pictures.

[21:35] <+CharethCutestory> Plankton has a tiny banana1

[21:35] <+Mabel_Pines> still can't see him

[21:35] <+Villager> These are going on Miiverse.

[21:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WILL DESTROY YOU VILLAGER

[21:35] <+Villager> I dare you to try.

[21:35] <+Villager> (:

[21:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU ARE NOT FUNNY @Chareth

[21:35] * CorpseStill can't observe plankton for he is still a corpse but now with rats

[21:35] * Honey_Lemon joins Villager on picture-snapping.

[21:35] <+CharethCutestory> Wait... bananas...

[21:35] <+CharethCutestory> mean seeds...

[21:35] <+CharethCutestory> mean life.

[21:35] <+Honey_Lemon> Instragramming it.

[21:36] * Villager throws a tracker jacker at Baylor

[21:36] <+Villager> Instagram? @Honey

[21:36] <+CharethCutestory> I MUST HARVEST YOUR TINY SEEDS!

[21:36] * CharethCutestory chases Plankton

[21:36] * Mabel_Pines tries to snap picture of something that isn't there

[21:36] <+Villager> Seeds are for growing.

[21:36] * Honey_Lemon walks up to Corpse.

[21:36] <+Villager> You're doing it wrong, Mabel.

[21:36] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I have SO many Instagram followers

[21:36] * CorpseStill has vultures circling around his body now

[21:36] <+Villager> What is Instragram?

[21:36] * MaPetite is listening with her ear to the closet door


[21:36] <+Villager> Is it like Miiverse?

[21:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Chareth

[21:36] <+Villager> Haha. @Corpse

[21:36] <+MaPetite> Oooh, sounds like fun!!!

[21:36] <+Honey_Lemon> Did my serum not work?

[21:36] <+MichelleTanner> Look, birdies!

[21:36] <+CharethCutestory> They're all just looking at your ass while you're wearing yoga pants

[21:36] * WiiFitTrainer| takes video of herself doing sit-ups

[21:36] <+CharethCutestory> @Wii Fit

[21:36] <+MichelleTanner> *pets one of the vultures*

[21:36] <+Villager> Something like that. @MIchelle

[21:37] * CharethCutestory grabs Plankton

[21:37] <+BaylorWilson> .

[21:37] <+Fanatic__> *watches WiiFitTrainer*

[21:37] <+Honey_Lemon> Maybe I forgot to drop the base...

[21:37] <+CharethCutestory> HAND OVER THE SEEDS, BITCH

[21:37] <+Fanatic__> nnn

[21:37] <+Fanatic__> mmm

[21:37] <+Honey_Lemon> Michelle!

[21:37] * CorpseStill begins to shine, likely from Lemon's serum...

[21:37] <+Villager> Oh my.

[21:37] * MaPetite grabs a hold of a jacket hanging in the closet and climbs it

[21:37] <+MaPetite> Ehhh...

[21:37] * Honey_Lemon walks over to Michelle.

[21:37] <+Fanatic__> Hey Chareth, I heard there were some seeds in the *chuckles* toilet

[21:37] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Excuse me, my "ass" is child-appropriate. @Chareth

[21:37] * CorpseStill continues shining more 

[21:37] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT

[21:37] <+Fanatic__> Maybe you should try to get them!

[21:37] * MaPetite gets eye level with the door knob

[21:37] <@DraHosting> o

[21:37] <+Honey_Lemon> Careful. Here, take some meat and give them some.

[21:37] * MaPetite starts swiniging to the doorknob

[21:37] * MaPetite swings to grab the knob

[21:38] * MaPetite is hit square in the eye by the knob

[21:38] * MaPetite tumbls to the ground

[21:38] * Honey_Lemon hands Michelle a small plate with meat on it.

[21:38] <+MichelleTanner> *throws meat at the vulture, but some of it lands on Plankton*

[21:38] <+MaPetite> Ehhh

[21:38] == ShigeruMiyamoto [4ca4621c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:38] <+SheldonJPlankton> MA PETITE NO


[21:38] <ShigeruMiyamoto> WII FIT TRAINER.

[21:38] * SheldonJPlankton runs over

[21:38] * CorpseStill is being pecked by a vulture 

[21:38] <+CharethCutestory> ooh an Asian!

[21:38] * Villager laughs at Plankton

[21:38] <ShigeruMiyamoto> YOU DO NOT USE THOSE WORDS.

[21:38] == mode/#TVStars [-o ShigeruMiyamoto] by DraHosting

[21:38] == mode/#TVStars [+b ShigeruMiyamoto!*@*] by DraHosting

[21:38] == ShigeruMiyamoto was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [ShigeruMiyamoto]

[21:38] <@DraHosting> Here's how this works

[21:38] * CorpseStill loses an eye to a vulture

[21:38] <+CharethCutestory> Aw.

[21:38] * SheldonJPlankton falls over in the banana suit

[21:38] <@DraHosting> The celebrity who won the last VIP challenge

[21:38] <+CharethCutestory> It was a real life Asian, though.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> cannot compete in the next one

[21:38] <+Villager> Looks like you're under strict contract. @WTF

[21:38] <@DraHosting> as for MVP

[21:38] <@DraHosting> same thing goes.

[21:38] <+Villager> *WFT

[21:38] <+WiiFitTrainer|> So are you. @Villager

[21:38] <@DraHosting> Meaning Carol cannot win this VIP.

[21:38] <+Villager> I know.

[21:38] <@DraHosting> NOW THEN

[21:39] <@DraHosting> For these challenges

[21:39] <+Mabel_Pines> oh Wiindy

[21:39] <+Mabel_Pines> why?

[21:39] <@DraHosting> you must complete the tasks

[21:39] <@DraHosting> and PM me your responses

[21:39] <@DraHosting> when you get Gossip, which is trivia

[21:39] <@DraHosting> you will join the room of the answer

[21:39] <@DraHosting> so if it is

[21:39] <@DraHosting> "who is the host of this game"

[21:39] <@DraHosting> you join #Dra

[21:39] <@DraHosting> got it

[21:39] <+Villager> We already went over this.

[21:39] <@DraHosting> read the topic for the next task

[21:39] <+Mabel_Pines> got it

[21:39] <+MichelleTanner> You got it, dude

[21:39] * CorpseStill begins to shine even more

[21:39] <+CarolPeletier> We know how the challenge works, ugh.

[21:39] * CorpseStill begins inflating 

[21:39] <@DraHosting> For the first VIP task of the game, the Celebrities will need to solve a mysterious puzzle and state what phrase is written on it in PM.

[21:39] * CarolPeletier walks into hotel and begins sharpening knife.

[21:39] <+Villager> I would watch Full House but it looks more sunny and family-oriented than my games.

[21:39] <+Villager> @Michelle

[21:39] <@DraHosting> no screenshotting or anything dumb

[21:39] <@DraHosting> all you need to do

[21:39] <@DraHosting> is find out what the image says

[21:40] <@DraHosting> and tell me in PM

[21:40] <@DraHosting> Celebrities ready....

[21:40] <@DraHosting> GO!

[21:40] <@DraHosting>

[21:40] <+Honey_Lemon> Got it.

[21:40] <+CharethCutestory> Are there seeds involved?

[21:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> I REFUSE

[21:40] <+BaylorWilson> I'm bad at puzzles


[21:40] <+BaylorWilson> Does the image says "Sticky situation"? @Dra

[21:40] <@DraHosting> yes!

[21:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> no it DOES NOT YOU IGNORANT SOD!

[21:41] <@DraHosting> well sheldon since you're not doing the challenge..

[21:41] <@DraHosting> ~ DANCE TIME ~

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> ANGRY

[21:41] <+BaylorWilson> You're rude @Sheldon

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO YOU ARE RUDE

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> ALSO.

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> I REFUSE

[21:41] * SheldonJPlankton dances sadly.

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[21:41] <@DraHosting> good job

[21:41] <+BaylorWilson> You're in a sticky situation @Sheldon

[21:41] * DraHosting pets sheldon

[21:41] * SheldonJPlankton is crushed by Dra

[21:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> AGH

[21:41] * DraHosting stops

[21:42] * Honey_Lemon looks at Plankton.

[21:42] <+TynaWesson>

[21:42] <+Mabel_Pines> I don't get it!

[21:42] <+Mabel_Pines> This is a jumble of baloney!

[21:42] <+TynaWesson> Oops! ^_^

[21:42] <+CharethCutestory> mmm got it

[21:42] <@DraHosting> same@tina solving it and screenshoting it

[21:42] <+CharethCutestory> I PMED YOU

[21:42] <+Honey_Lemon> You are overreacting! Get it? 

[21:43] * CarolPeletier is shown at the house.

[21:43] <+Honey_Lemon> Chemistry puns. I'm in my element. 

[21:43] <+CarolPeletier> Well, what interesting things can we find today?

[21:43] * CarolPeletier looks at Sheldon's tiny bag and laughs.

[21:43] * Villager works hard on the puzzle.

[21:43] <+Villager> I have a wide variety of skills.

[21:43] <+Villager> Puzzles are one of them.

[21:43] <+Villager> (:

[21:43] * Mabel_Pines still doesn't understand what the pussle says

[21:43] <+CarolPeletier> Everything of that dude's is small, and I mean everything. *raygun drops out of bag*

[21:43] <+Mabel_Pines> Dipper could figure it out

[21:43] * CarolPeletier picks gun up.

[21:43] <+CarolPeletier> Well, what do we have here?

[21:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> GIVE ME MY BAG

[21:44] * BaylorWilson works on puzzle but then steps in gum

[21:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU VILE BEAST

[21:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU PRUDE

[21:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM GOING TO MURDER YOU

[21:44] <+CarolPeletier> Why do you have a raygun?

[21:44] * BaylorWilson realizes gum is actually Sheldon

[21:44] <+BaylorWilson> Sorry

[21:44] * SheldonJPlankton is crushed by Baylor

[21:44] * SheldonJPlankton steams more than a steamed vegetable

[21:44] * Honey_Lemon scrapes Plankton off of Baylor's shoe.


[21:44] * Honey_Lemon accidentally cuts Plankton in half.

[21:45] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh no!

[21:45] * CarolPeletier throws raygun down trash chute.

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> ouch

[21:45] <+CarolPeletier> Well, that's the end of that.

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY RAY GUN

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU HORRIBLE MEANY FACE

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[21:45] <+CarolPeletier> We don't need any guns in the house, Plankton.

[21:45] <+CarolPeletier> Especially when they look as evil as that.

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> but

[21:45] <+SheldonJPlankton> WHY

[21:46] <+Honey_Lemon> Well.

[21:46] <+CarolPeletier> Also, aren't you supposed to be in the challenge? You're losing your shot at VIP.

[21:46] <+CarolPeletier> Let me tell you, that bed feels SO comfortable.

[21:46] <+Honey_Lemon> It depends on the gun's use. If it helps, keep it. If it belongs to Plankton, burn it.

[21:46] * Mabel_Pines takes up knitting due to not knowing what the puzzle means

[21:46] <@DraHosting> I sure do love it when people don't pay attention

[21:46] <@DraHosting> and try to answer the questions

[21:46] <@DraHosting> one by one

[21:46] <+Mabel_Pines> was it, upper, then lower?

[21:46] <@DraHosting> when they all are ONE thing

[21:46] <@DraHosting> and you JOIN that room

[21:46] <+CorpseStill> BOOM!

[21:46] <@DraHosting> smh

[21:46] <+Fanatic__> ARE YOU MOCKING ME

[21:47] <+CorpseStill> BOOOOOOOOOMMMMMM!

[21:47] <+CarolPeletier> Plus, this gun is too small to do anything virtually harmful at all.

[21:47] * CorpseStill exploded into tiny meat chunks

[21:47] <+CarolPeletier> Naybe a little zap, but that won't do anything. It wouldn't even take down a baby walker.

[21:47] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture and then vomits.

[21:47] <+Mabel_Pines> or lower then upper?

[21:47] * Mabel_Pines just knits anyway

[21:48] == Tinymeatchunks [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:48] == CorpseStill [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:48] <+Honey_Lemon> Mabel!@

[21:48] * CharethCutestory is playing with seeds, waiting for challenge to end

[21:48] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[21:48] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU ARE BEING MOCKED

[21:48] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Fanatic

[21:49] <+Fanatic__> Shut up you single celled jerk!

[21:49] <+Honey_Lemon> I knit clothing too! I run my own online boutique store where I make my own clothing. You should SO join in!

[21:49] <Spectator_> .

[21:49] <+Fanatic__> I won't be your puppet any longer

[21:49] <+Villager> (:

[21:49] <+Mabel_Pines> oh thank you

[21:49] <+Fanatic__> We all know who came onto who!

[21:49] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER

[21:49] <+Fanatic__> You were begging for my love and affection!


[21:49] * Villager bows.

[21:49] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE WINNER

[21:49] <@DraHosting> OF THIS VIP COMPETITION

[21:49] * Tinymeatchunks starts levitating

[21:49] <+Fanatic__> What was the answer Villager?! I tried eeeeeeeeeeeeeeverything

[21:49] <+CharethCutestory> aw

[21:49] <+Mabel_Pines> oh wow

[21:49] <+BaylorWilson> Good job

[21:49] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM YOU RULER @Fanatic

[21:49] <+CharethCutestory> I was so close maybe?

[21:50] <+Mabel_Pines> time flies

[21:50] == Tinymeatchunks has changed nick to GhostCapser

[21:50] <+Villager> To which one? (: @Fanatic

[21:50] <+Mabel_Pines> thanks anyway dra

[21:50] <+Villager> Thanks, Baylor.

[21:50] <+TynaWesson> By gosh that was TOUGH! Congratulations Villager!

[21:50] == mode/#TVStars [+v GhostCapser] by DraHosting

[21:50] <+Fanatic__> A ruler that loves me and my body!

[21:50] <+CharethCutestory> Oh, wb Casper.

[21:50] <+Fanatic__> @Sheldon

[21:50] <+CharethCutestory> Figured you'd revive.

[21:50] <@DraHosting> MVP vote soon

[21:50] <+Villager> Thank you, all.

[21:50] <@DraHosting> gotta record

[21:50] <+Villager> (:

[21:50] <+GhostCapser> Gee wilkers that was fright. I was in this really scary place.

[21:50] <+Fanatic__> What was the answer bae?

[21:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay! GO Villager!

[21:50] <+TynaWesson>

[21:50] * Villager sharpens his axe.

[21:50] <+BaylorWilson> VOTE FOR BAYLOR


[21:50] <+Villager> I've decided to spare you all one.

[21:50] <+Villager> *all

[21:50] <+Mabel_Pines> hi Casper

[21:50] <+GhostCapser> And my dead parents were there.

[21:50] * MaPetite is in the closet, hungry

[21:50] <+MaPetite> Mmm :/


[21:50] <+Villager> Casper is a ghost now.

[21:50] <+CharethCutestory> Wait, Casper?

[21:50] <+BaylorWilson> Aw, you are so lovely <3 @Villager

[21:50] * CarolPeletier opens the door.

[21:50] <+Mabel_Pines> oh...

[21:50] <+MichelleTanner> congratulations, Villager

[21:50] <+CarolPeletier> MaPetite, are you okay?

[21:50] <+Villager> You're sticky. @Baylor

[21:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw...

[21:50] <+Mabel_Pines> IT FINALLY MAKES SENSE!

[21:50] <+Villager> Have a nickel, Michelle.

[21:50] <+GhostCapser> Hellow everyone :D Did I miss something?

[21:50] <+CharethCutestory> DID YOU SEE THE APOCALYPSE?

[21:51] <+CharethCutestory> HOW DOES IT HAPPEN/

[21:51] <+Honey_Lemon> Did you see Tadashi there? @Casper

[21:51] <+Mabel_Pines> CASPER THE GHOST!

[21:51] <+MichelleTanner> @Villager Four nickels!  WHOA BABY!

[21:51] <+Villager> I won VIP. As expected. @Casper

[21:51] <+Mabel_Pines> WHY DID I NOT SEE THIS BEFORE?!

[21:51] * MaPetite is unconscious due to starvation

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> Oh

[21:51] <+CarolPeletier> I've lived through the apocalypse.

[21:51] <+CarolPeletier> We all have.

[21:51] <+CharethCutestory>

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> You're a ghost now Casper?

[21:51] <+GhostCapser> Wait...what?

[21:51] <+CharethCutestory> It's yet to come.

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> I can prolly make it work

[21:51] * GhostCapser notices he has no body

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> Can you still do that one thing

[21:51] <+GhostCapser> What happened to me?

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> *winks*

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> What it's just a flesh wound

[21:51] <+Mabel_Pines> I COULD HAVE WARNED oh wait I didn't figure you'd die that way.

[21:51] <+Fanatic__> Don't worry about it

[21:52] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:52] <TVStarsNews> *TV Turns on in the house*

[21:52] * Honey_Lemon smiles and takes a picture of Casper.

[21:52] <+Villager> What?

[21:52] <+CharethCutestory> O hey the news.

[21:52] * Mabel_Pines presents  Corpse to Casper

[21:52] <TVStarsNews> Welcome to an all new edition of TV Stars news!

[21:52] <+GhostCapser> Did I...die :O

[21:52] <+CharethCutestory> It's the LAMESTREAM media.

[21:52] <+Mabel_Pines> uh... yeah...

[21:52] <+Villager> We have our own news station?

[21:52] <+CharethCutestory> spreading its LIES

[21:52] <TVStarsNews> We recently got a report from INSIDE the house!

[21:52] <TVStarsNews> From the mysterious Photographer!

[21:52] <+CharethCutestory> ...okay.

[21:52] <+MichelleTanner> I wanna watch cartoons instead

[21:52] <+Villager> Oh, great. (:

[21:52] * GhostCapser looks at bloody, tiny meat chunks that were previously his body.

[21:52] <+Mabel_Pines> did he get my good side?

[21:52] <TVStarsNews> This image on screen shows SHELDON J PLANKTON flirting with someone....though it was mostly one sided.

[21:52] <+Villager> Shut the fuck up and listen. @Michelle

[21:52] <+Villager> Get it, Plankton.

[21:52] <+Villager> (:

[21:53] <+Villager> News, dish some dirt on WiiFitTrainer. 

[21:53] <TVStarsNews> Another image we received was of Villager placing down large trails of gum, causing Baylor to step in it and TOTALLY EMBARASS herself!

[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> aw, sorry Plankton.

[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> :(

[21:53] <+Villager> Has she been doing Sun Salutations in the hot tub agai--

[21:53] <TVStarsNews> Looks like Baylor was in a Sticky Situation!

[21:53] * MaPetite is in the closet as the door closes again

[21:53] <+Villager> Wow, that's not news.

[21:53] <+CarolPeletier> ...You sabotaged somebody else, villager?

[21:53] <+BaylorWilson> It was a sticky situation @TV Stars News

[21:53] <+MaPetite> Mmm :/

[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> I know how being rejected feels, man.

[21:53] <TVStarsNews> We'll see you guys next week with more updates from inside the TV Stars house!

[21:53] <+Villager> That happened like 2 days ago.

[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> I know how it feelsssssss

[21:53] <+BaylorWilson> literally

[21:53] <TVStarsNews> Will the Photographer get caught?

[21:53] <+Villager> How dare you.

[21:53] <TVStarsNews> See you next week!

[21:53] <+Villager> (:

[21:53] <+Honey_Lemon> I can help with the situation! @Baylor

[21:53] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[21:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT FLIRTING WITH ANYONE

[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> (well that was underwhelming

[21:53] <+Mabel_Pines> better yet

[21:53] <+BaylorWilson> There was gum stuck in my hair

[21:53] <+Villager> Well, I did put gum around Baylor.

[21:53] <+BaylorWilson> Oh wait

[21:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> I MISS MY KAREN

[21:53] <+BaylorWilson> I'm messing up the lyrics


[21:53] <+CharethCutestory> Wait... are you married, Plankton?

[21:54] <+GhostCapser> Not to be rude, but me dying and my little body exploding aren't news :(

[21:54] <+Villager> I witness multiple deaths a day.

[21:54] <@DraHosting> Alright

[21:54] <+CharethCutestory> That is kinda rude, Casper.

[21:54] <+Fanatic__> But why would the TV lie?

[21:54] <@DraHosting> time for the MVP vote

[21:54] <+BaylorWilson> Poor Casper

[21:54] <+CharethCutestory> it's not all about you.

[21:54] <+Fanatic__> TV never lies

[21:54] <+BaylorWilson> Go #TeamBaylor

[21:54] <+Villager> (CONF): Casper. What an attention whore.

[21:54] <+BaylorWilson> Vote for me!

[21:54] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM MARRIED TO MY SWEET W.I.F.E.

[21:54] <+SheldonJPlankton> KAREN

[21:54] <+Villager> No one is on that team, Baylor.

[21:54] <+BaylorWilson> Shut up, Villager!

[21:54] == SheldonJPlankton [a2ef7450@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[21:55] * Villager sharpens his axe.

[21:55] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, couples! @Sheldon

[21:55] <+Fanatic__> I wish I could find love

[21:55] <+GhostCapser> I aplogize, it's just I'm not use to death. I'm sorry for being a burden :)

[21:55] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: Villager keeps bossying me around, and being rude at me, and he just sucks. :(

[21:55] <+Fanatic__> Love from a handsome ghostboy

[21:55] * Mabel_Pines shows Corpse again

[21:55] <+Mabel_Pines> try to inhabit it, please?

[21:55] == SheldonJPlankton [a2ef7450@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[21:55] <+Fanatic__> Who should totally try asking me out

[21:55] <+Honey_Lemon> Don't we all.

[21:55] <@DraHosting> ~ DANCE TIME ~

[21:55] <+TynaWesson>

[21:55] <+TynaWesson> Who is this hot woman?

[21:55] <+Mabel_Pines> Plankton Dance?

[21:55] == mode/#TVStars [+v SheldonJPlankton] by DraHosting

[21:55] <+TynaWesson> :O ^_^

[21:56] * SheldonJPlankton cries and dances like a banana

[21:56] <+GhostCapser> Please forgive me if my death causes any more problems for you nice folks in the future :)

[21:56] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WANT MY KAREN BACK

[21:56] * Mabel_Pines tries taking photo of something she can't see

[21:56] <+CharethCutestory> Ooh that's my future baby-momma!

[21:56] <+CharethCutestory> @Tyna

[21:56] <+MichelleTanner> Yay dancing!

[21:56] <@DraHosting> Plankton has danced

[21:56] <@DraHosting> you came close, Plankton!

[21:56] <+Villager> Great moves.

[21:56] * Villager claps.


[21:56] * SheldonJPlankton is happy Mabel cannot see me

[21:56] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh, Casper!

[21:56] <+MichelleTanner> *claps*

[21:56] <+GhostCapser> Plankton sure is a cute dancer :3

[21:56] <+Villager> (CONF): Plankton is fun, but he doesn't have what it takes to be a cutthroat villain. I do. Does this look like the face of mercy?

[21:56] <+Fanatic__> The photographer should have gotten that!

[21:56] <+GhostCapser> Yes Ms. Lemon?

[21:56] <+Honey_Lemon> I kind of revived you with my serum.

[21:56] <+Fanatic__> Imagine Plankton


[21:56] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[21:56] * MaPetite is in the closet still

[21:56] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE MVP FOR THIS WEEK!

[21:56] <+Fanatic__> Your wife seeing that!

[21:56] <+GhostCapser> that me :O

[21:56] <+CharethCutestory> Wow!

[21:56] <+MaPetite> Mr Sheldon!!! The game is over!

[21:56] <+TynaWesson> 

[21:56] <+Fanatic__> *snorts*

[21:56] <+Villager> (I thought Casper couldn't win it twice.)

[21:56] <+MaPetite> Let me out!! :@

[21:57] <+CharethCutestory> He only won MVP because he DIED.

[21:57] <+TynaWesson> my B E A UTIFUL daughter!

[21:57] <+CharethCutestory> PANDERING.

[21:57] <@DraHosting> Wii Fit won it last week

[21:57] <+TynaWesson> Katherine Elise Collins!

[21:57] <+Fanatic__> (He hasn't)

[21:57] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[21:57] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (he didn't)

[21:57] <+GhostCapser> Thank you all so so much :) 

[21:57] <+Villager> Oh oops.


[21:57] <+CharethCutestory> Getting those pity votes.

[21:57] <+Villager> (:

[21:57] <@DraHosting> alright strategize and stuff

[21:57] <@DraHosting> voting is soon

[21:57] * SheldonJPlankton tries ot reach the door knob to let MaPetite out but can't reach it

[21:57] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[21:57] <+SheldonJPlankton> CURSES!

[21:57] <+TynaWesson> Me and my trusty companion!

[21:57] <+Villager> (CONF): If America likes death, I'll give them death. (:

[21:57] <+TynaWesson> Woof! ^_^

[21:57] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon is that you...? :o

[21:57] <+GhostCapser> Thank you Ms. Lemon :3

[21:58] <+Fanatic__> So sheldy buddy I'm sorry for being so rude to you,.

[21:58] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I have no idea who I'm voting off tonight. I like everyone here. It's a sticky situation.

[21:58] <+Fanatic__> I can easily forgive you though

[21:58] <+Honey_Lemon> No problem, Casper.

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> GUYS

[21:58] <+GhostCapser> It almost makes up for dying and seeing my own parents in hell. Ooh, sorry to bag my personal problems on you...

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> LET US VOTE FOR BAYLOR

[21:58] <+Villager> No,

[21:58] <+Villager> Baylor is funny.

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HAS STEPPED ON US LITTLE PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:58] <+CharethCutestory> na dawg

[21:58] <+Honey_Lemon> All in the days work, being a fashion superhero and an actual superhero.

[21:58] <+Villager> Who else can we push into bee hives?

[21:58] <+Villager> (:

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HAS STEPPED ON US LITTLE PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HAS STEPPED ON US LITTLE PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:58] * Villager tries to laugh.

[21:58] <+Fanatic__> Baelor is hotter than you sheldy

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HAS STEPPED ON US LITTLE PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:58] <+Fanatic__> Sorry

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HAS STEPPED ON US LITTLE PEOPLE FOR TOO LONG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[21:58] <+MaPetite> Baylor never stepped on me...

[21:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT SHELDON YOU FREAK @Fanatic

[21:58] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm a little person

[21:58] <+Fanatic__> Than what are you?

[21:58] <+Mabel_Pines> and I haven't been stepped on

[21:58] <+BaylorWilson> It seems we're in a sticky situation =/ @Sheldon

[21:59] * Mabel_Pines talking to nowhere

[21:59] <+Fanatic__> A little man in a big suit of armor

[21:59] <+Fanatic__> Take that away

[21:59] <+MichelleTanner> Baylor never stepped on me

[21:59] <+Fanatic__> Ah

[21:59] <+Fanatic__> That's from avengers

[21:59] <+Villager> Baylor hasn't stepped on me. She'd be dead if she did.

