This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Superstar Showdown

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#12 BrICESSFace BrICE BrICE did not deliver this season. Upon a re-read of the Los Angeles transcript, BrICE was funny, but upon reading the transcript of Superstar Showdown, BrICE simply isn't as funny or interesting as he was in his first season.
#11 NanSSFace Nan The Witch This is actually an unpopular opinion, but Nan was pretty good her second time around. She was voted out early, so she can't be too high, but she had a very interesting conflict with Rachel in the season and had some fun self-contained stories that occurred while she was in the game, such as using a oujia board to gain strength to continue on in the game. I liked her, and I think we'll see her again some day.
#10 FanaticSSFace Fanatic Fanatic is pretty iconic all on her own, but this season she was about the same as she was in Las Vegas. Her post-elimination marriage to Booka Bear really brought her story in the season to a close, and I felt like her finishing as the third person eliminated was fitting for her. She has, at the time of the season, the record for the most votes overall cast against a player in the history of the series, which is great because it adds to her character. She is never not a target because of her supposed vast knowledge of the game and the general fact that she is a fanatic.
#9 TilaSSFace Tila Tequila Tila, despite being the first boot of the game, was pretty amazing while she lasted. She would be in pink tier had she survived a few more eliminations, but for her one episode, she was really great. Her alliance with Rachel and Honey was very promising until it collapsed due to her elimination, but it really helped kick off some of the bigger stories in the game, such as Honey's rise to villainy. Tila was a great first boot.
#8 CatbugSSFace Catbug Catbug was and will always be amazing, and this season, he really proved to everyone that the person hosting the show wasn't overrating him - he really is amazing. He managed to inexplicably make it to third place, giving him one of the best averages in the series, and was guaranteed to win had he made it to the final two. Catbug is perfect.
#7 TynaSSFace Tyna Wesson Tyna was about the same as she was in Las Vegas, but the person playing her came into the game and made Tyna bit more cutthroat, making her a major target. Because she showed a great power in challenges, Tyna was seen as an early target and was taken out at the jury stage of the game because of it. She was still the nice and sweet mother everyone knows and loves, but she was voted out early on in the season, so she didn't get to shine further, otherwise she would be higher.
#6 HoneySSFace Honey Lemon Honey seems heroic to the public eye, but on the sidelines, Honey actually became a villain in the season. Right at the start, she formed an alliance with Fanatic and Tyna...and then immediately went against it by siding with Rachel. She left multiple confessionals about how her friend, Tyna, was a great person, but that she had to go because she was a threat to her. This led to Honey becoming a catalyst to the Las Vegas representatives being taken out back to back, with Fanatic being the first casualty and Tyna being the second. Honey found herself the third ever victim of a straw draw tiebreaker, solidifying herself in TV Stars history. Overall, Honey made a major improvement to her game from Las Vegas and was a fantastic player.
#5 RachelSSFace Rachel Reilly Rachel was really great this time, even with her actions in the season being controversial. Despite there being so many conflicts, Rachel managed to play a pretty heroic game. She was at the top, controlling the votes for the first few rounds of the competition up until the final two outsiders were immune for a round, leading to Rachel turning on her own allies. Rachel became a catalyst for the straw draws in the season, as when she flipped to work with Joan and Louisa, she played her own RSVP, purchased from the auction, on Joan, which caused a tied vote between Louisa and Honey, ultimately with Honey getting out. In the next round, the same tie happened with BrICE being eliminated, and later, with Rachel herself falling victim to straws. Rachel was pretty compelling and a great player.
#4 DanSSFace Dan Foley Dan was his usual "lulzy" self this time, and was the center of comedic relief in the season. He managed to somehow get himself to the finale for a second time, and was basically guaranteed to win had he not been voted out before the finale two. He also survived a straw draw against Rachel, and became the first person to survive a straw draw but not win the game. Dan, as always, is a very iconic and funny character that deserved to get far.
#3 ReedSSFace Reed Kelly Reed, despite being a middle casualty in the game, was victim to an amazing blindside that nobody - not even those that voted for him - knew would happen. Reed was his typical rude self this season, making himself out to be better than everyone else and all, but his real star quality this season came from his words to Tyna before her elimination. He sarcastically apologized to her for voting her out because she saved him from elimination in an earlier round. Then, in the next round, because of a misconception about the RSVP, Reed found himself voted out due to a split in the votes. Though the intention was to take out Rachel, two confused voters voted against Reed, securing enough votes to take him out. Reed's time in the game was great, and he remains one of the more legendary characters in the series.
#2 LouisaSSFace Louisa Rose Allen Louisa enters hot pink tier this season because of her absolutely amazing social game and the fact that she won the season after returning from by far the worst season of the show. Louisa, being one of the only good ones from Hollywood, returned and won, beating out everyone else. Louisa was a last minute addition to the cast as well, having been added to the cast but repeatedly declining until finally agreeing to come. Louisa and Joan were two allies since the beginning of the game, and they ended up at the bottom of the game after Tyna was taken out. Because of a round where she and Joan were immune, they managed to work their way into the majority alliance against them and make their way to the final two, taking everyone else down. That's what's so great about Louisa's game: she was so loved by America that she was capable of winning MVPs when she needed them most, and she was great in challenges, too, so she kept herself immune by winning VIPs. She survived TWO straw draws in the season against the opposing alliance and fought the hardest out of any winner in the series. Louisa pretty much single-handedly took down the opposition by staying alive in the straw draws. Louisa was definitely one of the breakout stars this season.
#1 JoanSSFace Joan Callamezzo Joan, as always, is the number one of the season because of how hilarious she was throughout the entire thing. Even in times of desperation, she still had great one-liners and maintained a great alliance with Louisa the entire time. After Tyna's elimination, Joan and Louisa won immunities to keep themselves alive, and Joan made an alliance with Rachel to save herself and Louisa that made for one of the best moments in the entire series: Rachel playing the RSVP on Joan. Joan was extremely rude and sassy to people in the game, which made her very enjoyable and funny, and she even poked fun at herself sometimes. Joan solidifed herself this season as a TV Stars legend, not only by being an amazing personality, but by spending a total of 22 weeks in the game combined with her Hawaii records.