Twin Twist
Season TV Stars Los Angeles
Founder Liz Nolan

Julia Nolan

Members Liz Nolan

Julia Nolan

Week Formed 1
Enemies None
Lowest Placing Member Liz Nolan
Highest Placing Member Julia Nolan

Twins Twist

At the beginning of the game, Liz and Julia were tasked with keeping their twist a secret. Every week, the two had to switch in and out while exchanging information about what was happening in the game.

After the first switch, Julia entered the game only with the knowledge that Liz had an alliance with Tila and Spencer, and that Spencer found Liz to be attractive.

In the second switch, Julia informed Liz that they had to work with Santana to get farther in the game, and continue their alliances with Spencer and Tila.

In the third switch, the twins remained mostly quiet, having known basically everything there was to know about the alliances.

After the fourth switch, the girls succeeded in making it past four eliminations, and thus Julia was allowed to enter the game.

The two twins proceeded to dominate the game together, up until Julia decided to lead a crusade against her twin, eliminating her from the game. It was later that Julia took herself out of the game through a straw draw that the twins were both taken out.


[21:39] <LizNolan> HEYuhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan_> Oh my goshhhhhuhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan> Spencer likes a little Liz actionuhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan_> I haven't seen you in foreverrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr
[21:39] <LizNolan> Tila is like my best frienduhhhhhhhhh she's a Naziuhhhhhhhhh and I love herruhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan_> Ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan> I knowwwwuhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan_> She's a Nazi???????????????
[21:39] * LizNolan switches clothes
[21:39] <LizNolan> Yessssuhhhhhhhhh
[21:39] <LizNolan_> That's kind of baduhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> She hates Jewsuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> Yeahuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> But we're not jewishuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan_> But I guess I have to be Lizuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> We're from Miamiuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> Yeahhhuhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan_> Since I'm not Juliuhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> Pretend you're okay with ituhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <DraHosting> since we're doing the authentic experience, you have a time limit of 5 minutes.
[21:40] <LizNolan> Okayyuhhhhhhhhh what a buzzkilluhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <DraHosting> shut up real liz nolan
[21:40] <LizNolan> We haven't seen each other in foreveruhhhhhhhhh relaxuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] * LizNolan_ puts clothes on
[21:40] <LizNolan> Julia is everythinguhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan_> I've missed Liz so muchuhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan> Okay I left channelsuhhhhhhhhh
[21:40] <LizNolan_> All rightuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan_> Gotta wait for the IP to go awayyyyyy
[21:41] <LizNolan> Okayyyuhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan> Okayyyuhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan_> Anything elseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee?
[21:41] <LizNolan> Nooooo that's ituhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan> Alsouhhhhhhhhh Tila is in an alliance with
[21:41] <LizNolan_> I guess I gotta get with Spencerrrruhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan_> What if he's uglyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy?
[21:41] <LizNolan> KidDetective
[21:41] <LizNolan_> I don't wanna get with an ugly guyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy :(
[21:41] <LizNolan> and HelmetBoiuhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan> Don't go after Kid, Tila, Helmet and Spenceruhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan_> All rightuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:41] <LizNolan> Spencer is cuteeuhhhhhhhhh
[21:42] <LizNolan> He hates women thoughuhhhhhhhhh
[21:42] <LizNolan> Don't be such a sluuhhhhhhhhht around him
[21:42] <LizNolan_> But we're womennnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnuhhh
[21:42] * LizNolan giggles
[21:42] * LizNolan_ laughs
[21:42] <LizNolan> yeahhhuhhhhhhhhh but he still likes a little liz action
[21:42] <LizNolan_> Oh my goshhhhhhhhhhhh I can't waituhhhhh
[21:42] <LizNolan> Join alreadyuhhhhhhhhhuhhhhhhhhh you dumb bitchuhhhhhhhhh
[21:42] <LizNolan_> I'm waiting for the IP to go awayuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:42] <LizNolan_> Drauhhhhhhh Is it gone????
[21:42] <LizNolan> Who caresuhhhhhhhhh
[21:43] <LizNolan> Be good at compsuhhhhhhhhh I know you're not as athletic as meuhhhhhhhhh
[21:43] <LizNolan_> You don't know thatuhhhhhhhhhh
[21:43] <LizNolan_> At least I'm prettieruhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[21:43] * LizNolan_ giggles
[21:43] * LizNolan giggles
[21:43] * LizNolan_ enters house
[21:43] <LizNolan_> (wots the channel)
[21:43] <LizNolan> (#TVSTars)
[21:44] <LizNolan> --end--