[21:59] <+Villager> (:

[21:59] <+Fanatic__> Just joshin you all

[21:59] <+Mabel_Pines> not all sheldons are bad

[21:59] * CharethCutestory stands on table

[21:59] <+CharethCutestory> MAY I REMIND ALL OF YOU


[22:00] <+CharethCutestory> THAT CAN WORK TOGETHER

[22:00] <+CharethCutestory> THAT IS ALL!

[22:00] * CharethCutestory falls off table

[22:00] * WiiFitTrainer| gasps

[22:00] * MaPetite paces around the closet

[22:00] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Not to fear!

[22:00] <+MaPetite> Maybe everyone has died...

[22:00] <+CharethCutestory> It's okay

[22:00] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I always have my first aid kit!

[22:00] <+MaPetite> And this means I'm the winner? :D

[22:00] <+CharethCutestory> the seeds broke my fall

[22:00] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION TIME ~~

[22:00] * CharethCutestory has a bloody nose

[22:00] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh,

[22:00] <+MaPetite> And that's why they haven't come to save me!

[22:00] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone walks the red carpet ~

[22:00] <@DraHosting> fans: aaaahhhh tv stars!! ahhh

[22:00] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone sits down~

[22:00] <@DraHosting> send in votes.

[22:00] * TynaWesson waves

[22:00] * TynaWesson pinches cheek of fan

[22:00] * SheldonJPlankton sits there angrily in his banana suit.

[22:00] <+TynaWesson> Why hello there!

[22:00] <@DraHosting> How do you all feel tonight?

[22:00] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:00] <+Fanatic__> aaaaaaah tv stars!! ahhh!

[22:00] * WiiFitTrainer| stretches for the fans

[22:01] <+Villager> Bad. (:

[22:01] <+Villager> Can't you tell?

[22:01] <+Honey_Lemon> You sure are handy, Ms. Trainer.

[22:01] <+CharethCutestory> I feel like a million seeds, Dra.

[22:01] * SheldonJPlankton squeezes under the door of the closet MaPetite is in

[22:01] <+SheldonJPlankton> COME ON

[22:01] <+Fanatic__> I was like you fans! And now I'm on here!

[22:01] <+SheldonJPlankton> LETS GO

[22:01] <+TynaWesson> Y'know Draven, I may or may not be nervous. All it takes is one trusty Hidden Immunity idol to save me!

[22:01] <+Fanatic__> Follow me on twitter!

[22:01] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:01] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon!!! :D

[22:01] * TynaWesson pinches Draven's cheek

[22:01] <@DraHosting> ~ DANCE TIME ~

[22:01] <+MaPetite> You're alive!!!

[22:01] * SheldonJPlankton groans loudly

[22:01] * MaPetite puts the leash on Sheldon

[22:01] <+MichelleTanner> I feel like I wanna eat some owse cweam right nwo

[22:01] * SheldonJPlankton dances like a banana

[22:01] <+MaPetite> This is why you don't go off your leash.

[22:01] * Villager chops down another tree.

[22:01] * Villager sits on a stump.

[22:01] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[22:01] <+Villager> Comfy.

[22:01] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, can you get us out of here?

[22:02] * SheldonJPlankton screeches like a banshee

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> DRA

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP

[22:02] * Honey_Lemon takes pictures of Plankton dancing.

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> US

[22:02] <+Villager> Hey, a beetle.

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> GET ME OUT OF HERE

[22:02] * Villager picks up the beetle.

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> GET ME OUT

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUT

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUT

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUT

[22:02] == AnnoyDra14 [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> OTUt

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> TIOT

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> TOTI

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> HALP

[22:02] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, don't bark!

[22:02] * MaPetite sprays him with a bottle

[22:02] <+TynaWesson>

[22:02] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:02] <+WiiFitTrainer|> :O

[22:02] <+MaPetite> Tee hee hee!

[22:02] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Is Sheldon having a meltdown?!

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> AAAAAH

[22:02] <+MichelleTanner> Sheldon's funny!

[22:02] <+Mabel_Pines> peanutbutterjelly

[22:02] <+SheldonJPlankton> IT BURN

[22:02] <+Mabel_Pines> peanutbutterjelly

[22:02] * WiiFitTrainer| takes out water bottle and sprays it into Sheldon's face

[22:02] <+TynaWesson> Oops!

[22:02] <+TynaWesson> baby owl went SPLAT!

[22:02] <+Mabel_Pines> peanutbutterjellywithabaseballbat

[22:02] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:02] * SheldonJPlankton grasps eye cwhile crying

[22:02] * SheldonJPlankton cries loudly

[22:02] <+Honey_Lemon> My phone!

[22:02] * Honey_Lemon accidentally lets her phone slip and crush Plankton.

[22:03] <+SheldonJPlankton> it BURTNS MY EYE

[22:03] * SheldonJPlankton moves out of way of phone

[22:03] <+MaPetite> Honey Lemon, you are in the closet too??? :o

[22:03] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[22:03] <+CharethCutestory> Wait... is Sheldon a plankton?

[22:03] * Honey_Lemon grabs her phone and turns flash on.

[22:03] <+CharethCutestory> I just noticed that.

[22:03] <+CharethCutestory> Weird...

[22:03] <+MaPetite> This must be a big closet!!! 

[22:03] <+GhostCapser> Mr. Plankton is such a cute dancer :3

[22:03] * MaPetite turns around and runs

[22:03] <+Honey_Lemon> What do you mean by that, MaPetite?

[22:03] * MaPetite hits the wall in a second

[22:03] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton, I suggest not looking at my phone.

[22:03] <+MaPetite> We're in a closet, playing hide and seek.

[22:03] <@DraHosting> Casper

[22:03] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[22:04] <+MaPetite> But I cannot reach the door knob.

[22:04] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[22:04] <+Mabel_Pines> ...

[22:04] <@DraHosting> MaPetite

[22:04] * SheldonJPlankton continues to cry on the floor

[22:04] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[22:04] <@DraHosting> vote

[22:04] <+GhostCapser> Oh dear, I forget :3 My aplogizes. 

[22:04] <+MichelleTanner> Vote, or YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE, MISTERS!

[22:04] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Who in the crowd wants a SIGNED SOCCER BALL?!

[22:04] <+CharethCutestory> Oh, she's adorable.

[22:04] * CharethCutestory pats Michelle on the head

[22:04] * WiiFitTrainer| autographs soccer ball and kicks it into audience

[22:04] <+MichelleTanner> :3

[22:05] <+CharethCutestory> I can't let the apocalypse get her...

[22:05] <@DraHosting> baylorwilson

[22:05] <@DraHosting> vote

[22:05] * GhostCapser watches as soccor ball phases through him...

[22:05] * CharethCutestory runs out to grab some seeds for young Michelle

[22:05] <+Honey_Lemon> Me!

[22:05] <+Villager> WiiFitTrainer, you wouldn't even have fans if it weren't for Smash 4.

[22:05] <+Villager> (:

[22:05] <+Honey_Lemon> Does this get me a free Pilates session..?

[22:05] <+GhostCapser> Oh...

[22:05] <+MaPetite> Ms. Honey, can we open the door?

[22:05] <+Mabel_Pines> wait

[22:05] <+Fanatic__> What about the people that draw porn of her

[22:05] <+Fanatic__> that aren't me

[22:05] <+Honey_Lemon> Sure, why not.

[22:05] <+MichelleTanner> :O

[22:05] <+Fanatic__> Because I don't do that

[22:05] * DraHosting tallies votes

[22:05] <+CharethCutestory> Do you draw porn of everyone?

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to Casper

[22:06] <+CharethCutestory> Even... my little Michelle?

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[22:06] <+CharethCutestory> YOU BASTARD

[22:06] <+Mabel_Pines> fanatic is too weird

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to MaPetite

[22:06] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Villager, you need to improve your attitude.

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to Michelle

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[22:06] * Mabel_Pines catches renewal

[22:06] <+MichelleTanner> Yay

[22:06] <+Villager> You need to improve your skin tone.

[22:06] <+Mabel_Pines> boink!

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tyna

[22:06] * DraHosting passes renewal to Carol

[22:06] <+Villager> You clearly get no sun.

[22:06] <+Villager> (:

[22:06] <+BaylorWilson> .

[22:06] <+MaPetite> HELP. I NEED TO GREAT MY FANS.

[22:06] <+GhostCapser> Ms. Fanatic, what is 'porn'?

[22:06] * MaPetite bangs on the closet door

[22:06] <+GhostCapser> Is it a food?

[22:06] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[22:06] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[22:06] <@DraHosting> Chareth

[22:06] <+Mabel_Pines> nothing fanatic says is good, casper

[22:06] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[22:06] <+Mabel_Pines> nothing

[22:06] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[22:06] * CharethCutestory tries to cover Casper's ears, hands go through his head

[22:06] <@DraHosting> each of you got votes.

[22:06] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[22:06] <+BaylorWilson> I got votes?

[22:07] * DraHosting passes renewal to Baylor

[22:07] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Baylor

[22:07] <+BaylorWilson> Well, it's a sticky situation. =/

[22:07] * DraHosting passes renewal to Plankton

[22:07] <+BaylorWilson> Good!

[22:07] <+Villager> Yay.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> 1 vote Plankton. You can take off that suit.

[22:07] * Villager throws gum into Baylor's hair.

[22:07] * Mabel_Pines covers Corpse's ears

[22:07] * DraHosting passes renewal to WiiFitTrainer

[22:07] <@DraHosting> 2 votes WiiFitTrainer.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> And with that we're down to 2

[22:07] * SheldonJPlankton rips banana suit off and realizes he's naked

[22:07] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers

[22:07] <@DraHosting> Chareth and Fanatic.

[22:07] <+SheldonJPlankton> oh my.

[22:07] <+BaylorWilson> It's HONEY! @Villager

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> If you vote me out.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 6-2-2-1-1

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> You will not survive.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <+BaylorWilson> I step in gum and have honey in my hair.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> x

[22:07] <+Villager> Do I look like I care?

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> Without my seeds.

[22:07] <@DraHosting> Chareth, your show has been cancelled.

[22:07] <+BaylorWilson> Do it right! @Villager

[22:07] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> BUT

[22:07] <+Mabel_Pines> Chareth

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> I HAVE SEEDS

[22:07] <+GhostCapser> Oh my. Mr. Plankton you don't have any clothes :O

[22:07] <+CharethCutestory> the... the seeds.

[22:07] <+Fanatic__> Yes! Come on guys it isn't nice to constantly target someone!

[22:07] <+Villager> Chareth, board the train.


[22:07] <+Fanatic__> Chareth

[22:07] == CharethCutestory [457c4386@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:08] <+Mabel_Pines>

[22:08] <+Fanatic__> You can't plabt your seeds in me

[22:08] == CarolPeletier changed the topic of #TVStars to: Baylor, Carol, Casper/Corpse, Fanatic, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Michelle, Plankton, Tyna, Villager, WiiFitTrainer |Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth

[22:08] * SheldonJPlankton 's entire body blushes

[22:08] <+Fanatic__> Oh he's gone

[22:08] <+Honey_Lemon> What? @Baylor

[22:08] <+MichelleTanner> Byebye Chareth ;_;

[22:08] <+Fanatic__> Just like always

[22:08] <+Villager> Looks like doomsday came quicker than you expected.

[22:08] <+Villager> (:

[22:08] <+Honey_Lemon> I think you called my name.

[22:08] <+Fanatic__> Please Sheldy hun

[22:08] <+GhostCapser> Oh dear :O

[22:08] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~

[22:08] <+Fanatic__> We all notices you were naked a long time ago

[22:08] * MaPetite is kicking the door with her small foot, begging to be let out of the closet

[22:08] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon

[22:08] <+Mabel_Pines> wait what?

[22:08] <+MaPetite> This game is not fun anymore... :(

[22:08] <+Mabel_Pines> who?

[22:10] <@DraHosting> ~ NEXT EPISODE ~

[22:10] <+CarolPeletier> Hey, Sheldon.

[22:10] <+Mabel_Pines> O-H-M-Y-G-O-S-H

[22:10] <+Villager> Do we get to bid on more items?

[22:10] <+Villager> That was fun.

[22:10] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:10] == CasperGhost [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:10] <+Villager> It's a way to kill people's spir--

[22:10] <+Villager> Oh no.

[22:10] <+Villager> (:

[22:10] <TVStarsNews> Welcome to another edition of TV Stars news!

[22:10] <TVStarsNews> We have another update from the Photographer in the TV Stars house.

[22:10] <+MaPetite> Yay!!!

[22:10] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[22:10] <+MichelleTanner> Yay!

[22:10] * Honey_Lemon gets some popcorn.

[22:10] <TVStarsNews> We now go live to reporter John Dowling from the TV Stars Board of Images

[22:10] * MaPetite runs to the door as it is shut in her face after Sheldon leaves

[22:10] <+MaPetite> ...

[22:10] <+MaPetite> No :(

[22:11] <+Villager> Ha.

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> John: We have reports of SHELDON J PLANKTON dancing in a banana suit! How humiliating!

[22:11] <+Mabel_Pines> that's not news

[22:11] <+Villager> Agreed.

[22:11] <+Villager> (:

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> John: We also have another image of him going in the nude

[22:11] <+MichelleTanner> It's not humiliating, it's funny

[22:11] == GhostCapser [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[22:11] <+Fanatic__> MMmm

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> John: But that will only get the Photographer one point......

[22:11] <+Mabel_Pines> agreed

[22:11] * Honey_Lemon covers Michelle's eyes.

[22:11] <+Fanatic__> More of him naked please

[22:11] <+Mabel_Pines> wait what>?'

[22:11] <+Villager> Real news is Super Smash Bros spoilers.

[22:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> EVERYONE

[22:11] <+MichelleTanner> *covers Honey Lemon's eyes&

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> John: We have word from Karen, Plankton's wife. She's utterly humiliated. 

[22:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I made you all turkey sandwiches.

[22:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> ON WHEAT BREAD.

[22:11] * Mabel_Pines covers Corpse's eyes

[22:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Perfect source of protein.

[22:11] <+Villager> I only eat fruit.

[22:11] <+TynaWesson> Wheat bread!

[22:11] <+Villager> Sorry.

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> John: She says, quote, "I wish I could go back to being a calculator after seeing that."

[22:11] <+Villager> (:

[22:11] <+TynaWesson> Mmmm!

[22:11] <+BaylorWilson> FOOOOOOOOD! ^-^

[22:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> A fruit diet!

[22:11] <TVStarsNews> We'll see you soon with more TV Stars news!

[22:12] <+Fanatic__> I told you your wife would abandon you! She doesn't love you!

[22:12] <+TynaWesson> I've been CRAVING wheat bread ^_^

[22:12] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]


[22:12] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Very nice, Villager!

[22:12] <+Villager> (CONF): I cringe everytime Wii Fit Trainer speaks.

[22:12] <CasperGhost> Oh my. Poor Mr. Plankton. I'd hate to be him right now :(

[22:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Diets!

[22:12] <+Fanatic__> I do Sheldyboo!

[22:12] <+Villager> Point is, I don't want your wheat bread (:

[22:12] <+Villager> @Wii Fit Trainer

[22:12] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (conf) I cringe every time Villager speaks.

[22:12] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Well then.

[22:12] <+MichelleTanner> :O

[22:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Can we have Green Tea as well?

[22:12] <+Mabel_Pines> I can knit a suit for this plankton

[22:12] <+Honey_Lemon> It's my favorite drink.

[22:12] <+WiiFitTrainer|> How about a KNUCKLE sandwich?!

[22:12] <+CarolPeletier> (CONF): Villager is about as sincere as Beth Greene, little to none. That


[22:12] <@DraHosting> VIP challenge soon

[22:12] * CasperGhost tries to eat Ms. Trainer's sandwiches but they phase through his body

[22:12] <+Mabel_Pines> what's his height?

[22:12] * WiiFitTrainer| hits Villager in face with soccer ball

[22:12] * MaPetite knocking on the door

[22:12] <+MaPetite> LET ME OUT.

[22:12] <+Villager> Ow. (:

[22:12] <+CarolPeletier> (CONF): That's why Beth didn't survive... she was too weak. If you want to survive, you've got to be strong.

[22:12] * Villager gets a black eye.

[22:12] * DraHosting opens closet

[22:12] <@DraHosting> how did you get in there Ma Petite


[22:12] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:13] <+MaPetite> Mr. Dra!!! 

[22:13] <+MaPetite> I have been in here the entire show.

[22:13] * Mabel_Pines tries to stuff Casper's dropped sandwiches into Corpse's mouth

[22:13] <@DraHosting> Oh....

[22:13] <@DraHosting> that's a little odd.

[22:13] <@DraHosting> Who put you in there?

[22:13] <CasperGhost> Oh dear. 

[22:13] <+BaylorWilson> I have a lot of character development

[22:13] <+MaPetite> ...

[22:13] * CasperGhost lets out Ms. Petite

[22:13] <+TynaWesson> I can't wait until the next VIP challenge!

[22:13] <+Villager> Can someone help me dig this hole?

[22:13] <+MaPetite> I don't know.

[22:13] <+Villager> I'm digging Wii Fit Trainer's grave.

[22:13] <+Villager> I have an extra shovel.

[22:13] <+Honey_Lemon> Um, guys.

[22:13] <+CarolPeletier> Oh.

[22:13] <+MaPetite> I was playing hide and seek and the door knob broke.

[22:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> OPEN THE DOOR YOU CRETIN

[22:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Dra

[22:13] <+CarolPeletier> Well, if you insist...

[22:13] <+CarolPeletier> .me takes other shovel.

[22:13] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Haha.

[22:13] <+Honey_Lemon> I got a tweet from Evil Valentine..

[22:13] * Villager handfs Carol a shovel.

[22:13] * CarolPeletier smacks Villager into hole.

[22:13] <+Villager> Dig. (:

[22:13] <+Villager> OW.

[22:13] * CarolPeletier begins burying Villager.

[22:14] <+Villager> HEY (:

[22:14] <+Villager> NO (:

[22:14] <+Villager> STOP (:

[22:14] <CasperGhost> Would someone be kind enough to dig a grave for my corpse...or the little meat chunks left of it.

[22:14] <+CarolPeletier> You don't screw people over like that.

[22:14] <+BaylorWilson> The only reason I'm on this show is because of my music career

[22:14] <+Villager> SOMEONE HELP ME... (:

[22:14] * CarolPeletier continues burying.

[22:14] <+Honey_Lemon> What should I do?

[22:14] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Thank you, Carol!

[22:14] * CarolPeletier breaks shovel and walks away.

[22:14] <+Villager> DRA, I'M BEING BURIED ALIVE. (:

[22:14] <CasperGhost> I would myself but I can't pick up a shovel :(

[22:14] <@DraHosting> what a shame

[22:14] * WiiFitTrainer| hands Carol Wii U

[22:14] <@DraHosting> smh

[22:14] <+Mabel_Pines> I can.

[22:14] <+Villager> Ugh, now I'm stuck.

[22:14] <+WiiFitTrainer|> take a complimentary Wii U!

[22:14] * MaPetite runs out of the closet

[22:14] <+MaPetite> I am free1

[22:14] <+Mabel_Pines> ...unless you want to be cremated first

[22:14] <@DraHosting> you should jam the a button

[22:14] <@DraHosting> to get out

[22:14] * Villager tries to jump out of the hole.

[22:14] * Mabel_Pines suddenly looks creepy

[22:14] <+Honey_Lemon> I guess I'll just say "Valentine, you shine like a carbon allotrope".

[22:14] * MaPetite flaps her arms like a butterfly

[22:14] * CasperGhost tries picking up shovel but can't touch it. 

[22:14] * Villager uses his up special.

[22:14] <+MaPetite> I'm free :D

[22:14] * MaPetite hugs Honey Lemon

[22:14] * Villager floats with a balloon fighter hat.

[22:14] * MaPetite hugs Carol

[22:14] <+Villager> Yay, I'm free.

[22:14] * MaPetite hugs Baylor

[22:14] * MaPetite hugs Mabel

[22:14] <+Villager> Carol, I'll get you for that.

[22:14] * Honey_Lemon tweets EvilValentine.

[22:15] <+Villager> Does this look like the face of Mercy?

[22:15] <+Villager> (:

[22:15] <+MaPetite> :o Where is Mr. Sheldon?

[22:15] <CasperGhost> I guess now that I'm a ghost I can never eat again...

[22:15] <+Mabel_Pines> you want to be cremated, Casper?

[22:15] * CarolPeletier picks up MaPetite.

[22:15] * Villager lights a match.

[22:15] <+Villager> I can do it.

[22:15] <+Villager> (;

[22:15] <+CarolPeletier> Do you want to go find him, MaPetite?

[22:15] <+Villager> *(:

[22:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM RIGHT HERE

[22:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU IDIOTS

[22:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> RIGHT

[22:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> HERE

[22:15] <+CarolPeletier> It's a long way up from that shallow grave, Villager.

[22:15] <+MaPetite> Yes Ms. Carol :D

[22:15] * SheldonJPlankton jumps up and down screeching

[22:15] <+CarolPeletier> I think you've dug your own.

[22:15] <+MichelleTanner> Yay, Sheldon's here!

[22:15] <+MaPetite> Thank you!

[22:15] <+TynaWesson>

[22:15] * CarolPeletier picks up sheldon.

[22:15] <+Mabel_Pines> well, if you're sure...

[22:15] <+CarolPeletier> There you go.

[22:15] <+TynaWesson> How soon can we start Draven? ^_^

[22:15] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon! 

[22:15] * TynaWesson pinches cheeks

[22:15] * MaPetite puts on his leash

[22:16] <+MaPetite> Bad bug!

[22:16] * MaPetite sprays him

[22:16] <+Mabel_Pines> or maybe it's better if a friend does it

[22:16] <CasperGhost> I guess it isn't bad I can't eat :3

[22:16] * Mabel_Pines takes corpse away

[22:16] <+MaPetite> We are going to have to take you to obdience school.


[22:16] <CasperGhost> That means no more messy poops :)

[22:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> IT BURNS

[22:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUCH

[22:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(I

[22:16] * Honey_Lemon steps on Plankton.

[22:16] <CasperGhost> Or a bottom...

[22:16] <CasperGhost> Or legs...

[22:16] <+Villager> I can't compete in the VIP, can I?

[22:16] <+MaPetite> Honey, that is my pet bug! :(

[22:16] <+Mabel_Pines> can you possess people?

[22:16] <+Honey_Lemon> Stops the burning, sorry@

[22:16] <+Villager> Oh well, going to dig some holes.

[22:16] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU BASTARD @Honey Lemon

[22:16] <@DraHosting> fun fact

[22:16] * Villager walks away.

[22:16] <@DraHosting> we have never had a tv stars tie.

[22:16] * Villager digs holes.

[22:16] <@DraHosting> food for thought!

[22:16] * Villager digs hole--

[22:16] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon!

[22:17] * MaPetite sprays him

[22:17] <+Villager> stop trying to sway te game.

[22:17] <CasperGhost> I don't know :O maybe @ Mabel

[22:17] <+Villager> (:

[22:17] <@DraHosting> ALRIGHT

[22:17] * Honey_Lemon steps on Plankton again.

[22:17] <+MaPetite> Use your good words!

[22:17] * Villager goes back to digging.


[22:17] * Villager digs.

[22:17] * SheldonJPlankton is burning

[22:17] <+Honey_Lemon> That one was just for fun!

[22:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> DRA.

[22:17] * MaPetite walking to the challenge

[22:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I have a question.

[22:17] <@DraHosting> This challenge is called Poker Face

[22:17] <@DraHosting> yes?

[22:17] <+MaPetite> Oh sorry, Mr. Sheldon. No pets allowed.

[22:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> AGH I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN

[22:17] * MaPetite locks him out of the challenge

[22:17] <+Mabel_Pines> oh well that's not good

[22:17] <Spectator_> P-P-POKER FACE P-P-POKER FACE

[22:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Why does the TV Stars house have no backyard?

[22:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I need to EXERCISE.

[22:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> In FRESH AIR.

[22:17] <Spectator_> CAN'T READ MY

[22:17] * SheldonJPlankton crawls out of cage since I am microscopic

[22:17] <Spectator_> NO HE CAN'T READ MY POKER FACE

[22:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA!

[22:17] <@DraHosting> Good question.

[22:17] <+BaylorWilson> I've heard this is the theme song for this season

[22:17] <+BaylorWilson>

[22:17] <@DraHosting> We have a gym!

[22:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> I CANNOT BE TAMED!

[22:17] <+Villager> You're ridiculous. @Wii Fit Trainer.

[22:17] <+Villager> (:

[22:17] <+Villager> But she's right.

[22:18] <+Villager> I need somewhere to plant a garden.

[22:18] <+Villager> Where can I do that?

[22:18] <CasperGhost> What is Poker?

[22:18] * Mabel_Pines drops cotton ball 

[22:18] <+Honey_Lemon> Is there a lab?

[22:18] * Mabel_Pines accidentally

[22:18] <+MaPetite> Ooh! Marshmallow!

[22:18] * Mabel_Pines drops one on Plankton

[22:18] * MaPetite grabs cotton ball and eats it

[22:18] <+MaPetite> Mmmm :)

[22:18] * SheldonJPlankton stands there, triumphantly

[22:18] <+Villager> I say we ban together and add an extension to the TV Stars house!

[22:18] <@DraHosting> alright

[22:18] * SheldonJPlankton is hit with a cotton ball

[22:18] <@DraHosting> so

[22:18] <+Villager> (:

[22:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> SO SOFT

[22:18] <@DraHosting> FAME TASK:

[22:18] <+Honey_Lemon> I want to conduct an experiment with purple cerium. 

[22:18] <@DraHosting> A table of Poker lies in front of the celebrities. They must identify what the three hands on the table qualify as.

[22:18] <@DraHosting> make sure to google types of poker hands to get these

[22:18] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Hey wait.

[22:18] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Villager.

[22:18] <@DraHosting> PM me your response.

[22:18] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Let's team up temporarily.

[22:18] <+TynaWesson> We're so close to jury everyone!

[22:18] <+MichelleTanner> Yay, we play card games!

[22:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> For the greater good.

[22:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> EVERYONE.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> 1. Ace of Diamonds, Ace of Spades, Ace of Hearts, 2 of Diamonds, 2 of Diamonds

[22:19] <@DraHosting> 2. Ace of Diamonds, King of Hearts, Queen of Diamonds, Jack of Diamonds, 10 of Spades

[22:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> REFUSE TO PLAY THE CHALLENGE.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> 3. Queen of Spades, 2 of Spades, 6 of Spades, 9 of Spades, King of Spades

[22:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> UNTIL WE GET A BACKYARD.

[22:19] <+Villager> Yes, I agre.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> PM me what these hands are.

[22:19] <@DraHosting> like full house or a high card or the like

[22:19] <+Villager> Let's GO ON STRIKE!

