The Final Solution
Season TV Stars Los Angeles
Founder Tila Tequila
Members Tila Tequila

Spencer Bledsoe
Liz Nolan
Julia Nolan
Helmet Boi
Kid Detective

Week Formed 2
Enemies BrICE
Lowest Placing Member Tila Tequila
Highest Placing Member Spencer Bledsoe


The alliance formed all of Tila's friends and showmances in the game. She flirted with Spencer, Helmet, and Kid, and invited them to the alliance, while Tila's best friend in the House, Liz, joined, along with her sister as a result of the twins twist.

As time went on, Tila kicked out people that offended her. The first to be kicked out was Helmet, after she realized he was actually bald underneath his helmet. This made him extremely upset, and he went against Tila, causing her to be eliminated fourth.

BrICE became an enemy to the alliance after Helmet was kicked out, all because he refused to join the alliance with the rest of them. Tila declared herself to be the boss of the alliance...and then was eliminated from the competition, all because she was too bossy and a threat in the game.


[21:39] == RecordBot [ac38016a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[21:39] <@TilaTequila> This is our new alliance.
[21:39] <@TilaTequila> Dedicated to eradicating the scum of the earth, Patrick.
[21:40] <Spencer_Bledsoe> sounds alright to me.
[21:40] <HelmetBoi> OI WE CAN DO IT M8S
[21:44] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[21:44] <LizNolan_> I'm backuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:44] <HelmetBoi> OI WELCUM BACK
[21:44] <Kid_Detective> goodie! *nervous laugh*
[21:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Hello Liz.
[21:44] <@TilaTequila> Okay!
[21:44] <@TilaTequila> The gang's all here!
[21:44] <@TilaTequila> Inter-alliance fucking is encouraged and appreciated!
[21:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay.
[21:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Will do.
[21:45] <HelmetBoi> A'ight m8
[21:51] <@TilaTequila> YEAH!
[21:51] <HelmetBoi> NOICE JOB
[21:51] <@TilaTequila> fish slaps all around, guys
[21:51] <@TilaTequila> FISH SLAP ME
[21:51] <@TilaTequila> I'm so ON rn
[21:51] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay.
[21:51] * Spencer_Bledsoe awkwardly fish slaps Tila
[21:52] <@TilaTequila> Ugh, Kid is way better at htis
[21:52] * HelmetBoi slaps TilaTequila around a bit with a large fishbot
[21:52] * LizNolan_ playfully fish slaps Tila
[21:52] * Kid_Detective slaps TilaTequila around a bit with a large fishbot
[21:52] <@TilaTequila> sploosh
[21:52] <@TilaTequila> Thanks, guys.
[21:52] <Kid_Detective> *cries silently* mhm
[21:52] <@TilaTequila> This is what alliances are all about! :D
[21:53] <HelmetBoi> Oi Kid relax yer doin' gr8
[21:54] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Yeah
[21:54] <Spencer_Bledsoe> You don't suck entirely.
[21:54] <@TilaTequila> Just make sure you all vote Patrick out!
[21:54] <@TilaTequila> That Jew-scum won't know what hit him!
[21:54] <HelmetBoi> Oi we got this
[21:54] * Spencer_Bledsoe nods
[21:59] <HelmetBoi> So it's time ta get Pat
[21:59] <@TilaTequila> Yes.
[21:59] <@TilaTequila> This is... the final solution.
[21:59] <@TilaTequila> HEIL HITLER
[21:59] <HelmetBoi> A'ight m8
[21:59] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay.
[22:00] <LizNolan_> Sureuhhhhhhhhhh
[22:00] <Kid_Detective> *looks away from the others*
[22:01] <HelmetBoi> Oi Kid cheer up m8 we're all gonna survive for another week
[22:01] * HelmetBoi pulls out kid-sized helmet and puts it on Kid
[22:12] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheFinalSolution []
[22:12] == Kid_Detective was kicked from #TheFinalSolution by TilaTequila [wibble]
[22:13] <@TilaTequila> WE DON'T NEED HIM ANYWAY
[22:13] <@TilaTequila> SLUT
[22:13] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Oh my.
[22:13] <HelmetBoi> Oi
[22:16] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[22:16] <LizNolan> I'm backuhhhhhh
