Role Goal
Celebrity Normal members of the game are referred to as Celebrities. This is the standard role that players identify by if they have no twists relating to them, such as the Paparazzi or another role twist.
Paparazzi Members of the Paparazzi must find out juicy secrets about the other cast members. They must feed at least five of the secrets to the host. If they are juicy enough, they will be fed through the house through A Mysterious Voice. If they get 5 claims before the MVP officially ends, they will win a secret prize for completing their objective.
Photographer The Photographer, a member of the Paparazzi, has the goal of taking PICTURES of the cast members doing their dirtiest and most embarrasing work. They must get at least five pictures in to the host before MVP ends to receive a secret prize for completing their objective.
Pet The Pet is the only unobtainable role in the TV Stars saga. This is assigned solely to the pets that enter the house for the celebrities to interact with.
SuperstarRole First-time returning players to the series are referred to as Superstars. This is the standard role for someone playing twice if they have no other identifiable roles.


Season Twist
  • Photographer -- As the second role twist of the series, the Photographer was responsible for screenshotting events in the game that would embarrass the celebrities in the real world. If the Photographer could get 5 points by the end of the MVP or their time in the game, they would earn the ability to REMOVE a vote from themselves or GAIN a double vote at an elimination at the cost of revealing their alignment as the Photographer. Fanatic was chosen as the Photographer this season.
  • Gambling -- Every so often an item would go up for bidding, and each player in the house would have to bid on the item if they wanted it. Everyone had 10 chips they could use throughout the entirety of the game. Because of the two quitters, the game's flow was shaken up slightly, so several items were dropped from the game. The cast was told that one of the items would be a trap item, which would punish the one who purchased it.
  • House Pet -- At week three of the competition, a rare Booka Bear entered the house. The house named him "Booka" because he only ever said "Booka! :3". The pet was able to be voted as the MVP, but would have to give the MVP to a random celebrity.
  • New Challenge Format -- A new challenge format that would last through the rest of the series' run is put into play this season. Now instead of going from: Fame Task -> Gossip Task -> Fame Task -> Gossip Task -> VIP Task, the challenges are simplified greatly and a new leg is added. It now goes from: Fame Task -> Gossip Task -> Star Task -> VIP Task, with each leg now testing one skill of competitions. Fame Tasks now strictly test speed and agility, Gossip Tasks now strictly test the mentality and trivial ideas of competitors, and the brand new Star Tasks test the mentality in puzzles for competitors.
  • Stronger MVP -- Now, Rewards and Punishments will be much stronger in nature and will impact the game more than before, using the style of Las Vegas's bidding items.
  • RSVP -- At the beginning of the game, everyone was whispered a secret. There were several clues in a series that the celebrities had to guess on to make it into a secret room. Inside was the power to RSVP, which was a simple immunity, that could only be used before votes were cast.
  • Paparazzi -- One member of the celebrity household is actually a member of the Paparazzi. Their goal is to find at least 5 juicy claims from people in the house and feed them WITH proof that they said it to the host. If it is juicy enough and unknown to many others, it will count as a point. When the MVP ends, the Paparazzi will need to have their 5 claims in to complete their objective and receive a special power for the week. Reed Kelly was selected this season.
  • House Pet -- This season, a Booka Seal was chosen to be the pet that entered the game at the jury stage of the competition. It was named Mohammed by Princess Pin.
  • Last Will -- The player that is eliminated will get the chance to write a 50 character message to show to either the next VIP or MVP winner (the writer's choice). The MVP or VIP winner will get to choose whether or not to open it, and can do whatever they want with the information. The Last Will can say anything and will be cut off after it reaches 50 characters in length.
  • Partners -- In the city of love, celebrities will enter the game either with another player or alone and will form duos as soon as the game begins. Celebrities entering the house alone will join up with another celebrity and go on a blind date! Partners will share various things in the game, including MVP and VIP status. Partnership sharing will disband at an undisclosed point in the game.
  • House Pet -- This season, a Booka Frog was introduced to the Celebrities. They were not given a chance to name it, and it remained known as the Booka Frog the entire time up until its departure.