[22:19] <+Villager> (:

[22:19] <+Villager> Everyone take a shovel!

[22:19] <+Villager> Let's destroy Dra's bedroom and put in a garden!

[22:19] <+BaylorWilson> Well

[22:19] <+BaylorWilson> I've never played poker

[22:19] * WiiFitTrainer| smashes Dra's room with a baseball bat

[22:19] <+CarolPeletier> ^

[22:19] <+BaylorWilson> This is definitely

[22:20] <+BaylorWilson> a hard challenge

[22:20] <+CarolPeletier> My husband used to play poker, I never understood.

[22:20] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture of #Dra'sRoomDestruction

[22:20] <+MichelleTanner> GO FISH!

[22:20] * BaylorWilson joins Dra's room but drops her dairy queen everywhere

[22:21] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[22:21] <@DraHosting> (crying@few people doing the challenge)

[22:21] <+Villager> Good, make a mess.

[22:21] <+Villager> Dra, we're busy.

[22:21] <+Villager> (:

[22:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> I DO NOT CARE FOR SUCH MUNDANE TASKS.

[22:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM TOO BUSY

[22:21] * Villager hands everyone shovels.

[22:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> EVILLING

[22:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA!

[22:21] * Villager digs into Dra's floor.

[22:21] * WiiFitTrainer| smashes Dra's bed

[22:21] * Villager breaks Dra's lamp/.

[22:21] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Everyone, help us make a backyard!

[22:21] * BaylorWilson takes a nap

[22:21] <+BaylorWilson> I'm so tired

[22:21] <+BaylorWilson> sorry

[22:22] <+BaylorWilson> not helping

[22:22] * CarolPeletier shoots windows out

[22:22] * CarolPeletier kicks throw windows and lands on balcony

[22:22] <+WiiFitTrainer|> That's the spirit, Carol!

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> YES MY MINIONS

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> DESTROY IT

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> BE EVIL

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA

[22:22] * CasperGhost Mr. Plankton sure is cute when he's laughing to himself

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHHA

[22:22] <+Villager> (: You think we're your minions.

[22:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU ARE

[22:22] * Villager plants flowers

[22:22] * WiiFitTrainer| grabs golden hammer and smashes through floor

[22:22] <+Villager> It's looking gorgeous (:

[22:23] * WiiFitTrainer| builds soccer goal out of the remains of Dra's possessions

[22:24] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM EVIL

[22:25] <+BaylorWilson> Okay

[22:25] <+Villager> Okay

[22:25] <+BaylorWilson> It's so dead here

[22:25] * BaylorWilson plays guitar

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO MORE EVIL NOISE

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> PLEASE

[22:25] <+Honey_Lemon> What is happening here..?

[22:25] <+BaylorWilson> I just wanted to be that girl 

[22:25] * Villager ears bleed.

[22:25] <+Villager> (:

[22:25] * CarolPeletier shoots down fences

[22:25] <+BaylorWilson> in the passengers seat

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY ANTENAE CANNOT TAKE IT!

[22:25] <+Villager> Baylor, stop.

[22:25] <+Villager> You're hurting us.

[22:25] <+BaylorWilson> my dairy queen is melting

[22:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY ANTANAE

[22:26] <+BaylorWilson> you're my sweet tempation

[22:26] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS TYNA

[22:26] <+CarolPeletier> Baylor, you're making us weaker by the second.

[22:26] <+BaylorWilson> it's a sticky situation

[22:26] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VI---

[22:26] <@DraHosting> whoa

[22:26] <+TynaWesson> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!

[22:26] <@DraHosting> what did you do

[22:26] <@DraHosting> to the house

[22:26] <+TynaWesson> *drops vase*

[22:26] * TynaWesson cheers

[22:26] <+Villager> We made your room 

[22:26] <CasperGhost> I don't have ears anymore Ms. Wilson, but if I did I'm sure they'd enjoy this music :3

[22:26] <+Villager> into a garden.

[22:26] <+TynaWesson> No way, sister! @Draven

[22:26] <+Mabel_Pines> wait

[22:26] <+Villager> You're welcome (:

[22:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> :)

[22:26] <+Villager> *backyard

[22:26] <+Mabel_Pines> I entered the casino, didn't I?

[22:26] <+BaylorWilson> Thank you, Casper

[22:26] * MaPetite returns

[22:26] <+TynaWesson>

[22:26] <+BaylorWilson> You are the only good person here

[22:26] <+TynaWesson> Yes!!!!!!!

[22:26] <+TynaWesson>

[22:26] <+TynaWesson>

[22:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> We improved it. @Dra

[22:26] <+TynaWesson> Yes!!!!!!!!

[22:26] <+MaPetite> I was so close to winning!

[22:26] <+MaPetite> Good job Tyna! :D

[22:26] * MaPetite goes up and hugs Tyna

[22:26] <+Honey_Lemon> I was trying to calculate the poker hands while you guys were destroying the place..

[22:26] <+MichelleTanner> Yay Tyna!

[22:26] <+CarolPeletier> You guys didn't help destroy the house and make it into something much better?

[22:26] <+CarolPeletier> That was kinda selfish.. :s

[22:27] * Villager plants a tree.

[22:27] <+Villager> But it's so pretty. (:

[22:27] <+Villager> Don't you like it?

[22:27] <+Villager> DON'T YOU?

[22:27] * Villager sharpens axe.

[22:27] * CarolPeletier waters tree

[22:27] <+Mabel_Pines> I know the game

[22:27] <@DraHosting> well then

[22:27] <+Mabel_Pines> I just don't play it

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> I LOVE DESTRUCTION

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA!

[22:27] <CasperGhost> Thank you Ms. Wilson :3

[22:27] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon!

[22:27] <@DraHosting> I'll just let you guys....

[22:27] * SheldonJPlankton dances like a banana without thinking.

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> oh wait.

[22:27] <@DraHosting> enjoy your back yard

[22:27] <+MaPetite> Are we playing nice?

[22:27] <@DraHosting> I suppose

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> YES

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> :3

[22:27] <+MichelleTanner> Yay, let's play!

[22:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> just DONT USE THE SPRAY PLEASE

[22:28] * Villager tosses a ball to Michelle.

[22:28] <+Honey_Lemon> Can we build a lab next?

[22:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[22:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> THIS

[22:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> IS MY LAB

[22:28] <+Villager> No. Honestly no (: @Honey

[22:28] <@DraHosting> Oh...well

[22:28] <+MichelleTanner> *throws to Villager*

[22:28] * SheldonJPlankton gestures to actual dog

[22:28] <@DraHosting> I also wanted to give you all a present

[22:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> AND THIS

[22:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> IS MY LABORATORY!

[22:28] * Honey_Lemon giggles.

[22:28] == BookaBear [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:28] <BookaBear> BOOKA!!! :D

[22:28] <+Honey_Lemon> Well, I guess I could make my own lab...

[22:28] <CasperGhost> Oh I do love presents :3 

[22:28] <@DraHosting> this is a wild species

[22:28] <+Fanatic__> (yas!)

[22:28] <@DraHosting> known as the Booka Bear

[22:28] <+TynaWesson> 0ca264268bf54ff109ca04d5bdbe676c7304a27c_r.gif 

[22:28] <@DraHosting> He's this house's friend

[22:28] <+Villager> What? 

[22:28] <@DraHosting> he's friendly

[22:28] <+Fanatic__> OOOOOOOOOOOOOMG

[22:28] <+Fanatic__> I LOVE IT

[22:29] <@DraHosting> and on a ton of tranquilizers.

[22:29] <@DraHosting> You will get to name it.

[22:29] <+Fanatic__> *latches on to Booka Bear*

[22:29] <@DraHosting> decide on a name

[22:29] <+TynaWesson> I love bears! I always see them when I'm hiking with my beautiful daughter, Katherine Elise Collins!

[22:29] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:29] <+Fanatic__> OMGOMGOMGOMG

[22:29] <@DraHosting> and we'll get to the MVP vote.

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> LETS NAME HIM

[22:29] <+Villager> I think we should name him...

[22:29] <+Fanatic__> LET'S NAME HIM MY WAIFU

[22:29] <@DraHosting> he listens to all your secrets.

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> EVIL MCEVIL

[22:29] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:29] <+MichelleTanner> I think we should name him

[22:29] <+Fanatic__> FANATIC'SWAIFU

[22:29] <+MichelleTanner> Martin

[22:29] <+Villager> Evil McEvil?

[22:29] <+Villager> Okay.

[22:29] <CasperGhost> How sweet? What should we name him?

[22:29] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I suggest we name him...

[22:29] <+TynaWesson> Can we name it

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> NAME HIM EVIL MCEVIL

[22:29] <+TynaWesson> Confess-A-Bear? ^_^

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> YESSSSSSSSSss

[22:29] <+Honey_Lemon> I have it!

[22:29] <+TynaWesson> Since he listens to all our secrets? ^_^

[22:29] * WiiFitTrainer| grabs cue card from Nintendo spokesperson

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> NOOOOOOOOOOOO

[22:29] <+Villager> (Mr. Bear tho @Michelle)

[22:29] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Wii U.

[22:29] <+WiiFitTrainer|> We name it Wii U.

[22:29] <+Villager> Stop advertising, WiiFitTrainer.

[22:29] <+Honey_Lemon> HeadHurtz! It's a chemistry pun!

[22:29] <+MichelleTanner> @Villager No, that's Stephanie's bear

[22:29] <+Villager> Such an ametur.

[22:29] <CasperGhost> How about Berry?

[22:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> that is a BEAUTIFUL NAME WIIFITTRAINER

[22:29] <+MichelleTanner> I don't want to get them confused

[22:30] <BookaBear> BOOOKAA!!!! :33333

[22:30] * BookaBear hugs everyone

[22:30] <BookaBear> BOOKA :3

[22:30] <CasperGhost> I enjoy a good pon. 

[22:30] <CasperGhost> *pun

[22:30] <+TynaWesson> I think I'm settling with Confess-A-Bear! ^_^

[22:30] <+BaylorWilson> ‑‑I have a suggestion

[22:30] <+MichelleTanner> Booka! :3

[22:30] * TynaWesson pets Booka Bear 

[22:30] <+BaylorWilson> We should name it Sweet Temptation ^-^

[22:30] <+TynaWesson> Well aren't you a sweet thing ^_^

[22:30] * Villager takes out axe.

[22:30] <+MichelleTanner> *pets Booka*

[22:30] <+Villager> Booka Bear, comere.

[22:30] <+Villager> I want to, give you a hug...

[22:30] <BookaBear> ....

[22:30] * BaylorWilson pets Booka Bear

[22:30] <BookaBear> BOOOKAAAAAA 3:

[22:30] * BookaBear runs away

[22:30] <CasperGhost> I do like Ms. Wilson's idea. What is a Temptation by the way?

[22:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> let's name is...

[22:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA

[22:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> YES

[22:30] * Villager chases Booka Bear.

[22:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA

[22:30] <+Villager> Come back! (:

[22:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> EHAHAH

[22:30] <+Villager> (:

[22:30] <+Villager> (:

[22:30] <@DraHosting> That's enough votes

[22:31] <@DraHosting> Booka's name is now..

[22:31] <@DraHosting> Booka

[22:31] <+Villager> NOT ANYMORE.

[22:31] <CasperGhost> Booka...what an inventive orignal name! 

[22:31] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> MWA HAH HA HA HAHA

[22:31] <+TynaWesson> 2c216869fff700afdacc2bd58b20cd55f6a937f3_r.gif

[22:31] * Villager lunges and stabs Booka Bear in the stomach.

[22:31] <+MichelleTanner> Booka's funny! XD

[22:31] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:31] <+Fanatic__> *inhales Booka's hair deeply*

[22:31] * Villager drops axe.

[22:31] <+Fanatic__> fuk me.....

[22:31] <+Honey_Lemon> Why don't we name the bear Copper Tellerium! He's is CuTe after all.

[22:31] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:31] * Villager breathes heavily.

[22:31] * MaPetite runs up and hugs Booka

[22:31] <+MichelleTanner> VILLAGER, WHAT DiD YOU DO TO BOOKA?

[22:31] <+CarolPeletier> ....

[22:31] <+Villager> (:

[22:31] <+MaPetite> Oooh, it's so soft.

[22:31] <+MichelleTanner> YOU"RE IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER!

[22:31] * TynaWesson pinches Draven's cheek

[22:31] <+CarolPeletier> That joke was terrible, Honey.

[22:31] <+TynaWesson>  What a cute little Booka bear! ^_^

[22:31] <+CarolPeletier> But I actually laughed, which I haven't done in awhile.

[22:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA NO

[22:31] * Villager grabs Booka Bear's intestines.

[22:31] * Villager throws them and dances in the rain.

[22:31] <+CarolPeletier> Watching all of your loved ones die changes you, it hardens you.

[22:31] <+BaylorWilson> Honey? @Carol

[22:32] <+BaylorWilson> There's honey in my hair again?

[22:32] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh.

[22:32] <+MichelleTanner> VILLAGER, GO TO YOUR ROOM!  YOU'RE GROUNDED!

[22:32] <+Fanatic__> N O

[22:32] <+Fanatic__> NO NO NO

[22:32] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Don't worry, guys!

[22:32] <+WiiFitTrainer|> He'll just respawn soon!

[22:32] <+Villager> Okay.

[22:32] <@DraHosting> time for the MVP vote

[22:32] <+Villager> (:


[22:32] * Villager goes to his room.

[22:32] <+Fanatic__> DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT

[22:32] <+Fanatic__> BOO

[22:32] <+Fanatic__> BOOO YOU

[22:32] * Honey_Lemon glares at Baylor.


[22:32] <+Honey_Lemon> Thanks, Carol!

[22:32] == Spectator_ [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[22:32] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:32] <CasperGhost> Oh dear. I hope Booka doesn't die, I'd hate to have a death happen D:

[22:32] <CasperGhost> Look Booka's okay <3

[22:32] <+Villager> Oh, he survived. 

[22:32] <+Villager> (:

[22:32] <+Villager> What a shame. (:

[22:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> I LOVE YOU BOOKA

[22:33] <+Villager> I'll get him eventually.

[22:33] <+Fanatic__> YOU STABBED HIM

[22:33] <+MichelleTanner> Booka lives!  Yay!

[22:33] <+Fanatic__> YOU MONSTER

[22:33] * CasperGhost tries to hug Booka but passes through him

[22:33] <CasperGhost> Oh. It seems like I can't hug Booka now. Or ever. 

[22:33] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm going to host a special version of Mabel's Guide to Life later

[22:33] <@DraHosting> America has voted.

[22:33] <@DraHosting> ....

[22:33] <+TynaWesson> That was a fun VIP challenge don't y'all think? ^_^

[22:33] <@DraHosting> Booka Bear...

[22:33] <+TynaWesson>

[22:33] <+Mabel_Pines> if you want to join in

[22:33] <@DraHosting> is the MVP?

[22:33] * TynaWesson claps for Booka

[22:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[22:33] <BookaBear> BOOKA :333333

[22:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[22:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> EVIL PREVAILS!

[22:33] <+BaylorWilson> Good job, Booka!

[22:33] <+Honey_Lemon> Okay...

[22:33] <+Fanatic__> YAY

[22:33] <+Honey_Lemon> That is weird, but great.

[22:33] <+MichelleTanner> Yay, Booka!

[22:33] <+Fanatic__> *clabs happily*

[22:33] <+BaylorWilson> Wow, America

[22:33] <@DraHosting> well then

[22:33] <CasperGhost> Well...that's not a problem, I'll just never hug the cutest bear ever. I'm sorry Booka. 

[22:33] <+BaylorWilson> I backstabbed JOSH

[22:33] <@DraHosting> Booka isn't playing

[22:34] <+BaylorWilson> With my mom

[22:34] <CasperGhost> But congrats Booka!

[22:34] <@DraHosting> so he has to give it to someone as a gifyt.

[22:34] <@DraHosting> gift*

[22:34] <+BaylorWilson> And you aren't voting for me????

[22:34] <BookaBear> Booka :(

[22:34] * BookaBear grabs MVP box

[22:34] <+Villager> Booka.

[22:34] * BookaBear approaches......

[22:34] <+Villager> Give it to me.

[22:34] <+Villager> (:

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> me Booka!

[22:34] <+Mabel_Pines> oh come here

[22:34] * Villager stares at Booka Bear.

[22:34] * TynaWesson throws treat at Booka

[22:34] <+TynaWesson> :)

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> Give it to your lover!

[22:34] * WiiFitTrainer| calls to Booka

[22:34] <+Mabel_Pines> you little thing

[22:34] * BookaBear approaches  Plankton

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA

[22:34] <BookaBear> BOOKA :D

[22:34] <+TynaWesson> Come here boy!

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> I COMMAND YOU

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> YES

[22:34] <@DraHosting> well Booka has decided.

[22:34] <+MaPetite> Booka-Booka, give it to me :)

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> I will fuck you like the animal you are Booka!

[22:34] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:34] * Mabel_Pines wishes to cuddle

[22:34] <@DraHosting> Plankton is immune tonight with MVP.

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> Booka!

[22:34] * Villager sharpens his axe.

[22:34] <+CarolPeletier> ....

[22:34] <+TynaWesson>

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> MWA HA HA!

[22:34] <+TynaWesson> Gosh darn it!

[22:34] <+Honey_Lemon> Guys, if you tell him to give you the immunity he won't.

[22:34] <+CarolPeletier> What?

[22:34] <+Mabel_Pines> oh?

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> NO

[22:34] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon is a bug, that belongs to me.

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> MWA HAH HAHA \

[22:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM EVIL


[22:34] <+Mabel_Pines> he's just standing there?

[22:34] <+Fanatic__> *sobs openly*

[22:34] * Honey_Lemon frowns.

[22:34] * MaPetite grabs Mr. Sheldon's MVP Box


[22:34] <+Mabel_Pines> how can he resist any of this?

[22:35] <CasperGhost> What is fucking?

[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM MY OWN PERSON MAPETITIE

[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP

[22:35] * Mabel_Pines shows self off

[22:35] <+Fanatic__> YOU'RE JUST LIKE CHRIS PRATT

[22:35] <+MaPetite> He is not yet at the maturity level for this.

[22:35] <CasperGhost> Is that a sport?

[22:35] <@DraHosting> elimination soon

[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM

[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[22:35] <+MaPetite> Maybe when he goes to obdience school.

[22:35] <@DraHosting> strategize

[22:35] * SheldonJPlankton whines

[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(


[22:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> MEANIE FACE :(

[22:35] * Mabel_Pines covers casper's ears again


[22:35] <+Mabel_Pines> *corpse's ears

[22:35] <+TynaWesson> 

[22:35] <+TynaWesson> Me with my beautiful daughter Katherine Elise Collins ^_^

[22:35] <+Honey_Lemon> Chris Pratt!


[22:35] * MaPetite ties Sheldon's leash to the fridge and runs to Honey

[22:35] <+MaPetite> Hi Honey :D

[22:36] == Spectator [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:36] <+Honey_Lemon> Hello!

[22:36] <BookaBear> Booka :3

[22:36] <+Fanatic__> Booka Bear

[22:36] <Spectator> :)

[22:36] <+Fanatic__> Do you love me?

[22:36] <+MaPetite> You wanna play tag? :)

[22:36] * MaPetite cuddles around Honey's legs

[22:36] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION TIME ~~

[22:36] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Tag is GREAT exercise!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> ~ everyone walks the red carpet ~

[22:36] <+Honey_Lemon> Sure!

[22:36] <@DraHosting> aaaahhhh tv stars yassss

[22:36] <@DraHosting> sit down

[22:36] <+TynaWesson> Good luck tonight everyone ^_^

[22:36] * WiiFitTrainer| sprints the red carpet

[22:36] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[22:36] <+Fanatic__> *tries to flirt with Booka Bear as she cries*

[22:36] * Villager sits down.

[22:36] * TynaWesson hugs fan

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Tyna you can't vote, remember that.

[22:36] <+Villager> I sent my vote.

[22:36] <+TynaWesson> Aren't you sweet ^_^

[22:36] <@DraHosting> Everyone else can.

[22:36] <+MaPetite> Yay! Ms. Wii Fit playing too? :)

[22:36] <+TynaWesson> Yes sir!

[22:36] * Villager looks for Booka Bear.

[22:36] * TynaWesson pinches Draven's cheek

[22:36] <+Villager> Carol?

[22:36] <@DraHosting> The survivors of this vote will get to go back to see Booka again.

[22:37] <+Villager> Carol, I need a favor.

[22:37] <+Villager> CAROL? (:

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> Yes?

[22:37] <+Fanatic__> (Forgot Carol existed)

[22:37] <+Fanatic__> Hey BaeHosting

[22:37] <CasperGhost> Why is the carpet red?

[22:37] <+Fanatic__> Plankton hasn't danced for a while

[22:37] <+Villager> I need one of your guns.

[22:37] <+Fanatic__> :)

[22:37] <+Villager> I'm going to shoot Booka.

[22:37] <+Villager> @Carol

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> Uh...

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> No?

[22:37] <+Villager> (:

[22:37] <+Villager> Please? (:

[22:37] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> Booka is everybody's friend here.

[22:37] <+Villager> My axe won't do the job.

[22:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM VOTING RANDOMLY EVERYBODY

[22:37] * CarolPeletier shoots Villager.

[22:37] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon is still tied to the fridge!

[22:37] <+Honey_Lemon> That is animal cruelty! 

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> Don't 

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> touch.

[22:37] <+Villager> I know, and it disgusts me--

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> BOKA.

[22:37] <+Villager> AH.

[22:37] * MaPetite runs to the fridge

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> BOOKA.

[22:37] * Villager falls over.

[22:37] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, I am so sorry.

[22:37] * Villager bleeds.

[22:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> ASK MR RANDOM DOT ORG TO GIVE YOU LUCK

[22:37] <+Villager> (: (: ow.

[22:37] <+CarolPeletier> HOW DARE YOU.

[22:38] * MaPetite unties him

[22:38] <+Villager> DRA.

[22:38] * Villager bleeds but can't stop smiling.

[22:38] * MaPetite pulls him

[22:38] * Villager goes unconcious.

[22:38] <+CarolPeletier> You steal things from people and then you use them to hurt others, is that what you're about?

[22:38] <CasperGhost> Mr. Plankton and Booka are so cute <3

[22:38] <+MaPetite> Come on Mr. Sheldon, it's elimination.

[22:38] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[22:38] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[22:38] <+CarolPeletier> Not a wise move, Villager, not a wise move.

[22:38] <CasperGhost> They're like twins :3

[22:38] * Honey_Lemon runs to the Villager.

[22:38] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[22:38] <@DraHosting> vote

[22:38] * Villager bleeds.

[22:38] <+BaylorWilson> Conf: Villager treats me like I'm his baby sister that he wants to bug. And he's tried to kill me in my sleep. And that's been the case since day one. So I'm kinda over it.

[22:38] <+Honey_Lemon> I think he needs help!

[22:38] <+CarolPeletier> Yeah, psychiatric help.

[22:39] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA IS MY! EVIL MINION YOU SILLY MEANY FACE PANTS! @Villager

[22:39] <@DraHosting> I have the votes.

[22:39] * Villager opens eyes.

[22:39] <+Villager> I've respawned. (:

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Casper

[22:39] <+Villager> Ready to hear the votes!

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to HoneyLemon

[22:39] <+Honey_Lemon> I guess Oxydents happen, but this isn't a good one.

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Plankton

[22:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Woo!

[22:39] <+Villager> Oh, and watch out. (: @Carol

[22:39] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAH!

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to baylor

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to MaPetite

[22:39] * CarolPeletier reloads gun.

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to WiiFitTrainer

[22:39] * Honey_Lemon kisses her slip.

[22:39] <+MaPetite> :D yay.

[22:39] <+BaylorWilson> Yes!

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Michelle

[22:39] <+CarolPeletier> I could say the same thing to you. :/ @Villager

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Mabel

[22:39] <+Villager> Where's my renewal slip?

[22:39] <+MichelleTanner> Yay

[22:39] <+Villager> (:

[22:39] * DraHosting passes renewal slip to Carol

[22:39] * MaPetite drags Plankton up to grab the renewal slip.

[22:39] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[22:39] <@DraHosting> Villager

[22:39] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers and jumps

[22:39] * Mabel_Pines catches slip

[22:39] <+Mabel_Pines> boink!

[22:39] <+Villager> Oh. (:

[22:39] <+Fanatic__> Let it go people! You're just like Tom Hiddleston and his stupid restraining order because I threatened to burn down his house and skin him.

[22:40] <@DraHosting> you are the only two to get votes tonight.

[22:40] * CarolPeletier kisses renewal slip.

[22:40] <@DraHosting> Villager, why do you think you got votes?

[22:40] <+Mabel_Pines> well obviously

[22:40] <+Villager> Is this because I hurt Booka?

[22:40] <+Villager> I was only kidding?

[22:40] <+Villager> (:

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> I'll tell you why!

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> YOU'RE A BEAR STABBER

[22:40] <+MichelleTanner> YES

[22:40] <+Honey_Lemon> Yes, Villager!

[22:40] <@DraHosting> It is because you hurt Booka.

[22:40] <+BaylorWilson> You are clearly in a sticky situation. @Villager

[22:40] <+CarolPeletier> You said you wanted to kill Booka, that isn't really joking./


[22:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA :(

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> I WILL BE DAMNED

[22:40] <+CarolPeletier> You DESERVE to leave.

[22:40] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 6 to 5.......

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <+Villager> (:

[22:40] <@DraHosting> x

[22:40] <@DraHosting> Villager, your show has been cancelled.

[22:40] <+Villager> Oh. (:

[22:40] <@DraHosting> Please exit the TV Stars house.

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> HA

[22:40] <+Villager> Okay. (:

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

[22:40] <+Mabel_Pines> wow...

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> I AINT GOING YET

[22:40] <+Mabel_Pines> that was really close

[22:40] * WiiFitTrainer| kicks soccer ball at Villager's head

[22:40] * Villager grabs Carol's gun.

[22:40] * BaylorWilson smiles.

[22:40] * Villager aims carefully.

[22:40] == CarolPeletier changed the topic of #TVStars to: Baylor, Carol, Casper/Corpse, Fanatic, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Michelle, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer |Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth, Villager

[22:40] <+Fanatic__> I'M ON TOP OF THE W0RLD

[22:40] * CarolPeletier tackles Villager.

[22:41] <CasperGhost> Oh. He was such a nice guy. Always happy :)

[22:41] <+CarolPeletier> Me takes gun.

[22:41] * Villager shoots through a window in the house, killing Booka Bear.

[22:41] <+Villager> HA.

[22:41] <+MichelleTanner> Villager go byebye

[22:41] * CarolPeletier takes gun*

[22:41] <+CarolPeletier> NO.

