The One Percent
Season TV Stars Los Angeles
Founder Spencer Bledsoe
Members Spencer Bledsoe

Santana Lopez
Liz Nolan
Julia Nolan

Week Formed 1
Enemies JSV

Helmet Boi

Lowest Placing Member Liz Nolan
Highest Placing Member Spencer Bledsoe


Right at the start of the game, Spencer pulled in one of the flirtiest competitors, Liz, and Santana to form a secret alliance against the others in the game.

The three worked very well together, and took part in the eliminations of JSV, Patric, and HelmetBoi.

After Julia entered the game, she was inducted into the alliance as a result of Spencer including Liz. The alliance stuck together until the bitter end, when Julia took out Liz. It was then that they had to turn against each other, and Spencer and Santana had to get rid of Julia.

In the finale, every member of the alliance voted in favor of Spencer to win the game.


[21:47] == RecordBot [ac38016a@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[21:51] <SantanaLopez> Well, none of us won.
[21:51] <SantanaLopez> That sucks.
[21:51] <LizNolan_> Welllll I couldn't playuhh
[21:51] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I am too smart to fail this.
[21:52] <SantanaLopez> Oh, Lizzie, you can't play anything :)
[21:52] <LizNolan_> Santanuhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:52] <LizNolan_> Do you have a problem with meeeeeeeuhhh
[21:52] <LizNolan_> Is it because I'm prettier than youuuuu?
[21:53] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Ladies, ladies. There is enough Spencer to go around.
[21:53] * LizNolan_ giggles
[21:53] <LizNolan_> Spenceruhhhhhhhhh you're soooooo funnyyyyy
[21:53] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I know.
[21:53] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> :)
[21:54] <SantanaLopez> Prettier than me?
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> Excuse me?
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> Who the hell do you think I am? I am the hottest slice of action in this whole game.
[21:55] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> You are both pretty in your own ways.
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> I've been wearing a fricken cheerleader uniform.
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> Spencer, please.
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> We don't need to fight, just compromise.
[21:55] <SantanaLopez> Liz, never talk unless spoken to. And let me be me :)
[21:55] <LizNolan_> My sisters told me not to be a sluhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhht in the houseeeeeuhhh
[21:55] <LizNolan_> Oh my goshhhhhhuh
[21:56] <LizNolan_> You're soooo meeaannnn
[21:56] * LizNolan_ giggles
[21:56] <SantanaLopez> ... That wasn't even relevant to anything.
[21:56] <SantanaLopez> Jesus, are you bipolar?
[21:56] <LizNolan_> What does that meanuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:56] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Hey Liz, sluts are people too. Not saying Santana is a slut though...
[21:57] <SantanaLopez> Excuse me? Did you call me a slut?
[21:58] <SantanaLopez> Listen Carmen Sandiego, I don't need to be labeled things.
[21:58] <SantanaLopez> I am a proud Latina woman.
[21:58] <LizNolan_> I meannnnnnnnnnnn I'm from Miami sooooooooooo
[21:58] <LizNolan_> We have a lot of thoseuhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> Anyways, we need to strategize.
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> Bella and Tila are immune.
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> Our next target?
[21:59] <LizNolan_> Some people are telling me Patrickuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:59] <LizNolan_> But I don't knowuhhhhhhhhhh
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> I almost want JSV.
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> Like who is he?
[21:59] <SantanaLopez> And why can't I understand him.
[21:59] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I do not know.
[22:00] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> He must be a mexican.
[22:00] <SantanaLopez> Wow.
[22:00] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Kidding, of course.
[22:00] <SantanaLopez> Alright, Spencer.
[22:00] <SantanaLopez> Yeah, you better be.
[22:00] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I'm kidding I don't buy into stereotypes.
[22:00] * SantanaLopez reads through the bullshit
[22:00] <SantanaLopez> Anyways, my vote is JSV.
