TV Stars Worlds Apart Alliance
Season TV Stars Paris
Founder Nina Poersch
Members Mike Holloway

Hali Ford Dan Foley
Nina Poersch

Week Formed 1
Enemies Roslyn Correa
Lowest Placing Member Mike Holloway
Highest Placing Member Dan Foley

Worlds Apart

The four members of the cast from Survivor: Worlds Apart formed a major alliance that lasted throughout the majority of the game. While their specific chat area was relatively empty of strategic talk, the four refrained from voting for each other for the most part of the game.

Initially, Mike called the alliance the #DIRTY30 and referred to them as such, which confused people trying to find their alliance's special room. They first decided to eliminate FrenchFry from the game, which succeeded. Their second target, BoringBoy, failed when Mike was blindsided by the others in the game and outside of the alliance.

Eventually, Hali, Dan, and Nina continued to work together until they joined the TakeDownRoslynCorrea alliance together.


Hali turned on the alliance and attempted to get rid of Dan and Nina on several occasions, but it failed each time. Eventually, Nina was eliminated by straws.

At the final four, Hali attempted to get rid of Roslyn and take Dan to the end after finally realizing that she needed him to go further, but her past actions in the game bit her in the behind -- Hali was eliminated.

Dan finally met his demise when Roslyn eliminated him at the final three because he was going to win the game. As the final member, Dan fell last of any other alliance in the game -- making TVStarsWorldsApart the most prominent alliance in the game.


[21:33] == Bot2 [6b03c782@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TVStarsWorldsApart
[21:34] <NinaPoersch> We can figure out what to do after MVP
[21:35] == DanFoley [] has joined #TVStarsWorldsApart
[21:35] <DanFoley> HHHIIIIIIIIIIIIIII!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111
[21:35] <NinaPoersch> Dan!
[21:35] <DanFoley> OLEOELOELOEL
[21:35] <DanFoley> HI!!!!!!!!!
[21:38] <MikeHolloway_> HEY DAN BLUE COLLAR BUD
[21:38] <NinaPoersch> Hey, so who should we vote tonight?
[21:38] <MikeHolloway_> WE'RE ALL SAFE GUYS
[21:38] <MikeHolloway_> #Dirty30
[21:39] <DanFoley> #Dirty30
[21:39] <NinaPoersch> Want to vote French-Fry?
[21:39] <NinaPoersch> Oh, Dan and Mike can't vote!
[21:40] <NinaPoersch> :(
[21:40] <Hali_Ford> I guess it's up to us.
[21:40] <NinaPoersch> I say we do French-Fry
[21:41] <Hali_Ford> I think Boring Boy since he's.........
[21:41] <Hali_Ford> y'know........
[21:41] <Hali_Ford> like..........
[21:41] <DanFoley> yeah
[21:41] <Hali_Ford> a piece of paper.................
[21:41] <Hali_Ford> boring............!
[21:41] <NinaPoersch> Wait, what?
[21:41] <NinaPoersch> I just see lips moving.
[21:41] <DanFoley> boringboy is BORING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:41] <NinaPoersch> Speak up. lol
[21:41] <MikeHolloway_> LETS VOTE FOR BORINGBOY, GUYS.
[21:41] <NinaPoersch> Wait, Boring?
[21:41] <DanFoley> BORING
[21:41] <DanFoley> BOY
[21:41] <DanFoley> IS
[21:41] <NinaPoersch> Okay!
[21:41] <MikeHolloway_> HE'S NOT A TRUE BLUE COLLAR MEMBER.
[21:41] <DanFoley> ~~~~~~~~~~BORING~~~~~~~~~~~
[21:41] <DanFoley> @Nina
[21:41] <DanFoley> BORINGBOY
[21:42] <DanFoley> BORINGBOY
[21:42] <DanFoley> CAN U
[21:42] <DanFoley> HEAR ME?????????????
[21:42] <DanFoley> NINA??????????????
[21:42] <DanFoley> VOTE FOR BORINGBOY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[21:42] <NinaPoersch> Yes!
[21:42] <NinaPoersch> I hear you! :D
[21:42] * NinaPoersch looks away
[21:42] <MikeHolloway_> #DIRTY30
[21:59] <Hali_Ford> So I was thinkin that we vote out someone like............
[22:00] <DanFoley> SUNSHINE????????????????
[22:00] <DanFoley> or Kaitlyn??????????????????????
[22:00] <NinaPoersch> Sunshine?
[22:00] <NinaPoersch> Sunshine works for me!
[22:00] <Hali_Ford> Sunshine is all good!!
[22:01] <NinaPoersch> Oh wait, but I can't vote!
[22:01] <NinaPoersch> and neither can Hali!
[22:02] <Hali_Ford> Guurl you might just be safe
[22:03] <Hali_Ford> but if not that's unfortunate but we can still make it hahahH!
[22:03] <DanFoley> We'll be fine!!!!!
[22:03] <NinaPoersch> What?
[22:03] <NinaPoersch> :)
[22:03] <DanFoley> WE
[22:03] <DanFoley> WILL
[22:03] <DanFoley> BE
[22:03] <DanFoley> FINE
[22:03] <DanFoley> !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:04] <NinaPoersch> Oh, okay!
[22:04] <NinaPoersch> Sorry if I'm becoming annoying.
[22:04] <NinaPoersch> :(
[22:04] <DanFoley> ur not!!!!!
[22:04] <DanFoley> LOOOL
[22:07] <NinaPoersch> Mike is being targeted.
[22:07] <NinaPoersch> :(
[22:07] <NinaPoersch> Also Dan is being targeted
[22:09] <Hali_Ford> Well I wish I could vote or somethin......
[22:09] <DanFoley> WOW
[22:09] <Hali_Ford> Who's targetin them??
[22:09] <DanFoley> I'm being TARGETED!!!!!!!
[22:09] <NinaPoersch> Not sure, but the rumor tonight is Dan or Mike
[22:16] <NinaPoersch> People are voting Mike!
[22:18] == MikeHolloway_ [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[22:22] <DanFoley> we got to TAKE OVER THIS GAME
[22:22] <DanFoley> WE CANT GO DOWN LIKE THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[22:22] <NinaPoersch> Yes!!
[22:37] <NinaPoersch> Do you want to vote Kaitlyn tonight?
[22:37] <NinaPoersch> She's targeting Hali!
[22:39] <DanFoley> yes!!!!!!
[22:39] <DanFoley> she's tight with ROSLYN
[22:39] <NinaPoersch> Wait, but she's safe!
[22:39] <DanFoley> AND I DON'T TRUST
[22:39] <DanFoley> ROSLYN
[22:39] <DanFoley> AT ALL!!!!!!
[22:39] <NinaPoersch> I guess we have to do Boring!
[22:39] <NinaPoersch> or Sunshine!
[22:48] <NinaPoersch> So Boring?
[22:49] <Hali_Ford> Boring's the way ta go if ya ask me
[22:49] <Hali_Ford> hAHHAHA
[22:49] <Hali_Ford> I'm right here with y'all all the way
[22:51] <DanFoley> OKAY
[22:51] <DanFoley> VOTING FOR BORING!!!!!
[23:05] <DanFoley> HALI????????????
[00:09] == DanFoley [] has left #TVStarsWorldsApart []
[00:09] == NinaPoersch [] has left #TVStarsWorldsApart []
[00:20] == Hali_Ford [48422080@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TVStarsWorldsApart []

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