[22:41] * MaPetite goes up to hug Villager

[22:41] <CasperGhost> NO.

[22:41] <@DraHosting> oh carol you're the one changing the topic

[22:41] <@DraHosting> thank you

[22:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Have fun in Town and City!

[22:41] <+MaPetite> Bye Mr. Villager :(

[22:41] * CarolPeletier takes knife and drives it into Villager's skull.

[22:41] <CasperGhost> Booka D:

[22:41] * Villager shoves MaPetite

[22:41] * WiiFitTrainer| kicks soccer ball at Villager, cuasing him to fall off the stage and explode

[22:41] <+Villager> ....

[22:41] <+Villager> AH.

[22:41] <CasperGhost> Did Booka just...

[22:41] * Villager explodes.

[22:41] * Villager dies.

[22:41] * MaPetite falls to the ground

[22:41] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:41] <+MaPetite> ...

[22:41] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:41] == Villager has changed nick to isdead

[22:41] <@DraHosting> little does villager know

[22:41] <CasperGhost> He still lives <3

[22:41] <@DraHosting> Booka Bears are immune to death

[22:41] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[22:41] <+MaPetite> I am so sorry, I didn't know that would happen if I hugged him.

[22:41] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I think that was his last stock.

[22:41] <+Mabel_Pines> now

[22:41] <+Fanatic__> YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAS

[22:41] <+Fanatic__> SLAY

[22:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh my.

[22:41] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (brb)

[22:41] <+Fanatic__> LOVE ME BOOKA BEAR

[22:41] <+Mabel_Pines> it's time for another Mabel's Guide to Life

[22:41] <+Fanatic__> (same)

[22:41] * BaylorWilson walks off

[22:41] * CasperGhost rushes to hug Booka but phases through him and into a women's restroom

[22:41] <+Mabel_Pines> (intro plays)

[22:42] * BaylorWilson steps on Villager's skull

[22:42] <+MichelleTanner> Booka's kyoot :3

[22:42] <+TynaWesson> Bye Villager!

[22:42] <+BaylorWilson> Oops

[22:42] <@DraHosting> ~ EPISODE ENDS ~

[22:42] <CasperGhost> Oh dear :O Pardon me miss.

[22:42] <+Mabel_Pines> It's Mabel's Guide to Cremation!


[22:42] * CasperGhost leaves Women's Restroom

[22:42] <+Mabel_Pines> Yeah I know this is sad



[22:42] <@DraHosting> ~ NEXT EPISODE ~

[22:42] <+Fire> Villager *is dead but Booka Bear lives* :(

[22:42] <@DraHosting> Good news celebrities

[22:42] == Fire has changed nick to Guest354

[22:42] <+Mabel_Pines> and then you find it under your couch

[22:42] <@DraHosting> You made the jury!

[22:43] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, it is time for your walk.

[22:43] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[22:43] <+BaylorWilson> Woo!

[22:43] <@DraHosting> As always, the first three eliminated players will not make the jury

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> and it turned into moss and...

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> yeah.

[22:43] * MaPetite puts him on his leash and starts walking outside

[22:43] <+MaPetite> Come on! :)

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> that means we got to say goodbye.

[22:43] <CasperGhost> Hooray. Congrats everyone :3

[22:43] <+MichelleTanner> Yay jury!

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> Here we have Casper's corpse

[22:43] <+Honey_Lemon> GUYS!

[22:43] <+Honey_Lemon> Foto!

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> I saved it from Episode 2

[22:43] <CasperGhost> Oh dear :O

[22:43] <+TynaWesson> CONF: I'm so glad that Villager left! Like I said, he was a wild card and he needed to go! I've had interactions with everyone but Michelle and MaPetite, but they're both invisible… all they do is sit in the shelter with their dragon breath and that doesn't really threaten me. ^_^ I think Michelle is more worried about popping the zit on her face than playing the game. ^_^ 

[22:43] * Honey_Lemon pulls everyone in for a picture and smiles.

[22:43] * TynaWesson smiles

[22:43] <+Mabel_Pines> and now it's time to say goodbye to someone I barely knew

[22:43] <@DraHosting> Also

[22:43] <@DraHosting> because you made the jury

[22:43] <CasperGhost> I don't know if I show up on camera Ms. Lemon.

[22:44] <+MichelleTanner> (CONF) *pops zit on her face*

[22:44] <@DraHosting> you will get to name your property.

[22:44] * Mabel_Pines lets tear out because she can

[22:44] <@DraHosting> The property you DESTROYED

[22:44] <@DraHosting> TO MAKE A BACK YARD.

[22:44] <@DraHosting> You get to collectively name the TV Stars house.

[22:44] <+Mabel_Pines> now it's time for the cremation

[22:44] <+Honey_Lemon> I didn't help, Dra!

[22:44] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:44] <CasperGhost> It is a nice backyard though. Good job everyone :2

[22:44] <+TynaWesson> Can we name it NoWaySister? ^_^

[22:44] <+CarolPeletier> Booka Lnae 

[22:44] <+Mabel_Pines> what you have to do is put your lost friend in a box

[22:44] <+CarolPeletier> Booka Lane

[22:44] <+MichelleTanner> We can call it The Backyard

[22:44] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: Tyna is great. She's reminds me of my mother, she is so kind and careful and has almost as many divorces as her. ^-^

[22:44] <+Mabel_Pines> preferrably cardboard, nothing valuable

[22:44] <+MaPetite> Let's name is Mr. House

[22:45] <CasperGhost> Hope about Love Yard, because it's a yard full of people who love each other <3

[22:45] <+MaPetite> Or Mrs. House :)

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I suggest we name the property

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Wii U,

[22:45] <+Mabel_Pines> then put it on tip of a metal plate that can carry the remains

[22:45] <+BaylorWilson> I suggest

[22:45] <+BaylorWilson> Sticky Situation

[22:45] <+Mabel_Pines> then pour on your fire fuel

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I have an IDEA.

[22:45] * MaPetite runs up to the house

[22:45] <+Mabel_Pines> and light a match

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> In the name of TEAMWORK

[22:45] <+MaPetite> Okay, Mr. Sheldon, your walk is done. Be free.

[22:45] <+Mabel_Pines> and set it ablaze

[22:45] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh, oh! I have a name!

[22:45] * MaPetite runs up to Carol and hugs her

[22:45] <+Mabel_Pines> now I'm no pyromaniac

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> We should combine everyone's names together to form one large name.

[22:45] <+MaPetite> Let's play a game :)

[22:45] <+WiiFitTrainer|> It's very DEMOCRATIC.

[22:45] <+BaylorWilson> or House of Baelor

[22:46] <+TynaWesson> Let's name it Barramundi ^_^

[22:46] * SheldonJPlankton runs free

[22:46] <+Honey_Lemon> I bet you guys are going to love it!

[22:46] <+TynaWesson>

[22:46] <@DraHosting> recording alliance chats

[22:46] <@DraHosting> and then doing VIP

[22:46] <+Mabel_Pines> but Villager has a wondrous supply of fire-starters and flame repellents

[22:46] * SheldonJPlankton frolicks through the meadows

[22:46] <CasperGhost> Oh my. At least my corpse will make a nice fire and stop smelling :3

[22:46] == Fanatic__ [40cbbddf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[22:46] <+MaPetite> #Etitepam 

[22:46] <+Mabel_Pines> (fire goes out of control)

[22:46] <CasperGhost> Thank you Ms. Pine <3

[22:46] <+BaylorWilson> Sticky Nation 

[22:46] * Mabel_Pines pulls out fire extinguisher in panic and uses it

[22:46] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Mr. Sticky Barramundi Wii U Backyard?

[22:46] * Mabel_Pines finds only ashes remaining

[22:46] <+Mabel_Pines> then you pour the remnants into an urn

[22:46] <CasperGhost> Can we add of love? @ Ms. Trainer

[22:46] <+TynaWesson> No way sister! @WiiFit

[22:47] <+Honey_Lemon> What about....

[22:47] * Mabel_Pines pulls out fancy ceramic urn and pours in the remains

[22:47] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Sure. @Casper

[22:47] * MaPetite hugs Honey

[22:47] <+Honey_Lemon> Too Ionic?

[22:47] * MaPetite hugs Mabel

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> and lid it

[22:47] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh, Tyna, what's YOUR suggestion?

[22:47] <+Honey_Lemon> Get it, because...iconic!

[22:47] <CasperGhost> How about Mr. Sticky Barramundi Wii U Backyard of Love Sister!

[22:47] <+MaPetite> Hi Honey.

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> (adds lid)

[22:47] <+MaPetite> Hi Ms. Mabel :)

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> and hang it

[22:47] * MaPetite hugs Tyna

[22:47] <+TynaWesson> NoWaySister IS my suggestion!

[22:47] <+Honey_Lemon> Hiya!

[22:47] <+TynaWesson> @WiiFit

[22:47] <+MaPetite> Hi Ms. Tyna

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> (puts it on top of fireplace hangar

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> and there we go

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> your friend has been given a proper sendoff

[22:47] == mode/#TVStars [-v Guest354] by DraHosting

[22:47] == mode/#TVStars [+v CasperGhost] by DraHosting

[22:47] <+BaylorWilson> Coyopa?

[22:47] <BookaBear> booka :3

[22:47] <+CasperGhost> Thank you Ms. Pines. My ashes look wonderful :3

[22:47] <+Mabel_Pines> and you can move on with life

[22:48] * DraHosting pets booka bear

[22:48] <+MichelleTanner> @Booka good suggestion!

[22:48] * Mabel_Pines reveals flame is on her head

[22:48] == Guest354 has changed nick to Fahrwood

[22:48] <+Mabel_Pines> now I got to go wash this off

[22:48] <+CasperGhost> Actually it appears I can't move on with life.

[22:48] * Mabel_Pines runs off screaming

[22:48] <+CasperGhost> Apparently this mansion was built on an Indian Gravesite, so my spirt is forevered tied to this backyard.

[22:48] <@DraHosting> alright guys!

[22:49] <+CasperGhost> On the brightside, it's a lovely yard!

[22:49] <+Honey_Lemon> Hey, Dra!

[22:49] <+Honey_Lemon> Can I get a picture with you..still?

[22:49] <@DraHosting> doing the VIP now

[22:49] * Mabel_Pines comes back with partly burned hair

[22:49] * MaPetite puts the leash back on Mr. Sheldon

[22:49] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry about that

[22:49] <+Honey_Lemon> You denied my offer in the first episode.

[22:49] <+MaPetite> Don't get lost, I hear that Mabel is playing with matches.

[22:49] <+WiiFitTrainer|> So, what's our team name?! @Dra

[22:49] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:49] <+MaPetite> Even getting close to an open flame could disentigrate you :)

[22:49] <TVStarsNews> Welcome back to another edition of TV Stars news!

[22:49] <+Mabel_Pines> but anyway, it looks like Casper is now safe again

[22:49] <+MichelleTanner> Yay the news!

[22:49] <+Mabel_Pines> now I got to cut my hair

[22:49] <TVStarsNews> This week the Photographer has submitted a juicy image of Casper!

[22:50] <+Mabel_Pines> with all the char and all

[22:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh my gosh.

[22:50] <+CasperGhost> And sadly I lost my fortune, the only thing my family has left me. 

[22:50] * Mabel_Pines goes to room

[22:50] <TVStarsNews> It shows Casper revealing a dirty secret with the caption....

[22:50] <TVStarsNews> ..."I love Honey."!

[22:50] * Honey_Lemon covers Michelle's eyes again.

[22:50] <+Honey_Lemon> What?

[22:50] <+CasperGhost> :O

[22:50] <+MichelleTanner> Oooh!

[22:50] <TVStarsNews> The Photographer has done it again!

[22:50] <+TynaWesson>

[22:50] <+MaPetite> :o

[22:50] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[22:50] <+CasperGhost> I never said that...

[22:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Um...

[22:50] * Mabel_Pines comes back in with short hair

[22:50] <+BaylorWilson> :O

[22:50] <+Mabel_Pines> what did I miss?

[22:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Not sure how to, uh, take that.


[22:50] * WiiFitTrainer| gasps


[22:51] <+CarolPeletier> Um 

[22:51] <@DraHosting> what have we decided to name the house

[22:51] * MaPetite gasps, but it overwhelms her short stature and passes out

[22:51] <+CarolPeletier> Lives are at stake, and we're just sitting around?

[22:51] <+Honey_Lemon> Ah, the element of surprise.

[22:51] <+CarolPeletier> Booka Lane.

[22:51] <+CasperGhost> That'd be silly. I am a dead eight year old after all. Which is fine by me :) Because hey, it could be worse right?

[22:51] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I'm glad the photographer hasn't caught me doing anything embarassing. I don't want a scandal to come back and bite me when my career launches.

[22:51] <+MichelleTanner> Yeah, Booka Lane

[22:51] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Mr. No Way Sister Wii Booka Bear @Dra

[22:51] <+Mabel_Pines> Casper's Estate

[22:51] <+SheldonJPlankton> THE CHUM BUCKET @Dra

[22:51] <+Honey_Lemon> What about..

[22:51] <@DraHosting> we're going with wii fit trainer's name

[22:51] <@DraHosting> gg

[22:51] <+CasperGhost> With Love on Trainer's title.

[22:51] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[22:51] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers and jumps

[22:51] <+SheldonJPlankton> CHUM BUCKET

[22:51] <+CasperGhost> She said we would :3

[22:51] <+Honey_Lemon> BookaBookaFlopFlop!

[22:51] <+TynaWesson> I like that!

[22:51] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[22:51] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU MONSTER

[22:51] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:51] <+BaylorWilson> You didn't chose my name?

[22:52] <BookaBear> BOOKA !!!! :DDDDD

[22:52] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh, yes, add "with love" to the end of that. @Dra

[22:52] * BookaBear hugs everyone

[22:52] <+BaylorWilson> It's a sticky situation

[22:52] <+Honey_Lemon> Or...

[22:52] <+CasperGhost> ...I have something to admit!

[22:52] * MaPetite climbs on Tyna's shoulders

[22:52] <+Honey_Lemon> StickyHoneyBookaLane

[22:52] <+MaPetite> Hi Ms. Tyna

[22:52] <+MichelleTanner> :o

[22:52] <+CasperGhost> I did think Ms. Lemon was pretty when I was alive. And the only person I told that too was...

[22:52] <+TynaWesson> Hey there baby girl! @MaPetite

[22:52] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:52] <+CasperGhost> Ms. Fanatic!

[22:53] <+CasperGhost> She must be the paparazzi!

[22:53] <+Honey_Lemon> You think I'm pretty?

[22:53] == Fanatic_ [40cbbddf@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[22:53] <+MaPetite> You are very very pretty tee hee hee :)

[22:53] == mode/#TVStars [+v Fanatic_] by DraHosting

[22:53] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw!

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> *crawls out of Baelor's shirt*

[22:53] <+Mabel_Pines> oh i TOLD you we should have kicked him out

[22:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> MAPETITE

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> You smell nice Bae

[22:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> I THOUGHT YOU SAID

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> Sorry

[22:53] <+CasperGhost> Ms. it true?

[22:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> IT IS NOT NICE TO LIE TO PEOPLE

[22:53] <+Mabel_Pines> I didn't trust him and his incest fiction ways

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> At least I didn't catch on fire like season 1

[22:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> HOW COULD YOU LIE TO TYNA

[22:53] <+CasperGhost> Are you the Photographer? 

[22:53] <+BaylorWilson> Thanks

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> What?

[22:53] <+MaPetite> :o Ms. Tyna is very pretty Mr. Sheldon

[22:53] <+Mabel_Pines> (*her)

[22:53] <+Honey_Lemon> ...

[22:53] <+BaylorWilson> I just washed myself

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> I wouldn't join the man

[22:53] <+Honey_Lemon> That makes sense!

[22:53] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, it is a time for outs. 

[22:53] <+Fanatic_> I run my own blog

[22:53] <+MaPetite> A time out!

[22:53] <+TynaWesson> D'aww, thank you, sweet pea! @MaPetite

[22:53] <+BaylorWilson> There was honey in my hair

[22:53] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:53] * MaPetite points to the corner

[22:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> NEVER!

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> It's called

[22:54] <+CasperGhost> The juicy gossip revealed I only told you, so it must be you!

[22:54] <+MichelleTanner> YOU'RE IN BIG TROUBLE MISTER!

[22:54] <+Honey_Lemon> The only reason Fanatic talked to me was because she was the Photographer.

[22:54] <+TynaWesson> You're very pretty yourself! But no one is as gorgeous as my daughter Katherine Elise Collins

[22:54] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[22:54] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM AN INDEPENDENT EVIL BOY!

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> Casper!

[22:54] <+Honey_Lemon> Plus, I never got my yellow bracelet!

[22:54] == CarolPeletier [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> Why would I tell someone your secrets?

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> You're my bud

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> Amigo

[22:54] <+Fanatic_> Muchacho

[22:54] <+Mabel_Pines> demented

[22:54] <+Honey_Lemon> Amiga, Muchacha!

[22:54] <+CasperGhost> [22:22] <CasperGhost> Though, there is someone who I did love... [22:23] <Fanatic__> And who would that be? [22:23] <Fanatic__> Is it Honey? [22:23] <Fanatic__> She did try to bring you back to life? [22:23] <Fanatic__> OMG it has to be Honey!

[22:54] <@DraHosting> k

[22:54] <+Honey_Lemon> You don't even know Spanish!

[22:54] * MaPetite starts running around the house

[22:54] <@DraHosting> where did carol go

[22:54] <+TynaWesson> ^_^ I'm ready Draven!

[22:54] <+MaPetite> Whee!!! Wheee!!!

[22:55] <+Mabel_Pines> Honey?

[22:55] <+MaPetite> I'm like a pretty butterfly! :)

[22:55] <+Mabel_Pines> What?

[22:55] <+MichelleTanner> Carol's hiding

[22:55] <+CasperGhost> I'm sorry for causing all this trouble Ms. Lemon. Please don't think anything of it. 

[22:55] <+Mabel_Pines> I took care of his vulnerable body!

[22:55] <+MichelleTanner> *plays hide and seek*

[22:55] <+Fanatic_> Okay okay Okay! I admit I may have blabbed about it

[22:55] <+Fanatic_> But it was so cute!

[22:55] <+Mabel_Pines> I almost even embalmed it!

[22:55] <+Fanatic_> And I'm not the pohotographer

[22:55] <@DraHosting> we're going on without her

[22:55] <@DraHosting> -

[22:55] * Honey_Lemon frowns.

[22:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Hide and Seek is GREAT exercise!

[22:55] <@DraHosting> I'm hiding in three motel rooms.

[22:55] * WiiFitTrainer| searches for Carol

[22:55] <@DraHosting> #Motel1 #Motel2 #Motel3

[22:55] <+CasperGhost> Who did you tell then Ms. Fanatic. They must be the papparazzi!

[22:56] <@DraHosting> there are 50 rooms in each motel

[22:56] <@DraHosting> and I'm in 1 room for each motel

[22:56] <@DraHosting> in the topic of the room I'm in, you'll find a piece of the Gossip task

[22:56] <@DraHosting> find enough pieces to complete the Gossip task

[22:56] <@DraHosting> and keep going until you win.

[22:56] <@DraHosting> Got it?

[22:56] <@DraHosting> for example

[22:56] <@DraHosting> #Motel1Room1

[22:56] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[22:56] <@DraHosting> #Motel2Room1

[22:56] <@DraHosting> #Motel3Room1

[22:56] <@DraHosting> I'm in a room in each motel

[22:56] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am too small to look through three hotels you JERK

[22:57] <+WiiFitTrainer|> #Motel1Room2

[22:57] <+BaylorWilson> Carol quit?

[22:57] <@DraHosting> 3

[22:57] <@DraHosting> 2

[22:57] <@DraHosting> 1

[22:57] <@DraHosting> GO!

[22:57] <+Fanatic_> UIgh

[22:57] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I checked Carol's bag and I found a ray gun. Is it why she quit? #RayGunScandal

[22:57] <+Fanatic_> I don't need to do this

[22:58] <+Fanatic_> I trained my bloodhound to know Dra's scent

[22:59] <+Honey_Lemon> Hm, maybe if I do that...

[22:59] * SheldonJPlankton bursts in Baylor'

[22:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> baylor's conf*

[22:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> THAT IS MY RAY GUN

[23:00] * SheldonJPlankton takes raygun

[23:00] * BaylorWilson steps in Plankton

[23:00] * SheldonJPlankton dies

[23:00] <+BaylorWilson> Oh

[23:00] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUCH

[23:00] <+BaylorWilson> My bad ^-^

[23:00] <BookaBear> Booka.....

[23:00] * SheldonJPlankton runs away with ray gun crying.

[23:00] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA HOLD ME

[23:00] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:01] <+BaylorWilson> .

[23:02] == TynaWesson [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Excess Flood]

[23:03] <@DraHosting> what did tyna flood

[23:03] <+CasperGhost> I say, could I ask someone to eat some food please. I can no longer taste and would like someone to tell me what it tastes like. 

[23:03] <+CasperGhost> Oh. Is it flooding D:

[23:03] <+CasperGhost> I didn't bring an umbrella. 

[23:03] <+BaylorWilson> so

[23:04] <+BaylorWilson> #BaylorsParty join

[23:04] <+BaylorWilson> there's music and food and a food fight when I get to the chorus

[23:04] == TynaWesson [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:05] == mode/#TVStars [+v TynaWesson] by DraHosting

[23:05] <+TynaWesson> Gollee, I'm back! ^_^

[23:05] <+MaPetite> (Dra, what do you do for the challenge...)

[23:05] <@DraHosting> you should know by now

[23:05] <@DraHosting> how to get into rooms

[23:05] <+Honey_Lemon> What happened, Tyna?

[23:05] <@DraHosting> after finding gossip

[23:05] <+BaylorWilson> Come on guys, join. It's the filming of my new music video

[23:05] <@DraHosting> you join the #room that the gossip is referring to

[23:05] <@DraHosting> with the trivia questions

[23:05] <@DraHosting> Michelle almost has it!

[23:05] <+TynaWesson> You see, because I couldn't participate in the challenge, I went outside of our house for a second!

[23:05] <+CasperGhost> Everyone, please visit Ms. Wilson's party; she's going to do another one of her great songs. And I know we all love them <3

[23:05] <+TynaWesson> That's when I fell into a sewer and broke my ankle!

[23:05] <+MaPetite> I did...

[23:05] <+MaPetite> And no one is there...

[23:05] <+BaylorWilson> #Motel3room50

[23:06] <+TynaWesson> I managed to get out in time, oh dear, but my ankle still is sprained!

[23:06] <+Mabel_Pines> well, this is tiring

[23:06] <+Mabel_Pines> I think I'm going to sit down now

[23:06] * Mabel_Pines falls flat

[23:06] <+CasperGhost> Oh no. Ms. Wesson. Does your ankle have a booboo?

[23:06] * Honey_Lemon looks at Tyna's ankle.

[23:06] <+Honey_Lemon> Man, we need Baymax here.

[23:07] <@DraHosting> Michelle has gone invisible...

[23:07] <+CasperGhost> My mommy use to put bandaids on my booboos, before she died in a plane crash because of terrorists. 

[23:07] <@DraHosting> anyone could win now!

[23:07] <+Honey_Lemon> Is she inviswes?

[23:07] <+Honey_Lemon> I mean!

[23:07] <+MichelleTanner> Where is it?

[23:07] <+BaylorWilson> Well, who needs Baymax

[23:07] * MaPetite walks to Ms. Tyna

[23:07] <+BaylorWilson> when you have BAYLOR

[23:07] <+BaylorWilson> @Honey

[23:07] <+MaPetite> Ms. Tyna, do you need assistance?

[23:07] <+Honey_Lemon> Baylor.

[23:07] * MaPetite kisses her ankle

[23:07] <+SheldonJPlankton> what is a BAYMAX

[23:07] <+TynaWesson> I'm okay! Worse things have happened to me. ^_^

[23:07] <+MaPetite> Now you should feel better :)

[23:07] <+TynaWesson> But thank y'all for caring about me!

[23:07] <+Honey_Lemon> Baymax can help you in your stick situations.

[23:07] <+CasperGhost> Ms. Wilson does have many talents. Could you do surgery for Ms. Wesson?

[23:08] <+CasperGhost> @ Ms. Wilson

[23:08] <+TynaWesson>

[23:08] <+BaylorWilson> Aw, thank you. @Honey

[23:08] <+BaylorWilson> I can only sing @Casper

[23:08] <Fahrwood> (shifty-eyed shifty-eyes)

[23:08] <BookaBear> Booka sigh

[23:08] <+Honey_Lemon> He's a personal health care robot.

[23:08] <BookaBear> booka booka!

[23:08] <BookaBear> :3

[23:08] <+CasperGhost> She has a bad booboo :( I think you'd have to do surgery on Ms. Wesson @ Ms. Wilson. 

[23:08] <+CasperGhost> Look it's Booka :3

[23:08] <+MaPetite> Everyone step back, I have this :)

[23:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA LOVE

[23:09] <+CasperGhost> Booka, are you a doctor?

[23:09] * MaPetite carries out a trunk

[23:09] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER

[23:09] * MaPetite takes out a stethoscope


[23:09] <+MichelleTanner> Booka got a owie

[23:09] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE NEW VIP

[23:09] * MaPetite puts it to Tyna's ankle

[23:09] <+MaPetite> Hmmm.

[23:09] <+Mabel_Pines> good for you

[23:09] <+MichelleTanner> Tyna got a owie too

[23:09] <+MaPetite> It sounds like you have injury.

[23:09] * Mabel_Pines faints from exuahstion

[23:09] <+MichelleTanner> Congrats Wii Fit!

[23:09] <+Mabel_Pines> *exhaustion

[23:09] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers

[23:09] <+TynaWesson> Congratulations honey!

[23:09] * TynaWesson pinches cheek

[23:09] * WiiFitTrainer| does jumping jacks in excitement

[23:09] <@DraHosting> Alright

[23:09] <+CasperGhost> Congrats Ms. Trainer :3

[23:09] <@DraHosting> short celebratory time

[23:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> no

[23:09] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats for what, Tyna?

[23:09] <@DraHosting> everyone get your chips ready because it's time to bid yet again!

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <@DraHosting> This item is covered of course

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> You too can have my winning complexion, Tyna.

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <@DraHosting> but it IS a card.

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> TEN

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Sheldon bids all 10 chips

[23:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> With the WII U.

[23:10] * DraHosting reveals card

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> nvm

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I joke

[23:10] <+TynaWesson> Gee, I sure do wish I could compete in that challenge!

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I kid

[23:10] <@DraHosting> o

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA

[23:10] <@DraHosting> item back up for bid

[23:10] <@DraHosting> bid now

[23:10] <@DraHosting> go

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I TRICKED YOU

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM EVIL

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> AH

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[23:10] <+Honey_Lemon> 7?