[22:00] <SantanaLopez> But I'm one person. Thoughts?
[22:00] <LizNolan_> That's fineuhhhhhhhh
[22:00] <LizNolan_> I don't understand what he saysuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:00] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Patric or JSV I don't really care either way.
[22:01] <LizNolan_> Like does he even speak Englishhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:01] <SantanaLopez> Do you speak English...? @Lixz
[22:01] <LizNolan_> Patric doesn't do anything thouguhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:01] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> True.
[22:01] <LizNolan_> Um yeahhh @Santana
[22:01] <SantanaLopez> Eh, it doesn't matter to me.
[22:02] <SantanaLopez> So, JSV or Patric?
[22:02] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I think it would be more economically safe to go with Patric.
[22:04] <LizNolan_> I agreeuhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:04] <LizNolan_> JSV is harmlessuhhhhh since he can't speakuhhhhhhhh
[22:04] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Yes, that is true.
[22:04] <SantanaLopez> But isn't Patric?
[22:04] <SantanaLopez> Liz, your logic literally makes no sense.
[22:04] <LizNolan_> Do you even know anythinguhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh?
[22:04] <LizNolan_> I hate youuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:05] <SantanaLopez> Liz, fine. I'm sorry.
[22:05] <SantanaLopez> Can we just we civil till jury.
[22:05] <LizNolan_> Yeahuhhhhhhhhhh
[22:05] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I enjoy being civil.
[22:05] <LizNolan_> I mean I don't have a problem with youuuuuuuuuuuuuu
[22:06] * LizNolan_ giggles
[22:06] <SantanaLopez> I know, it's me, okay?
[22:06] <SantanaLopez> I have an alter ego named Snix who's kinda a bitch.
[22:07] <LizNolan_> Wowwwwwwwwwwwww
[22:08] <SantanaLopez> Don't you have a twin sister?
[22:08] <SantanaLopez> It's kinda like that,
[22:08] <LizNolan_> Yeahhhuhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:08] <LizNolan_> But she's not as pretty as meeeuhhhhhh
[22:08] <LizNolan_> And I'm smarterr and funnierrrr
[22:08] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Is your sister a bitch, Liz?
[22:08] <LizNolan_> Well sometimesssss
[22:08] <SantanaLopez> Is your sister a lesbian?
[22:08] <LizNolan_> Girls are always super catty and it's soooooo unfortunateuhhh
[22:08] <LizNolan_> Noooooo
[22:10] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Satana can make her one.
[22:10] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Santana*
[22:10] <SantanaLopez> ...What?
[22:10] <SantanaLopez> Spencer, no.
[22:10] <SantanaLopez> Too far.
[22:11] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> All I was saying is that you are attractive enough!
[22:11] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I mean
[22:11] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Ruby Rose did it.
[22:11] <SantanaLopez> ... That was literally the worst logic.
[22:11] <SantanaLopez> Listen, just because the only straight I am is straight-up bitch doesn't mean you can say things like that.
[22:12] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Hey I call them as I see them.
[22:12] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I mean look at how many lesbians Ruby Rose has created.
[22:12] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> like
[22:12] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> 30!
[22:12] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheOnePercent []
[22:18] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[22:18] <LizNolan> Heyyyuhhhhhh
[22:18] <LizNolan> The hot girl is backuhhhhhh did you guys miss meuhhhhhh
[22:18] * LizNolan giggles
[22:18] <SantanaLopez> Oh goodness.
[22:18] <SantanaLopez> I'm the hot girl...
[22:18] <LizNolan> uhhhhhhuhhhhhhuhhhhhhuhhhhhhuhhhhhhm sureuhhhhhh
[22:18] * LizNolan giggles
[22:19] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> True.
[22:24] <SantanaLopez> ...
[22:24] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> so
[22:25] <SantanaLopez> Our next target?
[22:25] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I'm not sure, who do you want out?
[22:31] <SantanaLopez> Target?
[22:32] <SantanaLopez> Can't vote Brice or Tila.
[22:32] <SantanaLopez> So JSV, Bella, Kid
[22:32] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I'd say JSV.
[22:32] <LizNolan> I'm doing JSVuhhhhh