[22:16] <@TilaTequila> Yay!
[22:17] <@TilaTequila> We kicked out that slut, Kid
[22:17] <@TilaTequila> btw
[22:17] <HelmetBoi> Tila and Kid had a mighty fite
[22:17] <LizNolan> Wowwwuhhhhhh what was it abouttuhhhhhh? Probably alcoholuhhhhhh
[22:17] * LizNolan giggles
[22:18] <HelmetBoi> They're faitin' about a chicken or sumthin'
[22:18] <@TilaTequila> Hey do any of you guys have a set of three numbers?
[22:26] <LizNolan> Yessuhhhhhh
[22:27] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Good job Tila!
[22:27] <HelmetBoi> OI SLAY TEAM
[22:28] <Spencer_Bledsoe> I am never useless.
[22:29] <@TilaTequila> Okay, guys.
[22:29] <@TilaTequila> We vote Kid tonight.
[22:29] <@TilaTequila> Because that fucker stole my chicken.
[22:29] <@TilaTequila> And that is unacceptable.
[22:29] <HelmetBoi> Oi should we vote him this early m8
[22:29] <HelmetBoi> He's not much of a threat he's just a kid
[22:30] <@TilaTequila> Well who do YOU suggest we get rid of, then?
[22:30] <HelmetBoi> Oi that Santana chick is fierce
[22:30] <HelmetBoi> She scares me a bit
[22:31] <@TilaTequila> well if you think she's fierce
[22:31] <@TilaTequila> why don't you just VOTE FOR HER
[22:31] <HelmetBoi> Oi I'll stick with the alliance
[22:31] <HelmetBoi> Ah'm just puttin' in mah 2 cents
[22:31] <HelmetBoi> If ya want ta vote Kid we'll vote for 'im
[22:32] <HelmetBoi> So I guess we're votin' for Kid
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> JUST DO WHAT YOU WANT
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> GOSH
[22:32] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay.
[22:32] <LizNolan> Let's vote JSVuhhhhhuhhhhh he's creepyuhhhhh
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> Oh yeah actually
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> let's do that
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> What is he even saying
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> like
[22:32] <@TilaTequila> ever
[22:32] <HelmetBoi> Oh yeah you're right m8s
[22:32] <Spencer_Bledsoe> I agree.
[22:32] <HelmetBoi> He's a bit nutty in tha head
[22:40] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheFinalSolution []
[22:41] <@TilaTequila> Sorry Helmet.
[22:41] <@TilaTequila> But bald people... are gross.
[22:42] == HelmetBoi was kicked from #TheFinalSolution by TilaTequila [wibble]
[22:43] <Spencer_Bledsoe> True.
[22:43] == Kid_Detective [40cbbd8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[22:44] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Welcome back, Kid!
[22:44] <LizNolan_> So sorryyuhhh
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> It's as if you never left!
[22:44] <LizNolan_> But I'm backuhh
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Helmet's out, now.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Cuz he's bald.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> and that's gross
[22:44] == HelmetBoi [617c3879@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheFinalSolution
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Welcome back Liz.
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Hello HelmetBoi.
[22:44] <HelmetBoi> Oi I didn't realize ah left
[22:44] <HelmetBoi> Ah'm sorry
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> No.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> I kicked you.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Because bald people.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Are gross.
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Tila he isn't fully bald.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> Come back when you have hair
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> BALDY
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> He has some hair.
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> See
[22:44] <LizNolan_> Wowwww