[23:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA

[23:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Which I will be giving out tonight at the elimination ceremony.

[23:10] <+TynaWesson> And I have no more chips! 

[23:10] <@DraHosting> Honey bids 7

[23:10] <+TynaWesson> Gosh darn it!

[23:10] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, do not bid everything.

[23:10] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I'm 20 and I can't even get a boyfriend. When my mom was 20 she had been divorced 6 times already. :c

[23:10] <Fahrwood> (villager could be your boyfriend)

[23:10] <Fahrwood> (OH WAIT.)

[23:10] <+MaPetite> We need money for your treats!

[23:11] <Fahrwood> (HE'S DEAD.)

[23:11] <Fahrwood> (NVMD)

[23:11] <Fahrwood> !

[23:11] <+SheldonJPlankton> true

[23:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Um...

[23:11] <+SheldonJPlankton> I love treats!

[23:11] <+BaylorWilson> (this is a sticky situation @fahrwood)

[23:11] <@DraHosting> Honey buys it

[23:11] <@DraHosting> Honey

[23:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Actually.

[23:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh..

[23:11] <@DraHosting> this card allows you to exclude THREE PEOPLE

[23:11] <@DraHosting> from the MVP vote.

[23:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh no.

[23:11] <+CasperGhost> CONF: I'm worried things will be awkward between Ms. Lemon and I now that the paparazzi revealed my secret :(

[23:11] <@DraHosting> you can exclude Booka too

[23:11] <@DraHosting> and you must decide NOW

[23:11] <+MichelleTanner> :o

[23:11] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA IS JESUS

[23:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Okay..


[23:12] <+Fanatic_> DON'T EXCLUDE BOOKA

[23:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WOULD GET ALL THE CUSTOMERS

[23:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Fanatic.

[23:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton....

[23:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> OH SNAP FANATIC SUCKS HAHA

[23:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> HEY

[23:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> HEY YOU

[23:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM GETTING YOU OUT NOW

[23:12] <@DraHosting> Plankton already won MVP last round

[23:12] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, don't bark.

[23:12] <+TynaWesson> Wow! How cruel!

[23:12] * MaPetite sprays him

[23:12] <@DraHosting> so he is already excluded

[23:12] <@DraHosting> excluded 2 other people

[23:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh, nevermind.

[23:12] * SheldonJPlankton is burned

[23:13] <+Honey_Lemon> Uh..

[23:13] <+Honey_Lemon> Booka, I guess..

[23:13] * SheldonJPlankton cries softly

[23:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA NO

[23:13] <BookaBear> ..

[23:13] <BookaBear> Booka 3:

[23:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> TARGETING YOU FOR REAL NOW HONEY

[23:13] <+SheldonJPlankton> >:I

[23:13] <+Honey_Lemon> and Michelle.

[23:13] <@DraHosting> wow

[23:13] <@DraHosting> a shady move

[23:13] <@DraHosting> k MVP vote time

[23:13] <+WiiFitTrainer|> You know.

[23:14] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I kind of miss Villager.

[23:14] <+MaPetite> A vote for Ma Petite is a vote for butterflies :)

[23:14] <+TynaWesson> I don't!

[23:14] <+MaPetite> Wheee!!! 

[23:14] * MaPetite runs to Ms. Tyna

[23:14] * Mabel_Pines walks back, still worn out

[23:14] <+TynaWesson> He had too many zits on his forehead! ^_^

[23:14] <+Mabel_Pines> water.

[23:14] <+WiiFitTrainer|> He was a psychopath, but not I don't have anyone to hit with a soccer ball. :(

[23:14] <+MaPetite> Ms. Tyna, is your ankle okay? :)

[23:14] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *now

[23:14] <+TynaWesson> My ankle is doing much better sweetie, thanks so much! ^_^

[23:14] <+MaPetite> Your welcome! :)

[23:14] <+Fanatic_> What the hell Plankton!

[23:14] * MaPetite cuddles up with her

[23:14] == MichelleTanner [4470fee1@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[23:14] <+Fanatic_> I have like 8 dolls of you in my room

[23:15] <+Fanatic_> SOmetime I play tea party with them as I cry

[23:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> I CRY TOO!

[23:15] <+SheldonJPlankton> WE SHOULD HANG OUT SOME TIME!

[23:15] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[23:15] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[23:15] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE MVP OF THIS WEEK!

[23:15] <+Honey_Lemon> Did Michelle leave because I didn't want her to be MVP? Aw..

[23:15] <+Fanatic_> I'd love that

[23:15] <+BaylorWilson> Good job, Tyna! ^-^

[23:15] <+TynaWesson> YESS!

[23:15] <+TynaWesson>

[23:16] <+Mabel_Pines> well, yeah

[23:16] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, did you ask if you go on a playdate with Fanatic?

[23:16] <+MaPetite> I don't remember being asked.

[23:16] <+TynaWesson> I want to thank everyone for voting for me! I sure do appreciate it! ^_^

[23:16] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: America hates me, that's sad. But they won't once I become a huge country star. And win a Grammy.

[23:16] <+TynaWesson>

[23:16] <+Fanatic_> he isn't your's Ma

[23:16] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers

[23:16] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Congrats, Tyna!

[23:16] <+Fanatic_> He should do what he wants

[23:16] <+TynaWesson> Thank you so much sweet pea! @Wii

[23:16] <+Fanatic_> Right, Sheldoon

[23:16] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Let's celebrate with some granola bars!

[23:16] <+TynaWesson> And you too, Baylor!

[23:16] <+MaPetite> ... Mr. Sheldon

[23:16] <+MaPetite> Is this how you feel?

[23:16] <@DraHosting> ~~ elimination ~~

[23:16] <+CasperGhost> Congrats Ms. Wesson :3

[23:16] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[23:16] * WiiFitTrainer| dumps large crates of granola bars into the room

[23:16] <+TynaWesson> Oh no, I'm stuffed with fried chicken and iced tea! ^_^

[23:17] <BookaBear> Booka!! :3

[23:17] <BookaBear> Booky booky booka! :3

[23:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> CAN I GO ON A PLAY DATE

[23:17] <+SheldonJPlankton> @MaPetite

[23:17] <+MaPetite> Yes, of course Mr. Sheldon.

[23:17] <+MaPetite> Be back before elimination :)

[23:18] * SheldonJPlankton squeals with joy

[23:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> :]


[23:18] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Dra.

[23:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Can I take the floor for a moment?

[23:19] <+TynaWesson> Is Michelle coming back? ^_^

[23:19] <+TynaWesson> She was sweet! ^_^

[23:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Sorry, I have contractual obligations.

[23:19] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: My ally lied to me. I won't trust them anymore. It‑2019s now a Baylor-fight-for-herself game!

[23:19] <+TynaWesson>

[23:19] * WiiFitTrainer| holds up Wii U

[23:19] * MaPetite skips up to Baylor


[23:19] <+MaPetite> Ms. Baylor, are you alright? :)


[23:19] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Audience: *crickets*


[23:19] <+WiiFitTrainer|> ...Well, you do!

[23:19] * SheldonJPlankton plays with Fanatic

[23:19] * WiiFitTrainer| throws Wii U into crowd

[23:19] <+SheldonJPlankton> hahaha!

[23:19] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh no..

[23:20] <TVStarsNews> We have an image of Baylor Wilson revealing that Casper is her sweet sensation!

[23:20] <+CasperGhost> I heard the Wii u didn't have any good games on it.

[23:20] <TVStarsNews> OOOOO!!!!

[23:20] <TVStarsNews> love in the TV Stars house!

[23:20] <TVStarsNews> and Casper is always the target!

[23:20] <TVStarsNews> We'll see you next time on TV Stars news!

[23:20] <+Honey_Lemon> Casper...and Baylor..?

[23:20] == TVStarsNews [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[23:20] <+CasperGhost> People also tell me the Wii U has bad balancing issues.

[23:20] <+CasperGhost> Oh my. 

[23:20] <+Mabel_Pines> anyway

[23:21] * MaPetite skips up to Ms. Wii Fit Trainer

[23:21] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Hmph.

[23:21] <+MaPetite> Hi Ms. Wii Fit :)

[23:21] <+WiiFitTrainer|> How's THIS for bad balance?! @Casper

[23:21] * WiiFitTrainer| balances on one toe

[23:21] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Yes, Petite>

[23:21] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *?

[23:21] <+MaPetite> Hi :)

[23:21] <+TynaWesson> You know, Draven

[23:21] <+TynaWesson> I think it's clear who will be going home tonight. ^_^


[23:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Dra

[23:22] <+TynaWesson> There's one bad seed in all of us...

[23:22] <+CasperGhost> That's a good balance Ms. Trainer, unlike the Wii U's. 

[23:22] <+TynaWesson> And I think we've got it figured out. ^_^

[23:22] <+TynaWesson> Maybe we don't all agree on who it is. :)

[23:22] <@DraHosting> Michelle self votes

[23:22] <@DraHosting> -

[23:22] <+Honey_Lemon> I feel so bad about Michelle..

[23:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Casper

[23:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[23:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to Plankton

[23:22] * DraHosting passes renewal to MaPetite

[23:23] * TynaWesson smiles

[23:23] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tyna

[23:23] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[23:23] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[23:23] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[23:23] <@DraHosting> and Michelle

[23:23] * DraHosting passes renewal to Michelle

[23:23] <@DraHosting> only 1 vote

[23:23] <@DraHosting> from herself

[23:23] <@DraHosting> gg

[23:23] <+Fanatic_> Wow, you all really don't like me

[23:23] * DraHosting passes renewal to Baylor

[23:23] <@DraHosting> only 1 vote.

[23:23] <+Fanatic_> Is this about the whole taking your hair while you all were sleeping

[23:23] <@DraHosting> It's down to Fanatic and Mabel.

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA! I WON

[23:23] <+Fanatic_> AInt my fault you all would make great clones and friends

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> v

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> v

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> v

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:23] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:23] <+Mabel_Pines> well I can't fail, can I?

[23:23] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 6-1-1-1.....

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <@DraHosting> x

[23:23] <+Mabel_Pines> so long as she doesn't have imminuty

[23:24] <@DraHosting> Fanatic, your show has been cancelled. You are the first member of the TV Stars jury.

[23:24] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:24] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:24] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:24] <+SheldonJPlankton>

[23:24] <+Mabel_Pines> goodbye, perv

[23:24] <+Honey_Lemon> Bye!

[23:24] <+BaylorWilson> Fanatic, you were the photographer

[23:24] <+BaylorWilson> Go home

[23:24] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture with Fanatic.

[23:24] <+Fanatic_> You just happen to take photos of people while they sleep and blab about it

[23:24] <+TynaWesson> Sorry sweet pea! It's clear you were the photographer! ^_^

[23:24] <+BaylorWilson> I don't trust you anymore!

[23:24] <+TynaWesson> Better luck next time!

[23:24] <+Mabel_Pines> no immunity for you

[23:24] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[23:24] <+Fanatic_> and suddenlty you're a bad person


[23:24] <+Honey_Lemon> Have fun in Jury-ville!

[23:24] <@DraHosting> As well

[23:24] == MaPetite changed the topic of #TVStars to: Final 9: Baylor, Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Michelle, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth, Villager, Carol, Fanatic

[23:24] <@DraHosting> House

[23:24] <@DraHosting> Fanatic WAS the Photographer.

[23:24] * MaPetite runs up to Fanatic

[23:24] * TynaWesson smiles

[23:24] <+Mabel_Pines> yes

[23:24] <+Honey_Lemon> Knew it!

[23:24] <@DraHosting> She was 1 point away from winning her prize.....

[23:24] <+MaPetite> Bye Ms. Fanatic 

[23:24] <@DraHosting> just like Pornvati

[23:24] <+Fanatic_> ONE POINT

[23:24] <+Mabel_Pines> yes

[23:24] * MaPetite hugs her

[23:24] <+Fanatic_> I HAD THEM ALL

[23:24] <+Mabel_Pines> I know

[23:24] <+Fanatic_> YOU DIRTY CHEAT

[23:25] <+BaylorWilson> He was in a stick sitution.


[23:25] <+CasperGhost> I'm sorry Ms. Fanatic. D: 

[23:25] <@DraHosting> Fanatic, if you have to go

[23:25] <@DraHosting> leave a blacklist

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> LETTERS OF THE ALPHABET

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> A

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> B

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> C

[23:25] * Mabel_Pines laughs at baylor's recurring joke

[23:25] <+MaPetite> :o

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> oh I did not mean that.

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am sorry.

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> wow


[23:25] <+Fanatic_> *types feverishly, "Dra si a rasin end homphone!*

[23:25] <+CasperGhost> But I must know...

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> this is embarassing

[23:25] <+MaPetite> I AM SO PROUD

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> HOO BOY

[23:25] <+MaPetite> <3

[23:25] <+MaPetite> <3

[23:25] <+MaPetite> <3

[23:25] <+MaPetite> <3

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> :O

[23:25] <+MaPetite> <3

[23:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> <3

[23:25] <+CasperGhost> Ms. Wilson, am I...your sweet sensation?


[23:25] * MaPetite runs up to Mr. Sheldon

[23:25] <+MaPetite> Oh my baby :)

[23:26] <+BaylorWilson> Yes :] @Casper

[23:26] <+Honey_Lemon> Booka!

[23:26] <+CasperGhost> What does that mean?

[23:26] * Honey_Lemon hugs Booka.

[23:26] <+Honey_Lemon> Sorry for not making you MVP.

[23:26] <+Honey_Lemon> I thought you weren't going to pick me..

[23:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> MAPETITE

[23:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA

[23:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> GIVE ME A GROUP HUG

[23:27] <+CasperGhost> Becasue Ms. Wilson...

[23:27] <+BaylorWilson> Casper

[23:27] <+CasperGhost> I don't know' sweet sensation.

[23:27] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~

[23:27] <+BaylorWilson> I want to marry you

[23:27] * MaPetite squeezes Mr. Sheldon

[23:27] <+MaPetite> :o

[23:27] <+MaPetite> Is Ms. Baylor getting married?

[23:27] <+BaylorWilson> And I want you to be my first ex-husband

[23:27] <+BaylorWilson> forever


[23:27] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh my gosh...

[23:27] <+MaPetite> Not too long from now, she'll get a divorce! :)



[23:28] <@DraHosting> ~~ NEXT EPISODE ~~

[23:28] <+BaylorWilson> Well

[23:28] <+Honey_Lemon> Baylor, you want to be like your mother?

[23:28] <+BaylorWilson> This is a sticky situation

[23:28] <+CasperGhost> I'm...I'm not sure how I feel about this. 

[23:28] <+CasperGhost> Mostly hungry. It seems now that I'm dead I'm always feeling endless hunger. 

[23:28] <+BaylorWilson> Well

[23:29] <+CasperGhost> But...I also still have feelings for Ms. Lemon...but you too Ms. Wilson!

[23:29] <+BaylorWilson> I feel like I stepped in gum

[23:29] <+Mabel_Pines> so that's that

[23:29] <+Mabel_Pines> another day

[23:29] * BaylorWilson realizes she's stepped on something

[23:29] <+Honey_Lemon> Feeling for me?

[23:29] <+BaylorWilson> Oh, I did

[23:29] <+Mabel_Pines> another sweather to knit

[23:29] * Mabel_Pines gets going

[23:29] * MaPetite curls up next to Tyna

[23:29] * BaylorWilson realizes gum is actually Plankton

[23:29] <+BaylorWilson> Oh, damn!

[23:29] <+MaPetite> Ms. Tyna, why is life so confusing.

[23:29] <+CasperGhost> And I'm also a forever 8 year old boy. 

[23:29] <+CasperGhost> So there's that. 

[23:29] <+TynaWesson> I'm not sure sweet pea! @MaPetite

[23:30] <+CasperGhost> And I still don't know what fucking is!!!


[23:30] <+Mabel_Pines> (smirks) Daft.

[23:30] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[23:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> yes

[23:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> DAFT

[23:31] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Mabel

[23:31] <+BaylorWilson> You are rude @Sheldon

[23:31] <+TynaWesson> Waiting patiently for VIP ^_^

[23:31] <+Honey_Lemon> As Michelle would say, you got it, dude....

[23:31] * Honey_Lemon starts to cry.

[23:32] <+Mabel_Pines> so now

[23:32] <+Mabel_Pines> what is next?

[23:32] <@DraHosting> k

[23:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> You are RUDE BOY @Baylor

[23:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am PLANKTON

[23:32] <@DraHosting> oh I read Mabel as Michelle

[23:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> STUPID

[23:32] <@DraHosting> and got excited

[23:32] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHAH

[23:32] <+CasperGhost> I think I saw Michelle's ghost.

[23:32] * MaPetite tugs on Baylor's clothes

[23:32] <@DraHosting> VIP Task time!

[23:32] <+Mabel_Pines> uh what?

[23:32] <@DraHosting> Wii Fit Trainer

[23:32] <+CasperGhost> And some ghost named Carol. Who is Carol?

[23:33] <@DraHosting> you can't win

[23:33] <@DraHosting> gg

[23:33] <@DraHosting> ANYWAYS

[23:33] <+Honey_Lemon> Let's do this!

[23:33] <@DraHosting> For this Fame Task

[23:33] <@DraHosting> you need to solve this sliding puzzle

[23:33] <@DraHosting> ON the puzzle is a set of questions

[23:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> no thank you.

[23:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am too evil for this.

[23:33] * SheldonJPlankton scoffs

[23:33] <@DraHosting> those questions are your gossip

[23:33] <@DraHosting> gl

[23:33] <+Mabel_Pines> sliding puzzle

[23:33] * SheldonJPlankton eats his applesauce

[23:33] <@DraHosting>

[23:33] <@DraHosting> GO

[23:33] <+Mabel_Pines> sliders much?

[23:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> yum!

[23:33] <BookaBear> Booka :3

[23:33] <+SheldonJPlankton> I LOVE APPLESAUCE

[23:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> WOULD YOU LIKE SOME APPLESAUCE

[23:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA?

[23:34] <+Mabel_Pines> well this looks hard

[23:34] <+Mabel_Pines> again

[23:34] <+Mabel_Pines> thanks Dra

[23:34] <@DraHosting> yw!

[23:34] <@DraHosting> you don't NEED to solve it you just need a good idea as to what it says

[23:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> it says

[23:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> "Plankton is really really cool and awesome and evil!"

[23:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> "We should let him win because he is awesome and amazing and sexy!"

[23:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> and I fullheartedly agree!

[23:35] * BaylorWilson runs to Dra

[23:35] * BaylorWilson steps on Plankton

[23:35] <+BaylorWilson> it says "this is a sticky situation"

[23:35] <+BaylorWilson> oh, it feels like I stepped in gum

[23:35] * SheldonJPlankton shoots Baylor's foot with raygun

[23:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA!

[23:36] <+BaylorWilson> Ouch!

[23:36] <+BaylorWilson> You are a douche!

[23:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> you STEPPED ON ME >:O

[23:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA BEAR

[23:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> HELP

[23:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> MAUL HER

[23:36] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[23:36] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[23:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE WANTS TO EAT THE APPLESAUCE :(

[23:37] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[23:37] <+TynaWesson> YES! YES! ^_^

[23:37] <+TynaWesson>

[23:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am every week's VIP

[23:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> because I am COOL

[23:37] <+TynaWesson> Even WITH a sprained ankle! ^_^

[23:37] <+MaPetite> Yay Ms. Tyna!

[23:37] <@DraHosting> time for the MVP vote

[23:37] * MaPetite hugs her

[23:37] <+BaylorWilson> Yah Tyna!

[23:37] <+MaPetite> You are so pretty :)

[23:37] <+TynaWesson> Thank y'all so much for the encouragment ^_^

[23:37] <+BaylorWilson> Vote for BAYLOR America's sweetheart

[23:37] <+CasperGhost> Congrats Ms. Wesson :3

[23:37] <+BaylorWilson> and buy Sticky Situation now on iTunes


[23:38] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!

[23:38] <+BaylorWilson> YAY!

[23:38] <+TynaWesson> Good job sweet pea!

[23:38] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[23:38] * BaylorWilson hugs Tyna

[23:38] <+BaylorWilson> We are safe! ^-^

[23:38] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry

[23:38] <+TynaWesson> I listened to your new song, Sticky Situation!

[23:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Nice one!

[23:39] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm just wondering how fair this all is

[23:39] <+TynaWesson> Oh gosh, what. a. TUNE! ^_^

[23:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Guess you got out of your sticky situation, Baylor.

[23:39] <+BaylorWilson> Yep @Honey

[23:39] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Sticky Situation is my favorite song to work out to!


[23:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Good for you, although my experiements and Baymax could have helped.

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM ANGRY

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> VOTE BAYLOR OUT

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE HURTS ME

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> MEPETITE

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> PLEASE KILL HER FOR ME

[23:40] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[23:40] <+SheldonJPlankton> :'(

[23:40] <@DraHosting> take a seat

[23:40] <BookaBear> Booka!

[23:40] * SheldonJPlankton sits on thimble

[23:40] * BookaBear hugs HoneyLemon

[23:40] * Mabel_Pines takes seat

[23:40] <BookaBear> Booka :3

[23:40] <+MaPetite> :o

[23:40] <+MaPetite> Hurt Ms. Baylor?

[23:40] <+MaPetite> I could never.

[23:40] * MaPetite hugs Ms. Baylor

[23:40] <+Mabel_Pines> why do we treat booka as a contestant?

[23:40] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[23:40] <+MaPetite> She is sooo pretty :)

[23:40] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: Things are changing for me. When I'm out I'm gonna release my new single!

[23:40] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, you need to learn manners.

[23:40] * MaPetite sprays him

[23:41] * SheldonJPlankton dodges spray

[23:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA!

[23:41] <+MaPetite> ...

[23:41] * SheldonJPlankton slips in spray

[23:41] <+MaPetite> Is it time for outs?

[23:41] * SheldonJPlankton falls face first

[23:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY EYE

[23:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> OUCHIE

[23:41] <+MaPetite> :o

[23:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:41] <+MaPetite> Oh, Mr. Sheldon, I am so sorry.

[23:41] * MaPetite hugs him

[23:41] <+MaPetite> :(

[23:41] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:42] <+BaylorWilson> Eh, why wait

[23:42] <+BaylorWilson>

[23:42] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 8: Baylor, Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth, Villager, Carol, Michelle, Fanatic

[23:42] <+BaylorWilson> buy "Nothing at All" on iTunes

[23:42] <+MaPetite> :o Ms. Baylor, you are famous?

[23:42] <+MaPetite> Me too. 

[23:43] <+MaPetite> I have a skin cream line-up.

[23:43] <+BaylorWilson> I'm not

[23:43] <+BaylorWilson> YET

[23:43] <+MaPetite> :( Oh.

[23:43] <+MaPetite> You will be. 

[23:43] <+Mabel_Pines> casper, can you possess people?

[23:43] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[23:43] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[23:43] <@DraHosting> vote

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> you know why it is called nothing at all

[23:43] <+MaPetite> And when you are, you can be spokeswoman of Ma Petite's Skin Cream :)

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> because she gets NOTHING AT ALL from it

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> AHAHAHAHAAA

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> AHAHAHa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aHa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aHa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aHAa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> aa

[23:43] <+SheldonJPlankton> a

[23:43] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, manners!

[23:43] <+CasperGhost> I don't think so. I think I just have to remain a spirit haunting everybody for all eternity. With nothing to live for :)

[23:43] * SheldonJPlankton braces self for spray

[23:44] <+MaPetite> These mean jokes are just a way to cover up for your true feelings for Baylor.

[23:44] <+Mabel_Pines> are you attached to your remains? or to the land you died?

[23:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> but she steps on me and it HURTS @mapetite

[23:44] <@DraHosting> omg this vote

[23:44] <@DraHosting> <

[23:44] <@DraHosting> -

[23:44] <+BaylorWilson> I'm sorry @Sheldon


[23:44] <+BaylorWilson> You are so small

[23:44] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[23:44] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton.


[23:44] <+BaylorWilson> I always feel like I stepped in gum

[23:44] * DraHosting passes renewal to Plankton

[23:44] <+Honey_Lemon> We all step on you.

[23:44] <+MaPetite> OKAY?!!?!?!?!

[23:44] <+TynaWesson> Gosh, I'm so glad I'm immune for tonight! ^_^

[23:44] * DraHosting passes renewal to Baylor

[23:44] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:45] * DraHosting passes renewal to WiiFitTrainer

[23:45] * Honey_Lemon lets her slip fall on Plankton.

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> well...

[23:45] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[23:45] <@DraHosting> Casper

[23:45] <@DraHosting> and MaPetite

[23:45] * SheldonJPlankton isn't hit by slip

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> a little hurt would...

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> wait?

[23:45] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> thank you

[23:45] <@DraHosting> Casper vs MaPetite.

[23:45] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 5-1-1.....

[23:45] <+CasperGhost> Oh my. I guess it was my time. 

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> no not casper

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <@DraHosting> x

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> I have so much to give!

[23:45] <@DraHosting> MaPetite, your show has been cancelled. You are the second member of the jury </3

[23:45] <@DraHosting> please exit the TV Stars house.

[23:45] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw!

[23:45] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry, ma petite

[23:45] <+MaPetite> I WON?!?!?

[23:45] * TynaWesson is shocked

[23:46] <BookaBear> BOOKA!

[23:46] <+MaPetite> :D

[23:46] * Honey_Lemon runs to MaPetitie and takes a picture with her.

[23:46] <+BaylorWilson> :o

[23:46] <+Honey_Lemon> Foto!

[23:46] * MaPetite skips up to Mr. Dra

[23:46] <+MaPetite> This is so exciting!

[23:46] <@DraHosting> :(

[23:46] * MaPetite poses with Honey

[23:46] * WiiFitTrainer| gasps

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> ...

[23:46] * DraHosting hugs ma petite

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:46] <+WiiFitTrainer|> MaPetite!

[23:46] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Here!

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[23:46] <+MaPetite> Mr. Sheldon, come up here! :)

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO

[23:46] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Take a granola bar for the road!

[23:46] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 7: Baylor, Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth, Villager, Carol, Michelle, Fanatic, MaPetite

[23:46] * SheldonJPlankton cries softly

[23:46] * WiiFitTrainer| hands Petite a granola bar

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> MY MOTHER IS GONE

[23:46] <+SheldonJPlankton> HOW COULD YOU ALL

[23:46] * DraHosting cries softly

[23:46] <+Honey_Lemon> We will miss you, fun sized friend!

[23:46] <+MaPetite> We will be living in the lap of luxury! :)

[23:46] == mode/#TVStars [-v MaPetite] by DraHosting

[23:46] <@DraHosting> if you have to go leave me a blacklist

[23:47] * Honey_Lemon starts to cry.

[23:47] <+Mabel_Pines> well, we're down to...