  • Good vs Evil - The core twist of the game centers around the alignment of Good and Evil. Every week, the MVP could change the alignment of the house to their advantage or to someone's disadvantage. If the alignment was Good, all twists in the house were centered around happiness, but if the alignment was Evil, the twists in the house would be disadvantageous. As well, the alignment twist changed challenges in unique ways.
  • Executive Producers - At the beginning of the game, two players were nominated to be Executive Producers, and would enter the house first and turn the lever in the direction of an alignment. They were chosen to be Rachel Reilly and Lucy Van Pelt
  • First Impressions - Celebrities voted someone out of the game in the opening segment. This person entered the house, unable to win VIP status for the week. They were able to reward or punish someone who voted them out, depending on the alignment of the house. Nan The Witch was voted out, and she chose to punish The Real TDI Justin.
  • Dual Reward / Dual Punishment - During one week in the house, the MVP would only reward or only punish two people depending on the alignment of the house.
  • Jury Change - This season, the jury was even-numbered to start with. At the final two, the finalists would vote on either someone to remove or someone to add to the jury. Because of the alignment of the house, The Real TDI Justin was added to the jury.
Los Angeles
  • Twin Twist - Eleven celebrities played the game together from the start, but a secret twelfth celebrity remained in a secret room, swapping out each week with their twin in the game. They had only a few moments to discuss what had happened in the game and switch out. If they survived four eliminations, the twin would enter the game and play as a single competitor. The twins were Liz Nolan and Julia Nolan, with Julia entering the game in Week 5.
  • Safes - Periodically, keys would appear in the House. The first celebrity to find it would get to select a safe to open which contained a prize for them. The safes contained:
    • Safe One: Extra Votes - Give out two extra votes to two players in the game, or give two to one person. The double votes can be used at any time until the final five is over. This Safe was opened by Santana Lopez.
    • Safe Two: New Car - The opener receives a new car. This Safe was opened by Spencer Bledsoe.
    • Safe Three: Puzzle Box - The opener is "Puzzled" and must solve a hard puzzle before a time limit expires, or they lose their ability to vote. This Safe was opened by Santana Lopez.
    • Safe Four: Negate Votes - The winner can use this pass at any elimination to negate all votes against them. This Safe was opened by Tila Tequila, and she used it immediately before the MVP vote instead of negating votes later.
    • Safe Five: Penalty Vote - The opener receives a penalty vote at elimination. This Safe was opened by Julia Nolan, but because she was the VIP, the vote was nulled.
  • Secret Room - The first VIP winner, the second VIP winner, and the third MVP winner would receive three digits that would assist in opening up a secret room. The receivers were not told of who else had the digits and had to ask around without giving themselves away. The person or people that could figure out the code and enter the room would have to decide who would receive a special Immunity Pass, which allowed for the user to bypass any VIP or MVP competition and make themselves the winner by default. The room was found by Liz Nolan, who gave her pass to Julia Nolan who used it to win MVP in Week Six.
  • Executive Producers - At the beginning of the game, two people volunteered to be Executive Producers. Tila Tequila and Helmet Boi were inevitably selected, and inside they received the first key of the game. After the opening VIP challenge, they opened a safe and found themselves both immune from the first cancellation.
  • Superstars - Every competitor in this season returns from a previous season of TV Stars to compete again for the million dollar prize and their own television show - or in the case for the former winners, a second television show.
  • As Seen On TV Auction - A new VIP competition was introduced this season in which Superstars had to purchase letter tiles to spell out the word "VIP", while also bidding on twist items seen in previous seasons of TV Stars. The items, aside from letter tiles, were:
    • Puzzle Box - Owned by Attention Whore in Broadway, BrICE purchased it and inflicted it on Tyna Wesson, but she solved the puzzle and received her ability to vote back.
    • Banana Suit - Owned by Sheldon J Plankton in Las Vegas, Dan Foley purchased it and inflicted it upon BrICE, forcing him to dance whenever music sounded. He ultimately received two penalty votes for not dancing.