[22:32] <LizNolan> He gives me the creepsuhhhhh
[22:40] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheOnePercent []
[22:44] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[22:45] <LizNolan_> I'm backuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:45] <SantanaLopez> <3 LIZ, I MISSED YOU
[22:45] <LizNolan_> Me toooooooouhhhhhh!
[22:45] * LizNolan_ hugs Santana
[22:47] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> now kiss. : ^ )
[22:47] * Spencer_Bledsoe bobbles
[22:47] <SantanaLopez> I mean, I'm up for it.
[22:47] <LizNolan_> I meannuhhh
[22:47] <LizNolan_> I had a boyfriend before coming in hereuhhhh
[22:47] <LizNolan_> But we broke upuhhh
[22:47] <SantanaLopez> Aw... what a shame.
[22:47] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Go for it! :^)
[22:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> It was good enough for Austin.
[22:48] <LizNolan_> Austin didn't even break up with his gfuhhhhhhh
[22:48] <LizNolan_> Likeuhhhhhh make sure you're single before you touch meuhhhhhhh
[22:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> True.
[22:56] <LizNolan_> Guysuhhhhh
[22:56] <LizNolan_> Tila is soooo meeaannnnuhhh
[22:56] <SantanaLopez> Liz, I'm single.
[22:56] <SantanaLopez> :)
[22:57] <SantanaLopez> Why not take out Tila, honestly.
[22:57] <SantanaLopez> She's a big threat and not immune.
[22:57] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> That's true.
[22:57] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> and she used her vote thing.
[22:57] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Last round.
[22:57] <LizNolan_> She has to goooouhhhh
[22:57] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> like an IDIOT.
[22:57] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Ha. Ha ha. Ha!
[22:58] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> wow that worked out well!
[23:00] <SantanaLopez> Make sure Tila doesn't win MVP.
[23:00] <LizNolan_> Everyone vote meuhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:00] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Well that was easy.
[23:02] <SantanaLopez> So, we're voting Tila?
[23:02] <LizNolan_> Yesuhhhhhh
[23:02] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Yes.
[23:02] <LizNolan_> I'm using my extra voteuhhhh
[23:02] <SantanaLopez> Perfect!
[23:02] * SantanaLopez hugs Liz
[23:02] * Spencer_Bledsoe sulks because I don't get a hug
[23:02] <SantanaLopez> Spencer, do you really want a hug.
[23:02] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Yes.
[23:03] <SantanaLopez> Liz, go on.
[23:03] <LizNolan_> Spencerrrruhhhh
[23:03] <SantanaLopez> Hug the bastard.
[23:03] <LizNolan_> I can hug youuuuu
[23:03] * LizNolan_ hugs Spencer
[23:03] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Thanks.
[23:14] <SantanaLopez> Well, we've made it to the final 7 :)
[23:14] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> One more round and we're basically guaranteed final three.
[23:15] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheOnePercent []
[23:20] <SantanaLopez> So does Julia join?
[23:20] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I guess so.
[23:20] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Unless neithe return.
[23:20] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> In which case.
[23:20] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Fuck.
[23:22] == JuliaNolan [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[23:22] <JuliaNolan> Heyyyuhhhhh
[23:22] <SantanaLopez> Hey... Julia?
[23:22] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Hello Julia.
[23:23] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[23:23] <LizNolan> Heyyyuhhhh you guys just gained twooo alliance membersuhhh
[23:23] <SantanaLopez> So, final four, huh?
[23:23] <JuliaNolan> I mean yeahhhuhhh
[23:23] <JuliaNolan> We're all Republicansuhhhh
[23:23] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Yeah.
[23:26] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> We need to get Bella on our side as she has a vote doubler.
[23:27] <JuliaNolan> So do weeuhhhhh
[23:28] <JuliaNolan> I never actually used ituhhhh
[23:28] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> You didn't?
[23:28] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Nice.
[23:28] <SantanaLopez> Oh...
[23:29] <SantanaLopez> Then we're all good!
[23:29] <SantanaLopez> However, Julia and Liz, being twins this makes you two big targets