[23:47] <+Mabel_Pines> wait we're in the Final 7

[23:47] <+SheldonJPlankton> CASPER IS USELESS

[23:47] <@DraHosting> final seven!

[23:47] <+Mabel_Pines> Honey, we're in the Final 7!

[23:47] <+SheldonJPlankton> WHY DID YOU VOTE OUT MY MOTHER

[23:47] == mode/#TVStars [-v Fanatic_] by DraHosting

[23:47] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOOKA HOLD ME

[23:47] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:47] <+CasperGhost> Oh my. 

[23:47] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[23:47] * WiiFitTrainer| cries

[23:47] * TynaWesson sobs

[23:47] * Honey_Lemon takes a F7 foto.

[23:48] * TynaWesson hugs MaPetite

[23:48] * Mabel_Pines poses for photo

[23:48] <+CasperGhost> I'm sorry about your mother Mr. Plankton. If it makes you feel better my mom is dead.

[23:48] <+TynaWesson> You were always SO sweet to me! :(

[23:48] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: Shouldn't have voted for Ma Petite. My dairy queen has melted and it's getting everywhere. :/

[23:48] <Fanatic_> (Spicy going in the tabs)

[23:48] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I don't usually cry except during sports injuries, but...

[23:48] <+CasperGhost> Ma Petite D: Do you guys remember when she was in that closet. 

[23:48] <+CasperGhost> Or in that butterfly net.

[23:48] <+CasperGhost> Or in the closet again D:

[23:48] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~


[23:49] <@DraHosting> ~~NEXT EPISODE ~~

[23:49] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[23:49] <@DraHosting> talk

[23:49] * TynaWesson stretches

[23:49] <+TynaWesson> Good morning everyone! ^_^

[23:49] <+Mabel_Pines> so okay

[23:49] <BookaBear> Booooookkkaaaa!!! :DDDD

[23:49] <+TynaWesson> I hope y'all had a great night of sleep!

[23:50] <+Mabel_Pines> maybe I should knit a cozy for the urn

[23:50] <+TynaWesson> CONF: I truly do miss my daughter, Katherine Elise Collins. :(

[23:50] <+Mabel_Pines> because it seems it's a bit cold as of late

[23:50] <+CasperGhost> I don't sleep anymore. If I do, I get sent to hell :)

[23:50] <+CasperGhost> In my dreams, where I see my parents...and whoever that Chloe person is. Who was she again?

[23:50] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: I miss my mom, but I'm glad I have Tyna here. She's like a mother to me in this game.

[23:50] <+Honey_Lemon> Michelle and now MaPetite! All the small people are leaving!

[23:51] * Mabel_Pines knits

[23:51] <+Mabel_Pines> what about me?

[23:51] <+Honey_Lemon> Maybe it's a curse?

[23:51] <+Mabel_Pines> oh...

[23:51] <+CasperGhost> CONF: I still am conflicted over whether I love Ms. Lemon or Ms. Wilson. Ms Lemon has someone at home, but Ms. Wilson is old enough to be my mom...

[23:51] <+Mabel_Pines> and maybe... the next small person dies.

[23:51] <+Honey_Lemon> Lettuce turnip the beat here, please.

[23:52] * Mabel_Pines drops needles

[23:52] <+TynaWesson> Baylor, have I told you that you remind me of my daughter?

[23:52] <+TynaWesson> Katherine Elise Collins?

[23:52] <+TynaWesson> ^_^


[23:52] <+Mabel_Pines> I got to go

[23:52] * Mabel_Pines runs off

[23:52] <+BaylorWilson> I'm just 20 @Casper

[23:52] <@DraHosting> almost done

[23:52] <+TynaWesson> It's a darn shame that I can't play!

[23:52] <+BaylorWilson> Oh wait that was a confessional nvmd

[23:52] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am still MOURNING THE LOSS OF MY BEST FRIEND AND MOTHER

[23:52] <+Honey_Lemon> I'm 17, actually..


[23:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> BECAUSE SHE SUCKS

[23:53] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:53] == Spectator [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[23:53] <+Honey_Lemon> Aren't you eight? @Casper

[23:53] <+BaylorWilson> Aw, that's a honor. @Tyna

[23:53] <+Mabel_Pines> okay then

[23:53] <+BaylorWilson> Your daughter seems like a great person.

[23:53] <+CasperGhost> Yes. @ Ms. Lemon

[23:53] <+WiiFitTrainer|> A lady never reveals her age and weight.

[23:53] <@DraHosting> For this entire challenge, celebrities will need to scale the Big Shot amusement park ride in Las Vegas. There are four levels to scoot up to.

[23:53] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Instead, she lets her body do the talking FOR HER.

[23:53] * Mabel_Pines comes out with plate armor

[23:53] <@DraHosting> For this fame task, they must post *rises to 1st foot* until they reach the 20th foot. They will then PM for Gossip.

[23:53] * WiiFitTrainer| does jumping jacks

[23:53] <@DraHosting> got it

[23:53] * BaylorWilson steps in gum

[23:53] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry, but I must fight the curse

[23:53] <@DraHosting> once I say GO

[23:53] <+BaylorWilson> Damn, I stepped in Plankton again

[23:53] <+BaylorWilson> Oh wait

[23:53] <@DraHosting> and you reach foot 20

[23:53] <@DraHosting> you PM me

[23:53] <+Honey_Lemon> WiiFitTrainer, we still need to do the Pilates session!

[23:54] * BaylorWilson realizes it's really gum

[23:54] <+BaylorWilson> Where is Plankton?

[23:54] <+CasperGhost> I think it's crying to his computer wife.

[23:54] <@DraHosting> 3

[23:54] <@DraHosting> 2

[23:54] <@DraHosting> 1

[23:54] <@DraHosting> GO

[23:54] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 1st foot*

[23:54] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 1st foot*

[23:54] * CasperGhost rises to 1st floor

[23:54] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 1st foot*

[23:54] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 2nd foot*

[23:54] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 2nd foot*

[23:54] * CasperGhost rises to 2nd floor

[23:54] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 2nd foot*

[23:54] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 3rd foot*

[23:54] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 3rd foot*

[23:54] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 3rd foot*

[23:54] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 4th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am over here.

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 4th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 5th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 4th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 5th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> AWAY FROM YOU

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Baylor

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 6th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 5th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 6th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 3rd floor*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 6th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 1st foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 7th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 2nd foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> QUIT BEING SILLY FACES

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 4th floor*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 7th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 3rd foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 7th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP RISING

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 4th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 8th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 8th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP IT

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 8th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 5th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 5th floor*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> I COMMAND YOU

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 6th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 9th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> I COMMAND

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 9th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 9th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 7th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> PLEASE

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 10th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 8th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 10th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 6th floor*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 9th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 10th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 11th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 10th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> I HATE YOU ALL

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 11th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 11th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 12th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 7th floor*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 12th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 12th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 13th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 8th floor*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 14th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 13th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 11th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 14th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 13th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 15th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 12th fgoot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *foot

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 15th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 14th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 16th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 16th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 15th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 9th floor*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 17th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *rises to 13th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 17th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 16th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 18th foot*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 19th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 18th foot*

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 14TH FOOT*

[23:55] <+TynaWesson> *rises to 20th foot*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 10th floor*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 19th foot*

[23:55] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 17th foot*

[23:55] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *rises to 20th foot*

[23:55] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP IT YOU FUCKBOYS

[23:55] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 15TH FOOT*

[23:55] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 11th floor*

[23:56] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 18th foot*

[23:56] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 16TH FOOT*

[23:56] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 19th foot*

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 12 floor*

[23:56] <+Mabel_Pines> *rises to 20th foot*

[23:56] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 17TH FOOT*

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 12th floor*

[23:56] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 18TH FOT*

[23:56] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 19TH FOOT*

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 13th floor*

[23:56] <+TynaWesson> Oh gosh, I'm so embarassed, I can't participate in this one!

[23:56] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[23:56] <+Honey_Lemon> *RISES TO 20TH FOOT*

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 14th floor*

[23:56] <+BaylorWilson> *rises to 1st foot*

[23:56] <+BaylorWilson> augh, it's too hard

[23:56] <+BaylorWilson> I give up

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 15th floor*

[23:56] <+BaylorWilson> I'm exausthed

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 16th floor*

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 17th floor*

[23:56] <+SheldonJPlankton> *tries to go up first stair and fails*

[23:56] <+SheldonJPlankton> :(

[23:56] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 18th floor*

[23:57] <+CasperGhost> *rises to 19th floor*

[23:57] <BookaBear> booka :3

[23:57] <+CasperGhost> *tries to reach 20th floor but can't reach it*

[23:57] <+CasperGhost> Aw geez D:

[23:58] == Specgt [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[23:58] * BaylorWilson takes a nap in the former house now backyard

[23:58] * SheldonJPlankton shoots Baylor with ray gun

[23:58] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHA >:D

[23:58] * SheldonJPlankton laughs maniacally as ABC song plays

[23:58] <+CasperGhost> Aww, Planton is so cute when he tries to murder people. 

[23:59] <+CasperGhost> Mr. Plankton, did you build that gun with your tiny hands?

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> ... >:(

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM NOT CUTE

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM MENACING

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> EVIL!

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> SPOOKY!

[23:59] <+CasperGhost> Your tiny, baby hands. 

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> SCARY!

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> I DO NOT HAVE TINY BABY HANDS!

[23:59] <+BaylorWilson> CONF: Casper is sweeter than sugar and the cream that I put in my coffee. ^-^

[23:59] <+CasperGhost> Whose a cute little freakish baby :3

[23:59] <+SheldonJPlankton> >:(

[23:59] <+CasperGhost> You are Mr. Plankton, you are!

[00:00] <+CasperGhost> Do you buy baby clothes Mr. Plankton? I bet you do <3

[00:00] <@DraHosting> WIIFITTRAINER

[00:00] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:00] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[00:00] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers and jumps

[00:00] <+BaylorWilson> Good job!

[00:00] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, man...

[00:00] <+CasperGhost> Do you spit up all your food on your face like a baby Mr. Plankton :3

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Now before MVP

[00:00] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[00:00] <@DraHosting> It's time for another Bid

[00:00] <+CasperGhost> Congrats Ms. Trainer

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Casper

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[00:00] <+TynaWesson> Congratulations Trainer! ^_^

[00:00] <+Mabel_Pines> *ohman

[00:00] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Mabel 

[00:00] <+BaylorWilson> 10

[00:00] <@DraHosting> you each have 10 chips still

[00:00] <+BaylorWilson> I bit all my money

[00:00] <@DraHosting> Tyna has none

[00:00] <@DraHosting> and Honey has 7

[00:01] <@DraHosting> begin bidding now

[00:01] * TynaWesson smiles 

[00:01] <+BaylorWilson> and my first album, Baylor Wilson

[00:01] <+BaylorWilson> ;)

[00:01] <+BaylorWilson> 10

[00:01] <+TynaWesson> Shucks! I wish I hadn't spent any on that chicken costume!

[00:01] <+Mabel_Pines> guess wearing armor is a bad idea

[00:01] <+CasperGhost> I think Ms. Wilson bid all of her chips. 

[00:01] <@DraHosting> baylor buys it

[00:01] * DraHosting reveals item

[00:01] == Fahrwood [] has quit [Quit: Public PJIRC @]

[00:01] <@DraHosting> These are a bunch of heavy shopping bags

[00:01] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (i can't bid while vip can I)

[00:01] <+Mabel_Pines> then again, I wore armor and made it super-close to Wiindy

[00:01] <@DraHosting> yes you can@Wii

[00:01] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[00:01] <+BaylorWilson> That's a heavy situation

[00:01] <@DraHosting> You can give these bags to someone in the game

[00:01] <+CasperGhost> I thought it was a banana @ Ms. Wesson

[00:01] <@DraHosting> this will punish them and force them to post *shops till I drop*

[00:01] <@DraHosting> every time I post

[00:02] <@DraHosting> ~ SHOPPING ALERT ~

[00:02] <@DraHosting> pick someone to punish

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> I'm sorry guys

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> I like everyone here

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> But

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> hmm

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> WiiFitTrainer

[00:02] <+Mabel_Pines> there we go

[00:02] <+BaylorWilson> She's strong, she can do it.

[00:02] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer cannot receive this

[00:03] <@DraHosting> because failing to do the shopping results in a penalty vote

[00:03] <@DraHosting> pick someone else

[00:03] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Thanks for the compliment, though!

[00:03] * WiiFitTrainer| flexes

[00:03] <+BaylorWilson> Wow

[00:03] <+BaylorWilson> I pick Mabel then

[00:03] <+TynaWesson> Whatever decision you make Baylor, I'm right with ya! ^_^

[00:03] * CasperGhost looks at Ms. Trainer's gun show

[00:03] <+Mabel_Pines> oh come on

[00:03] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAH

[00:03] <@DraHosting> Mabel gets the bags.

[00:03] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[00:03] <+Mabel_Pines> I just took off my suit of armor

[00:03] <+BaylorWilson> Sorry, girl.

[00:03] * Mabel_Pines picks up bags

[00:03] <@DraHosting> you have 30 seconds to post *shops till I drop*

[00:03] <+Mabel_Pines> *shops till I drop*

[00:03] <@DraHosting> when I post ~SHOPPING ALERT~

[00:03] <+Mabel_Pines> oh

[00:03] <+Honey_Lemon> Poor Mabel.

[00:03] <+BaylorWilson> If it makes you feel better, I feel like I stepped in gum. :c

[00:03] <@DraHosting> failure to do so results in a penalty vote.

[00:03] <@DraHosting> gl

[00:04] <@DraHosting> MVP time

[00:04] <+SheldonJPlankton> ME

[00:04] <+SheldonJPlankton> I NEED IT

[00:04] <+SheldonJPlankton> TO AVENGE MY MOM

[00:05] <@DraHosting> HONEY

[00:05] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:05] <+Mabel_Pines> well this is silly

[00:05] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP

[00:05] <+Mabel_Pines> again with all this baggage

[00:05] <+Honey_Lemon> YAY!

[00:05] * Honey_Lemon takes aa picture with Dra.

[00:05] <+TynaWesson> Congratulations sweetie! ^_^

[00:05] * TynaWesson hugs

[00:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> CURSES

[00:05] <@DraHosting> but we're not done here yet

[00:05] <+Honey_Lemon> Thamks!

[00:05] <+SheldonJPlankton> FOILED AGAIN

[00:05] * DraHosting brings out two gift cards

[00:05] <+Honey_Lemon> *Thanks!

[00:05] <+CasperGhost> Congrats Honey. 

[00:05] <@DraHosting> Honey

[00:05] <+BaylorWilson> Congrats, Honey!

[00:05] <@DraHosting> you get the MVP bait now

[00:05] <+BaylorWilson> ^-^

[00:05] <@DraHosting> You will give out two gift cards to two players in this ame

[00:05] <+Honey_Lemon> What...?

[00:05] <@DraHosting> game*

[00:05] <+Mabel_Pines> oh no

[00:05] <@DraHosting> you cannot pick WiiFitTrainer or yourself.

[00:05] <@DraHosting> One of these is good

[00:05] <@DraHosting> one is bad

[00:05] <@DraHosting> but you do not know which is which

[00:05] <+Mabel_Pines> not this

[00:05] <BookaBear> booka :(

[00:06] <+Honey_Lemon> Are you serious?

[00:06] <+Honey_Lemon> Okay, well.

[00:06] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton can get one.

[00:06] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU WILL FEEL MY WRATCH

[00:07] <+SheldonJPlankton> WRATH*

[00:07] <+Honey_Lemon> And I'll give the other to.....Baylor..?

[00:07] <+BaylorWilson> Congratulations, Plak-

[00:07] * BaylorWilson steps in Plankton

[00:07] <+BaylorWilson> oops

[00:07] <+Honey_Lemon> Sorry, Baylor!

[00:07] <+TynaWesson> Me with Carol

[00:07] <+BaylorWilson> Thank you, Honey! ^-^

[00:07] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[00:07] <@DraHosting> alright

[00:07] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[00:07] <@DraHosting> reveal yours first

[00:07] * SheldonJPlankton isn't stepped in

[00:07] <+CasperGhost> Whose Carol?

[00:07] * BaylorWilson reveals gift card

[00:07] <+TynaWesson> I'd love one, Baylor!

[00:07] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[00:07] <+Mabel_Pines> *baylor scans card

[00:08] == TiredAzzo [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> hey

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> its me

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> tired

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> yawn

[00:08] <+Mabel_Pines> *screen lights up*

[00:08] <+TynaWesson> Safari chick! ^_^

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> baylor heres a gift card 4 u

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> you can use it at...

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> any time

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> to put someone to sleep!

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> yes!

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> if you use it before a challenge, that person cannot compete.

[00:08] <+BaylorWilson> Thank you

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> If you use it at an elimination, that person cannot vote.

[00:08] <TiredAzzo> good luck

[00:08] * TiredAzzo sleeps

[00:08] == TiredAzzo [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[00:08] <+Honey_Lemon> You are welcome, Baylor!

[00:08] <@DraHosting> that was a reward

[00:08] <@DraHosting> meaning Plankton...

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOO

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> HISS

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOO

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU SUCK

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> BOO

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> HISS

[00:08] <+SheldonJPlankton> HISS

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> ANGER

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:09] == Cooper [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:09] <Cooper> hey

[00:09] <+Mabel_Pines> where's that shopping alert?

[00:09] <Cooper> i did nothin

[00:09] * Honey_Lemon steps on Plankton and shakes her boot.

[00:09] <+TynaWesson> I love my daughter Katie girl ^_^

[00:09] <Cooper> so will you plankton

[00:09] <Cooper> you will do nothing

[00:09] <Cooper> you cannot vote at this elimination

[00:09] == Cooper [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Client Quit]

[00:09] <@DraHosting> well then

[00:09] <@DraHosting> Cooper, the winner of Firevivor Gabon

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOUR TWISTS SUCK

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> >:(

[00:09] <@DraHosting> has spoken!

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> I should kill your family

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> and move to OREGON

[00:09] <+SheldonJPlankton> YEAH!

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> Oregon?

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> that's where I live!

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> No it isn't

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> for the summer

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> NO IT ISNT

[00:10] <@DraHosting> ~~ ELIMINATION ~~

[00:10] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> you don't know Stan

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> I killed him.

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> you can't do that!

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> WITH M EVILLY EVIL NOODLE POWERS

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> he fought a pterodactyl!

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAAHHAHA

[00:10] <+Mabel_Pines> he can fight someone like you

[00:11] <+SheldonJPlankton> not if I shot him with my

[00:11] * SheldonJPlankton pulls out EVIL EVIL COLDY EVIL FREEZE RAY


[00:12] <+Mabel_Pines> what's that going to do?

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> freeze him!

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> then he dies!

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> of like

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> cold

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> and stuf

[00:12] <+Mabel_Pines> oh

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> yeah!

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> HA!

[00:12] <+Mabel_Pines> yeah

[00:12] <+CasperGhost> Aw, look at Mr. Plankton, holding a tiny ray gun with his baby hands :3

[00:12] <@DraHosting> no votes yet

[00:12] <@DraHosting> interesting

[00:12] <+SheldonJPlankton> I will ruin you. @Casper

[00:13] <+Mabel_Pines> you can't freeze him

[00:13] <+Mabel_Pines> he's not all there

[00:13] * Honey_Lemon reachers into her purse and takes out a ball, throwing it on Plankton.

[00:13] <+CasperGhost> Aw, he's so cute when he's threatening. Who's a chubby, cuddly baby?

[00:13] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers

[00:13] * WiiFitTrainer| throws dodgeball at Baylor's face

[00:13] <+CasperGhost> You are Mr. Plankton, you're a cute, chubby, cuddly, baby <#

[00:13] <+Honey_Lemon> These are my chem-balls, which will cover you in ooze.

[00:13] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Oh, are we playing dodgeball?!

[00:13] <+CasperGhost> * <3

[00:13] <+BaylorWilson> Ouch @WFT

[00:14] * SheldonJPlankton dodges ball

[00:14] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU ALMOST KILLED ME

[00:14] <+SheldonJPlankton> YOU BRUTE

[00:14] <@DraHosting> Casper

[00:14] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon

[00:14] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[00:14] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:14] * Honey_Lemon drops more chem-balls on Plankdon.

[00:14] <+TynaWesson>

[00:14] <+TynaWesson> me and my daughter ^_^

[00:14] * SheldonJPlankton keeps having to dodge

[00:14] <+TynaWesson> katherine elise collins ^_^

[00:14] <+Mabel_Pines> uh

[00:14] <@DraHosting> tyna/honeylemon

[00:14] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:14] <+Mabel_Pines> I still have the shopping bags

[00:15] <+BaylorWilson> reminder of what happened to the last person who messed with me

[00:15] <@DraHosting> ik

[00:15] <+BaylorWilson>

[00:15] <+BaylorWilson> ^-^

[00:15] <@DraHosting> ~SHOPPING ALERT~

[00:15] <+Mabel_Pines> *shops till I drop*

[00:15] <@DraHosting> good

[00:15] <Specgt> :l)

[00:16] * Mabel_Pines drops

[00:16] <+CasperGhost> I still don't know what fucking means. 

[00:16] <+Mabel_Pines> (mumbles) me neither

[00:16] <+Mabel_Pines> but don't

[00:16] <+CasperGhost> Ms. Trainer, you do sports. Could you show me? Fanatic said she drew you doing it all the time. 

[00:16] <@DraHosting> tyna if you don't vote by 12:18

[00:16] <@DraHosting> you self vote

[00:16] <@DraHosting> gg

[00:16] <+CasperGhost> Repeatedly. 

[00:16] <+CasperGhost> With various people.

[00:16] <+Honey_Lemon> It means you shop until your arms are weak.

[00:17] <+CasperGhost> Usually Dra. 

[00:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Sure, Casper!

[00:17] <+WiiFitTrainer|> What sport do you want to learn?

[00:17] * TynaWesson sighs

[00:17] <+CasperGhost> What fucking is.

[00:17] <+CasperGhost> @ Ms. Trainer

[00:17] <+CasperGhost> Fanatic said she probably did that a lot. 

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> Go Tyna!

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> HURRY THIS UP

[00:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Casper

[00:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[00:18] * Honey_Lemon sighs with Tyna.

[00:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[00:18] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tyna

[00:18] <@DraHosting> Plankton vs Baylor

[00:18] * Mabel_Pines gets renewal

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> :(

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> :O

[00:18] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-2....

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <@DraHosting> x

[00:18] <+Mabel_Pines> oh boy

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> IF YOU BOOT ME

[00:18] <@DraHosting> Baylor, your show has been cancelled.

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> I WILL RUIN YOU ALL

[00:18] <@DraHosting> :(

[00:18] <+CasperGhost> :O

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> Aw

[00:18] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw!

[00:18] <+CasperGhost> NO.

[00:18] * SheldonJPlankton puts on ABC SONG

[00:18] <+CasperGhost> WAIT. 

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> At least I get to stay on Ponderosa

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+CasperGhost> NO.

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> and party

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+SheldonJPlankton> MUA HA HA HA HA HA

[00:18] <+BaylorWilson> e2835a8343748abd3ae0d9c3176f053cd0846ad.gif

[00:18] * Honey_Lemon hugs Baylor.

[00:18] <+CasperGhost> NO WAIT.

[00:19] <+CasperGhost> WAIT.

[00:19] * Mabel_Pines hugs baylor

[00:19] <+BaylorWilson> Buy STICKY SITUATION on iTunes


[00:19] * Mabel_Pines secretly takes card away

[00:19] <+BaylorWilson> See ya!

[00:19] <+Honey_Lemon> Foto, Baylor?



[00:20] <@DraHosting> ~~ NEXT EPISODE ~~

[00:20] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 6: Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Eliminated: Vizzini, Chareth, Villager, Carol, Michelle, Fanatic, MaPetite, Baylor

[00:20] <Fanatic_> (Ooga ooga booka)

[00:20] <+CasperGhost> I've watched my parents die, died myself, had my body explode into chunks, and then die again. 

[00:20] <Fanatic_> (Bruno is a shitstain)

[00:20] <+CasperGhost> No I'm not done!

[00:20] <Specgt> I think you need to update

[00:21] <+CasperGhost> DON'T END THE EPISODE!

[00:21] <Specgt> #TVStars Final 6: Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, MaPetite, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer

[00:21] <+CasperGhost> I...I want to quit in Baylor's place. 

[00:21] <Specgt> MaPetite 

[00:21] <@DraHosting> no

[00:21] <@DraHosting> no quitters

[00:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> WHAT A CLICHE DUMBASS

[00:21] <+Honey_Lemon> No!

[00:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> AHAHAH

[00:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[00:21] <@DraHosting> if there is one more quitter

[00:21] <@DraHosting> I will burn you alive

[00:21] <@DraHosting> -

[00:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> DENIED!

[00:21] <+SheldonJPlankton> HAHAHA

[00:21] <MaPetite> (He's technically dead)

[00:21] <+CasperGhost> D: Can't we do a dramatic taking her place scene?

[00:21] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 6: Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer

[00:21] <@DraHosting> no

[00:22] <+TynaWesson> (3 quitters >)

[00:22] <+CasperGhost> Oh. 

[00:22] <@DraHosting> anyways

[00:22] <@DraHosting> you have until I make my chili

[00:22] <@DraHosting> to prepare for VIP

[00:22] <@DraHosting> so talk

[00:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> no

[00:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> you can't make me doing nothing

[00:22] <+SheldonJPlankton> bitch

[00:22] * WiiFitTrainer| blares Sticky Situation 

[00:22] <+WiiFitTrainer|> In honor of our fallen comrade.

[00:23] == MaPetite changed the topic of #TVStars to: Final 6: Casper, HoneyLemon, Mabel, Plankton, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Jury: Fanatic, MaPetite, Baylor

[00:23] * Honey_Lemon dances with WiiFitTrainer.

[00:23] <+CasperGhost> I've never felt this feeling before...

[00:23] <+CasperGhost> I. FEEL. SO. ANGRY.

[00:23] <+Honey_Lemon> Her ice cream...melted!

[00:23] * Honey_Lemon starts crying.


[00:23] <+CasperGhost> You know what? For once it's not okay!

[00:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> that's my schtick bitch

[00:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> @Casper

[00:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP IT

[00:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> !!!!!!!!!!1

[00:23] <+CasperGhost> You wanna now what I really feel?

[00:23] <+SheldonJPlankton> no.

[00:23] <+BaylorWilson> e2835a8343748abd3ae0d9c3176f053cd0846ad.gif

[00:23] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Yes, Casper!

[00:23] <+CasperGhost> First, Plankton isn't really cute. 

[00:24] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Channel all that negative energy!

[00:24] * WiiFitTrainer| gives Casper boxing gloves

[00:24] <+SheldonJPlankton> I am downright ADORABLE!

[00:24] <+CasperGhost> He's ugly. SO UGLY HE HAD TO BUILD HIMSELF A WIFE!