    • Safe - A trap item seen in TV Stars Los Angeles, Tyna Wesson purchased the item with all of her cash when the twist on the item was that it was to be purchased for the House, with a key going up for auction later. The key was purchased by Honey Lemon, and she received two extra votes which she gave to Dan Foley and Catbug
    • Extra Vote - Seen in many previous seasons of TV Stars, Reed Kelly purchased it.
    • RSVP - Seen in Hawaii, Rachel Reilly purchased it and received the ability to make herself immune any time before votes were cast. She ultimately used it on Joan Callamezzo
  • Around the World - For the first time, TV Stars will not take place inside of a House. Instead, the SS Star will transport Celebrities around the world to different locations.
  • Captain's Competition - For the first time, a new competition is introduced into the game. The winner of the challenge will become the Captain for the week and will determine where the next challenge will take place. The Captain is not immune from elimination, but they will be pivotal in a new event in the game known as the Captain's Event. Alongside this, they have a chance to get an advantage in the game by performing a task during the VIP challenge.
  • Captain's Events - Each round, the Captain would participate in an event that would ultimately lead to America deciding the outcome through a popular vote. Each competition had a different effect on the round.
    • Overboard Event - Mitchie Torres, the Captain of Week 3, had to select one person to throw overboard. He chose Farrah Abraham, and America voted between either giving her immunity but disallowing her to vote OR giving her a penalty vote but allowing her to vote twice. They ultimately decided that she should be immune but given no vote.
    • Sinking Ship Event - Captain Mitchie Torres had to send three Celebrities to fix the hull of the ship. The three would compete in a miniature challenge to decide who would get a specific advantage. He chose to send Adele, Tess Tyler, and Kelly Nishimoto. America voted between giving the winner the ability to negate someone's vote or allowing them to vote twice. They decided the winner should vote twice, and Tess Tyler won.
    • Shipwrecked Event - Captain Tess Tyler had to choose a Celebrity to find shelter after the boat was wrecked. She chose Mitchie Torres, and he ultimately failed to win the miniature challenge. America voted between negating his vote for failing and giving him a penalty vote, and ultimately decided he should be unable to vote.
    • Lost at Sea - Captain Tiffany Pollard had to pick someone to help navigate the sea with her, and she chose Equality Emerald. She ultimately failed the miniature challenge. America voted between her losing her vote to Tiffany or being given a penalty vote, and it was decided that Tiffany would steal her vote.
  • Immunity Pass - The Captain each week could forfeit VIP status to compete in a challenge off the beaten path for this special prize. To earn it, they would have to make several moves out in the open for everyone to see. Tess Tyler received two of the passes and Tiffany Pollard received one.
  • No MVP Baits - MVP Bait tasks were removed this season to regulate the competition for future seasons.
  • Secret Returnees - This season, three pre-jury competitors, Korra from TV Stars Broadway, Villager from TV Stars Las Vegas, and Farrah Abraham from TV Stars Around the World returned secretly to the competition. They were the leaders of their Cliques and chose each member of their team, eliminating one person.
  • Automatic Elimination - Mr. Peanutbutter was eliminated after not being chosen to be on a Clique.
  • Cliques - Each player in the game was assigned to a Clique led by one of the three returning players. Instead of VIP competitions, Cliques competed for "Control of the Game" and immunity. Eventually, the Cliques disbanded and every competitor was for themselves.
  • Control of the Game Competition - The winning Clique of this competition would be given the chance to vote for someone in the game to receive a reward, effectively altering how elimination would proceed.
  • Vote Negator - At the jury stage of the game, a secret room opened up for everyone to access. The first person to get inside each round would get to remove someone's ability to vote, leaving them clueless when their vote is thrown out instead of counted.
  • Fan Vote - America voted for seven players to join the cast of TV Stars Road Trip. Among the nominees, the top seven were Attention Whore, Cassandra, Ashlee Williams, Nina Poersch, Kid Detective, Baylor Wilson, and The Real TDI Justin. However, Nina Poersch and Cassandra dropped out at the last minute, with only Equality Emerald replacing them, making a cast of twelve,
  • Road Trip - A cast of six Superstars are going on a road trip across America in search of glory and fame, but not without being accompanied by an entourage of their seven biggest fans! While these Superstars are out on a quest for their personal glory, the fans are also seeking a piece of their stardom. Will the Superstar Favorites be able to win the million dollar prize, or will the fans beat them out and win it all?
