This page contains the rankings for every competitor in TV Stars Tokyo.

Ranking Contestant Reasoning
#15 TyFace Ty Ty lasting so late into the game bewilders me - and what makes it worse is that he likely would have won in the end because people disliked how whiny Rachel was. He needed to be a much earlier boot.
#14 VerminFace Vermin Supreme The fact that this character wears a boot on his head makes him safe from being last. He did nothing of importance in the game at all and got voted out during the phase of the game where nobody did anything to stop Rachel's domination.
#13 OpalFace Opal Opal winning the opening VIP challenge was hilarious and amazing because I honestly expected someone like Lana or Rachel to win it instead. That was about the only thing that really made Opal good, other than her interesting gimmick where she is supposedly two characters in one.
#12 TharjaFace Tharja Tharja was an interesting character that we didn't get to see much of. She was kind of generic and basic, but her returning to Rejectvivor and getting medically evacuated does nothing to make her go higher.
#11 LydiaFace Lydia Originally in green, Lydia did basically nothing in the game besides win a lot of challenges. The only person that SG can do this with successfully without me hating them is AshleeWilliams and maybe WiiFitTrainer - but Lydia had barely any personality to like, so until SG finds a way to make his dominators have a good personality, they will continue to fall and fall.
#10 LucyFace Lucy Van Pelt Lucy, unfortunately, quit the game when she was kind of fun and had potential to go very far into the game. She was one of the Executive Producers, so she caught my eye early and was an interesting character in general, but unfortunately, her quit drags her down quite a bit.
#9 AaronFace Aaron Braddock Aaron was untapped potential that got out second because people wanted Rachel to stay in the game longer, and Aaron was impeding on her success. Aaron would be great for a season of Hasbeens, but until then, he stays low in the like section because of his robbed potential.
#8 JustinFace The Real TDI Justin Justin was only the first boot because of the penalty vote against him. He was effectively screwed over by the Good vs Evil twist combined with the First Impressions twist. Even though he got out first, however, he is very notable for being on the jury because of the final twist of the game. He was a good version of Total Drama Island Justin and would enjoy seeing him again.
#7 SeanFace Dr. Sean For a Snow character, DrSean was pretty great. He was accurate to the real life version of Sean from Survivor: Borneo and his alphabet strategy made for interesting viewing as he survived in the game for a fairly long time.
#6 SemharFace Semhar Tadesse Looking back, she went by unnoticed because of how quiet her character was. She was very snarky in her few times that she did talk, stayed true to Semhar's character from Survivor: South Pacific.
#5 NanFace Nan The Witch Nan was an excellent export of Nan from American Horror Story. The user who plays her, Kvng, sometimes talks inappropriately but it fits so well with Nan because she was the same way in the show and had no filter.
#4 LanaFace Lana Winters Lana was iconically ejected out of TV Stars Tokyo for accusing the Host of rigging the game. She originally was at the number one spot for a long time, but she did not last long in the game. Even though she was amazing for the short while she was there, and because she tried to burn down the House at the end of the game, Lana ranks very high on the list.
#3 CottonFace Pirate Cotton Cotton is honestly my favorite TV Stars winner to date because he defeated Rachel in the end and actually was a very unique character on his own. His interactions were done mainly through signs and the occasional hand signals.
#2 RachelFace Rachel Reilly She was a great dominating force in the game that spearheaded several eliminations in the game. She was responsible for picking multiple people off with her alliance of Cotton and Ty, and she managed to manipulate others into doing her bidding until the grand finale where she lost because of a jury upset at her for taking them all out of the game.
#1 PBFace Princess Bubblegum Much like her friend LadyRainicorn, from TV Stars Hawaii, Bubblegum was an underdog and a likable main character of the overall story of the game. She was the only true force that wanted to stop Rachel, but could never get enough people to go against her, and thus she ended up in fourth place. She won a VIP challenge against Rachel and saved herself, but inevitably her enemy was saved by the MVP vote. Bubblegum would have made for an amazing winner had she won, and she most definitely would have because the entire jury was rooting against Rachel (with the exception of a few people).