[00:24] <+TynaWesson> Wow, everyone! We only have a couple days left ^_^

[00:24] <+SheldonJPlankton> HOW COULD YOU SAY THAT!

[00:24] <+TynaWesson> I can't wait to go home to my daughter

[00:24] <+TynaWesson> Katherine Elise Collins ^_^

[00:24] <+SheldonJPlankton> KAren LOVES ME VERY MUCH


[00:24] <+SheldonJPlankton> SHE IS MY W.I.F.E.

[00:24] <+TynaWesson>

[00:24] <+TynaWesson> ^_^


[00:24] <+Mabel_Pines> Casper don't go

[00:24] <+Honey_Lemon> I miss my friends...

[00:24] <+CasperGhost> NO ONE. 

[00:25] <+CasperGhost> I said. I SAID IT! 

[00:25] <+Mabel_Pines> Casper, listen to me

[00:25] <+SheldonJPlankton> hey Tyna wanna vote him out.

[00:25] <+Mabel_Pines> You're better than this

[00:25] <+Mabel_Pines> You have a commitment to make


[00:25] <+TynaWesson> CONF: Casper will pay for that! ^_^

[00:25] <+Mabel_Pines> you may be gone, but that doesn't stop you from helping others

[00:25] <+Mabel_Pines> help. don't haunt

[00:25] <@DraHosting> time for the VIP challenge

[00:25] <+Honey_Lemon> Gogo's leather jackets, Fred's recyclable underwear, Hiro's...uh...Hiro-ness, Baymax in general, and Wasabi...oh I miss him.

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> Wired Integratred Female Electroencephlagraph

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> AND FANATIC WAS GROSS! GROSS!

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> you DUMBY DUMB

[00:26] <+TynaWesson> CONF: Why, my ankle is getting worse daily. :S 

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> YOUR'E A DUMBY DUMB!

[00:26] <@DraHosting> For this Fame Task, Celebrities will need to assemble a neon sign and hang it up. They must post *builds sign* 3 times, and then *hangs sign* to get the gossip.

[00:26] <+TynaWesson> I'm ready for the VIP challenge! ^_^

[00:26] <@DraHosting> GO

[00:26] * TynaWesson stands

[00:26] * TynaWesson falls

[00:26] <@DraHosting> pm when you're done


[00:26] <+TynaWesson> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+TynaWesson> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+TynaWesson> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+TynaWesson> *hangs sign*

[00:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+Honey_Lemon> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+Honey_Lemon> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> *builds sign

[00:26] <+WiiFitTrainer|> *hangs sign*

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> *builds sigh*

[00:26] <+Honey_Lemon> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+Honey_Lemon> *hangs sign*

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+CasperGhost> *build sign*

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> *builds sign*

[00:26] <+SheldonJPlankton> *hangs sign*

[00:27] <+CasperGhost> *builds sign*

[00:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> do I win yet

[00:27] <+CasperGhost> *hangs sign*

[00:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> GIVE ME MY PRIZE

[00:27] <+Mabel_Pines> *builds sign*

[00:27] <+Mabel_Pines> *builds sign*

[00:27] <+Mabel_Pines> *builds sign*

[00:27] <+Mabel_Pines> *hangs sign*

[00:27] <+SheldonJPlankton> GIVE ME MY PRIZE DAMMIT

[00:27] <Specgt> Plankton

[00:27] <Specgt> doesn't

[00:27] <Specgt> cuss

[00:27] <Specgt> >:(

[00:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> okay there BUSTER BROWN hold up there PAL BUDDY MAN 

[00:28] <Specgt> PLANKTON

[00:28] <Specgt> DOESNT

[00:28] <Specgt> FUCKING

[00:28] <Specgt> CUSS

[00:28] <+SheldonJPlankton> hold up there PAL

[00:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> back up there SONG

[00:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> pull up a chair BUDDY

[00:29] <Specgt> PLANKTON

[00:29] <Specgt> DOESNT

[00:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> let me tell you what FRIEND

[00:29] <Specgt> FUCKING

[00:29] <Specgt> CUSS

[00:29] <Specgt> STOP

[00:29] <+SheldonJPlankton> I'll tell you WHAT FOR PAL

[00:29] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[00:30] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:30] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP

[00:30] <+TynaWesson> YEEEES!

[00:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> no

[00:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> I won

[00:30] <+SheldonJPlankton> STOP DENYING ME

[00:30] <+TynaWesson>

[00:30] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[00:30] <@DraHosting> MVP vote soon

[00:30] == BaylorWilson [] has quit [Ping timeout: 264 seconds]

[00:31] <+Mabel_Pines> well

[00:31] <+Mabel_Pines> this is bad

[00:32] * WiiFitTrainer| hugs Tina

[00:32] <+WiiFitTrainer|> 8Tyna

[00:32] <+WiiFitTrainer|> **Tyna

[00:32] <+TynaWesson> My knee has gotten worse! :(

[00:32] <@DraHosting> CASPER

[00:32] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:32] <+TynaWesson> Ankle * I mean!

[00:32] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S MVP!

[00:32] * TynaWesson props ankle on table

[00:32] <+TynaWesson> Ouch!

[00:32] <+CasperGhost> ...

[00:32] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[00:32] <+CasperGhost> Thank you :)

[00:32] <Specgt> cuts

[00:32] == BaylorWilson [] has joined #TVStars

[00:32] == MaPetite [] has quit [Ping timeout: 255 seconds]

[00:32] <+CasperGhost> But before I accept this, I want to aplogize.

[00:32] <+CasperGhost> For my actions earlier.

[00:32] * Honey_Lemon hugs Casper, but falls on Plankton.

[00:32] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[00:32] <@DraHosting> ~~ elimination ~~

[00:33] <+Honey_Lemon> *tries to hug

[00:33] * Mabel_Pines feels depressed and sits by window

[00:33] == AliveVirgin [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:33] <+CasperGhost> Tyna, your daughter is important. She could president someday; and more importantly, if she's important to you, than she's important to all of us. 

[00:33] * SheldonJPlankton dies

[00:33] <AliveVirgin> masturbats 2 caspers corspe

[00:33] <+TynaWesson> I can't believe I've won VIP three times in a row ^_^ 

[00:33] <+TynaWesson>

[00:33] <+TynaWesson> No way, sister! Not falling for that one! ^_^ @Casper

[00:33] <+CasperGhost> Plankton, you are cute. Not as cute a Booka, but still rather adorable. 

[00:33] <+TynaWesson> Feel free to take this personally!

[00:33] <+Mabel_Pines> (casper's ashes)

[00:33] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[00:34] <BookaBear> booka :3

[00:34] <AliveVirgin> masturbats 2 capsers ases 

[00:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> thank you Casper.

[00:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> I still hate you.

[00:34] <AliveVirgin> ~_~

[00:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> but I hate EVERYONE

[00:34] <+SheldonJPlankton> so that is no surprise.

[00:34] <+CasperGhost> Wait, what does masturbate mean?

[00:34] <AliveVirgin> its when

[00:34] <+Mabel_Pines> hey

[00:34] <AliveVirgin> u stick ur fingers inside ur pussy ~_~

[00:35] <AliveVirgin> and rub 

[00:35] <+Mabel_Pines> uh...

[00:35] <AliveVirgin> :P

[00:35] <+CasperGhost> You mean, like your cat?

[00:35] * Mabel_Pines feels disturbed

[00:35] <@DraHosting> Casper

[00:35] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> WOW THIS JOKE IS UNFUNNY!

[00:35] <+SheldonJPlankton> I MUST DESTROY IT

[00:35] * SheldonJPlankton shoots Alive Virgin with ray gun

[00:35] <AliveVirgin> 0.0

[00:35] == mode/#TVStars [-o AliveVirgin] by DraHosting

[00:35] == mode/#TVStars [+b AliveVirgin!*@*] by DraHosting

[00:35] == AliveVirgin was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [AliveVirgin]

[00:35] * DraHosting passes renewal to HoneyLemon

[00:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to Casoer

[00:36] <@DraHosting> casper*

[00:36] * DraHosting passes renewal to WiiFitTrainer

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[00:36] * TynaWesson smirks

[00:36] <@DraHosting> oops not Tyna

[00:36] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay, first one for the third time!

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Plankton and Mabel*

[00:36] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 4-1....

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> x

[00:36] <@DraHosting> Plankton, your show has been cancelled. You are the fourth member of the jury.

[00:36] <Specgt> mabel

[00:36] <@DraHosting> </3

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> CURSES!


[00:36] <+Honey_Lemon> HA!

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> FOILED AGAIN!

[00:36] <Fanatic_> YOUR GAME IS FLAWED

[00:36] <+Mabel_Pines> everyone hates me

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> I AM ANGRY!

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+Mabel_Pines> I just know it

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> ANGRY

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:36] <+Mabel_Pines> plankton

[00:36] <+SheldonJPlankton> GRR

[00:37] <+Mabel_Pines> just listen

[00:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> ANGER

[00:37] <+Mabel_Pines> there's a kid I know

[00:37] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton, you weren't part of the solution! You were part of the precipitiate!

[00:37] <+Mabel_Pines> he's named Gideon, and he's in jail

[00:37] * SheldonJPlankton plays ABC song and angrily frimaces.

[00:37] <+Mabel_Pines> I want you to try and bust him out

[00:37] <+SheldonJPlankton> grimaces*

[00:37] <+Mabel_Pines> okay?

[00:37] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE ENDS ~~


[00:38] <@DraHosting> ~FINALE~

[00:38] <+Mabel_Pines> CONF: I don't like Gideon

[00:38] <+TynaWesson> Woo-hoo, my third finale! ^_^ 

[00:38] <@DraHosting> The final five is now ready to enter the final phase of the game.

[00:38] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats, Tyna!

[00:38] <@DraHosting> Things work differently in the finale than the rest of the game.

[00:38] <+Mabel_Pines> CONF: So if he fails, and he will fail, that's one more bad guy done with

[00:38] <@DraHosting> Tonight will be the LAST MVP vote of the season

[00:38] <+Honey_Lemon> You were first out the next season you were in, right?

[00:39] <@DraHosting> As well, after tonight, the VIP will no longer be restricted from competition.

[00:39] <@DraHosting> Tyna, you cannot win THIS VIP challenge

[00:39] <+TynaWesson> CONF: It's been a while since I've had this feeling again. In Australia, I came into it confident that Keith or Colby would take me. In Blood vs. Water, I knew that had I won the Final Immunity Challenge, I would easily win the entire game. It wasn't winning a spot in the F3 for me, it was a pass to a million dollars. And now? I'm exhausted, I'm nervous, and I'm physically/mentally drained.

[00:39] <@DraHosting> but the winner of this VIP can win the subsequent ones.

[00:39] <@DraHosting> got it

[00:39] <+TynaWesson> CONF: Whatever happens tonight.... I had fun.

[00:39] <+TynaWesson> It's been a pleasure meeting y'all! ^_^

[00:39] <+WiiFitTrainer|> You too, Tyna! :D

[00:39] * WiiFitTrainer| hugs Tyna

[00:40] <+Mabel_Pines> well it

[00:40] <+Mabel_Pines> it's been nice knowing you

[00:40] <@DraHosting> it's time for the final auction bid item

[00:40] <@DraHosting> who wants it?

[00:40] <+CasperGhost> Me

[00:40] <+CasperGhost> All 10

[00:40] <@DraHosting> Honey has 7 chips, Casper/WiiFit/Mabel have 10

[00:40] <+Honey_Lemon> Uh..

[00:40] <@DraHosting> casper bids all 10

[00:41] <+Honey_Lemon> I was going to bid my 7, but guess not.

[00:41] <@DraHosting> Remember how I said at the beginning of the season...

[00:41] <+Mabel_Pines> well

[00:41] <@DraHosting> that one item was a trap

[00:41] <@DraHosting> well

[00:41] <+Mabel_Pines> this is bad

[00:41] <@DraHosting> good job Casper

[00:41] <@DraHosting> this item is a trap.

[00:41] <+Mabel_Pines> oh you didn't

[00:41] <@DraHosting> Casper

[00:41] == AliveVirgin_ [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, man!

[00:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Sorry, Caspar.

[00:41] <AliveVirgin_> y did u kick me ¬_¬

[00:41] <@DraHosting> as punishment, you must complete this puzzle before elimination

[00:41] <+Honey_Lemon> *Casper

[00:41] <@DraHosting> or you will lose your vote.

[00:41] == AliveVirgin_ was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [AliveVirgin_]

[00:41] * TynaWesson sits on bench massaging ankle

[00:41] <+TynaWesson> Draven, can we bring in a medic?

[00:41] <+TynaWesson> My ankle really hurts!

[00:41] <+WiiFitTrainer|> No need, Tyna!

[00:41] <@DraHosting> get over it tyna

[00:41] <+WiiFitTrainer|> I have my first aid kit!

[00:41] <@DraHosting> now then

[00:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Uh..

[00:42] * WiiFitTrainer| pulls out bandaging

[00:42] <@DraHosting> all you have to do is find out what the puzzle says

[00:42] <+WiiFitTrainer|> Uh...

[00:42] <@DraHosting> and shout it here

[00:42] <+TynaWesson> It's okay, WiiFit, I don't need it. 

[00:42] <@DraHosting> you'll get it in PM, Casper

[00:42] <+WiiFitTrainer|> They actually didn't teach me how to do this-- oh, good! Stay strong. @Tyna

[00:42] == AliveVirgin3 [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:42] <AliveVirgin3> i was explaneng what pussy is ¬_¬

[00:42] <+TynaWesson> CONF: I guess my pride is bigger than my need for help. I'm not a quitter, and even though my ankle may prevent me from winning the next VIP, I'm still in this!

[00:42] <AliveVirgin3> fuck u

[00:42] == mode/#TVStars [-o AliveVirgin3] by DraHosting

[00:42] == mode/#TVStars [+b AliveVirgin3!*@*] by DraHosting

[00:42] == AliveVirgin3 was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [AliveVirgin3]

[00:43] == Fanatic_ has changed nick to AnnoyDra9857

[00:43] <AnnoyDra9857> afdjklahf

[00:43] == AnnoyDra9857 has changed nick to Fanatic_

[00:44] <@DraHosting> this challenge is called

[00:44] * TynaWesson sees goat

[00:44] <@DraHosting> "Remember Me"

[00:44] <+TynaWesson> Why, hello there little one!

[00:44] <+TynaWesson>

[00:44] <@DraHosting> These tasks are from PAST challenges we've done this season

[00:44] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, so cute!

[00:44] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture of Tyna and the goat.

[00:44] <@DraHosting> For the first VIP task of the game, the Celebrities will need to solve a mysterious puzzle and state what phrase is written on it in PM.

[00:44] <@DraHosting> GO

[00:44] <@DraHosting>

[00:45] <@DraHosting> Wii Fit Trainer almost has it....

[00:45] <@DraHosting> nobody else seems to be doing it

[00:46] <@DraHosting> ...

[00:46] <@DraHosting> THIS CHALLENGE IS OVER


[00:46] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE NEXT VIP!

[00:47] * TynaWesson hugs Wii ^_^

[00:47] * WiiFitTrainer| hugs Tyna

[00:47] <@DraHosting> now for the final MVP

[00:47] * WiiFitTrainer| jumps and cheers

[00:47] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats..

[00:48] <@DraHosting> BOOKA

[00:48] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[00:48] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THE FINAL MVP!


[00:48] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[00:48] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture of Booka.

[00:48] <Fanatic_> *faps to picture of Booka*

[00:48] <+Mabel_Pines> but that means Booka...

[00:48] <+TynaWesson>  12:48 Mister.. E. BOOKA well tyna since I don't want her robbed lol 

[00:48] <+TynaWesson> ^_^


[00:49] <+Mabel_Pines> you shall NOT resist my cuteness!

[00:49] <@DraHosting> well Booka

[00:49] <+SheldonJPlankton> (booka tho <3)

[00:49] <@DraHosting> you have to give it to someone

[00:49] <Fanatic_> TOO LATE BOOKA IS THE BEST

[00:49] <@DraHosting> who will it be?

[00:49] <BookaBear> booka :(

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Fanatic_> (Booka give it to your lover)

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <BookaBear> *gives it to....*

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <Fanatic_> (Give it to me)

[00:49] <+Honey_Lemon> Go, Booka.

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] <BookaBear> *gives it to Tyna*

[00:49] <Specgt> TYNA

[00:49] * TynaWesson smirks

[00:49] * TynaWesson jumps up and down

[00:49] <+TynaWesson> Thank you! ^_^

[00:49] <@DraHosting> Tyna is now the final MVP of the season.

[00:49] <Specgt> saved ur ass lamo :*

[00:49] * TynaWesson hugs Booka

[00:49] * WiiFitTrainer| cheers and hugs Tyna

[00:49] <@DraHosting> Now send in votes.

[00:49] <+Honey_Lemon> Tyna!

[00:49] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[00:50] <+TynaWesson> Thank y'all for the enouragement ^_^

[00:50] == CasperGhost [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]

[00:50] <@DraHosting> same

[00:50] <+TynaWesson> (he was going to be voted out anyways)

[00:50] <+TynaWesson> (sry)

[00:50] * Honey_Lemon hugs Tyna.

[00:50] <@DraHosting> send in votes

[00:50] * TynaWesson hugs Honey

[00:50] <@DraHosting> casper is still in

[00:50] <+TynaWesson> Thank you sweet pea ^_^

[00:50] <+Honey_Lemon> No problem, Tyna.

[00:51] <+Honey_Lemon> I'm sure your daughter is proud of you right now.

[00:51] == GhostCasper [44bbcbe4@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[00:51] <@DraHosting> hi Casper

[00:51] <@DraHosting> you're puzzled

[00:51] <GhostCasper> (lost connection)

[00:51] <@DraHosting> and it's almost time to read votes

[00:51] <@DraHosting> make sure you finish that puzzle

[00:51] <@DraHosting> gl

[00:52] <Specgt> :!)|

[00:52] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[00:52] <@DraHosting> vote

[00:53] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[00:53] * TynaWesson sits quietly

[00:53] * DraHosting passes renewal to Tyna

[00:53] <@DraHosting> Casper.

[00:53] * TynaWesson rubs ankle

[00:53] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon.

[00:53] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 3-1.....

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:53] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] * Mabel_Pines tears up

[00:54] <Specgt> Casper robbed

[00:54] <@DraHosting> x

[00:54] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon

[00:54] <@DraHosting> Your show has been renewed.

[00:54] <+Honey_Lemon> What?

[00:54] <@DraHosting> Casper, your show has been cancelled.

[00:54] <@DraHosting> You are the next member of the jury.

[00:54] <Fanatic_> OH HE DID A TRICK ON YOUZ

[00:54] * TynaWesson smiles 

[00:54] <@DraHosting> If you have to go, leave me a blacklist.

[00:54] * Mabel_Pines hugs Casper's ashes

[00:54] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry

[00:54] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, bye!

[00:54] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm so sorry

[00:54] <+Mabel_Pines> it was supposed to be us

[00:54] * Honey_Lemon frowns and starts to tear up.

[00:54] <Fanatic_> The topic isn't updated shit stain

[00:55] <GhostCasper> Well that was to be expected. I did have a major meltdown :3

[00:55] <@DraHosting> we will now continue on in the finale

[00:55] * Mabel_Pines cries on the urn

[00:55] <@DraHosting> For this VIP challenge inbound

[00:55] <@DraHosting> The former VIP, WiiFitTrainer

[00:55] <@DraHosting> can compete.

[00:55] <GhostCasper> I guess all that's left for me to do is to pass on to hell. Where I'll finally see my parents. 

[00:55] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 4: HoneyLemon, Mabel, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Jury: Fanatic, MaPetite, Baylor, Casper

[00:55] <@DraHosting> In exchange, there are no MVPs.

[00:55] * GhostCasper descends to Hell

[00:55] <BookaBear> BOOKA DDD:::

[00:55] <@DraHosting> As well

[00:55] <+Honey_Lemon> Got it...

[00:55] <@DraHosting> Booka

[00:55] <@DraHosting> your time in the house is up.

[00:55] <@DraHosting> You will return at the grand finale where we reveal a winner....

[00:55] <@DraHosting> but you have to leave the house.

[00:55] * TynaWesson hugs bear goodbye

[00:56] <BookaBear> BOOKA :(

[00:56] <+Honey_Lemon> No!

[00:56] <BookaBear> BOOKA :(

[00:56] <BookaBear> BOOKA :(

[00:56] * Honey_Lemon hugs Booka.

[00:56] <+TynaWesson> Take care Booka!

[00:56] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[00:56] <+Honey_Lemon> Have fun out there, buddy!

[00:56] <+Mabel_Pines> I always like Casper

[00:56] * WiiFitTrainer| bursts into tears

[00:56] * WiiFitTrainer| hugs Booka

[00:56] * Mabel_Pines hugs Booka with fervor

[00:56] <Fanatic_> NO

[00:56] <Fanatic_> NO

[00:56] <Fanatic_> NO NO NO NO NO

[00:56] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm sorry

[00:56] <Fanatic_> NO

[00:56] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm so so sorry for neglecting you

[00:57] <+WiiFitTrainer|> .

[00:58] <@DraHosting> setting up VIP

[00:58] <BookaBear> booka :(

[00:58] * BookaBear exits

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[00:58] == TynaWesson changed the topic of #TVStars to: #TVStars Final 4: HoneyLemon, Mabel, Tyna, WiiFitTrainer | Jury: Fanatic, MaPetite, Baylor, Plankton, Casper

[00:58] * Mabel_Pines looks out window

[00:58] <+Mabel_Pines> first I find out everyone hates me

[00:58] <+Mabel_Pines> and now...'

[00:58] <+Mabel_Pines> Casper's gone

[00:59] * Mabel_Pines holds pic of F7 in hand

[00:59] <+Honey_Lemon> You stole my picture and printed it?

[01:00] <+Mabel_Pines> Honey...

[01:00] <+Mabel_Pines> listen

[01:00] <+Mabel_Pines> I miss him, and so do you

[01:00] <+Mabel_Pines> so get over it

[01:01] <+Honey_Lemon> ...

[01:01] <@DraHosting> k

[01:01] <+Honey_Lemon> Seriously, Mabel?

[01:01] <@DraHosting> time for the next VIP challenge

[01:01] <+Mabel_Pines> it was supposed to be for the scrapbook

[01:01] <+TynaWesson> I don't know how I'm going to win this challenge with my ankle being sprained like this!

[01:01] * Mabel_Pines hands pic over

[01:01] <+Mabel_Pines> but I understand

[01:01] * TynaWesson forces self to stand up

[01:01] <@DraHosting> Celebrities will need to maneuver a colorful maze. They will have to find the correct door from #door1 to #door10

[01:01] <@DraHosting> the one I'm in has a topic

[01:01] <@DraHosting> follow the directions in it

[01:01] <@DraHosting> and keep going until you reach the gossip

[01:01] <@DraHosting> 3

[01:01] <@DraHosting> 2

[01:01] <@DraHosting> 1

[01:01] <@DraHosting> GO

[01:01] <+Honey_Lemon> #door 1

[01:01] <+Honey_Lemon> #door 5

[01:02] <Specgt> #door 8

[01:03] <Specgt> #door8

[01:03] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[01:03] <@DraHosting> CONGRATULATIONS

[01:03] <@DraHosting> YOU ARE THIS WEEK'S VIP!!!

[01:03] <+TynaWesson> YES!

[01:03] <+TynaWesson> YES!

[01:03] <+TynaWesson> YES!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[01:03] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[01:03] * TynaWesson runs up to Draven

[01:03] * TynaWesson plants kiss on cheek

[01:03] * TynaWesson raises arms in air

[01:04] <+TynaWesson> By the way I lied about my ankle

[01:04] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:04] <@DraHosting> OTTYnaWesson

[01:04] <@DraHosting> anyways

[01:04] <+Mabel_Pines> well there goes the neighborhood

[01:04] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh..

[01:04] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon

[01:04] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[01:04] * Honey_Lemon hugs Tyna.

[01:04] <@DraHosting> and WiiFitTrainer

[01:04] <@DraHosting> the three of you must decide tonight which of you will be leaving and joining the jury.

[01:04] <@DraHosting> you have a few moments to decide.

[01:04] <@DraHosting> ~~ elimination ~~

[01:04] <@DraHosting> send in votes when you're reddy

[01:06] * TynaWesson sits on couch silently

[01:06] <+Honey_Lemon> So torn...

[01:06] * Mabel_Pines sits down with Honey

[01:06] * WiiFitTrainer| sits down

[01:06] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm sorry for taking your picture

[01:06] * WiiFitTrainer| sighs

[01:06] <+TynaWesson> CONF: I was pretty sure that I would be going home if I didn't win MVP! Everyone told me, to my FACE, that I would be leaving! Vote me out now y'all ^_^ I only wish my daughter Katherine Elise Collins was here to watch me! 

[01:06] <+WiiFitTrainer|> It's been fun, class...

[01:06] <+WiiFitTrainer|> It's been fun.

[01:06] * WiiFitTrainer| wipes tear away

[01:06] <+Mabel_Pines> I'll miss you too

[01:07] * Honey_Lemon starts crying.

[01:07] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:07] <@DraHosting> you need to vote

[01:07] <+Honey_Lemon> I know, I know.

[01:07] <+Honey_Lemon> These people are all my friends, and...

[01:07] <+Honey_Lemon> I'll flip a coin.


[01:07] <+Honey_Lemon> (Using, tbh.)

[01:07] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:07] <+Honey_Lemon> (So, gimme a sec.)

[01:08] <+Honey_Lemon> :'( Done

[01:08] <+Mabel_Pines> hope you know what you're doing, honey

[01:09] <+WiiFitTrainer|> .

[01:09] * TynaWesson sighs

[01:10] <+TynaWesson> I'm glad I'm immune and don't have to deal with this! ^_^

[01:10] <+WiiFitTrainer|> (can dra read the votes already)

[01:10] <Fanatic_> (Booka was Imune to you little shit)

[01:10] <Fanatic_> (But look where he is)

[01:10] * DraHosting passes renewal to Mabel

[01:10] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[01:10] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:10] <@DraHosting> by a vote of 2-1...

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> x

[01:10] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon.

[01:10] * Mabel_Pines clutches it with her life

[01:10] <@DraHosting> Your show has been renewed!

[01:10] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[01:11] * WiiFitTrainer| sighs

[01:11] <Fanatic_> OH

[01:11] <@DraHosting> your show has been cancelled.

[01:11] * TynaWesson frowns

[01:11] <Fanatic_> HE TRIKZ YOUD AGAIN

[01:11] <@DraHosting> You are the next member of the jury.

[01:11] <+TynaWesson> You had a good run Wii :(

[01:11] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm sorry, Wii fit Trainer

[01:11] * TynaWesson hugs WiiFitTrainer

[01:11] * WiiFitTrainer| nods

[01:11] * Honey_Lemon frowns.