  • Pit Stop Competition - Each round, players would be individually divided into three RVs to compete in this new competition. The winners became the Power Players for the week, receiving half an Immunity Pass that would form a whole if merged with another half. They also would be ineligible to vote after winning.
  • TV Stars Revival Competition - After being eliminated, the first two players competed in a duel to return to the game. The winner went on to the final round, and then the next two eliminated players dueled. The two winners competed in a VIP competition, with the winner returning.
  • Social Media Mogul - Players had the ability to earn a super secret advantage by successfully getting a real world Celebrity to respond to them or retweet (or share) something by them on Twitter or Facebook. Amanda Bynes and Michelle Meyer were the only two to succeed, and were given RSVPs as a reward. Amanda Bynes received a response on twitter from Big Brother player Dick Donato, and Michelle Meyer received a response from Survivor player Laura Morett.
  • TV Stars Pause Button - At the jury, a pause button was placed in the game that took three people to press to activate it. It was activated immediately. Had it been activated after a competition, the player that won or players that previously had won would maintain their immunity at the sudden elimination, and then the game would continue that round with their immunities intact.
  • Sibling Rivalry - Michelle Meyer and Renee Meyer are sisters that were cast together on the show. If they made the final two together, they would each be given a higher prize. They succeeded, and Michelle Meyer won the game with two million dollars. Renee Meyer, the runner up, received only one million, as opposed to the half million a runner-up receives.
  • Director's Cut - Twists this season either return from past seasons or debut as new twists that were cut from previous seasons. As well, this season was themed around movies, with all VIP Competitions taking place in lots where they were filmed competing. Because of this twist, VIPs were allowed to win multiple times in a row should they be picked to compete.
  • Director's Competition - This season, players competed for the status of Director, which granted them immunity and allowed them to choose which players competed for VIP status.
  • Backwards Player - An offer was made to the first VIP of the season to become the Backwards Player, in which they would purposefully try to get themselves eliminated before the Jury in exchange for returning at the Jury with a reward. If they failed, they would be eliminated as the first Juror. This twist was declined by Rick Sanchez.
  • Safes Twist - Returning from TV Stars Los Angeles, five safes entered the game at the Jury stage of the competition. Inside of each safe was a different advantage.
    • Golden Raspberry - Contained in Safe #1 was the Golden Raspberry award, unlocked by Katya Shmolovsky. She inflicted this upon Rick Sanchez to force him not to compete in any VIP competitions until the final three.
    • Immunity Pass - Contained in Safe #2 was an Immunity Pass, which Rick Sanchez received. It could be used before any competition to immediately declare him the winner without having to compete.
    • Overthrow Advantage - Contained in Safe #3 was an Overthrow Advantage, which allowed its holder to steal the victory that someone else had earned and reap the benefits. Jacob Sartorius received this and used it to steal Morty Smith's MVP status.
    • Extra Vote - Contained in Safe #4 was an Extra Vote that could be used at any elimination until the final five. This was never collected, as the safe was never opened.
    • Academy Award - Contained in Safe #5 was the Academy Award, which allowed whoever held it to compete in every single VIP competition of the season by default. Karen Smith received this and was eligible to win every single VIP from then-on.
  • Lights, Camera, Action! - In order to receive keys to activate the Safes Twist, players had to wait for special moments in the week when a trivia question would be asked, with the person who answered correctly earning a key.
  • TV Stars Pause Button - Returning from TV Stars Road Trip, the button was unleashed during week three, where it was immediately used. However, the rules were changed. All competitions still occurred in the week, but two votes back-to-back occurred in which Sarah Lacina and Brian Anthonyson were both eliminated.
  • Surprise Celebrity - After the conclusion of the opening VIP and MVP competitions, a surprise thirteenth Celebrity, Dennis Reynolds, was introduced to the house as an experiment to see how the game would shift when a new player is introduced to an already-developed house.