[23:29] <SantanaLopez> So we need to be careful and have one of you win VIP
[23:29] <JuliaNolan> I knowwuhhhh
[23:29] <JuliaNolan> I'm trying soooo harduuhhhh
[23:29] == DraHosting [~DraHostin@] has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[23:29] <LizNolan> Me toouhhh
[23:33] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Alright.
[23:34] <SantanaLopez> Congrats Julia!
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> I got itttuhhhh
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> Thanks Santanuhhhh
[23:34] * JuliaNolan hugs Santana
[23:34] * JuliaNolan giggles
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> That was sooo funnn
[23:34] * SantanaLopez hugs Julia back
[23:34] <SantanaLopez> Haha, I'm impressed.
[23:34] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Good job Julia.
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> I never got to playyy when I was in the houseeuhhhh
[23:34] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> We are just dominating, eh?
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> Because LIZ kept winninguhhhh
[23:34] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Just like the 1%
[23:34] <JuliaNolan> Turn up uhuhuh
[23:34] <SantanaLopez> So Bella, Kid, brICE, and Helmet are the odd ones out.
[23:34] <SantanaLopez> We see who wins MVP, but otherwise, ideas?'
[23:35] <JuliaNolan> I like Belluhhh
[23:35] <JuliaNolan> She helped us get Tila outtt so I trust heruhhh
[23:35] <SantanaLopez> Agreed.
[23:35] <JuliaNolan> OMG by the way Liz sooo sorryyuhhh
[23:35] <LizNolan> I want Briceuhhhh out
[23:35] <JuliaNolan> For getting Tiluh outuhhhh
[23:35] <SantanaLopez> brICE could be a big threat down the road.
[23:35] <LizNolan> He gave me the wrong numbersuhhhh
[23:35] <JuliaNolan> I know you loved heruhhhh
[23:41] <LizNolan> Let's do Helmet or Kiduhhhh?
[23:41] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Sounds okay to me.
[23:41] <JuliaNolan> I don't like Kiduhhhh
[23:41] <JuliaNolan> And Bella doesn't like himuhhh
[23:46] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay I got us the majority.
[23:46] <LizNolan> I'm voting Helmetuhhhh
[23:47] <LizNolan> But since Juliuhhhh and Santanuhhhhh can't vote it might tieeeuhhh
[23:47] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Well this will be interesting.
[23:48] <JuliaNolan> You guys have to vote Detectiveuhh
[23:48] <JuliaNolan> Bella won't do anything elseuhhhhhhh
[23:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Oh really?
[23:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Okay.
[23:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> If that's all she'll do.
[23:48] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Let's do it.
[23:49] <JuliaNolan> You have tooooooooooo
[23:49] <JuliaNolan> I'm soooo seriouss
[23:54] <LizNolan> I liveddduhhhhh
[23:54] == JuliaNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[23:54] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Congratulations.
[23:54] <JuliaNolan_> You guyssssuuhhh
[23:54] <JuliaNolan_> You did it oh my goshhhhuh
[23:55] <LizNolan> I was soOOOOOooo scareduhhhhhhh oh my goduhhh
[23:55] <JuliaNolan_> Oh my goshhhuhhhh sameeeeee
[23:55] <JuliaNolan_> Like my hearttutuhh
[23:55] <JuliaNolan_> I'm gonna start breaking out sooonnuhhh
[23:55] <JuliaNolan_> I was soooo nervoussuuhhhhhhhhhhh
[23:56] <SantanaLopez> Ugh.
[23:56] <SantanaLopez> Alright, back to the game.
[23:56] <SantanaLopez> Final 7.
[23:57] <JuliaNolan_> Santanuhhhhhh
[23:57] <JuliaNolan_> What did they do to youuhhhhhh
[23:57] == JuliaNolan [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Ping timeout: 246 seconds]
[23:57] <LizNolan> Youu look so uglyyyuhh
[23:57] <JuliaNolan_> You look like you've died or somethingguhhhhhhh
[23:57] <SantanaLopez> I GOT STUNG BY HUNDRES OF BEES.
[23:57] <JuliaNolan_> It's soooooooo sadduhhhhhh
[23:57] <SantanaLopez> I think I did, I saw a white light.
[23:57] <SantanaLopez> But it may have been looking at Liz's pasty face, I'm not sure.
[23:58] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> That's scary.
[23:58] <SantanaLopez> haha, kidding Liz I'm doped on pain meds
[23:58] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> That's why I kill everything.
[23:58] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> in sight.
[00:06] == JuliaNolan_ has changed nick to JuliaNolan
[00:13] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[00:16] <JuliaNolan> Lizzuhhhh
