This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Los Angeles.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#12 Background Kelly Shinn Kelly was a very funny joke character that made for excellent first boot fodder. The cast picture is hilarious, and the fact that she said absolutely nothing and the implication that she does not exist keeps her from being anything less than green-level on the rankings.
#11 PatricFace Patric Nickelbum Patric was an oddball, but the fact he lasted longer than Kelly and had a great deal of interactions in the first episode keeps him from being last. His gimmick, accusing people of being child molesters, actually worked well in the game because both Helmet and Kid are considerably children, and along with Tila's over-sexual personality, Patric had plenty of material to work with and did a great job in the two episodes he was in.
#10 BriceFace BrICE BrICE hails from Dravivor, which is great all on its own. BrICE was a legend in the earlier seasons, most notably in All Stars where he went from the first boot (in the Congo season) to the runner-up. BrICE returned again and made it to the finals, making him one of the most notable characters to ever play in a competition. He was great this season, and the ICE puns, though first I had disliked them, were clever upon a re-read of the transcript. I'm very glad that he did not win the season, because he makes for a great runner up.
#9 JSVFace JSV JSV was originally hated by me, but now that I understand his gimmick, I can better find his joke to be funny. His language that was entirely made up makes him one of the more unique characters to ever grace TV Stars. His early elimination is fitting for his type of character and personality. Plus, it's funny to think -- somehow, an alien managed to get cast on the show after landing on Earth for a job interview.
#8 HelmetFace Helmet Boi Helmet was a great challenge threat and was an interesting character. His manner of speech was interesting because it was very different from everyone else, really setting him apart from the others. He was actually a threat in the game, which is a very odd situation for the actor who played him, Ginga Ninja Jack.
#7 KidFace Kid Detective Kid was interesting. He is the child of ConspiracyWalnut, the pot-smoking winner of TV Stars Hawaii. He had a great relationship with Tila and the other adults in the house, though it was slightly (but not too much) disappointing that he did not do anything with "investigating" the twin twist. He still, however, had plenty of times where he acted as a detective, making his gimmick still relevant to his character.
#6 SpencerFace Spencer Bledsoe Spencer was an excellent winner. I was rooting for him for most of the game, and seeing him win really made the season that much better for me. At the beginning of the season, he commented that he knew he won the season because he read the spoilers, which is great because he actually did end up winning the season. His relationships and alliances with Tila, Liz, and Julia helped to get him far in the game, and generally, I believe Spencer played an amazing game. He did, after all, receive the most votes in the season and still managed to win.
#5 BellaFace Bella Chartrand Bella was the definite fan favorite of the season. She gave off vibes of TynaWesson, the winner of TV Stars Las Vegas. She was just extremely innocent and did nothing to anger anybody or upset anyone, which resulted in her winning the MVP three times and going to the final five of the competition. It's a shame that she got fourth place, but she definitely would have won had she gotten to the end.
#4 SantanaFace Santana Lopez Santana was sassy and a tough competitor. She made it all the way to the final three without winning any competitions of any kind -- no VIPs and no MVPs -- and took part in the Safes twist multiple times. She had plenty of screentime and was one of the bigger villains in the season. She was great to have in the game and probably would have won had she made it to the end, which she almost did until blundering at the very last minute.
#3 LizFace Liz Nolan Liz and Julia both were not the MOST well-received by the audience, but to me, they were amazing. The "uhhh" gimmick to their speech was funny (and accurate), but the biggest part of them being so high is their interactions involving the twins twist. They did not exactly HAVE to roleplay inside of the secret room they transferred into and out of, but they did, and their interactions in there were hilarious. When Julia joined the game, Liz became better but fell after being voted out by her OWN sister that she helped get into the game. The tragic tale of LizNolan is an excellent one and makes her one of the bigger TV Stars legends.
#2 JuliaFace Julia Nolan Speaking of TV Stars legends, JuliaNolan is the first person to ever enter the game at a different time than anyone else. She was interesting to watch at the beginning of the game, but I did not get a real read on her character until she joined the game for the first time in Week 2. It was great to see her adapt to how Liz spoke and occasionally mess things up, but attention was never drawn to her at any time, and she actually managed to join the game with her twin. The best part of Julia's time in the game came when she joined, of course. She first voted out Liz, calling her the uglier twin, and became a great challenge threat that made it all the way to the final five. After a string of bad luck, Julia managed to become the second victim of the straw draw, getting fifth place. Julia entered the game by unusual means and exited the game by unusual means. What journey could be better than that?
#1 TilaFace Tila Tequila Tila was hilarious, and it's a shame she got out so early in the game. She was a hilarious parody of the real Tila Tequila that got expelled from the Celebrity Big Brother House because of her anti-semitic comments at a very early time. TilaTequila was a great competitor, and her sexual personality and puns made me laugh quite a bit when watching the game play out. She is also very notable for not ever being able to be eliminated until her cancellation due to immunity twists and her one VIP win. I believe Tila would have won the game had she made her way to the end, because plenty of people in the audience were rooting for her and found her to be hilarious.