The Awoken Minds of the Eternal Green
Season TV Stars Hawaii
Founder Conspiracy Walnut
Members Conspiracy Walnut

Ron Stoppable
Lady Rainicorn
Doug Dimmadome

Week Formed 2
Enemies Reed Kelly
Lowest Placing Member Greeling
Highest Placing Member Conspiracy Walnut


The alliance began as Conspiracy Walnut got the other members to join a new alliance room together, where they vowed to stick together this time. After the reveal of their old alliance by Bob and Linda, this alliance had to get rid of her, and did so immediately.


Immediate targets of the alliance were Reed and Mystic Snake. They worked to get rid of Reed several times until eventually collapsing after Doug's elimination and the eventual elimination of Ron.

With Walnut and Lady as the last two standing, they tried to work together, but inevitably Lady was eliminated at the hands of both Walnut and Reed.

In the end, everyone voted for Walnut to win.

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