[00:16] <JuliaNolan> Come backuhhh
[00:16] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TheOnePercent
[00:16] <SantanaLopez> ...
[00:16] <LizNolan> Heyyuhhhh~
[00:16] <SantanaLopez> Julia, are you a witch.
[00:17] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I am angered.
[00:17] <JuliaNolan> Sorryyuhhhhh
[00:17] <JuliaNolan> I just didn't feel safeuhhhh
[00:17] <SantanaLopez> That's probably true.
[00:17] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I'm not safe either, you know.
[00:18] <SantanaLopez> Spencer, you won a car. Calm down.
[00:19] <SantanaLopez> So... we just vote brICE?
[00:19] <SantanaLopez> Or are we turning on Bella.
[00:19] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Doesn't Bella still have a vote doubler?
[00:20] <JuliaNolan> She mightuhhhh
[00:20] <JuliaNolan> I know Santanuhhhhh
[00:20] <JuliaNolan> you have one I thinkuhhh
[00:20] <SantanaLopez> Liz has her vote doubler and so does Bella I think
[00:21] <SantanaLopez> Does anyone have any opinions?
[00:21] <JuliaNolan> I think we should vote BrICEuhhh
[00:21] <JuliaNolan> I really don'tuhhhh
[00:21] <JuliaNolan> Likeuhhhh
[00:21] <JuliaNolan> Trust himmmm anymore
[00:22] <JuliaNolan> He's just shady and I don't like it uhuhuhuhuh
[00:22] <JuliaNolan> And kind of uglyyy
[00:22] <SantanaLopez> Truth tho!
[00:22] * SantanaLopez high fives Julia
[00:51] == LizNolan [18babb96@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheOnePercent []
[00:59] <SantanaLopez> Do we have a target?
[01:00] <JuliaNolan> I think BrICE should go for reallll
[01:00] <JuliaNolan> But I can't vote sooooo
[01:00] <JuliaNolan> Liz can thoughhhhh
[01:01] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> True.
[01:01] <JuliaNolan> Waituhhh I can vote tooo
[01:01] <JuliaNolan> We have 4 votes that's enoughhhh
[01:02] <SantanaLopez> So brICE?
[01:02] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Sounds good to me.
[01:08] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> What even happened
[01:08] <JuliaNolan> I don't knowuhhh
[01:08] <SantanaLopez> Alright.
[01:08] <JuliaNolan> Liz and I voted Briceuhhh
[01:08] <SantanaLopez> We gotta have a chat.
[01:08] <SantanaLopez> Because brICE didn't go home.
[01:08] <SantanaLopez> And I voted for him.
[01:08] <JuliaNolan> Bella and Josh voted Helmettuhhh
[01:08] <SantanaLopez> And I received two votes so...
[01:09] <JuliaNolan> I swearrrr Liz and I voted Brice
[01:09] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> helmet/brice? @santana votes
[01:09] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> it's all that makes sense
[01:09] <SantanaLopez> Spencer, who'd you vote for?
[01:09] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I voted for Helmet honestly lol
[01:10] <JuliaNolan> Ohhh well that makes senseeuhhh
[01:10] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I didn't like him.
[01:10] <JuliaNolan> It doesn't matterrr as long as we're the final threeeuhhh
[01:10] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Sorry I didn't let you guys know.
[01:10] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> I was occupied with other things.
[01:10] <SantanaLopez> So, Spencer and Bella's three votes for Helmet.
[01:10] <SantanaLopez> I vote for brICE.
[01:11] <SantanaLopez> Whatever, it doesn't matter.
[01:11] <JuliaNolan> Likeeeee
[01:11] <JuliaNolan> It wasn't us sooooooo
[01:11] <JuliaNolan> No one should be that pressed honestlyuhhhhhhhhhh
[01:23] <SantanaLopez> So, someone's leaving then.
[01:23] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Well.
[01:23] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> :(
[01:23] <JuliaNolan> Ohh my goshhuhhh
[01:24] <JuliaNolan> This suckksuhhh
[01:46] == JuliaNolan [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has quit [Quit: Page closed]
[01:46] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Well.
[01:46] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> We made it!
[01:46] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> The one percent always prevails.
[01:47] <SantanaLopez> I'm honestly surprised.
[01:47] <SantanaLopez> Every elimination I thought you guys were gonna take me out.
[01:47] <SantanaLopez> I'm so glad you didn't.
[01:47] <@Spencer_Bledsoe> Nah I was good with you personally.
[02:13] == SantanaLopez [ae19f610@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has left #TheOnePercent []

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