This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Road Trip

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#12 AmandaFace Amanda Bynes Amanda was an extremely out-of-character mess that needed to tone it down...a ton. It's not that she was an atrocious mess but she was out of character and had little content in the episodes because of it. She didn't bring a lot to the season, as even her RSVP went to waste.
#11 Emerald2Face Equality Emerald Not sure who this is, there were only 11 people in Road Trip? Emerald was there for three rounds but didn't speak a ton or affect the game in any way.
#10 PoppyFace Poppy Poppy had tons of potential going into the game but was overshadowed by the similar personality, Marina Joyce. That being said, she and her allies had the potential to change the game up, but it failed miserably. She had a funny gimmick that probably would have gotten old over time, so it's a good thing she got out early.
#9 Kid2Face Kid Detective Kid Detective really didn't do much at all in the game, but his blindside bumps him up much higher than he probably should be. This, coupled with the fact that he's one of the more unique RP characters of all time, has him at number nine.
#8 Baylor2Face Baylor Wilson Baylor was disappointing this season. That's not saying she was all bad, considering she was the ring leader of the Favorites alliance and was essentially the villain of the season. Baylor did not live up to her Las Vegas incarnation but certainly brought a lot to the table, even with eliminating herself by pressing the Pause Button. Because of this, she's higher than Kid and Poppy.
#7 Attention2Face Attention Whore Attention Whore was actually amazing, despite still being similarly under-the-radar like she was in Broadway. She had the first real complete story of the season, going from the middle of the Favorites alliance right to the bottom, and attempting to flip it but failing. She was a great Favorite to have in the game and I definitely enjoyed her story.
#6 ReneeFace Renee Meyer Renee was interesting. She was a parody of the real Renee Meyer that controlled Michelle's account during Big Brother 18, and it worked out very well. At the start, she was extremely cruel to Michelle, but after she returned to the game, she grew as a character and evolved in a manner that wasn't out of character. Renee is very close to the definition of how to evolve as a character without breaking the boundaries and ruining it. Renee was a solid player.
#5 CupcakkeFace Cupcakke Cupcakke was hilarious, but she lasted such a short time in the game! Her real shine came from the Revival Competition where she defeated Poppy and began a really good redemption arc. If she had returned to the game, she probably would be in pink, but she was the final person eliminated in the competition and made a path for Michelle to win.
#4 Ashlee2Face Ashlee Williams Ashlee was a huge star throughout about 85% of the season, up until the final episode when she really didn't get a lot of content. That being said, she was one of the bigger personalities and one of the most dominant Favorites, leading Michelle's blindside and ultimately getting her comeuppance when Michelle, in turn, orchestrated her elimination. Ashlee had a great story this season, even without continuing her dominance from Broadway, and she is definitely coming back again.
#3 Justin2Face The Real TDI Justin Justin was amazing this time around and really brought everything to the table. I am positive he would have been equally astounding in Tokyo had he not been eliminated first, so I'm glad he made it all the way to the final three. I was rooting for him to win so we could have two winners in a row that went from first out to first place, but at the very least, he still holds that distinction as the last standing returnee in the game, even after getting third. Justin had really witty comments and funny lines and really ran the game alongside Ashlee and Baylor. His flip on Kid Detective may have led to his demise, but it skyrocketed the reception of the season.
#2 MarinaFace Marina Joyce Marina was hilarious and an eerily accurate export of the real Marina Joyce. She would be number one if she had more interactions than just her unintelligible rambling, but even with that in mind, her quotes were hilarious and her confessionals were equally humorous.
#1 MichelleFace Michelle Meyer Michelle had multiple layers to her personality, and that's something that I love in characters. Whether it was her hatred for her sister at the beginning and absolute love for her near the end, or her pitiful weeping as she was eliminated and her dictator-like rise in power after returning, Michelle evolved as a character and had an extremely good story throughout the game. Also, as a side note, her unnecessary details about the food she was eating made me cry. Her winning story is great, and she stands out the most out of all other winners for being voted out and returning to the game in the first ever returnee competition.