This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Paris.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#10 RKellyFace R Kelly How did the worst character in the entire season win the game? He was very vulgar and kept peeing on everyone. That's all there is to it.
#9 FrenchFryFace French Fry FrenchFry was wasted potential. He was supposed to be a foreign speaking character, and usually those kinds of characters get far in competitions, but this time, they got out first.
#8 BoringGuyFace Boring Boy BoringBoy, at first, was really bad and bland. Upon reviewing the transcript, however, he made plenty of funny jokes about being boring, which keeps him from being red or brown.
#7 Sunshineface Sunshine Sunshine was very generic for the most part, but was still a nice presence to have in the game, and thus she is higher than all those before because she lasted longer and was a part of the tied vote drama that happened repeatedly in the game.
#6 MikeFace Mike Holloway Mike was an entertaining second boot, and would probably be much higher if he had made it further. Because he did not, he is down at #6.
#5 HaliFace Hali Ford Hali often said a lot of confusing things, but this is mostly a part of Hali's character. She was more active privately than she was in the main game, so she was not that visible. For the time we did see her speaking out, she was entertaining and fun.
#4 KaitlynFace Kaitlyn Kaitlyn was an incredibly cute and adorable presence in the game, and is also the biggest fan of TV Stars in existence. She was voted out fourth, and is very high on this list because of how cute she acted and because of her blindside that happened just because she was Roslyn's main ally.
#3 DanFace Dan Foley Dan was definitely the fan favorite choice to win and was a very funny appearance in the competition. He would have definitely won if he had made the final two, but his game was ruined at the hands of Roslyn.
#2 RoslynFace Roslyn Correa Roslyn is a major villain in the entire franchise of TV Stars, probably more than Reed in Hawaii. She was so villainous and survived when a major alliance was against her for the majority of the game. She ran most things in the game and was a strategical mastermind that was the reason behind numerous blindsides.
#1 NinaFace Nina Poersch Nina was amazing to have in the game. Her deafness, though it harmed her gameplay, added great depth to the character because everyone had to yell at her to get her attention. She was such a unique presence in the game that I would love to see again.