[22:11] <LizNolan_> Heyyyyyuhhhhhh
[22:11] <LizNolan_> I'm backuhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:12] <DraHosting> you need to leave the main chat
[22:12] <LizNolan> It's so boringuhhhhhh in hereuhhhhhhuhhhhhhuhhhhhh
[22:12] <LizNolan_> Welllll I have newsssssuhhhhhhhhh
[22:12] <LizNolan> Update meuhhhhhh, who got evicteduhhhhhh
[22:12] <LizNolan_> It was Patricuhhhhhhhhhhhh!
[22:12] <LizNolan> Whouhhhhhh??????
[22:12] <LizNolan_> The Final Solution alliance wanted him outuhhhhhhhh
[22:12] <LizNolan_> So I agreeduhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Butttttttttt
[22:13] <LizNolan> Who's in that allianceuhhhhhh??
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Spencer and I made an alliance with Santanuhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan_> It's Tila's allianceuhhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan> Oh I love Santanuhhhhhh she's so prettyuhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan_> @Final Solution
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Nooo
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Santana's such a bitchuhhhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan> Prettier than youuhhhhhh
[22:13] * LizNolan giggles
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Shut upuhhhhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan> who's in Tila's allianceuhhhhhh
[22:13] * LizNolan_ giggles
[22:13] <LizNolan_> You're sooo meannnnn
[22:13] <LizNolan> Shut upppuhhhhhh
[22:13] <LizNolan_> Helmet and the other people you talked abouttttttt
[22:13] <LizNolan> oh Kiduhhhhhh?
[22:14] <LizNolan_> Yeahuhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:14] <LizNolan> Okayyyyyyyyyuhhhhhh goshuhhhhhh
[22:14] <LizNolan_> Alsooooo Spencer wants to go with Santana instead of Tiluhhhhhhhhh
[22:14] <LizNolan> Whyyyyuhhhhhh Tiluhhhhhh is prettier
[22:14] <LizNolan_> Alsoooo he left it up to meeeeeeeeeeeeee to choose who to voteuhhhh
[22:14] <LizNolan_> It was 4-3!!!!!
[22:14] <LizNolan_> Spencer definitely likes a little Twins actionuhhhhhhhhh ;)
[22:14] <LizNolan> Yasssuhhhhhh you're a boss bitchuhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan_> I knowwwwwwuhhhh
[22:15] * LizNolan_ laughs
[22:15] <LizNolan> Work that poweruhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan_> Alsouhhhhhhhhh
[22:15] * LizNolan giggles
[22:15] <LizNolan> Okayyyyyyy let's switchuhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan_> If you can find hair dyeuhhhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan_> I need to dye my rooootsssuhhh
[22:15] * LizNolan changes clothes
[22:15] * LizNolan_ changes clothes
[22:15] <LizNolan_> Alright byeuhhhhhhhhhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan> Okayyyyyyyyyuhhhhhh also pluck your eyebrowsuhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan> you look like a manuhhhhhh
[22:15] <LizNolan_> Shut upuhhhh
[22:15] <DraHosting> ladies I need liz back
[22:15] <LizNolan_> You're soooo meanuhh
[22:15] <LizNolan> Okayuhhhhhh
[22:15] * LizNolan enters TV Stars house
[22:15] * LizNolan joins #TVStars
[22:16] <LizNolan_> -- end --
[23:14] <LizNolan> Heyyyyuhhhhhh
[23:14] <LizNolan> We did ituhhhhh yasssuhhhhhhh
[23:15] <DraHosting> Congratulations
[23:15] <DraHosting> You two will be joining this game together
[23:15] <DraHosting> oh he's not here
[23:15] <LizNolan> Dumb bitchuhhhhhhh
[23:16] == LizNolan_ [48422798@gateway/web/freenode/ip.] has joined #TwinsTwist
[23:16] <LizNolan> Heyyyyyuhhhhhhh
[23:16] <LizNolan> We did it uhhhhhhh yassuhhhh
[23:16] <LizNolan> Did you leave the other roomuhhhhhhhhh

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