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> bye felicia
[22:44] <LizNolan_> Tila you're soooo meaaaaann
[22:44] * Spencer_Bledsoe pulls off his helmet to show a few strands of hair.
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> See
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Like
[22:44] == HelmetBoi was kicked from #TheFinalSolution by TilaTequila [wibble]
[22:44] <Spencer_Bledsoe> FIVE strands of halr.
[22:44] <@TilaTequila> bye felicia
[22:45] <LizNolan_> Tilaaaaa be niceuhhhhh
[22:45] <@TilaTequila> He's bald.
[22:45] <@TilaTequila> And we don't need bald people ehre.
[22:45] <@TilaTequila> But first and foremost: brICE needs to go next.
[22:45] <@TilaTequila> I asked him to join
[22:45] <@TilaTequila> and he just said no.
[22:46] <@TilaTequila> What a douche
[22:46] <Spencer_Bledsoe> k
[22:46] <LizNolan_> Okayyyuhhh
[22:46] <Kid_Detective> Whatever.
[22:46] <LizNolan_> You guys have to win VIP thoughhhh since I can'tuhh
[22:55] <LizNolan_> Helmet wonnnuhhhhhh
[22:55] <LizNolan_> Maybe we should let him back inuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:55] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Yeah.
[22:55] <Spencer_Bledsoe> I agree.
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> NO!
[22:55] <Spencer_Bledsoe> He isn't that bald.
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> I DO NOT WANT UGLY PEOPLE.
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> He can vote with us
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> but he isn't allowed
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> -in-
[22:55] <@TilaTequila> this chat.
[22:56] <LizNolan_> Tiluhhhhhh
[22:56] <LizNolan_> You're soooo meeannnn
[22:56] <@TilaTequila> HEIL HITLER!
[22:56] <LizNolan_> GirlllllI I'm the boss ass bitchuhhhhhhhh
[22:56] <@TilaTequila> um...
[22:56] <@TilaTequila> no.
[22:56] <@TilaTequila> Okay, so
[22:56] <@TilaTequila> We shall vote... brICE?
[22:56] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Sounds okay to me.
[22:57] <@TilaTequila> One of you can relay the message on to Baldy.
[22:57] <@TilaTequila> Oh wait, he can't vote.
[23:01] <@TilaTequila> So, everyone agrees on brICE?
[23:01] <LizNolan_> Yassuhhhhh
[23:01] <LizNolan_> He needs to chilluhhhhhhhh
[23:01] <LizNolan_> Literallyyyyy
[23:01] * LizNolan_ giggles
[23:01] <@TilaTequila> Liz, I think you should use your extra vote tonight.
[23:01] <LizNolan_> I willuhhhh
[23:02] <LizNolan_> I can't take risksuhhh
[23:02] <@TilaTequila> Kid, Spencer, you guys in?
[23:02] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Yeah.
[23:06] <Kid_Detective> Yeah
[23:06] <Kid_Detective> sorry
[23:12] == TilaTequila [457c408c@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[23:13] <Spencer_Bledsoe> The Final Solution is finished.
[23:14] <Kid_Detective> Tila was the final solution?
[23:14] <LizNolan_> Yesssuhhh
[23:14] <LizNolan_> She was sooo meaannuhhhh
[23:14] <Kid_Detective> Glad we all equally didn't like her
[23:14] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Yay for equality! :^)
[23:15] <Kid_Detective> No offense to you all, was kind of actively trying to ruin this alliance when I got out but y'all seemed pretty nice.
[23:15] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Thanks, kid.
[23:15] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheFinalSolution []
[23:17] <Kid_Detective> No problem
[23:17] <Kid_Detective> Time for us to scatter
[23:17] == Kid_Detective [40cbbd8d@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheFinalSolution []
[23:17] <Spencer_Bledsoe> I am white.
[23:17] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:17] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:18] <Spencer_Bledsoe> Haha!
[23:27] == Spencer_Bledsoe [46b9d9ba@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheFinalSolution []

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