[01:11] <+TynaWesson> I'll be sure to buy your DVD ^_^

[01:11] <+Honey_Lemon> Sorry, WiiFitTrainer...

[01:11] * WiiFitTrainer| hugs each of the F3 

[01:11] <+Mabel_Pines> but I used to be a terrible liar

[01:11] * Honey_Lemon hugs WiiFitTrainer and takes a picture with her.

[01:11] * Mabel_Pines hugs Honey

[01:11] <+Mabel_Pines> the sooner this game ends, the better.

[01:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> And to America

[01:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> STAY FIT.

[01:11] <+Mabel_Pines> it's tearing us apart

[01:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> And buy a Wii U.

[01:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> BUT MOSTLY

[01:11] <+WiiFitTrainer|> STAY FIT.

[01:11] <+Honey_Lemon> I will!

[01:11] * WiiFitTrainer| salutes

[01:11] <+Mabel_Pines> me too

[01:11] * Mabel_Pines salutes back

[01:12] <@DraHosting> let's continue on to the final portion of this finale

[01:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Pilates after this, WiiFitTrainer!

[01:12] <@DraHosting> week 10

[01:12] <+Mabel_Pines> you brought me to exercise with a suit of armor on

[01:12] == mode/#TVStars [-v SheldonJPlankton] by DraHosting

[01:12] * TynaWesson smiles

[01:12] == mode/#TVStars [-v WiiFitTrainer|] by DraHosting

[01:12] <+TynaWesson> Final three! ^_^ Congrats y'all!

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:12] <+Mabel_Pines> and I will never forget that

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[01:12] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Woo!

[01:12] <+TynaWesson> I wish my daughter Katherine Elise Collins were here to see this ^_^

[01:12] <@DraHosting> the final three challenge is NOT a standard challenge like we have usually had.

[01:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh?

[01:12] <@DraHosting> This final challenge is a chance for redemption for those who are not good at the main challenges.

[01:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Will it involve chemistry?

[01:12] <+Honey_Lemon> Me!

[01:12] <@DraHosting> This final challenge is a game of trivia about the season so far.

[01:13] <+Honey_Lemon> Ooh, trivia!

[01:13] <@DraHosting> let's get started

[01:13] <+Mabel_Pines> that sounds good to me

[01:13] <@DraHosting> Honey, TYna, Mabel

[01:13] <@DraHosting> you there?

[01:13] <+TynaWesson> I'm here alright!

[01:13] <+Mabel_Pines> yes

[01:13] <+Mabel_Pines> here

[01:13] <+TynaWesson> Oh boy, not sure how much I remember about this. :S

[01:13] <@DraHosting> alright

[01:13] <@DraHosting> Let's get started.

[01:13] <+TynaWesson> (wait)

[01:13] <+TynaWesson> (give me a sec plz)

[01:13] * Honey_Lemon smiles.

[01:13] <@DraHosting> The first player to five points will win the challenge.

[01:13] <+TynaWesson> (i need to pee actually)

[01:13] <@DraHosting> and final VIP.

[01:13] <+Mabel_Pines> (five-minute break?)

[01:14] <@DraHosting> more like 2 minute break

[01:14] <+TynaWesson> (^)

[01:14] <@DraHosting> gl

[01:14] <+TynaWesson> (o)

[01:16] <@DraHosting> we need to get this show on the road

[01:16] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:16] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[01:16] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:16] <+Mabel_Pines> I'm here

[01:16] <@DraHosting> are you there?

[01:16] <+Mabel_Pines> yes

[01:16] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:16] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:16] <@DraHosting> hay

[01:16] <Specgt> hay 

[01:16] <+Honey_Lemon> (Yeah.)

[01:16] <@DraHosting> shut up dyliam

[01:16] <@DraHosting> whichever one you are

[01:16] <@DraHosting> tyna??

[01:17] <Specgt> not dylan?

[01:17] <+Honey_Lemon> (Okay, have to pee too...BRB!)

[01:17] <+TynaWesson> I'm ready Draven! ^_^

[01:17] <Specgt> f u    

[01:17] <@DraHosting> same

[01:17] <@DraHosting> @honey

[01:17] <@DraHosting> we're starting at 1:19

[01:17] <Specgt> draven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[01:17] <@DraHosting> not even asking people if they're there anymore

[01:17] <Specgt> draven!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[01:17] == mode/#TVStars [-o Specgt] by DraHosting

[01:17] == mode/#TVStars [+b Specgt!*@*] by DraHosting

[01:17] == Specgt was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [Specgt]

[01:18] <SheldonJPlankton> hurry up!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

[01:18] == ITSOKAYWHENTINA [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[01:18] <+Honey_Lemon> Hey!

[01:18] == mode/#TVStars [-o ITSOKAYWHENTINA] by DraHosting

[01:18] == mode/#TVStars [+b ITSOKAYWHENTINA!*@*] by DraHosting

[01:18] == ITSOKAYWHENTINA was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [ITSOKAYWHENTINA]

[01:18] <@DraHosting> k we're starting

[01:18] <@DraHosting> FIRST QUESTION

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Who was the first person to purchase an auction item?

[01:18] <+Mabel_Pines> okay

[01:18] <+TynaWesson> me!

[01:18] <+TynaWesson> Tyna

[01:18] <+Honey_Lemon> Tyna

[01:18] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Correct

[01:18] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 1 | Mabel - 0 | Honey - 0

[01:19] <@DraHosting> QUESTION TWO

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> D:

[01:19] == DOITBUTWHENIDOIT [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[01:19] <@DraHosting> How many votes did Casper receive at his elimination?


[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 1

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 2

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 3

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 4

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 4

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 45

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> 3

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 6

[01:19] == mode/#TVStars [-o DOITBUTWHENIDOIT] by DraHosting

[01:19] == mode/#TVStars [+b DOITBUTWHENIDOIT!*@*] by DraHosting

[01:19] == DOITBUTWHENIDOIT was kicked from #TVStars by DraHosting [DOITBUTWHENIDOIT]

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 6

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 7

[01:19] <@DraHosting> you can only guess once

[01:19] <@DraHosting> your first guess is what counts

[01:19] <+Mabel_Pines> 4

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> Oh...

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> 4

[01:19] <@DraHosting> let's do a do over

[01:19] <@DraHosting> How many votes did Casper receive at his elimination?

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 4

[01:19] <+Mabel_Pines> 4

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> 4

[01:19] <@DraHosting> wrong

[01:19] <@DraHosting> it was three

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> 3

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> Gosh!

[01:19] <@DraHosting> QUESTION THREE

[01:19] == SpecO [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:19] <SpecO> kick me again and

[01:19] <+Honey_Lemon> I was right the first time, ugh..

[01:19] <SpecO> a army is coing

[01:19] <@DraHosting> How many votes has Casper received in the entire game?

[01:19] <+TynaWesson> 6

[01:19] <@DraHosting> I'm not scared of you liam

[01:19] <SpecO> :)

[01:20] <+Honey_Lemon> 7

[01:20] <+Mabel_Pines> 10?

[01:20] <SpecO> uhuhuhuha

[01:20] <@DraHosting> The answer is 7

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Honey scores

[01:20] <+Honey_Lemon> Yay!

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 1 | Mabel - 0 | Honey - 1

[01:20] <@DraHosting> QUESTION FOUR

[01:20] <@DraHosting> Who was eliminated fourth?

[01:20] <+TynaWesson> Good job!

[01:20] <+TynaWesson> Carol!

[01:20] <+Mabel_Pines> wiifit

[01:20] <+Mabel_Pines> wait

[01:20] <+Mabel_Pines> wrong

[01:20] <+Honey_Lemon> Uh..

[01:20] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry

[01:20] <+TynaWesson> (technically carol but fanatic)

[01:20] <+Honey_Lemon> Michelle.

[01:21] <@DraHosting> I should rephrase that

[01:21] <+Mabel_Pines> I can't answer that

[01:21] <SpecO> :^)a

[01:21] <@DraHosting> who was VOTED OUT fourth?

[01:21] <+TynaWesson> Fanatic!

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Tyna scores

[01:21] <+Honey_Lemon> Fanatic.

[01:21] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 2 | Mabel - 0 | Honey - 1

[01:21] <@DraHosting> QUESTION FIVE

[01:21] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats!

[01:21] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:21] <@DraHosting> How many bid items did we have throughout the game?

[01:21] <+TynaWesson> 3

[01:21] <+Mabel_Pines> 5

[01:21] <+Honey_Lemon> 3

[01:21] <+Mabel_Pines> oh no

[01:21] <SheldonJPlankton> (3000!!!!!!!!!!!!!)

[01:21] <+Mabel_Pines> th\\how is this game fair?

[01:21] <SpecO> 6

[01:21] <SpecO> 6

[01:21] <SpecO> 6

[01:22] <+TynaWesson> Gosh, this is nerve wracking!

[01:22] <@DraHosting> the answer was four.

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Next Question

[01:22] <@DraHosting> we're going to four now.

[01:22] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw..

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Who won the first VIP of the season?

[01:22] <+TynaWesson> WiiFit!

[01:22] <SpecO> tyna

[01:22] <+Mabel_Pines> carol

[01:22] == mode/#TVStars [+b SpecO!*@*] by DraHosting

[01:22] <+Honey_Lemon> Tyna?

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Mabel scores!

[01:22] <+Mabel_Pines> yes

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 2 | Mabel - 1 | Honey - 1

[01:22] <Fanatic_> ooh if I was in this shit I'd win so hard right now

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Next up

[01:22] <+Honey_Lemon> Nice.

[01:22] <@DraHosting> Who tried to murder Booka?

[01:22] <+Honey_Lemon> Villager

[01:22] <+Mabel_Pines> villager

[01:23] <+Mabel_Pines> oh so close

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Honey scores!

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 2 | Mabel - 1 | Honey - 2

[01:23] <+Honey_Lemon> Woot!

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Next up

[01:23] <+TynaWesson> Oh gosh!

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Who was voted out FIRST?

[01:23] <+TynaWesson> vizzini!

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Tyna scores!

[01:23] <+Honey_Lemon> Vizzini..

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Tyna is one point away from winning the final VIP...

[01:23] <+Honey_Lemon> ...Man..

[01:23] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 3 | Mabel - 1 | Honey - 2

[01:23] <+TynaWesson> *hands start to shake*

[01:23] <+Mabel_Pines> no

[01:23] <@DraHosting> How many votes has Plankton received throughout the entire game?

[01:23] <+TynaWesson> 5

[01:23] <+Honey_Lemon> 6

[01:23] <+Mabel_Pines> 8

[01:24] <@DraHosting> The answer is five.

[01:24] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[01:24] <@DraHosting> WINS

[01:24] <@DraHosting> THE FINAL VIP CHALLENGE

[01:24] <@DraHosting> OF THE SEASON

[01:24] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats, Tyna!

[01:24] <+Mabel_Pines> no

[01:24] <+TynaWesson> AEEEE!!!!!!!

[01:24] <@DraHosting> Congratulations, Tyna, you will be going to the finale.

[01:24] <WiiFitTrainer|> (wait)

[01:24] * Honey_Lemon runs to Tyna and hugs her.

[01:24] * Mabel_Pines hugs as well

[01:24] <WiiFitTrainer|> (I seem to remember he was voted out 4-1)

[01:24] <+Mabel_Pines> sorry

[01:24] <WiiFitTrainer|> (And received two votes the week before)

[01:24] <+Honey_Lemon> You did it!

[01:24] <@DraHosting> he was but he got one vote in another elimination

[01:24] <+TynaWesson>

[01:24] <+TynaWesson>

[01:24] <+TynaWesson>

[01:24] <+TynaWesson>

[01:24] <@DraHosting> let me recheck

[01:24] <+TynaWesson> *ME DROPS VASE*

[01:24] <+TynaWesson> YAAAY!

[01:24] <+Mabel_Pines> that...

[01:24] <@DraHosting> oh wait it was 6

[01:24] <+Mabel_Pines> was...

[01:24] <@DraHosting> sorry tyna

[01:25] <+Mabel_Pines> Casper's...

[01:25] <@DraHosting> Honey scores whoops

[01:25] <@DraHosting> Tyna - 3 | Mabel - 1 | Honey - 3

[01:25] <+Mabel_Pines> URN!

[01:25] <WiiFitTrainer|> (sorry o trying to be fair oops)

[01:25] <@DraHosting> NEXT QUESTION!!!

[01:25] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh...

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> o

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> (wait)

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> (give me a sec)

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> (i just put in a hot pocket because i thought I won)

[01:25] <+Honey_Lemon> :P

[01:25] <WiiFitTrainer|> (lol)

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> (ok)

[01:25] <@DraHosting> Who was voted out Sixth?

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> Gosh, I thought I won

[01:25] <+Honey_Lemon> Carol

[01:25] <+TynaWesson> baylor

[01:25] <Fanatic_> (Booka)

[01:25] <+Honey_Lemon> Michelle

[01:26] <+Honey_Lemon> Baylor

[01:26] <@DraHosting> TYNA SCORES

[01:26] <@DraHosting> ONCE AGAIN

[01:26] <@DraHosting> TYNA

[01:26] <@DraHosting> WINS

[01:26] <@DraHosting> FINAL

[01:26] <@DraHosting> VIP

[01:26] <+Mabel_Pines> ...

[01:26] <@DraHosting> now as I was so rudely interrupted 

[01:26] <Fanatic_> But

[01:26] <+Honey_Lemon> Congrats, again!

[01:26] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:26] <Fanatic_> Booka

[01:26] <@DraHosting> you will go to the end

[01:26] <@DraHosting> and face the jury

[01:26] <@DraHosting> but you will have to decide tonight who to vote out

[01:26] * TynaWesson drops to floor

[01:26] * TynaWesson sobs

[01:26] <@DraHosting> and give third place to

[01:26] <+TynaWesson>

[01:26] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture with Tyna.

[01:26] * TynaWesson swallows

[01:26] <+TynaWesson> Okay.

[01:27] <+TynaWesson> I know what my decision will be.

[01:27] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:27] <@DraHosting> ~~ elimination ~~

[01:27] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:27] * Honey_Lemon grabs Mabel's hand tightly.

[01:27] <@DraHosting> cast a vote for elimination

[01:27] <@DraHosting> in my PM

[01:27] <+TynaWesson>

[01:27] <+Mabel_Pines> I'll miss you, Honey

[01:27] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:27] <+Honey_Lemon> I will too, little Mabel!

[01:27] * Mabel_Pines and honey hug

[01:29] <@DraHosting> By a vote of 1-0

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> xx

[01:29] <@DraHosting> xx

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> x

[01:29] <@DraHosting> HoneyLemon.

[01:29] <@DraHosting> Your show has been renewed!

[01:29] <+Mabel_Pines> is safe

[01:29] <@DraHosting> Mabel

[01:29] <@DraHosting> your show has been cancelled.

[01:29] * TynaWesson puts hand on HoneyLemon and smiles

[01:29] <@DraHosting> </3

[01:29] <+Mabel_Pines> I know

[01:29] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw...

[01:29] <@DraHosting> You are the final member of the jury.

[01:29] <+TynaWesson> Sorry Mabel!

[01:29] * Honey_Lemon hugs Mabel.

[01:29] <+TynaWesson> Better luck next time

[01:29] <+Mabel_Pines> Here. For both of you

[01:29] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:29] <+Honey_Lemon> You did your best.

[01:29] <+Mabel_Pines> gives each F2 member a medal

[01:30] * Honey_Lemon takes a picture with Tyna and Mabel.


[01:30] <+Mabel_Pines> I crafted these myself

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Now then

[01:30] * TynaWesson smiles 

[01:30] <+TynaWesson> Thank you Mabel

[01:30] <+Mabel_Pines> for those who I will always aspire to match

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Tyna

[01:30] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:30] <+Honey_Lemon> They look great!

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Honey

[01:30] <+TynaWesson> That's very kind of you!

[01:30] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:30] <@DraHosting> you have come as far as you can in this game

[01:30] <@DraHosting> It is now time for the JURY to decide who wins their own TV Show

[01:30] <@DraHosting> and a million dollars.

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Your time in las vegas has come to an end.

[01:30] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh gosh..

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[01:30] <@DraHosting> MaPetite

[01:30] * Honey_Lemon hugs Tyna.

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[01:30] <@DraHosting> Casper

[01:30] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[01:31] <@DraHosting> and Mabel

[01:31] <@DraHosting> will now vote for a winner

[01:31] <@DraHosting> feel free to give speeches and ask questions

[01:31] * TynaWesson smiles 

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> Okay!

[01:31] <@DraHosting> I have MaPetite's vote alreadfy

[01:31] <@DraHosting> already*

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> I want to thank everybody for helping me get here

[01:31] <Fanatic_> *crawls out of Booka* We're an item now. Don't judge.

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> I won a lot of challenges but I did NOT go on an immunity run. At times I was vulnerable. 

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> And I want to thank you all for believing in me and getting me to where I am now ^_^

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> But that does not undermine the effort that I made ^_^

[01:31] <+TynaWesson> I won five VIP challenges and two MVP's. 

[01:32] <WiiFitTrainer|> (You can't really go on an immunity run in TV Stars to be fair)

[01:32] * Honey_Lemon claps at Tyna.

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> Shout out to my daughter Katherine Elise Collins

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> thanks. ^_^

[01:32] <+TynaWesson>

[01:32] <Fanatic_> *kisses Booka on the cheak* Basically Honey. You're a solid Who? to all the fans

[01:32] <Fanatic_> Tyna is fan fav

[01:32] <Fanatic_> But I know who the real winner should be

[01:32] <Fanatic_> Booka

[01:32] <+Honey_Lemon> I know...

[01:32] <+Honey_Lemon> Booka should win.

[01:32] <Fanatic_> Which is why I am voting Booka

[01:32] == BookaBear [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStars

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> I agree


[01:32] <Fanatic_> a long with the rest of the jury

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> Booka should be here

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> Booka!!!!!

[01:32] <+Honey_Lemon> He's an all star and fan favorite,

[01:32] * TynaWesson hugs Booka bear

[01:32] <@DraHosting> se I promised he would come back

[01:32] <@DraHosting> me@tyna

[01:32] <Fanatic_> He is here

[01:32] <+TynaWesson> I made it girl! ^_^

[01:33] <Fanatic_> HE'S MINE BACK OFF TYNA

[01:33] * Honey_Lemon hugs Booka.

[01:33] <Fanatic_> BOOKA LOVES ME

[01:33] <Fanatic_> NOT YOU

[01:33] <+TynaWesson> Touchy! 

[01:33] * Honey_Lemon gets off Booka.

[01:33] <+Honey_Lemon> Well, guys..

[01:33] <Fanatic_> I urge the rest of the jury to vote Booka s well

[01:33] <+Mabel_Pines> As much as I like Booka, he can't compete

[01:33] * BaylorWilson walks in

[01:33] <+TynaWesson>

[01:33] <+Mabel_Pines> also, Casper?

[01:33] <Fanatic_> Booka had a perfect game

[01:34] <+Honey_Lemon> I didn't do much here on TV Stars, but I have made good friends and that is all that really counts. My partner here, Tyna, deserves to be here more than I do, considering she's won more than I have, but...I'm the underdog. 

[01:34] <+Mabel_Pines> Tyna broke your urn

[01:34] <BaylorWilson> Alright guys

[01:34] <GhostCasper> My urn D:

[01:34] <BaylorWilson> I have one question

[01:34] <SheldonJPlankton> YOU GUYS SUCK

[01:34] * BaylorWilson plays the guitar

[01:34] <+TynaWesson> I reckon that I'm the underdog considering the fact that I had to win competitions to save my butt ^_^ 

[01:34] <+TynaWesson> @Honey

[01:34] <BookaBear> *hugs everyone*

[01:34] <+Honey_Lemon> I almost had a perfect game.

[01:34] <BookaBear> booka :3

[01:34] <+Honey_Lemon> But, I just got one vote...

[01:34] <+Honey_Lemon> That doesn't matter.

[01:34] <BaylorWilson> Tell me about the one time where you felt you were in a sticky situation in this game?

[01:34] * Honey_Lemon takes pictures of Baylor.

[01:34] <+Honey_Lemon> Well.

[01:34] == SpecO [32950432@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]

[01:35] <@DraHosting> Fanatic

[01:35] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[01:35] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[01:35] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[01:35] <@DraHosting> vote

[01:35] <Fanatic_> LET THE RECORDS SHOW

[01:35] <+TynaWesson>

[01:35] <+TynaWesson> Safari chick!

[01:35] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> Okay, I guess I'll go next.


[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> First of all


[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> Girls, I love the both of you.

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> STOP TALKING

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM HERE

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> WII FIT

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> NO

[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> This is a super-tough decision for me.

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM HERE

[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> Oh.

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> THIS IS MY TIME

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> NO

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> STOP

[01:35] <Fanatic_> *makes out with Booka in front of Sheldon*

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> I AM HERE

[01:35] <Fanatic_> <)<

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> ...

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> MY FATHER

[01:35] <+Honey_Lemon> I kept on failing challenge, after challenge, which bugged me. I always thought I was going to go. Then, the whole love triangle between you, Casper, and I was messy, just like melted ice cream and honey. 

[01:35] <SheldonJPlankton> HOW COULD YOU

[01:35] <WiiFitTrainer|> Where's that voice coming from?

[01:36] <SheldonJPlankton> TYNA

[01:36] * WiiFitTrainer| looks down

[01:36] <+TynaWesson>

[01:36] <SheldonJPlankton> MABEL

[01:36] <+TynaWesson> me ^_^

[01:36] <SheldonJPlankton> WHO SHOULD I VOTE

[01:36] <+Honey_Lemon> He chose you, and I am glad, despite losing another loved one, just like Tadashi.

[01:36] <WiiFitTrainer|> (Maybe not Mabel because she's not a finalist @Plankton)

[01:36] <@DraHosting> Baylor

[01:36] <WiiFitTrainer|> (IDK just a though)

[01:36] <@DraHosting> Plankton

[01:36] <WiiFitTrainer|> *thought

[01:36] <@DraHosting> WiiFitTrainer

[01:36] <@DraHosting> vote

[01:36] <+TynaWesson> me and Booka after TV Stars ^_^

[01:36] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw!

[01:36] <+Honey_Lemon> So cute, Tyna!

[01:36] <WiiFitTrainer|> (I don't vote until I make a jury speech you already know @Dra)

[01:37] <SheldonJPlankton> I MEAN HONEY

[01:37] <@DraHosting> shut up SG

[01:37] <SheldonJPlankton> MY MISTAKE

[01:37] <Fanatic_> THAT'S A DOG



[01:37] <GhostCasper> I'm still in hell...just in case anyone wanted to know...



[01:37] <+Honey_Lemon> Oh, Dra! I have an album of my time here!

[01:38] <+Honey_Lemon> Fanatic, what MCR song do you want me to play?

[01:38] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:38] <WiiFitTrainer|> Okay.

[01:38] <WiiFitTrainer|> Girls.

[01:38] <+Honey_Lemon> Yes?

[01:38] <WiiFitTrainer|> I just want to say, I love you both.

[01:38] <Fanatic_> Play I'm Not Okay (I Promise)

[01:38] <WiiFitTrainer|> And this is a super-hard decision.

[01:38] <+Honey_Lemon> Aw, I love you too!

[01:38] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:38] <+Honey_Lemon> Shall do, Fanatic.

[01:39] <+TynaWesson> Thank you, sweet pea!

[01:39] <+TynaWesson> ^_^

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> MY TURN FOR A SPEECH

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> MY TURN

[01:39] <WiiFitTrainer|> But I still have a few questions.

[01:39] * Honey_Lemon plays Fanatic's requested song.

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> MY TURN

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> STOP

[01:39] <WiiFitTrainer|> Tyna.

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> NO

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> MY TURN

[01:39] <WiiFitTrainer|> You won Survivor because Colby made a dumb move at F3.

[01:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Plankton, you can talk to me.

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> STOP YOU FREAKY FUZZY FUX

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> @Wii

[01:39] <SheldonJPlankton> Honey what is your favorite color

[01:39] <WiiFitTrainer|> Similarly, yesterday you had the choice between Mabel and Honey... and picked Honey.

[01:39] <+TynaWesson> No. I won Survivor because I convinced Colby to make a dumb move at F3. ^_^

[01:39] <+Honey_Lemon> Yellow.

[01:40] <WiiFitTrainer|> Justify why you made that choice.

[01:40] <WiiFitTrainer|> (okay forget it who even cares)

[01:40] <WiiFitTrainer|> I mean uh

[01:40] <+TynaWesson> I made that choice because I am a woman of my word. Mabel never not once approached me. 

[01:40] * WiiFitTrainer| nods

[01:40] <+TynaWesson> And I think with my MVP wins, I stood a decent shot against both of them.

[01:40] <WiiFitTrainer|> Honor. I respect that.

[01:40] <+TynaWesson> Thank you. ^_^

[01:41] <WiiFitTrainer|> Honey.

[01:41] <@DraHosting> wii fit trainer I will eat your nintendo wii

[01:41] <@DraHosting> if you do not votr

[01:41] <+Mabel_Pines> what?

[01:41] <@DraHosting> vote*

[01:41] <+Mabel_Pines> I approached you many times

[01:41] * Honey_Lemon smiles. 

[01:41] <Fanatic_> *puts Booka in a matching sweater that reads "This Be My Wife, Booka :3"* *wears her sweater that says "This Be My Hubby, Booka :3"*

[01:41] <WiiFitTrainer|> What move did you make in this game without the influence of me or Tyna?

[01:41] <+Honey_Lemon> Well.

[01:41] <+Mabel_Pines> As much as I warmed up to you

[01:41] <+Mabel_Pines> I pushed Ashley through this game because I can't do it

[01:41] * TynaWesson yawns

[01:41] <+TynaWesson> Let's get a move on ^_^

[01:42] <+Honey_Lemon> I was part of many eliminations with a few contestants, but none that I remember specifically. Vizzini's elimination was one I remember.

[01:42] <WiiFitTrainer|> (SG holding jury again (canberra))

[01:42] * WiiFitTrainer| nods

[01:42] <WiiFitTrainer|> Okay, thanks, girls.

[01:42] <WiiFitTrainer|> Love you!

[01:42] * WiiFitTrainer| cartwheels away

[01:42] <+TynaWesson> Love you too sweet pea ^_^ :)

[01:42] <+Honey_Lemon> Love you too!

[01:42] <@DraHosting> laughed@carthweels away

[01:42] <+Honey_Lemon> Remember, pilates!

[01:42] <@DraHosting> k I have the votes

[01:42] <@DraHosting> will be read soon...

[01:42] <@DraHosting> hang on

[01:42] <+TynaWesson> I can't wait to use some of your exercises at home ^_^

[01:42] <@DraHosting> ~~ EPISODE IS OVER ~~